10:14 am

Senator tried to reform child protective services. She was killed supposedly by her husband with a unregistered gun,when he had several in a gun case.

Her speech continues. Parents committed suicide when losing visitation right. This is crime against humanity for financial gain. Many foster children become homeless when they reach adulthood. She was told by her political colleagues that if she helps families scrutinized by Child Protective Service (CPS), she will lose her job. Indeed, she was sacked. CPS is a business to make money by separating families.
Image result for truth sounds like hate
Image result for truth sounds like hate

9/11 Firemen claiming they heard explosions (2015)

“I heard this metallic roar, looked up and saw what I thought was just a peculiar site of individual floors, one after the other exploding outward. I thought to myself, “My God, they’re going to bring the building down.” And they, whoever they are, had set charges. In fact the building was imploding down. I saw the explosions, and I thought, ‘This is not a good place to be, because we’re too close to the building, and it’s too easy for the building to topple over.’”

Karin Deshore, Captain (E.M.S.)

Dominick Derubbio, Battalion Chief (F.D.N.Y.) [Division 8]

It was weird how it started to come down. It looked like it was a timed explosion.

Brian Dixon, Battalion Chief (F.D.N.Y.)

“The lowest floor of fire in the south tower actually looked like someone had planted explosives around it because the whole bottom I could see — I could see two sides of it and the other side — it just looked like that floor blew out. I looked up and you could actually see everything blew out on the one floor. I thought, geez, this looks like an explosion up there, it blew out.”

Rich Banaciski, Firefighter (F.D.N.Y.) [Ladder 22]

“And then I just remember there was just an explosion. It seemed like on television they blow up these buildings. It seemed like it was going all the way around like a belt, all these explosions.”

Stephen Gregory, Assistant Commissioner (F.D.N.Y.)

“[It was at] the lower level of the building. You know like when they demolish a building, how when they blow up a building, when it falls down? That’s what I thought I saw.”

Greg Brady, E.M.T. (E.M.S.) [Battalion 6]

“We were standing underneath and Captain Stone was speaking again. We heard — I heard 3 loud explosions. I look up and the north tower is coming down now, 1 World Trade Center”

Kevin Gorman, Firefighter (F.D.N.Y.) [Ladder 22]

“I thought that when I looked in the direction of the Trade Center before it came down, before No. 2 came down, that I saw low-level flashes.”

Gregg Hansson, Lieutenant (F.D.N.Y)

“Somewhere around the middle of the World Trade Center, there was this orange and red flash coming out. Initially it was just one flash. Then this flash just kept popping all the way around the building and that building had started to explode”

Courageous Judge Nails US Treasury For $279 Trillion

Called for the FBI to arrest the president and Congress and for the restoration of the Republic.
9:42 am
Even as Jenner prepares to adopt a new child, the words of Burt Jenner, Bruce’s oldest son reveal how Jenner may have been as a parent. “I have high hopes that Caitlyn is a better person than Bruce. I’m very much looking forward to that,” Burt said. “At the end of the day there’s no way I can get around it. I am ungodly thankful and I feel very fortunate to not have had my father in my life … I learned how to open doors and shake hands and look people in the eye. Things that my dad never would have taught me.”

Shock: Caitlyn Jenner Just Revealed What He Wants To Do Next – Many People Aren’t Going To Like It


1:10 am
I woke in a terrible panic.  I didn’t even feel better after I vomited.  Isaac prayed with me, but he doesn’t believe in the blood of Jesus and I LONG for a Christian companion!  If I talk about something that bothers me George will sidle away…if I mention the weather or the hot-tub, the conversation picks right back up.   I hate living with George.  I hate waiting on him and cooking for him and begging him for money.  He gave me money to get a broken tooth fixed and I spent it on some clothes for me and my sons when I had to cancel the appointment weeks ago.  I’ll have to ask him for more.  I haven’t had my teeth cleaned for years and I need new glasses and I am an indentured servant in my former life.
Seven years ago when my dad abducted my children George finally went to bring them home after se
1:41 am
I’m concerned that people who should know better are endorsing Donald Trump for president.  Alternative media and even long-time conservative activists
I shouldn’t be surprised that nobody in my family is very concerned about the people around the world who are being tortured remotely via psychotronic weapons.  They do not care about their own kinswoman so I’m being ridiculous perhaps, to look for additional compassion in heads full of gumdrops and roses.  I dislike living with George very much.   I hate it probably.  For about four years, every thought I had about him was followed with an immediate prayer:  “Forgive me, Lord.”  I want my thoughts to be pure and loving about everybody but George stood up for this family the last time in 2009 when he warned me not to come home when my dad abducted my sons and set up a trap for me with the state police.  So, I stand for us and I wouldn’t mind pulling the weight if I didn’t also have to live as his servant.  He lived with his mother when we met and he never really moved in with me.  When the rapes stopped and I no longer vomited every day, as I was cleaning up this neglected house, I found boxes of personal belongings he had moved twenty times and never opened even one time since we were married.  I dug out some items to use around the house, trinkets from his grandparents.  He didn’t like it; I think he felt violated.  I know I felt violated that we’d lived as man and wife for so long and he never even unpacked.
 George has somewhere to go; I don’t.  I have to beg him for money again because I’m supposed to get a broken tooth fixed tomorrow because when I cancelled the last appointment I spent the money he had given me on clothes for me and my sons.  Both of my sons own a single pair of shoes.  I cannot buy them much but I did give Isaac a pair of shoes for a Christmas present so he now has two.  The priorities are way out of whack here and I can’t influence them and I am deemed problematic for even WISHING to oppose George who is given a portion of Josh’s earnings and is more interested buying guns and exercise equipment than heating fuel;  and I couldn’t pay for food if he ever got pissed enough to leave.  How’s that for a prison?  CHIN UP, LINDA.  I WILL DEFEND THIS FAMILY AND DEMAND TRUTH UNTIL I GET IT.  We will be vindicated.  We were Christian, worshiping people and my dad destroyed all that faith and unity when he tried to kill me and failing that decided to try to make me crazy…   My sons will live FREE and that takes TRUTH.  Jesus loves them a lot and He’ll make that known to them.
I woke in a terrible panic earlier.  Very intense, I threw up and cried.  Isaac prayed with me, I calmed down a little and began to ask the Lord what I had done to let the fear in.  Had I opened some spiritual doorway?   I reviewed my day, things I’d red, encounters with people.  Nothing.  Then the Lord nudged me like this:  “Doesn’t it feel wonderful to not experience that fear ALL THE TIME?  Do you remember how it was before?”  Oh, yeah.  That re-characterized what was only a single attack after many days and nights of superlative peace.  I do have MUCH to be grateful for.  I am grateful for all the videos I’m watching about narcissistic abuse.  I’m re-characterizing much of my memory-bank and I’m becoming the hero of my own life.  I prayed and prayed and did the best I could through years of unrelenting criticism and slander.  Jesus is very good to me and He hasn’t stopped changing me yet.  (Thank God.)
8:54 am
“It is amazing that people who think that we cannot afford to pay for doctors, hospitals, and medications think we can somehow afford to pay for doctors, hospitals, medications, and a government bureaucracy to administer  – Thomas Sowell

DNA Analysis Proves That We Are Not Alone

The Paracas skulls are considered to belong to a hybrid race of super-humans known as the Nephilim. The Bible refers to ‘Fallen Angels’ and the birth of the ‘Nephilim’ and their descendants who became immortal.

Tello discovered a massive and complex graveyard containing tombs, buried under the sand and rocks of the desert in 1928

Since their craniums are 25% larger and 60% heavier than regular human skulls, researchers strongly believe that they couldn’t have been modified through binding. They are also structurally different and only have one parietal plate as opposed to the two normally found in human skulls. These differences have deepened the decade-old mystery around the Paracas skulls and researchers haven’t been able to explain their origins.The director of the Paracas History Museum has sent samples from 5 skulls to undergo genetic testing. The samples consisted of hair, skin, teeth and fragments of skull bones. The genetic laboratory was not informed about the samples’ origins in order to avoid biased or influenced results. The results were fascinating.



The history of the slippery slope of the insanity that the Roman Catholic Church has become

(Bill Schnoebelen was a priest…and a vampire.  I read his materials many years ago.)

Public Health Alert! Potential Radiological Run Off Spotted at West Lake Land Fill

(Missouri.  Fire has been burning for five years underground and has come within 1,000 feet of nuclear waste.)

In Flint, Michigan, Overpriced Water is Causing People’s Skin to Erupt in Rashes and Hair to Fall Out. Much of the problem can be attributed to a change in policy on the part of the federal government, which reduced funding for water and wastewater systems by 80 percent between 1977 and 2014.

Michigan is “The Great Lake State” after all, a place surrounded by 20 percent of the world’s fresh surface water, suggesting that water should be extremely affordable. But as in Detroit, its more famous sibling city to the south, water has become a high-priced commodity that too many residents can no longer afford. With average household charges nearing $150 a month, Flint’s water and sewer rates are among the highest in the United States.

See more at:   http://investmentwatchblog.com/in-flint-michigan-overpriced-water-is-causing-peoples-skin-to-erupt-in-rashes-and-hair-to-fall-out-much-of-the-problem-can-be-attributed-to-a-change-in-policy-on-the-part-of-the-federal-go/

The Man Who Discovered Cancer Said This (You’ll Never Hear From Your Doctor)

Mitochondrial break-down…oxygen deficiency due to fermentation of sugar.  (?)

“Religion is the fashionable substitute for belief.” — Oscar Wilde

Read more: whatreallyhappened.com http://whatreallyhappened.com/#ixzz3vihdEouW

Students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology discovered that WiFi signals can be used to see through walls and can detect the location and movement of people.

(Sure they did.  It was just discovered last week I suppose.)
What freedom of speech? Prank petition to repeal First Amendment gets support at Yale

“Fantastic,” “love it,” “I’ll sign for you, guys”: Future presidents, lawyers and devoted human rights defenders at Yale offered their backing to a prankster’s petition to repeal the First Amendment. It protects freedom of speech, the press and religion.

Read more: whatreallyhappened.com http://whatreallyhappened.com/#ixzz3vik3oYNA

Read more: whatreallyhappened.com http://whatreallyhappened.com/#ixzz3vijyZ1aA

9:48 am
I’m back at the True Value sitting in George’s car.  That VW beater won’t take a charge at all and my dad didn ‘t respond to my request for advice.  I figure I’ll get it going and drop it at his office.  It’s not doing me any good here. The Wrestler came over for dinner last night and we played cribbage.  He’s only red one chapter of my book but he quoted a good chunk of my poem about Dad:  “When Yertle the Turtle-man Fell on His Ass.”  I don’t know where he saw the poem but apparently a lot of people like it.
4:49 pm
“One day he came up to me and flashed $500 in my face. When I asked him where he got it from he told me to sit down and told me he had taken pictures of you in the bathtub playing with your toys and sold the ‘set’ to a man he met on the computer. i wanted to call the cops and I wanted him not to do that but when i saw the money, I figured he’s only just take pictures it won’t be that bad. I never knew he would go far enough to take videos of you. I’m sorry Lexi I’m very sorry can you ever find it in your heart to forgive me?”
“At this very moment I feel dirty and ashamed, I feel like It’s my fault that I have ruined a source of income to my grandma and I feel like everything wasn’t meant to go this far.”
-from a narcissistic abuse support group

How Narcissistic Parents Create Boundary Deficiencies

This sets us up to feel comfortable in the presence of another narcissist who minimizes, denies, belittles and ignores our feelings. We put ourselves, our feelings and needs last, because of the constant messages that our feelings don’t matter.  It’s why we don’t listen to and trust our intuition (our feelings) about narcissists in our adult lives who are taking advantage of us. It’s why we extend benefit of doubt to a predator who is attacking us rather than respond to our feelings and escape them.  We learn to put selfish people, like the narcissist, who demands their needs be met, first to ourselves. We spend most of our time in adulthood catering to the needs and feelings of others while ignoring our own. We don’t learn to trust ourselves and we don’t learn how to protect ourselves because we were punished for doing so by our caregivers.

See more at:  https://afternarcissisticabuse.wordpress.com/2015/10/18/how-narcissistic-parents-create-boundary-deficiencies/

Signs That You’ve Been Abused by a Narcissist


This reactive adaptation to narcissistic abuse is because the narcissist is ALWAYS finger pointing and shifting blame to YOU for ALL of the ups & downs both in the relationship AND in the narcissist’s personal psyche.
Because this relationship has NON EXISTENT boundaries, you will find YOURSELF constantly PUT UPON and FORCED to accept responsibility for things you didn’t do or say. This borrowed humiliation and shame is exactly what the narcissist intends for the victim to take from the narcissist. Their own unfelt core of shame.



Let’s face it. If I didn’t mention PTSD, or Complex PTSD, I would NOT be doing the topic of narcissistic abuse syndrome ANY justice.

Ptsd, in layman’s terms? From a fellow sufferer? A Cerebral anxiety attack that makes your whole body come alive with PALPABLE FEAR. The rapid heart beat, the intrusive and spinning thoughts and fears – just like the abuse is CURRENTLY HAPPENING SEQUENTIALLY ALL OVER AGAIN. This is called RE-LIVING.  It’s as if the traumatic abuse event is occurring in the present tense. All the emotions of fear, shame, shrinking, wincing, looking over your shoulder & walking on eggshells waiting to be attacked ruthlessly AGAIN.

See more here:   https://afternarcissisticabuse.wordpress.com/2013/12/01/signs-that-youve-been-abused-by-a-narcissist/

my brother killed himself because of family members would not stop trying to make him crazy. He could not escape because of child support, my mother and her husband. They seemed to enjoy the attention that my brothers suicide brought them. It was so fucked….

+Sin I’m sorry for your loss. This is a very disturbing and traumatic experience that clearly illustrates how and what narcissists do to drive their victims to suicide.

Narcissists Destroy Sibling Relationships

(Betrayal by her brother, for turning in her father who is a rapist now in prison.)

Perhaps one of the most insidious realities of narcissism is the destruction of sibling relationships. The narcissist parent is often successful in dismantling the bond between siblings who’ve suffered through and survived their abuse at the hands of the narcissist. In the end, again, the narc wins via destruction. BUT, always remember that the ADULT child of a narc–your sibling–makes a choice as well.-

The Aftermath of Growing up in a Narcissistic Family

The aftermath of growing up in a narcissistic family has led you to experience trauma and pain from your parents’ and siblings’ behaviors and attitudes. Because of this trauma you experienced, your life was changed dramatically by malignant forces in your family you had no control over, and now you are a malignant narcissism survivor of that trauma.
Scapegoat:  these children are usually the most sensitive and caring which is why they feel such tremendous hurt.  They are romantics who come very cynical and distrustful.  They have a lot of self-hatred and can be very self-destructive…often the first person in the family to get into some kind of recovery…he probably can not articulate his loss but his love-tank is staying on empty.
This is the child the family feels ashamed of…and the most emotionally honest child in the family.
This child provides distraction from the REAL ISSUES IN THE FAMILY.

The psychology of a narcissistic abuse enabler / gaslighting proxy / gang stalker

“Why do  good people ignore abuse and neglect…even when it is on their doorstep?”“When good people become abusers they bask in the praise that is heaped on them by their superiors.”

“Their need to belong is so strong that it overpowers ethical, moral or legal considerations.”

The Scapegoat’s children: the Narcissist’s grandchildren

On 25 October 2013 I published “The Scapegoat’s Daughter,” a guest post written by a young woman named Eve who very eloquently told us about the pain narcissistic grandparents cause for the child who must watch her mother’s pain. It helped us to realize that, even if our children seem unaffected by their exposure to narcissistic grandparents, they may well be suffering just as much—if not more—than we are.

There is another facet to this, however, because not all children of scapegoats are empathetic, compassionate individuals like Eve. Some of them may be innocently influenced by their narcissistic grandparents and some of them may even be narcissists themselves. And that creates a whole new dynamic.

(I’m sure glad MY KIDS have hearts and active consciences.)

Read more at:   http://narcissistschild.blogspot.com/2014/09/the-scapegoats-children-narcissists.html

Narcissistic Grandmothers and Abusive Behaviour

I’ve described the tendency for NPD MILs to demonstrate favouritism towards their children and grandchildren. This is a form of emotional abuse. It compares and excludes and thus implies inferiority or flaw in the excluded. Such conditional affection is typical.

She bragged that my husband had been upset when he found out that she had done exactly what he advised her not to. It was funny to her and worthy of a boast to show how she wasn’t ordered around by anyone.

Learn more at:   https://narcissisticmil.wordpress.com/2014/05/26/narcissistic-grandmothers-and-abusive-behaviour/


Malignant Narcissism and Gang-Stalking & Their Efforts to Drive You Insane

11:41 am

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From CHRISTMAS last year, 2014

2:53 pm
Well, they’re partying without me again.  I have dreams, and in my dreams somebody calls me up and says, “Linda, I miss your humor and your honesty.  I miss you.  Please come to the family holiday party.”  My dreams wisp upward and I wait.  I WAIT for one of the imaginary inviters to say, “Linda, I recognize that Dad lied about you.  I’d like to do what’s right but I don’t know what that is.  I’ve always trusted Dad.”  That would make my day.
1:23 am
To give a person confidence is,  I think, the finest gift possible.  Confidence is freedom and life.  I am now very confident, and it was a gift.  Today  was my first Christmas without a single present.  (I confess I feel some unhealthy spiritual pride in my “deprivation.”  God made promises to those who abandon earthly pleasures to follow him.)  I returned my packages.  (Last year I opened them before giving them away.)    I can’t believe that my father would send me presents when he never even invited me to the party.  Whatever.  I’m blessed to spend time with the boys, together.  I’m laughing, and seeing a few people.  When I got up I cooked Swedish pancakes for the various guitar players distributed throughout the house.  I haven’t seen many people since Connie’s burned down.  I go to the store a couple times a day; I really need to get out.  I say hello to the clerk and that is the extent of my social life.  For years even that small contact was more than I could manage, during the torture.  I’m grateful to be able to go places now.
 The effects of repeated rape are on-going and it’s one day at a time.  I wish I could talk about it to somebody.  But, I have confidence now, and that’s better anyway.  I will overcome the “flashbacks” and panic attacks eventually.  Jesus bought freedom for me and I will settle for nothing less.  
To make someone feel perfect.  Superlative gifting.  But, it has a catch.  Once you’ve felt perfect, you can’t tolerate not feeling perfect all the time.  It ruins your life.