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During every election cycle, politicians, the media, and citizens alike sing the praises of democracy and the power of the “vote.” The ritual is often lauded as the pinnacle of human achievement — assurance that politicians carry out the people’s wishes. In Kansas, however, a statistician from Wichita State University has filed an open records lawsuit to investigate what she worries may be evidence of voter fraud. Tellingly, since she initially filed the suit in April, authorities have attempted to block her request for voter records.

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Budapest on the brink: Thousands of migrants shouting ‘freedom, freedom’ in tense stand-off with police who stopping them boarding trains to Western Europe

  • Budapest station was evacuated yesterday morning as thousands of migrants tried to reach Vienna and Munich
  • Protests were staged and about 100 police officers wearing helmets and wielding batons guarded the station
  • Hungarian government spokesman said the system ‘has completely failed’ and ‘is collapsing in front of our eyes’  
  • The country complained that it has been made a ‘scapegoat’ as it struggles to cope with arrival of 156,000 migrants

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