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“I offer my opponents a bargain: if they will stop telling lies about us, I will stop telling the truth about them.” — Adlai Stevenson, 1952

Read more: WHAT REALLY HAPPENED | The History The US Government HOPES You Never Learn!

12:19 pm
Isaac creates lifestyle design.
“Freedom cultured…Cultured freedom.”
“The whole idea is that we can design a lifestyle,  rather than accept whatever lifestyle was put in front of you.
“In a sense, I’m just building a cult.”  Isaac, the just.
“We lay groundwork for the tribe.  We free their time from the pursuit of money.”
“Give them a plan to finance their dreams and free their time from the pursuit of money.”
To change your life you have to change who you communicate with and then socially  networking.
“Hope.”   “Bring spirit back into our lives.  through art music movement and inspired action.  Show the world what it means to be alive.  A place for people to live and breathe outside the matrix.
My dad’s birthday.  So far I’m not tempering anybody’s chocolate.
8:05 am
I don’t want to be the stupid loser child anymore and I demand an audience with my family who have ignored me ever since Dad lied about me and abducted my sons in 2009.  I DEMAND an audience.  You Goldthorpe people are so chicken-shit that I should actually stop hyper-ventilating already.  I am very near expiration.  I am tortured and I can’t fight with my mind all day every day; I NEED a vacation.  I don’t want to die, and I don’t think I will.  But I’m very seriously looking for an escape which I experience EVERY TIME I LEAVE THE AREA…but my rich dad who TRIED TO KILL ME…won’t help me get to.  I am most troubled and I don’t hear from God like I did before medication.  I’m very unhappy.  My Christian family will not speak to me.  This fact has been noted for a lot of years.  I will see justice.  My family will very soon have no choice but to acknowledge some things about our world.  I’m going to enjoy being right in public.  Narcissists DO NOT PERMIT THAT FAVOR.   Not ever.
You know what man cannot be entirely bad?  A man who hates war.  That’s a fact.  A man who does not send his son as a gladiator for godless empire.  That man cannot be entirely bad.   They say the single most important issue leading to recovery from narcissistic abuse is having a relationship.  You must have somebody who loves you in order to heal.  My sons love me now.  I didn’t have anybody before.  Love requires TRUST.  Dad destroyed all my trust, inside and out.  Jesus is giving it back.  He’s also restoring my modesty and making me a lady again so I can hold my head up in the community.  He said so, back when we were talking.  I felt my sons’ love when they picked me up from the psych ward.  I think they thought I might be angry about being locked up.  It was obviously God’s will,  and  I’ve enjoyed spending time with my sons.  Part of me is very happy.  Maybe this is dissociation-reassociationing?   Maybe I’m beginning to feel my self’s feelings.  I guess that’s got to happen at some point.  I’m feeling things and they aren’t all nice.  I wonder if God taught me enough about dealing with myself that I can feel things without struggling with my response.  I wonder if I can feel things and retain control by the Holy Spirit and not get resentful.  One of the nurses took me aside and asked about how I didn’t get agitated at some of the stuff going down. She asked, “You don’t get very agitated about things, do you?” That statement is evidence of my sanity if not hers.  Lots of professionals  God used to make me that way but this week has been very anxious.  Isaac said, after we picked him up at the airport and experienced a number of minor catastrophes, “Mom, I want you to know that I’ve noticed this streak of bad luck you’re having…”  That was helpful.

Fukushima: They’ve Killed Us All

Not only do we have those tapes of what happened to us, those ah-hah moments…but NEW TAPES that we create ourselves.  THIS IS COMPLEX PTSD.  George is being really supportive and supportive.  It feels really amazing.  He hugs me sometimes regarding some …

“I offer my opponents a bargain: if they will stop telling lies about us, I will stop telling the truth about them.” — Adlai Stevenson, 1952

Read more: WHAT REALLY HAPPENED | The History The US Government HOPES You Never Learn!

I was a law school officer in the Rutherford Institute many years ago; I even attended their ‘President’s Conference’.  I’ve sent letters to Mr. Whitehead,  requesting an audience with a person who might CARE ABOUT ELECTRONIC TORTURE OF INNOCENT AMERICANS.

I’ve sent dozens of letters to people who know I speak THE TRUTH.

He didn’t write back.  Nobody ever writes back.

John W. Whitehead

The Age of Authoritarianism (and How to Combat it)

John W. Whitehead speaking with brilliant James Corbett.
Defense against the dark side of the women they will meet.  Their mom won’t ever stop learning.

BUMP TO THE TOP, from 12/30/14:
As a formerly Baptist woman I intentionally embraced the relinquishment of my personal power.  I fought (you gotta believe, for me it was battle…) to submit to my men.  I thought this was OWED to THEM.  I was mistaken; all submission is OWED only to God, and by submitting to often-psychopathic behaviors, I was feeding the beast.  I wasn’t nourishing my men’s better angels, I was rewarding selfish manipulation.  I was casting pearls before swine.  Maybe God didn’t make a mistake when he gave brains to women.  Maybe that’s why he gave men two heads: their brains would rattle around too much in the big one.
How can there even be a 104 year-old neuroscientist?   For all physical purposes, I remain in the world my dad established for me, the world where nobody cares what I think.  Some people at sundry times have asked and/or paid me to do some of their thinking for them.  What’s a girl to do?  I recognize that my life is not my own, and God will use it as he sees fit.  He’s seen fit to demonstrate to me that he is always right.  He’ll be right about my life too. But, I’m really bored and lonely.  Also I’m disappointed in my compatriots; doesn’t anybody want an adventure? This is the final battle between good and evil and we get to choose our own country.  Also, I shouldn’t judge my own work-product.  I want somebody to argue with.
I was trying to think of a non-pejorative linguistic, a female-archetype for spiritual growth and/or positive aging. No smart woman is a good woman it seems, at least not in English.  Witch.  Crone.  There also is no language of archetypal female aspirations, no “hard-ons” no “limp dicks.”  No recognition of any universal influence of females, by passion or principle.  Expectations monitor female behavior, within various sub-groups.  Peer-pressure, criticism, one-ups-man-ship…yet no female-specific vernacular of the experience.  I’m tired of thinking about my Dad and the on-going effects of his lies and cowardice.  I hope God lets me free to think about some other things pretty soon.  I’d like to study languages.  I’d like to study the brain-scans taken while I was praying in tongues.  Wouldn’t that be interesting to see?  Maybe my dad knows where they are.
Were we ever middle class?  It seemed so, for a couple years between milk goats and politics.  We thought, for an instant, about “getting ahead” rather than “playing catch-up.”  We couldn’t afford this house and I told my dad so, at the time and ever since.  
There are a number of ways one recognizes that one’s thought-process has been usurped.  This is known as a ‘spiritual attack’ and they have persisted since way before the technology we blame for them.  You know when you hear words you didn’t think; but that’s actually VERY rare.  Usually the evil entities just make you KNOW a thing.  Anytime you’re absolutely certain you KNOW…you gotta recheck the cards.  Demons and social media intend to make us absorb messages while believing that the messages actually began in our own minds.  We really have to know the content of our minds and the Bible said this is so.
“It’s too hard to believe really.  It sounds like something out of a psychological thriller…”

You Must Experience Narcissists to Understand Them

List of TARGETED INDIVIDUALS that died recently

1) Ron Gilman of California of Youtube, FFCH w/interviews on Coast to Coast,

2) Scott Fulbright of S.C. both TIs.

then a 3rd… a female who’s name escapes me right now. Sorry.

And 4 more

The list of TIs that died recently below, any info on dates of their passing or on TIs who have passed away that aren’t on my list would be appreciated…

R.i.p to the following TIs who recently died:

  1. Alyssa Orr:
  2. Alex Foster:…
  3. Jacqueline Feli Roche:
  4. kelly Caslar:

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There are a number of ways one recognizes that one’s thought-process has been usurped.  This is known as a ‘spiritual attack’ and they have persisted since way before the technology we blame for them.  You know when you hear words you didn’t think; but that’s actually VERY rare.  Usually the evil entities just make you KNOW a thing.  Anytime you’re absolutely certain you KNOW…you gotta recheck the cards.  Demons and social media intend to make us absorb messages while believing that the messages actually began in our own minds.  We really have to know the content of our minds and the Bible said this is so.
“It’s too hard to believe really.  It sounds like something out of a psychological thriller…”

You Must Experience Narcissists to Understand Them

List of TARGETED INDIVIDUALS that died recently

1) Ron Gilman of California of Youtube, FFCH w/interviews on Coast to Coast,

2) Scott Fulbright of S.C. both TIs.

then a 3rd… a female who’s name escapes me right now. Sorry.

And 4 more

The list of TIs that died recently below, any info on dates of their passing or on TIs who have passed away that aren’t on my list would be appreciated…

R.i.p to the following TIs who recently died:

  1. Alyssa Orr:
  2. Alex Foster:…
  3. Jacqueline Feli Roche:
  4. kelly Caslar:

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It occurs to me that I haven’t actually written much about the psych ward, and the Smithsonian exhibit will want all the details.  Isaac loves word-play.  He freestyle raps.  He also writes funny raps embracing references to all of Sean Connery’s movies and delivers it in Sean Connery’s voice.  At one point the Sean tells Eminem he should come be his caddy and Isaac and Josh were considering whether Marshall would think it was funny or if he’d pull a gun.  You can’t ever be too careful with a guy who has two names.  I’ve maintained a friendship from the psych ward; I was supposed to drive her to Ann Arbor for an appointment, and her man.  I had to back out because that old beater my dad gave me won’t always start and I was apologizing my ass off.  I was so distraught and my friend from the unit said, “Life happens.  I wouldn’t want to get down there and have the car die.”  I was startled at such majestic logic.  I stammered, “Oh.  I forgot you’re a grown-up.”  She actually sounded like she knew what I meant by that.  My family of origin was NEVER and IS NOT NOW…anything like adult.  She was a pole dancer and taught me how to walk like a stripper.  Soon as I lose fifty pounds of nicotine cessation I might need some more new skills.  She’s not boring even a little bit.
Psych ward:  a little piece of Heaven on Earth.  A really fat woman let me ride around in her electric wheelchair.  I became prideful, so great was my jigsaw construction acumen.  I had lots of friends and any time I wanted I could take a break from them and go back to my quiet room to pray and put pieces into the puzzle.  I did as I was told and nobody was disappointed in me.  As usual, I didn’t expect much but lots of people thought I did.
I don’t know how to talk to ‘professionals’ or to my first family; I CAN’T MAKE A CONNECTION, so I improvise.   When you talk to crazy people it doesn’t matter if you’re making sense.  It must only be SATISFYING FOR THE CRAZY-FOLK.  That’s what I’ve learned about my life of subservience to crazy demanding people who don’t care to evolve.  And their friends.

Taking Apart Psychiatry: Fraud-Kings of the Mind


And along with that:

ALL SO-CALLED MENTAL DISORDERS ARE CONCOCTED, NAMED, LABELED, DESCRIBED, AND CATEGORIZED by a committee of psychiatrists, from menus of human behaviors.

See more here:

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The U.S. military bankrolled early development of a non-lethal microwave weapon that creates sound inside your head. But in the end, the gadget may be just as likely to wind up in shopping malls as on battlefields, as I report inNew Scientist.

The project is known as MEDUSA – a contrived acronym for Mob Excess Deterrent Using Silent Audio. And it should not be confused with the Long Range Acoustic Device and similar gadgets which simply project sound. This one uses the so-called “microwave auditory effect”: a beam of microwaves is turned into sound by the interaction with your head. Nobody else can hear it unless they are in the beam as well.

Learn more here —


It’s a terrible thing to know your life is beautiful yet be unable to feel it.  I’ve prayed every day that God would change me and make me able to tolerate pain and to thank him for what happened to me.  I kept expecting him to fill me with joy that stopped the synthetic pain and torment.  I’ll know myself to BE HAPPY, like yesterday in the car in a blizzard with my sons.  I was genuinely happy but my sense of happy gets repeatedly blocked.  I want to love properly and I’ve begged for divine love.  I believed in it too.

Ross Rosenberg-Lisa A. Romano Discuss Dissociation-Feeling Unworthy

9:00 am
Isaac says you can’t eliminate an ill by focusing on it. Like, a coalition-against-something is bound to create more of whatever.  He told me that the church is an organization focussed on sin.  Especially the Baptists, but all the denominations need their flock to be ever mindful of individual sin and personal culpability.  They depend on repeat business and if a convert ever actually grew up it would decimate their business model.
I didn’t think I could be more skittery and panicked but I’m really struggling now.  I’ll be perfectly content (for like a MINUTE) and then my emotions are struck a blow from parts unknown.  INSTANT changes to my emotional state, even when I’ve been fully cognizant of the thought-flow.  Over and over, around and around, day and night, I pull my thoughts into alignment so I don’t vomit or pass out.  Metacognition is what I’ve studied over the past years since I’ve known about directed energy weapons and remote mind-control.  I worked on my mind before that but it wasn’t so crucial.  I don’t know where to go from here.  My spiritual practices have diminished and I rarely enter worship.  I’ve begun to doubt Jesus.  All these years of torture I knew he’d do amazing things for me.  I don’t feel that way anymore.  I pray for him to maintain my faith when I can’t.  I need a change VERY MUCH.  I’d love to be in Toronto so I could go to the church I love.  I’d love for Josh to go to Toronto too.  I’d love for Isaac to not have to worry about us anymore.  I’d love for my dad to pay what he owes me for years of prayers and servitude and jestering.  I gave that man no end of jollies.  He knows what I mean, and so do the narcissistic-abuse-counselors who describe my childhood every day.   I’m really at the end of me.  Targeted Individuals die all the time.  No big deal.  Except it is TO GOD.
“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” 
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I’m so disappointed in Jesus.  I serve the prince of peace and I have to take medication for anxiety.  I have trusted since 2006 that He would use me in some fashion.  I trusted Him to make me well since I was attacked in 2009.  I’ve been waiting for Him to fix everything, and to accept my offering.  I’m ready to explode, it seems.  I cycle with hopelessness.  Every few minutes I’m made to see something as very threatening.  I pray about it but it doesn’t stop and I’ve been expecting it to stop for many years.  I haven’t heard from Jesus for a while and I have a hard time believing things he’s said.  I feel pointless and distraught.  I wish Jesus wold fix me pretty quick.  I am sluggish on the medication; I stammer and I shuffle.  I don’t think a servant of the Most High God should behave that way.  God says He’s never late.  I’m running down and I can hardly believe in Him.  That’s what the drugs are for.  I wonder what would be late? God says He’s never late and I’ve been waiting for Him since I was attacked in 2009.  The only reason I was targeted is because I obeyed Him.  I used to think He had great plans for me.  Now I hope I don’t die from anxiety and paranoia.  I can hardly stand having nothing to do.  I really need to go some place.  Just a couple thousand dollars would change my life.  Isaac thinks I should go to a spiritual-healing campus for a while.  I sure wish I could afford to do that.


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NY Times Reporter Murdered in Dominican Republic Spoke about Psychotronic Warfare and MK-ULTRA

In her article, Ms. Kershaw wrote that people who felt they were being targeted had found the support of Missouri Representative Jim Guest, who told the Times: “I’ve had enough calls, some from credible people — professors — being targeted by nonlethal weapons. They become psychologically affected by it. They have trouble sleeping at night.”
When Ms. Kershaw wrote her article, psychotronic warfare was not legal against US citizens, but that all changed with the National Defense Authorization Act 2013.
See more:

The Revolution of Freedom is Taking Place in Your Mind

Suppose They Gave a War and Nobody Came (old film). The pioneers of the warless world are the youth who refuse military service (Einstein). To change something, build a new model that makes the existing one obsolete (Buckminster Fuller).
We’ll have the political solution when no one pays attention to politics. Ultimately, when enough people in believe in freedom, you can literally ignore an Empire out of existence. We ignore your laws, we ignore your taxes, we don’t care what you think … I own myself, my neighbor owns himself, and we get along like adult human beings.

What Narcissists Want for You


6:32 am

Covert Transhumanism; A Mind Control Documentary

This is pretty important:

12:09 pm
When the scapegoat grows up… “made to feel invisible, valueless, frightened countless times…not a person…developing a general anxiety syndrome…”

Unveiling Narcissistic Families

8:49 am

Malignant Narcissism and Gang-Stalking & Their Efforts to Drive You Insane

7:25 am

The Aftermath of Growing up in a Narcissistic Family

“Children of narcissistic parents must adhere to the agenda of the narcissist parents for their lives to be stable.  Asserting their feelings, their rights or thoughts can lead to much bigger problems.  These children of narcissistic parents learn that their feelings are invalid, unimportant and inconsequential “
“Scapegoat:  these children are usually the most sensitive and caring which is why they feel such tremendous hurt.  They are romantics who have become cynical…”
“The scapegoat deserves to be punished for this mess.  This is the child that the family feels ashamed of…and the most emotionally honest child in the family.”
(They often get pregnant or addicted in high school.  They do poorly in school.  Do violence against themselves.  Guess I’m not exactly text-book-scapegoat.)
To recover from your narcissistic parents:
Begin working through the grieving process;  allow yourself to grieve for the parents you never had.
Acknowledge that you never had a personality reference other than dysfunctional people.
Work toward loving that little child inside in ways your narcissistic parent never did.
Stop hoping that your narcissistic parent will change.  
Remind yourself every day that you need to take care of yourself.
You do not need to harm yourself or hate yourself.  You’re a great person…
Learn more about self-injury
Learn more about self-loathing
Stop being afraid of narcissists.  You are an adult…

Narcissistic Abuse Victims and Personal Finance Problems

Healing Process from Narcissistic Abuse – Important Aspects to be Considered

“The moment I discovered that I was targeted, not because there is something wrong with me but because there are so many things right with me…that was the moment I finally began to truly heal.”
“Why did my brother and sister enable that abuse of me?”
11:21 am

The Narcissist DOO DOO Test


Why Can’t I Succeed? Internal Blocks To Success Installed By Emotionally Abusive Family Unit

8:29 am

Living with a Narcissist and the Stages of Realization

“Narcissists will kill you.  They don’t have any problem with that.”

Narcissists Don’t Believe in Emotional Abuse

7:19 am

Feds Anxious to “Make Example Arrests” To Purge Liberty Activists

Some of these people were active rebels, some were outspoken political opponents and journalists, others were merely average citizens wrongly accused by neighbors or personal enemies. The Cheka created a society of fear and suspicion in which no one could be trusted and little criticism was spoken above a whisper anywhere, even in one’s own home.

The most intelligent, effective and dangerous activists and rebels were slated for destruction first, as they represented a kind of leadership mechanism by which the rest of the population might be mobilized or inspired. More innocuous organizations (like Christian churches and rural farmers) were persecuted as background noise while the political mop-up was underway.

Isaac is a leader.

Emotional Abuse Recovery-Set Goals

“If that person doesn’t change, you can’t grow in that relationship and I suggest getting out of it.”

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“My sheep hear my voice and another’s they will not follow.”  “My sheep hear my voice.”  “MY sheep hear my voice.”  “My sheep HEAR MY VOICE.”    I take a lot of comfort from scripture, when I can believe it’s real.  I would LOVE to exist in an environment of presumed-mutual-belief.  If you are around others who believe, it’s easier to believe.  “If you believe, you may.”  We have MUCH to gain by belief…and yet we pay taxes to schools that teach students to NOT BELIEVE.  We FORCE PEOPE TO UNDERGO MEDICATION AND INDOCTRINATION if they dare to ‘believe.’  Our government PROHIBITS belief.  I, for one, find that really frightening.  And I’m not normally AFRAID OF ANYTHING.  Normally, I am NOT AFRAID OF ANYTHING. I am NOT AFRAID, when I am normal.   My government would rather that I not be normal. The government tried to make me not normal.   I sure hope somebody plans to pay for their attempts to make me not that way.  Actually, I don’t actually care.  They can’t make me pay.  You can’t get blood from a turnip.  Or whatever.  My God is WAY BIGGER than any federal reserve notes.  I forget that sometimes.
“Co-dependents are not crazy.  They’re very nice people who have been taught dysfunctional things.”  
“We’re made to feel crazy because we’re trying to understand crazy.”

How To Feel Emotions

“When you are someone who’s struggling to figure things out, and you want clarity, because you’re a kind empathetic person, and you care about people, when you live with people who lack empathy for your feelings, you feel crazy.”  
“You feel crazy because your mind-set is to understand where they’re coming from.  And so you do your best to do that.  But we don’t yet understand that there are people who exist, unfortunately, whose agenda it is to not hear us.”
…have a personality disorder…lack the ABILITY to hear us…”

7:38 am

Narcissists Cannot Tolerate Healthy Behavior

Why Narcissists Fake Good Character

“They’re supposed to be great characters.  They’re supposed to be rock solid people.  But they don’t have anything; they have no values they have nothing they believe in.”

February 24, 2016


Let there be light in your place of darkness and despair.  Let the light of My Spirit illuminate and eliminate shame and regret.  It is not My will that you live in sadness and lack of hope.  I have made a way of escape, says the Lord.  Look up and get up.  Arise from fear and failure.  Believe in Me and trust Me to extricate you from desperation. Isaiah 42:16 I will bring the blind by a way they did not know; I will lead them in paths they have not known. I will make darkness light before them, and crooked places straight. These things I will do for them, and not forsake them.


I spent yesterday with the Prophet; we went for a long ride and did some shopping.  He asked about my medication:  could I take less of it?  He recognized the difficulty I’m finding as I speak.  Also my energy level is WAY DOWN.  (Isaac said that’s kinda the point…)  The Prophet asked if I could take less medicine but I’m obliged to give blood samples to disclose the amount I take.  I am required under penalty of violence to take this lithium.  I am sluggish and very uncomfortable.  I am shaky and my balance is off. This is NOT good for me I think.  I don’t feel like a person.  I NEVER feel like a person and I’m learning about that.  Dissociation is a larger deal than I believed.  Also, I suffer not only from CPTSD but also PTSD.  I quit feeling things at a precise point in history. Time is wagered from that point.  I was gobsmacked and I still never got over it.  –

The Prophet seems to think I’m just taking one for the team and it’s gotta be done.  I guess that’s where I’m at too; we almost always agree.  BUT, we do not often see things the same way.  He said, “It will get better.  Just see it through.”   We reap what we sow, and the Prophet has sown to the Spirit and he knows that I have too.  He says, “Things ARE gonna change.”   Our friend was murdered, he says.  We talk about her often.

Heidi Baker’s Prophetic Vision Over America: ‘I Was Undone by What I Saw’

“I had a vision in your church and it wasn’t what I expected to see. … I saw bread lines, soup kitchens, and I saw people wearing beautiful clothing. Their clothing was not worn out. Now in my nation when people are hungry you can tell. I mean they are in shredded rags. They don’t have shoes or they have flip flops. Most of them [have] no shoes. They are hungry and they know they are hungry. They come for food, not because they are beggars, but because they are hungry,” Baker said.

“I have held starving children in my arms. I know what starvation is. I know what pain is. I know what suffering is. But in this vision that I had that was in your nation, my nation, which the Lord is helping me to say, I will identify with America as well as Mozambique,” Baker continued.

“They’re not being nice to you to be NICE to you…They’re being nice to you so THEY CAN BE MEAN TO YOU AGAIN!”

The Narcissist Mother Is A Cheerleader Sitting At The School Lunch Table

“This started by you googling ‘MY MOTHER IS CHILDISH.'”

The 3 Child Household Of Narcissistic Parents

“The mother and father would shit and piss with the door open…disgusting freaks…this is another trait of narcissists.”

Narcissists Lack Empathy Here’s How To Spot One

I think maybe my mom is the worst narcissist when I assumed it was my dad.  I guess you can’t quantify evil without quantifying evil.  Dad can connect emotionally, at times.  That’s the factor entirely that makes his psychopathy so frustrating:  you KNOW he could connect; you know he’s REFUSING to communicate.  I haven’t ever heard any depth-sounds from my mom.  She SEEMS much more empathic than my manipulative father, but I don’t think she’s ever actually heard me.
“…people whose agenda it is not to see me…”
7:30 am
“What will happen is, you as the codependent will raise an issue…discuss it…and …a couple things will happen:  the narcissist will get really angry, try to shut you down, and try to convince you that you’re crazy and your feelings don’t matter.  Or, if they think you’re really serious and you start to put your foot down,  the game they’ll play is, ‘Oh, I’m sorry…(syrup)…no REALLY.  I’m SORRY.  I heard you this time.  I really, really heard you this time.’  THEN the codependent will drop their guard…”
Life with Daddy.  He pulled that fake apology one time too many and he knows exactly when and where he refused to talk like a grown-up.   (It’s in my journal when I challenged his FAKE-ASS voice.)
Hey DADDY.  “Don’t tell me about the labor just show me the baby.”  If you’re man enough.

7:18 am

Codependent- Narcissist Abuse Survivors and Obsessive Thoughts

“In order for our agenda to be happy, we have to understand that we have a right to be happy.”
7:06 am

Narcissistic Mother’s Silent Treatment

A narcissistic mother often uses the silent treatment to control, punish, test boundaries and avoid issues and responsibilities. 

This video is an excerpt from the book, The Scapegoats of a Narcissistic Mother, due out soon. The text of the video may be found athttp://scapegoatsofanarcissisticmothe…
3:49 pm

Cab Calloway – “Blues In The Night” – original CLEAR “video”

3:17 pm

Mind Control Targeted Individual South Korea

After a visit in a psychiatric clinic in Calgary, Canada, this student in computer science from South Korea heard voices in her skull and had other harassment feelings. She moved back to Korea, no change. She moved to Sweden, no change. Even during the intercontinental flights the same voice is torturing her. That suggests that the Mind Control technology is global, which suggests that the brains behind it are also global players.

The Reclaim the Brain campaign from tries to expose those criminals and set a stop to their horrific abuse of power.

from Henning Witte

“Bi-polar”…she took the pills but still heard the voices.

See at:

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I have my mom’s confession to accessory to rape of a child. 3.5 million

My phone got ruined in the car when a coffee cup from Tim Horton’s lacked sufficient structural integrity and dumped coffee all over it. “Structural integrity” is just the tip of the iceberg.  I think a crazy woman can demand any amount of integrity imaginable. I have a diagnosis of mental illness… just like Mommy and Daddy always wanted for me.   NOBODY could possibly take me seriously when the psychiatrist says I’m psychotic.  Here’s what I say:  I believe that my mom has to make amends for lives she destroyed.  I think she has to make absolute restitution to her baby daughter who was raped and she (MOM) would not do a thing about it.  BUT, maybe I’m wrong?  Maybe I don’t know what GOD will require?  That’s very possible.  The psychiatrist who doesn’t know God says I’m psychotic.  Maybe I am psychotic and there is no God at all. My mama  probably hopes so because   in that case I guess my mama will go scot free.
(I reminded her that the rapist’s life might have been different too, if she had behaved as a Christian.  She knows that.  She pays for his psychotropic meds.  She should give him a home and come clean.)
(I sent a copy of my book to the psychiatrist.  I signed it ‘thanks for the memories’.  Maybe he’ll help us free those enslaved by electronic mind control?)
(He knew I wasn’t psychotic.)
(This would be a good time for David to get me that phone he owes me.)


6:11 am

“Abusers immediately ask for special treatment; they don’t want to wait their turn.”
“They want to enjoy custom-tailored arrangements.”
“The sentence most-beloved by abusers is ‘Look what you made me do.'”

Body Language of Narcissistic and Psychopathic Abuser

“In general, abusers always prefer show-off to substance.”

“One of the most effective methods of exposing an abuser is by trying to delve deeper.  The abuser is shallow; he’s a pond pretending to be an ocean.  He likes to think of himself as a renaissance man, a jack-of-all-trades, or a genius.  Abusers never admit to ignorance, or failure in any field, and yet typically, they are ignorant, and they are losers.”
“It is surprisingly easy to penetrate the gloss, the veneer of the narcissist’s self-proclaimed omniscience, success, wealth and omnipotence.”

Typical Narcissist’s Spouse

“We have a sadist and a masochist.”
“She must have a deficient, or a distorted grasp of herself and of reality.”
“A suspension of judgement is, part and parcel…of a suspension of  individuality.”


8:15 am

I don’t know what to do to make money.  If I were Greek I could donate ovum.  I have a chauffeur’s license, but not a CDL.  I don’t know how much money I might expect to earn anyway; I’ve been working for $10 a day for a long time.  I can’t figure out how to get away from the environment where my parents harmed me and made me a pariah.  I don’t want to hate them.  That means I don’t see their affluence or remember their lies.
My kids are fifth generation on the same piece of land in Luce county but a recent divorce necessitates my relocation.  I was an attorney until I ran for Congress and got too poor to pay my bar dues.  I am an excellent cook and have  published a novel.  I  homeschooled two sons,  and I can keep the fire going and the lawn mown.  I am physically very strong and drove a paralyzed man to Florida and accompanied him on a cruise to Belize.  When I tipped the porter from my own pittance he said that I am a very strong woman.  I think I can do pretty much anything.
Should you wish to contact me, my number is 906-586-4629.
Linda Goldthorpe
Wow.  I got a job offer.  It’s downstate a bit.  Isaac says he’d rather see me go to stay at a clinic for a while so I could learn to view possibilities as wonderful and not as minimally possible settling.
Is it good or bad that my son is the most healthy man I know?  I’ve had either men who manipulated and controlled me with shame and guilt…or who ignored me altogether.
I was in London when this guy died:
I would have been a really lousy princess.
Dad loves Dr. Judy:

Narcissistic Fathers, Part 1 | Dr Judy WTF | 6-18-2015

How to be a Powerful Parent  – with JP Sears

“You gave up on your dreams.  Therefore your child owes you their life.”
“Use shame to control.  Your child was mistakenly born with its own free will which is very inconvenient…  how can you kill their freewill most effectively?  Shame your child often.  Consistency is key.”
“When they’re proud, make sure they understand that you are a force of nature far stronger than their little smile.”
“Abuse is wrong, it’s illegal… and it’s not abusive enough.  ‘Ignoring’ cuts deeper, it’s more painful therefore it’ll make you feel more powerful and it’s legal…”  “Your resentment is the glue that keeps the family together…”
I want friends.  I want friends who believe in Jesus.  I want to be away from stupidity.  Isaac can stay here and figure it out; he’s smarter than I.  Also, he loves George a lot more.  Isaac called himself a Christian today.  I wonder if Josh gets pissed by that.  “He is a Jew who is one inwardly whose circumcision is of the heart…”  Josh is a FAR BETTER Christian than most, even if he doesn’t claim the name of Jesus.  I wonder if he’ll get pissed by that.
“Where did you get those wounds?”
“I got them in the house of my friends.”
I’m extremely uncomfortable on these meds.  I’m shaking and I get body-rushes that are unpleasant.  I have chills that start me trembling.  The doctor agreed I didn’t need one pill; it made me achy so much I could hardly move.  I can’t believe this medicine is good for me even if the law says I must take it.
I really love community.  I’ve always delivered dinner and baked goods around the neighborhood; my grandma used to take me with her to deliver candy when I was little.  When I’m involved with a group of people, we always make it community; even the psych ward.  I miss people and I pray for them by community.  When I worked and lived in a hotel I knew contractors, railroad guys, and the taxi driver.  We were a community.  A campaign is like that.  I’ve never actually experienced a church that way.  Or a family.  Except George and me way back when.  Before he stopped trusting me and sold his soul to my dad.
28 Signs That The West Coast Is Being Absolutely Fried With Nuclear Radiation From Fukushima

Read more: WHAT REALLY HAPPENED | The History The US Government HOPES You Never Learn!

Are You A Targeted Individual?


Here we try to classify all kinds of symptoms that the typical ‘Targeted Individual’ experiences, compressed onto one page.
We refer to “symptoms” as both “effects” and “control mechanisms”. They have both functions at once.

Mind Control – Control and manipulation of thoughts, feelings and ultimately behavior

  • Control of thoughts and thought patterns; feelings and their expression; behavior control.
  • Dark NLP: Neuro Linguistic Programming and Organised Gang Stalking (street theater; comments coinciding with the programming) that anchor feelings to certain words, and sometimes colors, certain types of people or objects… Creating the illusion of ”guilt” or “frustration”.
  • Hypnotic ”trigger words” that results in specific sensations, feelings or behaviors brought on by Psychotronic Attacks; Voices in Head or Sounds (V2K) or certain events in your life.
  • Monitoring attention both where to look but also what to think about and in what terms through Remote Neural influences and subliminal ELF low hertz waves from Cell Towers etc.
  • Real time Mind Reading and Thought Broadcasting, sometimes before it becomes aware or apparent in the Targets Mind (Verbatim); The erasing or altering of thoughts and memories; short term memory problems. Induced memories and ”synthetic” associations to those false memories (that are believed to be made by a Intelligence Super-Computers;  aware of the context).
  • Induced dreams or manipulation of dreams, disturbing visions, thoughts and imagery.
  • Sleep disorders and Sleep Deprivation sometimes accompanying temporary induced paralysis or micro-comas (to force trauma or visions, sounds and a state of fear of sleep).

Social Control – Isolation of individuals through social and societal systems of control

  • Fabrication of false evidence that justifies ”Crime prevention” (fabrication of evidence of a falsified crime and rumor spreading – Discrediting of Targets); In most cases, Targeted Individuals are accused of a sex crimes with no chance to defend themselves.
  • Sudden unemployment or redundancy, discrimination or hostility within work places.
  • Loss of friends, because of rumors or direct control. The perpetrators take over the friendship and social life of the TI. They are always rude, and manipulative and not real friends.
  • Creating ”symptoms” of Mental Illness (voices in the subconscious, V2K; trying to describe what is happening for others) putting the individual in psychiatric care.
  • Creating ”symptoms” of Substance Abuse (tampering food with drugs, poisons or medication; blurred vision; read eyes; disorientation; head aches; memory loss; difficulty talking or making sense) destroying the targeted individuals reputation;
  • Creating ”symptoms” of Insulin related diseases (pain in the spinal cord, back of the head, terrible head aches, high blood sugar levels, enormous fatigue) creating early retirement or poverty because of inability to work.
  • Creating “symptoms” of hormonal imbalance. (See that you take a supplement of minerals and vitamins and take care of your glands).
  • Creating “symptoms” or dementia because of apparent difficulty, sometimes, to express one’s feelings and thoughts; memory problems when the “attacks” are enormous.


  • Thought surveillance. TI:s thoughts are read in real time by brain mapping from Low-Orbiting Satellites connected to Cell Towers and Super-Computers on Earth. It may also be possible in some extreme cases to Look though a Targeted Individuals eyes, seeing what the targeted individual sees in real-time (Brain and eye Implants are more rare but this can be achieved wirelessly with inhaled or consumed Nanites/Nano Machines in the bloodstream attaching to nerves – *please read:CHEMTRAILS).
  • Knowing where the targeted individual directs his/her attention or what they are focusing on by means of Remote tracking.
  • GPS surveillance. The Targeted Individual is tracked down at any time all the time, in real time with use of Cell communication towers and Satellites.
  • Remote Neural Monitoring: Some targeted individuals claim that a person’s brain can function as a fingerprint and that can be picked up by satellites. That enables both surveillance of the individual and thoughts. Gang stalkers often let the Targeted Individual know that he / she is under surveillance and like the film; ENEMY OF THE STATE, feel they can’t escape. They can come up and insult the TI, or say something that is only known by the Targeted Individual; as an indication of ”Remote (Real-Time) Mind Reading” (Verbatim).
  • Financial surveillance. It looks like every penny a Targeted Individual has is counted and only a certain amount is allowed for the Targeted Individual to gain or evil schemes made to bring bankruptcy or poverty to the target.


  • Electronic sexual “rapes” during sleep or while awake, probably with ICT-implants, unnatural genital stimulation or swelling.
See more at:
(I’ve often thought I was down.  I’ve even thought that I were down as far as I would go; I’ve even thought I was down as far as even I COULD go.  Silly.  All I know is I know what I know and I stand by my knowing it.  “I maintain my integrity.”  And my sanity.  And also I’m not boring and I take care of others.  Documented.  I haven’t been raped for a while.  That’s nice.)

Video: Michigan’s Water Wars: Nestlé Pumps Millions of Gallons for Free While Flint Pays for Poisoned Water

Chilling out means, to me:  Not  feeling I must do things for other people. Since I got home from the hosital I feel like my sons love me and that I don’t have to impress them over and over with over-the-top meals and ideas for activities.  If I am chill, it’s really nice just hanging out together.  That’s pretty chill.
“The words are empty and useless unless there are patriots standing up and using those words.  By all accounts, the Constitution is good but the spirit that’s behind it is long gone.”    (Jessie the Outlaw)
Is it OK that I’m loving this?

White Couple VS Black Muslim Migrants – You Have to See This!

The Narcissistic’s Social Circle

Only the Golden child gets in.  The Scapegoat CANNOT be permitted to influence what strangers think of the narcissist parent.  Must maintain their false reputation at all costs.  I could write a book.


The Narcissist’s “Isms” and “Tells”

It all makes sense.
My true diagnosis:

Narcissism CPTSD Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

…and you were NOT ALLOWED TO ESCAPE…
…especially child sexual abuse…
…continually told that you are worthless…
…and you were NOT ALLOWED TO ESCAPE…

Fukushima SICKNESS Revealed

Dana Durnford Update From The Edge Of Hell & Fukushima Hit Canada is very ill.
It is my understanding that Dana’s attacks from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and University of Victoria British Columbia (Ken Buesseler and Jay Cullen) were particularly offended by the following information in these next videos listed below. Although they tried to have Dana arrested earlier (without success), apparently these next series of videos pissed them off enough to actually arrest Dana for criminal harassment.
Please consider donating to Dana at Paypal to his email address DanaDurnford@Hotmail.Com
See more at:

Elite Are No Longer in Control, They’re scared to death.

Jessie the outlaw

Forget skis, now you can RIDE down the slopes: Alpine resorts open their pistes to mountain bikers – who can even get pulled up on the lifts

  • A resort in Bern, Switzerland, has launched the new sport this season. It is being trialled on a separate slope
  • It’s the first time a Swiss resort has enabled the bikes to go up the mountain on ski-lifts, attached via the saddle
  • Visitors can rent specially adapted bikes with extra-wide wheels. The sport is already available elsewhere

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Graham Cooke / “Hearing Strange Voices”


7:15 pm

“Where did you get those wounds?”
“I got them in the house of my friends.”
I’m extremely uncomfortable on these meds.  I’m shaking and I get body-rushes that are unpleasant.  I have chills that start me trembling.  The doctor agreed I didn’t need one pill; it made me achy so much I could hardly move.  I can’t believe this medicine is good for me even if the law says I must take it.

6:24 pm

How to be an Atheist  Ultra Spiritual Life episode 17 – with JP Sears

5:49 am

US Marshals arresting people for not paying their federal student loans

Read at: 


3:43 pm

How to be Ultra Spiritual (funny) – with JP Sears

9:28 am

Telepathic Impersonation Technology testimony from a Targeted Individual (Black Ops)

Tactics Used Against Targeted Individuals (Black Ops)

8:57 am

“Totally sick, insane logic that made me feel like I had to prove that what he thought about me was wrong.  OMG!  Crazy, crazy, crazy!  Now I know I was always enough–and because I was programmed to not feel worthy of love–I TOLERATED THIS RIDICULOUSNESS!”  (Lisa A Romano)

8:31 am

I think I proved the existence of God again, in a different way.  I know my brain-scans demonstrate differences of ‘hearing’ and ‘thinking’.  I do demonstrably hear from God.  I know that any scientist who hasn’t-checked-out recognizes the existence of beings… that exist in the spirit realm.  This is no longer a matter for ‘belief’ and we should catch up with Truth.  This time I think I proved God without finding HUNDREDS of four-leaf-clovers or COMPLETE INSTANTANEOUS TRANSFORMATION of my handwriting or deliverance from arthritis or spontaneous loss of 150 pounds.  I just can’t remember how it happened this time.  Lisa A Romano describes my entire life, up until I got the Holy Ghost.  I had headaches and stomach problems and acne and fat and thin and every symptom like she said.  God fixed those things.  I know He’ll fix the rest of my life too, and I’ll be well and not lonely anymore.

8:14 am

“Narcissists twist everything you say.  They refuse to answer clear questions.”

“…those of us who grew up in homes where we WERE minimized, we WERE made fun of, we WERE criticized…we WERE ignored…we were treated with indifference.  We were constantly being told what we think and what we feel.  We were good kids…but our parents made us feel like specimens in a petri dish, that we were evil.”

“Let’s say mom’s out sluttin’ around and leaves you to take care of your baby brother and your baby sister…”

Narcissists Emotionally Abusive Phrases To Watch Out For Dear Ones

7:51 am

Materialism Equals Love With Narcissists

Materialism Equals Love With Narcissists. I was a girl raised in the country, but my husband was from the city and a country club lifestyle. Naively I thought loved conquered all, especially when two people come from different backgrounds and get married, but that is not the case with a narcissist and narcissistic in-laws. I was always going to be viewed by these people as inferior and a dumb country hick, regardless of my education. They viewed materialism as a form of love and loved their stuff more than members of their family. I had to learn what it was like to feel genuine happiness again after separating from my narcissist and his materialistic family.

7:45 am

The Hurt & Shock of Seeing Who The Narcissist REALLY Is After a Break-Up Once The Mask Is Gone

Narcissists, Sociopaths, and Psychopaths wear masks, a false self they project because they do not have or have buried their true self. The person you fell in love with wasn’t a real person, so when you eventually seeing the mask slip and the real person unveiled during the devalue/discard phase or during and after a breakup, you will suddenly be presented with a completely different person, and it will break your heart, shock you, cause so much anger and pain and disbelief to see the man or woman you were in love with change into their true self – into this glib heartless malignant person.


4:18 pm

I just love how they call me ‘bi-polar’ when I am UTTERLY consistent and have done obsessively the same identical things every day for nearly three years.  Also, I demonstrate absolute impulse-control.  What bi-polar would quit smoking like I did four months ago?   What bi-polar could fast for twelve days?  Could a bi-polar get up every single day without an alarm and write all day every day about politics and mental health?  I started the blog in May, 2013.  When it becomes more OBVIOUS that I am an extraordinarily well-adjusted human,  I hope they don’t excommunicate that psychiatrist who called me diseased.  I told him I was instead EXTREMELY traumatized.  He didn’t even know the brand of boots he was wearing.

“One person may not be able to change the world, but one person can communicate the message that can change the world.” – David Icke

12:54 pm

The Power of Vulnerability

| Brene Brown | TED Talks

“Shame is the possibility of disconnection.  Shame means ‘I’m not good enough.’  The less you talk about it the more you have it.”
“People who have a strong sense of love and belonging…BELIEVE they DESERVE love and belonging.  That’s it.   They believe they’re worthy.”

11:29 am

“Award-winning investigative journalist Kelly Patricia O’Meara says when it comes to psychiatric diagnosing, it doesn’t matter what people in the medical and psychiatric community believe, but rather what they can prove. In her book Psyched Out: How Psychiatry Sells Mental Illness and Pushes Pills that Kill, O’Meara argues that tens of millions of Americans are being treated for a problem they don’t have.”

See more at:

7:42 am

Your narcissist parents never loved you

7:29 am

Narcissist Mom

“Trademark of a narcissistic mother is her inability to give love or empathy to her child.”

“A narcissistic mother is only able to see her children as extensions of herself.”

“One of the hallmarks of a narcissist is her inability to perceive others as people with needs of their own.”  

Dramatic Narcissist’s Conspicuous Existence

The narcissist is a shell. Uncertain of his own reality, he engages in “conspicuous existence”. “Conspicuous existence” is a form of “conspicuous consumption”, in which the consumed commodity is Narcissistic Supply. The narcissist elaborately stage manages his very being. His every movement, his tone of voice, his inflection, his poise, his text and subtext and context are carefully orchestrated to yield the maximum effect and to garner the most attention.

Narcissists appear to be unpleasantly deliberate. They are somehow “wrong”, like automata gone awry. They are too human, or too inhuman, or too modest, or too haughty, or too loving, or too cold, or too empathic, or too stony, or too industrious, or too casual, or too enthusiastic, or too indifferent, or too courteous, or too abrasive.

They are excess embodied. They act their part and their acting shows. Their show invariably unravels at the seams under the slightest stress. Their enthusiasm is always manic, their emotional expression unnatural, their body language defies their statements, their statements belie their intentions, their intentions are focused on the one and only drug – securing Narcissistic Supply from other people.

7:10 am

Consequences of a Narcissistic Mother on her Adult Daughter

6:59 am

“For one who believes, no proof is necessary. For the nonbeliever, no amount of proof is sufficient.”
— Saint Ignatius of Loyola

Narcissists Want to Destroy You Because They Can’t BE You

“We are ABUSED by them…then we’re framed for the abuse.”
“Everything is designed to bring us down…I wanna go a step further.  What does that tell you about where we start?”
“They’re REACHING UP and have to gaslight us into believing awful things about ourselves…  They targeted us because in their mind…we’re ABOVE THEM.”


3:29 pm

It’s pretty funny at this point;  I’m beginning to  understand.  The web feeds me vignettes of my life as single-handed-scapegoat serving two MASSIVELY-PREDICTABLE narcissists.  The stories  are so accurate they’re really funny.  Still, I’d like to be finished. And I’d like my portion of the money I ENABLED YOU TWO TO ACQUIRE.  I babysat.  I cleaned house.  I took the rap for EVERY EVIL DEED.  3.5 million.  At your leisure.

Adult Children of Narcissistic Parents



7:03 am

It’s got to be hard to ‘diagnose’ people who are obviously very capable.



andrea maria laroche

AttachmentsFeb 11 (3 days ago)

to karl.gebhardt, me, Guy, Sallybarton, otterbein1308
Dear friends and colleagues ,
one positive aspect of my life – i did well the tests in Bach flower remedies  and i  received the diploma for BR . See in the pdf.
Now i am waiting  for one answer from one lawyer about the Belgium’s rights – i do specialization in BR for animals , this seems to be all right in the  –   but for babies and adults to can be official BR  adviser  i have ,  perhaps ,  to make the diploma as alternative practitioner  .
 Among other things , i am planing to study Sujok , when i will get the money for it.
Nice greetings ,
Laroche Andrea
———- Forwarded message ———-
From: A Sethi <>
Date: Wed, Feb 10, 2016 at 7:27 AM
To: andrea maria laroche <>

Congrats! Excellent, 100% result.  You qualified the course.
Enclosed pls find your Diploma.
I would suggest you try your hand at Sujok Therapy.  It is very simple to learn.  You can see the details of syllabus on wiziq.  Just search for Sujok on wiziq.

6:56 am

From Belgium:

Lucky Fortune
DEAR Linda ,
first  today i found your email . Thank you . Yes – Isaak told me .
To your Birthday i send you emails and i let you messages on your answer machine. I was feeling , that you are in hospital .
Maybe you have to have the document that you are against the forced psych treatment and this documents have to be saved with your agents , they are written in the document  and with you.  At the moment i can not remember the name of the document.
Please , let all behind you and be now .  Don’t care about people , they are not with your heart and soul.
Children of god / you are one of them / get more and more enemy from the slaves of Satan.
We are with Jesus , that’ s why they hate and try to destroy us – and in the end time we have more suffer than before ..
I love you and i am with you.
Thank you so much for your book , I received . I love the book because of you.
Yours for Ever
Maria / Andrea /
Lucky Fortune
Paperless Post Yahoo Mail Stationery

From: Linda Goldthorpe <>
Sent: Tuesday, February 2, 2016 10:58 AM


Hello and happy birthday, I hope Isaac  told you yesterday.  I’m kind of shaky yet, and I’ve been put on some medications.  Forced psych treatment has GOT TO END.  I love you and I’m getting it together I think.  God is merciful.


Linda Goldthorpe <>

6:54 AM (1 minute ago)

to ANDREA, Isaac
Hello, and God bless you so much.  I’m glad you got the book; I think it will help change the world.  I’m fat and uncomfortable and medicated.  Pray for me please and I do pray for you and I love you and I wear your Angel medal every day.  Soon we will be together.  L

6:34 am

I’m writing a thank you note to my folks.  Here’s how it’s going:
“Dear Mom and Dad.  Thank you for the valentine containing a gift certificate for dinner at one of your restaurants.  Yesterday was great; I also received my first food stamps.  Linda.”


1:48 pm


Posted on 5/25/15
4:59 am
OK, so the red list is the troublemakers and after they’re disposed of their executioners will see their OWN NAMES on the blue list, and the mind-controlled minions will do what needs to be done. Then comes the round-up of the Regular Joes.   I can’t stress enough… the importance of right companions.  I can’t stress enough the utterly important-ness of wrong companions.  Preppers can’t plan for everything.  All that food storage  won’t be worth a hill of beans if you’re bunkered with stoolies when the going gets gruesome.  We’re seeing civil war, brother against brother…I bear scars from the opening salvos.  I’m a veteran who learned early that my ‘mates’ did not have my back.  None of my family WILL EVEN YET  remove the target pinioned there.  I don’t have to worry about my family selling me out; they already did!  I’m NOT AFRAID OF ANY APOCALYPSE OR WAR… for myself.  I’m afraid for the TRAITORS!  The families of dissidents will be questioned, perhaps harshly.  Perhaps at 3 am in their very own cold bathrooms…via remote neural monitoring. That won’t be fun and I sure am  glad I never stabbed anybody in the back.
This should be self-evident but here’s where we stand:  1)  Freedom-lovers are being provoked by psychopaths, 2) the conflict will continue until all humanity is either free…or completely mind-controlled, 3) when the dust settles, only one side will remain,  (I choose the side of Truth and Justice and Personal Responsibility and Freedom) and 4) THAT SIDE ALREADY WON.  Our individual consciousness affects not only our own personal future, but also creates the actual circumstances of victory for humanity.  God will establish me among trustworthy people, there will be ‘no enemy in the camp’.  I will be protected and I’ll keep vigil while my comrade sleeps.  We’ll assume multiplied courage as we marvel at the fortitude of our truthful brothers,  and when combined, our spiritual-creative power will change the world.  And the psychopaths will eventually eat one another and we’ll all be free.
 My parents’ companions are proven back-stabbers.  My parents proved it themselves, when they set the wolves on me. They intentionally created their own dangerous community; lots of casualties from friendly-fire.  When forced into the trenches they’ll long for a straight-shooter.  I know it’s just a matter of time until my parents confess to my sons and send me on my way.  But, then they won’t want me to go! 
6:02 am
Why would anyone intentionally create and choose to live within an environment of distrust?  I can only think of one possibility; it must be that he believes he can/will control the various lies and their corresponding misperceptions!  That’s delusional.  That’s grandeur.  That’s assuming godlike capabilities and discernment.  That mindset is obviously pathological, but the spiritual symptoms present a potential pandemic:  Destroying trust creates more reality of the loveless variety.  Trust is a necessary component of love.  Destroying trust is minimizing love and without love we will never see a better world…or a better self.  God is love.  Stealing love from the world is anti-christ.  It releases black matter and opens portals to hell.  
6:33 am
It’s fully obvious that love won the battle against the psychopaths.  Truth is fully exposed and it’s only a matter of time until the NSA disengages the cloaking device.  Chaos ensues.  Many fatalities.  Who’s left?  Only unashamed TRUTHFUL PEOPLE…so they will all trust one another!  Relationships established on real-time spiritual-neural monitoring will be genuinely loving.  Love will be resurrected when Truth is realized.  Jesus’ second coming is happening in stages, just like his first.  When the world is full of love, everybody will see him.  He’s coming for a ‘spotless’ bride and he gave us just the right government to make it so.  “God bless Emperor Keith.”
8:07 am
Marvelous intelligence; it’s good news and I’m also marveling at it:  George went to see Karen!  He sent her a ring two Christmases ago but he’s never gone to see her.  I’m disappointed that he still cannot tell me things, I thought he went to his mother’s house again, and apparently he’s going there too.  I’d really like him to have a happy life and that might be more likely with a non-warrior woman.  I’d like him to have enough guts to tell me things.  I always wanted that though; Dad didn’t really change that dynamic.  
8:40 am
Today is a very good day.  It’s raining, so I might get some housework done.  I started bread dough yesterday, and I’m making another rhubarb pie; I even bought ice cream with natural vanilla.  Josh took the last piece of peaches-n-cream cheesecake for his lunch, with leftover Swedish meatballs in sour cream gravy and buttered noodles.  I didn’t include a vegetable and I’m feeling like a slacker.  I’ve enjoyed my time alone; apparently George went to Minnesota by way of Tennessee where waits the girl to whom he sent a ring two Christmases ago.  I wish he felt he could tell me things; I’ve always wanted that. I had just been considering that it’s pretty unusual that we haven’t slept together for years and neither of us has even tried to date anybody.  I’m glad he didn’t buy all those protein supplements to impress his mom.  He could maybe be happy with a partner who is not a warrior-woman.
Political philosophy, though often falsified,  is the heart of a group.  It defines the heart-motivations of aligned individuals. God judges individuals by the intent of the heart, not by activities or their ‘perceived’ consequences, because when a heart is right, he is free to make all consequences favorable to all parties involved.  Nations will be judged the same way.  The really-real reasons a political maneuver is adventured will be very important, when everybody’s memories are exposed.  Then we’ll see a major brain-fuck, as those at the controls attempt to cover their asses by ALTERING PERTINENT  MEMORIES.  Cross-purpose microwaves will play the scene both funny and tragic. People will talk out of both sides of their mouths and their words will be forever in the cloud.  These people will be UNABLE TO RECOGNIZE THAT THEY ARE LYING.  Human consciousness is circling the drain!  Throw out the lifeline!
If we can save the Christian Zionists, maybe we can save our country.

1:40 pm

(Actually the men had washed the coffee cup.  I just thought it sounded good that way.)


Huey Lewis – I Wanna New Drug – 1985 – live

5:42 am

I drove fifty miles to see an MD yesterday;  she spent far too much time with me,  considering I don’t have any insurance.  Also I am documented sound, by records of tests to every organ system of my body and of each bowel movement noted during the weeks of my incarceration.  I am in perfect health and I’m thinking this is become silly. Somebody is paying for these REDUNDANT tests that demonstrate my superior condition.  Also I am REQUIRED to purchase pharmaceuticals and I have no income.  I can’t get disability from the state even though the doctor said a person as disabled as I am should not work.  I am ineligible because I didn’t work enough in the past.  (Actually I’ve always worked very hard.  I’ve never been paid what I was worth and I’ve rarely been paid at all.)
I am REQUIRED to be ‘followed’ by a mental health organization.  That’s bad enough, but also these agencies won’t accept destitute patients. I can’t fulfill these laws even if I wanted to!  (Actually I do.   I said to the doctor:  “M’am, I do not wish to be disrespectful to you,  but I was abducted from my chair at my dining room table on the morning of 1/12 and I didn’t pick up my dirty coffee cup until the night of 1/28.  I am willing to comply…but please allow that I am disinclined to do anything more than the minimum required.)   (I’ll give her the speech again when she starts talking about a pelvic.)  I was approved for food stamps. The locals get a kick out of a Goldthorpe on foodstamps. Pretty soon my dad and his brother are gonna look awful stupid for their rich sons and their pauper daughters.   When I consider my family’s fat bank accounts… and their refusal to help me or my family for SEVEN YEARS…it makes me really happy I’m not them.  I am also grateful that I know Jesus.   This is gonna be a lot of fun here pretty soon.

4:59 am

Yesterday I made cookie bars with lemon curd, zucchini bread, and two chicken pot-pies, one with commercial puff pastry and the other using my own crust.  I did a batch of pastry dough to fill the freezer.  I also made a zucchini frittata.  We have leftover romaine salad with feta cheese and my own balsamic-basil vinaigrette.   The salad was great last night with baked potatoes and garlic bread.  It’s better now; I used cucumber, peppers, Kalamata olives, cucumber, tomato, onion, croutons.  I missed cooking when I was incarcerated.  I was STRIP-SEARCHED in a padded room!  Too bad I couldn’t get a selfie for Dad.

Ontario man with memory loss believed missing or dead for 30 years suddenly recalls his identity

Const. Phil Gavin says Latulip took a bus to the Niagara region, where he suffered a head injury that robbed him of much of his memory.

Gavin says Latulip went on to live in the area for the next 30 years, but recently began having memory flashes that made him believe he was living under the wrong name.

Latulip shared his concerns with a social worker, who Googled his name and discovered that he was the subject of a long-standing missing person’s investigation.

“Charity is no substitute for justice withheld.” — Saint Augustine, bishop of Hippo and one of the founders of Christianity, 354-430

Read more:

“The loneliness narcissist victims feel – Begood4000 explains

“Your narcissist parent has poisoned their feelings about you…a little bit at a time…”
“…they say things that make them seem really concerned about us…and also make us look like horrible people.”
(If you see a nice person with no friends it’s likely)… “they’ve been victim of narcissists’ smear campaigns their whole life.”


 Jesus said, “I am your attorney.” He then proceeded to state the case to the Judge and the next thing I heard was the gavel sound and a voice say, “Take the prisoner away, and tell him he must pay sevenfold recompense to the plaintiff.”
As the apprehended was led away, the gavel sounded again. I heard a voice say to me, “Go tell all that this is the year where Heaven touches earth, the supernatural in the natural, and this is the year that cases that seemed unwinnable, have now been decided. Tell them this is the year of restoration of all that has been stolen: finances, health, reputations, businesses, families, children, destinies. Get ready, the thief has been caught, has been tried and now he must pay back recompense. Tell those who have been in the wilderness, the Court’s in session, come in with the Word of God, declare it today, and see their impossible situations turn in a moment. I’m restoring their hope and peace.”
This is not a year to fear; it is a year to TRUST Him and watch Him RECOVER, UNCOVER, and RESTORE. Things you had forgotten you’d lost will suddenly be recovered and returned to you. Things stolen will be returned. Ancestral promises that you didn’t even know existed will begin to be fulfilled in your life. Not just for you, but to convince you that God is for you and with you – to restore your faith in Him. 

Watch as He uncovers evil and brings it to the attention of the world.He’s uncovering things that have been hidden for some time. They’ve planned to undermine Him, and plan our destruction…BUT GOD! God has known about it all along, so do not despair, because HE IS THE ONE UNCOVERING IT.

He wants to start a revolution. 

He wants to uncover the good in men’s hearts. He wants justice – full, complete, and reliable justice. And He wants vindication for the innocent.”

“Justice is not complete without vindication, is it?”

See more at:   

Jesus says:
“It’s time to see the fruits of your labor. It’s time to see the harvest! It’s time to see the ‘fruit’ in manifestation of all the times you have said, ‘YES’ to Me behind closed doors. It’s time to see the fruit of your steadfast heart.”

I have seen every time you have cried out to Me and believed My Word, yet there has been no shift. I have seen every tear you have cried, I have seen every moment that you have continued to follow Me, the call on your life, and have not abandoned the promises I have given you.

“There has been a great shaking in this season of fire and what is truly built by Me is coming out stronger!!!! The season of fire was intended to purge, purify, strengthen and increase!!!

“It’s Harvest Time! It’s Harvest Time!”

“It’s time now, where you are going to LAUGH and LAUGH LOUDLY at the enemy and the giants that were mocking you. It’s now time to look at them and LAUGH as the FRUIT OF YOUR LABORS and STEADFAST HEARTS begin to erupt.

“slipstream of grace”

“The dark nights of the soul that have been walked, the price that has been paid, the cost of obedience, the sacrifices, it has not been for nothing, it’s all been for Me, and what a delight you are to My heart. Not for what you do, but for who you are, because you are Mine.
A season of ENJOYING the HARVEST is here. Even in the busyness of the harvest, there will be a REST IN THE HARVEST, a REST OF HEART that many of you have not known before. A new level of rest in the harvest will be met. A season to TRULY ENJOY the abundance of the fruit of your Spirit-led labors.”
See more at:

“I cannot tell you what your 16 golden tickets are; I will just give you a few things to consider.”

I’m a lot more fun than you think, and I love to give great substantial gifts that are life changers. Wait on Me alone, wait on Me with friends who can believe for great things for you and cash your checks on your inheritance.
Read more at:

Prophetic Words for 2016

This year will be a time of healing and breakthrough for those who have suffered unjustly.

Last year on New Year’s Eve I had a very powerful encounter in which I literally heard the audible cries of people who have been wounded by uncaring Christians and leaders. Then I heard (this part was not audible) the Lord say,“Their blood has reached My ears and I must respond.”
See more at:   


1:37 pm

“Dear Lord, please reveal truth about my parents.  Thank you amen.”

“Also my brother.  Thank you amen.”



8:39 am

“While a narcissist has no interest in BEING good, they intensely want to APPEAR good.”
People are very eager to call a person mentally ill if they do not agree with the person.  People are regrettably STILL eager to call a speaker diseased,  in the most common case whereby  they do not even attempt to understand the speaker.  I am ingesting poisons that are impeding my memory and harming my body…just because my ‘betters’ are intellectually lazy and don’t care enough to investigate. I know some truth that others should know.  I did 16 days of hard time to please people who are bigoted and/or have no options to escape the truth they wish to escape.    I’ve considered the possibility that I am mistaken.  I am not.  My dad knows I’m telling the truth; that’s exactly why he’s refused to talk to me since we made our bet in 2009.  It’s a pity he leaves it to an extraordinarily fine young man to deal with my claims and his own lies.  I stuck it out and I have not demonstrated ANY psychotic behavior.  (Getting angry is NOT PSYCHOTIC.  And I haven’t even done that for weeks.)  I’m going to the doctor today.  I was the healthiest person on the psych ward but the state says I must see a doctor. I can hardly wait to be recognized as the healthiest among us.  God has been very good to me.

6:53 am

Judge Not Your Narcissistic Mother?


“A person who pretends to have virtues…that she doesn’t actually possess…”

“A person who feigns some desirable or publicly approved attitude, especially one whose public life, opinions or statements belie his or her public statements.”

“This is exactly what a narcissist does when she MASQUERADES as a selfless CHRISTIAN MOTHER.”

“While a narcissist has no interest in BEING good, they intensely want to APPEAR good.”


Narcissist: Socially-anxious, Schizoid

Geeze, this is my dad.

“Loners…they confide only in first relatives but maintain no close bonds …”

I couldn’t care less what my mom and dad say about me anymore.  They’ve lied since I was born but now I know what I am.  I also now recognize what they are.  God is in control.


5:31 pm

I can’t imagine what it would be like to crawl between the sheets with Bill Cosby.  Nor would I wish to.  I wonder how my mom feels?
“You might think that maybe I’m being a little bit over-dramatic calling it narcissistic abuse, likening it to soul murder and heart rape, but I am not being overly dramatic.  Narcissistic abuse syndrome is a wicked, nasty, overwhelmingly excruciating condition.  that probably is at the root cause of a vast number of suicides.”
“The impact and the violence that’s done to your soul…the best way I can say it is a cruel, shocking mind-fuck.”

Narcissistic Abuse = Soul Murder & Heart Rape

12:44 pm

“I saw a man conceal his cowardice beneath the mantle of patience, call laziness tolerance, and fear, courtesy.”
“I saw liberty walking alone and knocking on doors to ask for shelter, without anyone listening to those appeals.”
(Kahil Gibran)

11:41 am

Narcissist Mother: 9 Angry Martyr Signs

“I love you.  So you must do what I say.”
“Real love is NOT tyranny.”

“I wonder what they’re talking about now.  I wonder what lies they’re telling about me now?”

Narcissism – What to do if.. This is YOUR life!

“Those who unconditionally love you will get it.  The rest?  Who cares?”
“Most of the people around a narcissist know…he’s not quite right.”

Tropical Tree House built by Mother of Three

Forgiving a Narcissist During Ongoing Abuse 

“The narcissist’s game of forgive and forget consists of you forgiving and forgetting without their repentance so they can avoid accountability and keep on abusing you without any consequences.”  (Joyce Meyers)

Scapegoat – Setting the Stage for Adult Child Abuse

The Scapegoats of a Narcissistic Mother, book by Gail Meyers – Chapter 2 – Adult Child Abuse of the Scapegoats. My brother became a scapegoat for standing up for the truth and attempting to hold narcissists accountable, setting the stage for decades of adult child abuse at the hands of a narcissistic personality disordered mother. 
“Narcissistic mothers don’t appreciate it when your confidence begins to grow…”

7:35 am

(What do you have if you know the above and continue to ‘talk to God’?  If you continue… while expecting no answer…maybe the diagnosis would be stupid?)

Physicist Develops Lens to View Alternate Reality of Hidden Alien Dimensions

Invisible entities in our terrestrial environment have been found by researchers.
“Living creatures…entities we can’t see.”
Isn’t that amazing?  The Bible was right about this too.

Self-proclaimed AI-entrained one-time gangstalker talks

See more here:



8:03 am


They will lie to get you in trouble with the law…they will lie to triangulate you from your family and friends…they will tell everyone you’re mentally ill.  As soon as they say that…when they communicate that, they are automatically planting the seed in other people’s minds that you are the problem…while they are gaining NARCISSISTIC SUPPLY.

7:53 am

Narcissistic Grandmother and Your Children – Parental Alienation



5:12 am

America Needs To Know! TV- panel discussion on mind control and other forms of psychological warfare

Organized Gang Stalking And Electronic Harassment 

Coast To Coast AM

Russ’s Radical Gypsy Wagon, built by hand!



5:34 pm

Softest Targets vs Unhumans

Mind control projects for over fifty years.  People shouldn’t be calling me crazy anymore prettysoon.

3:45 pm

“You’re a TARGET? Why YOU?!” asked 1,000’s of Listeners.

5:24 am

The Constitution has been shredded, but it lives in your heart.

You know what freedom is and what freedom isn’t. Stand, because when you stand,

others will stand with you and God can’t stand with you if you don’t stand. Once you stand you can expect the hand of providence to be over you.

No matter how it ends, it matters how you stand.

Lavoy Finicum

I decided that when I get my gypsy wagon I’d like it to have a service window that I would use to pass out hamburgers or smoothies.  I figure I can just find people and start giving them free food.  I’ll always get a crowd… and then I’ll preach. The people will invite me to their homes to wash my laundry and I’ll pray for them and they will be healed.  I won’t get into trouble because I won’t charge for the food but my new friends will always be very generous.  Isaac says this this idea is pretty brilliant. If I can’t do it right away, I’d like to spend six months in Toronto and Josh and I can study languages.  Why is this not an OK idea? Shouldn’t his grandparents wish for him to learn Swedish when they actually took him to Sweden?  That’s a no-brainer after all this time.  I’d like my wagon to be 8 x 20 with maybe a small porch at one end.  I’ll also need something to tow it.  God told me a long time ago that I’d have a blue pick-up, extended cab.  Maybe this is why.
Pigeons are a form of dove. I prayed with a lot of people in the psych unit.  I red to the screaming lady in the wheelchair; she requested I Corinthians.  When I offered to reed the next day she called me a stupid bitch.
This woman stole my idea!  She has a SERVICE WINDOW on her vardo!  We were gonna be Java Gypsies years ago.  I can’t believe this.

Gypsy Tini House on Wheels Tour

The tiny home built from scratch for $11,000 by architect, 27, who wanted to avoid a mortgage

Wouldn’t it be fun if my dad built a gypsy-wagon with me?

Bow-Top Caravan time-lapse build HD

chris ward building a bowtop wagon

This is pretty good.

Vagavond Tiny House by Andrew Gielczyk of Wood & Saw (aka Itty Bitty House Co.)

Gypsy Wagon Correct one!

5:12 am
OK, the Prophet says he always wanted to go to the psych ward; he’s only been there visiting people and he thinks if he were locked up he would have interesting interactions.  I almost think he was jealous as I described praying for confused people.  I loved being there.  I was very paranoid when I got there and then I got braver.  Near the end of my incarceration I encountered a man freshly-admitted, just in front of my door, who told  me he heard somebody threatening to kill himself and his family.  He was sure he heard it from my room.  Yikes.  Then he asked what ‘happened to’ me…and you don’t really ask that in a psych ward…and he’s been to a number of psych wards.   He surprised me so much I told him that I had run for Congress and came away from it feeling pursued.  He knew I have a tattoo of Jesus on my chest.  He REMEMBERED a speech I gave in Hancock in 2010.  He tried to get me to talk about Tom Casperson and other political people I used to know.  He told other patients that I had ‘powers’ and he narced to the doctor. He said he was a Spirit-filled believer but that’s really hard to believe.  I was nice to him just the same.

4:41 pm

Emotional Manipulators Who Minimize Us Its Always About Them!

Dr. John R. Hall, Do

Address: 5282 Medical Dr #200, San Antonio, TX 78229

Open today · 9AM–5PM
George is sending a valentine to Karen.  Why will he not go to her?
3:33  pm
When I get my own place I’ll make lots of things.  I’ll work on my projects all the time.  I won’t take very much stuff from here since the people here will need it more.  I’ll make a lot of things.  I’m thinking blue, electric blue, serious blue, sultry (Revlon).
“Going through this will put fire in your belly.  Once you’ve fought hard for what you believe, once you’ve walked through hell and back fifty times, you know what you know, and you’re not gonna let some knucklehead who’s not been through it dissuade you.  Right?”

10 Killer Narcissistic Abuse Syndrome Quotes!

“If you’ve been brutally broken but still have the courage to be gentle to others, then you deserve a love deeper than the ocean itself.”
6:29 am

Narcissism: Manipulative mother and other stalkers

“…the discussion of whether or not I am afraid and intimidated by my narcissist mother and my narcissist sister and golden-child-brother and narcissist father…”
“I’m not a silly little girl anymore.”
“She’s very good at doing subtle shit like that.”

Schools Train Kids to Be Good Little Statists

GangStalking The Dr John Hall Interview

Paranoia is a result of neurotransmitter changes? 
6:09 am
I miss the psych ward.  I miss Hilda and Umar and the little packets of ‘Mrs. Dash’ that I smuggled to new patients when they were scared and without joy.  I felt safer there.  I felt safer at the psych ward because my door opened every fifteen minutes.   I felt validation.  For the first time in my life I mattered… because  some  ‘sane’  person looked at me and ticked the box in front of my name on the government-slash-pharmaceutical-topia documents.  For sixteen days I was observed by another human being every fifteen minutes. I’ve never had that much attention in my whole life.
2:17 pm
This guy gets it.  I don’t know whether he’s right about everything, but I know he’s following Truth so eventually he WILL NECESSARILY BE RIGHT.  My brethren are those who love truth.  I’m not related to those who love rules.

A KEY – It OPENS an ORACLE upon Earth – Please consider with Open Mind- 14

(I think he’s right.  Actually, I mostly KNOW he’s right.)
2:27 pm
I’m doing exactly what my stripper-friend told me I was doing when we were incarcerated together.  I was planning to see her today but her phone has been disconnected.  She told me, in the joint, that every time I spoke about my faith I looked over my shoulder.  I’m alone in the house just now, and I’m worshipping Jesus and I keep looking toward the door.  I have been persecuted for my faith and the effects persist.  I prayed with probably twenty people during my incarceration.  I’m not even kidding, I was so afraid of being locked up.  I read about the gulag and the stasi and I was scared shitless all my life.  James Clavell and WWII.  Siberia and One flew over the cukoo’s nest.  I’ve always lived in fear of school.  God, school is a really horrible reality for a lot of people.  We must change these things.

GangStalking The Dr John Hall Interview