Body Cam: Man Asks Cop Why He’s on his Property, Cop Says “It’s My Property Now” and Assaults Him

Orange, TX — An infuriating police interaction was captured on an officer’s body cam this week after a man simply questioned why the officer was on his property.

The exchange began as officer Dylan Mulhollan had pulled over a cyclist for a missing reflector who then pulled onto the lawn of Ronald Warnell.

Warnell had come out of his house to see why a police officer was in his yard and he was immediately treated with disrespect, as if Mulhollan was in a warzone or dealing with an armed perp.

“Sir, can you back up please?” exclaimed Mulhollan.

“Hold on, man; you are on my property now,” asserted Warnell.

“No, no. It’s my property right now,” says Mulhollan.

“It’s not your property; you need to get your laws straight, brother,” says Warnell in an attempt to make sure this officer can’t go around claiming the right to other people’s property.