Asthmatic dad dies after being hogtied and held face down by police in concert arrest, ‘despite screaming he couldn’t breathe’

  • Troy Goode, 30, died Saturday at Baptist Memorial Hospital in Mississippi 
  • Goode’s wife Kelli was driving them back from Widespread Panic concert around 7.45pm when she pulled over and Southaven Police were called
  • They found him ‘running from the area acting strange and not cooperative’
  • He resisted officers and was restrained and then loaded into an ambulance
  • Goode, who was asthmatic and had a 15-month-old child, sent for autopsy
  • Lawyer said Goode ‘was not a physical threat’ and family wants answers
  • The Mississippi Attorney General has been asked to investigate the death

‘The family as you might expect is grieving, and they are not irrational at all, but they want answers.

‘They want to know why Troy died.’

David McLaughlin, a local attorney who was dining nearby with his family, observed the incident and his son shot video of the arrest, the Commercial Appeal reported.

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