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Taking Back Your Power: Adult Children of Narcissists

“Narcissists don’t mess with people who are self-differentiated.”
 “Taking back your power is essential for recovery and self differentiation for those of us who are dominated by a narcissistic family.”

“YOU need to make a plan:  how are you gonna protect yourself…your family…and your kids?”

Judge Jeanine Pirro

“This is not about politics.  This is about survival.”

(I’m still not getting a gun.)

ANALYSIS: Chipotle is a victim of corporate sabotage… biotech industry food terrorists are planting e.coli in retaliation for restaurant’s anti-GMO menu

How do we know? The CDC has already admitted that some of these e.coli outbreaks involve a “rare genetic strain” of e.coli not normally seen in foods. Furthermore, we also know the track record of the biotech industry engaging in the most criminal, dirty, sleazebag tactics imaginable against any person or company that speaks out against GMOs.

Read more here:   http://investmentwatchblog.com/analysis-chipotle-is-a-victim-of-corporate-sabotage-biotech-industry-food-terrorists-are-planting-e-coli-in-retaliation-for-restaurants-anti-gmo-menu/

Stunner: Pentagon in Secret Revolt Against Obama

Syria, apparently.

I am a fine artist.  My family will not tell me I’m talented.  I’m the resident black sheep & sensitive to energy.  Perhaps, my narco~dad hates my knowledge of his sickness/weakness?  My brother, or their golden child, seems to turn a blind eye to narcissistic abuse.

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Thanks for your posts.

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+Stefanya De Castaneda the golden child does not see They have taken you parents view as right They have no knowledge of what they do Its like that part of their brain is dead never awakened And when you do try to awaken them it seems to strengthen their belief that your parents were right

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OMG, I am so naive.  It just occurred to me that people negotiate for their grades, don’t they?  OF COURSE I didn’t get a lot of ‘A’s’.

 Catholic Bishop Richard Williamson so eloquently explains ,

” I mention this in sermons. Why do I keep mentioning this in sermons? Because TRUTH is at stake. Because if the towers were pulled down by two aeroplanes, then the party is virtually in control. The party has got control of people’s minds, the party can push through all kinds of lies in its media, and if the people swallow the lies, they will be enslaved. Our Lord said, ‘The truth will make you free,’ the corollary of which is ‘Lies will enslave you.’At the moment, the whole world is being told lies by these media, by the government, by the politicians, by the universities, by the teachers, and worst of all, alas, by the cardinals and the highest authorities in the Church. We are being enslaved by lies, and the most outstanding global lie of recent times to enslave the minds of all of us, or to deceive the minds of all of us, and thereby to enslave us by making us all believe that the police state is a good thing and a necessary thing. And that is why the police state has advanced in leaps and bounds as it has. The greatest example is 911. And that is a classic example of an enslaving lie.”

Building Up Your Ability to Go Without Love or Approval

Apocalypse boot-camp.
“Loneliness is a result or symptom of unresolved childhood issues.”

Closure for Victims of Abuse

“Fat chance.  Often the abused are left to wallow in a poisonous stew of misery, self-pity, and self-recrimination.  Depending on the severity, duration, and nature of the abuse, there are three forms of effective closure:

1.  Conceptual closure
2.  Retributive closure
3.  Dissociative closure
“When the abuse has been gratuitous, sadistic, repeated and protracted, conceptual closure is not enough…vengeance…restorative justice…restored balance.”
(God said I will be ‘utterly completely vindicated’.  I’ll have ‘closure’ that goes on forever.  I will also have enough money to provide opportunities for my sons.)

“Victimization is the ABUSER’S fault…and not the victim’s choice.”

Recovery and Healing of the Abuse Victim


“Facing and reconstructing and reframing the traumatic experiences  is a crucial, indispensable  first phase on the way to healing and recovery.”

PROPHECY ALERT: “Damascus A Ruinous Heap”

(We are at war with Russia in Syria.)

Nationalism vs. Patriotism: Narcissism vs. Self-love

Patriotism is akin to the healthy form of self-love: it consists mainly of pride in one’s self-identity and values based on one’s culture and shared history. Patriotism is not exclusionary, but inclusive. The patriot, in constantly seeking to improve his lot and that of his compatriots, is open to advice and suggestions, and welcomes criticism. Patriotism is concerned with the concrete, the here and now. It is grounded in reality.
 Nationalism is exclusionary and oppositional: the nationalist’s sense of self-identity and self-worth depends on the aggressive belittlement and devaluation of other collectives (other nations, minorities, ethnic groups, or religions.) 


“I don’t subscribe to any religion and I hardly know anything about the Bible and you don’t have to; YOU DON’T HAVE TO.  All you have to do, all you have to be is SOMEBODY GOOD AND DECENT to realize what is taking place here…”
“We’ve taken the low road.” 
(I used to live just around the other side of the building.  There goes the neighborhood.)

Fox News Caught On Tape Censoring Pete Santilli’s Interview

Immediately after his release from jail for what the establishment falsely claimed was a case of “mistaken identity” when Santilli was deemed to be a terrorist. Listen to the full audio, and then watch the video which aired. Notice the most important parts of the interview were censored.

Republicans and Democrats have MERGED: It’s all one big, police state party of insanity now!

On the other hand, Republicans were historically the party of smaller government, fiscal and personal responsibility and maximum liberty. The election of George W. Bush signaled a dramatic change in Republican orthodoxy, however, with Big Government programs like the major expansion of Medicare (Part D) and the No Child Left Behind law. The only president to have expanded the federal budget more than Bush has been Obama.

More proof that Obama is a sleeper cell: FBI agent ordered to shut down investigation into Islamic terrorists

“Several years ago, after Haney complained of the shutdown of his investigation to Congress, DHS reportedly revoked his security clearance and pulled him from his duties.”

Writing for The Hill, Haney – now a DHS whistleblower – noted that the Obama DHS was rife with political correctness, and deference to Islam:

“There are terrorists in our midst and they arrived here using legal means right under the noses of the federal law enforcement agencies whose mission is to stop them. That is not due to malfeasance or lack of effort on the part of these officers; it is due to the restrictions placed on them by the Obama administration.

More at:   http://investmentwatchblog.com/more-proof-that-obama-is-a-sleeper-cell-fbi-agent-ordered-to-shut-down-investigation-into-islamic-terrorists/



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NARCISSIST-IN-CHIEF: “It’s because I’m black, isn’t it?”


The really maddening thing, though, is that President Obama thinks the reason he isn’t perceived as being especially good at his job is that we yokels aren’t smart enough to understand how spectacularly spectacular he is. Barack Obama is a man almost entirely incapable of self-criticism, and in the NPR interview, he repeated one of his favorite claims: He has had trouble with public opinion because he didn’t explain his awesome ideas well enough. That’s a very politic way of saying: “These rubes don’t get it.”

Yep, this is the way narcissists behave. It’s never their fault. They are so perfect, so awesome, that ordinary mortals cannot comprehend their greatness. Those who dare to criticize The Great One must be haters or idiots

Read at:  


They’re taking out Chipotle. You don’t like GMO’s? Ok then we’ll destroy your company.

See more at:


PRE CRIME HAS ARRIVED! UK Brings In New Facial Recognition Pre-Crime CCTV Systems

A new system is being proposed which will allow real-time face recognition to be integrated with existing CCTV cameras which will be linked to a central database populated with ‘undesirables’. If the system matches a person in this database, they are immediately flagged for a potential pre-crime violation.

Read more at:   http://investmentwatchblog.com/pre-crime-has-arrived-uk-brings-in-new-facial-recognition-pre-crime-cctv-systems/

The Obama’s Administration Is Arresting Independent Journalists for Anti-Government Speech

It only took one day, for my warning to come true!

One Day Later… Pete Santilli Is Taken Into Custody for “Slow Driving”

Prison Chaplain Charged With Rape Studied Minister Accused of Sex Abuse

The allegations were first reported by RecoveringGrace.org, which collects stories from more than 30 women who said they had been sexually “groomed” and inappropriately touched by Gothard over the past three decades.

Recovering Grace produced what they say is a Gothard textbook from 1979 that essentially blames victims of sexual assault and domestic abuse.

(My parents sent me to a Bill Gothard seminar in Grand Rapids when I was a teen-ager.  Figures.)

Read more at:   http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2015/12/21/prison-chaplain-charged-with-rape-studied-minister-accused-of-sex-abuse.html

These Fifteen American Cities Are Destroying Homeless Camps Just Days Before Christmas

Christmas is normally known as the time of year when Americans try to be a little more giving, more compassionate, and more altruistic than during the other 11 1/2 months of the year. But in cities across the US, many are simply fighting for the right to exist in hastily-constructed homeless camps. The National Alliance to End Homelessness reports that on any given night, there are over 578,000 Americans sleeping on the streets. At the same time, there are at least 10 million vacant homes across America that are lying empty.

Here are 19 cities that are going above and beyond to push the most vulnerable Americans out of the public eye during the most compassionate time of the year:

Read more: whatreallyhappened.com http://whatreallyhappened.com/#ixzz3v5jnSNcM


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Dramatic Narcissist’s Conspicuous Existence

“The narcissist elaborately state-manages his very being, his every movement, his tone of voice, his posture, his inflection, his poise, his text, subtext, context.  They’re all orchestrated,  choreographed to yield to maximum effect…and to garner the most attention.”

“Their intentions are focused on one and only one thing:  the DRUG, securing narcissistic supply.”

Shame, Guilt, Codependents, Narcissists, and Normal Folks

“Children who turn out to be co-dependents are actually the strong resilient ones.  Fragile ones turn out to be narcissists.”

Pathological narcissism is a life-long pattern of traits and behaviours which signify infatuation and obsession with one’s self to the exclusion of all others and the egotistic and ruthless pursuit of one’s gratification, dominance and ambition.

Children, to the narcissist, are both mirrors and competitors. They reflect authentically his constant need for adulation and attention. Their grandiose fantasies of omnipotence and omniscience are crass caricatures of his internal world.

In the narcissist’s surrealistic world, even language is pathologized. It mutates into a weapon of self-defence, a verbal fortification, a medium without a message, replacing words with duplicitous and ambiguous vocables.

The narcissist’s lies are not goal-orientated. This is what makes his constant dishonesty both disconcerting and incomprehensible. The narcissist lies at the drop of a hat, needlessly, and almost ceaselessly.

Narcissism Fridge Magnets

See more at:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ag5mmc6KmbQ

50 Symptoms Of Narcissistic Abuse Syndrome

(Thank you God, for Isaac.  He held my hand on the way back out.)
He also took in… and took care of his young BROTHER… when my parents destroyed my credibility and George stopped parenting… and my parents would not help me find a stable place for Josh because to do so would destroy their CONTRIVED SCENARIO.)

“…complex PTSD…from interacting with a psychopath.”

“If you’ve been ‘discarded’, it’s the term they use…in a particularly vicious way…”





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For with stammering lips and another tongue will he speak to this people.

Beautiful Baptism in the Holy Spirit

This woman had never been to a Spirit-filled meeting before. Her friend brought her to the meeting, and during the book signing at the end, the Lord touched this woman mightily. You can see her prayer language bubble up as His deep awakens hers!

How I received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit….. in a parking lot!

(My experience was much like his:  I did not receive the Baptism for years although I prayed and fasted and people prayed for me.  I also believe I should have stepped out in faith and actually MOVED MY MOUTH on earlier attempts to receive.  We ‘find God in our mouths’.  I received the Baptism all alone in bed and asleep.  He woke me up and I couldn’t stop the glossolalia for about two weeks.  It didn’t develop slowly but came on fluent, and with constant interpretation for a while.)
“Baptists are missing out…they even borderline on “blaspheming the Spirit.”

(…and his campaign is hitting the road.)

In just a couple of weeks, I will begin going state by state to every capital in our nation to hold prayer rallies for our country and share this same challenge on the Decision America Tour. Des Moines, Iowa, is first on January 5.

I hope you’ll join me in your capital-check decisionamericatour.com for more dates and details.

Read at:   http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-chat/3375317/posts

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George massages his mother’s feet.  He’s working overtime because he wants to take an extra vacation in March, to go see her again.  He says that as he walks by her chair, she sticks her foot out to stop him and he massages it and she groans.  I had a hard time over the years, listening to her dog licking her skin repeatedly ad nauseum.  I was too sensitive.  Apparently I still am.

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8 Extraordinary Things Happening in the World Today

5- The fall of exaggerated consumerism

For too long, we’ve been manipulated to consume as much as we possibly can.To buy every new product launched, the newest car, the latest iPhone, the top brands, lots of clothes, shoes, lots and lots and lots of pretty much anything we could our hands on.

Going against the crowd, many people have understood that this of way off.Lowsumerism, slow life and slow food are a few excerpts of actions being taken as we speak, pointing out by contradiction how absurdly we have come to organize ourselves.

Fewer people are using cars, fewer people are overspending, and more people are swapping clothes, buying used goods, sharing assets, cars, apartments, offices.

We don’t need all of that they told us we needed. And this consciousness of new consumerism can take down any company living of the exaggerated end of it.

6- Healthy and organic eating

We were so crazy we even accepted eating anything! It only needed to taste good, and everything would be alright.

We were so disconnected that companies started to poison our food and we didn’t say anything!

Read more at:   https://wikkorg.wordpress.com/2015/12/22/8-extraordinary-things-happening-in-the-world-today/


FEC chair who sought to regulate DRUDGE slams colleagues as ‘dysfunctional’

Since assuming the chair’s position in January, Ravel has pursued an ambitious regulatory agenda that includes stricter regulation of campaign spending, eliminating some of the commission’s members, and, as noted by the Washington Examiner’s Paul Bedard, new controls over online political content on outlets like the Drudge Report, Google and Facebook.  

See more at:   http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/fec-chair-who-sought-to-regulate-drudge-slams-colleagues-as-dysfunctional/article/2578893

“We don’t believe you!” Panic causes a run on the banks and traffic jams as Russians ignore “no danger claims” after a cloud of vapour seen pouring from Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant

More at:   http://investmentwatchblog.com/we-dont-believe-you-panic-causes-a-run-on-the-banks-and-traffic-jams-as-russians-ignore-no-danger-claims-after-a-cloud-of-vapour-seen-pouring-from-leningrad-nuclear-power-plant/

God knew His endtime army would include hackers:

“…but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits.”  

-Daniel 11:29(b)

(The Holy Spirit has NEVER been ‘the christmas spirit’ or the ‘holiday spirit’ or the ‘spirit of the season’.

The Bible tells us His names.  Retailers do not.  But they DO INVOKE SPIRITS.)

but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits.  (I see them all the time.)

The tech world is in shock after Hillary Clinton’s call at this week’s debate as to a “Manhattan project for the internet” to defeat encryption; fiery criticism can be heard from all corners of silicon valley and beyond.

Confrontation with TSA on Weapon Detection Failures: TSA Calls Cops!

Read more at:   http://investmentwatchblog.com/confrontation-with-tsa-on-weapon-detection-failures-tsa-calls-cops/

“Most Hated Man in America” Martin Shkreli’s Twitter feed hijacked

See more here:   https://nakedsecurity.sophos.com/2015/12/22/most-hated-man-in-america-martin-shkrelis-twitter-feed-hijacked/

(I don’t know how to turn off the double-space.)

Narcissist’s Objects and Possessions

The narcissist parades his objects, flaunts them, consumes them conspicuously, praises them vocally, draws attention to them compulsively, brags about them incessantly. When they fail to elicit Narcissistic Supply – admiration, adulation, marvel – the narcissist feels wounded, humiliated, deprived, discriminated against, the victim of a conspiracy, unloved.

(My mom knows this.  She used to suffer remorse for their ‘conspicuous consumption.’  That was her term.  I wonder if she still hides her shopping bags.)

“…secondary sources of narcissistic supply.”

“These objects attest to the narcissist’s wealth, his connections, his achievements, friendships, his conquests and his glorious past.  They’re kind of trophies.  

12:33 pm

My mind is not white.  My mind is consciously training itself to evaluate every situation based on the details of that particular situation and as I obtain more experience and knowledge I will continually improve my determined open-mindedness and diminishing prejudice.  My sons are white men; who knew that would be a handicap fast accomplishing decimation of the species itself?  My sons cannot kow-tow low enough to be permitted an opinion on matters of race.  People have become entirely stupid.  That black-Rachel woman said that we should consider race as a matter of personal interpretation.  We shouldn’t think of it as something genetically-determined.  We should instead think of it as we [now] do homosexuality, or gender.  DUH?  Gender is not genetically determined on her planet?  DNA is one very good reason that Caitlyn Jenner will never be a woman.  She might establish the various parts, but the sum of them does not equal the whole.  I am cellularly female, and my spirit maintains gender as well.  I know some people are born with varying degrees of plumbing or programming and I don’t pretend to understand how they must struggle and what they should do.  But God does know.  He made them and he makes no mistakes whatsoever.  

Narcissists and Hotel Maids: The Strauss-Kahn Affair and Beyond

(…or babysitters…)

Corporate Narcissists and Fraud

(I wonder if this guy ever red my journals?  This is uncanny.)

Narcissist’s Language as Weapon

With the classic narcissist, language is used cruelly and ruthlessly to ensnare one’s enemies, to saw confusion and panic, to move others to emulate the narcissist (“projective identification”), to leave the listeners in doubt, in hesitation, in paralysis, to gain control, or to punish. Language is enslaved and forced to lie. The language is appropriated and expropriated. It is considered to be a weapon, an asset, a piece of lethal property, a traitorous mistress to be gang raped into submission.

Narcissist of Substance vs. Narcissist of Appearances

Why do some narcissists end up being over-achievers, pillars of the community, and accomplished professionals – while their brethren fade into obscurity, having done little of note with their lives?

There seem to be two types of narcissists: those who derive ample narcissistic supply from mere appearances and those whose narcissistic supply consists of doing substantial deeds, of acting as change-agents, of making a difference, and of creating and producing things of value. The former aim for celebrity (defined as “being famous for being famous”), the latter aim for careers in the limelight.

“The narcissist, and often by contagion his unfortunate victims…he doesn’t talk.  He does not communicate.  He fends off; he hides, evades, and avoids, disguises…”

“The narcissist perfects the ability to SAY NOTHING…in lengthy Fidel-Castro-like speeches.”

Safe Surfing: Narcissist Invades Your Computer

(That’s what happened to me and then I asked for computer lessons and now I have a website!)ANYTHING SUSPICIOUS? Stop everything you are doing, disconnect from the Internet, and scan the computer for malware. Examples of suspicious behavior: persistent pop-ups; the computer or connection slow down considerably; repeated re-boots; mouse or keyboard freeze; strange messages and alerts.

Embarrassing Narcissist

The narcissist rarely admits to a weakness, ignorance, or deficiency. He filters out information to the contrary – a cognitive impairment with serious consequences. Narcissists are likely to unflinchingly make inflated and inane claims about their sexual prowess, wealth, connections, history, or achievements. All this is mighty embarrassing to the narcissist’s nearest, dearest, colleagues, friends, neighbours, even on-lookers. 

Narcissism is Tiring Energy-depleting

Normally, one’s energy is expended on the proper functioning of one’s personality. The personality disordered devote any shred of vitality to the projection and maintenance of a False Self, whose sole purpose is to elicit attention, admiration, approval, acknowledgement, fear, or adulation from others. The Narcissistic Supply thus obtained helps these unfortunates to calibrate a wildly fluctuating self-esteem and, thus, fulfils critical ego functions.

“Come unto me all you who are weary and heavy laden…and I will give you rest.”  (Jesus)

“…learn of me, for my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”  (Jesus)

“Taste and see that the Lord is good.”  (All of creation except most humans.)