CIA Accidentally Releases Apology Letter It Wrote, But Never Sent To The Senate For Illegally Spying On It

The letter was never signed by Brennan or sent. It was filed away somewhere in the CIA’s archives, hopefully never to be seen again. But it was mistakenly handed over to Jason Leopold much to the CIA’s chagrin. Additional chagrinment ensued.

After VICE News received the documents, the CIA contacted us and said Brennan’s draft letter had been released by mistake. The agency asked that we refrain from posting it.

We declined the CIA’s request.

So, the CIA has yet to officially admit any wrongdoing (as in a document — such as the one it didn’t want released — entered into the public record), and yet, there’s an admission of guilt in the public’s hands. Makes it a bit harder to defend actions Senator Feinstein claimed violated pretty much everything that could be violated in a single act.

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