DOD whistleblower threatens to spill the beans on MK-ULTRA-‘the-next-generation’ if the government doesn’t confess by September.

(He says he has records that reveal  much.  This tape of Michael Jackson is his proof.  God used to have me pray for MJ when I was in law school and I never knew why.  I wasn’t much of a fan.)

(He also quotes scripture.  “If you know to do right and do it not it’s sin.”  He says he no longer lives in sin.)

We have talked before about the U.S. Government’s secret mind control program named MK-ULTRA. The program had its tentacles in the music industry, and the illuminati had their sights on Michael Jackson for a long time.

An ex government agent has come forward claiming that he was part of a plot to kill “The King of Pop” himself, Michael Jackson.


Michael Jackson apparently knew about this plan, and hours before his death told his former manager that a group of people wanted to get rid of him, saying “It’s not the Government, it’s more than the Government“.