AMA Issues New Threats To Outspoken Holistic Doctors, While 3 Are Found Dead

If it was not already clear that natural medicine was in the cross-hairs of organized medicine, it certainly is now. Recently, the American Medical Association (AMA) began crafting its ‘ethical guidelines for physicians in the media’ to ‘defend the integrity of the profession.’ The new guidelines will target unorthodox medical information that the AMA deems dubious and unsubstantiated and create disciplinary guidelines for doctors who make public claims that do not align with the ‘best available science’.

On the surface, these ethical guidelines may sound like a responsible way of discouraging doctors from making vague or erroneous statements and claims. A closer look, however, finds that the AMA is actually attempting to censor the free speech of doctors in media who draw attention to holistic medicine rather than the traditional Western treatments and medicines typically promoted by the pharmaceutical industry and conventional medicine.

Oh, and I found 3 more doctors killed in the last month or so. One died in a motorcycle accident (cancer doctor) one in a plane crash and the other shot. I’ll be reporting on those 3 shortly. I don’t know if those three were holistic and am investigating further before publishing my piece.

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