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During a rally in central Lviv on Feb.24, local riot police knelt as they apologized to residents for taking part in the crackdown on protesters in Kiev’s Independence Square, aka Maidan (though they insisted that they did not beat protesters).

Riot Police Get On Their Knees To Beg For Forgiveness For Taking Part In Ukraine Crackdown

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Just what is a “domestic terrorist?” The Department of Homeland Security feels that there is “nothing to worry about with Muslims…just patriot groups, militias, veterans, police officers…people who have sworn an oath to the Constitution.”

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Is Everything in the Mainstream Media Fake? – 6 Examples of Media Manipulation

“What we have today is an increasingly sophisticated full-spectrum assault on free will and psychological well-being, and we have come to a point where it is no longer even necessary for media institutions to attempt to hide their blatant work of manipulating public opinion, manufacturing consent, and creating winners and losers in the minds of the already brain-washed public.”

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“The students wrote a simple computer program that churned out gobbledegook and presented it as an academic paper. They put their names on one of the papers, sent it to a conference, and promptly had it accepted. The sting, in 2005, revealed a farce that lay at the heart of science.”

“How computer-generated fake papers are flooding academia
More and more academic papers that are essentially gobbledegook are being written by computer programs – and accepted at conferences”

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