5:11 pm
BUMP TO THE TOP, from 12/9/14– (A WHOLE YEAR AGO)–
Right after I got back from Belgium where I attended the CONFERENCE ON COVERT HARASSMENT and (of course) I thought that my family would pay attention because they’re CHRISTIANS and they are supposed to CARE ABOUT INJUSTICE AND TORTURE:
10:16 am
Text to Dad:  I NEED a phone.  You can afford to give phones to other people who do not work for you.  I should be among that number.  
12,000 posts.  Give or take a couple hundred, proving I WAS RIGHT and my father was wrong.  He don’t like to be wrong.  He should stand down SOON or he will be proven VERY WRONG.
1:58 pm
I was so proud of George I almost cried.  He didn’t buy me any beer in town so I asked for his car keys.  He said, “Why should I buy you beer?”  I said, “Because you’ve been doing it for years.”  He said, “Maybe that’s not good for you?”  I said,  “That’s my point exactly.  I squeeze you for every cigarette and bottle to make a point.”  I asked if he’d take some butter tarts out of the oven so I could go to the store but he told me he was going to Curtis and would pick it up.  Sheesh.
I had a long text-conversation with my brother.  (It was made much longer by the fact that my phone has no keyboard and every time I get an incoming message is messes up the response I’m working on.)
Here’s how it went:
L:  I need a phone.  You can afford to give phones to other people who do not work for you.  I should be among that number
D:  Who is that you speak of
D:  Why do I owe u a phone
L:  Because you are a boy and shit gold.
L:  Isaac.  But that doesn’t matter anyway.  I’d use it to help your children.
D:  Wow really and u know all
L:  No.  But I will and I will protect my nieces from being raped like me.  Are you doing that?
D:  Should I tell Isaac that he no longer works for me so I have no phone for him per Linda
L:  Whatever you think fair.  That sounds kinda stupid to me.
D:  What about the others
L:  Yes, I met many others and I pray for them and my evidence will help them too.
D:  How are you protecting yourself from this reoccurring
D:  Well you know how stupid I am
L:  You are not stupid.  You have been taught that you are more valuable than me.
D:  Protection not evidence
D:  Not true
L:  You’re a millionaire.  Do you work harder than me?  Are you smarter?
D:  You make judgments on things you know nothing about
L:  And you make judgments according to what Dad says.  I’d like to know you.
D:  I have knowledge in fields you know nothing about.  I don’t expect to be a lawyer either.  When was last time you did work in that field
L:  I do every day.  I lost my license when I was being tortured and couldn’t pay my bar dues.  Dad almost killed me.
D:  I’m not in competition with you on brains or work  I do things everyday sometimes I struggle and sometimes I succeed but I try each day.  Sorry if I am not your equal  Had prayer with a wonderful group of Christian Brothers this AM at 6.  They are an encouragement to me
L:  I have nobody but God and I’m glad for you.  Do they encourage you into more truth?  Because truth is Jesus
D:  Thanks
L:  Why don’t you come to Vancouver with me and meet this international judge?  I can even pay my own way this time.  God bless you for Brussels.
D:  How do you prevent being tortured now
L:  I can’t keep up with this phone.  Sorry…I don’t get to the new messages… May I send you an email?
D:  What does the judge do
D:  How do you afford Vancouver
L:  I cashed in a life insurance policy.
D:  Sure
L:  Are you serious?  You have a great day!
D:  Have a good rest of the day
D:  Who initiated that policy for you?
L:  Dad
D:  You said you couldn’t text.  Can you or can’t you
L:  I go slow.  No keyboard…incoming messages mess me up.
D:  Are u serious?
L:  I’m so serious that I’ve given up my life.
D:  Oh
D:  Who covers your phone bill now
L:  Phonecard.  George pays me to cook and clean
D:  Is that by choice
L:  Yes.  I gave my life to Jesus and he gave me perfect evidence.
D:  Does he take out taxes
L:  No.  I don’t file.
D:  Jesus died for our sins
L:  Yeah, so we could be his body on Earth.
D:  He is alive and lives within all who believe
L:  He doesn’t like seeing his daughters raped.
D:  No he sure doesn’t
L:  I don’t know how I am protected now.  Adam hacked me and told me what was going on and it stopped.  Except for the cyber-stalking.
D:  Does it come through internet and computers
D:  So Adam saved you from this
D:  Can he save others
L:  We can together.  They tried to set us up.  I haven’t spoken to him since right after the book was published…and just emails.
D:  Have you had anybody helping you since being raped
L:  Just Adam
D:  Maybe he should go with you to Vancouver
L:  I don’t even know if he’s still in Michigan.
D:  You sure it wasn’t Adam doing the stalking to start with
L:  I’ve considered every possibility.
D:  I mean if he could stop what was happening.  Might have started it.
L:  Remember when I told you that Jesus said he was an angel and I should trust him?  It kept me alive.
D:  Jesus is not an angel.  He is Gods son
L:  Adam.  Guess you don’t remember.  You were griping that Adam was an atheist and I said I saw Jesus in him.
D:  God works through all sorts of people.  Doesn’t make them Christian
L:  And lots of ‘christians’ are atheist.  Like Dad.  God said Adam will lead a million people to Jesus.  Guess that didn’t happen yet either.
L:  I bet he’s not an atheist now.  Everything Jesus told me came true.
L:  Except the part about George dying.
D:  God said this to Adam
L:  To me, before any of this started.  I told him.
D:  What if a million were led to Christ by dad.  Would that be unhonourable to God
L:  Of course not…but God doesn’t use liars.
D:  You knew Adam was the answer to ur suffering
L:  I knew nothing but what God said
D:  Think maybe you might have done role reversals?
L:  ?
D:  Adam and Dad
L:  This is very hard.  Could we have coffee sometime?
D:  Guess I can only use my little knowledge of Adam and seeing what Dad does
L:  God never told me to trust Dad.
D:  God told you to not trust him
L:  You do not see what Dad does.  He’s a fraud but Jesus loves him and so do I.
D:  And what of the rest of us?  We people who trust our dad…
next text…Are we not to be trust as well…next text…Shall we expand this group…
L:  I have recorded every conversation we had while he was calling me crazy.  He did not believe it for a minute and admitted he tried to have me locked up.  He took my house. 
L:  My readers need me to get back to work and I’m making snickers.  Love you.
L:  I was wrong…God does use liars…’vessels of honor, vessels of dishonor’.  Sorry.
D:  I don’t get it
D:  God only uses to bring glory and honor the dishonor is not of God
L:   He uses everything to bring him glory.  Everything.  Look up the verse I quoted if you want.  Biblegateway.com is pretty easy to use.
3:15 pm
To David:  I may be wrong about Adam helping me, I’ve never looked into his eyes, but I’m not wrong about Dad. Somebody helps me with the blog all the time.  (I just learned how to turn on the TV last year!)  If it’s not him, it’s another goon and that would be great because if Dad gives me the piece of information I’ve been trying to force from him, then maybe they can all be free!  Lots of them do not like torturing people but once they’ve been chipped by their employer there’s no way out.  The intelligence agencies must be abolished and I have a case that can do it.  (Adam and I have a case that can do it.)  They could stop Snowden’s heart anytime they please so he’s never going to expose the real dirt.  I can.  My own father tried to kill me and I’m not afraid of anything.
—————————————————-end bump-
11:17 am

It occurs to me that perhaps I am the last to recognize this?  I’m blushing, all alone.  I have never been crazy but as my family knows I’m a bit of a ditz.  3.5 million.  God says you will give me 3.5 million dollars.   Dad. David.   Whatever He says.  I declare it and release it in the name of Jesus and through his blood and his body and mind.  4 people are dead who betrayed me.  I think this might be an important debt to attend.  I demand satisfaction.  I was raised among snakes.  My father displayed framed poster-sized photos of my mother’s nipple.  He couldn’t stand my sensitive conscience, that was it,  right?  He used to be a very scummy man but he’s getting clean now.  “What God hath called clean…call not thou unclean.”  

That’s why nobody will talk to me, right?  But they keep on reeding.

10:42 am

It has been really good for me to spend the past couple weeks studying malignant narcissism; I haven’t laughed that much in years.   I UNDERSTAND now why Dad couldn’t allow me to be sane;  I was messing with his whole family-dynamics of power!  I was the scapegoat.  Everything makes perfect sense!  Of COURSE I couldn’t be allowed to run for Congress– and be competent…nobody else in the family ever did anything that big.  I HAD TO BE THE fucked-up SCAPEGOAT so everybody else could maintain their fake-selves!  I am HEALED!  (In the manner of Steve Martin)

 “Thank you Jesus for showing me how insecure and false and scared my parents are.  Thank you for showing me how much my siblings depended on me to carry the bullshit so they could pretend to be amazing altruists.  Thank you that not ONE OF THEM has YET made an effort to speak to me…it confirms my claims that they wanted me dead as you said…BECAUSE…where do they want me now when I’ve made it clear I will not stand down? Will they still pretend I do not exist and that they have no obligation to acknowledge me?  Their delay proves the theory.. because I’ve not been invited to Christmas again;  they act like I’m dead and it has been SEVEN YEARS SINCE THEY CAST ME OUT WITHOUT TELLING ME.  No guts.  No guts in my family.  Except my sons.  And me.

7:33 am

Whistleblower Exposes How Government Spies On Cell Phones… and More (Videos)

Let’s make some clear REAL quick. It’s far from just your cell phones DC is using to spy on you. Just to name a few, as you’ll learn below you cell phones can hear every word you say, even when they are OFF, the CIA says our appliances will be spying on us despite the fact the CIA should not be operation domestically, back in February it was learned that Samsung smart televisions are eavesdropping on their owners in literally Orwellian fashion, and the same DHS Secretary Who Approved The Targeting U.S. Citizens With Drones, has allowed for Homeland Security Drones to Fly Above Looking For Civilians Carrying Guns. This the country you grew up in?

‘The law was broken for the right reasons’: Gun-toting dad engaged in three-hour standoff with police to block doctors from pulling the plug on his ‘brain dead’ son – and the 27-year-old SURVIVED

  • George Pickering II took gun and went to Houston’s Tomball Regional Medical Center to spend a few more hours with his son George III
  • Pickering’s ‘brain dead’ son had suffered a huge stroke earlier in the month
  • Doctors and father’s family were ‘terminally weaning’ son off life support
  • Pickering forced his way into son’s room and standoff with police ensued
  • When son squeezed his hand during the standoff, Pickering surrendered 
  • He was arrested but his son recovered a few weeks later and is doing well

(DAD TO THE RESCUE!  I love stories like that.)

NYPD officer faces four years in jail for accusing innocent man of trying to punch him – after surveillance footage ‘shows it was the other way around’

  • Officer Jonathan Munoz, 32, filed report saying Jason Disisto punched him
  • But surveillance footage shows Disisto, 21, was only trying to film Officer Munoz as he searched a woman’s pocket with apparent reason in 2014
  • The video shows Munoz wrestle the phone out of Disisto’s hand and push him around the street in Manhattan’s Washington Heights
  • Now Officer Munoz is charged with falsifying a statement
  • District Attorney blasted case, saying innocent man could have been jailed 

(Justice for the truth-teller.  I love stories like that.)

Narcissist’s Reaction to Criticism

“The narcissist is constantly  on the look-out for slights and insults.  He is hyper-vigilant.  He perceives every disagreement as criticism, and every critical comment as complete and humiliating rejection.”
“The narcissist perceives every disagreement,  let alone criticism,  as nothing short of a threat.  He therefore reacts defensively.”
“He becomes indignant, aggressive, cold.  He detaches emotionally for fear of another narcissistic injury.”

How do Narcissists Experience Holidays

Most of them hate to see other people happy, specially when they are not the cause of that happiness.

Jesus formally pronounced a curse upon those who cause the innocent to stumble in their pursuit of Truth.

“As I read this parable (and Judgement)  from the lips of Jesus, I imagine a young girl running toward the brilliant light of Truth, of Good, and God, full of joy, excitement and confidence.  But before this little girl takes but a few steps, she feels a large foot brush against her leg, and she finds herself stumbling head-first to the ground. 

So she tries again.  She thinks to herself, “Perhaps if I take a different path to the Light I so long to embrace, maybe mommy [+ daddy]  will not stick out her foot and trip me up this time.”

But once more she garners a head of steam, she feels that large foot kick her feet out from under her and down she goes…   So this little girl tries again.  After all, the last two paths she took may have been wrong–right?

The Light keeps calling,  drawing and tugging on her heart.  So, she takes another stab at it, this time from yet another path.  





“I spent many years knowing something was not right, but thought I must have been perceiving things wrongly.  When the Lord opened my eyes to this evil of narcissism, I began to have joy and freedom in my spirit that I never had before.  The Holy Spirit in me delivered me from the chains of emotional bondage to those who had nothing but harm in mind for me.  Sadly the people that were my oppressors claimed to be Christian.  Because of my experience I realized through God’s Word that most people who claim to be Christian have never been born again. These narcs latch onto religion to feel superior.”


“…but whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to stumble and sin [by leading him away from My teaching], it would be better for him to have a heavy millstone [as large as one turned by a donkey] hung around his neck and to be drowned in the depth of the sea.”

“Woe (judgment is coming) to the world because of stumbling blocks and temptations to sin! It is inevitable that stumbling blocks come; but woe to the person on whose account or through whom the stumbling block comes!”  




God Curses Abusers – A Study of Matthew 18