OMG, I always love my dad’s employees so much!  This woman is very cool, and her daughter taught me how to use the tablet that Isaac gave me and since I pitched my CHROMEBOOK-non-computer into the driveway, it’s very nice to live in a space where people understand technology and the desk-clerk’s daughter taught me how to turn it on.  Isaac sent me a text to make sure I had a place to sleep.  I said I do, then I sent him another text.  I sent it to my dad, my mom, George, Josh, Isaac, David and my niece.  I said:


“To Isaac–

I wouldn’t die for Dad.  If you think I am a liar I’d do it for you.”

So far none of my Christian relatives have seen fit to respond.

I’m going to bed.  I’ll like living in St. Ignace I think.