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10 year anniversary of the murder of David Kelly (British weapons-inspector) We should pause to consider his DEAD colleagues in the scientific community…

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Will the government be there for you? When you need help?

Police allow dog to eat sleeping woman’s leg…”slurpee”…

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An old lady from Detroit told me, thirty years ago, that if the cops tried to pull me over, I should roll the window down a little and tell them I’ll meet them at the nearest police station. Thirty years ago…

WHO YA GONNA CALL?  These guys?

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The government shot my dog, in 1982.  IN 1982!  (Mackinac county, MI)


NSA emperor Alexander, and “intelligence” chief James Clapper COMMIT PERJURY, and it’s OK. Tell the truth to Americans, and be tortured.

“Obama In Many Ways Is a Sick Man!” – Free BRADLEY MANNING now! – See more at:
“Obama In Many Ways Is a Sick Man!” – Free BRADLEY MANNING now! – See more at:

Then said I, Woe is me! for I am undone; because I am a man of unclean lips, and I dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips: for mine eyes have seen the King, the Lord of hosts.”   Isaiah 5:6

“In America, it’s safer to COMMIT war crimes, than to EXPOSE them.”

“He (Bradley Manning) had an obligation under the Army Code of Ethics, the Army Field Manual, and the Geneva Conventions, to REPORT war crimes!”

“Can I get everyone who said Edward Snowden shouldn’t have fled the country, to apologize, right now?…He’s a MILLION times right to leave the country!”

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How can a man face execution, for telling the truth?

Bradley Manning trial verdict: Acquitted of aiding the enemy, convicted on lesser charges

  To me it’s simple:

1.  Mike Rogers,  Michigan representative from Howell, (I’m careful not to drive on Grand River if I have a tan, if you know what I mean…) says Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning are “criminals.”  (

2.  Mike Rogers wrote the CISPA  legislation, that called everybody but  basically, him, a traitor…

“In November 30, 2011 Congressman Rogers introduced the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA).[9] “The bill would allow the government to share all of its classified cyber-security knowledge with private companies, forming knowledge-sharing agreements that would hopefully keep China (and other countries and hackers) out of American computer networks. The catch is that the information shared is a two-lane street—companies would also be allowed to share private data with the federal government, provided there is a reasonable “cyber threat.””[10]

“In the current version, most personal information would be stripped from data shared with the government, and the bill no longer defines intellectual property theft as something relating to national security “We think we’re making huge progress with the privacy groups, so they understand what we’re trying to accomplish, which isn’t anything nefarious,” Rogers said”–Wickipedia  (Not “nefarious”?  “Methinks (Rogers) doth protest too much…and far too early!)

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3.  Mike Rogers’ wife is former CEO of  Aegis, a US defense contractor with fingers in Iraq, Bahrain, look it up.

4.  I say, with unnerving (at least to me) assurance, that hypocrites of his ilk, will not last long in my state…

(I am a “Michigander”, not a “Michiganian.”  The pivotal disposition of this conundrum was expressed by Dr. George Javor, a Hungarian immigrant who washed dishes in the USA before somebody smart recognized that he could teach a dozen languages.  Smart guys used to have some pull here.  For now we got Rogers.  And those who own GWEN towers.)