Good news, but is it an empty promise? Netanyahu threatens to `kill himself` in order to stop Iran deal

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Netanyahu threatens to `kill himself` in order to stop Iran deal

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will have to make a very difficult decision over the next few days: whether to continue fighting the nuclear agreement with Iran with all his strength and, according to his spokespeople, “kill himself” over the vote in the US Congress or accept defeat and try to leverage something for the benefit of the security of the State of Israel.

Netanyahu’s record over recent years does not augur well for those who feel that Israel should do an about-face. There are those Israelis who feel that Netanyahu should cut his losses and take advantage of the situation to wrest a defense compensation package and a strategic cooperation/coordination deal from the United States. Netanyahu has repeatedly refused to succumb to tempting offers sent out by the US administration and refused to engage in serious negotiations on the…

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