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US targets Syria infrastructure rather than militants: Sabrosky

Washington intends to inflict “such damage to the economic and industrial infrastructure within Syria that any Syrian government after the fighting will be so weakened that it will be vulnerable to further attacks.”


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The conspiracy by General Motors to secretly buy up and shutdown the electric Streetcars of Los Angeles was actually documented in court cases

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A ‘No Social Media List’ For Extremists And Potential Terrorists?

“When I saw a report in the Telegraph today entitled “Extremists to have Facebook and Twitter vetted by anti-terror police“, I could hardly believe it.”

“Do the British people actually want a “no social media list” that will essentially ban people from using Facebook and Twitter even though they haven’t actually been convicted of doing anything wrong?”


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State Actors That Staged 9/11 Terrorist Attacks Disclosed, Plot Revealed, Justice Inevitable

“After thirteen long years of one revelation after another, it has now been established that the 9/11 terrorist attacks on New York City and Washington DC were perpetrated by the very same governments that had the most to gain from them. The US Federal Government, along with theUK and Israel, have each been implicated in the most purposeful and calculated, complex and premeditated false flag operation of this millennium.”


The karmic slack of yesteryear has been tightened considerably, and only continues to be shortened with each passing day.


“Whenever the going gets really rough for those who do rule the realm, war has always been their way out.  Looking at the state of affairs across the planet, it’s quite easy to see how many plots are afoot to trigger a global conflict of apocalyptic proportions.  Yes, these guys (and gals) are truly desperate as the 9/11 terrorist attacks so dramatically portrayed … and that was 13 years ago!”


“You can start by disseminating the some of the myriad compelling articles and essays, indisputable videos and audios which lay bare the realities surrounding the 9/11 state-sponsored terrorism inflicted upon the US citizenry BY ITS OWN GOVERNMENT.  Many a weekend warrior has now taken up this cause as we all wait for a critical mass of true patriots required to ensure that justice is served.  Everyone agrees that the treasonous elements which have taken over government at all levels must be exposed and dealt with accordingly.  Here’s a Citizens’ Indictment which illustrates the true depth and breadth of the actual 9/11 criminal conspiracy.”


“When perpetrated against its own citizenry in order to conduct a fake worldwide War on Terror makes this overwhelmingly heinous, multi-year crime spree that much more far-reaching and deplorable, incorrigible and shocking.  And, therefore, in dire need of being terminated post haste.”


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Two thousand photos of ‘prisoner abuse’ at Iraq’s Abu Ghraib and other jails are set to be released despite warnings it will put Americans abroad at risk


“Judge Alvin Hellerstein ruled the Department of Defense failed to show why releasing photos would endanger lives of U.S. soldiers and workers abroad”

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Germany Condemns Abu Ghraib-Like Abuse as Cases Increase

“Police are investigating at least eight security guards at two facilities in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, Johannes Daheim, spokesman for the regional prosecutor, said today by phone. German media showed a photo of a guard with his foot on the neck of a bound refugee, and a video of an asylum seeker being forced to sit on a mattress covered in vomit.”


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Spyware phone app CEO indicted for conspiracy

“Undetectable and untraceable by most phone users – that is how a spyware application dubbed StealthGenie was allegedly being advertised by Hammad Akbar, the chief executive of the Pakistani-owned, UK-based company InvoCode.”

“The 31-year-old native of Lahore, Pakistan, is also one of the creators of the app, which can intercept communications to and from mobile phones, including Apple, Android and BlackBerry devices, the Justice Department said.”


“Selling spyware is not just reprehensible, it’s a crime,” Leslie Caldwell, assistant attorney general in the DOJ’s Criminal Division, said in a statement. “Apps like StealthGenie are expressly designed for use by stalkers and domestic abusers who want to know every detail of a victim’s personal life — all without the victim’s knowledge.”


HYPOCRITES!  It’s illegal for the government ALSO!

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Snowden Data Confirms ISIS = Israeli Manufactured Terror Group

According to documents released by Snowden, “The only solution for the protection of the Jewish state “is to create an enemy near its borders”. (Gulf News, July 15, 2014)


The incursion of IS brigades into Iraq in June was part of a carefully planned military-intelligence operation supported covertly by the US, NATO and Israel. In Syria, the ISIL is said to be part of “opposition” fighting government forces. The Israeli military is directly supporting the ISIL out of bases in the occupied Golan Heights…”


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Russia Disseminates, Snowden Validates, NSA Evidence Corroborates New 9/11 Data Dump

“The evidence is now clear and indisputable that the false flag operation carried out on September 11, 2001 was a multi-nation conspiracy.  The USA, Israel, Saudi Arabia and UK have each been proven to be directly involved with the execution and coverup of this crime against humanity.”


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