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Feds: 6 Philly Narcotic Cops Robbed, Kidnapped Drug Dealers

“Six former members of the Philadelphia Police Dept.’s narcotics unit have been federally indicted, charged with using robbery, kidnapping and other tactics to shake down more than a half-million dollars worth of cash, property and drugs from suspected drug dealers.”


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“An internal CIA investigation has found that agency officers improperly accessed Senate computers earlier this year in a dispute over interrogation documents, prompting CIA Director John Brennan to abandon his defiant posture in the matter and apologize to Senate intelligence committee leaders.”


I just came from visiting another friend in  jail.  This  friend called the cops on himself.  He was granted bail, then it was arbitrarily increased so he’s there for the duration.   His car was impounded as “evidence” and he must pay 35 dollars a day for its detention.  He is not permitted to receive books or even letters.  I may send him a postcard. Why not a letter?  It seems that his bailiffs could open a letter and approve it…presuming they could read.  And John Brennan gets off with an apology?


John Brennan belongs in prison.  Keith Alexander belongs in prison.  Susan Rice belongs in prison and Nuland should certainly be restrained somehow.  James Clapper lied UNDER OATH!  These people do not deserve our respect and do not deserve leniency. Many other people do.  America rewards aberrant behavior.  America is going down.


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“A Colorado woman has filed suit against her former employer and the Carbondale Police Department after she says she was taken hostage during an unannounced active shooter drill.”

Godspeed to the woman in Colorado.  The powers that be have no business causing fear.  Of course, doing so gives them some street cred with the government…

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Holocaust Survivor and Israeli Minister: Labeling Criticism of Israel “Anti-Semitic” Is a TRICK

“Any criticism of the policies of Israel is hampered and made impossible by a terrible trick and crime of Israeli propaganda: that any criticism of the politics of Israel comes out – is induced by – anti-semitic feelings.”


“And our main purpose is to show to the world that we are Jews – we are conscious Jews – and we want to show that you MUST criticize Israel if you at all want anything good for the Jews in the world.”

“Because what Israel is doing destroying the Jewish world and the Jewish heritage.”


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