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Drones Will Enforce Crowd Control With High Power Microwaves

Directed energy refers to weapons that emit focused energy in the form of lasers, microwaves, electromagnetic radiation, radio waves, sound or particle beams. Lasers are already widely use to guide bombs to their target, but the next step would be to use the lasers as weapons themselves.

The military has been working on such weapons for decades, but says many technology challenges have finally been addressed.

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They´re Watching You with Your Help to Track Your Every Move

Pinecone Utopia

Published on Jul 27, 2015

PUBLISHED: 22:38 GMT, 22 July 2015 | UPDATED: 06:04 GMT, 23 July 2015

Google has come under fire for a controversial new service that reveals just how much it knows about you. Google says it will help people remember restaurants and other places they visited easily.
Your Timeline is private and visible only to you.
However, some users took to twitter to describe the feature as ‘scary’ and one site dubbed it ‘terrifyingly cool but terrifyingly scary’.
‘Have you ever wanted a way to easily remember all the places you’ve been – whether it’s a museum you visited during your last vacation or that fun bar you stumbled upon a few months ago?’ the firm’s Gerard Sanz said in a blog post announcing the feature.
‘Well, starting today, Google Maps can help.’
‘We’re gradually rolling out Your Timeline…

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Mozilla sends Microsoft a no thank you letter for Windows 10

CHRIS BEARD, Mozilla’s fur-free CEO, has sent Microsoft’s Satya Nadella an open letter in which he criticises his peer for Windows 10 and the decision to automatically update systems.

Beard told Nadella that Microsoft’s move to take control over such measures is not one that he could support.

He said that it sends technology backwards, which must be the equivalent of a ‘your mum’ insult for the million dollar technology industry CEO community.

Beard reminded Nadella that a previous attempt to get Microsoft to follow the advice of a market-disrupting rival fell on deaf ears, which is why Mozilla is repeating its warning.

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Police officer shoots and kills 5 month old dog in owners front yard. The owner of the dog is then charged with not having dog on a leash.

“He just took a step back and he just shot at the dog,” Smarr said. “And then he started laughing afterward.”

“The dog was shaking on the ground,” Terry said. “And he walked up to the dog and shot it a second time. He walked closer and shot it a second time.”

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Ron Paul’s Passive-Aggressive Campaign Against Rand Paul

When the younger Paul first began testing the waters for a presidential run, in spring 2014, one of his pseudo-campaign’s central priorities, it seemed, was to dispel the notion that he was his father’s clone. The emancipation is now complete, but the effect has been catastrophic for his presidential ambitions. Being a watered-down version of Ron Paul, the evidence suggests, doesn’t make Rand Paul more appealing to other factions of the GOP his dad couldn’t reach—it just makes him less appealing to his natural base of supporters.

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Editor of Prestigious Medical Journal Says “Science has Taken a Turn into Darkness”

And there we have it. The editor of a prestigious medical journal that has published peer-reviewed data since 1823 has openly admitted that the corrupt have indeed infiltrated the science community and its media outlets. Surely, this isn’t news to many, yet millions of readers have been and will continue to be deceived by the label of “peer-reviewed” in spite of this blatant confession.

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