Random Candidate

SILENCED - A new documentary from Oscar nominee James Spione's video poster

“…private investigator William Taylor has served dozens of Targeted Individuals, including high profile people. Taylor told Deborah Dupré when investigating secretly forced brain implanted Targeted Individual James Walbert, “Only the best Americans are being targeted.””

“Hundreds of emails and testimonies sent to Dupré by lesser known targets being persecuted show it is only their unique courage and character keeping them alive. They are not only persecuted in their communities by government paid operatives, including some neighbors, but also, they are stalked 24/7, in itself torturous.”

“TIs, “America’s best,” are suffering 24/7, never knowing what will hit them next, never receiving local or national advocacy or defense from human rights groups. They are left as sitting ducks, easy prey for covert operatives to taunt or eventually kill, as a cat with a captured mouse.”

This war, covertly waged against Americans of highest ethical standards for decades, has…

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