Jewish Founder of Leukemia Charity Accused of Fraud

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A Brooklyn man has been arrested and charged with raising millions of dollars to fight leukemia but then pocketing a good portion of the money himself. The man’s name is Zvi Shor. He is the founder of the National Children’s Leukemia Foundation. What you see above is an old clip, apparently of Shor appearing at a World Wrestling Federation event. The WWF, it appears, helped Shor raise money for his charity, and as you’ll observe in the video, a t-shirt is what they got for their trouble.

The NCLF allegedly raised $9.7 million between 2009-2013. Most of the money reportedly went for telemarketing and professional fund raisers, while only $57,451 went to provide assistance to leukemia patients.

Below is a commentary on Shor’s arrest written by legal scholar Jonathan Turley. Turley doesn’t make any mention about the Shor being…

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