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“In nominating Vice Adm. Michael S. Rogers as the new director of the National Security Agency on Thursday, President Obama chose a recognized expert in the new art of designing cyberweapons”

Another “Mike Rogers ” in charge of intelligence?

Problematic at the outset…

N.S.A. Choice Is Navy Expert on Cyberwar

(Another problem…)

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“The degree to which most people are trapped in mundane material pursuits is terrifying when seen from a certain perspective. It is guaranteed suffering, if not today then tomorrow and it is certain death, if not today then tomorrow. These rules are inviolate. It’s all that road to destruction, “wide is the highway” thing.”

“The dread comes. The dread of what is to come. They say that psychopaths have no conscience and so they cannot feel regret. There’s a program for them too. The universe is remarkably precise.”


“Why are there so many psychopaths loose at the moment? Why are there so many sexual psychopaths running around? It is because of the intense pressure of materialism. Materialism is a cosmic magnet that attracts these entities into manifestation, in the same way that certain environments are perfect breeding grounds for pathogens and bacteria. Why things are the way they are is perfectly obvious but… not if perception of the truth is an obstacle to your personal objectives.”


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“Exalted Brotherhood of Official Coercion”– When out of control cops turn on their own.

“Yeah, I just about broke his left arm,” one of them – not knowing if it was Hamilton or Tucker, I’ll call him “Officer Beavis” — snickered. “Just, I wanted to break his, break his arm.”

“I had my arm around him, chokin’ his ass out,” replied Officer Butt-head. Given that a chokehold is a lethal force technique, the second officer unwittingly confessed to an act of attempted criminal homicide.”

“Your husband just lost his job,” Hamilton smugly told her after she had seen him beaten and handcuffed. “I’m going to make sure your husband is never a police officer in the State of California again.”

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A Sorry State of the Union

“What if the feds have seized the content of every text message, email, mobile and landline telephone call, utility bill, credit card bill and bank statement of everyone in America for the past four years? What if no law has authorized them to capture this? What if when asked by members of Congress, in public and under oath, high-ranking officials, at least one with ribbons on his chest and stars on his shoulders, lied about what the government is doing?”

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“The European Union is secretly developing a “remote stopping” device to be fitted to all cars that would allow the police to disable vehicles at the flick of a switch from a control room.”

This existed twenty years ago.  Everything they tell us they are “developing” already existed years ago.


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“The US government is quietly funding research to prevent phone company employees and other eavesdroppers from seeing who the US is spying on, The Associated Press has learned.”

“The US government is reportedly looking at ways to prevent anyone from spying on its own surveillance programs of US citizens’ phone records”

“.The Office of the Director of National Intelligence has paid at least five research teams across the US to develop a system for high-volume, encrypted searches of electronic records that are kept outside the government’s possession.The project would allow the government to discontinue storing US citizens’ phone records, but would still be able to search them when needed.”

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