Undercover Cops Attack Innocent Woman, Shoot Good Samaritan Who Tried to Save Her

Palm Beach County, FL – It’s hard enough to tell if a cop is going to rob, injure or kill you these days when they are in uniform, but when they’re dressed in hoodies and approaching people in the dead of night it becomes impossible. On July 30, local media reported that a man was shot by an undercover deputy in suburban Lake Worth and critically injured, nearly dying at the hospital.

The incident happened over an alleged drug deal that quickly turned to chaos before John Valderrama was shot in the leg in “self-defense,” according to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s report. However, two sources inside the sheriff’s office have provided information to Jose Lambiet that suggests the three unarmed civilians were victims of poor police logic and excessive force.  It seems that Valderrama was shot for trying to help someone whom he thought was being attacked.

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