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Will UN-style gun control be rammed down our throats? Gun import bans … Microstamping of firearms … Ammunition bans … The full implementation of the anti-gun UN Arms Trade Treaty … Illegal amnesty which locks in millions of new, anti-gun voters.



The Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt Were Fallen Angel Alien Hybrids, New Genetic Study Suggests

“I don’t know the full implication of our findings but I certainly believe they should at least point the scientific community in a direction that would have been immediately dismissed just a few decades ago.”

If this study is correct, it will trigger an unprecedented paradigm shift. If aliens were actively involved in the life of the most powerful individuals thousands of years ago, does that mean they’ll return? Perhaps they never left at all.


Waterborne Toxin Killing Turtles and Threatening Public Health – Report

More than 200 dead turtles have washed up on the eastern end of Long Island in the last few months, and scientists believe they are being killed by a waterborne biotoxin that’s being found at ten times the normal level for unknown reasons.

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Is Ukraine Pressuring US to Secure Nobel Peace Prize for Poroshenko?

A letter recently published on the internet is purported to show Ukraine boldly demanding a Nobel Peace Prize nomination for President Poroshenko, revealing how the US is able to manipulate the Norwegian Nobel Committee to secure politically desirable winners of the famed Peace Prize.


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