NY Inmates Left Behind The Escape Suffered Gitmo Style Retribution

According to the outlet and the New York Times, inmates left behind suffered:

  • Threats of waterboarding if no information was brought forth
  • Beaten while handcuffed during demands for information – taken into private closets
  • Passing out from a plastic bag lynching, when one guard tied a plastic bag around one of the inmate’s neck and used it as a noose
  • Getting ganged up on by multiple guards and beaten with fists in face, ribs and stomach
  • Being grabbed by throat and lifted out of chairs
  • Getting heads slammed into wall piping
  • Denial of medical care after injurious interrogations, threatened if they should reveal how they received their injuries
  • The stripping of good behavior privileges that took years to earn
  • Being transferred from the “honor block” to solitary confinement or shipped to other prisons.


See at:   http://www.activistpost.com/2015/08/ny-inmates-left-behind-the-escape-suffered-gitmo-style-retribution.html