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“Russia is urging you to think twice before making a decision on an operation in Syria” (Putin)

Russia sharply steps up criticism of U.S. over Syria

“The Russian president is fond of needling his opponents, often adopting a tone of apparent reasonableness tinged with a considerable amount of condescension.”

There are times when condescension is entirely appropriate.

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“how can the United States and Israel be the determiners of who will use chemicals of mass destruction since they are culpable of this crime multiple times over”?

Propelling One Crime against Humanity to Cause another: the Logic of the Pathological Mind

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Microsoft and Google to sue over US surveillance requests. Technology firms want to be allowed to publish information about US government requests under the Fisa legislation

Economics:  The tech firms made money spying on us.  They lost money because we found out.  They will get more money if they feign purity.  Gag.

Microsoft and Google to sue over US surveillance requests

Technology firms want to be allowed to publish information about US government requests under the Fisa legislation

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“A political mine has exploded inside the mini-coalition that was ready to strike Syria.”

(Corriere della Sera, Italian newspaper)

Syria: World reacts to Britain’s decision

America was shocked, Israel outraged and Russia gleeful – here is how the world’s press reacted to Thursday night’s defeat of David Cameron’s motion on Syria in the House of Commons.

The Times of Israel writes:

“As a consequence of Cameron’s absolutely staggering defeat in the House of Commons on Thursday night, an already hesitant US administration … has lost its key ally in the unenviable, vital task of reining in the murderous tendencies of global, and especially Middle Eastern, despots.”

I guess our employment as Israel’s attack dog is a foregone conclusion.

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“All of the sold-out, soulless ghouls salivating for another illegal. immoral, criminal ‘humanitarian war’ can go straight to hell where you can spend eternity buggering each other. If I have to hear about ‘moral high ground’ as we prepare to kill untold innocent civilians (AGAIN!!!) one more time, I may be forced to vomit.”

WE provided Saddam Hussein with chemical weapons and gave him the support he needed to effectively use them during the Iran-Iraq war. There is NO PLACE for anyone in our power structure to be standing anywhere NEAR what is termed ‘moral high ground’.”

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“God, please help us to endure the actions of those who would be our ‘leaders’, and spare the innocent ones any suffering as we march to what is seemingly a very bad end.”

“President Barack Obama now has three choices in Syria: Bad, worse, and horrible”

General Secretary Says NATO Will Not Be Part of Syria Strike

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“Prime Minister David Cameron was forced on Wednesday to push back his plans for an imminent military strike against Syria in a humiliating climb-down for Britain’s leader after coming under fierce domestic and international pressure.”

UK’s Cameron forced to delay strike against Syria

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So, what exactly are Obama’s options on Syria?

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