Privately Owned Prisons Are Being Converted to FEMA Camps

I have a relative who is in the Michigan National Guard. His unit has been training with the Russians. They are practicing rounding up Americans and processing them into custody. He said they separated men and women with some children. But he also said they were separating people by religious beliefs. My relative believes that they are going to exterminate Christians when the time comes. Why else would they separate Christians from Jews from Muslims and from Catholics, from Mormons from athiests?

The training is about monkey see monkey do. His unit will arrest pretend suspect actors and then process them and interrogate them. The Russians watch and then are asked to do the same in English. He said the Russian’s English is as good as any American. This part freaked me out. He said that the Russians frequently train in American Army uniforms.  Everyone thinks that they are going to pretend to be Americans when it is time to start the killing and the rounding up.  

My relative also learned through an advisor that was at their camp, that the same thing is going on at Ft. Bliss.