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New Year Promises from Abuse Victims

1)  I will treat myself with dignity and demand respect from others.
2)  I will set clear boundaries and make known to others what I regard as permissible and acceptable behavior, and what is out-of-bounds.
3)  I will not tolerate abusive aggression in any form or guise.  I will seek to terminate such misconduct instantly…
4)   I will be assertive, and unambiguous about my needs, wishes and expectations from others, and about my emotions.
I will not be arrogant, but I will be confident.  I will not be selfish and narcissistic, but I will love and care for myself.  
5)  I will get to know myself better.
6)  I will treat others, as I want them to treat me.
7)  If I am habitually disrespected or abused, or if my boundaries are ignored and breached, I will terminate the relationship with the ABUSER, forthwith.

Americans Will Be Locked Up in FEMA Concentration Camps Admits Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia

Justice Antonin Scalia predicts that the Supreme Court will eventually authorize another wartime abuse of civil rights such as the internment camps for Japanese-Americans during World War II.

“You are kidding yourself if you think the same thing will not happen again,” Scalia told the University of Hawaii law school while discussing Korematsu v. United States, the ruling in which the court gave its imprimatur to the internment camps.


Read more: whatreallyhappened.com http://whatreallyhappened.com/#ixzz3vSUhCJzx

Can Pathological Narcissist be Cured?

“People with personality disorders cause resentment, or simply alienation, or burn-out in the healthcare professionals who treat them.”

“Most narcissists are expert manipulators and consummate actors and they learn how to deceive their therapists.”
Ephesians 2:13 But now [at this very moment] in Christ Jesus you who once were [so very] far away [from God] have been brought near [b]by the blood of Christ. 14 For He Himself is our peace and our bond of unity. He who made both groups—[Jews and Gentiles]—into one body and broke down the barrier, the dividing wall [of spiritual antagonism between us],15 by abolishing in His [own crucified] flesh the hostility caused by the Law with its commandments contained in ordinances [which He satisfied]; so that in Himself He might make the two into one new man, thereby establishing peace.16 And [that He] might reconcile them both [Jew and Gentile, united] in one body to God through the cross, thereby putting to death the hostility. 
26 09:05

Unclassified DHS Documents Prove Local Law Enforcement is Being Propagandized against Innocent American Patriots

Homeland Security documents, which have been marked as “Unclassified/Law Enforcement Sensitive,” appear to demonstrate just how local law enforcement is being propagandized against Patriots in the united States by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) under Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah. And who did the document target? The Constitutional militia, specifically those who engaged the Department of Interior’s Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in Nevada of April last year at the Bundy Ranch siege.


Read more: whatreallyhappened.com http://whatreallyhappened.com/#ixzz3vSXmqkiq

Jewish Terrorists Burned An Israeli Church, Now Israel’s Government Is Screwing The Church Out Of The Money It Needs To Rebuild

National Geographic has a new article on Jewish extremist violence against Christians in Israel and the West Bank.

Much of it has already been long reported elsewhere, including here on FailedMessiah.com.


Read more: whatreallyhappened.com http://whatreallyhappened.com/#ixzz3vSYD4JHY

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Josh went swimming in the river yesterday.  This is a really great December.  We are beginning to work as a team and the house is cheerier and so am I.  Thank you, Lord.  
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Now I’m pirating internet from my dad’s True-Value store.  The Wrestler asked for a copy of my book; I’m really impressed.  He used to say reeding was for rich folk.

Well-Armed Activists Openly Defy Texas Law to Feed the Homeless – Hundreds Clothed and Fed

“When feeding the homeless becomes an act of civil disobedience, Americans have been asleep for far too long.”

Steam had a major glitch that gave users access to each others’ accounts

Steam, the online market for PC games, experienced a major glitch on Friday.

Steam users who logged in were getting access to other users’ accounts. We’ve also seen reports on social media that some people were able to make purchases with other users’ credit cards.

In fact, simply visiting the Steam store website gave anyone access to another user’s account. Valve, the company that runs Steam, shut down the store within an hour after the glitch hit. The store was operational again about an two hours later.

Read more: whatreallyhappened.com http://whatreallyhappened.com/#ixzz3vRVEhFMr

A Hatred without Cause – The Saga of the Malignant Narcissist

There is no logical, rational explanation for the malignant narcissist’s hatred. As David wrote in Psalm 69, these are men who hate without cause.

“We try to rationalize in our own minds, something that is irrational.  No wonder so many scape-goated children interpret their evil parents’ behavior from an inaccurate perspective.  How could they not?”
“The sad fact is that most if not all scape-goated children internalize their parents’ hatred, blaming themselves for the abuse.”
“There must be something I AM DOING WRONG…even if I can’t identify it.”  (Rational abused child of malignant narcissists.)

Delusional Narcissist

“I believe spiritual delusion is the direct result of the condition we call narcissism.”
“What we call NPD (narcissistic personality disorder) the Bible calls WICKEDNESS and INIQUITY.”
“The narcissist seeks out discarded sources of narcissistic supply when he has no other source of supply at his disposal.”
When he’s starving to feed his Big-Kahuna-Ego and he’s burned all of his bridges…

“Hoovering”: Narcissist Re-idealizes Discarded Sources of Narcissistic Supply

“Narcissists are nice and friendly only when they need something from you, like narcissistic supply, help, support, money or sex.”
“…or when they feel threatened and they want to neuter the threat…by smothering it with oozy pleasantries.”

Can We Remain on Friendly Terms with a Narcissist?

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narcissistic relationships why do narcs often find lying and cheating so easy

* It is only perfect obedience in their own lives which can keep My “intercessors” from being “overwhelmed” [to some degree] by the sin of the one(s) they are called to intercede for. ….”Bear one another’s burdens, and thereby fulfill the law of Christ [which is the law of Love]”…. Galatians 6:2 NASB *****

Just a short time ago the Father spoke to me very clearly, saying: ….”The adventure has begun!”

…. “adventure” – an exciting or very unusual experience; an exciting or unexpected event or course of events [in this case, a “series of suddenlies”];

-So let us be found moving forth in great faith and boldness in obedience to the Holy Spirit – KNOWING [maintaining a revelation in our heart of the spiritual reality of not only who we are in Christ but, also, the almost incomprehensible destiny that is ours as the Glorious Church, in Him] that the Father has perfectly planned out some very, very special things for all those who truly love Him – things and events that we would not have thought possible this side of Heaven, itself!

….”Do not call to mind the former things, or ponder things of the past. Behold, I will do something new, now it will spring forth; Will you not be aware of it? I will even make a roadway in the wilderness, rivers in the desert”…. Isaiah 43:18-19 NASB *****

See more at:   http://jtlmin.com/2015/2015ml12p.pdf

* Many things happen in the times of intimate fellowship that My children have with Me. First, they come into My Presence and are thus saturated by it, whether they “feel” like they are or not. Secondly, I am able to reveal “mysteries” to a continually deeper degree to their heart in such a way that they gain the understanding needed to combat the lies and darkness which exist in the minds and hearts they will “encounter” and, thirdly, in seeing the reality of My “salvation” and its fullness – and in My light seeing clearly the bondage and captivity of those who are apart from My Word [Will] – they shall “fearlessly” bear the burdens of these suffering ones, and through their [living] intercession help them to be lifted up into the “fullness” of their inheritance in Christ.

* The key to “maintaining” the “love-walk” – day in and day out – is for My children to spend the “required” time with Me in intimate and personal fellowship.

* I have such tremendous blessings planned for all those who are faithful to Me in every area of life, that My faithful ones shall see soon see VERY clearly the necessity of ministering first unto Me in prayer and communion [intimate fellowship]. First to receive, then to “appreciate”, and then to “disperse and scatter” fully the superabundant blessings which they could in no way ever contain, themselves, or use properly in their own strength [wisdom].

See more at:   http://jtlmin.com/DAILY%20FBN%202015/12%20December%202015/WPFBN1225.pdf

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Election judges in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, North Carolina, and Florida all allegedly forwarded messages to the Trump campaign on Wednesday informing the Republican front-runner that his candidacy was invalid per state laws.  If not resolved by February 1st, Trump’s campaign for the Republican nomination is effectively over.


(Fake second-coming, or fake alien invasion, or fake Iman coming, or whatever.  They’ve talked about it for DECADES.)

Arctic ancestral survivalism: on extreme weather Sami wisdom

The Sami people are one of the oldest semi-nomadic indigenous groups in the world. Traditionally herding reindeer in the Arctic regions of Sweden, Norway, Finland and Russia’s Kola Peninsula (the region is known as Sapmi), they learned to work with the rhythms of nature in order to survive the harsh climate.

“Nature is everything for us because we think we belong to Mother Earth,” explains Sami writer/artist/teacher Gunnel Heligfjell, “It is not as with Western European thinking that the earth belongs to us, to the human beings. We think that we belong to the earth like the animals and the plants and everything.”

Following the reindeer migrations, they built transportable homes called lavvu from wood and fabric (similar to Native American tipis, but less vertical to sustain high winds). They also have more permanent homes called goahti made from fabric, peat moss or timber and curved poles.

The reindeer are used for food and materials: clothing, shoes, tents, tools, toys, and handicraft. They even play a role in one of the Sami creation myths.

Gunnel Heligfjell is an artist/writer who teaches the Sami language to school children (recognized as an official Swedish minority language in 2000). While she lives in a more conventional home in Vilhelmina, Sweden most of the year, she still spends time in a goahti or lavvu during summer or hunting trips. She believes in this traditional self-reliance and knows how to build traditional shelters and still cures reindeer meat (from her husband’s herd) and makes shoes, bags and fabrics from the skins.

7:56 am

I’m at the library pirating internet.  Dinner was very well received and we all watched ‘Jingle All the Way’ and laughed together and when I got up this morning the kitchen was all cleaned up even!  I’m not going to my parents’ house-party today.  I dropped the following letter at their house but it doesn’t look like they’re home.  George said their lights were out yesterday when he delivered the tiramisu Buche de Noel with meringue mushrooms.  He put it into a refrigerator in their garage, he said.  I put my letter into the door inside the garage and it said:

“Dear Dad + Mom,

It was a very nice surprise to be invited to your home to watch David’s family enjoy their affluence and golden relationship with you.  My gift to you is my RSVP–I’ll stay home and permit you as much relaxation as your contrived-boring gatherings provide.  Besides, when you apologize to me and my men it will be in public–where your lying slander still lives.

‘Dad will confess and repent and become a Christian.’

Then your parties will become fun because they will not be intended to support Dad’s false self–and other people’s value and ideas will be celebrated.

Merry Christmas  (Did you know that means ‘death of Christ’?)  Ho Ho Ho”

3:56 am

Narcissist as the Center of the World: Referential Delusions and Ideas of Reference

“The narcissist is the center of the world.  He’s not merely the center of HIS world; as far as he can tell, he’s the center of THE world.  This Archimedean delusion is one of the narcissist’s most predominant and all-pervasive cognitive distortions. The narcissist feels certain that he is the source of all events around him, the origin of all the emotions of his nearest or dearest, the fount of all knowledge, both the first and the final cause, the beginning as well as the end.”

This is understandable.”

“I was commanded to walk in love.  I was to take the higher road.  The people who abused me, surely they did not know any better.  Perhaps if I had shown greater levels of Christian charity and understanding toward them, they wouldn’t have acted so cruel  not have treated me so cruelly.”

When God goes No Contact


The lights went out this morning and stayed out for hours.  When they returned the internet wouldn’t work.  But, for the first time in a couple years, all of our cell phones have full bars.  Go figure.  I made two yule logs of tiramisu and really good dark chocolate ganache.  Maybe tonight I watch “It’s a Wonderful Life” since I can’t document the apocalypse with no internet.  Love ya.
“I try hard not to offend them, to act civil, to be helpful and forthcoming.  I give so much in my relationships that I often feel exploited.  (LOL.  Dad.  LOL.)   I make it a point not to strain my contacts, not to demand too much, not to impose, says the narcissist.  But, it’s not working.”
“The more I help someone, insists the narcissist, the less grateful he or she seems to be, and the more repelled by me.”

(I’ve heard this crap from my dad all my life!  It’s funny now.  You do NOT get warm fuzzies for being a tyrant.  It just doesn’t work that way.)
The narcissist continues, “I find jobs for people, lend a hand with various chores, make valuable introductions and give advice.  I charge nothing for my services which are in some cases rendered day in and day out…”

The Narcissist Cannot Be Loved

“There’s some people in this world, it’s like the wheat and the tares.  They are just not gonna get saved.”

Narcissist: No Sense of Humor

Some narcissists have a great sense of humor. In this, they are no different than healthier specimen of the human species. The narcissist, though, rarely engages in self-directed, self-deprecating humour. If he does, he expects to be contradicted, rebuked and rebuffed by his listeners (“Come on, you are actually quite handsome!”), or to be commended or admired for his courage or for his wit and intellectual acerbity (“I envy your ability to laugh at yourself!”). As everything else in a narcissist’s life, his sense of humour is deployed in the interminable pursuit of Narcissistic Supply.
(Yes.  I know this.  My dad is not a laughing matter.  He tried to kill me and he couldn’t even pull it off and now he’s going to pay me lots of money.  Not a laughing matter.  He won’t laugh.  Don’t laugh at him.)
(It’s really very funny though.)
2:28 am
I received a very respectful text message from my mom.  She thanked me for the cardamom bread and said she’d deliver the cookies I made for my sister who will not be in the area on Christmas.  She also invited me to their home on Christmas morning. She’s kicked me out a number of times, screaming like a banshee so this is a big deal and I’m praying for God’s will.  Last year they sent presents  for me, with my sons, after the celebration.  I returned them unopened of course; how could I EVER take those ridiculous baubles from people who REFUSE TO PAY THEIR DEBTS TO ME AND MY SONS?  (I sent them back with a fresh, hot pizza, right out of the oven.  Nobody said thank you, of course.)  Anyway:
“Dear Lord.  Thank you that my mother is acting like an adult.  Please show me 1)  what her invitation means, and 2)  what is my responsibility regarding it.  Personally, I’d really rather not sit at her house for hours waiting for David to show up.  Or to return, or whatever.  They ALWAYS end up waiting for David’s family.  But, my life is not my own and I’ll do what you want of course.  Give me grace to carry your presence everywhere I go; may your  will be accomplished through my life.”
“Can I say Merry Christmas? I never used to say that to anybody after studying about the origins of Christmas.  Now  I don’t even know how much relevance I should pay to symbols and historical  origins of still-significant dates and events;  nobody even knows or cares.  But maybe that’s the point?  The spirits know.  The demons know you and they tremble.  They know the importance of lots of things we humans refuse to acknowledge.  Don’t let me be like that.  Don’t let be believe even one untrue thing…and don’t let me fail to believe even a single thing that IS TRUE.”
 “Please give me your values and your priorities and let me see your strategy as you rein in a malignant narcissist who destroys faith everywhere he goes.  My dad is your problem, not mine, but I’d sure enjoy Christmas more if I didn’t have to see him or his consort.  Anyway.  You know my heart because it’s yours.  I love you.  Thank you for everything you do for me.  How do you want to be God to me today?  I want to just let you be God.  I’m done with hyper-vigilance and false responsibility and striving.  Be God in my life.  Amen.”
3:03 am
I’m making Josh fudge for breakfast; that’s how a holiday ought to be, I figure.  I’ll put some nuts in so it’s healthy.
3:29 am
This is an AWESOME morning.  The wind outside is ferocious and the doors are making noises and the lights are all sparkly and I have a GREAT menu to work on every time I take a break from the computer.  We’re having Christmas dinner tonight because George has the day off and my sons will probably be at their Grandparents’ house tomorrow.  We all agreed to have beef tenderloin roasted with dijon mustard and rosemary.  I serve it with  gorgonzola sauce and beet risotto.  If the meat is rare, the plate is all pink and white.  Tenderloin is great because well, because it’s the best searing cut of meat on a beast, but also because it gets narrower at one end so that if somebody wants their meat well-done they can have a little gray on their plate too.  Tenderloin is closest to the spinal cord and the most-concentrated source of prions correlated with BSE (Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy–‘Mad Cow Disease’) which was first observed in humans WHO ATE THEIR CLOSE RELATIVES.  Not just any sort of cannibal can contract Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease.    You must eat a CLOSE RELATIVE; that’s why sheep get scrapie.  They’re supposed to be herbivores and ‘civilized’ man feeds to them their ground-up brethren.  Soylent Green isn’t fit fodder for either man or beast.  EATING ONE’S BRETHREN TURNS ONE’S BRAIN INTO A POROUS SPONGE, FULL OF HOLES AND NOTHING STAYS WHERE IT SHOULD.