Jade Helm 15: One nation under siege?

An unprecedented military operation spanning seven southwestern US states has grabbed the attention of not only conspiracy theorists, but the governor of the second largest state in the republic.

Jade Helm 15, the largest domestic military exercise ever held on US soil, will bring together over 1,000 members from the nation’s elite forces, including Green Berets, Special Ops from the Navy and Marines, and SEALS. The sweeping operation, according to the Pentagon, will give soldiers an opportunity to practice “unconventional warfare.”

But don’t expect Humvees full of gun-toting American GIs careening along Main Street, causing a general ruckus. According to local reports, secrecy will play a large part in Jade Helm 15, which adheres to the enigmatic motto: “Mastering the Human Domain,” complete with a baffling logo that features two crossed arrows, a dagger and a transparent shoe in the center.


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