5:33 pm
4:52 pm
If you can see through it, it’s not a dress;  that’s what I think.  I can’t even imagine the pressure on those aging women who must appear naked in order to retain public attention.  Jennifer Lopez makes me really sad.  The first time I saw her I happened on a music video (she used to sing, right?) and she was in the ocean and her butt was REALLY big.  That was many years ago, and butts have gotten bigger.
I screamed and screamed on the day I smashed my ex-Chromebook.  I screamed, “I HATE LIVING WITH GEORGE.”  I screamed it over and over and over and over again.  He took to his bed today, when I said (again) that since he WILL NOT STAND UP FOR HIS FAMILY… I wish he’d be gone.  I said, “We’ve been divorced for more than three years and you won’t leave.  You won’t stand up for your family, and you won’t go away.”  (I mean, consider that fact.)  So, he retired to the fancy master bedroom which contains the only bathtub in the house,  and he turned on his TV.  He will NEVER go away!  But, also he won’t participate.  He won’t help, and he won’t abandon ship. ( I do often wish he’d die, now.  I couldn’t bear the thought when I first heard that he would.)  He’d go to Heaven, I know that.  He is NO HELP HERE ON EARTH.  None at all.    He even works for THE PUTRID GOVERNMENT.  I do very much hate living with him.
 I’d prefer that George would get with the program, but failing that he could leave.  Failing that…hey, he should die.  If he would die, I could be a person.  He prohibits my personhood.  I hate living with George.  I do not hate George. When we are both in Heaven and God has INCREASED HIS IQ… then we will understand one another and very probably we will laugh.  Until then, if he sees no VALUE IN GETTING SMART…then he should get gone.   His family must do smart things.  With or without him, we will do smart things.   My sons do not like when I say these things.  I dare say, in days to come they will appreciate that SOMEBODY IN THEIR LIVES CARED ENOUGH TO SPEAK TRUTH.  Their father WILL NOT.  Their grandfather is a lying pervert.  Their uncle will not, because he’s a millionaire… and so his balls are puny.  I WILL speak truth even though some despise me for my honesty.  WHO ELSE DO my sons HAVE who might TELL THEM THE TRUTH??????
“Dear Lord, please do not allow me to ever speak a single word to my sons that is not Truth.”    “Please Lord, show my sons SOMEBODY OF INTEGRITY.  Maybe a man, huh?  The only men I’ve been able to show them are self-serving wimps like my brother or CHARACTER-DEFORMED-NARCISSISTS like my dad.  I gave them a good dad, but he quit caring about Truth.   Lord, I know you have real men somewhere on Earth. Would you please allow my sons to meet one?  Thank you.  And please forgive George for believing my LYING FATHER.  Please enable me to survive the reproach my sons may put upon me for speaking this way about their dad.  Do not ever allow me to bend, when Truth is at stake.  Forgive my sons for TRYING TO FIND A WAY TO PROVE ME A LIAR.  Amen.”

10:56 am

“SILENT TREATMENT:  A passive-aggressive form of communication that conveys contempt, disapproval or displeasure.”

“It is a relationship-killer.”


Narcissistic Mother’s Silent Treatment

9:27 am


UFO entering Interdimensional Portal over Geneva SWITZERLAND – Dec 2015 !!!

“There is nothing a narcissist hates more than being told, “I love you.”
“It provokes the narcissist into uncontrollable rage.”

Ignored Abuse

Why do good people ignore abuse and neglect what might be happening before their eyes?

Narcissist as Leader

“He maintains a tenuous grasp on reality to start with.”

Thinking of reconnecting with a Narcissistic Mother? Don’t give it a second thought. They only become worse, more sick and their methods of hurting or destroying you have become even more sharp as time goes on.

Re-Connecting with a Narcissistic Mother? DON’T DO IT!

+Kasarija I know exactly what you mean. It’s like night and day looking back and seeing my relationship with my oldest who is 18. It’s been like falling down a rabbit hole to finally see it for what it is.  I didn’t realize I had CPTSD until I was at my parents’ home last summer and my nf screamed at my son for something really petty. My heart about pounded out of my chest, I was completely frozen, and came close to passing out. Now, if any other adult talked to my child like that I would of been up and down their business, but with my dad I went from a 47 year old adult to a 10 year terrified little girl. That’s when the research started. I also promised my boys that I would NEVER put them in that situation again.

Reply · 13 

Oh my goodness, that’s horrible that he yelled at your son! 😦 I can imagine how scared and paralyzed you felt when he did that. I will never ever ever let my future kids get in contact with my toxic parents, I want them to have a good and healthy life. They deserve it.

Narcissism CPTSD Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

“PTSD, post-traumatic stress disorder, is generally the witnessing or the experiencing of a single traumatic event…”
“COMPLEX PTSD is the PROLONGING of those abuses…where there is no obvious or available escape…you are being held to these repeated abuses.”

The Narcissistic Mother assigns roles to each of her children. With only two children it’s easy to see who is the Golden Child and who is the Scapegoat. In this video we go more in detail of the Scapegoat. The luckiest child of the narc.

Understanding growing up with a narcissistic mother explained

 I focus on the “sense of entitlement” of the narcissist to show you how this is not normal and how toxic it is.

The Hated Child of the Narcissistic Parent

“A sense of shame from their upbringing.”

New details have emerged about a sinister program in California to perform state-sanctioned forced sterilization of Hispanic women without their consent over six decades.

A documentary titled No Más Bebés has compiled evidence and stories of women having hysterectomies without consent following a birth, to “control the population” of Latinas in the state. Many women state that they were told that they had received the procedure, but not until after it had been performed.“The doctor walked in and said, ‘we cut your tubes,’ and I said ‘why?’ He goes, ‘well, you signed for it.’ I said, ‘me?,’” a woman in the documentary recounts. “I go, ‘I don’t remember nothing.’ I didn’t tell my family. I didn’t tell anybody.”

4:08 am
Flashback to CHRISTMAS of last year, 2014:
That marketing scam for “The Interview” is genius!  It accomplishes something for all parties concerned!  I am awed by the propaganda machine in Hollywood and Washington!  This is what psychopaths do with their time. They’re the original gamers.  Hypothetical:  What if people like this EVER, just hypothetically, got their hands on equipment whereby they could enact their every (boring) fantasy on strange women they don’t even have to talk to?  What if guys like this could rape people all over the planet, without ever leaving their keyboard?  Pretty cool stuff.  To a psychopath.  HEY, even better.  What if they got a paycheck for their interactive/AI  (with the emphasis on the “A”…) role-playing?  NO, wait, better yet.  LETS MAKE THE RAPE VICTIMS PAY FOR THEIR OWN VIOLATIONS!   We’ll get TAXES to pay for it!  I should write a screenplay.
8:23 am
Psychopathy is me-focused, as we all tend to be.  But psychopathy has gone the way of fear.  To a psychopath, and to the rest of us, things must be good for “me.”   (“Good” being  relative, indefinable, etc.)  But, the psychopath allows his fears to permit him to dictate others lives… for his “good.”  (“Good” being relative, indefinable, etc.)  If anything happens to anybody else, their legitimate responses are not valued by a psychopath. A psychopath views others misfortunes and blessings as opportunity for him.  Isn’t that sad?  My dad texted me:  Merry Christmas.  He still hasn’t invited me to his home.  I suppose he’s thinking about the potential discomfort he would feel if I were there.  I suppose he hasn’t thought, after his years of lying ostracism, how badly a rape victim needs a family.
8:55 am
I’m surprised and pleased to hear so many non-Christian truth-seekers refer to our present enslavement as “satanic.”  Witnesses to other love-based paradigms use my language, if not my literal childishness.  They talk about “negative entities” and recognize that ritual sacrifice of children is so evil it cannot be described within our human syntax.  Human’s have long sacrificed their offspring to Molech, in principle even if blindly.  The first-born goes into the fire so the remaining family will be wealthy.  It’s proverb.  It’s history.  It’s why I’m not invited to Christmas dinner at my dad’s house after I didn’t die in the sacrifice.
10:56 am
Josh is making Swedish pancakes.  He liked the fuzzy sheets and comforter I gave him.  Last week I saw him mending his blanket with a thread and needle, so I was impatient to give him new linens.  Isaac gave him “Dr. Dre” headphones and also loved the Bose ones I got him.  George gave Josh a radio for his car and said he “already talked to Isaac about his present” which will (someday) be new tires.  That’s all the gifts.  George must have sent that Applebee’s gift card to somebody else.  Somebody else might want to wash his dishes and fold his underwear.  He prefers me.  I’m cheap.  I’m also nearly done, I expect.
11:02 am
I want a man.  I want a man to tell my father he’s full of shit.  I want a man to tell George I am the finest wife on the planet and that he doesn’t deserve my services, especially since I’m not his wife.  I want my brother to recognize his riches and my deprivation, and to remember family memories through female eyes.  I want my sister to demand justice for her former friend.  Her friend who served her high-fallutin’ doctors at a Christmas party, last time I saw her at Christmas.  I w\m
12:11 pm
“They BETTER like lava lamps.”  That was Josh wrapping gifts.  He and Isaac chose gifts for people they do not know, because they wish to love those unknown people.  This is a blessing.  I didn’t buy them many gifts, nor did we celebrate many holidays.  They’ve learned just the same, and perhaps because of such deprivation.  I could never ignore any excuse for a holiday, but the holidays had to make sense spiritually.  Christmas never did.  They’ve been short-changed but they’ve been rewarded.  They miss their cousins.
12:21 pm
I’m making pizza crust dough.  If anybody’s hungry later today we’ll make a pizza.  You never know what’s on the menu at my dad’s dinners.  He still never invited me.
12:26 pm
I think George plans to go up to dinner at my dad’s.  Yes, he’s that obtuse.
1:07 pm
I’m keeping a very unflattering dress.  The color is too green for me and it displays all my lumpiness.  I’m pretty pudgy.  Bud, this dress is a sweater dress and I love the way they feel.  I’m going to wear it even if it looks bad.  I’d love to have a full-length cashmere robe.  I’d wear it a lot and somebody else would hand-wash it.  I’m ordering some Land’s end men’s t-shirts, just for me.  I wear them every day but these will be new and they will be white and they will be mine.
2:32 pm
My young friend surprised us, it was nice to see her and she ate Swedish pancakes and watched me make pizza dough and sauce to go with it.  She is responsible for my very first selfie;  she got a nice camera.  I don’t mind if people watch me cook but I don’t like to talk while I’m doing it.  My mind is doing a dozen things at once. George went to my dad’s house;  I don’t know if he doesn’t realize he’s not related to my dad anymore, or if he doesn’t realize that I, who am his only connection with the family, am not related to him either anymore, nor am I welcome in my dad’s home.  It never struck him that my parents did not talk to us for years.  I wish I could see inside George’s head just once.
2:38 pm
Some guys are fishing right in front of the creek again.  I don’t know why they do that; I’ve never caught a fish there and I’ve trolled the entire bay.  In the early spring the water is clear right down to the bottom, and you see no life at all.  You wonder that it could even produce algae, it’s so pristine.  Later you can’t see six inches through the weeds and wonder.  God takes the most barren to produce great fruit.  That’s a major theme in the Bible.  We should expect themes, though not “dispensations”, or “covenants”  to continue into the new world.  Jesus is God.  It’s now his world.  (At least I give him my part of it.)
2:53 pm
Well, they’re partying without me again.  I have dreams, and in my dreams somebody calls me up and says, “Linda, I miss your humor and your honesty.  I miss you.  Please come to the family holiday party.”  My dreams wisp upward and I wait.  I WAIT for one of the imaginary inviters to say, “Linda, I recognize that Dad lied about you.  I’d like to do what’s right but I don’t know what that is.  I’ve always trusted Dad.”  That would make my day.
3:02 pm
I can’t imagine that my dad has much respect for George right this minute. George promised that when he comes back from my father’s house tonight, he will go there yet again, and bear a pizza of ill repute, that I will offer to my father’s household in humble supplication.  What’s he gonna say?  It’s not loving to say yes all the time, and it’s not loving to say no all the time.  I’ve been hanging in the balance.  I’ve always really wanted a man to tell me what to do, no kidding, I can prove it.  I’ve only known men with balls sufficient to fill in the blanks afterward.  No initiative.  Must be all the plastic.
3:34 pm
Now that I know that nobody is going to break rank and invite me to the party…I can relax and make a REALLY GREAT PIZZA.
3:44 pm
I did nothing to be cast off by my family this way except 1) pray too weirdly, and 2) run for Congress.  Where ARE THEIR PRIORITIES?
(You gotta know I’m kind of getting a chuckle out of this now.  I mean, hypocrisy has limits and then  it’s vaudeville.)
3:55 pm
Wow.  Really hard question:  “Would you give your life for him if he didn’t know you did it?”  This question is made more compelling considering the questioner, and the fact that he gave his life for MANY who do not recognize it.  Is my love for another’s absolute best?  Or is my love wishing to be recognized and acknowledged. That is a very hard question.
 I love thinking when he leads me.
4:11 pm
It’s weird to consider that Rod Stewart is a better grandfather than my dad!
4:43 pm
George came back from my dad’s house with four gifts for me.  I put them in a big box and made a sign on clean copier paper with multi-colored sharpie pens:  You have GOT to be kidding.  906-291-1376    3.5 million.  No interest.
4:48 pm
If I had a man, I would talk as I do.  If I knew a man who thought me worthy of speech, I would speak HARD THINGS.  I would not dilly-dally in diversions of democratic discourse.  I could BE somebody if somebody ever thought I could.  I almost am somebody because I almost believe that somebody almost thought I could be.  Ever know somebody who just changed you?  Somebody who made you more confident, even in his absence?   Somebody who makes you just know there are better things than what you’ve seen?  I did.
6:09 pm
I sent a pizza up to my folks’.  It had huge mushrooms and some complimentary items.  It was a GREAT pizza.  I wonder if my family of origin
12:25 am

Poisonous Lie: Flint,  MI– Government Lied About Water Supply Containing Lead

Radioactive materials spreading from St. Louis landfill – report

Dangerous radioactive materials from a nuclear waste dump near St. Louis, Missouri have spread to neighboring areas, a new study shows. Storm water runoff from the site has also raised concerns and is being tested for radioactive pollution.

See more at:
So all they have to say is that the ‘tip’ is more credible than usual, tonight the adjective was ‘concrete’, and we will then take them seriously.  Seriously?  Now we must REALLY get scared, just forget about those other times, we REALLY MEAN IT now.  Get VERY SCARED.  I kind of miss those colored threat-levels on Fox News.  Then we could just gauge our fear without having to listen to the propaganda.
It’s Time We Start Calling ‘Civil Asset Forfeiture’ What It Really Is – ‘Armed Robbery By Police’ 

Nothing is salvageable in our society. It’s all degenerate garbage. We should abolish every system and rebuild it from the ground up. Systemic corruption has reduced our country to the level of a third world gutter.

See more at:

“Imagine a life where you can have relationships that are fun…where communication is clear…where you’ve learned to listen at depth…and so has the person with who you are communicating.”

CoDEPENDENCY REVEALED:   Fallacy 4;   Drama is Normal Because Relationships Are Hard Work

Camille Cosby to speak on the record: Judge rules Bill Cosby’s wife must give deposition in defamation suit brought against him by seven of his alleged victims

  • A Massachusetts judge ruled Thursday that Camille Cosby will have to give a deposition in a defamation suit brought against her husband Bill 
  • She has been fighting the attempts of the seven women who claim they were sexually assaulted by Cosby and filed the suit to have her deposed 
Food for thought:

“The theory of relativity is a mass of error and deceptive ideas violently opposed to the teachings of great men of science of the past and even to common sense.”

“The theory, wraps all these errors and fallacies and clothes them in magnificent mathematical garb which fascinates, dazzles and makes people blind to the underlying errors. The theory is like a beggar clothed in purple whom ignorant people take for a king. Its exponents are very brilliant men, but they are metaphysicists rather than scientists. Not a single one of the relativity propositions has been proved.”

(N. Tesla)

NASA Insider “We Lied About Everything” – The International Space Program Exposed

You know, 2015 was a better year than I was believing; 2015  was the first time in my life that I didn’t think I was actually a moron.
(If you have not red this prophecy, please do.  Please be encouraged.  Please believe.  Please join Jesus and me as we make this world safe for humans.)
“This year promises to be the most exciting and adventuresome one for all who remain “believers”, true believers…
 every step will get easier…”

“This is our year to shine.  So believe Me, and you will see Me moving consistently and powerfully for you, to bring My promise and fulfillment of My Word to all who believe Me.”

January 1, 2016


God’s Word created “time” therefore “time” is subject to His Word – His Word is not subject to “time”! ….”But do not let this one [fact] escape your notice…

It is only perfect obedience in their own lives which can keep My “intercessors” from being “overwhelmed” [to some degree] by the sin of the one(s) they are called to intercede for. ….”Bear one another’s burdens, and thereby fulfill the law of Christ [which is the law of Love]”…. Galatians 6:2 NASB
“The closer one positions themselves (sic) to God the more the “old nature” is exposed for what it truly is [which is precisely why only those who truly love God will enter into the secret place of His Presence on a continual basis – as the work of the Cross can be quite intense {unpleasant} at times]. HOWEVER we, as true sons and daughters, have a “new nature” in Christ – and that is precisely why we must continually keep our eyes “fixed” on Jesus [the Word of God], the Author and Developer of our faith throughout the process of our sanctification. It is the Holy Spirit [Who is the Spirit of the Cross] that will do the necessary work in us to prepare us for entrance into our true Kingdom-position and destiny, in Christ – and it is certain that one must come to know the work of the Cross “experientially” [gain a deep revelation of the spiritual reality of the Cross in their own experience] BEFORE they can enter into the place of abiding in “resurrection power” and the “fullness” of authority”  (Emphasis/editor)
I do not like green soup with cream,
It tastes like snot, it makes me scream,
I tried it warm;  it still sucked cold,
I’ll throw it out;  I’m poor but bold.
And Sam-I-Am  don’t know the score,
But some of us were here before.
It won’t show up  before its time;
And I can’t force it with my rhyme.
(Or else I WOULD.)
The Father spoke to me and said: + The first mirror is representative of My Word [Jesus], and the second mirror is representative of “self-focus” – the fruit of which is a continual leaning upon one’s own strength and understanding. Many of My children [due to a lack of diligence] are standing in front of the wrong mirror – and, thus, darkness and confusion becomes the fruit of their “eyes” [focus]. It is of the utmost importance for My children to keep their eyes “fixed” [focused] on My Word
….”Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty [emancipation from bondage, freedom] [Isa. 61:1, 2]. And all of us, as with unveiled face, [because we] continued to behold [in the Word of God] as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are constantly being transfigured into His very own image in ever increasing splendor and from one degree of glory to another; [for this comes] from the Lord [Who is] the Spirit”…. 2 Corinthians 3:17-18 The Amplified Translation
But he who looks carefully into the faultless law, the [law] of liberty, and is faithful to it and perseveres in looking into it, being not a heedless listener who forgets but an active doer [who obeys], he shall be blessed in his doing [his life of obedience]”…. James 2 1:22-25 The Amplified Translation


6:23 pm
Natalie Cole died.
We’re watching videos of the ‘Midnight Special’ in honor of the life of her life.  We were having fun until Rod Stewart came on.
This is my favorite Natalie Cole song,
Rest in Joy:
This will be an Everlasting Love

3:02 pm

I’ve been a little distracted by all this heartache and loneliness so my menu is a little disjointed today.  I made vichysoisse for the first time and I won’t be wasting good leeks again.  Baked beans, Nicki-style but without the expense of ground meat.  I’m making banana cream pie because I got a slew of marked-down bananas and I’m not really into cheesecake;  and a loaf of sourdough bread and George wants taco salad so I’ll get to it.    There is guacamole left-over from yesterday and some shrimp with  commercial cocktail sauce to which I added cayenne pepper and a lot more horseradish.  There are other leftovers, I’m frying fish tonight, so I should pull together some cole slaw too.  I can’t navigate a creamy coleslaw to save my life so I’ll do the turmeric-vinegar-celery-seed-thing again.  George loves it and it’s supposed to be heart-healthy.
2:45 pm
My brilliant non-military son (they’re both brilliant; Josh understands strategy) is gonna pretty-soon-here recognize that I attempted to defend his father until my dad pulled out all the stops.  Yes-er-ee-Bob.  Isaac is gonna figure it out before Josh, because Josh’s brain is moving along a little quicker on this strategy-stuff.  Isaac is gonna say, sometime when I am down’a’wind in the hot-tub, “Hey.  Mom tried to keep this family together.  She had to throw Dad overboard to save the rest of us.  Grandpa KNEW THAT ALL ALONG.  AND, what if, when she heard the voice in her head say, ‘LINDA.  GEORGE IS GONNA DIE…’ ///…I mean, hey.  Do you think that moment might have been her first exposure to VOICE-TO-SKULL?—I mean, ‘what if’?”
 “Dear Lord, please do not make my sons have to REED THE PATENT DOCUMENTS before they get their ducks in a row.  Thank you.  Amen.”  (If those brave men are on my team then I do not need any other organism in the universe.  Selah.)
8:39 am

“Am I really so different, Lord?  Am I really so uncomfortably unusual?  They’re afraid of me; that’s what Isaac said.”  He is so eager to see the family come together that I believe he’d even wish for me to take short-cuts.  He’s gentle and full of love.  I will be gentle when my love has exposed unkind truth.  I CERTAINLY cannot be held responsible for things I experienced at the hands of loved ones!  It’s not my problem we’re talking about.  BUT we are talking.  That’s a first for this family and yes, you’re very welcome.  Gloria even said something sorta deep to Isaac and we’re thanking God.  She was an enormous woman when I was a kid.

Isaac recognizes my diligence and determination but he doesn’t believe my aim to be worth the fall-out, I think.  He loves Jesus more than nearly anybody I ever met, but he doesn’t think the world needs a savior.  He figures we can save ourselves if we close our eyes and click our heels together three times.  I really  hate to think he might settle for the tawdry.  He shouldn’t settle for anything less than God’s absolute best.  When he has looked into Jesus’ eyes he will understand why I MUST hold my family’s feet to the fire.
 He hurt me with his denigration of my faith, and it was intentionally demonstrative.  He wanted me to experience the hurt of being called not-a-Christian.  Well done, Isaac.  It hurt a whole lot;  it hurt so much it made me want to evaluate my relationship with the Christ.  The times call for continual reevaluation;  the mind-control zombies want to eat your blood.  But also it hurt so bad I learned another thing:  now I know that although my family has denied me audience for seven-long-years-of-pain-and-lies…I HAVE nevertheless been attended.
“They’ll know we are Christians by our love.”  (Bible camp song.  Lutheran.)
Let ‘s look for evidence of love:
7 years I have suffered and pleaded for help.
7 years I have been ignored and even publicly maligned.
55 years I have been subjugated and abused.
This history is not indicative of love.  Please do not go to hell onaccountta me.
(2016 will separate the men from the boys.)
I too want a united family, and I work partially toward that goal.
BUT, I will NEVER again participate in an abusive relationship based on lies.
NEVER again.
Happy New Year, to all my beloved fake Christians
(I describe my family thus under concerted advisement.)
I think we should vote on things for awhile, and distribute stuff and opportunities differently.  I think the Goldthorpe Motto will be:   The maximum benefit…for the maximum number of  people …as we are all maximizing.  Somebody else can choose our team colors.
This is the only dirty joke the prophet ever told me in all the years I’ve known him:
A contest; the winner is the guy with the biggest wiener.  Junior runs home to tell his maw about it and she was appalled, “You’re not going to take your wiener out in front of all those people!”
Junior says:  “Of course not.  I’ll just show them enough to win the contest.”
I’m thinking of the funnest moments of 2015.  I loved the time I put kimchee in Josh’s lunch and I loved eating calamari in Boulder with Isaac.  It was the best year of my life, probably.  So far, I mean.
12:22 pm
I had a GREAT surprise…my friend from Belgium called me on the phone!  I can’t imagine how much it cost her but she said she didn’t want me to be lonely because she loves me and so does Jesus.  What a great year this has been so far!


7:05 pm

Destroying my chromebook was a very wise move although at the time it just felt like a temper tantrum.  I’ve learned more about electronics in the past twenty-four hours than I have in a long time.  I am rocking an I-pad and judging from the inconsistencies, the goons have followed me to my new medium.  That is so validating to observe.   I do not yet know how to go back to correct errors so please excuse my baby-steps.  This I-pad thing is like the chalk drawings in Mary Poppins.  I just know if I could get in I could win the derby.   As I experiment with two-fingered touch-screen I hear disco songs in my head.  I really do need help.

Isaac said tonight that we had not been under surveillance and I got really hot.  He ended up dancing and poking his finger at me insinuating that I was being unduly harsh.  He asked if I wanted to use stilettos.  I said,  “If you prefer that to using your brain then that’s your business.”

-Good riddance, 2015

Can you believe that ‘Shake Your Groove Thing’ is a real song?

Isaac asked why I was considering growing weed again if we’re under surveillance, he thinks I’m  lying I guess;I never lied to him ever before.  anyway, his mistrust sets up my point perfectly:   I survived some really scary shit…by exposing everything.  these are the days where the truthful are separated because the liars will be laughed off the stage.

I couldn’t be blackmailed because I said it all myself.