German Chancellor Angela Merkel Comes Out Against Gay Marriage

A committed evangelical Christian who has been married twice, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has taken her stand against gay marriage.

The Chancellor does not support gay marriage, as she believes marriage should be defined as “a man and a woman living together,” according to an interview with a YouTuber named LeFloid.“I’m someone who is very supportive of us eliminating all discrimination. We have come a long way; when I remember, 25 years ago, many people didn’t dare to say that they are gay or lesbian.”

Merkel does support equal benefits for same sex couples, however, including tax breaks, and she supports civil partnerships.

“For me, personally, marriage is a man and a woman living together. That is my concept, but I support civil partnerships,” she said. “I support us not discriminating against them when it comes to taxes, and to remove any other discrimination wherever we may find it.”

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