Chemtrail, Brain-Implant TI Hero Violently Attacked, Life-Threatening

secret mind control in sweden and world wide

(Before It’s News)

By Deborah Dupré

Breaking News Exclusive

World famous Targeted Individual (TI) advocate hero and chemtrail-forced nano brain implant whistle-blower Magnus Olsson revealed he is suffering life-threatening injuries from being violently attacked Wednesday. Founding director of the European coalition defending TI human rights, European Coalition Against Covert Harassment  (ECACH) Olsson told Dupré that his assault was so violent, he is feeble, but wants it publicly clarified that he is not suicidal.

“They are trying to kill me,” were the first words Olsson told Dupré on Skype at 10:00 p.m. Swedish time in an exclusive interview.

“I think you should write about how they brought me down in such a cheap way,” he said, later struggling to add that a published article would be “splendid because the world is screaming against these types of crimes.”

Covert crimes of which Olsson speaks include chemtrails, HAARP-like facilities, and the…

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