Homosexuality – The Sober Truth

Our slang words for the anus, and their use as insults, express our disgust with the whole idea of anal sex. Apart from the personal defilement it involves, it’s grossly unsanitary.
My own feelings are intensified by personal experience. Believe me, when a child you love has been sodomized, it takes a lot of the romance out of buggery.
The standard “gay” line on pedophilia is that most child molesters are heterosexuals. This is sheer propaganda. Homosexuals are only 1 or 2 percent of the general population (despite their inflated claims — also propagandist — of 10 percent), yet they are wildly disproportionate among pedophiles. [3% of population commit 33% of pedophile acts.-hm]
Normal people aren’t even proud of being normal; they take it for granted. But “pride” in an abnormality?
I don’t blame anyone for being sick. I blame them for telling me that sickness is just another form of health.