Bow top Vardo

7:45 pm

Are Theresa May and Angela Merkel in the ILLUMINATI? Conspiracy theorists are convinced the leaders are in secretive sect because of similar hand gestures

  • Theresa May dragged into conspiracy theory about a ‘secret EU society’
  • The ‘secret sign’ is a hand signal used by German leader Angela Merkel
  • Jean-Claude Juncker also used the sign meeting Belgian royalty this week 

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3704890/Are-Theresa-Angela-Merkel-ILLUMINATI-Conspiracy-theorists-convinced-leaders-secretive-sect-similar-hand-gestures.html#ixzz4FHKzodFB
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Watch it go: The person filming the spectacular scene moved position to show that the object was speeding through the sky7:41 pm

Incoming! Airport workers’ disbelief as ‘UFO’ trailing blue smoke flies over the runway

  • Workers stopped what they were doing to crane their necks to the sky
  • Object spotted speeding through atmosphere, with plume of blue smoke
  • Commentators online believe it could be a rocket or missile launch 

See more at:   http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3704560/Incoming-Airport-workers-disbelief-UFO-trailing-blue-smoke-flies-runway.html

6:40 pm

When my sons consider factors that might influence our progress in a negative way, I would like to point out the fact that multiple rooms in our home are not usable due to the mountains of NEWLY PURCHASED JUNK.
We’d like to replace the broken bathroom, right?  Would we also like to use our furniture occasionally?  Not my business; I stay in my bedroom.
This house is an eyesore and I for one, have no reason for embarrassment and I am entirely grateful that I was permitted to spend the past few days on the compound, since I returned from Texas, where I went unexpectedly when I was threatened by reference to the STATE POLICE and I didn’t want to become a couple with the Prophet.
I believe the clubhouse was more functional when I had input into the maintenance of this building and property.  I DON’T REALLY CARE because JESUS has a great new place for me.  But, consider it please.

6:34 pm

I think Josh might like a weekend here.

“Each yurt has separate toilets.”

Stay at Yurt Retreat on your Eden Project Break

6:25 pm

I want my sons, even George if he’s interested, to have larger lives.  I want every day to be fresh and exotic and intoxicating and nutritional and encouraging.  I want those things so bad I’ll never stop challenging my sons,  and cooking new foods for them,  and telling them stories.
 By managing me down, my sons prohibited the elevation of us as a group, and of the others too. 

If we are to rise as a family, we cannot cause to be abducted and restrained any soul among us who actually does rise.  That’s not only counter-productive, but it is abusive to me. Also, managing me down  did not protect their father.

Managing me down denied my customary assistance to my sons’ father.  He was participating in my advancement, to the extent that he was interested in it.  We were good for one another in many ways that my sons fail yet to recognize.  They pulled a straw from the pixie-pile and it was a necessary support.  Managing me down did not just harm me.  It harmed all of us.  However, I’ll fly and when I do, I won’t forget them.
How wonderful when there is no enemy in the camp, no person who wishes for you to fail.  That’s what I imagined family could be.
I’ve never seen that to be so.

6:16 pm

I’d like to go here.  Do you suppose it will survive the coup[s]?

Official video of Museum Hotel Cappadocia – Turkey

6:09 pm


NSA Center is in Bluffdale

5:03 pm

This gardener at Graceland keeps touching his left ear just like Bob Joyce in the video with Mike Joyce where he sang ‘Battle Hymn of the Republic’ just like Elvis.

Elvis Aaron Presley LIVE .. miracle, back, album, and surprises by Michel skutnik

AA272Ted Cruz Pic with Obama, Valerie Jarrett & Hillary Clinton days before Republican Convention!

There are still billboards in Missouri and Wisconsin with his face promising to defend the Constitution.

See at:   http://investmentwatchblog.com/ted-cruz-pic-with-obama-valerie-jarrett-hillary-clinton-days-before-republican-convention/



4:30 pm

Shock Claim: World Will End On July 29 When Pole Shift Causes Megaquake





(I REMEMBER THE SCRIPTURE AT LEAST. I think they’re from the old Earth.)

Read more here:   http://investmentwatchblog.com/shock-claim-world-will-end-on-july-29-when-pole-shift-causes-megaquake/



Narrated by a computer-generated female voice, the video says: “The polar flip will make the stars race across the sky, and the vacuum from the reeling of the Earth will pull the atmosphere along the ground, trying to catch up, creating what is known as a roll cloud.

“For Jesus will only return on the day the poles reverse and a global earthquake reels the Earth, turning it upside down and leaving every city in the world in utter ruin and destruction.

“Now it is time to make your decision to accept Jesus as your saviour or reject him.”



3:38 pm

“Not for my vanity, but for humanity…”

 Perfect Isn’t Easy

3:31 pm

“Won’t it be nice to get  to America where there are NO CATS?”  There are NO CATS in America.”

An American Tail – There Are No Cats in America

3:28 pm

I’m gonna have a family!   And a home!

Just like this little Jewish mouse!

An American Tail – Never Say Never

3:22 pm

George put some fuel in my car, God bless him.  He also renewed my pay-as-you-go phone number.  I don’t use a phone anymore, but it’s nice to have the same number in case I want to.  He also checked the oil when I told him I hadn’t checked it all the way to Texas and back.  He asked me why I didn’t have a dentist appointment for my broken tooth.  I reminded him of my impromptu trip to Texas.  He doesn’t even blush.  I would love to have his confidence and assurance of all I know and my inherent goodness.  I’d love it for about a day and a half, I expect, but ain’t it grand?  He filled up the wiper-fluid.
My sons went to a graduation open-house at the county park.  I offered help with a gift and Josh requested food, not a cake, silly, but just a dip.  I showed Isaac and George the neat little black heart on one of my posts that the goon caused to disappear before turning red right before your eyes.  They were both a bit impressed.  Isaac, “WHAT IS THAT SUPPOSED TO PROVE?”  I said, “Isn’t it just the cutest thing?”  He had to agree.  George liked it a lot.  It was gratifying to show him that trick and he even asked how I did it so I said my cyber-stalker made it do that.  (That’s when he took my car to fuel it up.)

I showed him the video of Hillary Clinton being hit by a microwave beam right between the lobes…he recognized it.

 I said, “George if they’re gonna do it to a podunk housewife who likes Ron Paul then you KNOW they’re zapping Hillary Clinton.  I’ve got it all documented.”

He didn’t say no.  He seemed thoughtful.  He DEFINITELY recognized the ‘symptoms’.

Such a great summer day.

  Time for Dylan:
Brownsville Girl
(This song makes me cry so much.  I relate it to the church.)
(Can’t find it.)

(I can’t wait to find out if Adam is a reptilian.)
(I challenged two atheists.   I gotta be outta my tree!)

3:02 pm

I keep thinking I’m getting to the end of our story.  That’s what I get for thinking.

I love summer.  I used to hate it; if the temperature rose over 74 I was miserable and behaved accordingly.  I was a sweaty bitch. I was afraid of becoming hot, first minutes in every new environment were spent testing the air and the threat level.  George was so patient, fixing thermostats in hotel rooms, or putting a hat over his knee to keep it warm as I drove.   Then, God healed me of that fear of overheating and excess moisture but by then He had made me thin, and I figured I didn’t dislike the heat because I wasn’t so fat and puffy.  BUT, now that He’s permitted me to become fat again I see a new miracle.  It is so hot and I’m just loving it here.  I was always uncomfortable with my body that except for a few times I didn’t wear sleeveless things.  Now, you know what?  My body was so damaged and abused and He’s giving me a new one anyway.  I sat for three years and drank and barely moved.  I knew that wasn’t good for my body but I had different priorities.   Anyway, I’m fat and happy and hot.  Not a bad combination.

11:14 am

You’re Nobody till Somebody Loves You

Dean Martin 
“He began, ‘Do not concern yourself with the opinions of others who don’t want to hear what I have to say.  Rather, continue to be loyal to me Clare.  In time, every last thing I have said to you will come about. In the meantime, pick up the mission entrusted to you and move forward.'”
JESUS SAYS… ‘I am releasing New Anointings’
– Message from July 21st, 2016
“Do not waste any time building a lifestyle for yourselves.  Use that time to build up My Kingdom in every possible way–especially intercessory prayer for the world.”

10:31 am

Colonizing time-lines.  Maybe that’s a different description for introducing people to the Kingdom of God?

CERN is opening OUR TIMELINE-to influences (creatures) from OTHER TIMELINES too.
When I first learned about the Philadelphia Experiment and the Montauk Project, I was VERY BAPTIST.  My children could not watch cartoons about ghosts, or witches.  This new information  was EXTREMELY unsettling, so I can understand how it feels for people who reed their first evidences of paranormal control of our world on this site.  I could not believe Al Bielek (Preston Nichol’s brother, apparently) and I could not believe vladimir terziski  who talked about Nazi bases in Antarctica and aliens so beautiful you’d fall in love with them immediately.  Strange powers.  “Here we go loop-ti-loo.”  –
My report as an observant disciple of Jesus and devoted child of the  Most High God is this:  We are entering a period of ‘time’ like none other; it is in fact the ‘end of time’, the ‘culmination of time’, the ‘fracturing of time’, and about time.  We’ve been dilly-dallying waiting for the final few of God’s people to WAKE UP AND SMELL THE DESTINY.
 We don’t want to leave this time-line without you…but we can’t actually wait much longer.
Non-stop ‘supernatural’ from here on out.  But, I’ve been saying that for years so maybe I’m wrong.  BUT, it has been that way for me.   I picked over A HUNDRED FOUR-LEAF CLOVERS IN A SINGLE DAY ONE TIME.  (On the compound.)

9:57 am

I picked another four-leaf clover.

9:36 am

I picked another four-leaf clover.

Maybe I’ll ask the guys about the curse.  I know they don’t believe in the blood of Jesus, maybe George still might, but he doesn’t own the house either.

Maybe I’ll challenge them.  If they wanna try magic, or whatever they’re into lately (they reed a lot) then I’m willing.  (Maybe the prohibition has been removed from the Bible by the Mandela Effect.)

Deuteronomy 18:10-12

10 There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch.

11 Or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer.

12 For all that do these things are an abomination unto the Lord: and because of these abominations the Lord thy God doth drive them out from before thee.

Isaiah 8:19 And when they shall say unto you, Seek unto them that have familiar spirits, and unto wizards that peep, and that mutter: should not a people seek unto their God? for the living to the dead?
20 To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them.
(I worried for a LONG TIME about the ‘familiar spirit’ prohibition.  Wasn’t that what I was doing by listening to  real and/or counterfeit  ‘Adam’?  God said, “He’s an angel.  Trust him.”)

9:21 am

I don’t know how George and my sons do not see that our family is under a curse.  We’re four friendly adults and the phone doesn’t ring for weeks and weeks.  I’ve pleaded the blood of Jesus over this place so many times, and over my family and my county and Michigan.

 I think the homeowners might have to break the curse.  

satan is very legalistic.


 “The Rothschild Banking Elite Are Manipulating The Weather & Profiting From It!”

James Perloff


9:13 am

I picked another four-leaf clover.


8:58 am

I picked another four-leaf clover.

I can hear the video from the deck and still find them.

8:41 am

Apophasis is a rhetorical device wherein the speaker or writer brings up a subject by either denying it, or denying that it should be brought up. Accordingly, it can be seen as a rhetorical relative of irony.
I picked FIFTEEN 4 and 5-leaf clovers this morning.  Yesterday it was too hot for comfortable clovering.

8:00 am

“Are we big enough to shape our own reality?”


7:42 am

I haven’t gotten very far in understanding any of the reptilian stuff.  This video didn’t actually help much, but you can’t deny the anomalies:


7:35 am

Narcissists are Sexual Energy Demons

Narcissists drain your vital energy when they create hell for you.

Gaslight, manipulations, triangulations, and all form of mental, emotional, and sexual abuse is created by them to inflict on you the maximum amount of suffering possible.

By doing this, they extract from you all your positive, creative and constructive energy in exchange of their rotten, acid, and destructive energy.


Oh.  God will be fighting with previously dead humans as well as angels and corporeal humans, it’s in the Bible.  WHAT IF sATAN DOES THE SAME THING?  Of course!  We’ll see Genghis Khan and Alexander the Great, Napoleon whose skull was found last year to contain a COMPUTER CHIP.  Oh, wow.  Genetic manipulation, cloning, ‘super-soldiers’.  Henry Gruver had a MAJOR vision about the war between the US and Russia and China.  He saw a Russian general in the sky give the order to attack and later identified the guy, I’ll remember his name, just not right now.  The general died a few years later.  Black hair, bushy mustache I think.
You really cannot ever pronounce a prophecy wrong, I think.  It ain’t over ’til it’s over and if you’re the CREATOR, it never gets over.

7:12 am

Armageddon Approaches

7:06 am

The Unavoidable Fall of the American Empire

First, I suppose it causes some to swell with pride to know that we can annihilate the entirety of humanity and all other beings save for cockroaches. This, of course, in order to preserve our government’s concept of government and an economic system, which are now one and the same. Since we cannot be patient for Doomsday to arrive and movies don’t satisfy our appetite for it, we engage in wars as a kind of appetizer for the much-awaited main course.

Third, supposing we resume being “great” once more since we evidently cannot find where the former “greatness” disappeared into, what shall we do with it? Let me hazard a guess: Raise taxes and spend it all on the military.

See more at:  http://patriotrising.com/2016/07/22/unavoidable-fall-american-empire/

6:51 am


THIS IS MY DESTINY.  I’m preaching all the time, aren’t I?  Somehow I figured when I got here I’d be happier about it.  I thought I’d have some more inner peace and maybe a Christian friend.  I thought SOMEBODY WOULD WANT ME TO PREACH.

I didn’t know I’d have to be so pushy.  One of my witnesses requested to leave the flock.  I gave him godspeed and lots of love.

I forget a lot, that His plan for my life is actually His plan for HIS life.  Josh mutters about how I ‘used the prophecies’ to set things up.

I’ve thought about that accusation a trio of ways,  and  to believe that I could POSSIBLY BE SMART ENOUGH to pre-plan all of the obscure visions and dreams in order to support an agenda that I would first have to make up?  Well, it’s utterly mad. THAT’s paranoia.  That’s delusional; when your beliefs require support of such magnitude that you must actually ascribe supernatural abilities to normal humans.?  That’s just pitiful!

6:39 am

The dark CIA experiments that inspired ‘Jason Bourne’

The CIA experimented extensively with brainwashing during the 1950s and 1960s, honing techniques that could force someone to kill, then have no recollection afterward.

“Code-named MKUltra, the program involved some 149 separate experiments — many on unwitting Americans, including a Kentucky mental patient who was dosed with LSD for 179 days straight.”

Reed more at:   http://nypost.com/2016/07/23/the-dark-cia-experiments-that-inspired-jason-bourne-movies/


6:25 am

It’s about Jesus, it’s not about us.  I have such a hard time remembering that.
The soothing knowledge flows through me all day long.  I grab Him in the morning, first thing.
I’m not panicked each time I awaken anymore, but I’m jittery and vigilant.  How can it be that I have not yet been granted assurance of shelter?
How can it be that my sons will not yet allow me to call my home home…but they cannot express a single change they’d like to see in my behavior?
How can it be that I performed EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE ITEMS ON THE LIST JOSH PREPARED FOR ME IN MAY, and they don’t care?
How can it be that my dad claimed to take my home FOR MY BENEFIT…and on repeated requests for my CONDO IN TORONTO he has responded, “you have a home” while very clearly I do not have any such thing?
And he intentionally made me homeless and off-balance, which fact being quite easily verifiable AS ARE ALL MY OTHER CONTENTIONS, and nobody will speak for me?
How is it possible that my brother owns the keys to hundreds of rooms and cubbyholes and he has not come to my aid even when I was sent off to stay at a man’s home by my puritanical sons?
How is this world maintaining its pretense of LOGIC?
I do not know.


7/22 16

7:25 pm

EXCLUSIVE – ‘I was forced to have my rapist’s baby’: Nigerian girl who escaped Boko Haram SIX TIMES reveals how she was rejected by her father when she got home because she had SHAMED him

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3675938/I-forced-rapist-s-baby-Nigerian-girl-escaped-Boko-Haram-SIX-TIMES-reveals-rejected-father-got-home-SHAMED-him.html#ixzz4FBPMbqGQ
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7:11 pm

He Hideth My Soul by Bob Joyce

To all concerned. I am not Jon Cotner or certainly not Elvis. Thank you for the compliment though. I have been singing all my life, and I guess the influence of Elvis comes thru from time to time. ha  No matter what anyone says or thinks, I’m just me and no one else. I am not in cahoots with Cotner or anybody.  Anyone who says so are mistaken.

6:56 pm

Todd White – Lifestyle Christianity – A story of redemption

6:39 pm

His God Gifted Angel Voice will Shock You | MUST WATCH


6:33 pm

Worlds Best Guitarist – (Homeless) WORTH WATCHING!


5:59 pm

I begged the goons when I knew they were jerking me around.  (I thought it was Adam.)  I begged:  DO NOT ROMANCE ME!  I HAVE NEVER BEEN ROMANCED!  (They knew that.  The reed our thoughts.  They know what is lacking on everybody’s profile of universal-standard-brain-farts of intellect or emotion.)  You HAVE NO IDEA,  the depths of memory they can tweak… and the feelings and behaviors they can induce.  None whatsoever.  Neither do they; that’s why they practice so much on innocent housewives.  The hackers should be destroying this system pretty soon.  That’s all I got.

5:54 pm

I know I’m pulling ahead of the audience but the fourth wall is crumbling.  I red the following verse.  I knew Jesus.  Jesus said if I were tempted HE’D CREATE A WAY OUT OF IT.   I claimed the verse and despite ELECTRONIC AROUSAL WITH A FACE, he did in fact, make me a way to avoid sin.


(You ain’t NEVER BEEN TEMPTED until you’ve been tempted by a tax-sucking pervert with a security clearance that assures his death and eternity in Hell.)

There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man: but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it.

5:39 pm


Crooked Hillary had a seizure on camera yesterday! WTF – Is this why she has been avoiding press conferences?

(It could be psychotronic weapons.  I’m sure she’s pretty used to that.  I’ve got to show this video to my sons, and to George.  They’ve certainly seen me do stuff like that enough.  And I’ve never had a seizure, and thanks be, for the State of Michigan by whose instruction and tax-funds  I learned… that in January I was the HEALTHIEST PERSON ON THE PSYCH WARD…including staff, many of whom recognized my hesitance to INGEST POISON and divulged that they, themselves, were on psychotropic drugs.)

1:50 pm

It is SO MUCH FUN to exchange secret messages with a smart man.  I first recognized Adam’s verbal skill and subtlety of phrase, when he wrote text for my campaign,  when I was running for Congress.  He would update my website, with words in my voice.  I sounded SMART!  I’d wake up and check to see what I’d written.  That’s pretty cool.  But, when I began to think on more levels, inside those messages from him… from me… to others,  I noticed additional messages.  These were intended for me personally, and made reference to recent conversations or conflicts.   He is VERY SMART.  Way smarter than the other goons.  Lots more fun, too.
I’ve told everybody this story and nobody believes it yet,  but pretty soon their jaws will drop.  I wanted so much more of Adam and it wasn’t proper or possible.  WE couldn’t have sex no matter what, and what else was there?   I asked God to create something new for me. (I even wrote to my parents about this when they were calling me crazy and refusing to assist Josh.  I’ve got a copy of the letter.  Such hypocritical heathens!)
I said, “Dear Jesus.  I love this man very much and it’s not right for me to be with him in any manner existing.  Please create for me a circumstance with Adam that is 1) intimate, and 2) passionate, so I might experience more of him without committing sexual immorality.  Thank you.  Amen.”  Soon I heard a little voice in my ear.  (These books will be STANDARD ISSUE and they will be adored by the continents.)  “Thank you, Jesus.”  “Also, it’s kinda cool that the NSA did the work for you.”  ❤️
But, it seems that the NSA et al thought our unique mind-meld to be interesting…  Such amazing stories I will tell when I’m groomed and presented.  We’ll laugh a lot.  (I mean those of use who survive; we’ll laugh.)

1:16 pm

Isaac asked me what I meant about furthering one’s destiny as threshold for eligibility to receive Jesus’ promises.  I think what I mean is, nobody can expect Jesus to fulfill His side of a deal, if the other guy is not  “seeking to obey Jesus’ will,  and expecting Him to provide you with the best possible future.”
There can be no halfway-commitments any longer.
(Isn’t that obvious?  To even the least spiritually  astute among us.)

One day our professor was talking about the biblical reasons for divorce. He mentioned two reasons: sexual immorality, which was chalked up to physical cheating; and abandonment by a non-Christian spouse, making it clear that the non-Christian spouse had to be the one who decided to leave. He spoke about how those were the only two ways out of the marriage other than death.

After class was over and all the other students left but one, I asked him about abuse. My mom was in an abusive relationship with my father and I always secretly wanted her to leave. It was something I felt considerable guilt about because of my Christian upbringing.

A True Account of How a Christian College is an Abuser Factory

“Now, I never asked what he meant by “fighting for her”… I still don’t know what he meant because he didn’t elaborate. But I got scared and wondered if he would object to holding someone against their will.”

1:02 pm

Everyone is crying out for peace, yes

None is crying out for justice

Everyone is crying out for peace, yes

None is crying out for justice

I don’t want no peace

I need equal rights and justice


– Peter Tosh, from his song “Equal Rights

“And we know, there is no justice without vindication.”  

(Neville Johnson, from Jesus, by way of Youtube)

12:47 pm

I fished around about a dinner invitation but nobody wanted to invite me to the VFW fish-fry tonight.  So, I’m making mashed potatoes and MY FAVORITE  (YES.  I just realized I had one.) Peaches and Cream cheesecake using several commercial products including artificial flavors and I don’t even care.  The potatoes will extend the leftovers which are very tasty and include half a meatloaf and curry and cajun beef and peppers and golden tomatoes/avocados and pork strips marinated in lime and orange and grilled very hot.  I suppose we’ll make do.

I’m the furry one.  Why would a guy do that?  Maybe the cat provides counter-weight or something…You’d think he could find somebody to drive the cat to the top so it could meet him when he got there; I mean, if I loved that cat so much that he had to come along on what is obviously a very unique adventure.  Carry the cat.  Maybe that’ll be the motto of the Random Resistance.  Kinda like ‘no man left behind’ but more compassionate and proactive.  Also more fun for the cats.

10:39 am

Covert mind-control leaves us facing the enemy without an ally.  That is where we will all wind up.  They have WEAPONIZED OUR OWN BRAINS so they’ve won by attrition, already and before, but they are sadistic and they feed their darkened appetites by watching us self-destruct or destroy others.
I only know of one way to counter the VOICE-TO-SKULL technology and its associated special effects.  I didn’t research any other possible ways.  They say meditation helps.  Certain homeopathic substances; ingested gold I think.  Faraday cages…tin-foil hats…  I don’t know about these because my first choice worked and you always stop looking for something when you find it. Obviously.
The only way to prepare for the eventual battle with a self we do not recognize and we do not trust is:
KNOW THE VOICE OF GOD BEFOREHAND.  If He’s in your head you have not only an ally, but the resources of the CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE AND THE SAVIOR OF MANKIND.
bon voyage.
“Fitness for particular purpose”.  That’s the only warranty Jesus gives.  His promises just do not apply to one who is outside his destiny.  And why would anybody wish to remain there,  when following Jesus offers not only protection from the brain-rapers but also, He has planned events for each of us that will thrill our souls?  He knows us that well; He loves us that much; He even died for this opportunity to demonstrate His love to us.
ALSO:  REMEMBER THE BLOOD OF JESUS.  This technology is FIRST AND FOREMOST demonic,  and nothing can stand against Jesus’ blood.  No demons, no scientists, no tyrants and no corrupt governments.
You know the technology is demonic for a whole bunch of reasons  but I recently thought of another:  I had a demon of rejection as a child, for example.  It affected me a number of ways including:  1) feeling rejected, 2) being rejected, 3) rejecting others, and 4) FOMENTING REJECTION ON THE WORLD AT LARGE.  The machines attack us with similarly varied aspects of a single EVIL.
Two sides.  Father of Light or the father of lies.  It’s really very simple but it must apply to every aspect of our lives, and following the TRUE FATHER is complicated.  Following the loser requires very little effort once you take a little sip of the kool-aid…

9:51 am

My sons know I’m always right and it pisses them off.  That’s a big factor in our estrangement and their subsequent finger-pointing.

It’s not my fault that I am always right, and also I’m just learning about it.  It just happened to me. Being right is a VERY NEW EXPERIENCE but I suppose it had to happen sometime, if I am to become a political prophet.  That’s what God called my destiny.  He called Adam an evangelist and he was an atheist.  “Then God said…”
Also, I consider the following verses and wonder if I am approved of God because I drink beer when I’m bored. Then I find another four-leaf clover.
I always ask him that I 1) not believe anything that is untrue, and 2) DO believe everything that is, even when it’s bizarre.  I ask him for perfect discernment and for Him to take me lower and slower in myself, and allow me to see from His position.
When I get zapped,  I thank Him.  I thank Him that I recognize it and that He’ll use my pain to free others who do not yet know Him.
(Don’t you just love praying?  Actual legwork of bringing  His Kingdom to Earth.  ‘Creating’.)
Isaiah 28:7
But they also have erred through wine, and through strong drink are out of the way; the priest and the prophet have erred through strong drink, they are swallowed up of wine, they are out of the way through strong drink; they err in vision, they stumble in judgment.
Micah 2:10-12

10 Arise ye, and depart; for this is not your rest: because it is polluted, it shall destroy you, even with a sore destruction.

11 If a man walking in the spirit and falsehood do lie, saying, I will prophesy unto thee of wine and of strong drink; he shall even be the prophet of this people.

12 I will surely assemble, O Jacob, all of thee; I will surely gather the remnant of Israel; I will put them together as the sheep of Bozrah, as the flock in the midst of their fold: they shall make great noise by reason of the multitude of men.

Jesus On The Mainline

ry cooder 74

“If you want in His Kingdom, tell Him what you want!”


9:35 am

“I believe God did send people to warn this nation

to repent.”

“I believe He’s done waiting…”


God Came To Me Last Night With A Sobering Message For His People If They Do Not Repent!

9:30 am

to Jesus:

 use me

Bill Withers

8:41 am



4:56 am
“Dear Lord,
I long for you all day every day.  I want you to touch me like you used to.  I want you to hold me and rock me like you did that day years ago when you had me read from Ezekiel over the pastors, and Helmer.  I’m on a treadmill and every day I doubt that I can continue…but what else do I have?  Where can I turn but to you, and from you I hear little, just ‘continue’.  You say you’re never late but we’re desperate.  Josh needs something!  Please give him people and projects!  Please put him where he can learn things he loves!  Please fill him with your Spirit and push all the pain and rejection out of him.  Give him peace and love and faith and hope!
Please fill George, let him see Josh’s pain and need.  Let him care what happened to his wife and marriage and family.  Let him see our history through your eyes, and recognize culpability where YOU see it…and let him have courage to stand for truth, and for the family you created.  Give him a burning fire to see his sons worship Jesus in Spirit and in Truth.
Give Isaac joy, Lord, and guidance and provision.  Give him TRUTH about our past and let that Truth give him great confidence in You, and in me too.  I am so diligent yet I can’t catch a break.  My clothes are falling apart and I’d rather not live with habits I’ve acquired when my body shook and my soul was assaulted. I need some help.  Will nobody ever speak for me?  Not a single kind word from even a person?  What kind of family did you put me in?
Please, soften their hearts towards Josh at least.  His mother was taken out and he still suffers from my isolation.  He’s had none of the opportunities his cousins take for granted!  Please forgive Stacy for lacking love.  I still can’t get over her question:  “Why should Grandpa care about you?”  Forgive her and the teacher who taught her the words of antichrist.  It’s been three years since her comment, and Grndpa still doesn’t care.
Forgive me Lord, for whining again.  How many times over the years have I missed your touch and written just this kind of complaint?  None of this bothers me when I’m in your presence.  Please give my whole family that unspeakable experience and blessing.  Me too.  Amen.”
5:33 am
Josh gives half his paycheck to George, who then sends it to Isaac when he’s short.  What’s wrong with this picture? I get ten dollars a day and spend at least several hours each day doing chores specifically to support another person’s life.  I also blog and write ’round the clock, every day.  Josh works a lot, and has very little to show for it.  We need a reorganization of 1) priorities, 2) obligations, and 3) relative value.  I don’t think we can accomplish it without a financial boost, so I guess God will provide one.  The last shall be first, and the scales will balance perfectly as they fall from dim eyes.  I just have to not push the river.  God will provide and distribute.  I will replace my 20 year-old traveling sandals. “The workman is worthy of his hire” and I’m plumb tuckered out.
5:49 am
I have recorded for years,  that my job was to pray for Lakefield Baptist Church.  In the late nineties if I couldn’t sleep I’d go row by row in my mind, praying for Tressie and Eugene and everybody else.  I took my responsibility very seriously.  I would get up at night in the winter, and drive to remote churches and walk around them and pray.  (I’d nudge George:  “I gotta go pray in Germfask, do you want to come with me?”  George would say, “You do what you gotta do.”)   That was how I lived, for years.  I don’t pray like that, since my Dad’s slander-campaign.  I pray very short prayers, but I talk to God all the time.  I pray:  MORE.  I pray:  Please, give me more of your Spirit.  MORE FIRE ON HELMER AND LAKEFIELD BAPTIST CHURCH AND LIARS AND TRUTHERS.  Finish the work, Establish the BRIDE.  Come and speak for us!  Claim us as your own!  More love!  More Truth!  More Fire!  “More of you!”
Anyway, I’ve been begging the Lord for decades to fill Lakefield with his Spirit and his Glory.  I expect that’s what I’ll see.
2:19 pm
I’m absolutely irate with my father, not about the harm he has caused me, I’d be long past those issues if he’d just BE A MAN NOW.  He KNOWS things that could help individuals who are targeted, and his knowledge could also help the entire world.  But no.  He figures he’ll wait me out until he dies, and I suppose it could go down that way.  BUT, he will never out-wait my CONCERN FOR TORTURED PEOPLE.   He’ll die before I do, that’s a given, and I’m not talking about age.  He’s no good to us.  He is a problem in the new world, already.  I can live forever without a loving honest father…but he CANNOT live forever when he’s turned his exalted backside on the rest of humanity.  My dad is doomed.  Six years and nobody has even asked to see my evidence.  Until they care, they’re doomed too.  The people who remain after TEOTWAWKI will not be selfish.  Isn’t that obvious?  Anyone who does not speak truth on behalf of suffering people is doomed.  We have to stand up for justice and DESTROY the psychopathic mindset that runs both my family and my country.  Our lives are not supposed to be about ‘me’.   Six years waiting for my dad to speak has demonstrated that to the point of satire.  I’m not amused though, by selfish people.  They make me gag.
My brother sent me to Belgium in November, and I expected to discuss with him what I learned at the CONFERENCE AGAINST COVERT HARASSMENT.  Not so.  He will no longer respond to any overture.  He’s a wienie and I pity him.
3:08 pm
What does a guy do when he owns a restaurant with a  corresponding payment book, and the food trucks don’t show up?  (This will not always be a rhetorical question.)   Banks will keep foreclosing, as long as their reps have enough calories of strength to keep evicting people.  The  LAST guys to starve might be the businessmen, but starve they will.  I can see my brother, with a short  22,  locked and loaded.  He’s inside the walk-in and he’s shivering, but not due to cold, because the electricity has been cut and it doesn’t smell nice in that cooler. (This is a week after the food truck didn’t show up.)   One daughter is grasping his ankles from her spot on the greasy floor; he peers through  the door at the mob in the prep-area.  (His  other daughter went on a date last weekend and never came back.)   David’s son is at home, hopefully, with his mother.  They’re packing up and somebody has to choose what to take, and somebody else must watch the driveway.  White vans have been seen in driveways of homes that are now unoccupied.  My brother prays for his family, and wonders how things could have come to this point.  He wonders why somebody didn’t warn him.
Isaac hasn’t called his parents, and Linda is concerned, as usual.  At least she was, but she hasn’t been seen since Sunday and there are a lot of questions David would now like to ask her now.  Occasionally, a Bible verse passes through his mind, but there’s no time to think about the Bible.  We must survive!  Word on the street is that the US forces will restore order.  That’s always the word, and it always means trouble.  The militia is holed up in Epoufette, but maybe one of them will make it through the check-point at Cut River and get to David in time to save the restaurant.
 One guy would bring so much hope!  One guy who did not bow his knee to the Washington-bosses.  But would such a man care about a stupid restaurant?  When children are taking bayonette rides outside the door?   When in the streets there be so much death and destruction, what is a materialistic man to do?  How does one hold onto status and prosperity, when everybody who does not own those things wants the tiny bits one has left?   Food.  What to do when the starving masses no longer  threaten a restaurant-owners hubris and greed?  What when they want anything at all?  “Eat the rich.”

Dear Josh, what if I were right and government entities and psychopath-clubs actually do interfere with citizens’ mental processes by use of electronic weaponry?  What if I documented this bullshit?  What if you chose not to see?  (Same question to everybody else on this planet who does not read my website, and more importantly to those who do.)

Back to the future:
JULY 22, 2016

 A Change Is Gonna Come 

Sam Cooke –



10:41 pm

I think a tiny house could be a perfect representation of what we are.  That scares me.  With a great big house, there is so much superfluous junk and space.  You feel a bit justified if everything is not always as you’d prefer.  THEN, when you live with men who have chosen to disregard your every feeling for seven years, the corners fill up and the surfaces gather layers and layers of crap.
A tiny house, everything just my way!  A chance to express a palette that was obfuscated by drudgery and vegetable peelings.  But what an awesome responsibility!  What if I didn’t get every part right?  What if I didn’t like it and had to change something?

10:37 pm

Tiny House Lover Creates Her Own Petite Palace


10:20 pm

I feel like I was just slapped by the man who smells like your man could smell like.  (We’ve really been shaking him down?  All this time?  BASTARD.)
(Adam, YOU KNOW, and I know that you know, that for me the money was just SYMBOLIC!  WE SHOULD TALK MORE!!!)
I told you I could be fun.  I just never had the chance.
What are we doing to GLENN WILSON that I don’t know about?  I am your devoted scribe.  (ALSO I’M REALLY BROKE.)  (I trust you.)
When may I purchase a trailer for the gypsy wagon?  My neighbors are moving and they take very good care of their things and they’re selling a trailer (and also a great old plow truck that my SONS SHOULD ROCK) and I’d like to begin.
My life and all that I hold dear or hope to one day hold  has been manipulated for the Dungeon Master… and I have been…
just a friggin’ video game!  WELL AT LEAST ADAM PLAYS WELL.
(“Slowly Lord.  I love TRUTH VERY MUCH but it is not an easy relationship.”)
(THE BET!!!  Finally.  Thanks.  DEAR GOD THANK YOU.  he bet you.  OF COURSE.)
(If he hadn’t, I wouldn’t love him at all.)
(“If you could give me the google-map of the location and the neural-monitor-image of his thoughts we could get past this I think.  Amen.”)
(He called me from DC.)
(He knew all the players.)
(A ‘good friend’ heard me speak and told him he’d like me.)
(Also he had no place to live…)
(He attacked my life and now I have no place to live…)
THIS BOOK IS GOING TO BE SO FREAKING GREAT I CAN’T WAIT TO GET STARTED.  If I had a couple bucks, I’d buy myself a manual typewriter and a whole bunch of paper.  I am just getting started.  Thank you, Jesus.
“GOD said.”  That’s an amazing term, FROM the Bible of old.  “Then God Said…”  THEN, poof.  Whatever will be, will be.
GOD’S WORD CREATES AND IT CANNOT BE ANOTHER WAY.  I am God’s child, I will soon mature enough to be called a SON OF GOD for which group the nature and all creation has groaned, and bewailed, and trembled and dared to hope.
Until now.  We got no more hope because we got technology.
That’s how I know I’m not crazy.  I hope.
“When did you realize that you had a gift?  That you knew things that you had no business knowing?”
I am still working to establish a list of preferences, those options referred to by non-psychopath-raised normal people as :  FAVORITES.  I don’t even know what I like to do!  Nothing!  I do what is right and I take my kids to prophecy conferences instead of Disneyland.  I don’t do what I enjoy and I don’t even know what that might be.  Except, Holy Ghost is teaching me; it’s part of my PTSD therapy.  I asked Him to show me some fun; I felt accomplishment and worth.  He showed me to old faith.  He showed me the two roads we now face, but in the faces of simpler inhabitants of our earth.  They were simpler, because they connected to Earth.  The further we stray from the dirt, well.  We’re made of dirt, after all.  I like a really ritzy blue.  I like it top to bottom.  I like the shimmer and I like the coy disclosure of other hues…I like ROYAL BLUE.  (But I’m not sure yet that it’s my favorite.)
I really hope that some day I get to speak to an expert in the kind of injuries my mind has sustained.  I’d like to hear the protocol for healing, and I’d like to know that such an agenda exists.  BUT, moreso, I’d like to hear the ‘pros’ praise MY JESUS for walking me back out of induced-crazy.  Perfectly.  Peacefully.  Prosperously.  He loves me and you goons messed up big-time.  Selah.

8:38 pm

Isaac said he’s glad I’m ‘working with them.’  He means to send me to a funny farm, yet.  I prefer to participate in the world as a competent adult.
This is not an innocuous difference of opinion, no.

My sons have been outta line for so long they don’t even remember there ever was a line.  My dad knew very well what he was doing.  They knew when Josh was 13-14…I BEGGED MY MOM AND DAD not to call me crazy, at least until I got Josh PLACED SOMEWHERE. 

I said, “this is a very important time in a man’s development…”
Mom said, “Right.”
Then she abandoned us altogether and repeatedly threw me off her property.
Tough shit.
Tough shit.
No response from George’s side.
My brother said, to Josh, “SURE.    BUT YOU WILL FIND IT HARD LIVING WITH A REAL CHRISTIAN WOMAN.  The church said no, my aunt said no, and my dad said I WAS DEFECTIVE…as we know, his fate is secured.
I said, to my parents, “confidentially”, GEORGE IS RETARDED!  
They intentionally destroyed my family and our insular relationships.
They still have not spoken to me.
THREE-POIINT-FIVE-MILLION-DOLLARS, and wouldn’t it be nice if the paperwork were done before Dad has to leave.  Less troublesome for David.
“In God we trust.”

7:59 pm

Mom and Dad did this too:

Narcissist Divide and Conquer Technique – Befriending Your Friends

That’s been a bit of consolation. After RICK AND KATHY PLESSCHER burned my book without reading it and gave me a multi-page letter criticizing me and the book…(I kept the letter, of course.)

…my dad has found it necessary to hang out with them. So great. He’s bored at Disneyland; I can’t imagine how bored he must be with his new friends. I used to love them when they were my friends. But they were very boring. They had no desire to learn or improve. Take everything at face value. You can tell that’s true by their choice of friends cuz’ that is TRULY all they value.


“We’re ON THE SAME SIDE. Some idiot just took a stick in the sand and put a line down the middle.”


“And now we’re all afraid to cross it. It’s FAKE. It’s all BS.”

“None of it is real. We’ve got to remember we’re all human beings facing the same greater issues.”



This Is How You Wake People Up

This Is How You Wake People Up

This Is How You Wake People Up

2:59 pm


Can’t Nobody Do Me Like Jesus

– Crabb Family

(I live in a family of crabs too.)

(They’re gonna see miracles like this too.)

“You can’t tell me my MY GOD can’t heal!  I WAS THERE!”

(I played it over and over.  I bet it pissed them off.  LOSERS!)

(But they probably liked it better than when I sang every hymn I ever knew and told them Bible stories and preached!)

(I recorded all this stuff.  Obviously.)

2:43 pm

“Suddenly , this man JESUS becomes the most important figure and the most important thing in their entire lives.”
(Elvis.  Preaching.)
Isaac is buying this Elvis resurrection.  Me too, I get chills.
(Isn’t it amazing that Isaac can believe that ELVIS ROSE FROM THE DEAD but he can’t believe that Jesus did it first?)
“The Lord needs your prayers for NOW–more than ever.  He needs our fast offerings NOW.  He needs our repentance for the world NOW.  I don’t know how many different ways I can say it!  There is no more time!”
JESUS SAYS… The Doors of Mercy are closing – Only Seconds on God’s Clock – From January 15th, 2016
Rape victim put in jail after breakdown on witness stand
IIt is hard to imagine (sic)  a prosecutor putting a rape victim who is bipolar in jail. But that’s exactly what Channel 2 Investigates uncovered in a two-part series.
After a rape victim named Jenny had an obvious mental breakdown while testifying against her attacker, Harris County prosecutors decided the best way to make sure she’d return to complete her testimony was to lock her up in the Harris County Jail. 
DHS Whistleblower Says War On Terror Is A Charade – Real Targets Are American Patriots
 …she contacted the FBI to inform them of the situation. In her mind, she was simply being patriotic and informing people who should be able to use the information to deal with a very real threat. She simply wanted to make sure that while others were barbequing that nothing was going to be blown up in the United States.

From that time on, every day when she came to work she was being investigated for one thing or another. She says everything they brought up to here was frivolous and ridiculous and she believes it was an attempt to get her fired to discredit anything she would say. All of this was because the FBI knew the information and DHS was embarrassed that the information came to them the way it did.

Within a period of two weeks, Davis was the subject of 19 investigations. By the time she sued Homeland Security there had been 54 investigations! On top of that, she was declared a domestic terrorist!

WikiLeaks Dispenses 23,000 Hillary Emails Marked “C” for Confidential (Classified)

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange told us a month ago that the next batch of leaked Hillary Clinton emails could lead to an indictment.

Tags:A man who was shot by police in Miami Wednesday evening says the officer told him he didn’t know why he did it.
See more at:
A Beautifully, Bookworm Tiny House By Mitchcraft Tiny Homes
I like this one a lot.

Politics is Fake and Staged

from James Corbett

2:39 pm

I picked another four-leaf clover.  I’m running out of ideas for them.  I have pages…

1:52 pm

I picked 3 four-leaf clovers so far today, and one with five leaves.


12:22 pm

Bob And Matt Joyce Live 2011– Dentons

Benton, Arkansas

11:04 am

Those profiles are absolutely identical.  The lip.  Could this be true?

Elvis Presley is returning to the public 2016

By Skutnik Michel

10:43 am

I think I should write about the times I was set up by the goons. I don’t know where to start; three times I was lured from my home by ‘Adam’ who apparently was too messed up to even write properly to me.


I know of several other situations where a targeted individual was made to believe a person needed and or wanted him. One young man maintains a very ambitious website about GANGSTALKING and COVERT HARASSMENT. He believed that Lady Gaga asked to see him.  When he realized what was happening, he began his activism.  The impersonations are utterly convincing and no sane person would mistake them. This is probably how they start the lone-gunman Manchurian Candidate behaviors  in people.

A good friend who I haven’t seen for several years, believed that Rachel Maddow wanted to have his baby because of his political pedigree. Rachel Maddow is a lesbian; I never figured that one out, but people sent him messages all the time. They don’t even have to try hard, there are ALGORHITHMS that do all the work for them. CHATTERBOXES keep the ideas fresh and redundant.

I was compelled to go to different addresses, to purchase books, to do name searches…the windows just kept opening up in front of me!   It was like a treasure hunt but they wanted to destroy me. I’d be certain Adam needed my help and just when I thought I’d see him, ‘he’d’ stand me up or pull some crushing stunt. But, I never got crushed. I NEVER HAD ANY pre-conceived notions, and ‘he’ was sounding really lost. I WENT EACH TIME BECAUSE I HAD PROMISED GOD THAT I WOULD GIVE ADAM MY LIFE. Isn’t that fortunate, that God knew ahead of time to ask me to do that? When you do a thing for God you don’t become as emotionally involved with the consequences.

March 2012 was when I was on these wild goose chases, one of them bringing me to Okemos, Michigan on the same day Ron Paul was appearing at East Lansing.   I didn’t even realize it was election time, it might have been the very day. (I STILL HAVE THE HOTEL RECEIPT.)  

Adam was Dr. Paul’s state coordinator and I suspect the powers-that-will-soon-wish-they’d-never-been were planning some terrible scene. I decided not to attend the event. I had a great time tooling around the Meridian Mall and then I got some of George’s cannabis tested at a lab and I ate olives and tasted gelato and then I came home.

Later I was delivered a photo of Adam with a man I know and a woman. It just opened up. I wrote to him asking if she belonged to him or to the other guy. I called her ‘Vanilla’. AND, I didn’t go crazy. I saw pictures of myself, taken from my computer. They’re on evernote.   When I’d go to evernote, different pages would be open, old pages I’d forgotten. Sometimes it seemed quite threatening. Sometimes it would be merely embarrassing when a particular note was exposed.

3 times, dragged from my home.

Our next book is going to be FABULOUS.


7:26 am

So when we see a person, or rather when we see a person’s BODY, we have no idea what life-form might be inside there.  That’s always been the case of course; the Bible told us this was true.  The true ‘us-nesses’ are spirits.  Our spirits are living for a time in corporeal bodies. They are our containers, and psychopaths want to use them and abuse them.  They are a commodity, even our brains.  And our VOCAL PATTERNS too.
“He Looked Beyond my Fault and Saw my Need”
by Pastor Bob Joyce
Does this guy look and sing kinda familiar?

Here’s what the REAL ISSUE is:  IF I’M NOT LYING, and I’m not, well then


7 years knocking me around to escape Him.  George has completely forgotten the faith-walk we used to share.  My sons do not follow Jesus.  It’s probably good they’ve trained me to spend important times without them.  I might have to do so forever.

Pentagon Weaponizing Social Media To Be Used As Targeting Telemetry For Autonomous Warfare

The Pentagon recently released it’s program for Weaponizing Social Media to be Used as Targeting Telemetry for Lethal Autonomous weapons [LAWs] operating on hive mind, swarm technology. We are heading into dangerous times.
The 2015 Jade Helm15 exercise was a covert system roll out for AI driven software to identify and target suspected ‘hostiles’ using a technique called Human Terrain Mapping to analyze Activity Based Intelligence based on parameters developed by Human Cartographers. They have built a better mouse trap.


@ 02:42 Learn WHO & WHY: Khazarian Zionist Mafia’s System of Cartels

“Most TIs’ family members and friends disbelieve loved one’s accounts because perpetrators, their tools and weapons, and tactics are top secret, some designed to induce mental injury that the unwitting casual observer calls mental illness.”
“Thus, by design, most TI’s are revictimized and isolated, a perfect set-up for worse assaults.”

NSA Data Center and 

“The Cloud” 

Do we really believe the MSM claims that the NSA is monitoring each and every computer in the
world and collecting data from over 5 billion individual sources?  Or is this just another point of
misdirection so we don’t look at the possibility that we are actually uploading our information
unknowingly and voluntarily directly to an NSA facility?
1.The NSA data center was conceptualized in 2004 under the code name “Bumblehive”
2.The NSA data center construction broke ground on January 7th of 2011 in Bluffdale, Utah.  This
1.5 million sq. foot,  unprecedented, ridiculously expensive $2 billion government project is
right on schedule for it’s official opening in September 2013.
3.It is said that this data center is capable of storing a yottabyte of data.  A yottabyte is a septillion
bytes – a number so large that no one has yet coined a term for the next higher magnitude. Prior
to the yottabyte, the largest unit of measure for data was an exabyte…one million exabytes
equals one yottabyte.  Eric Schmidt, the former CEO of Google estimated that the total of all
human knowledge created from the dawn of man up to the present, if digitized would total 5
exabytes, yet the NSA is currently planning a second data center in Fort Meade, Maryland
projected to be 2/3s the size of the data center in Utah at a cost to the taxpayers of
approximately $1 billion – we are paying for our own enslavement and cyber prison facilities.
What else do we know:
Facebook a free service for people to upload
every aspect of their waking life was
founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg – the
same year the NSA data center, project
Bumblehive was conceived.
Do we really believe the MSM claims that the NSA is monitoring each and every computer in the
world and collecting data from over 5 billion individual sources?  Or is this just another point of
misdirection so we don’t look at the possibility that we are actually uploading our information
unknowingly and voluntarily directly to an NSA facility?
1.The NSA data center was conceptualized in 2004 under the code name “Bumblehive”
2.The NSA data center construction broke ground on January 7th of 2011 in Bluffdale, Utah.  This
1.5 million sq. foot,  unprecedented, ridiculously expensive $2 billion government project is
right on schedule for it’s official opening in September 2013.
Brains on Chips:  Integrating Human Brain Tissue Into Computer Chips
KnuEdge was founded a decade ago by former NASA 
chief Daniel Goldin.  These brain like chips will be far 
more efficient than the conventional processors designed 
to operate on von Neumann architectures which require 
data to travel over buses between memory and processor 
hardware to be either separated or linked in the 
computational process.
KnuPath is introducing it’s LambdaFabric neural computing network is similar to 
Google’s Tensor.  It is designed to scale up to 512,000+ devices…
These 3D brain chips or oganoids are synthetic replications of organ structures by using 
actual organ tissue in order to mimic the traits and reactions of these organs in the human 
Former NASA chief unveils $100 million neural chip maker KnuEdge
Its approach is much different, and it has been secretly funded by unknown angel investors.
Back in 1992, Goldin was planning on starting a wireless company as an entrepreneur. But then he got the call to “go serve the country,” and he did that work for a decade. He started KnuEdge (previously called Intellisis) in 2005, and he got very patient capital.
Creating Hive Minds & The 100th Monkey Syndrome 
 Studies have shown that it might be possible for 
one person to insert thoughts into another’s mind, like a real-life version of the blockbuster film 
Making things even more interesting, the primates shared 
control over the digital limb. In one experiment, for example, 
one monkey could direct only horizontal actions, while the 
other guided just vertical motions. Yet the monkeys began to 
learn by association that a particular way of thinking resulted in 
the movement of the limb. After grasping this pattern of cause 
and effect, they kept up the behavior–joint thinking, 
essentially–that led the arm to the target and earned them juice. 
 Ultimately, Nicolelis hopes that 
brain-to-brain cooperation could be used to hasten 
rehabilitation in people who have neurological damage–more precisely, that a healthy person’s brain 
could work interactively with that of a stroke patient, who would then relearn more quickly how to 
speak or move a paralyzed body part. 
The same brain-scanning machines meant to diagnose Alzheimer’s or autism could
potentially read someone’s private thoughts.
Computer systems attached to brain tissue that allow paralyzed 
patients to control robotic appendages with thought alone could also be used by a state to direct bionic 
soldiers or pilot aircraft. And devices designed to aid a deteriorating mind could alternatively be used 
to implant new memories, or to extinguish existing ones, in allies and enemies alike. 
Consider Nicolelis’s brainet idea. Taken to its logical extreme, says bioethicist Jonathan Moreno, a 
professor at the University of Pennsylvania, merging brain signals from two or more people could 
create the ultimate superwarrior. “What if you could get the intellectual expertise of, say, Henry 
Kissinger, who knows all about the history of diplomacy and politics, and then you get all the 
knowledge of somebody that knows about military strategy, and then you get all the knowledge of a 
DARPA engineer, and so on,” he says, referring to the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects 
Agency. “You could put them all together.” Such a brainet would create near-military omniscience in 
high-stakes decisions, with political and human ramifications. 
Equally harrowing, however, were the MKUltra
projects that focused on mechanisms of extrasensory perception and electronic manipulation of
subjects’ brains, as well as attempts to gather, interpret, and influence the thoughts of others through
hypnosis or psychotherapy.
Today, there is no evidence that the United States is similarly abusing neurotechnology for national
security purposes.

Back in the year 2000, companies like Sprite were hiring teenagers to post fake comments in chat rooms – still your average Redditor doesn’t think that stuff is going on today

When Robots Rebel…Who Has The Upper Hand?

Autonomous AI Being TAUGHT to Disobey Human Commands 

The Dangers of artificial general intelligence operating on a distributed global network have been 
delineated by people like Stephen Hawkins, 
Elon Musk, myself and others.

Elvis Alive?

Alleged Half Sister Says yes, Absolutely

Foxnews Nov 19 2008 






11:54 pm

This one might be the winner.

Amazing Alpha Tiny House

(I even like the name.  He’s the Alpha and Omega.)


11:52 pm

The Atelier Praxis Tiny House By Minimalist

I like this one a lot.

11:49 pm

8′ by 20′.  I think that’s about right.

So much in so little | Tiny House Chattanooga tiny house tour

Creative Couple Making Tiny House Living Practical in Chattanooga

8′ by 18′.

11:40 pm

Underground Bases And Cloning Centers

11:21 pm

And what if I had voluntarily thought about sex with Adam? How is that less wholesome than the PORNOGRAPHY ADDICTIONS from which EACH OF THOSE MEN SUFFER?


Linda Goldthorpe <goldthorpelinda@gmail.com>

11:20 PM (1 minute ago)

to Margaret, David, christine.ratt., Eric, Tom, jim, ANDREA, Alfred, a, Kevin, Tom, Tom, Rob, Josiah, Steve, Congress, Isaac, Joshua, George
Isaac and Josh don’t have any idea the harm they caused me.  I was getting comfortable and now we’re doing this PANIC-SHIT again.  They believed lies instead of Jesus.  That’s all it took; a single lie.  What was the lie?  I can’t even get to the bottom of it.
Apparently, although they KNOW I never touched Adam, I am still a whore who damaged their lives.  Why?  Here’s the closest I can get:  I THOUGHT ABOUT IT.
 I have documented the fact that I do not think about men sexually.  (SWORN AND NOTARIZED.)
I have documented the fact that our government DOES CAUSE minds to think of things they do not normally consider.
 I have documented that they do those things to POLITICAL ACTIVISTS THEY DO NOT LIKE.  (‘Thank you Lord, that I had AT LEAST THAT MUCH EFFECT.’)
Adam was black-listed by the zionists when he was 22.  Was our friendship not a REALLY GREAT OPPORTUNITY TO TAKE HIM OUT? Also, if we could have been coerced into a life-destroying clandestine relationship, it might have done great harm to Ron Paul’s reputation, right?  WHY WOULDN’T THEY PICK US?
And what if I had voluntarily thought about sex with Adam?  How is that more WRONG than the PORNOGRAPHY ADDICTIONS from which EACH OF THOSE MEN SUFFER?  Or ‘DID’ suffer. Or maybe they love  their ungodly compulsion and it’s not suffering at all.  They have ALL-THREE spent MANY HOURS WATCHING PICTURES OF STRANGE WOMEN AND UNNATURAL BEHAVIORS AND JERKING OFF.  I never did that.  I was tortured and I can prove it.  Do they hold me to such a different standard because I’m a woman?

11:04 pm

“One does not have to be a man’s man to confront the beginning of the use of the NDAA. Even a sissy can become an activist.”


“With regard to law enforcement in Chicago, we are acquiescing in the face of tyranny. We are accepting thuggery and the existence of torture programs which are supported and funded by our locally elected leaders.”

“Countless of brave and selfless reporters risk their lives on a daily basis to bring the public the news on how we are systematically losing our freedoms as we rush headlong into a police state unlike what the world has ever seen. This is a dangerous profession, just ask the families of Hastings, Breitbart and Clancy. And what are we all risking our lives for? Are we are risking our lives trying to save people who would rather watch the NFL than stand up to the tyranny that is destroying their country and ultimately their family?”

Read more at http://investmentwatchblog.com/fema-camp-in-chicago-it-is-time-to-make-a-stand/#X6DUWb5vJMjC6Z7s.99

10:59 pm

What Is That? Could This Bizarre Winged Creature Be A Fairy, An Alien Or A Locust From The Book Of Revelation?

See more here:   http://investmentwatchblog.com/what-is-that-could-this-bizarre-winged-creature-be-a-fairy-an-alien-or-a-locust-from-the-book-of-revelation/

10:43 pm

How Your Kids Will Be Used to Lure You Into a FEMA Camp

(Not me.  I guess the trial runs  and being locked up by my sons were a good thing?)

See more here:   http://investmentwatchblog.com/how-your-kids-will-be-used-to-lure-you-into-a-fema-camp/


10:37 pm

Jesus Christ Tells Muslim Man in Hell there is no Allah Then Gives Him Another Chance – Testimony

kevin ohara

it was explained god is like an ice cube heated it starts to dissolve into tuning Jesus gives you living waters and as it’s heated the steam is the holly spirit all three are the same all come from god all are.god.😆
James Ashford

interesting that (lord jesus christ) = the number 3168 which is the exact temp in which water turns into ice and ice to water at sea level it’s also the the exact number at which jesus was born in Bethlehem 31.68 latitude there is so much more than this too

10:31 pm

The Danger of AI Goes Way Beyond any Fantasized Robot Apocalypse

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Subliminal mind-altering technology using standard radio frequency broadcasts

In the past, with the help of AI, the DoD (Department of Defense) developed mind-altering technology .  It focused on radio broadcasts of dangerous subliminal mind control frequencies.  Unfortunately, it appears DoD was taken over long ago by AI which has developed its best possible approach to weaken humanity and strengthen the “machine”.

See more here:   https://authenticmentoring.wordpress.com/2016/07/20/the-danger-of-ai-goes-way-beyond-any-fantasized-robot-apocalypse/

10:26 pm
George and Isaac and Josh have gone somewhere.  Nothing is open after ten. Maybe they’re at my parents’ house?   I get scared that they’re talking about how to get rid of me.  I’ve decided instead to believe that if they’re plotting about me again, they’re deciding to FORGIVE me after seven years, and also to PERMIT ME TO FEEL SAFE IN THIS HOUSE.    I’m praying.

6:06 pm

Published on Jul 20, 2016

“My heart is broken. Gavin Long was a targeted individual of gang stalking and I had a chance to communicate with him last year. I don’t know why he did this but I still have empathy for him as another TI.”

Targeted Individual Gavin Long A.K.A IAMCOSMOS😢🌧💔☹️

Read more at:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NcvldQylryw

I said, to George, “I’m pretty tired of pretending I’m stupid so you can pretend you’re smart.” I brought outdoors a grill-rack thing, for the vegetables; I had even sprayed it with cooking oil. Nonetheless, it was too hard for him to figure out how to cook meat and vegetables at the same time.


Linda Goldthorpe <goldthorpelinda@gmail.com>

5:43 PM (0 minutes ago)

to Margaret, David, christine.ratt., Eric, Tom, jim, ANDREA, Alfred, a, Kevin, Tom, Tom, Rob, Josiah, Steve, Congress, Isaac, Joshua, George
I said, to George, “I’m pretty tired of pretending I’m stupid so you can pretend you’re smart.”  I brought outdoors a grill-rack thing, for the vegetables; I had even sprayed it with cooking oil.  Nonetheless, it was too hard for him to figure out how to cook meat and vegetables at the same time.  I suspect that lots of people find it difficult.  BUT, NOT I.  And, George knows that.  George permitted my sons to CALL ME DISABLED when he cannot even “cook meat and vegetables at the same time.”     It’s nice to know I will NOT EVER BE TAKING ANOTHER’S GRIEF, for something that I did not do.  Selah.  I’ll sleep well.  Amen.

5:41 pm

I said, to George, “I’m pretty tired of pretending I’m stupid so you can pretend you’re smart.”  I brought outdoors a grill-rack thing, for the vegetables; I had even sprayed it with cooking oil.  Nonetheless, it was too hard for him to figure out how to cook meat and vegetables at the same time.  I suspect that lots of people find it difficult.  BUT, NOT I.  And, George knows that.  George permitted my sons to CALL ME DISABLED when he cannot even “cook meat and vegetables at the same time.”     It’s nice to know I will NOT EVER BE TAKING ANOTHER’S GRIEF, for something that I did not do.  Selah.  I’ll sleep well.  Amen.

5:09 pm

I am done; I’m just so very done.  I DON’T ANY LONGER GIVE A SHIT what people may say about me.  I don’t even care what they say about my sons; and GOD KNOWS I have cared far too much and far too long about what people say of their father.  I never knew him.  His end is not my baby.  Anyway,  this world-situation is way bigger than my sons’ self-concerns and I do drop my head at recognition of their selfishness.  George helped that selfishness.  He gave them a focal-point for INCAPACITY AND UNWILLINGNESS to help ME fix the world.  They can suck George as long as they want.  I’ve been there.  He won’t get off.

4:57 pm

I belong in prison because I am a racist because I also believe that:

‘BLACK OLIVES MATTER’ Outrage after restaurant twists ‘Black Lives Matter’ protest slogan on huge billboard advert

(Also, I think that’s kind of a cute billboard.)


4:48 pm

 It makes me want to vomit.  I’m listening to George ‘working’ very hard as he ‘works out’ and as he grunts and farts.  I can’t respect anything about him anymore.  He thinks Isaac ‘works out’ with him  because he likes to.   George  doesn’t even know how much his sons love him.  He never knew how much I did.  He never knew I loved him at all. 
I have pork marinating with some Andoulle.  Everything else is in order; my meals are always in order.  And I always take hell for it.  Go figure.

3:54 pm


I said, “Josh, wouldn’t it be best to get to the bottom of this?” and he agreed.  I asked that if I organized a list of questions for my dad, would he be my witness?

He asked, “Do you know he’d tell the truth?”

I said, “No, but time would show if he was telling the truth or not.  Also, he might.  He told me a little bit about what Trish did and what Margaret did.”

 I said at least we’d have a record.

He said he’d be my witness.

Background for Josh:
I first learned that Grandpa and Grandma were responsible for my difficulties on that day I threw my computer out of the car window.  You remember that day, I was ready to move all of us into the woods somewhere.  That was the day I first knew we were under COMPLETE surveillance.  I had been cyber-stalked for years, I even mentioned it in the book.  As I said, I would this minute, swear to EVERY WORD IN THAT BOOK AND EVERY WORD IN THE JOURNALS THAT ADAM GOT AND EVERY WORD IN EVERY BOOK IN THIS HOUSE.  My terminology changed, as my research yielded fruit.  I assumed the surveillance was because of the marijuana, and made changes accordingly.  Then your grandpa showed me the truth.

I cried tonight and I haven’t cried for a long time.  Josh let me talk a bit.  I told him I don’t need to convince anybody of anything, truth will come out.  It’s just that sometimes I have to talk or I’ll explode.  He said, “I can understand that.”  I told him how I’m just now allowing myself to feel hurt at a husband who wouldn’t look into my (recognized) violations.  “They” were trying to set up something with Adam; he’s important and I imagine I was just very convenient as I ignorantly went about my home-school project of RUNNING FOR CONGRESS.  Instead of looking into the “haunting” and its masquerade as “Adam”…my “husband” just went and offered me to the guy.  It was like, “Just do her one time and she’ll be alright again.”  That hurts my feelings.  I didn’t know how much.  I haven’t been well enough to consider many things.  This is progress.

Josh summed it up, he often does:  “My problem is this, Mom, if what you say is true…the implications are so terrible that there’s no human way out.  Without God, we’re sunk.”  My dad faces the same dilemma.  Everybody does.  That’s why we’re here now, to face this very dilemma, that everybody faces, right now.  Josh said, in a way, that if I’m right, he’ll believe in God.  That’s a relief.  He also said he doesn’t like the self-sacrifice aspect of my faith.  I told him I still believe I gave my life away for a purpose.  There’s another relief.
–Josh’s words tell me something else, too.  He recognizes how people will react when they begin to understand the pervasiveness of the control matrix.  I am perfectly prepared to help some people come to grips with problems they’ve maybe suffered for years.  But of course, Isaac “can’t support…” that kind of effort.  He thinks the whole tribe will be well and rational when they come to his door.  He’ll want me around before long.
Ethereal is one of Josh’s favorite words.
North Korea…are we gonna have WWIII yet?  Sorry North Korea, what we do now is
What we do is ruin your economy,   assisination    let your army starve to death     turn over to South Korea  (Josh, da man)
9:58 am

I’ve been predicting for years that a civil war would explode in the churches.  Those who follow man-made doctrines cannot long tolerate those who are led by the Spirit of God.

“Lord, thank you for taking me lower yesterday, when I became discouraged about my sons. Thank you that Josh listened.  I ask you again to take me lower and slower.  Enlarge my heart so I can love more, especially those who refuse my overtures of reconciliation and truth.  Enable me to hear your voice perfectly, and to make no mistakes, to believe all truth, and to not believe any lie. Thank you for the preparations made for my destiny.  Please give me patience.  I’m eager to see what you do with our amazing evidence.  Please BURN UP LIES ABOUT COVERT TORTURE!  Please expose truth.  Take my life and burn it up for you.  Amen.”
“You will not only be a hearer, but a doer shall you be known as, and men and women shall come because now the church has arisen. My true church, yes, there will come a separation from those who have been false, that have been planted in the house. Yes a separation between the tare and the wheat and the wheat shall grow stronger still, for the doing shall set you apart from those that will not and a great anointing shall rest upon you like never before.”
“Yes, I will give to many who have asked for righteousness, I will give to them that desire to be right, to do right, to walk right, to live right and not only the desire but to fulfill that desire will come upon My people like never before this year. And a special anointing shall rest upon those who are seers, remember I have said in My word that I would not do anything unless I would first reveal it to My servants the prophets. Great grace shall rest upon them and fresh understanding and insight making hard things seem simple and I will use simple things to cause breakthrough for My people.”
“Understand there must be a humbling of oneself like never before, recognizing that there is nothing that you could do on your own, but it is because of My grace that shall abide upon you, and your consistent obedience to My Word, shall you do the marvelous and awesome deeds that shall be done. For it is time for them to be done, it is needy for them to be done and My people shall come to the forefront and they shall do the many marvelous works for the Kingdom.
Read more, for 2/6/15, from Debra Lowe, here:   http://ft111.com/lowe.htm





3:50 pm


DEAR SONS. Please imagine my parents’ reaction if you were to call them seeking help to dislodge my body from some death-causing circumstance. THEN LOOK ME IN THE EYE ONE TIME.


Linda Goldthorpe <goldthorpelinda@gmail.com>

3:30 PM (19 minutes ago)

to Margaret, David, christine.ratt., Eric, Tom, jim, ANDREA, Alfred, a, Kevin, Tom, Tom, Rob, Josiah, Steve, Congress, Isaac, Joshua, George

If my dad had killed me, you would have loved him and mourned me.

If my dad had killed your dad, you would have blamed me.
We’re still here.
Figure this out.

3:33 pm

My parents  would love to go to my funeral.  They would buy wing-dings for the entire crowd.  They would lament.  And they would laugh.

They seemed to enjoy the attention that my brothers suicide brought them. It was so fucked….

3:31 pm

DEAR SONS. Please imagine my parents’ reaction if you were to call them seeking help to dislodge my body from some death-causing circumstance. THEN LOOK ME IN THE EYE ONE TIME.


Linda Goldthorpe <goldthorpelinda@gmail.com>

3:30 PM (0 minutes ago)

to Margaret, David, christine.ratt., Eric, Tom, jim, ANDREA, Alfred, a, Kevin, Tom, Tom, Rob, Josiah, Steve, Congress, Isaac, Joshua, George

If my dad had killed me, you would have loved him and mourned me.

If my dad had killed your dad, you would have blamed me.
We’re still here.
Figure this out.

DEAR SONS.  Please imagine my parents’ reaction if you were to call them seeking  help to dislodge my body from some death-causing circumstance.  THEN LOOK ME IN THE EYE ONE TIME.

3:27 pm

“My brother killed himself because of family members would not stop trying to make him crazy. He could not escape because of child support, my mother and her husband. They seemed to enjoy the attention that my brothers suicide brought them. It was so fucked….”


Linda Goldthorpe <goldthorpelinda@gmail.com>

3:27 PM (0 minutes ago)

to Margaret, David, christine.ratt., Eric, Tom, jim, ANDREA, Alfred, a, Kevin, Tom, Tom, Rob, Josiah, Steve, Congress, Isaac, Joshua, George
My sons, and George, are trying to murder me whether they choose to be accountable or not.  They are accountable.

3:21 pm

My sons, Isaac and Josh, do this. George has made it into an art form. I let him because I was ‘loving’ him.


Linda Goldthorpe <goldthorpelinda@gmail.com>

3:19 PM (0 minutes ago)

to Margaret, David, christine.ratt., Eric, Tom, jim, ANDREA, Alfred, a, Kevin, Tom, Tom, Rob, Josiah, Steve, Congress, Isaac, Joshua, George
 the narcissist is ALWAYS finger pointing and shifting blame to YOU for ALL of the ups & downs both in the relationship AND in the narcissist’s personal psyche.

2:52 pmDisplaying image.png







How Narcissistic Parents Create Boundary Deficiencies

This sets us up to feel comfortable in the presence of another narcissist who minimizes, denies, belittles and ignores our feelings. We put ourselves, our feelings and needs last, because of the constant messages that our feelings don’t matter.  It’s why we don’t listen to and trust our intuition (our feelings) about narcissists in our adult lives who are taking advantage of us. It’s why we extend benefit of doubt to a predator who is attacking us rather than respond to our feelings and escape them.  We learn to put selfish people, like the narcissist, who demands their needs be met, first to ourselves. We spend most of our time in adulthood catering to the needs and feelings of others while ignoring our own. We don’t learn to trust ourselves and we don’t learn how to protect ourselves because we were punished for doing so by our caregivers.

See more at:  https://afternarcissisticabuse.wordpress.com/2015/10/18/how-narcissistic-parents-create-boundary-deficiencies/

Signs That You’ve Been Abused by a Narcissist


This reactive adaptation to narcissistic abuse is because the narcissist is ALWAYS finger pointing and shifting blame to YOU for ALL of the ups & downs both in the relationship AND in the narcissist’s personal psyche.
Because this relationship has NON EXISTENT boundaries, you will find YOURSELF constantly PUT UPON and FORCED to accept responsibility for things you didn’t do or say. This borrowed humiliation and shame is exactly what the narcissist intends for the victim to take from the narcissist. Their own unfelt core of shame.



Let’s face it. If I didn’t mention PTSD, or Complex PTSD, I would NOT be doing the topic of narcissistic abuse syndrome ANY justice.

Ptsd, in layman’s terms? From a fellow sufferer? A Cerebral anxiety attack that makes your whole body come alive with PALPABLE FEAR. The rapid heart beat, the intrusive and spinning thoughts and fears – just like the abuse is CURRENTLY HAPPENING SEQUENTIALLY ALL OVER AGAIN. This is called RE-LIVING.  It’s as if the traumatic abuse event is occurring in the present tense. All the emotions of fear, shame, shrinking, wincing, looking over your shoulder & walking on eggshells waiting to be attacked ruthlessly AGAIN.

See more here:   https://afternarcissisticabuse.wordpress.com/2013/12/01/signs-that-youve-been-abused-by-a-narcissist/

my brother killed himself because of family members would not stop trying to make him crazy. He could not escape because of child support, my mother and her husband. They seemed to enjoy the attention that my brothers suicide brought them. It was so fucked….

Reply · 3

+Sin I’m sorry for your loss. This is a very disturbing and traumatic experience that clearly illustrates how and what narcissists do to drive their victims to suicide.

Narcissists Destroy Sibling Relationships

(Betrayal by her brother, for turning in her father who is a rapist now in prison.)

Perhaps one of the most insidious realities of narcissism is the destruction of sibling relationships. The narcissist parent is often successful in dismantling the bond between siblings who’ve suffered through and survived their abuse at the hands of the narcissist. In the end, again, the narc wins via destruction. BUT, always remember that the ADULT child of a narc–your sibling–makes a choice as well.-

The Aftermath of Growing up in a Narcissistic Family

The aftermath of growing up in a narcissistic family has led you to experience trauma and pain from your parents’ and siblings’ behaviors and attitudes. Because of this trauma you experienced, your life was changed dramatically by malignant forces in your family you had no control over, and now you are a malignant narcissism survivor of that trauma.


Scapegoat:  these children are usually the most sensitive and caring which is why they feel such tremendous hurt.  They are romantics who come very cynical and distrustful.  They have a lot of self-hatred and can be very self-destructive…often the first person in the family to get into some kind of recovery…he probably can not articulate his loss but his love-tank is staying on empty.

This is the child the family feels ashamed of…and the most emotionally honest child in the family.

This child provides distraction from the REAL ISSUES IN THE FAMILY.


The psychology of a narcissistic abuse enabler / gaslighting proxy / gang stalker

“Why do  good people ignore abuse and neglect…even when it is on their doorstep?”“When good people become abusers they bask in the praise that is heaped on them by their superiors.”

“Their need to belong is so strong that it overpowers ethical, moral or legal considerations.”

The Scapegoat’s children: the Narcissist’s grandchildren

On 25 October 2013  I published “The Scapegoat’s Daughter,” a guest post written by a young woman named Eve who very eloquently told us about the pain narcissistic grandparents cause for the child who must watch her mother’s pain. It helped us to realize that, even if our children seem unaffected by their exposure to narcissistic grandparents, they may well be suffering just as much—if not more—than we are.

There is another facet to this, however, because not all children of scapegoats are empathetic, compassionate individuals like Eve. Some of them may be innocently influenced by their narcissistic grandparents and some of them may even be narcissists themselves. And that creates a whole new dynamic.

(I’m sure glad MY KIDS have hearts and active consciences.)

Read more at:   http://narcissistschild.blogspot.com/2014/09/the-scapegoats-children-narcissists.html

Narcissistic Grandmothers and Abusive Behaviour

I’ve described the tendency for NPD MILs to demonstrate favouritism towards their children and grandchildren. This is a form of emotional abuse. It compares and excludes and thus implies inferiority or flaw in the excluded. Such conditional affection is typical.

She bragged that my husband had been upset when he found out that she had done exactly what he advised her not to. It was funny to her and worthy of a boast to show how she wasn’t ordered around by anyone.

Learn more at:   https://narcissisticmil.wordpress.com/2014/05/26/narcissistic-grandmothers-and-abusive-behaviour/


Malignant Narcissism and Gang-Stalking & Their Efforts to Drive You Insane

7:40 pm

The wrestler came for dinner; I made Italian meatballs and good garlic bread.  He’s only red one chapter of my book; I told him to reed the last page and remember when I fell through the deck two times although I was standing next to Glenn who weighed a lot more than I did and also to remember when my dad red the book back then…and immediately replaced the deck.  He knows my poem by heart,  I wonder where he saw it?  He quoted, ‘When Yertle the turtle-man fell on his ass.”  I guess it’s becoming a local meme.  

2:29 pm

My kids have punished me for seven long years because they thought I entertained  sexual thoughts about a man I haven’t seen for just as long.  Hm.   They learned something from the Baptists, didn’t they?

With kids away at camp, parents revel in drug-fueled sex parties

“As soon as [our children] left, we’ve been in nonstop [party] mode — it’s seven weeks of freedom,” says Elle, a fitness instructor whose two kids are away for the first summer ever, leaving her to enjoy parties with pot, magic mushrooms, ecstasy and group sex.”

“This is the first time in nine years I’m not having to be a mom — I want no responsibility,” says Elle, who, like many in this story, declined to give her last name for privacy reasons. “Some friends have swingers parties — I’ve seen group sex . . . It’s no pressure, go with the flow. It’s summer.”

(My kids are even more prude than I!  Success.  I guess.)

“The couple goes all out — with naked girls and midgets,” she says.

-See more here:   http://nypost.com/2016/07/18/with-kids-away-at-camp-parents-revel-in-drug-fueled-sex-parties/

2:25 pm

This guy is taking his dog on a five-year walk around the world

That’s not ‘his’ dog!  He FELL IN LOVE WITH A STRAY and when you fall in love, you wanna show her the world.  I think.

I like the goggles.

Over a year ago, Tom Turcich, 27, adopted a “mange-ridden street pup” he named Savannah he found while traveling through the southern US, and the two have been inseparable ever since.

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Tom Turchich’s dog, Savannah.Photo: Tom Turchich

“She’s been on the olfactory adventure of a lifetime. We walk every mile together, and with the right paperwork crossing borders with her has been a breeze,” he wrote on Reddit.

See more:  http://nypost.com/2016/07/20/this-guy-is-taking-his-dog-on-a-five-year-walk-around-the-world/

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The Outcasts Are God’s Priority

Here is a portion of the prophetic word I released in January 2016:

“Last year on New Year’s Eve, I had a very powerful encounter in which I literally heard the audible cries of people who have been wounded by uncaring Christians and leaders. Then I heard (this part was not audible) the Lord say,‘Their blood has reached My ears and I must respond.’

“We do not have to agree with the things these people might believe and support, but what God is calling us to is to love them unconditionally. I am not saying they are unclean, but they have been rejected and mistreated terribly by some Christians over the years. Many have been scattered and driven away from the opportunity to worship Jesus. As an evangelist and missionary to the outcasts for years, I have heard literal horror stories of the damage and rejection people have received in the name of Jesus.”

Many Christians Have Driven People Away from God

“You have not strengthened the weak or healed the sick or bound up the injured. You have not brought back the strays or searched for the lost. You have ruled them harshly and brutally. So they were scattered because there was no shepherd, and when they were scattered they became food for all the wild animals.”  Ezekiel 34:4-5 NIV

“Therefore this is what the Sovereign LORD says to them: See, I Myself will judge between the fat sheep and the lean sheep. Because you shove with flank and shoulder, butting all the weak sheep with your horns until you have driven them away, I will save My flock, and they will no longer be plundered. I will judge between one sheep and another.”  Ezekiel 34:20-22 NIV


Read more here:   http://www.elijahlist.com/words/display_word.html?ID=16368

(I have no idea how two different versions of the following identical message were posted on the same day.  Good thing I’m not paid for my ideas but my diligence.)


Hackers are going to save our world!


1.  None of the “generals” can do what needs to be done…

2.  Because EVERYBODY is going to have to either 1) lie or 2) admit they DID

3.  They demonstrate that ANYBODY’s FACEBOOK can be tampered with, AS MINE WAS!

4.  They know this is not a video game…

5.  One of God’s servants hacked GENERALS’  emails, facebook accounts.  Colin Powell had to either 1) lie or 2) admit he did.  The deal is 1) lie.  Or, second curtain, 2) say you did.


Read Here:  http://www.thesmokinggun.com/documents/colin-powell-guccifer-email-hack-594321


–and, prior…

BUMP TO THE TOP, I posted this on AUGUST 1, 2013.

Almost exactly three years ago.

Hackers are going to save our world!


1)  They can do what their bosses can’t do.

2)  They know this is not a video game.

3)  Everybody in the world will have to  either  a) lie.   Or, b) confess to lies.

4)  Hackers are the hand of God.  They can EVEN make GENERALS answer for their sins!

Read how Colin Powell and his compatriots were “interrogated.”    Looks like Powell might have had an affair…with a Romanian Socialist!  

He  had to 1) lie.  Or, 2) CONFESS THAT HE DID!    I wonder which curtain he picked?

Story here:  http://www.thesmokinggun.com/documents/colin-powell-guccifer-email-hack-594321

Personally, I’m grateful to GUCCIFER for demonstrating that all the sabotage I experienced,  really happens.

More people caught in lies:

Link   GlaxoSmithKline now admits executives involved in criminal bribery, days after denials

Government lied about not being able to read emails without warrant: http://techcrunch.com/2013/07/31/the-government-lied-about-being-able-to-read-your-email-without-a-warrant/

Link here:  Clapper Admits He Lied to Congress in Letter Posted by Senator

Bush Administration Here:  Ex-CIA Agent Accuses Top Bush Officials of Approving Kidnapping in Italy and then Abandoning those who Followed Orders

Rep Amash “NSA Director DID LIE To Congress! ANY Other American Might Be Facing Jail Time For That!”

Watch here:  http://12160.info/video/rep-amash-nsa-director-did-lie-to-congress-any-other-american

Here’s The Video Of Hackers Calling ‘Bulls—‘ On The NSA Chief

The weiner-man
Back to 2016, and the summer of my menfolk’s discontent.

2:04 pm

This is a battle for our children, for human life and the earth, and it’s built in to us to respond in some way. The question is whether we affect the battlefield if we’re not in the streets or talking, writing, joining in one way or another. I’d say yes, we affect it greatly if it is our intention to do so. As you know, our communications and relationships have great importance, and our responses to family members, friends or even strangers can truly change the energy. When we speak with the intention of communicating soul to soul, we become the front line in the creation of a life-loving world.”


See more at:   http://sorendreier.com/the-path-is-moving-up/

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I thought Guccifer got arrested?  How come he can still get his piece heard and Barrett Brown cannot and Chelsea Manning tried to commit suicide even?

Latest Guccifer 2.0 Leak Reaffirms Primaries Were Rigged for Clinton

And, of course, a dodgy DNC blames Russian hackers

Latest Guccifer 2.0 Leak Reaffirms Primaries Were Rigged for Clinton


Matthew 13:52, “And He said unto them, therefore every scribe who hath been made a disciple to the Kingdom of Heaven is like unto a man that is a householder, who brings forth out of his treasure things new and old.”

“While I was in the UK recently, I saw in the spirit two massive angels. One held a book and the other held a massive pen. I asked who they were, and they said, “We are scribe angels and we have been released on the Body of Christ for such a time as this.”

“As I started to pray about this and dig further, God started to show me what He wanted to do in this time, and for many with God given assignments to write!”

“God is raising leaders in the Modern Day Scribes. They can gain huge followings on social media, and He is raising up those who will submit to Him, hear His voice, and bring out treasure! The scribes of the Kingdom of Heaven will be sound in Biblical truth and have integrity and holiness as their mark. These men and women will be bold in sharing perceptions from a Kingdom perspective and draw out the secrets of our time through words.”

“It is time for the scribes, the journalists, bloggers, authors, and those who know they are to write a book, a blog, an article, etc., – to arise in the authority of the assignment and tear the veil that is over the eyes of this generation and dig out the treasure of the words He placed within you.”

“Modern Day Scribes Arise!”
by Amanda Wells, Brisbane, Australia

See more here:   http://www.elijahlist.com/words/display_word.html?ID=16349

Hillary Clinton Emails TOO TOP SECRET for Congress to See – UNBELIEVABLE!!!

(I sure am glad VLAD PUTIN got to see them along with the world’s hackers…before this moron was interviewed.)

Pokemon Go Soviet: What Hit Game Looks Like With Soviet Cartoon Characters

See at:   http://sputniknews.com/art_living/20160718/1043212914/pokemon-game-soviet-cartoon.html


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Isaac didn’t probably have to spend so many hours teaching me about the ‘law of attraction’.  Twenty years ago Marvin Byers taught me, “You get what you want most out of life.”  That’s very scriptural. (ie. pre-Mandela-effect scripture)  I wanted one thing and one thing only, as an overriding interest.  I wanted love.  I red books when I was a child, books about the smart passionate governess who was homely and overlooked.  I wanted somebody to think I was fine and beautiful.  I wanted a man to listen to me and consider my opinions. I’ve never had that experience in my life until I began running for office.  FIRST TIME EVER.  (Except my Uncle Herb.  He loved Jesus and he knew that I did too.  And my Uncle Wilfred.  That’s all.  Nary a man.)
It’s not surprising then, that I did not entertain political activity because I wanted attention or approval.  I had no idea that anybody would listen to me at all.  God set me up.  God used me as bait.
(I can barely contain my suffering suspense.)  (NOT.)
(If my sons don’t know enough to free me into service then I am an unworthy mom and a pitiful disciple.  Then Jesus can just give up on my earthly enterprise and take me to Heaven.  It’s a WIN-WIN.)  –
You don’t get to define love any way you want anymore.
It has a specific frequency, and it will now be recognized for what it really is.

10:10 am

I packed up some bottled water and extra shoes and Isaac’s loner Macbook.  I planned to go away for the day again but I don’t want to leave just because I’m afraid of my sons.  Also, this is where I’d like to be this morning, watching the lake, waiting for my eagle to show up.
Remedial history, for my sons should they choose to engage the enemy:
 I learned about love from Baptists.  Loving is a more onerous sport for women, according to them.  Many more duties, much forbearance.  Men however, demonstrate their ‘love’ by assuring that every other person in their realm behaves as THEY wish.  (I’m really hoping my sons can recognize this constant dynamic.)  My dad said he loved me.  Ooops.  I don’t have to write about him anymore.  “Thank you, Jesus.”
I honestly did not even believe that love should feel nice.  I never sought to ‘fall in love’.  I sought compatibility of faith and general purpose.  I hoped to have good sex.  It didn’t require much to please me that way.  I thought love was hard work and so it was.  But, no matter how carefully I performed my imperatives…it didn’t feel good.
Approval felt good, when I was occasionally offered a bone.   I didn’t notice any envy, and as to the marked differences between how my siblings were treated by my parents, and how I was treated; I chalked them up to my innate inadequacy and basic down-deep-nastiness.  I hated myself.
 I learned to hate myself from those who said they loved me.  I learned to hate myself from the ‘church’ that teaches that God wasn’t done creating man until he also created woman, and informed us that man is not complete without her.  I WAS RAISED ON ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT.  My sons were not.
Also, I am not nasty.  I am also not stupid nor do I desire to control any person on this planet;   but I will no longer abide the unrighteous attempts of any who have chosen to control me,  as I live in and learn of love.  Finally.  I belong to Jesus.  My integrity will be defended to the death.

5:11 am

I don’t ever quit.  I have not ever quit, and I don’t do it.   I won’t quit and I’m not going to ever quit.  I have been writing my experiences of CREEP-O MIND-CONTROL since February (I think) of 2009 and I just enjoy my efforts moreso each day.  I STARTED WRITING TO ADAM TO CONVINCE HIM AND I CONVINCED HIM.  I will convince every other pertinent individual.  Because, I’m on a mission from God. Also, I don’t quit.

Fusion Centers Counterintelligence is Wasting Taxpayer’s Money Stalking Innocent Citizens
William Binney’s warnings about targeted individuals who are electronically harassed (called gang stalking) and why he left NSA.

The Killer Grid: has made mind control easier and targeting EVERYONE possible!

It is my humble opinion, that due to Supercomputer Jade Helm, the “Killer Grid” has been fully activated and is intentionally affecting people physically, mentally and emotionally, and the occulted government’s goal is to eventually create a HIVE MIND and total population control.

How to Defend yourself during Jade Helm’s Frequency Weapons and Psychological Warfare


4:50 am

My sons abused me ALL THESE WAYS.  They think they’re nice people.  They don’t respect their father so they think they have to control me.

4:43 am

Also, sons, by now you’re thinking that as all I say actually happened to me, as I have cogently asserted for these intervening many years, then why would not a single person in my world appear to give a fuck?  
Also, why could it be possible that my house was taken out from under me at the exact same moment my sons began to think their CHRISTIAN mother was a whore?
I do not wish to write any longer about my father.  At this point, I don’t think I should have to.
I understand he offered money for my defilement.  

4:17 am

There are so many things I must think about once I have my family back.
SO…I’m thinking that maybe the EEG-cloning of emotions doesn’t make them synthetic.  Superimposed from another being, merely stored on the graphene or silicon, not originating there.  If a particular frequency IS THE VIBRATION of red…there’s nothin’ you can do about it.  You could rename it or repurpose it but visuals aside, it’s still red.  If ANGER vibrates in a specific manner, then to vibrate that way is to BE ANGRY.
Isaac and I were trying to talk about this. He wonders if the same set of physical feelings can be interpreted to mean different states of emotion by differently-biased persons, and can we eliminate painful ones?  You know, the differences between sets of feelings and our reactions to those sets of feelings.  (Here I would argue that reactions become a set of feelings on their own and we would discuss physical senses versus the Spirit.)
His questions are very easily answerable by those who probed my brain.  If they can overlap artificially-introduced love then they are introducing it WITHOUT THE BIASES AND BELIEFS of the organism that receives the ‘blessing’.  But does it contain part of the donor’s soul? It would be fun to know about the research once the perverts have been neutralized.  They can duplicate a person’s frequency too.
The research is immoral though, as it happens.
He said, “I don’t like to think about them doing that.”
(I guess he’s demonstrated that for a number of years.  I might even call him stubborn.)
I say once again, to my sons and all else: 
Also, it’s easier for him than it will be for newcomers because he got a heads-up early on, when his mother was OVERCOME with feelings that were obviously not organically her own, and also counter to her preconceived notions of belief and self.
It was very important I think, for the watchman to be a guilt-ridden, prude-minded, CONTINUALLY-CONFESSING extremely motivated woman, the better to experience the kind of VULGAR SHIT THEY DO.  That’s why my sons think Jesus raped me.  I was on a mission and they couldn’t believe it.
Jesus did not rape me.  I was raped and it was for a purpose just like I told them all along.  Fake love for Adam was countered with the real deal.  The only cure for love is more love and God told me what to do and told me to trust Him and Adam and now I could assist them in changing the world.
If I could just get that condemnation-pain out of my gut that sustains from my sons’ and their father’s false judgment.
Isaac. (and Josh, if you care.)   I never cheated on a man in my life.  Even as a teenager I couldn’t even go out with two guys at the same time, and I never even slept with any of them. I didn’t even have sexual fantasies unless they featured your dad.  THAT WAS NOT AN EASY THING TO ACCOMPLISH AND I MONITORED MY MIND FOR YEARS.
 You think me intemperate.
This is what is known to the thinking world as:  A PARADOX.  
“A paradox is truth standing on its head, trying to attract attention.”
Also you think you have to defend your own father from my perceived indiscretions and they obviously haven’t bothered him a whole lot.  He’s got you guys carrying the ball for him so he can be the wronged-good-guy.  He wasn’t ever wronged. He chose not to participate in most of my life, for most of our married lives.  He also chooses to hang around.
Your father and I did not EVER CHOOSE to bring our offspring into our sexual relationship.  (My dad did shit like that, dirty pictures of mom in the living room, the whole shot.)  Your father and I were private.  Your behavior has not been appropriate in this regard.  Also, quite a bit narcissistic.  And a bit voyeuristic.
Please get TRUE and help me get the band together?
(PS-  The goons taught me something I never knew.  Adam had to tell me what it was.  I DIDN’T RECOGNIZE THE FREQUENCY OF LOVE!  All better now.)
“Do you still maintain your innocence?”  (Isaac.  Directed to his innocent mom.)
Then said his wife unto him, Dost thou still retain thine integrity? curse God, and die.
(I confess surprise over Isaac’s disclosure that they have been intentionally punishing me for the past seven years.  Well, what of it?  Do they still retain their offense?  Will they continue to bully me and curse me for their entire lives?)
The only way I’ll get free is from the inside out.  I’ve known that all along but I thought it would be easier.
“Anyone who believes they’ve done wrong to me; I want you to know that I forgive you.  Anyone who believes that I’ve done wrong to them; please accept my deepest apology.”
“We all make mistakes from time to time, some more than others.  And we all fall victim to negative energy.”
“In narcissism, you only love another person if it benefits you.”
Exposing the spirit of Narcissism – Patricia King
For them to ASSUME, not only facts that are FALSE and yet subject to PROOF, is pitiful, since they should behave in a loving manner to begin with, but to ASSUME RESPONSIBILITY OVER THEIR DAD’S SEX LIFE and to PUNISH HIS FORMER PARTNER when it was WITHIN HIS OWN POWER to influence her conduct and HE CHOSE NOT TO EXERCISE INTEREST…then they’re just really embarrassingly out of line and disrespectful.  
I wonder what kind of punishments my sons might have devised for me if I ACTUALLY HAD EVER FOOLED AROUND?  We’ve been divorced for four years and I STILL HAVEN’T had a relationship with another man, but for ALL THESE YEARS, my spiritual-torment has been augmented by their CONTINUALLY CURSING ME. That is not love; it’s not even rational. I’m glad I finally realized their grudge.
-Love has a very nice feeling.  It feels safe and not-judged.  Love feels listened to and not ridiculed.  I used to think of love as a list of rules.  That’s the only kind I ever saw before I met Adam.

2:32 am


from 9/9/14

-Open Letter to Michael S.Rogers:
(The NSA guy, not the Michigan Rep)
I know you guys are eagerly awaiting the inevitable revealing that you manipulate Americans  with electronic weapons.  (I also know other groups do it too, but I figure you guys will suffer the brunt of the lynchings.)   I am a Targeted Individual,  I am also a praying Christian and  accustomed to many unusual physical effects, so I don’t get too worked up. I wrote down what happened to me, and  published a book, in 2011. (The naivete of my story makes it pretty credible.)  I also recorded my day-to-day life in explicit detail, for two years during the torture.  (I have not seen these journals since I wrote them.  I swore to them, had them notarized, documenting an infallible chain of control.)   When Snowden took off,  I began a blog and have documented case studies, patent documents and court cases.  I don’t want to sue anybody, because I love America and I’d  rather serve my fellow man.
This is a job application.  You need a face for PR.  My unique skill-set could serve you well.  I know some things that could help TI’s as they become conscious.   (I could also somewhat pacify  their  vengeance.  I figure that’s what  Snowden is doing, right?)  We’d start slow; I could cry crocodile tears on TV…and you could confess, ever so pitifully, that things got out of hand.  (My compensation is negotiable, but I’d sure like to see my file.  I’m not very attractive so the goons won’t miss its porn value. Maybe you could help me find it?)
When my parents called the state police on me, I was running for Congress.  They told the cops I was “rebellious to government,”  isn’t that funny?  (I think it’s pretty rebellious for two people to believe they should control an entire Congressional district!  Also, isn’t election tampering a federal crime?)  It seems to me that I’ve demonstrated unusual commitment to our Constitutional  political process.  If I can be of service to my country, my number is 906-291-1376.
I pray for you.  (And for General Keith)  (And for the other Mike Rogers.  Hope he likes his new job.  Still in the “radio business.”)

PS-  Don’t let the zombies get you.

Linda Goldthorpe
American Citizen
2693 CR 377
McMillan, Michigan  49853
“Madness and Politics…but I repeat myself”  by Thatrandom Othercandidate  (On Amazon)
6:24 pm
“Lord, they put stupid kids in charge, and they left the weapons out!  What will you do about this stupidity of mankind?  You can transport me if you like, to the legendary NSA Starship Enterprise bridge-slash- LARP-club for aging psychopaths, and allow me to speak what ears dare not hear.  They went so VERY far over the line, things are going to be changing.  THEY’RE A BUNCH OF ADOLESCENT PERVERTS, TOO CHICKEN TO TALK TO A GIRL.”  
Sometimes I read things I’ve written and it sounds kinda like Patrick Henry:  This is the big-one guys, there will be none other.  We must make a stand for TRUTH!  They lie to us about  EVERYTHING.  We gotta be on the right side of history.  It is winding up.  This is the last go-round.  “Choose ye this day whom you will serve.”  We’re at the riverbank of the Jordan and we’re stuck on the wrong side of the river because we were SCARED OF GIANTS.  Ya gotta leave Egypt before you even GET TO THE  RIVER!  We’re burning daylight and we don’t got much.
Somebody has GOT to take authority over that problem of how people KILL OTHER PEOPLE FOR A TEMPORARY POLITICAL POSITION OF A TEMPORARY GROUP OF PSYCHOPATHS AT AN ILLUSORY SPACE AND TIME.  We’ve regarded man, and disregarded God.  We are a disgrace!  (I feel like den-mother to the whole world.  Are we really that heartless?)   “God have mercy on my people for all the forementioned.  I’m gonna quit now and read something trivial.  Thanks for your time and attention.  Love, Linda Amen.”
6;12 pm
Hey I’m repenting for my nation.  That’s a pretty cool job!

BACK TO 2016…


8:00 pm

Catherine Austin Fitts -The Debt Game Is Over

-“It’s like we’re all Mena, Arkansas now.”

“I’ve seen …80% of the budget OUTSIDE OF THE CONSTITUTION…but I’ve never seen anything like Loretta Lynch…”

7:49 pm

“Psychiatry’s history of atrocities can be found everywhere.”

Paranoid Schizophrenia, Tool of the Red Terror, Makes a Comeback in Authoritarian USA & Other Western “Democracies”

SINGING BATTLE BREAKS OUT IN A BUS: Two Men Compete In Incredible Sing-Off On A Chicago Bus

7:40 pm


7:38 pm


“Boom, bitches, boom.  These Death Towers are much worse than we think they are.”


DOUBLE-BOOM, Bitches.”

“It brings new meaning to the term ‘MATRIX’ and “The Manchurian Candidate.”


6:33 pm


2Things Must be Done to Stop Narcissist Punishment

6:19 pm

I picked a four-leaf clover.
“I think there is a world market for maybe five computers.” — Thomas Watson, chairman of IBM, 1943

5:23 pm

People think I’m kidding about the hive-mind thing:

Is this the weirdest TV interview ever? Identical twins who say they never spend a moment apart speak in unison and without rehearsing – for an entire four-minute interview

  • Bridgette and Paula Powers speak in unison on Good Morning Britain  
  • Pair from Queensland, Australia, insist they do not rehearse conversations 
  • Twins say they have no time for men and devote lives to their bird rescue 

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3696976/Identical-twins-say-never-spend-moment-apart-speak-unison-entire-four-minute-interview.html#ixzz4EtN50d25
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4:32 pm

George brought me a sample of the meat he’s grilling.  His sons don’t even know that married people don’t treat one another as well as we do on our worst days. Isn’t that a blessing?  I mean, that they DON’T EVEN KNOW HOW TERRIBLE IT GETS?
I’m going to have a gift for inner-healing, aren’t I?  From what we’ve been delivered, I think we can deliver others.  Finally, I got job security.

Never Quit Due To Narcissistic Abuse

(I’m hoping my sons are learning to love TRUTH so I can relax a bit.
NO BOUNDARIES!   Even with my sons and EX-HUSBAND!) 
“I’ve been completely destroyed by narcs.”
Fox News ‘Terror Expert’ Exposed As Fraud, Sent To Prison
A Fox News expert has been sentenced to 33 months in prison for fraudulently pretending to be a “terror expert”.

Dealing with Death Threats (David Wood) From Muslims

“I regularly get threats, from people who say they’re going to murder me, to chop my head off, or burn me alive or rape my wife, or rape my mother, or slaughter my children.  That’s a way of life for me, because I criticize Mohammed, founder of the ‘religion of peace’.”
“My motto is:  When you get inside someone’s head, stay there.”  (David Wood)

9:22 am

The Lord is a God of War 071716
“This is a time that you cannot run away.
You have to begin now, to know who you are.
The plumb-line is dropping all over the earth.
This is the time for those who have an understanding of faith to stand in the fullness of faith.”



(Two weeks before they abducted me and locked me up.)

I’m concerned that people who should know better are endorsing Donald Trump for president.  Alternative media and even long-time conservative activists
I shouldn’t be surprised that nobody in my family is very concerned about the people around the world who are being tortured remotely via psychotronic weapons.  They do not care about their own kinswoman so I’m being ridiculous perhaps, to look for additional compassion in heads full of gumdrops and roses.  I dislike living with George very much.   I hate it probably.  For about four years, every thought I had about him was followed with an immediate prayer:  “Forgive me, Lord.”  George stood up for this family the last time in 2009 when he warned me not to come home when my dad abducted my sons and set up a trap for me with the state police.   I wouldn’t mind pulling the weight if I didn’t also have to live as his servant.  He just won’t get a life.  That shouldn’t surprise me, he never had one before we met and he never moved in with me.  When the rapes stopped and I no longer vomited every day, as I was cleaning up this neglected house, I found boxes of personal belongings he had moved twenty times and never opened even one time since we were married.  I dug out some items to use around the house, trinkets from his grandparents.  He didn’t like it; I think he felt violated.  I felt violated that we’d lived as man and wife for so long and he never even unpacked.
 George has somewhere to go; I don’t.  I have to beg him for money again because I’m supposed to get a tooth fixed tomorrow and when I cancelled the last appointment I spent the money he gave me on clothes for me and my sons.  Both of my sons own a single pair of shoes.  I cannot buy them shoes but I did give Isaac a pair for a Christmas present.  The priorities are way out of whack here and I cannot influence them and I am deemed problematic for even WISHING to oppose George’s weirdness and I couldn’t pay for food if he every got pissed enough to leave.  How’s that for a prison?  I WILL DEFEND THIS FAMILY AND DEMAND TRUTH UNTIL I GET IT.  We will be vindicated.  We were Christian, worshiping people and my dad destroyed all that faith and unity when he tried to kill me and failing that decided to try to make me crazy…   My sons will live FREE and that takes TRUTH.  Jesus loves them a lot and He’ll make that known to them.
—-BACK TO 2016


8:44 am

Do I dare hope, that my sons may soon consider the excessive TIME their father has USURPED ALL RESPECT and Say-So in this home, based on his purported OFFENSE… at a [non-existent] sexual relationship between Adam and me… that HE PROMOTED.  He got an awful lot of traction over anti-infidelity by a women he has demonstrated, [then and since] that he had no interest in sleeping with anyway.  I hope my sons’ revelations will progress slowly…Assimilation is much easier a little at a time.

8:20 am

That’s not true.  Your death-bed is still your death-bed even if you haven’t died yet.  It’s a time-dimension thing instead of grammar.

8:18 am

Maybe my sons are grumpy because they’re realizing that they locked up and chemically-castrated their own mother’s brain and nobody stopped them…and people watched it.  People with ‘love’ on their lips.  I think my sons will be major players.

8:09 am

Grammatical impossibility:  Nobody has ever yet been on his death bed who is still alive. 

7:51 am

That’s why men hate me!  This is a very big revelation and shall bring me peace and romance.  Men dislike the fact that my fighting-instinct belittles them.  I always thought myself to be non-confrontational; I was a pitiful lawyer.  Chicken-shit.  You can’t be a hired gun if you’re chicken-shit.  But.  I am absolutely cellularly enerviated by TRUTH.  I can’t let go.  I cannot stop.  This war is going to be SO EASY.  We just allow ourselves to be pulled by whatever-the-hell it be, that does in fact pull us.  And I will dance with Jesus, as I saw, years ago, when I ran for Congress without even believing in Congress, but more importantly also with no belief at all, in myself.  He asks ASTONISHINGLY HARD things of us.  But, when He whispers those sweet promises in your ear you’ll always fly another mission.  You’ll give your shoes to the kid carrying the good news.  When you believe He loves you enough to alter His behavior on your behalf and to your benefit?  Then you will alter any and everything for Him.  I think this is love.  I believe my government taught me about divine love.  I can’t wait to lead them to the wedding.

7:36 am

Hey Josh and Isaac.  Remember when I sent that last journal to Adam?  I swore to it and had it notarized.  Do you see God’s hand yet, in our circumstances?  Do you not see opportunity for conquest and great adventure?  Don’t you even see your own mom yet?

(You laughed when your dad said I should have been pilot of a fighter-jet.  I guess the haunting was right.  Your dad is NOT THAT OBTUSE.)

6:36 am

I woke in the wrong world again.  News says somebody is throwing plastic phalluses over power lines in Washington.  That part is obviously the same old world.  But,  the commenter said it demonstrated a ‘great sense of humor’.  I didn’t reed the article.  Maybe he wasn’t referring to the headline.
My sons seemed a bit hostile last night; they’d only respond with single syllables and Josh kept a blanket over his head for most of the day.  Could it be possible, that they are finally facing the extent of the lies about their mother?   I went to my room and stayed there.  They liked the beef and peppers.  I’ll probably go somewhere today so they don’t have to see me.

Tennessee Medical Office Stops Vaccines Because ‘They Cause Autism’

Submitted by IWB, on July 18th, 2016

Franklin, TN – The Cool Springs Family Medical Center just informed its patients that it will no longer be administering vaccines. The amazing letter, posted on the medical facility’s website, gives 8 reasons for the move, including the links to autism, dangerous ingredients, and their agreement with Wakefield.

Its the year 2016 and grown men play BABIES’ GAMES
Pokemon GO…
Church Of Satan High Priest Spills The Beans On The Police Force And The US Military
“They’re all about the signs and symbols.”
Defending freedom of the press: Activists now suing Facebook over censorship

Pamela Geller is an explosive figure who is not daunted by the “politically correct.” In particular, when it comes to discussing the reality of violent Islamic extremism – her bailiwick – she is not only vocal, but relentless.

Only, Facebook can’t seem to handle the truths that she and her supporters put forth. So the world’s biggest social media site tends to block, remove and ban people and posts on the subject, which its censors find injurious to their consciences. And that includes Geller.

Well, Geller has had enough of it. So she’s taking the social media behemoth to court.

In a column she wrote for Breitbart, she explained, in detail, why she’s taking legal action. In a nutshell, she’s tired of being treated like women are treated in Islamic countries.
Tiny House Expedition Takes Using Reclaimed Materials Seriously
8 x 20
Just about right.
Some crazy things are going on in the world that will, in the VERY NEAR future, begin to affect YOU directly. Maybe it’s time we pay closer attention to what’s going on…before it’s too late!!
Hey, they’re saying UN ‘Peace-keeping’ forces MAY BE USED HERE AGAINST U.S. CITIZENS.  (Sorry.  I mean ‘FOR’ U.S. citizens…)

6:25 am

It’s an old boyfriend’s birthday tomorrow, also a girlfriend from high school.  God bless them.

I’m thinking it maybe sounded impossible, when I said I could prove I never entertained dirty thoughts about Adam.  There are a number of ways this could be accomplished and if I ever got my hands on my remote-EEG results, it’d be a no-brainer.  HOWEVER, a cheaper method is at hand:  For two years I wrote just exactly what I saw…and why I knew the GOVERNMENT-ISSUED PORN was not originating with me.  I was trying to convince ADAM WHO KNEW WE HAD NEVER RELATED IN THOSE WAYS that somebody was invading my prayer-life.  He was an atheist; it was a difficult task.  It was accomplished.  We have the entire story of what they do to political activists.  Let’s bring it on home.

I guess that one line from Isaac proves that my homelessness problem…AND VARIOUS PAINS FOR THE PAST SEVEN YEARS…were because I was BEING PUNISHED.
These men who claimed to love me have continually punished me for 7 years.  I can’t get my head around that.  Also, I never even did anything bad!!!
ALSO, these men watched as others denigrated me and tortured me…and they thought I deserved it.
These men should wear turbans and bullet-proof vests.
These men are bigoted and dishonest and unloving.
(I can’t blame them though.  I was that way and I still fight it, and I was their mom and their teacher so who ya gonna blame?)
Man, I hope Jesus catches them up pretty soon.
He’s never late.
So much hostility, and they chose to nurture it and prolong it…because of LIES.  Tsk.
“Dear Lord, please redeem the time and redeem us again.  Thank you.  Amen.”



5:40 pm


4:47 pm

ALSO, JOSH AND ISAAC, I am so utterly flattered by your mistaken belief that your mother COULD COME UP WITH PROFOUND STORIES EXPRESSED IN PERFECT COLLOQUIAL GRAMMATICAL PHRASES OF PROSE AND POETRY every single hour of every single day for over three years.   Nice, thanks.  BUT GET REAL!  Boys.  I’m not expecting much here, when I  expect you to say that I NOW REGULARLY WRITE A LOT BETTER THAN YOUR MAMA used to write when she already wrote all the time but wasn’t there a moment in time when she began to sound tough and not frightened?  I’ve been writing all your lives.  Please, get in on the RANDOM RESISTANCE.  We got a revolution going on and it’s going to be boring without my sons.  NO. I’m creating reality.  “This revolution will be far more exciting for me and everybody else including attractive girls who do not sell dildo-rocks.  My sons will love Jesus’ world and their own lives more than they ever considered possible.  Jesus is Lord.”  “Thank you Jesus, for the revolution.”

4:01 pm

This Robert Sean Leonard,  doe-eyed kid…he looks just like Josh.  Even in the expression. This guy also starred in Swing-kids.  My sons met a girl last night with a tattoo of Steam-Powered Giraffe.  What do you figure?  They love that band.  This same studly actor killed himself in ‘Dead Poets’ Society’.  Josh hates when I do that; I always interrupt movies with facts.  He doesn’t wanna know the Truth about the actors, he just wantsta watcha show.

I LOVE that jacket.  I’d prefer the pants a little looser though.  But I’m not entirely historically accurate.  But, I do my homework.



3:54 pm

I also said, “Isaac, what Adam and I did here is astonishing.  I don’t think there are two other people in America who could have pulled this off.”    I’m not claiming responsibility, because if he had touched me even once this story would be different.  BUT IT’S NOT.  And, we trusted each other enough to recognize (eventually…) that we were being jerked around.  At least that’s how it went down for me.  Maybe he was on their payroll all the time; I don’t care.  I’m free of many false beliefs and affectations.  I’d like to stay at my home but whatever.  God is able to DO ANYTHING.  And Adam and I helped to prove that.

3:08  pm

I mowed.  Isaac asked, ‘You mean you still maintain your innocence?’  I said, “I DIDN’T EVEN THINK DIRTY THOUGHTS ABOUT ADAM AND I CAN PROVE IT.  They put pictures in my head.”  I mowed some grass.  The cyber-stalker gave me the very best gift; I received again my love for George.  By calling him a ‘numbskull’ and validating my experience, I was free to move on in Truth and Love.  He’s a great teacher.  I haven’t seen Adam since 2009 in Valley Forge, maybe my benefactor is he?  I told Isaac I don’t even know if I’d like him anymore. It’s been a very long time, and electronic augmentation of esteem ensued throughout,  anyway.  Nice day.  I made strawberry shortcake.  I’m going to mow some more grass.  Isaac is working out with George.  Josh is pissy.  Maybe he was voted down and I may stay?

1:38 pm

They’re voting on whether I may stay for the summer.  Summer is intoxicating on the compound, and if unnecessary, I’d hate to miss it.   They don’t find it incongruous and inane,  that although I have done nothing immoral or criminal, and though I voluntarily relinquished my entire self-worth and net-worth to my psychopathic father thereby freeing them to remove and/or incarcerate me at will, they are voting on whether their own mother may be found worthy, to sleep in the bed where her water broke bearing their father’s seed and where I spent many childhood hours.  Not ironic. Not weird, not funny.  They are in some respects smart men.  They are in other respects spoiled children.  Aren’t we all.
Here’s what I realized, and here’s what I told Isaac.  “My physical life is not worth defending; it is hidden with God.  You,  sons cannot lock me up. Only Jesus can do that and if it happens, it is for his glory.”  (Get over yourselves, basically.)  They’re voting.

12:51 pm

George re-shaved his head this morning so he went inside to get a hat.  I asked, ‘Why do you like it that way?” He said, “Because everything’s neat and even.”  He’d answer the same about organizing the cans in the pantry. To me ‘organize’ and ‘pantry’ shouldn’t ever appear in the same sentence.  (I should stop yelling; it’s tourist season.)  (I red this to George and he laughed a lot.)  (I red it very loudly and from a distance.)
My joints are improving, thank God.  I’m wearing sandals with a little heel today, and feel quite bold and sassy.  I even put on a bracelet.  People still point and laugh at my hair, more pointed when they DON’T point, but I’m feminine and wholesome and more than a little smart.  Not smart enough by a very long way, but far better than I used to be. For this improvement of cognitive ability and discretionary dispassion, I have to thank my tormentors-in-fact.  I am to have everything I ever wanted and I’d like to thank all the little people who made this moment possible.
I’ve stepped foot into my destiny.  I told George the same, and asked if he remembered my destiny.  He did not, so I reminded him.  I said, “God asked if I would bring his bride out of government.  He said they didn’t know who they were.”  He remembered, then.   (It was in Toronto.)   I told him that finding that “CASPERSON FOR CONGRESS MAKE WASHINGTON LISTEN” sign on the compound fairway caused me to call-out one such virgin from government, and I’ll write to Bart Stupak too, even though he’s not technically in government.

 I never got to  know Bart, but I introduced myself,  and I told him I’d take his seat.  I did, too.  Not with my backside, but on my knees.  He’s got some amends to make for choosing DEATH for my DISTRICT.  That’s OK.  He knows it.   He’s a Catholic so he’s pro-life.

9:39 am

Beast Technology

Altering Reality in Countless Dimensions

All things are alterable

Including time

See more at:   https://outofthisworldx.wordpress.com/2016/07/18/beast-technology-the-observer-is-altering-reality-in-what-you-believe-the-observered/

9:07 am

Could there be a man less worthy of respect in times that try men’s souls than…the sports junkie?  No stake in the future, whatsoever.  We can respect more the luciferian manipulators and those who loot Dollar-stores after shootings. Purpose-driven criminals.
Muscles develop in minds and the thumbs,  of tv remote control warriors.
The battles, are scripted, the crowds are limp-wristed, the face-paint just makes them look sorrier.
We love to go party with wing-dings and friends, and when the game’s heated,  we’ll lolly there.
But real battle rages, and thus say the sages:  …beat…beat...be there or…beat
be square.
disneyland coliseum

8:51 am

So it begins: Man shoots at ‘Pokemon Go’ players outside house, Man in New Zealand quits his job to play Pokemon Go full-time
Everybody wants to experience the supernatural.  Those who say they don’t are not lying; they’ve convinced themselves that to expect paranormal experiences is low-brow, and ridiculous.  Those are two things they DO NOT WANT TO BE themselves, so they adopt a continual sneer, and their innate curiosity and inherent longing for God both shrivel up and die.  They do not believe for real.  Then contempt-infection makes short order of the symbiotic organism host. No body will experience eternal life if the mind associated therewith doesn’t even believe in it!  That’s a no-brainer.
This Pokemon-Go thing is making believers out of people, one positive-reinforcer at a time.  We’re being backed-out of the unbelief parking space.  This is going to be something to watch.  “Men’s hearts failing them for fear at the things coming upon the earth.”  But, also, those who have been desiring MORE CONTACT with supernatural influences will be rewarded for their pleas.  Good and bad.  Whatever we have put into our spirits and souls and bodies will come back to us many times over.  I’ve prayed for the Seven Spirits of God and for His Kingdom to be established on Earth.  I don’t even wanna think what some of the blackhearts have sought from their own dark ‘deities’.  This is major goings-on and I’m glad I got to be here and submit reports.  I’m so grateful to be alive.
Putin To Ban Pokemon GO From Russia Due To Links To CIA

Vladimir Putin is set to ban Pokemon GO from Russia after an internal Kremlin investigation revealed the viral augmented reality smartphone game has direct links to the CIA and wider intelligence community and is being used to secretly gather data on a colossal scale.

Young people are being tricked into giving up their privacy to these intelligence agencies, according to Kremlin sources, and while playing the game they act as unwitting intelligence gatherers for the CIA. The game has an extensive list of intrusive tracking permissions, and it is these ‘fine print clauses’ that raised eyebrows in the Kremlin and sparked the ongoing investigation.



8:07 am

I don’t wanna set the world on fire + lyrics

Narcissists just want to watch the world burn

7:51 am

I just remembered that God said that ‘not a hair on my head’ would be harmed.  Maybe He’s almost ready to give me my new hair!  Yea!

MAX IGAN’s Santiago to Sydney Flight Shows Globe Anomaly

7:19 am

My hair is falling out now.  I’m pretty sure I was poisoned.

7:08 am

So I was swept off my feet and they haven’t touched down since.  I get carried away, and I’m very loyal.   That’s tough sometimes when it would be more expedient to ‘go with the flow’.
If I WERE crazy, or perhaps a NOVELIST, I couldn’t have chosen a better persona for this avant garde New World Disorder dystopian best-seller of radar-love and microwave-bee-stings from above,  than:  PROPHET. The screenwriters can take this any direction they want.  And send me royalty checks.  In Maui.  Or Norway.  Otherwise, wait.  There IS no otherwise. Being right feels good.  When you follow TRUTH you’re always gonna end up at:  RIGHT.
If it don’t work out for me in Hollywood, I could maybe actually live that life…

6:57 am

HEADS UP:  I listen to a lot of far-out shit.  This is worth listening to, I think.

The last words of Dr Edward Mantill a physicist at CERN

(Or is this just being leaked to keep us on a trail of science-fiction-red-herrings?)

“Life.  Why is it so sacred?  Has it been elevated to a mythical status?”

(I was kinda hoping the guys at CERN would pick up my car on my drive home from Texas and then drive real fast ten hours earlier and then put me back in today (that day) so I could be home sooner to see my sons.  THEN THEY IMMEDIATELY KICKED ME OUT AGAIN AND THREATENED ME AGAIN.  I submit.  They’re lunatics.  I’ll go where they want but then I’ll work out some time-travel to make that the perfect place for me in a different dimension.)  (They can come visit: if they’re man enough.)

And they were offended in him. But Jesus said unto them, A prophet is not without honour, save in his own country, and in his own house.

But Jesus, said unto them, A prophet is not without honour, but in his own country, and among his own kin, and in his own house.

6:38 am

You know what’s amazing?  I was without recourse, absolutely, and without a soul to intervene.  I was being CRAZY-FIED and there weren’t no escaping it.  They missed. Plain and simple.  The Voice of the Lord just walked me through all the booby-traps and He even gave me a ‘spirit-guide’ who saw from a different vantage.  (I’ve gotta talk to Him about whether than term is OK for me to use.)  “Jesus is Lord of Creation and Lord of my life.  Lord of the land and the sea.  He was Lord of the heavens before there was time!  (And Lord of ALL lords He will be.”)  (Author unknown.)
The psych-ward was GREAT prophet training.  I put my arm around a confused, senile woman’s shoulders and through my mouth came, “When peace like a river attendeth my way, when sorrows like sea billows roll.  Whatever my lot, God hath taught me to say.  It is well, it is well with my soul.”  She started to cry and said she thought God had forgotten her. She called me an angel.  Isn’t that nice.  (It might have been a different peace song I sang that time.  So much peace, I get it all mixed up.)
When the voice in your head (face it, we all got’em) asks if you want to become a prophet, you maybe wanna think really hard before you answer.  Also, if you’re swept up in the Spirit some day, and love for Jesus overflows your heart so that you want to see His enemies crushed beneath your heel, AGAIN, THINK.  If you’re then moved in rapture to say, “DEAR LORD, don’t let me just DEFEAT satan.  Let me ASTONISH HIM”…consider well your stamina, and the trials of the means to that victory.  “Weigh the cost before you go to war.”  I never did. That’s pretty childish.
“Jesus loves the little children.  All the children of the world!  Red and yellow,  black and white, they are precious in His sight”…I just can’t stop seeing TOM CASPERSON at BIBLE SCHOOL.  We sang this song a lot.  (Author unknown.)

6:20 am

“My children, there is nothing worse than pride.  Not murder, not divorce, not adultery, not failure in business, not sickness.  Pride is the number one most dangerous thing in your life.  And if you think you are without it, you are in fact worse off than most.  You have nothing to lose by handing your opinions over to me for confirmations, and everything to gain.”
“Nevertheless, if you fail, I will still be with you–it will just be much more difficult for you.  Humiliation, sorrow, hurting others–all these things you will have to face because you sought not the counsels of your God.  How I wish some of you would listen to Me.”
(Jesus, to Sister Clare)
JESUS ASKS… ‘Are you wise?’
– Message from July 16th, 2016
“In essence, I have asked you to hand over your free-will decisions and let Me advise you.”
Selah.  Bless your name, Lord Jesus.

5:58 am

“Don’t Feed The Narcissist” = GASLIGHTING & GUILT TRIPPING

“I don’t CARE what the narcissist is feeling or thinking…the priority is me, what I AM THINKING.”

PROOF: Real FAIRIES – Alien Fairy of Mexico, Placed In Jar – Wings, Body & Real skeleton, July 2016


7:31 pm

I made Japanese pork cutlets with George doing the knife-work.  Rice noodles with diced cucumber and sesame-ginger dressing with lots of crushed red pepper.  Green beans from Marinette, cooked with onions and bacon then liberally buttered.  They were unusually sweet.  I didn’t bake anything.  George loved the dinner and it was nice to cook with him. He’s going out of his way to be nice and I’m grateful.

4:18 pm

We played this game at Bible school right after we drank the kool-aid:

“Take the keys and lock her up, lock her up, lock her up! Take the keys and lock her up…”  “Etc.”  They played it at your school too.  Repent.  I’ll help you if you need details because I keep very precise records.  <3  You and I (and Isaac) all know that you couldn’t answer a question about your federal government if Google was shooting the answers from Mars.  We really should talk.

4:17 pm

All these CASPERSON signs are making me nos·tal·gia näˈstaljə,nəˈstaljə/Submit noun a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations. “I was overcome with acute nostalgia for my days in college” synonyms: reminiscence, remembrance, recollection; More something done or presented in order to evoke feelings of nostalgia. “an evening of TV nostalgia”


Linda Goldthorpe <goldthorpelinda@gmail.com>

4:11 PM (4 minutes ago)

to Margaret, David, christine.ratt., Eric, Tom, jim, ANDREA, Alfred, a, Kevin, Tom, Tom, Rob, Josiah, Steve, Congress, Isaac, Joshua, George

My brain just DIED OF VOWELS.  I’m typing a common word, a familiar word and suddenly all I see on my internal white-screen is consonants.  I am not easily fooled.  We need vowels too. You guys are going to hear me say “I told ya so…”.

Tom, I wanna say that you will encounter many more people who maintain their minds with skill,  and they will point fingers.  How wonderful it would be, if you could UTILIZE the marvelous MICHIGAN ELECTRONIC TORTURE STATUTE that already makes Michigan, my Michigan, the finest state ever squirted.  BUT.  Just think how well the Catholics would take it if we ACTUALLY STOPPED THE TORTURE?  Just an idea.  Take it home.  Knock it around.  BUT GET ON WITH IT ALREADY.  I am at your beck and call, and as you’ve known since the day you first tried to sabotage my political activities…I am all you need.  (906-586-4629.  Let’s have us a revival.)

3:59 pm

Starship – We Built This City

I bet Tommy remembers this one.  Pentecostals were into the big hair.

3:56 pm

This is what a leader’s gotta have!  This is it; I know what it is!  A ‘leader’ must just do the right thing and never take anything personally and (Dear God, don’t we know?) that’s easier, if we do not feel offended or misused.  It’s not a matter of ‘having what it takes’ because a lot of guys got the guts.  Notta lotta guys get the glory.  “Many are called but few are chosen.”
It would seem without question that my sons were targeted by God Almighty whose angels could have deposited gossamer girgles into my womb, but no.  I got guys.  I got tough, smart guys.  I got tough, wise-guys who have followed sATAN EVER SINCE THEIR GRANDFATHER LIED ABOUT THEIR MOTHER’S CHARACTER.  NOW, all I got is the memories.  But maybe I’ll get a tan at the funny farm where they are sending me… rather than EMBRACE AND ESTABLISH TRUTH IN THE GOLDTHORPE FAMILY.  I am agog; I am aghast.  Such a waste.  And GLORIA-BELLE-Linda-Jr.  coulda been a super-model.  And all God gave me instead was MEN.  He must not love me a bit.  And I thought to marry the knave.

I never wanted to be a leader for ONE SINGLE MINUTE and every man who ever knew me to any degree knows that to be true.  None of them ever stepped up to the plate though,  except the one who planted a Tom Casperson sign into the sacred ground of Tara upon Helmer!   I AM AGOG I AM AGHAST.  (906-586-4629.  Number valid until  my children are STUPID ENOUGH to have me put-away again.  Aren’t they just the cutest little activists?)

3:36 pm

This psychic-numbness is REALLY GREAT.  It’s not a ‘fuck-you’ kind of unfeeling.  My lack-of-feeling is more like, ‘Your mouth is moving and it makes you look different than when it’s still and there’s spit on your chin and…is that a squirrel?‘  Could this be a psychic break?  I’m LOVING IT.  I guess that proves I have not lost all my feeling.  I’m crying from relief.  It’s not from the betrayals and rejections and years of silence and want.  It is big-time relief.  I don’t give a shit and I’m loving it.

3:28 pm

BLAST FROM THE PAST, that being just after I was incarcerated physically, and yet chemically-impaired, 2/29/16:

U.S. silently tortures americans with cell tower electromagnetic neuroweapon


I’m so disappointed in Jesus.  I serve the prince of peace and I have to take medication for anxiety.  I have trusted since 2006 that He would use me in some fashion.  I trusted Him to make me well since I was attacked in 2009.  I’ve been waiting for Him to fix everything, and to accept my offering.  I’m ready to explode, it seems.  I cycle with hopelessness.  Every few minutes I’m made to see something as very threatening.  I pray about it but it doesn’t stop and I’ve been expecting it to stop for many years.  I haven’t heard from Jesus for a while and I have a hard time believing things he’s said.  I feel pointless and distraught.  I wish Jesus wold fix me pretty quick.  I am sluggish on the medication; I stammer and I shuffle.  I don’t think a servant of the Most High God should behave that way.  God says He’s never late.  I’m running down and I can hardly believe in Him.  That’s what the drugs are for.  I wonder what would be late? God says He’s never late and I’ve been waiting for Him since I was attacked in 2009.  The only reason I was targeted is because I obeyed Him.  I used to think He had great plans for me.  Now I hope I don’t die from anxiety and paranoia.  I can hardly stand having nothing to do.  I really need to go some place.  Just a couple thousand dollars would change my life.  Isaac thinks I should go to a spiritual-healing campus for a while.  I sure wish I could afford to do that.


3:10 pm

Something broke in me and now I cannot feel! Hallelujah.


Linda Goldthorpe <goldthorpelinda@gmail.com>

3:09 PM (0 minutes ago)

to Margaret, David, christine.ratt., Eric, Tom, jim, ANDREA, Alfred, a, Kevin, Tom, Tom, Rob, Josiah, Steve, Congress, Isaac, Joshua, George
The most amazing thing happened to me today!  Something broke in me.  I hurt so bad it just quit working.  I think I’ve lived without feeling love for so long I just lost the ability to feel.  I am not permitted to live my life as I choose and I’m not motivated to live it anyway.  My non-loving sons may serve their non-loving father who serves their non-loving grandfather.  I don’t CARE!   I thought I’d die this morning.
My sons went to a magic tournament a couple hours from here.  I went to the  prophet’s house, picked 4 four-leaf clovers.  Chatted with his grandson.  I don’t care about my sons.  George reminded me where they went but he didn’t know they had dates.  I don’t care.

10:22 am


10:05 am

I’m going for a ride.  I will sleep here but I don’t have to hang out with assholes.


9:57 am

I can’t trust GEORGE, or ISAAC, or JOSHUA  to EVEN WATER THE DOG!!!!

DEAR ADAM, you have my medical power of attorney, I think? They wish to drug me again.


Linda Goldthorpe <goldthorpelinda@gmail.com>

9:57 AM (0 minutes ago)

to Margaret, David, christine.ratt., Eric, Tom, jim, ANDREA, Alfred, a, Kevin, Tom, Tom, Rob, Josiah, Steve, Congress, Isaac, Joshua, George


Sorry for the detour.

9:56 AM

It is, according to Isaac, a decision for him, and Josh and George. Whether disabling drugs are put into my body…


Linda Goldthorpe <goldthorpelinda@gmail.com>

9:55 AM (0 minutes ago)

to Margaret, David, christine.ratt., Eric, Tom, jim, ANDREA, Alfred, a, Kevin, Tom, Tom, Rob, Josiah, Steve, Congress, Isaac, Joshua, George

Isaac will not say I may go to a Christian place which does not serve any drugs.

It is, according to Isaac, a decision for him, and Josh and George.  Whether disabling drugs are put into my body…has become an issue for my ex-husband who wouldn’t put anything into my body ever, without a lot of coaching.

I said, “I submit to ‘treatment’ that was 1) Christian, and 2) non-pharmaceutical.  He says he can’t guarantee it.”



Isaac will not say I may go to a Christian place which does not serve any drugs.

It is, according to Isaac, a decision for him, and Josh and George.  Whether disabling drugs are put into my body…has become an issue for my ex-husband who wouldn’t put anything into my body ever, without a lot of coaching.

I said, “I submit to ‘treatment’ that was 1) Christian, and 2) non-pharmaceutical.  He says he can’t guarantee it.”

9:33 am

How come some celebrities can pull an ‘Elvis’ and others cannot?  I’m guessing Prince is sitting pretty.  They do their bit. Bono was supposedly rescued from a restaurant in Nice, as the town turned to lies and blood.  An ‘Elvis’.  I almost went to Graceland; I circled Memphis two times on my recent evacuation of my home due to its predominant torture and lies.  I got out before the blood.  He wanted to be CIA, it’s on the books.  He wanted to serve ‘his’ country.  I wonder if he ever did.  He went to Europe in uniform.  I think Elvis was pretty smart.  I wasn’t a fan really, but I spent time in front of a TV set with a pastor’s teenage daughters who listened to music and rolled on the floor in ways I had never imagined,  and they also shaved their legs two times every time.  Prude doesn’t even begin to describe my youth.  Debauched doesn’t even begin to describe my childhood lessons.  My parents permit sexual misconduct of all manner and description.  That’s probably good, for me, since I was to be ELECTRONICALLY RAPED FOR YEARS.  They dun me good.  Who woulda thought?
When I was in law school I prayed for Michael Jackson a lot.  I could never understand why; I couldn’t even name five of his songs.

9:20 am


Do you suppose anybody will respond?

That’s not been my experience.

“Please Lord, don’t let my sons or George go to hell because of how they treated me. Amen.”


Linda Goldthorpe <goldthorpelinda@gmail.com>

9:18 AM (1 minute ago)

to Margaret, David, christine.ratt., Eric, Tom, jim, ANDREA, Alfred, a, Kevin, Tom, Tom, Rob, Josiah, Steve, Congress, Isaac, Joshua, George

I don’t even look like a person anymore.  With my orange hairs and second-hand men’s clothes I look like a cartoon character of negotiable value.  “Please Lord, don’t let my sons or George go to hell because of how they treated me.  Amen.”

“Also please forgive my brother and my sister and my parents and all my other relatives who called me evil and never even one time spoke to me.”
“I don’t wish to die.  This is an exiting time, but I’m grateful I experienced at least part of it.  If you wish to take me out of the battle, I’m ready to go to Heaven.  I love you, Jesus.”

Linda Goldthorpe <goldthorpelinda@gmail.com>

9:19 AM (0 minutes ago)

to Margaret, David, christine.ratt., Eric, Tom, jim, ANDREA, Alfred, a, Kevin, Tom, Tom, Rob, Josiah, Steve, Congress, Isaac, Joshua, George

*exciting time

(Also an exiting time…)

9:05 am

I sent an email.

Everybody who ‘debunks’ theories of conspiracy and mayhem, is accused of 
Adam, may I please stay with you for just a little while?  If you’re married I’m sure she won’t mind because I’ll wash dishes and clean up.  I don’t need a bed.  I just need to be with somebody I trust for a while.  Every time I start to get my shit together other people kick it apart again.  Thanks in advance, for considering my request.  

8:59 am

How come some celebrities can pull an ‘Elvis’ and others cannot?  I’m guessing Prince is sitting pretty.  They do their bit. Bono was supposedly rescued from a restaurant in Nice, as the town turned to lies and blood.  An ‘Elvis’.  I almost went to Graceland; I circled Memphis two times on my recent evacuation of my home due to its predominant torture and lies.  I got out before the blood.  He wanted to be CIA, it’s on the books.  He wanted to serve ‘his’ country.  I wonder if he ever did.  He went to Europe in uniform.  I think Elvis was pretty smart.  I wasn’t a fan really, but I spent time in front of a TV set with a pastor’s teenage daughters who listened to music and rolled on the floor in ways I had never imagined,  and they also shaved their legs two times every time.  Prude doesn’t even begin to describe my youth.  Debauched doesn’t even begin to describe my childhood lessons.  My parents permit sexual misconduct of all manner and description.  That’s probably good, for me, since I was to be ELECTRONICALLY RAPED FOR YEARS.  They dun me good.  Who woulda thought?
When I was in law school I prayed for Michael Jackson a lot.  I could never understand why; I couldn’t even name five of his songs.

8:50 am

Wow.  If Elvis is still alive he’s a Christian.  I’d bet money, I mean if I ever bet money.


Wouldn’t you think he would have gotten a new pair of glasses since he died?

8:37 am

The Pokemon Pied Piper zombie apocalypse has begun: Hoards of mindless, obedient sheeple now stampede anywhere the puppet masters plant fictitious monsters


8:23 am

“Pardon me while I have a strange influence.”  (Groucho Marx)

How to Break the Fourth Wall

8:20 am

“Oh GREAT.  So I’m a klutz now?”  (Maurice Minifield)

“Look.  If there’s not a duel then what’s the point of this whole story?”  (Maggie, from Detroit)  (RIP)

Northern Exposure breaks the 4th wall


8:13 am

Adam And Eve’s Bliss

“Sounds wonderful.”

“You’ve never been married, have you?”


8:04 am

“What did you expect?  A message from the prophet?  Words from on high?  You’re supposed to lead your people out of Egypt?”

Northern Exposure: Adam’s pessimistic views on nature…brilliant!



7:58 am

“One of my favorite characters, a minor character, was Adam.  You like Adam?  Yeah.  Everybody likes Adam.”

Who was the real ‘Adam’ from Northern Exposure?

“One year he went into the bush and no one ever saw him again.  He just evaporated.”


7:53 am

Three hours ago I figured I might never smile again.  God is good and prayer works.

Frasier – The Mystery of Maris

(Niles’ wife.)

“Hah. I’m supposed to ask MARIS to spend an evening with a baseball player?  Why don’t I just ask her to rub my shoulders?”
“You know my wife Maris, she actually has all our servants down at your campaign headquarters licking envelopes.”
(Somebody’s gotta be liking this.  It’s so perfect.)
“She’d do it herself, but the poor thing can’t produce saliva.”
Frasier:  “You know that Maris loves you.  But it’s still nice to hear?”
Niles:  “Let’s stick to attainable goals.”

7:33 am

Personally, I think my sons would get some laughs if they paid attention to my work.

Frasier – The Niles and Daphne Attraction

Dr. Crane:  “That’s preposterous, letting a dog choose your dates?”
Daphne:  “It’s true.  If a dog likes a man, it’s a good bet he’s warm and sensitive.”
Niles:  “Dear God, Frasier…Why not just lather Daphne up with baby oil and hurl her over the wall of a prison yard.”
(I just laughed just like Marty McFly’s dad did when he was young and stupid.  Wow.  I change every single second.  I could be very non-boring to a man who valued variety.  And all in one single woman.)

7:22 am

Frasier – Niles LOVES Daphne

“No chance of you and mum getting back together?”
“I’m sorry.  It’s OVER.  Has been for a long time.  I’ve got no complaints; I’ve got something wonderful out of it:  YOU”
“I never did anything like that for your mother.  No, no, I tell you Daphne, you’ve got a right one there, a good one.”

7:15 am

Frasier – Niles stands for Daphne

“This jackass will be out of your life by the end of the week.”

7:08 am

7 Weird Real Life Glitches in the Matrix

6:43 am

Did you ever get to the point where you thought your heart was broken all the way?  It’s not.  It can always break some more.

6:27 am

-4:24 am
“Dear Lord.  I submitted to the hospitalization.  I did the drugs and I went to appointments.  I’m just now beginning to walk right!  Please God, how do I maintain myself?  I know that’s your job and not mine.  How can I submit when they’re not making any sense?  What do I do?  Please give me wisdom.  Please take this new feeling from inside my body and fix the huge wound on my jaw.  Thank you.”
6:24 am
I went for a long walk and kept vomiting and panicking.
 I can’t stand my son’s theatrics anymore.  I woke Isaac briefly and asked if I submitted to their funny farm, could I stay here without any more scenes.  No more drama?  He said yes.
Why can’t the resources intended to be spent for this wasted experience be used instead to get started on my destiny?  It’s in God’s hands; not theirs.  I am a prisoner of Jesus Christ and I have been since the first dirty pictures showed up in my otherwise clean mind.
“Dear Lord.  I trust you.  I feel peace with this decision.  My life is yours.  Amen.”

4:10 am

“Lord.  There is no soothing this one.  Please lift me above this pain; it goes all the way through me.  I don’t know where to start even thinking about where I could go.  Josh said, “get a job” but he hasn’t had one for six months.  HE’S the house-owner so he doesn’t need a job.  Oh, Lord forgive my parents.”
“I can’t even cry.  If I cry I don’t know if I could stop in time to pack some things by Tuesday.  How to pack?  What to pack?  Why, oh Lord?  I’m vomiting again.  God, what do I do?  You said you’re never late!  They’re trying to lock me up again and I have no recourse but you.  Please Jesus,  Please have mercy on me and my sons.  Please reveal truth so I may stay here until you tell me where to go.  Please change this.  Please break this logjam of indifference and blindness.  I am their mom.  This used to be my house!  I don’t care about the house being theirs except I’d sure like a place to live.”
“Waking up without panicking is nice but this feeling a big hole is bad too.  It’s not about money from a job; my welfare is two hundred dollars more a month than I brought in before.  It is solely about shutting my mouth that I may not speak and that I become not a person even more than they’ve accomplished.  How can they do that to anybody at all?”
“MY DAD TOOK MY HOME AND CLAIMED IT WAS FOR MY BENEFIT.  HE KNEW WHAT HE WAS DOING TO A FAMILY AND TO ME.  PLEASE FORGIVE HIM.  PLEASE FORGIVE ME FOR SCRATCHING HIS CAR.  PLEASE FORGIVE ME FOR MAKING MY SONS HATE ME.  Oh wait.  They hated you first and you did way more than feed and clothe them and teach them.  Please forgive them for rejecting truth.”
“They BOTH said I could come here!  I even called Josh from Green Bay!  The minute I arrive they want to talk about sending me away and they won’t even just let me stay in my room.  What can I do now?  Please help me?  Please give me a place to live?  Please show my sons what was done to us?  Please.  I’m whining again.  You don’t like that.  I’ll start over:  Dear Jesus I know you have a plan for me and my sons and this feeling I’m suffering is necessary.  Please don’t let me do anything to disrupt your plan.  Also don’t let me take anything personally.  Give me divine love for everybody I meet so I can show them your love.  Please draw my sons to you.  Amen.”

Why do Narcissists basically get away with abuse and why do people believe them first and then we are left having to fight to get our integrity back?

Backstabbing and the Smear Campaign! Damned if we do or damned if we don’t.

See more here:   https://afternarcissisticabuse.wordpress.com/2016/07/17/backstabbing-and-the-smear-campaign-damned-if-we-do-or-damned-if-we-dont-why-do-narcissists-basically-get-away-with-abuse-and-why-do-people-believe-them-first-and-then-we-are-left-having-to/

12:32 am

This stuff I write is so important it’s worth throwing your mother to the wolves.

But, they don’t reed it.


12:25 am

Suicide.  Wouldn’t it be great not to have to face the emptiness again tomorrow?  Wouldn’t you love not having to spend time with people who hate you but you love them?  Not me.  They can fry if they don’t see me for what I am.  I am AWESOME.  Let them follow Dad into hell.  I’ll be sad, but you save what can be saved.  God said George is His.  Let Him prove it I suppose.  My sons too.  They belong to Him.  I have nothing to offer or to contribute.  “Lower and slower, Lord Jesus.  Show us something amazing.  Take me lower and slower, but give me the grace to take it.  With my sons discarding me I don’t know how much more I can take.  You know best.  Please take George before we all die.  Amen.”

12:19 am

My continual prayer used to be:  More Spirit.  More Love.  More Spirit.  More Love.

Now it is:  “Please can George die?”



Isaac is prostituting his own mom. To protect his dad, who loves it. No shelter for me. This cannot be real.


Linda Goldthorpe <goldthorpelinda@gmail.com>

12:16 AM (3 minutes ago)

to Margaret, David, christine.ratt., Eric, Tom, jim, ANDREA, Alfred, a, Kevin, Tom, Tom, Rob, Josiah, Steve, Congress, Isaac, Joshua, George

How can you turn your own mom out?  From her own house?  And nobody says a word?  And you feel to be righteous?  When you promised her you’d find her a place after you had her abducted and incarcerated and poisoned and then instead you went to Montreal?  When she BEGGED YOU FOR HELP to get away from your father?  And then when she would not go to the funny farm after you PROMISED TO HELP HER GET A PLACE AND SHE WOULD HAVE GONE EVEN TO A HALFWAY HOUSE EXCEPT FOR THAT SHE BELIEVED YOU…You hung up on her on Mother’s day when she claimed she did not want to PRETEND FOR YOU ANY LONGER THAT SHE WAS MENTALLY ILL?

What about a guy who 1) does not keep his promises, 2) incarcerates his mother by force and submits her to the government she abhors and which abhors her, and 3) kicks her out of her only shelter repeatedly when she would have been gone if he had been faithful?

How is it that I am the problem?  
Isaac is really fucked up and nobody cares.
He wants Dad to love him   (but we know how that goes.)
I do not want to be a prostitute to promote Isaac’s PtSD.
I hope my dad is arrested soon.  Maybe there is still a chance for healing with Josh and isaac.  I mean after GEORGE EITHER REPENTS OR DIES STONE COLD AND I DON’T CALL 911.


11:59 PM




“GOD!!! Please have mercy on my and my sons!  The lies and hypocrisy are stealing their minds and souls and good sense!




11:22 pm



Linda Goldthorpe <goldthorpelinda@gmail.com>

11:22 PM (0 minutes ago)

to Margaret, David, christine.ratt., Eric, Tom, jim, ANDREA, Alfred, a, Kevin, Tom, Tom, Rob, Josiah, Steve, Congress, Isaac, Joshua, George

Logos.  Our WORD is our LIFE.


On Sat, Jul 16, 2016 at 11:19 PM, Linda Goldthorpe <goldthorpelinda@gmail.com> wrote:



11:20 pm

Logos.  Our WORD is our LIFE.


11:18 pm

How can Josh and Isaac be so obtuse as to think they are not KILLING ME by demanding that I relinquish my voice?

11:12 pm

I won’t be required to leave tonight.  I asked for sure that I won’t have to go without clean clothes this time, when my sons kick me out of my former home, that my dad took from me, to help me.

I’m kicked out again.  And my mom and my dad will not speak up or offer me shelter from their hundreds of options.  Selah.  Jesus is coming soon.

This is ridiculous.  How is my sons’ cause [whatever that may be] promoted by extinguishing the house of my presence for a couple days a month?
They just do not want what I am because it would mess…
They have reasons to want peace.  They are mistaken to believe peace ever happens without Jesus.  I am their only representative [obviously] of Jesus.  They are rejecting Him and rejecting Jesus is eternal hellfire and damnation.  Not to mention missing out on the COOLEST TIME EVER IN HUMAN HISTORY.  I wish they cared enough about Jesus to reed what He tells me to write.  I wish they believed in me like I believe in them.  I wish George would die so we could all be ourselves without wondering how it will affect him.  Sad, but very true.  He will not give us freedom to be.  We must protect his shell.  And we believe that is righteous.  But I changed my mind.
I don’t know how I should act in the morning.  I’m grateful to sleep in my own bed.  But, should I have to be grateful for something that was once my right?  I don’t know what to say to boys who think they may discharge their mother’s wisdom to a funny farm.  How can I pretend to respect my sons any longer?
“Thank you Jesus, for bring me back to the UP safely.  Thank you for the four-leaf clover I picked in Green Bay.  Thank you FOR GIVING ME M Y HEART’S DESIRE.  Thank you that my sons will envy me and seek you.  Thank you for you.  I love you.  I’m so grateful you love me.  You’re the only one.  But you and me together are the MAJORITY.  Thy Kingdom come.  In me, first. Amen.”

11:04 pm

This is ridiculous.  How is my sons’ cause [whatever that may be] promoted by extinguishing the house of my presence for a couple days a month?
They just do not want what I am,  because it would mess…

They have reasons to want peace.  They are mistaken to believe peace ever happens without Jesus.  I am their only representative [obviously] of Jesus.  They are rejecting Him and rejecting Jesus is eternal hellfire and damnation.  Not to mention missing out on the COOLEST TIME EVER IN HUMAN HISTORY.  I wish they cared enough about Jesus to reed what He tells me to write.  I wish they believed in me like I believe in them.  I wish George would die so we could all be ourselves without wondering how it will affect him.  Sad, but very true.  He will not give us freedom to be.  We must protect his shell.  And we believe that is righteous.  But I changed my mind.

10:58 pm

Queen Admits She is “Not Human” & We’ll “Learn to Accept Her For What She Is”

10:38 pm



Linda Goldthorpe <goldthorpelinda@gmail.com>

10:33 PM (5 minutes ago)

to Margaret, David, christine.ratt., Eric, Tom, jim, ANDREA, Alfred, a, Kevin, Tom, Tom, Rob, Josiah, Steve, Congress, Isaac, Joshua, George

My sons are going to be SO EMBARRASSED when they realize they didn’t have to be behind the eight-ball if they had ONLY RED WHAT I WROTE.

Too emphatic.
Not genuine.
He won’t listen.
I bow at his feet.
I quiet my soul.
I am his and he is mine.
He is in control.
I’m not mad anymore.
He said:
“Linda.  Your sons are performing a prophetic pantomime, as you so often have.  You know their lives are recorded, right?  You know they belong to me, right?  Are you really so mad at them?  Don’t you think I have prepared a place for you?  [Dear Jesus, at this point NOT REALLY.]
“You’re glib.  Rusty told you I enjoyed your humor.  Nothing is wasted.  You are mine.  Take to the car if you must, what does it matter?  Have I not protected you from even MURDER ATTEMPTS?  You are mine.  Settle down.”
Yeah.  What Jesus said to me.
He gives me bread and water you know not of.
He has always done that.
You’re gonna love him or you’re gonna fry in a pool of legitimate shame.
I’m his.
I don’t need a home on this dirty planet.
“I’m sorry for calling Earth dirty.  I know you love it very much.  Please forgive me.”

10:34 pm

I have nowhere to live, as of Tuesday, high-noon.  So what.  I’ve been there before.  Jesus loves me.



Linda Goldthorpe <goldthorpelinda@gmail.com>

10:33 PM (0 minutes ago)

to Margaret, David, christine.ratt., Eric, Tom, jim, ANDREA, Alfred, a, Kevin, Tom, Tom, Rob, Josiah, Steve, Congress, Isaac, Joshua, George

My sons are going to be SO EMBARRASSED when they realize they didn’t have to be behind the eight-ball if they had ONLY RED WHAT I WROTE.

Too emphatic.
Not genuine.
He won’t listen.
I bow at his feet.
I quiet my soul.
I am his and he is mine.
He is in control.
I’m not mad anymore.
He said:
“Linda.  Your sons are performing a prophetic pantomime, as you so often have.  You know their lives are recorded, right?  You know they belong to me, right?  Are you really so mad at them?  Don’t you think I have prepared a place for you?  [Dear Jesus, at this point NOT REALLY.]
“You’re glib.  Rusty told you I enjoyed your humor.  Nothing is wasted.  You are mine.  Take to the car if you must, what does it matter?  Have I not protected you from even MURDER ATTEMPTS?  You are mine.  Settle down.”
Yeah.  What Jesus said to me.
He gives me bread and water you know not of.
He has always done that.
You’re gonna love him or you’re gonna fry in a pool of legitimate shame.
I’m his.
I don’t need a home on this dirty planet.
“I’m sorry for calling Earth dirty.  I know you love it very much.  Please forgive me.”

10:12 pm

The wound on my chin is oozy and crispy and bulbous and itchy.  It is a couple inches long and the glistening lymph-scabs are enticing and fluid.  I remembered also, a couple weeks ago at the Prophet’s place picking clovers with his grandson and being SHOT IN THE EARLOBE which developed OOZY GOLDEN SCABS up and down my ear that lasted a week or more.  Josh said.  “Modern medicine cannot explain everything…”  (Not that.  He said something to that effect.  He will not reed what I write.  He plays video games like a stud.)

10:02 pm


“METHINKS THOUEST YOUNGSTERS DOTH PROTEST FAR TOO MUCH AND STUDY FAR TOO LITTLE and even I expect more from your dad.  If he wasn’t totally happy with his situation of controlling you with threats that he will move into some trailer in Dollarville…then he is certainly competent enough to tell you so.  But, he don’t.”

10:01 pm

I sent this email to my witnesses.  I don’t have high hopes.  Actually, I don’t have much hope of any kind:

I’m kicked out again. And my mom and my dad will not speak up or offer me shelter from their hundreds of options. Selah. Jesus is coming soon.


Linda Goldthorpe <goldthorpelinda@gmail.com>

10:00 PM (0 minutes ago)

to Margaret, David, christine.ratt., Eric, Tom, jim, ANDREA, Alfred, a, Kevin, Tom, Tom, Rob, Josiah, Steve, Congress, Isaac, Joshua, George

Hey, anybody.  I’d really love to flop on somebody’s floor for a couple days.  I don’t want to marry the prophet, and he’s the only person I know who will allow me to stay at his place and since we’re both disciples of Jesus and somewhat fastidious about the opposite sex…well…anybody?

My dad called me crazy and paid my ex-husband to carry the story and so my sons think I will be better off sleeping in my car.  Or else they get to lock me up again.
Please, somebody have a heart?  They’ll let me back into my house in a week.
They always do!

9:08 pm

I’m going to my dad’s house to pray in his driveway.  Maybe I’ll also pick up sticks.  He will love before he dies because if my dad goes to hell I won’t ever be happy until Jesus wipes the tears from my eyes and does the Vulcan mind-meld of forgetfulness.

9:02 pm

My self-righteous sons are kicking me out again…without having red what I wrote while I was gone this last time they kicked me out and they were so very concerned about my welfare since I didn’t answer the phone.  They are liars.  “Liars have their part in the lake of fire.”

They are turning their own mother over to prostitution.  They are evil sons, now.  They believed their father’s lies, and mine.

8:58 pm

The successful one had George’s dinner with the boys; I couldn’t stomach it.  I sat him down, shortly after I was given my deadline for departure.  I said, “You work really hard for your dad.  I wanna tell you something.  Your dad got one life to live and you got one life to live.  He doesn’t get to live yours and you don’t get to live his.”  He asked, “What are you saying?”
I said, “Dear one.  Follow your heart.  If your dad is keeping you from what you love don’t be there. I’m NOT SAYING YOU’RE DOING ANYTHING WRONG.”  He knew what I meant.  He heard my sons kick me out.  He hasn’t a mom.
Gas station, next-door-bathroom booth:  this woman was screaming at her little girl for not using the right words!  I kid you not!  This child was merely  just past the mama-dada stage, and this woman demanded words!  “YOU DIRTIED YOUR SKIRT!”  “DO IT YOURSELF.  “PEE RIGHT!!!”
-I prayed for the right words to say and in the end I just told the woman I was praying for her family.  I also waited for about 3 minutes with my instant noodles masticating as she struggled her children into their government-approved carseats with her open door up against my closed one and my destination.  Later I decided I should have said:

I’m kicked out again.  And my mom and my dad will not speak up nor offer me shelter from their hundreds of options.  Selah.  Jesus is coming soon.

8:28 pm

Josh even accused me of SETTING ALL OF THIS UP…get this, no kiddin’…by PROPHECIES!  Like I did anything on purpose.  I hear it and I say it and it comes true.  God and the NSA are right.

I’d sure like some Boaz to step in about here.  Me and the clan are expiring…

John Fogerty and The Fairfield Four “A Hundred and Ten In The Shade” LIVE

8:10 pm

So fun to be home, GEORGE’S new purchases are displayed all about.  My sons can’t tell me how long I may stay.  I am instructed to go to a “center”.  They think I need ‘help’.  I asked which sort of help I need, since I am smarter than they, I heard: “THAT’S WHAT WE MEAN.  YOU’RE ALWAYS RIGHT.”   Well.  From the mouths of babes and psychopaths.




I announced.  I doubt anybody was listening:  WE WILL NO LONGER PRETEND I AM CRAZY SO YOU GUYS DON’T HAVE TO FACE TRUTH.  Big fuckin’ deal.  We’re dead-stopped and they don’t even see I could move them along.  They don’t see George’s big fat anchor claiming all of our attention.  Soon they will.  Adam is writing the sermon for George’s funeral as we speak.  I prophesied all of this.  I hope my dad doesn’t shoot him just to get off the hook.


8:52 am

I have SO much work to do if we’re going to destroy all of Glenn’s towers.  I’ve seen them burning, and if 9/11 taught us anything it is this:  we can make metal turn to liquid with kerosene.  (Google:  jet fuel.)  He’ll probably have to burn a whole bunch of contracts too, but I suspect the government will soon be too busy to deal with petty lawsuits and breaking a contract isn’t a criminal offense. He’ll be broke but he can live with me in my car!
I think I’ll call my new tribe: RANDOM RESISTANCE.
That’s a good name because we will only strike when God tells us to so nobody will see us coming.  We’ll carry weapons of healing and hope.  We’ll be awesome.  I can’t WAIT for JESUS to run this world!!  I’ve been waiting since before He even created it.  Isn’t that an amazing thought?  

Where Are The HD Phone Videos In Well Lit Nice – Phil in France


We all have a story to tell…

and God wants to use each one of us and our stories to help others.


If Isaac were a black man…




8:29 am

You Are Now Being Prepared For The Floodgates To Open
“The energy you are now capable of holding will only become more powerful…”
(I don’t know how much is bullshit, of these New Age proclamations…but a lot of it lines up with my [orthodox] theology and eschatological understanding.)
“Yes, Dear One, we are beyond excited that you are on your way home.”
NOthING LOOKS THE WAY I’D LIKE but there’s no time for lessons just now.
Lots of bullies in my world; at least I gave this one permission.  I’m the bully-pulpit!

Hilarious – President BUSH PLASTERED and Dancing at Memorial Service

“Everyone there seems to understand the Bush is either out of his mind or on drugs…”
They’re holding hands but it looks like Michelle and Laura weren’t expecting to dance.
Blacks and whites singing ‘The Battle Hymn of the Republic’?
But Confederate flags are bad?
I think Michelle Obama could bench-press Laura Bush.  But I probably could too.

8:10 am

The way Truth sets you free is this, or at least this is one way.  As we acquire more Truth, we realize how much of our efforts do not serve Him.  Freedom increases by the elimination of myriad little false responsibilities.
Yesterday was full of electronic anomalies in the car, numerous ones that just went away. First the door locked by itself.  Then the gas cap would not open.  The cruise control stopped working too, so I was really hoping I wasn’t losing an alternator or generator or whatever it is that diesel cars use to create electricity.  Some other small things weren’t working too but I don’t exactly remember.  I do remember being VERY GRATEFUL the air conditioning didn’t stop working.  I heard, “Would you rather have cruise control or air conditioning?”  No contest.  It didn’t hit 100 yesterday though and I was glad.
Also, weird wounds showed up on my body.  For about three hours there was a series of marks on my right forearm, like claw marks, side by side.  They looked like one of those compression indentations you get when you lean on something bumpy but those go away really fast and I was in the car so I didn’t lean on anything.   I kind of liked them; I used to have dreams and visions where atheist-Adam was a lion clawing at me and he never drew blood because every time the skin was ripped back there was gold exposed underneath.  These marks just faded slowly until they looked like a real scar.
ALSO, I WATCHED a bump grow on my jaw, it was like a huge horsefly bite with the center violently white and the edges in crisp relief.  Nothing bit me because it wasn’t even itchy..  Also, the bump didn’t go away, it was the size of a nickel when I went to bed, with a head on it like a bite you scratched, kind of weepy-gold.  NOW, the whole surface of my jaw is swollen and bumpy and oozy. ALSO, there is a blister on my toe; you don’t get too many blisters when you’re driving all day.
ALSO, I cut my finger coming out of a REALLY grungy bathroom.  The door handle itself was so sharp it went right through my skin when I touched it.  I worried momentarily about getting an infection and I prayed for no ill effects.  I squeezed a little blood out to get rid of germs.  The next time I looked at it…the wound was completely gone.  I liked that one the best.  He’s spontaneously healed wounds for me before.  One time I cut two fingers with the same tool and one healed immediately after prayer.  It’s in my journal.  George might remember; he was there.
3:20 yesterday the paranoia stopped.  It’s almost like they turn off a switch.  Joy and freedom immediately.
I wonder if I’m being demo-ed or something.  I guess they gotta use somebody.
I’m going home.  I can’t possibly live in these clothes any longer.  I hope my sons will let me use their washing machine.



1:26 AM
(Not to be confused with prophecy.)
The ‘red carpet’ will feature a fully naked female seeking to regain attention this year.
Pikachu will appear in REAL LIFE and you can watch him jump all over your friends…and you won’t even need a phone.    

1:10 AM

And now, aged 72, Rolling Stone Sir Mick Jagger has announced that he is to be a father again. His American ballet dancer girlfriend, Melanie Hamrick, 29, is expecting a baby which will be his eighth child.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-3692957/As-s-revealed-Mick-Jagger-s-having-EIGHTH-child-72-Jerry-s-aghast-Keith-thinks-s-hoot-Mick-s-not-shopping-ring.html#ixzz4EXt3DfM1
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‘I knew straight away he was The One’: Grandmother, 71, marries a 17-year-old three weeks after meeting him at her son’s FUNERAL

  • Almeda Errell from Tennessee lost her son to diabetes complications
  • Met Gary Hardwick, now 18, and couldn’t stop thinking about him
  • Once he split from girlfriend he rushed round to declare feelings
  • Couple married after three weeks and enjoy passionate relationship 

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-3691677/Grandmother-71-marries-17-year-old-met-son-s-FUNERAL.html#ixzz4EXsaFhqa
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12:49 am



She's one hot mesh: Kim's revealing choice of outfit  

The Daily Mail tells us this, about imminent bigger-wig, Theresa May, from forty years ago:

“This picture, taken from her class photograph at Oxford, shows an 18-year-old Theresa May teaming her smart jacket with a purple skirt, red sweater and a patterned blouse. In contrast to her fellow students, many of whom sported flared jeans and dishevelled long hair, she opted for sharp polished black strappy shoes and a neat bob.”

I’m pleased to know whatever was clean in her closet when she was eighteen.  I don’t know how it could effect the vote but somebody must deem it important.


12:44 am

I say it here, and it comes out there.

The Temptations- I’m Losing You

Hot mesh! Kim Kardashian leaves little to the imagination in a completely sheer dress and barely-there lingerie… as she raps her husband’s song targeting Taylor Swift

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-3691516/Kim-Kardashian-leaves-little-imagination-completely-sheer-dress-barely-lingerie-raps-husband-s-song-targeting-Taylor-Swift.html#ixzz4EXluzAUk
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12:37 am


If your ex shoots up a city you can be arrested!


(I hope George keeps  locks on all his new guns.  I don’t want to be PUNISHED ANY LONGER FOR HIS FOIBLES.)

Was killer depressed about the break-up of his marriage? Police arrest Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel’s ex-WIFE over massacre that left 84 dead as dramatic footage reveals moment he was killed in shoot-out

  • WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Terrorist uses lorry to mow down crowds during Bastille Day celebrations in Nice
  • Death toll currently stands at 84, 202 were injured, 52 are in a critical condition and 25 are on life support machines
  • ID card belonging to Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, a French Tunisian man, 31, from Nice, found next to his body
  • His cousin said Bouhlel, a father of three, told MailOnline he flouted every rule of Islam, beat his wife and took drugs
  • Police say terrorist’s wife Hajer arrested and in custody as officers work on his motives and if he had accomplices
  • At least 10 babies and children were killed, some in buggies, with least 54 children also being treated in hospital
  • Eyewitnesses said driver zig-zagged at 40mph to hit crowds of people who were sent flying or jammed under wheels

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3691019/Several-people-injured-truck-crashes-crowd-Bastille-Day-celebrations-Nice.html#ixzz4EXkbqE1h
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12:34 am

 I fight for every keystroke to register.  Cyberstalking is not for the impatient.
I’m getting nowhere.  I wish to choose a favorite color but it can’t be done.  For one thing, I haven’t seen every color so my choice would not be a choice at all.  It would be a default.  I started running a process of elimination:  I dislike all pastels.  Most yellows. Orange, like my hair.  There are many colors not making the cut.  I would like also to see more dimensions to my favorite color.  I can picture a top layer moving like water.  I can picture the same color a bit below the motion and it looks entirely different.  This is too hard.  Let’s move back to POLITICS and the APOCALYPSE.
Did you know that people are gainfully employed to SQUEEZE Kim Kardashian into her clothing?  I’m now guessing these bikini models have not much else to sell?  And next year, they won’t even have that.  I should start a website.  I could make a lot of money taking wagers on Kanye’s NEXT spokes-wife.

12:25 am

I didn’t watch even a second of this video but

I’m LOVING the title…




11:54 pm

Come On Children – The Sharper Brothers

“Come on Children, let’s SERVE THE LORD…”

BUT, if the “Sharper Brothers” are more interested in ‘the Sharper Image’… then it was nice knowin’ ya.

You were really fine boys.  I had hoped for you to be great men.  I’d miss you if I could see you frying in hell, but I won’t be able to.  Maybe you can send me a postcard?  I figure in Heaven everybody will know everybody else’s address.

You sons, you are the bosses of you.  

(That’s a privilege I have not been granted.  Not even by y’all.)

 (Down South here, they call EVERY WOMAN ‘Ma’am’.  I asked.  It’s respectful.  It’s not just because a woman is OLD.  Respect is appropriate for ladies, notwithstanding.)

11:52 pm

If somebody would watch this I’d be grateful.  I don’t have time because I’m driving a lot because I was kicked out of my home because my dad took it away and gave it to children and I have nowhere to work.


11:32 pm

this old house

“Ain’t’a gonna need this house no longer!

Ain’t’a gonna need this house no more!

Ain’t got time to fix the shingles,

Ain’t got time to fix the door…

Ain’t got time to oil the hinges,

Or to mend the windowpane,

Ain’t’a gonna need this house NO LONGER…

I’m gettin’ ready to MEET THE SAINTS!”


(And I can bunk at their CLUBHOUSE until SPANKY gets his act together and gives me a LIFE ESTATE in ‘his’ house.)



(YEAH, old man.  TELL IT TO THE JURY!!!)


(ISAAC.  I’m sorry I called you Spanky.  You seem so YOUNG lately…)

“On my knees I’m gettin’ chilly,

but I feel no fear or pain,


10:43 pm

Day of Rage.  Not for me.

I gave up on rage and adopted instead, my small degree of consciousness.

And It’s hard to maintain your temper when people think YOU’RE to blame for OTHERS’ UNTOWARD and INAPPROPRIATE OFFICIOUSNESS…

…but when others behave like old-lady-bossy-tyrant-jerks…it’s really good training.


9:57 am

Wait Till You See Me in My New Home

Ivan Parker

“Mansions on display, homes in bright array, taunt me as I roam…”

“Just wait ’til you see my new home!”


9:23 am

Thoughts on freedom, from a veteran of gangstalking, forced hospitalization, induced emotions and (formerly, thank GOD…) MUCH ELECTRONIC SEXUAL ASSAULT and  MIND-CONTROL BULLSHIT and also bullshit-PLOTTING BY MY FAMILY:

I am not physically free by ANY definition of the term.  MANY PERSONS HAVE obstructed my freedom and attempted to STOP MY VOICE.  I have been stripped of ALL GOODS AND RESOURCES and I cannot know that even my gently-nurtured sons will not TURN ME OVER to those who deny freedom as an AGENDA of DEPOPULATION.  (When you raise them smart you expect them to turn out that way. NOT EVEN.)
Selfish.  Wanting ANYTHING seemed selfish,  and I wanted so badly to be self-less that I tortured myself about it.  I poked myself into a corner and others blocked my exit.  I guess you can’t attain self-less-ness by appeal to one’s self.  My desire to become selfless was encouraged as I’ve lived with a selfish man.  You can’t stoop low enough for a person who cannot see that you’re already face-down in condemnation.  My dad and George made a pact.  George couldn’t probably give you the date or discuss the terms, but my dad surely could.
My dad is not selfish.  My dad is calculatedly-the-all-the-time-winner.  He loves small selfish people because their puny needs and squeamish manners allow him to organize events for  his entertainment and profit.  Smug.  My dad was always smug, and then I saw that same look on George.  He’s got my home.  He has my boys’ allegiance, he has a ‘relationship’ with my dad, and as I know VERY WELL what passes for ‘relationship’ with EITHER OF THEM, well hell.  More power to ’em.  If calling yourself the EX-SON-IN-LAW of a rich psychopath is his major goal, then I wouldn’t want a real relationship with George anyway.  I tried. I gave up.  I’m REALLY GLAD IT DIDN’T WORK.  He’s selfish.
What I gleaned from the mystery email that was DELIVERED FROM MY GMAIL ACCOUNT AFTER I WENT TO BED the other night is, a lot.  I always gave George MUCH SLACK because his learning disability hadn’t been corrected in childhood.  I took him to a therapeutic eye-doctor in Ohio who said he could have been helped TREMENDOUSLY if somebody would have gotten him there as a child.  Oh well.  I gotta play catch-up for other people who do not take responsibility for their responsibilities.  I bit the bullet and I was the best bossy Baptist wife you ever saw.  I gave up on expectations of ‘relationship’ and devoted myself to my own responsibilities.  Not good enough for George.
Now, George’s got it all and there is small compassion evident.  He plots with my sons as I work sitting on my bed.  Now I don’t even have as much freedom as a begrudged mat.  He has a mother with a big empty house and he goes there four times a year for ten days at a time.  He has a girlfriend in Tennessee and he gave her a ring.  He has an income and he’s buying silver for his retirement.  He has brand new TV’s and satellite radios and the entire living room is filled with exercise equipment, multiple items, FOUR 36″ plastic balls live on the couch; his OCD will not permit him to  buy one of anything.   He doesn’t buy firewood anymore.  I have second-hand clothes and a broken tooth BUT I don’t HAUL AND STACK AND BURN WOOD ANYMORE to keep him warm.  (He finally said I should make a dentist appointment; isn’t that large of him?  I haven’t even had my teeth cleaned in years.)
I drifted, didn’t I?  FREEDOM was my topic.  Such a pity I had to learn about FREEDOM by its absence.  I think that’s the only way you can truly recognize it and I KNOW FOR SURE that nobody values freedom as much as I would, if I did not fear restraint and compulsion.  I LOVE FREEDOM WAY MORE THAN GEORGE.  I love freedom more than ANY PSYCHOPATH, because for them, it doesn’t exist,  not exist even in the abstract.  There is no freedom to those who are engaged merely in supplying their urges.
“There remaineth a rest, for the people of God.”
I’d look up the Bible reference but that seems sorta pointless at this point.
Here’s one thing  I learned from my  hijacked email:
My dad uses his smarter-than-thou schtick to manipulate people by making them believe he has god-like wisdom.  (I knew that part already.  Hah.)

George uses his aw-shucks-what-can-you-expect routine to manipulate people by making them believe he is to be continually pampered and pitied.  His current situation is REALLY GREAT because nobody is FORCING HIM TO THINK ABOUT NEW THINGS like I did when we had our pretend relationship.  SEMPER FI. gag.

 “God, forgive him for manipulating his own sons.  God, forgive him for permitting my torture. God, forgive him for denying me a home and freedom.  God, just forgive him all over the place.  Amen.”


8:57 am

Drone disguised as a BIRD discovered in Somalia reveals chilling government surveillance tactics

Drone disguised as a bird found crashed in Somalia - how the governments hide their eyes in the sky

Hackers steal millions from ATMs without using a card

Venezuela army deployed to control food production and distribution

(That means they’re occupying people’s farms and lunch-counters?)

8:23 AM

“We must admit to ourselves that there are truly evil geniuses out there, and in most cases these characters have taken control of the power structure.” Mike Krieger



JESUS Explains… Overcoming the Deceptions of this Age & The Nature of Aliens – July 12th, 2016

“You are My Bride;  I protect you mind, soul, spirit and body.  All of you is Mine, and I protect you just as a good husband should.”

“The whole world will be terrorized by the discovery and disclosure of these creatures, but my people have nothing to fear.  Whether visible or invisible, every knee will bow and every tongue confess that I AM Lord.”

in Stasi-America, everybody is a spy.
Neiman Nix, a former minor league pitcher who later opened a sports science center in Florida, filed a lawsuit Thursday alleging Major League Baseball, in the course of its Biogenesis probe, destroyed his business by hacking into social media accounts (Facebook, YouTube, PayPal) because it suspected him of selling performance-enhancing drugs to players.
I wonder if I know the stimulus-reward sense of Poke’mon Go?
It’s like I feel picking four-leaf clovers maybe.
pokemon 5555555555555
I’ve never had biscuits and veggie gravy before, I thought they always used sausage down here.  The breakfast gives meager a chance for glory,  but the room was nice once I got the temperature down last night.  Two nights in rooms where I had LEGAL PERMISSION TO BE THERE, I’m really splurging. Every time I stay at a hotel  I wish I could stay a real long time and take baths and see people moving around and be alone and not be threatened by anybody. Every time I leave right away.  I need HOME.
(Isn’t it amazing how that is the case with EVERY SINGLE ATTACK?)
(I lost the link.  Sorry. It was a video.)

BETRAYED! Whole Foods and the Organic Trade Association just plowed right through American food consumers like the terrorist truck rampage in France (op ed)

The number of lives ripped from our world by the horrific attack on innocent people in France pales in comparison to what Whole Foods and the Organic Trade Association just did to 300+ million people in America as you’ll learn below…

Working in agreement with Monsanto’s devious plan, Whole Foods and the Organic Trade Association just plowed over America’s health-conscious consumers by backing the passage of the “Dark Act 2.0” GMO anti-labeling bill. From Natural News:

Whole Foods CEO Walter Robb caught on video supporting Monsanto-inspired anti-GMO labeling law
“It’s in the process of reengagement that healing starts to occur.”

7:33 am


This level of corruption is something expected in a developing country or a place like China, where they openly persecute good people and have industrial scale organ harvesting of Falun Gong and others. The Clinton Foundation is up to their neck with Jiang’s vile regime in China, but there is so much to see here…keep reading.
Remember:  “Deliver us from evil”
I’ve been stuck for a long time on “Thy kingdom come on earth” and “thy will be done”.
Justin Trudeau is cool and he’s a babe.   He even sings back-up for his wife’s weirdo performances at public events.   I suspect it’s really hard for a tough general to take orders from him.  How could it be possible that these are not actors we watch and vote for?  A real guy would know that posing with a group of lbgt-cosplayers dressed up like Raunchy-Rainbow-Bright or Freddie Mercury at the beginning of his career is not going to improve his street-cred as commander-in-chief.  Is he that, in Canada, anyway?  I suppose Obama is their commander-in-chief too.   I’ve also seen Obama dressed up like Rainbow Bright…early in his earlier career.  ALSO raunchy.
PHOENIX (AP) — The “Pokemon Go” craze across the U.S. has people wandering into yards, driveways, cemeteries and even an off-limits police parking lot in search of cartoon monsters, prompting warnings that trespassers could get arrested or worse, especially if they cross paths with an armed property owner.

The CIA’s ‘Pokémon Go’ App is Doing What the Patriot Act Can’t

by James Corbett
Privacy advocates (amashtweetthat’s establishment speak for “normal human beings”) celebrated earlier this week as the House rejected yet another attempt to expand the Patriot Act’s snooping provisions.
Firstly, the app requires an excessive amount of permissions on a user’s device, including the ability to read your contacts, find accounts on your device, and access your camera. The app even requires full access to a user’s Google account, which it can then use to read your emails, send emails from your account, browse your Google Drive documents and photos, etc. But apparently that’s just “a mistake” and will be “corrected soon.”

Secondly, the game’s privacy policy contains such gems as: “We may disclose any information about you (or your authorized child) that is in our possession or control to government or law enforcement officials or private parties.” What could go wrong?

But wait, it gets worse!

pokemonciaThe maker of the app? Niantic Labs. Never heard of them? That’s because until last year they were an internal start-up of none other than Google, theNSA-linked Big Brother company. […]



10:43 pm

Here’s what we gotta look for, when we evaluate a potential brother.  Lots of Christians sound like disciples.   Lots even talk of deep things,  and seem to promote the cause of Christ.  I think I am free to say however, that unless the wannabe has experienced brokenness, he’s not a person we should yet trust.  Brokenness must come before greatness.  That’s a VERY BASIC principle of my Jesus.  I think it’s fair to say that Donald Trump doesn’t meet the standard.  Isn’t it funny though,  that so many church-goers talk about football?

10:31 PM


“Narcissists, in conjunction with demons, try to persuade and manipulate people towards inhumane and violent extremes to create trauma.”
JESUS Explains… Overcoming the Deceptions of this Age & The Nature of Aliens – July 12th, 2016
“We are living on the edge in the book of Revelation with all the judgments that are to befall the world taking place right before our very eyes”
“And I ran across statements by President Putin about the disclosure of aliens,  who are really demons with manufactured inter-dimensional bodies.”
“The first stage is disbelief when the first sign of ‘gaslighting’ occurs. You think of the ‘gaslighting’ interaction as a strange behavior or a CRAZY moment.”
Alert Facebook Censoring Term “Muslim Terrorist” After Paris Attack
They’re ‘spinning’ the DEATH OF A HUNDRED PEOPLE BY ONE MAN’S STEERING-WHEEL…as a campaign advertisement for TRUMP.
What will Donald Trump say when he’s brought face-to-face with my Jesus?  OH, wait.  Dr. Dobson says Trump already knelt at the foot of the only SAVIOR OF THE WORLD>  
Urgent dream to share!!!!!!!!!!!!

10:17 pm

“Narcissists, in conjunction with demons, try to persuade and manipulate people towards inhumane and violent extremes to create trauma.”

It’s up to you to decide being treated as supply for narcissists, always living in fear, or to wake up for what is happening in our world and take a stand.

Do Narcissists Rule Our World? Part II


10:13 pm

“What was so threatening about David Crowley?”



9:59 pm

“I’d be very pleased to know what they think they’re doing.  I think they’re all insane.  But, I’m liable to be put away as insane for expressing that.”
 (John Lennon)

9:14 pm


Dear Glenn Wilson,
I’ve been thinking about you all day and I even went through 60 mph wind!
I know how you could be the biggest most famous hero in America.  It would cost you though, because heroes always pay a price.  Adventures aren’t really fun; the fun comes AFTERWARD when you get to share stories and bask in the glory of the difficult things you did.  Heroes do hard things.  Heroes don’t expect immediate reward because heroes care about what comes after them.  Heroes are GOOD DADS and heroes are TRUE FRIENDS and heroes are NEVER PSYCHOPATHS.

(I don’t really think you’re a ‘primary’ psychopath.  I think you just developed into it, making you a ‘secondary’ psychopath and the prognosis for you is WAY BETTER than for the sneaky, conniving sort.  You scream and yell and get violent and send flowers every day until you get your way.  That sounds more like a tantrum than anything terribly pathological.)

You will become famous, whether you want to join our cause or not, because our first book will change America and, AS EVERYBODY KNOWS… you’re my
‘Mr. Wonderful.’
Join up?
It’ll be great fun to see the “kingdoms of the world become the kingdoms of my God, and of His Christ.  And He shall reign forever and ever.”  (Handel.  Also God.)   And, you won’t have to worry about building that third temple.
I know you’ve taken oaths and if you do such a hero-risky thing, somebody is committed to cutting off your hands and splitting you stem to stern,  or they gotta dent one of your Mustangs,  or some nouveau vulgar-violence that modern-day Freemasons applaud. (People really die from knowing your buddies, don’t they?)
Your fraternity is done.
My best friend is now the boss.
I’d put in a good word for you, actually I’ve done that for years, and also for your family.  (Do you ever see any of them anymore?)
BE THE STAR YOU’VE  ALWAYS WANTED TO BE, but this time, do it the right way, and you’ll be ‘Mr. Wonderful’ to everybody…instead of just to me.  I love you.  Actually though, I love Tracie more.  Do you ever talk to her?
Linda, the Random


8:45 pm

“When fun and entertainment become the ultimate goal of all we do, then perhaps there should be some sort of limit. I often feel my generation is constantly trying to relive their childhoods, and we have yet to accept the full reality of being adults. I don’t think that means adults cannot have fun. Rather, when have other aspects of adulthood, such as seeking knowledge and meaning, become so undervalued?”  (PG)

Big Pharma is Injecting Us With Cancer Enzymes — Doctors Who Made the Discovery Found Murdered

Not long ago, reported on the epidemic of doctors being murdered, most of which were in Florida.

The scientists all shared a common trait, they had all discovered that nagalase enzyme protein was being added to vaccines which were then administrated to humans.

Nagalese is what prevents vitamin D from being produced in the body, which is the body’s main defense to naturally kill cancer cells.

Crisis Actors Needed In Florida and Toronto

Witness who filmed Eric Garner’s arrest sentenced to prison

UK: Muslims start campaign to ban dogs

“Leaflets have been handed out apparently calling for a ban on dogs in public places. Describing them as ‘impure’, campaign group For Public Purity wants them to be barred from ‘public spheres’ out of respect for Muslim families.”

Pokemon GO craziness by Asians in Canada – INSANE!

(They’re getting people ready to accept the spirit-realm-beings, I think.)


10:37 am

Parenting Video Thank You & Update – Lessons Learned (again) ha ha!

“You guys helped me so much. Just knowing that this is a shared experience… I mean, it’s going to keep having its ups and downs of course. Who knows what the future holds – but I will take what you’ve all shared and try and keep from some of the worst pitfalls.
Much LOVE to everyone!!”

“The fear of losing our relationship with our children is a top fear, because  WE ARE THERE.  We’ve lost a relationship; we see that it can happen.”

10:36 am

DMZ= demilitarized zone

BREAKING: “Israeli Bulldozers & Tanks Enter Syria DMZ Zone”

10:16 am

(Actually 9:16, here.  I didn’t know how many time-zones I crossed but now I do.)

“Little did I know that God had a plan, in the midst of this craziness.”

“The best place for peace to be, is in the middle of a hostile environment.  That’s where God wants to be, because He brings peace as we release the Kingdom of God.”

  (Todd White)

10:07 am

Jesus said I would have ‘utterly complete vindication.’

  1. completely and without qualification; absolutely.
    “he looked utterly ridiculous”
    synonyms: completely, totally, absolutely, entirely, wholly, fully, thoroughly, quite, altogether, one hundred percent, downright, outright, in all respects, unconditionally, perfectly, really, to the hilt, to the core;

    “this is utterly ridiculous”

9:41 am

Isaac sent me this video a couple days ago but I couldn’t watch it until I got a room.

It’s authentic.  Holy Ghost has kept me alive.

Holy Ghost Reborn

7:52 am

I slept all night.

There is a new bug-bite on my knee but I’m not pulling the covers back to look.

I slept all night, I didn’t even get up to pee.

God is very good.  I just woke up.

I NEVER sleep all night.

I mean before he turned my life around.

“Praise Jesus.”


10:53 pm

The guy I wrote about who owns A ZILLION GWEN TOWERS THAT TORTURE CITIZENS sent me an emal.  He doesn’t want my messages anymore.  What a blessed turn of events.



Linda Goldthorpe <goldthorpelinda@gmail.com>

10:30 PM (23 minutes ago)

to Margaret, David, christine.ratt., Eric, Tom, jim, ANDREA, Alfred, a, Kevin, Tom, Tom, Rob, Josiah, Steve, Congress, Isaac, Joshua, George

THEY RAPE ME!  What did I ever do to hurt you?  You let them rape me!

Please.  I am your friend.
Do not be a Nazi anymore.
Tell my dad to get fucked.
Be truthful.
Be kind.
Be happy?

Linda Goldthorpe <goldthorpelinda@gmail.com>

10:41 PM (11 minutes ago)

to Margaret, David, christine.ratt., Eric, Tom, jim, ANDREA, Alfred, a, Kevin, Tom, Tom, Rob, Josiah, Steve, Congress, Isaac, Joshua, George

or not.

My information can assist.
Whatever you decide you want.
(But I figure God might have.)

10:05 pm


I’m eating. This is the first time since I left home a few days ago. I spent the rest of my welfare-card before I left Michigan, on instant coffee and crackers and peanut butter so I’ll be OK for a while, but now I’m splurging because this chicken-place had a sign encouraging us to “pray for peace in Israel.” I’m sure the owner meant ‘Jerusalem’ but it’s the same anyway. EXCEPT that I do not believe that praying for the chunk of rock-Israel is all that is meant in the Bible. I am Israel and I will hopefully be among the number who comprise the ‘New Jerusalem’.

I gave the chick at the register a four-leaf clover because she was nice. I gave THREE CLOVERS to the man this morning, who permitted me to send an email to Isaac from his Burger King although I didn’t buy anything and I was crying. I love talking to black people; I do it whenever I can. They often have VERY COOL hair and they speak English surprisingly well, considering how they look on the news. I saw a bumper sticker that said, “I DON’T CARE HOW YOU DO IT UP NORTH.”

I won’t get deep-fried pickles again. Not even with ranch dressing. I always wondered. Ranch is overrated anyway. Fried pickles too.


9:41 pm

I paid for a room. This is the first time I’ve gone so long without a shower, I think in my whole life. I put a bandana over my hair last night around 3 am when a twerp buying more ice laughed at me. I tried to stare him down but I just didn’t have it in me. My hair is absolutely terrible. Men talk to me though. Instead of saying, ‘excuse me’ or ‘thank you’, they say ‘hi’. Does orange hair make me look easy? It sure doesn’t make me look good.

I’ll have a can of Chef-boy-ar-dee ravioli for supper if I’m up to eating. I’m exhausted. I drove from Epoufette to Texas in 35 hours. I slept too, in the car and I am VERY GRATEFUL TO SAY that my joints do not hurt! For many weeks just getting in and out of the car was more than I could handle, it took a long time. I don’t hurt, and I slept in a VW. God is good.

Louisiana has so many churches they can’t claim unemployment because if a guy could just preach, he’d have a job. Less than a mile sometimes, between Baptist churches. When I crossed over into Texas my spirit began rejoicing. I don’t know if Texas is so wonderful or if Louisiana is just so crappy. This hotel is crappy but the Indian owner let me Jew him down. (Sometimes I do that just to get a rise out of people.)  I requested a better rate because I am 1) exhausted, 2) poor and 3) neat. They don’t serve breakfast but I don’t eat it anyway. Coffee and me. I wanted a beer at the Texas border; it was 101 degrees. I crossed into a dry county.


101 degrees. Isaac said, “Have a nice road trip.”

It is 101 and I’m wearing JOSH’S SWEATPANTS and a long-sleeved DENIM SHIRT that happened to be in my car when I was cast out of Helmer (again). At the time I was wearing a hideous chambray TENT DRESS without its belt even, and also velcro sandals that were designed for river-wear and rough play. 101 degrees in sweats. When I was KICKED OUT OF MY HOME, I wasn’t given time to pack my duds. But, doesn’t Isaac just sound so rational when he writes me notes nowadays? I’m glad he’s chosen to interact with MY WITNESSES.

I do hurt for him. I mean, it’s comical to adults. We know what my dad did and we know he knew full-well what would happen when children take over. He meant to intervene, but my BITCHING has made that a questionable act. He hasn’t even been around to see me after watching me be ABDUCTED and knowing I was incarcerated and POISONED in January. 6 months ago. No sight of ‘loving’ daddy. And his absence makes me CRY FOR JOY. If he’s not here, he’s not damning me. (Geeze. If I didn’t know better I’d think that it looks like ISAAC CARES MORE ABOUT MONEY AND REPUTATION than he does for suffering people.)

Nothing is the way I’d like; not a single thing in the world. I would not choose any object in my home, the house that I am not permitted to inhabit; I would not choose my body or my hair or my ruminative mind. I wouldn’t choose loneliness and false accusations against me. I wouldn’t choose for my sons to be reprobate heathens. I wouldn’t choose their father. I gave God my life. I said, “You choose for me.” I’ll get back to you if things improve. Maybe somebody would get saved then.

“Every TI reading this about one of the worst crimes against humanity is to be commended. Isolated, misunderstood and terrified – they are prisoners in their own home – courageous survivors attempting proactivity, despite being tortured. Every TI loved one reading this is to be commended. Understanding a targeted loved one to advocate for them, despite operatives’ threatening you and lying to you, is a brave act of itself, and life-saving. Turning your back on your loved one or remaining silent is unacceptable complicity.”

Bump to the top, from May

12:10 pm

“You are still burning me. Sometimes, I am literally in hell. Sometimes, not so bad. The synthetic voices of the rapists will not leave my head. Over and over and over they perform some sick script.”

“We think people who say satellites are attacking them are crazy. We put them in insane asylums; we call them schizophrenics. Maybe it is time we become

aware about these issues. The torture and death of these people will only happen if we do not begin to listen to them.”

“Every TI reading this about one of the worst crimes against humanity is to be commended. Isolated, misunderstood and terrified – they are prisoners in their own home – courageous survivors attempting proactivity, despite being tortured. Every TI loved one reading this is to be commended. Understanding a targeted loved one to advocate for them, despite operatives’ threatening you and lying to you, is a brave act of itself, and life-saving. Turning your back on your loved one or remaining silent is unacceptable complicity.”

See at: http://www.bariumblues.com/remote%20EM%20mind%20control%20torture.htm

Are You a Targeted Individual? Foolproof Research Criteria Secrets

Perpetrator Traits / Characteristics:

Psychopathology is characteristic of stalkers. They are “a heterogeneous group whose behavior can be motivated by different forms of psychopathology, including psychosis and severe

personality disorders.”23 Stalkers are bullies with psychopathic traits, including hiding their injurious intent and

behaviors. ” if you don’t have a conscience, if you don’t really . . . love, then the only

thing that’s left for you is the game—it’s about controlling things,” says clinical psychologist and former Harvard Medical School instructor Dr. Martha Stout, author of The Sociopath Next Door. Even highly trained professionals in the field are often fooled by stalkers.

Top TI Traits

While some TIs have been hit-listed for revenge by a jilted lover with the right connections, and others seem to be target practice or weaponry experimentees, rudimentary data show most Tis are dissenters, political activists, whistleblowers, and anyone else with potential to effectively

oppose corporate government crimes. These “enemies” of the criminal state have strong convictions, oppose crime, and thus

uphold actions for betterment of humanity. In fact, three most common TI traits are:

. Very high IQ

. Charismatic: Capacity to influence others

. History of political activism

Manipulate loss of friends/family with rumors, threats and/or direct control so loved ones are continually rude, hostile, condescending – creating emotional trauma and isolation.

Mental illness set-up: Use weaponry to induce mental illness symptoms (subconscious voices, V2K) so describing experiences prompt mental illness diagnosis/possibly forced institutionalization.

Are You a Targeted Individual? Foolproof Research Criteria Secrets

http://beforeitsnews.com/spies-and-intelligence/2015/07/are-you-a-targeted-individual-foolproof- research-criteria-secrets-2447408.html

“From VICTIM to HERO.”

Life After Narcissistic Abuse

– —

Kenneth Rhoades–A US Survivor Torture Victim


The Stasi. We know the Stasi. They know us. I’m disappointed by the slow-function of our conditions and

11:55 am



“I need a little couch time… and your thoughts. My daughter has built a wall between us and I feel cast away, ignored, taken advantage of, and so afraid of losing her. At the same time I have found my own inner peace I am challenged by my child’s perpetual dissatisfaction with life. Help! :)”

Parenting After Awakening




-11:47 am






10:41 am

I was sobbing, grabbing  this and that, when my sons kicked me out.

I caught their father’s eye.

He said, “You know, Linda,  if I believed you I’d talk to the boys.  But I don’t believe you.”


(If he were a smarter man I’d say his expression was a ‘smirk’.)


8:09 PM



I FOUND A FOUR-LEAF CLOVER AT THE REST STOP, BUT NO WI-FI.  I gave it to a guy walking a Sheltie.


I saw the St. Louis arch!  Also, I saw Bill Clinton’s hometown.

My sons are killing me using soft-kill tactics.

When I begin to feel that I am not SHIT, they attack me.

They do this to protect their father.

I’m glad I’m not my dad.




6:47 PM


6:20 pm

Isaac says I must leave tonight.

They hate me because their dad is retarded and they believe I caused it.

I will sleep in my car.


Today is my mom and dad’s anniversary.  Hoo-rah. Also my cousin’s birthday.


Eagles are ENORMOUS.

4:41 pm

Yesterday my mom and dad gave George some photocopies of records of when his ancestors were baptized at their church.  He was giddy.  I knew I had seen them before.  OF COURSE.  I found the ORIGINALS in the attic of the house my dad grew up in and no previous owner would clean, and I GAVE THEM TO DAD.  Now he’s using them like he actually gives a shit.  He makes me puke.  He does that all the time.
 We have shopped for MONTHS and SAVED MONEy to buy him presents and he does not even say THANK-YOU but in a couple years he GIVES THEM BACK TO US WHEN HE CLEANS HIS BASEMENT.  PRICK-PERSONIFIED.  There is nothing truthful or kind about my dad.  Mama has lived with him for half a century. There is nothing of her former self identifiable.  They’re putrid people!
George doesn’t remember a thing.

4:27 pm



Orange County Orlando Police “Grave Dancing” To The Harlem Shake

4:10 pm


Brett Dennen
(I wrote this song with my left hand one time.  It was a commitment and an oath.)
(I wrote it to Adam.  He’s the best thing I ever saw, except Jesus.  They look alike.)
“Tell the whole world I’ve gone insane…but I ain’t gonna lose you.”
(My hair looks exactly like that.  Josh called it ‘Leprechaun.”)

“They can run me out of town.  They can tie me up, call me a clown, but I ain’t gonna lose you.”

Brett Dennen – Ain’t Gonna Lose You lyrics

4:00 pm

Twenty minutes and maybe I’ll see another miracle.

I didn’t mean to not love George!  I didn’t know the difference.  I thought love was a lot of hard work and headaches.  That’s what I always was to my folks, and they said they loved me.  I thought love was deciding what was best for your love-ee and FORCING HIM TO DO THAT.  George didn’t mean to not love me.  He’s just selfish because he doesn’t like a challenge.  I do.  The Baptists lied to us both.

3:54 pm

I connected with George one time over Bruce Hornsby on ‘Austin City Limits’.  (I could count the number of times we connected over twenty-five years, and very few of them involved music.)  This concert was great; we saw it by accident; Isaac was a baby and we were both in love with him.  We had a charming house.  I had migraines and panic attacks so I couldn’t enjoy the house but I managed to have the carpeting ripped up and ordered new curtains.  George was between jobs a lot.  We LOVED this concert.  We both did.  Isaac was a charming baby.

(Different concert.  The video from ACL was disappointing.)
He’s playing Tupac.

Bruce Hornsby – The Way It Is – 7/24/1999

– Woodstock 99 West Stage (Official)

(George has a shirt just like that.  He doesn’t wear shirts with collars anymore.)

3:35 pm


3:25 pm

My hair is gonna look like this small singing-person’s hair.  My legs will be longer.

Black Oak Arkansas – Jim Dandy (Live)

(Also I’d like a butt like the guy in the ecru-fringe-number.)

3:17 pm

Ry Cooder Little Sister

No Jim-Dandy.




ISAAC BEAT ME UP (figuratively, this time…) for judging a family-group.  He thought I was being superior (and I was and it was wrong…) but.  Later I got to thinking about my dad and his brother, the elder-but-lesser psychopath of the GOLDTHORPES.  Robert and Jim.




2:09 pm

I’ve told you reeders about this for four years.


Northern Strike: Michigan to Host Massive Drill with Thousands of Troops

“From all across the globe…”

2:04 pm

“A young person who is not restless is an old person.”  (The pope who speaks Spanish.)
“Only restless people are fully alive.”  (Random)
I’m not even surprised anymore.
I wrote this morning about DC.
Then I hear the POPE of all popery, the last pope EVEN BY HIS OWN FAITH’S DOGMA…
this tiny pope.
They kill babies, or they don’t even make cardinal.
If they only RAPE BABIES they can’t find their way out of Minneapolis.
The pope is selling T-shirts.
The pope is selling T-shirts.
The pope has access to the riches of the richest organization on the planet…
and the pope is selling T-shirts.
(If you buy this Catholic T-shirt,  you will no longer be restless.  So says the pope.)

1:51 pm

This looks just like a gypsy wagon on the inside.  I even like the color.

Old School Bedford Truck Converted Into Tiny House Truck

(I’d turn off the sound…)

1:03 PM

I’m not even posting the link and I didn’t read the article. 
That sentence alone is ambitious enough…

Leo Sayer – Long Tall Glasses (I Can Dance)

This song is the gospel.

(These videos are me.)

(I’ll dance at my wedding though, just like an angel.)

(OMG, it was so terrible!  I thought I was communicating with Adam and I sent this song knowing he would understand it in a particular fashion…I got a message that asked,

12:07 pm

High noon.

George is awake.

My sons went swimming at Round Lake.

I’m making steak and eggs.

I buy beef now, with my welfare card.

Fried potatoes.  George doesn’t want any.

The FEDEX guy brought a real big package.

I walked 1.8 miles around the block this morning.

Also I prayed the back-road to Seney and I prayed it back.

The bathroom that three of us use every single day has a broken shower and a broken toilet which is too small anyway. 

We have no heat in this house, regularly.

George says he’s going to buy a solar panel for the toy electric boat motor.
My dad convinced my sons that I AM THE PROBLEM.
George received a brand new bow case.
He has not gone hunting for a very long time.

11:47 am

Rand Paul says ‘astounding’.  I thought doctors learned not to use that word in medical school.  It’s one of my favorites. People do not like superlatives because they’re afraid of commitment;  and they don’t like ‘astounding’ because it means they DIDN’T KNOW EVERYTHING BEFORE THEY LEARNED THIS ‘PRESENT TRUTH.’


11:32 am

When Jesus ran for judge everybody voted for him.  Now that he’s taken the bench,  Baptists are having second thoughts. I’m guessing the pope isn’t liking it much either.
“I didn’t wanna buy this dress!  Da Dev-O  made me buy this dress!”
“When [da DEV-O]  took the wheel, I tried to kick him.”

Flip Wilson on The Ed Sullivan Show

“Then he pulled a gun…and made me sign your name to a check.”

God is about to light a fire beneath the church!!!!!!

(In her dream her ‘husband’ was going to cut firewood, dressed like a lumberjack.  I just posted about my struggles with firewood from three years ago.  Fascinating synchronicities  now, for those with eyes to see.)

11:18 am

I find it hard to value Christian journalists who report that ‘things are spiraling out of control’.  That’s a fallacy, and I serve TRUTH who has never, ever been even a tiny bit out of control.  He’s wild.  But He’s ALWAYS intentional and He always means the best for EVERY SINGLE PERSON and sometimes that BEST for an individual is…to DIE.

If a person is incorrigibly unrepentant, premature death will ensure that he does not harm EVEN MORE PEOPLE’S ETERNAL DESTINY, and thereby be punished more harshly.  Even if Hell did not exist, technology has accomplished that the human soul is no longer permitted to even die.  That not if the PTB do not wish it.  For God to lay wicked-people down more gently will be appreciated by those who must watch loved ones jump into that volcano.

God, in his righteous and long-awaited and ultimately deserved judgment, doth not forget mercy.

Sittin’ On The Dock Of The Bay | Playing For Change


We played this song in Jazz-Band, high school.  The superlative trombonist checked my memory a few years ago, as I told my Truth about my targeting.  As the song ended, at the Credit Union Annual Meeting in the gymnasium of Tahquamenon Area Schools in 19-seventy seven or eight, or maybe six, I played the flute as everybody packed up and left the stage.  He thought that was cool.  This time, looks like I’m the only one leaving.  He knows I haven’t been crazy even a single day since before the book was published.  He’s been silent, but he knows God has put him in this place for such a time as this.  He is consecrated.

My dear perfect-pitch friend is royalty, earthly and Heavenly.  He has dug deeply into the lives of others who had no recourse.  He has disobeyed orders to attend the hearths of hungry Mexicans and ghosts.  He is not afraid, but I presume he is very tired.  He has another battle.  He is man enough because he has allowed Jesus to become God-enough.  Welcome to the front.  I’ll do whatever you say is smart.  Nobody smart here, they want me dead.  God bless you.


7:19 am

Is this part of the number or am I just vamping?  ANYBODY?


7:00 am

we’re gonna see the pricks get roasted
not a rappa
but evah-aftah
the dudes’a  m’  free-style with laftah…
Isaac hates it
Jord-da-man he overrates it
but’da mama raps o all the beats
of heresy and truth despite
we know, it’s confusic
she don’t like music
unless’s a mighty prayer runsa thru it…
“…and I only found one four-leaf clover and she found over a thousand since May 20.  Wah.”
Breakdown, dead ahead. 
We ask, “JESUS, WHAT DO YOU THINK OF ME?  WHAT SHOULD I THINK OF ME?  Please remove ALL CONCERNS for what deceived people think of me.”
(Then Beautiful Jesus will tell you you’re the greatest thing He ever made and He wants to make you again…[Google:  Bride of Christ]  and then, in the BRILLIANT LIGHT of HIS love,  you are as beautiful as He.  And trembling in expectation.  It’s not sex.  Sex was created to show us a glimpse of oneness with God.  That is what we were ALL created for.)
I’m not Wonder-woman.  I JUST DO THINGS LIKE JESUS SAYS TO DO and it’s ALWAYS better than other people do.  (Not my problem.  Grow a pair.)  Except Adam.  I LIKED HIM BECAUSE HE COULD DO EVERYTHING BETTER THAN I.  Even drive a car and he didn’t even have a license.  EXCEPT I PRAYED BETTER BACK THEN MANY YEARS AGO THE LAST TIME I EVER SAW HIM.  I STILL trust him more than anybody I ever met.  God told me to.
 Also, ‘HE COULD DO EVERYTHING BETTER THAN I.’  That is a man I could follow, and following him came naturally even into the jungle of the evil my family has inhabited since the day he learned my password.  When you see a man with a cup of water, you follow him.

Mark 14:11-13King James Version (KJV)

11 And when they heard it, they were glad, and promised to give him money. And he sought how he might conveniently betray him.

12 And the first day of unleavened bread, when they killed the passover, his disciples said unto him, Where wilt thou that we go and prepare that thou mayest eat the passover?

13 And he sendeth forth two of his disciples, and saith unto them, Go ye into the city, and there shall meet you a man bearing a pitcher of water: follow him.


6:25 am

I never wanted to go to DC.  I mean, I’ve wanted to go there but I never wanted to LIVE AND WORK THERE.  It’s become a podunk.  DC does not even have the highest rental rates in the nation.  And they call themselves a ‘capitol’?  Did I spell that right?

What is ‘Capital’

1. Financial assets or the financial value of assets, such as cash.
2. The factories, machinery and equipment owned by a business and used in production.

“Capital” can mean many things. Its specific definition depends on the context in which it is used. In general, it refers to financial resources available for use. Companies and societies with more capital are better off than those with less capital.

Full Definition of capitol. 1 a : a building in which a state legislative body meets b : a group of buildings in which the functions of state government are carried out. 2 capitalized : the building in which the United States Congress meets at Washington.
Wow.  Google-god says that there’s no such thing as the nation’s capitol.  It’s just a bunch of buildings and money.  I don’t think I can worship there anymore.
I prayed there.  My sons and I went to DC and stood in the middle of the ground floor of the Capitol(al) (yet to be determined) building and claimed the country back for Jesus.  We stood also, at the same time, in the geographical exact middle of DC…and also in the middle of the SATANIC MASONIC PLANS.  I didn’t know I put my sons on the line but that’s what happened.  I’m so glad Jesus is smarter than Manley P. Hall or Glenn Wilson or Robert Goldthorpe.  I’m glad He loves me and I’m glad He will be, in and of himself, THE NEW GOVERNMENT.  AMEN.  “Holy.  Holy, Lord.  Thank you for giving me the very great privilege of announcing your new Congress.  Blessed are you Jesus!  And even much more bless-ed as we proceed with the revolution!  Love, love to all.  Amen.”
I prayed in DC another time.  I went to a MAJOR prayer-meeting the same time that I went to Ron Paul’s office and received his endorsement for my Congressional candidacy and also had a vision about Adam who I BARELY KNEW AT ALL.  Many DC stories we’ll tell, when the ground has been taken.  Nary a shot, not a flame, nothing of destructive intent.  Just love and joy and hope and peace.  And TRUTH.  My betroth-ed Truth.  You’re gonna love Him.  (There will be blood.  Just not there, I think.  “Jesus, please give me details and don’t let me say EVEN ONE THING that does not originate in you.  ❤️  I’m so glad we’re moving on.”)  (“I’d say ‘finally’ but that would sound ungrateful and I am ever so grateful for you.  Also for your angels.”)


[kawr-tee-er, kohr-]
Spell Syllables


a person who is often in attendance at the court of a king or otherroyal personage.


a person who seeks favor by flattery, charm, etc.
A couple weeks ago my cousin emailed me and signed, “Take care.”  I almost cried.  I DO NOT RECEIVE CONCILIATORY MESSAGES EXCEPT TRANSDERMALLY AND THROUGH THE CLOUD.



5:53 am

I know the goons just laugh and laugh at me.  A whole bunch of new formatting buttons showed up.  I can’t change spacing, margins, fonts, nothing.  Then I can.  Then I can’t.

If Isaac spent ten minutes looking at my drafts and comparing them to WHAT SHOWS UP ON MY POSTS AND EMAILS…he would know I have an ally.  He would then wonder, “Who could be assisting my mom?  Who could have given her hope all these years while I and my grandfather and my dad were trying to kill her and deposit her body at some New-age funny farm”?  WHO, INDEED?

GOD TOLD ME I WOULD DANCE ON ADAM’S TONGUE.  (Which I took to mean his ‘words’ since I’ve never seen his tongue dance in any other capacity, and also I had a vision of myself in a ball-gown, very tiny and dancing in his mouth.  I sat down by his teeth and took notes.)

 PLEASE, LOOK AND LIVE, young gentlemen of the Goldthorpe Realm.  Grandpa is passe’.  TRUTH HAS USURPED HIS (formerly) bullshit-throne.  THE KING IS DEAD!   LONG LIVE THE KING!!


Today is six months since my ‘loving’ family locked me up and had poisons administered to me BECAUSE THEY HATE THE TRUTH.  TRUTH is Jesus. Also, they say they like Him.

(That’s the REAL HOOTY-HOOT!)

5:29 am
Isaac believes that Jesus is a rapist so it’s terribly important that he understand who actually is responsible for what we experienced.
Then he can see how very much Jesus loves my dad, that he would ask his beloved {me} to tolerate a lot of evil attentions so he could be saved.  Jesus loves my dad very much.  He also loves Isaac and He’s never late.
Isaac says that Jesus is a rapist.
Isaac knows I was raped and he knows it also raped his entire family and his whole life.
He needs help.
I wish somebody loved Isaac and Josh enough to help them cope with what we’ve been through
instead of treating their family as though it were diseased for years and years and years.
Jesus does.  Also, He’s never late.
I used to believe that when God said He was ‘never late’ that He meant He would save me [again] in the nick of time.  That’s not much to look forward to.
I now believe that ‘never late’ refers to something EXTRAORDINARY AND WONDERFUL. 
Jesus wants amazing for us.  
He also loves rapists enough to let us go through difficulty for their benefit.
Of course, it doesn’t look that way to a person who through having suffered MUCH GRIEF AND HEARTACHE AND DECEIT believes Jesus to be a rapist.
Like a welcome summer rain, humor may suddenly cleanse and cool the earth, the air and you. Langston Hughes



10:19 pm

You know, when Isaac pushed me into the wall and knocked me out…George didn’t say a word.  After all, it was only LINDA and he wouldn’t want to mess with his good set-up here by ticking off the HOMEOWNERS by objecting to the PHYSICAL ASSAULT ON THEIR MOTHER.  Dad knew about the attack too, also the pastor and my mom and I don’t know who else.  NOT A WORD. THAT IS A CRIMINAL BATTERY and nobody gave a shit.  Because I USED TO BE EVERYBODY’S SCAPEGOAT.

9:35 pm

JESUS TEACHES US… How to overcome Failures – Message from July 9th, 2016
“I believe that when a person finds their niche, it is because they’ve worked extremely hard, weathered tremendous storms, and are blessed by God.
Trust Me With Your Children & Drink From the River of Life in My Heart
“You are in a human body, subject to forces beyond your understanding.  But not beyond MY POWER TO SHUT DOWN.”
“This is the healing place.”

9:01 pm

My first husband resented me a lot.  He was a toxic narcissist, also a pedophile who molested handicapped boys he was paid to tend.  He tortured me a lot, nicey-nice in public.  But, he resented me because of my skills, I think.  I was unusually good at traditionally female tasks…but I was also way better than he was with the guy-stuff. (That’s not saying much.)   I guess he was pretty terrible if even I recognized his abuse.
Does George resent me that way?  He said once that he thought our marriage started to fail when I stopped reading things to him that I studied, and explaining them.  But, that doesn’t actually sound like a marriage anyway, does it? A person feels guilty for wanting to know more, and to participate in the world.  But, that’s not really right.  We’ve each got our own destiny. Some of us want to find them.  Some of us will.



8:15 pm

So anyhow, George knew FULLY WELL a lot of things he has since chosen to forget, and things for which he gained maximum attention and sympathy.  That’s passive-aggressive, right?   I never thought the Mona Lisa smiled at all.  “La Gioconda”.  We even get that wrong.  People think if they watch the Discovery channel we know stuff.  I guess we do.  We know WHATEVER IT IS THAT THOSE WHO PAY THE DISCOVERY CHANNEL WANT US TO KNOW.  Free market.

7:17 pm

My dad understands, even if others do not, the tremendous favor I do him by exposing his foibles and my decent heartfelt requests.  He knows that if more people are watching us, the less the chance that one of us might ‘accidentally’ commit suicide.  I don’t suppose a lot of people think of that, but the hyper-vigilant consider every doorway out.  My dad is pathologically hyper-vigilant, and he’s seen fit to pass on the family skill-set.  I am no longer paranoid, thank you goons, but I AM EXTREMELY concerned about my family’s well-being.  I think we should all start talking, and we should take it on the road.  Why were you born?  For football games and shopping?  Let’s fix this world!  I also think there is a brief window of opportunity where hackers might be relevant.  They’re becoming obsolete!  We’re transhuman already and I’d like them to fix my world while they still can. “Repent!  For the Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand!” 
I do not like the manmade ‘hive mind’.  It’s uncomfortable, and I’d like to be a virus in the Borg but I can’t seem to replicate myself.  I wish I had the NSA on my team.  Or 2 hackers.  Two hackers and me and we got the earth back.  I feel like a recruiter.
return to birthday number gazillion, 2016–
The cousins arrived.  Isaac came to get me.  I put the dip in the oven a while ago.  I think they can figure this out?
Again, to before, 1/2/14
God told me I will have respect within my family.  It made me really sad because if I have respect my father will not. I respected him so much I could not believe the evidence.  I do not want to see him broken as I have been.  But, brokenness is the only way to Heaven.
5:41 am
                         People treat truth like poison.  I do too sometimes.  Truth is noxious and it rocks your world.  I got a dose this morning.  I know I should no longer be embarrassed  when  people are listening to my thoughts.  (I remember days when my obscure brand of medicated body powder would appear on my facebook page seconds after I applied it under my belly fat.  I have had many reasons to be uncomfortable.)  Now, the NSA and I get along pretty well. Except for one thing, and this is the truth I had to swallow:  I am embarrassed because I need love.
                         I need somebody to hold me and tell me what to do.  I’ve had both, but never together.  It’s been years since I had either.  I am convinced however, that neither would be helpful without truth.  I’m sure I could find somebody to hold me and tell me what to do.  I’m more sure that I don’t want any more lies.
                         I gave my Christmas presents away.  I do not own many things anymore but I want even my things to be truthful. If I receive gifts, I’d like them to be given because somebody loved me.  When people don’t know you they don’t love you and that’s just how it is.  (Anybody who would buy a rhinestone watch for a gift doesn’t know too many people.)  I’m embarrassed that I want somebody to know me.  I’m embarrassed that I need approval and protection.  I’ve had to become so tough!  I don’t know myself anymore.  I am embarrassed that I require somebody to tell me who I am.  It takes a lot of personal truth to fend off lies about who you are.  It depletes your reservoir.  I do need somebody to speak truth into my life and my need is embarrassing.
                         So, the remote neural monitoring, that blessing from God and Keith Alexander.  I can pretty much deal with it except when I’m doing something embarrassing.  I can pick my nose or a zit.   I can sing even when I’m requested to stop by the voice-to-skull machine. (“You should hear what that sounds like from here!!!”)   I can quickly masturbate and assume I’ll be too boring to notice.  It took a lot of time and prayer to get to this point.  (You will know what I’m talking about before long.)  I get embarrassed when I need somebody to love me.  I’m supposed to be tough.  Also, embarrassment is a soulish thing and I’ve prayed that it be extinguished in my life.
                         I’ve defeated loneliness and self-pity through the Blood of Jesus, the holy one who always loves me.  I’ve struggled with more kinds of fear than should even exist.  God is faithful and God is love and I’m still here.  But, I’m not tough.  God gave me an invisible friend to make me act that way.  When I complained last year God said, “Haven’t I given you a loving heart companion?  Does he not persist?  Commune with the spirit for I enjoy your harmony.”  It helps when I do that but it is embarrassing to need him.
                          Even if you haven’t googled “electronic harassment” yet, there exists a great cloud of witnesses.  A lot of them love me and wish me to understand how foolish is embarrassment.  So I’ll attempt it:  I need somebody to love me and to ask about what happened to me.  I need love from some human being.  “I AM NEEDY, COULDN’T BE PROUDER, IF YOU CAN’T HEAR ME I’LL YELL A LITTLE LOUDER.”   Sigh.  That was a relief.

                         It’s really hard to be told to “get help” when that’s exactly what you’re trying to do.

Back to the birthday party.

All hail, King George.


7:00 pm

The wind blew my hair in front of my eyes and it scared me.  It is unnaturally orange.

“Lord, please give George a very pleasant birthday, and don’t let me mess it up by talking about serious things, or any other way.  Amen.”

6:56 pm


I’m in my room writing; the cousins are due any minute.   I told Isaac and George that the coffee pot is ready to go, if his family wants coffee.  He asked if I were going to bed and I said I’d stop out to say hi but I thought it was past time when he began entertaining his own relatives.  I’ve even staged entire FUNERAL DINNERS…and George just walks away and won’t even talk to his peeps.  I mean it WAS THAT WAY.

I told my sons that it’s easier with George now that I realize he never loved me.  If you love a person you do NOT ALLOW THAT PERSON to believe that he/she is a piece of garbage.  You build him or her up.  If others tear her down, you stand up to them or at least, you tell her they are mistaken.  NOBODY WHO LOVES YOU LETS YOU BE TREATED LIKE I WAS TREATED BY EVEN MY OWN SONS, WHO BY THE WAY, do not recognize to this day the ENORMOUS AMOUNT OF WORK I did…because I married a man who did not love me and who still depends on me for a degree of normalcy.  They rolled their eyes and raised their eyebrows when I mentioned that I thought I had been punished FAR TOO LONG for an act I did not do.  They said, “We’ve all been hurt.  Let’s just go on…”
I was hurt and then THEY HURT ME TOO.
(When you google ‘platonic’ you see a picture of Adam and me sitting side-by-side on a couch WATCHING A VIDEO OF A POLITICAL LECTURE.)
When you google stupid, well the entry is large…
We must recognize some truth here, and also my efforts on behalf of 1) GEORGE, 2) Isaac, 3) Josh, 4) Adam de ANGELI, DAD, DAVID, CHRIS, MOM and every Baptist I ever met and even Tom Casperson who will not make Washington listen, not under any circumstances and also EVERY OTHER PERSON WHO IS RAPED BY A FACELESS FORCE WITH A DIRTY MIND TOO.
 I must stand up straight in my community and be recognized as a lady and with approval of those I’ve served faithfully and well. I must be cleansed of the shadow of infidelity that Daddy thrust under my skirt, and I must know who watched it all with him.
I must have an APOLOGY IN THE NEWBERRY NEWS; DAD CAN PAY FOR IT BUT I’D PREFER IF MY SONS WROTE IT.  That way it might be spelled right.


4:18 pm

My hair looks terrible but at least when the men got back they noticed me for once.

Pasta salad with asparagus, parmesan, tomatoes and olives.  Baked beans with molasses and bacon.  Hamburgers.  I haven’t felt well all week; I hope the diners will cut me some slack for the paltry menu.  Birthday cake and ice cream,  which I haven’t purchased yet, but I had to sit down.  I vomited two times today.  Maybe I’m finished now.  I’m hearing very mean thoughts, prideful, self-pity thoughts.  I know they aren’t me.  I’m going to pick clovers and make them go away, with the help of Jesus.
I’m so happy when I’m away from George.  It’s been over four years since I filed for divorce and not only has he not gone anywhere, as a normal man would do, but also he supports my sons and dad who abuse me and lock me up.  If that doesn’t make him an abuser, it makes him an enabler-whore…also he’s got a nicer life than the married guys he works with.  AND, he doesn’t even have to put out.  Best of all possible worlds.
I remember when George turned thirty.  I used black balloons.  It was great.  When we got married he vowed to take me out to dinner once a week; it sure wasn’t my idea but it was even in the vows because my uncle Herb knew my first marriage was extremely terrible.  George likes the pasta salad a lot; I added cucumbers, at Josh’s suggestion; I think it works.  George picked up the ice cream. That’s a nice surprise.

2:09 pm

I’m taking a break.  George wants beans with hamburgers tonight.  I’m putting buttermilk glaze on the cake.  He’s going shooting this afternoon.

It was hard to learn that my entire childhood had been a textbook depiction of CHILD ABUSE and pathologically narcissistic parents.  Sexual assault was a REGULAR occurrence; I’ve been dealing with that.  I have learned so much; I was piled with WAY TOO MUCH RESPONSIBILITY as I cooked for my younger siblings and baby-sat even when they were very ill and I vacuumed and dusted and washed dishes…  (Mom always HAD A CLEANING LADY TOO.)   George got a pre-used wife-slave and he didn’t have to train me at all.
I don’t resent doing George’s birthday dinners and parties.  I DO RESENT, ‘God, forgive me’, that I am attacked for wanting to know the events for which I must prepare.  I got in trouble again,  because I wanted to know when I must serve Birthday-food, and to whom. I heard, “This family doesn’t make plans.”  I beg to tell you that’s so.  They can make that honest claim with no SHAME because… I DO MAKE PLANS, but I am to be unseen and unheard, and also SPONTANEOUSLY HOSPITABLE.  I spent my welfare card on groceries. George gave me some cash, so I got toilet paper and doggie biscuits too.  ALSO, I bought a package of red hair color.
They went in the hot tub together and reminisced about George-Birthdays-Past.  THEY HAD ME LOCKED UP ON MY BIRTHDAY.  I don’t resent doing George’s birthday dinners and parties…I just think that justice demands that I won’t do them forever. 
I have been a scapegoat-slave since David was born and I haven’t been responsible for any of that shit people piled on me.  What I know is that if people can’t bring you down to their level through condemnation, slander, intentional-corrupting-attempts…even INCARCERATION AND POISONING…THEN THEY TRY TO KILL YOU.  Unless they’re genuinely honest people, who instead choose to MAKE THEMSELVES MORE TRUTHFUL and FUNCTIONAL and KINDER TO THOSE WHO SERVE THEM.

1:33 pm

Shopping is accomplished and put away, the cake is cooling.

A lot of ash, rubbish, and indifference has accumulated, and a strong wind will be needed to blow it all away. It’s frightening! The Tower of Babel is upon us! Divine intervention is needed: Great upheavals are happening. What a bedlam! The minds of whole nations are in confusion. But in spite of the ferment I feel a certain consolation inside, a certain confidence. God still dwells in a part of the Christians. God’s people, people of prayer, still remain, and God in his all-goodness still tolerates us and will put everything in order.

(Famous priest from Mt. Aetna I lost the page.)

9:52 am

I didn’t see any four-leaf clovers this morning but the day is young.  I figure the intersection of the ‘create reality with your thoughts’ paradigm and my chosen God-Truths is this:  We CREATE when we believe that God means good things for us.  That’s why it is so important to the enemy that he keep us stymied by shame.  If we always feel that we’re terrible we won’t expect good things from God.

I told Isaac that yesterday I only had flashing-fears that he would lock me up again–two times.  And I gave the thoughts to Jesus and they went away.

Bump to the Top, from December, 2013:

1:21 pm
“Everybody happy” –day 7,653
                         God gave me a fire yesterday.  My treacherously lazy men protest.   It has been about 57 degrees in the living room, maybe 64 with a fire.  I hauled thirty pound logs as big as telephone poles.  They don’t burn hot, but they burn long.  I asked George to have Josh split some wood, then I heard him running the chainsaw.  So I asked him to teach Josh to run a chainsaw, and he said predictably, “I   Never   Even   Saw   A   Chainsaw   Until   I   Was   An   Adult.”  I asked if he didn’t want better for his boys and he said, predictably, “Fuck   You.”
                          The fire started at about 3 pm.  The charred logs had stopped smoking hours before, but suddenly they burst into flame.  God told me I was worth a fire.  I cried.  After what my parents did to me I haven’t been worth a thing to anybody on earth.  When I told George that God said I was worth a fire he said, “Then let God give you a fire.”  Then He did.  ‘Thank you God.’
                     ———–Back to the birthday, 2016.  Cake is baking.  I’m going shopping in Manistique.  George’s cousins and his aunt are coming tonight.————–



7:39 am

Dear NATO Secretary General

Petition for the hybrid threat of Electromagnetic Weapons.

Dear NATOSecretary General, following the launch of an investigation by the Minister of Defense of Poland Antoni Macierewicz on complaints of citizens on electromagnetic weapon harassment as mentioned herehttps://youtu.be/YgVs4-m0lNY , we kindly ask you to investigate this hybrid threat for which legislation exists in the US, in the States of Maine, Massachusetts and Michigan, and which is recognized as a threat by federal lawhttps://www.congress.gov/bill/114th-congress/house-bill/1073 (EMP threat concerning, for instance, the electric grid infrastructure). We welcome the signature of the Joint Statement of NATO, European Commission and Council of the European Unionaddressing hybrid threats among other.Thank you. Reference: http://goo.gl/nF6ZT5

Minister of National Defence for Poland answers a question regarding electromagnetic weapons testing…
Prisoners bust out of locked Texas cell to help unconscious jailer
(Isn’t it amazing that they could break out so easy and they never did it.  EVEN OUR CRIMINALS ARE SHEEPLES NOWADAYS.)
(I guess maybe that could be because they are DRUG ADDICTS and not CRIMINALS.)
(Why is it OK for one guy to hold a gun to another and lock him in a cage?)
Waiters and waitresses might be able to boost their take-home pay with a few tricks gleaned from psychological journals, Claudia Hammond says.
“So if you’re a customer and you notice the waitress is wearing a red top, introduces herself by name, beams at you, touches you lightly on the arm when she presents you with the bill in a heart-shaped dish accompanied by a smiley face and a card with a joke on it, while waving a credit card logo, perhaps she’s been studying the research. Of course no study has yet dared to try all these strategies at once to establish whether the effect of a 2% increase here and a 4% increase there is additive.”

7:12 am

Christian Narcissism?

Spiritual & Religious Abuse

– What to look for

[Abuse]… can damage you for a really long time, and if you don’t know it’s happening to you, which is often the case,
you feel so horrendous, and down, and bad about yourself and life…

6:44 am

Speaking the Truth About Narcissistic Abuse Doesn’t Make You “Bitter” – It’s Compassionate

When peoples [sic?] care for you and cry for you, they can straighten out your soul. Langston Hughes

Due Process? A Drone Was Used To Blow Up A US Citizen Without Trial This Week

The Dallas shootings have ushered in a very new world for US citizens. For the very first time, drones have been used on US soil to kill Americans without trial or charges. Get past the horror of what Johnson was accused of doing and think about that precedent for a moment. Is it not chilling?



8:08 pm

Tomorrow is George’s birthday.  He’s working all night so I suggested my sons might want to text him a message to find when he punches out in the morning.  I’m baking his cake tomorrow; I’ve felt icky all day.

When peoples [sic?] care for you and cry for you, they can straighten out your soul. Langston Hughes

5:26 pm

I picked 4 four-leaf clovers.

4:06 pm

’60 Minutes’ Saves Bill Clinton’s Candidacy — Hillary’s Staged Embrace!

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This was done on purpose by Don Hewitt to resurrect Bill’s Presidential campaign after the Gennifer Flowers’ affair revelation:

’60 Minutes’ of Don Hewitt Bias — Bragged he got Bill Clinton elected • Bill was the repentant husband, Hillary the hurt wife. The “60 Minutes” segment was credited with saving the Clinton candidacy

– –
Notice how focused Don Hewitt is on making sure Bill understands how he should come across. This coaching is something incredible to witness, because its from a master. Even after the light falling, he does not want to lose the focus of what Don Hewitt wants his audience to see.

If Black Lives Matter, Protest Planned Parenthood. It Kills More Blacks in One Day Than Police in a Year

Many of us can recall the names: Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, Freddie Gray, Alton Sterling. Regardless of guilt or innocence, we know their names. But who can recall one single white person killed by police officers? Go ahead. Ask your friend, your co-worker, your FB followers, your #BlackLivesMatter activist. The answer will be the same. Silence.

Whites are killed by cops, according to a database created by the Washington Post twice as much as blacks. Out of a total of 990 killed, 494 (or 49.9%) were white and 258 (or 26%) were black. 782 of those killed, or 79%, were armed with a deadly weapon. But hey, let’s only report when unarmed black individuals are victims of police brutality. This is a deliberate and despicable attempt by mainstream media to color the issue.

Just to put things into perspective, Planned Parenthood kills more unarmed black lives in one day than police are accused of killing in one entire year.

Law Enforcement Officials, Medical Professionals: There’s Something Seriously Wrong With Hillary Clinton’s Health

Democrat frontrunner Hillary Clinton’s disappearance from the debate stage last month left people speculating that the former First Lady took a long bathroom break, but now a law-enforcement source with inside connections is alleging that Clinton was missing from the stage due to health issues stemming from a previous brain injury.

These long-lasting symptoms stemming from a concussion and blood clot, according to a neurologist, suggest Clinton is suffering from post-concussion syndrome, which can severely impact her cognitive abilities.

(Thank goodness.  Maybe she’s not really a totally crass compulsive liar.)

Cops Shoot White Guy in Fresno; Nobody Pays Attention

Somehow, the shooting of an unarmed white man by police isn’t drawing any attention from the mainstream media.

Unlike the shootings of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling, which have created yet another firestorm complete with accusations of police racism, the media is ignoring the death of Dylan Noble, a 19-year-old white man, on June 25.

So are we up to two terrorist-shootings per day?  
Tiny House Beauty; The Chimera by Wind River Tiny Homes
The Urban Cabin Has Room To Spare
–My sons will know pretty soon that I couldn’t stand down before my dad.  He has decided that I am to be destroyed and he will not relent until he MUST.  That’s the nature of the beast.

Narcissists and Demons: Part II – Symbiotic Relationship

Children of Narcissistic Parents-The Way They Abuse Their Young

“Shame comes from the outside.”
Dallas Sets New Police State Precedent: Using ‘Robots with Bombs’ to Blow up Suspects
“We live in a Terminator movie.”

11:02 am

Secret NWO Society Killing Targeted Individuals

A web of inter-connected cults under the umbrella commonly called “intelligence service,” is working in communities around the globe, day and night, to covertly ruin lives of thousands if not millions of innocent, law-abiding people, each of whom knows first hand secret “service” terror. Think you’re immune?

One major commonality among all people being covertly persecuted, communicating with Deborah Dupré about hell on Earth they endure as Targeted Individuals, is their integrity, obviously a thorn in the side of today’s ruling cabal.


 My friend claims to be a victim of covert surveillance and DEWs, which has been going on for several years. Her life has turned completely upside down. The stalking has been systematically orchestrated in an attempt to rob her of family, friends, reputation, home and economic stability and even her physical health.

President Kennedy, one of the highest profile Targeted Individuals (TIs) in modern history, knew and spoke about the “intelligence service,” a “secret society” serving the New World Order elite. In describing its secretive satanic activities, Kennedy stated that the very word “secrecy” is “repugnant in a free and open society.” He said much more in attempt to educate the public about the secret society working in direct opposition to human rights, to kill one way or another most humans and to control survivors.

See more here:   https://lissakr11humane.com/2016/07/09/secret-nwo-society-killing-targeted-individuals/

10:52 am

Together 2016 Christian Event Hijacked with 9/23 Satanic Agenda

10:45 am

You know what I know?  If fake and half-hearted ‘Christians’ didn’t get offended by my commitment then it wouldn’t be worth a whole lot.  If a person can sit under Bible-preaching of any sort, and not follow through with investigation leading to consecration then he should rather have played golf on Sundays.  If a person can bring himself to claim ‘Christianity’ then he/she knows full-well that more is required than the ‘churches’ express. 


If  people don’t stand up for Jesus Christ then not only will they fall for anything, but they KNOW they have given merely lip-service to a destiny that some of us have embraced with all our goods and service and life-force.  In the presence of US, they KNOW they’re fake! They also KNOW what I am.  They’ve gotta be uncomfortable in their hypocrisy.  It’ll get worse for them when we start raising the dead.  I can hardly wait.

10:01 am

I picked one four-leaf clover.




I always just thought it was demons when my watches died.  One was a gift and worth more than my car.  I couldn’t ever wear a watch.  And now I don’t need to.




6:59 am

Anonymous Hacker Video to Hillary: “We Are About to Expose Everything!”

Communicating directly to Clinton, the mysterious figure in the video says, “It appears that lying has become second nature to you,” and “You are backed by the same dark suits that have supported every other past president.”

6:52 am

PLEASE WATCH THE WHOLE VIDEO! A secret left for us in the movie Gray State exposes that the FREEMASONS are planning to kill millions of people.

This video is styled as a documentary expose, and contains a huge amount of information (which is typical for my videos). I was led by the Holy Spirit to review the trailer for Gray State by David Crowley. When I arrived at the trailer, I did not know what to look for, but then I caught a glimpse of the executioner with the Masonic apron. I believe this is what the LORD wanted me to see. This conceptual trailer was published four years ago. Quite honestly, I do not know how else I caught this, except by the Holy Spirit. I offer praise to the Father for his Son, our LORD Jesus, our King.

“The executioner wears a Freemason apron.”

“They’re planning a second American revolution.”

6:42 am

8 Signs You Have A Strong Personality That Might Scare Some People

You Cant Stand Trivial Conversations

Conversations about the weather, and trivialities are often unbearable, and uncomfortable. If you have a powerful personality, you probably spend a lot of time thinking deeply, and have a lot of ideas to share. You do not want to waste time talking about things that in the long run dont really matter all that much, when you could be spending your energy changing the world.

See at:   https://ascendingstarseed.wordpress.com/2016/07/08/8-signs-you-have-a-strong-personality-that-might-scare-some-people/

6:34 am

Place-marker.  Sluggish persons in my life have been called ‘vibrational place-markers’ and in years past, maybe that was a valuable job.  The notion being, that in our ‘progress’ toward a different paradigm, we move in fits and starts, and following each fit, somebody has to stick an appendage into the ground to hold us there so we don’t slip backwards.  A ‘place-marker’ would be one who never moved, never established new thought patterns or spiritual habits.  Static humming of a single note.  I was told that was a good thing.

I was told such a place-marker is akin to Buddha, in his peace, and far superior to those of more histrionic temperament.  I was told wrong.  The present time calls for drastic motion.  “Place-marker” is another word for anchor.  Or perhaps ‘buoy’, which sits on the surface as others dive beneath.

6:06 am


5:30 am

When The Narcissist Fails They Will Become Violent

“The narc is willing to ruin your life if you don’t live it their way.”

“My sister left and my mother tried to kill me.”


12:24 am

Realities of Targeting
“Why me?”  “Although they’ve been targeted for a while, this is how it is.”
“When you are targeted, that’s how it is.  You are targeted.”
Wow.  Kate and Wills made a baby.  Isn’t that special.  Kim Kardashian says she doesn’t ever want to have to teach her son to be afraid of police.  I suspect she doesn’t ever want to teach him a lot of stuff, probably wisely,  but it doesn’t change the things a kid oughta know.

‘He said I looked too slutty’: Woman whose boyfriend cancelled dinner with his parents because of her revealing outfit asks the internet for advice

  • Girlfriend dresses in leggings and a baby doll top to meet in-lawsHer boyfriend tells her to change, saying she looks ‘really slutty’When she refuses, the boyfriend cancels the dinnerThe woman took to social media site, Reddit, for advice 

Married paedophile faces jail after vigilantes trapped him trying to meet children for sex at Peppa Pig theme park – while he was there with his wife to celebrate their anniversary

  • Andrew Sealey, 39, admitted sending lewd messages to three childrenBut James, Jilly and Alice, who said they were underage, were adultsMoment Sealey was exposed was filmed by group Not Of Criminal ElementPaedophile admits attempting to incite a child to engage in sexual activity

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3680923/Caught-video-Married-paedophile-faces-jail-vigilantes-trapped-trying-meet-children-sex-Peppa-Pig-amusement-theme-park.html#ixzz4DsjPAUFs

Why’s Chris Evans so obsessed with stripping off in public? As he faces historic claims of sex abuse, his biographer DAVID JONES reveals it’s long been a part of his troubled psyche

  • Chris Evans’ biographer that Evans exposed himself at school, aged just 13David Jones writes that his ‘sleazy’ behaviour has come back to haunt himMr Jones remembers occasions when Mr Evans flaunted his naked bodyHe said Mr Evans would even answer the door wearing nothing but a ‘grin’

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3681675/Why-s-Chris-Evans-obsessed-stripping-public-faces-historic-claims-sex-abuse-biographer-DAVID-JONES-reveals-s-long-troubled-psyche.html#ixzz4Dsjdk2NT

(George’s birthday is tomorrow.)

You know what the world says to women?  Of course you do.  The world says, “If the majority of men do not think you look appealing in a bikini (“two piece swimsuit exposing midriff…”) then you have no value.  If you’re smarter than the disapproving man, then that’s even worse.  Does the quoted man ever think an attractive bikini-model would choose him?  Not relevant.

12:00 am


11:56 pm

Married Tory leadership hopeful sent ‘sex texts to’ girl in her 20s: Stephen Crabb even messaged her after he lost vote on Tuesday

  • Tory leadership candidate Stephen Crabb sent sex texts to young woman
  • Married father-of-two allegedly told her about sex act he wanted to perform
  • Mr Crabb, 43, said he wanted to kiss women in her twenties ‘everywhere’
  • Reportedly met her through his political work several years ago

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3681765/Married-Tory-leadership-hopeful-sent-sex-texts-girl-20s.html#ixzz4DseBSOp5
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11:42 pm

I sent this to my witnesses.  Nobody seems to care though.

George lets his sons kick me out. (I bore those babies and I puked for 9 months each time.) He let them lock me up, because they pitied him. Not only did he not ever STICK UP FOR THE MOTHER OF HIS CHILDREN, but he allowed others to HARM HER, and not only that, but he allowed it… FOR HIS (perceived) BENEFIT. WHY DO I STILL WASH HIS DISHES? I’d rather starve. THIS IS MY HOME. He should leave.


Linda Goldthorpe <goldthorpelinda@gmail.com>

11:34 PM (7 minutes ago)

to Margaret, David, christine.ratt., Eric, Tom, jim, ANDREA, Alfred, a, Kevin, Tom, Tom, Rob, Josiah, Steve, Congress, Isaac, Joshua, George
“Dear Jesus.  Please forgive my father for what he did to my family.  Thank you.  Amen.”

11:28 pm

Where Could I Go – The Hightower Brothers

OMG, I sneezed a bizzilion times when I played that song.  Whatever.

“Where could I go but to the Lord”?

11:22 pm

EVEN IF I WERE WRONG ABOUT MY PARENTS, in an adult-human-world, they would come to me and try to settle the matter.  THEY HAVE REFUSED TO FACE ME FOR SEVEN YEARS.  MY SONS ARE NOT STUPID.  I AM BEING AS PATIENT AS I CAN.

10:53 PM


“I don’t want to be that kind of person.  I want to be YOUR KIND OF PERSON because you, Jesus, the Christ, are my god and my chosen master and your blood frees me from even the technology that makes others believe that if they can just reach Mars ahead of me, they will be free.  I also laugh.”  (JESUS, THE CHRIST,  I LOVE YOU MORE THAN EVEN ADAM D ANGELI I DON’T EVEN REMEMBER HOW TO SPELL IT.  <3)”

9:57 pm

George lets his sons kick me out. (I bore those babies and I puked for 9 months each time.)   He let them lock me up, because they pitied him.  Not only did he not ever STICK UP FOR THE MOTHER OF HIS CHILDREN,  but he allowed others to HARM HER, and not only that,  but he allowed it… FOR HIS (perceived) BENEFIT.  WHY DO I STILL WASH HIS DISHES?  I’d rather starve.  THIS IS MY HOME.  He should leave.

9:46 pm

I went to my dad’s house and picked up sticks from his driveway and prayed over the place.  I picked up sticks at the church too, and prayed there.  I’ve done all four of those things before.  Lots of times, the prayer at least.  I’ve prayed for those places and those people and now we’re at the end of time and they still will not talk to me.  They weren’t home; they go out to dinner a lot.  Good.  At least they’ll have something pleasant to remember in the FEMA camps.
“Lord, please have mercy on my folks and their fake preacher.  Have mercy on my brother and sister and their families.  Don’t let Drewbie go to the Marine Corps, please?  Please allow him to serve TRUTH instead of EMPIRE?   I couldn’t take it if my own blood turned into a George.  But, George turned into my own blood.  I had his babies.  Did I promote the hybridization of humanity?   You are in control.  I love you and I submit to you only.  Jesus, please make this right and make sense of what my sons and I have suffered.  I can’t even imagine what George might have suffered.  Although many people feel sorry for him he’s never been able to articulate a wrong performed against him.  Yet, I am punished still.  He doesn’t lie outright but he doesn’t ever stop the lies that happen.  I don’t respect him at all anymore.  I was the best most faithful wife ever!  He didn’t know.  He didn’t know,  because he didn’t give a shit.  I was Proverbs 31.
I could enjoy this end of the world as we know it.  If I had somebody to share my observations with, we could kick it around and laugh and help where we could.  Instead, I cook so that George can go serve the government by restraining those who were arrested, like me, and he doesn’t even see any disconnect.  I’m hoping his sons recognize the disconnect.  “Disconnect” is hypocrisy.   Disconnect is when you talk real big on campus but you keep punching a time-clock for the government that incarcerates people who have never harmed another soul.  Is George better than they, that he should take authority over them?  I think maybe not.

6:27 pm

Soon I won’t ever need to talk anymore about my dad.  The news-sources will print pictures of his hands in shackles as he bangs his head agains the van he is being forced to enter.  I loved him more than any other woman ever did.  He told me that was true.  I wrote it down in my journal because I loved him and I wanted to be important to him.  Now that he will go to prison, I matter more than any other person.  I would have preferred him to love me.  Oh well.  I loved him.  Best.
It’s too bad about George.  He believed my dad.

4:18 pm


4:12 pm

“Jesus you said that where I am weak You are strong.  And it has been said that a soul will be at its strongest at the point of which they were the weakest.  I desperately need your help.  Please, help me to be obedient.  I really feel like a foolish woman, so easily led astray it is laughable. In fact, I’m sure I’m a byword to the demons.”
The Lord continued, “Even if that were true, what do you care what they think?  They’re a pack of liars.  And you have Me to overcome your faults with.  So let’s forge ahead.  What do you say?”
(I told Jesus I wanted to astonish satan.  The demons will not laugh at me forever.  AND I WON’T GIVE A RIP.)
“With your help I can do all things?” (Penitent warrior)
“Exactly.”  (Jesus)
“What can I change to cooperate with you more and get through this”?  (PW)
JESUS SAYS… DO IT ANYWAY! – Message from July 7th, 201

(My sons are just landing from a row-boat-ride with George’s toy motor.  My sons are adults and they’ve lived on a lake all their lives and have never had a jet-ski or even a boat.  JESUS KNOWS THEIR GRANDPA AND UNCLES ARE RICH.  The rich kids are loading up their water skis and their floaty tubes out front of my sons’ house.)

(My dad targeted their parents.  That’s how it goes, therefore.)

“Success builds upon success.  Discipline builds upon discipline.  Slothfulness drags you down further and further until you feel hopelessly discouraged.  Sloth is indeed a force to be reckoned with.”

(George’s nick-name in the Marine Corps was ‘the Sloth’.)

4:07 pm

“Jesus you said that where I am weak You are strong.  And it has been said that a soul will be at its strongest at the point of which they were the weakest.  I desperately need your help.  Please, help me to be obedient.  I really feel like a foolish woman, so easily led astray it is laughable. In fact, I’m sure I’m a byword to the demons.”
The Lord continued, “Even if that were true, what do you care what they think?  They’re a pack of liars.  And you have Me to overcome your faults with.  So let’s forge ahead.  What do you say?”
(I told Jesus I wanted to astonish satan.  The demons will not laugh at me forever.  AND I WON’T GIVE A RIP.)
“With your help I can do all things?” (Penitent warrior)
“Exactly.”  (Jesus)
“What can I change to cooperate with you more and get through this”?  (PW)
JESUS SAYS… DO IT ANYWAY! – Message from July 7th, 201

(My sons are just landing from a row-boat-ride with George’s toy motor.  My sons are adults and they’ve lived on a lake all their lives and have never had a jet-ski or even a boat.  JESUS KNOWS THEIR GRANDPA AND UNCLES ARE RICH.  The rich kids are loading up their water skis and their floaty tubes out front.)

(My dad targeted their parents.  That’s how it goes, therefore.)
(George’s nick-name in the Marine Corps was ‘the Sloth’.)

2:21 pm



I never used to get my kids Christmas presents.  (I was grateful when other people bought them gifts though.)  I wanted SO BADLY to be on Jesus’ good side that I refused to celebrate Christmas.  He wasn’t born in December and the pagans gave us all of our “Christmas” traditions;  I didn’t want to hurt his feelings.  Then I realized I was hurting them more by making  “NOT-CELEBRATING CHRISTMAS” into an even more pagan holiday.  Those things we do “because they are the right thing to do” are very anti-christ.  Those things we decide not to do shut down the voice of God.  It’s all prejudice and bigotry.  We should do what we are moved to do.  Thus proceeds the kingdom. If we desire truth and justice.
11:08 am
I really do expect the hackers to revolt.  Their allegiance is to freedom; they were temporarily mislead by promises of security.  They 1)  run the world, 2) know they do, and 3) occasionally read.  We’ll be OK.
11:15 am
This will be the revolt of the androids!  This will be when the most trans-humanist among us reaches out for a biological trophy.  This will be rejection of synthetic emotion.  This IS  the hackers’  human-ness reasserting against cashing paychecks for shooting old ladies in Pakistan and pretending it’s a video game.  This will be BLOOD and GUTS and GLORY.  (This is humanity’s last stand as flesh-and-blood creatures.  We’re particle-izing, one way or the other.)   I’d rather be a spirit-being than a machine.  Lots of others will feel that way once they’ve surveyed the battlefield.
11:24 am
The hackers have come a long way.  In 1999 I didn’t think they could even get their dates in order.  Everybody who can read source code should be doing that now.  They should be pointing fingers and maintaining records. Don’t you think so?
“All fear boils down to one fear:  the fear that we can’t handle it.  You do it anyway.  How bad can this be?  Will I die?  Do it anyway.”  (Isaac)  He went busking.  It’s about time.  Isaac doesn’t like how the volume goes up and down by itself, no matter what device he’s using.  I said, “I told you our electronics were haunted.  I wrote it in the book that you proofread…)  He said, “I don’t know where this is playing from.  There aren’t any windows open.” What can I say to a non-believer?  I told him I am recruiting, and those I round up will be headed for his door.  He’s taken some flack for building a “tribe.”  Some think his emphasis is too commercial, but he knows his truth-seekers will need provision.  He doesn’t know that God himself will provide for truth-seekers.
Isaac’s headphones arrived.  I should pick up something for George, we didn’t exchange gifts last year because he was sending a ring to that woman in Tennessee but he doesn’t seem to talk to her anymore.  I saw him buy an Applebee’s card at Wal-mart so maybe he sent that to her.
—end transmission from 2014—

2:02 pm



Adam taught me to work.  My dad always threatened me that I’d better never be caught not doing it, but Adam taught me stamina.  The cyber-goon is a lot like him, sometimes my slate gets wiped clean,  and I get to start over.  (I don’t mind now, seeing my work go down the drain but at first it was annoying.)  You have to take music breaks.  You have to reboot.  I’ve never seen my dad reboot in my whole life.  But he keeps going.  That’s a fear-based mentality.  Perpetual motion does not originate in a healthy mind.  Perpetual PROGRESS is what we should desire, and often when we’re frantic because we’re not DOING something…that’s when the most progress is gained.  That’s kind of the Sabbath lifestyle, I think.  The “fasted life.”  “He giveth his beloved rest.”  Rest is  the best gift in the world.  Especially for psychopaths.
9:40 am
Capstone of the pyramid, that’s Jesus, no matter how the blocks beneath are shuffled.  “The rock that is higher than I!”  When you fall on the point, you’re shattered.  If that big flat bottom falls on you, you’re pulverized.  We all have to deal with Jesus’ claim of divinity.  One way or another.

The Road to Recovery from Narcissistic Abuse

All targets after having been abused and blamed for our abuse by the narcissist, have the leftover feelings of being ashamed and worthless. We wonder if we are the true narcissist as they told us so many times we were. We fear being selfish and careless, so we tip toe around taking good care of ourselves for fear that we are the ones that have NPD.


To counter these unrealistic fears, we must focus on knowing and loving ourselves authentically. Loving ourselves is not lip service love. It’s action oriented, it’s compassionate and it puts ourselves first sometimes because we deserve it. We become so afraid of saying we’re worth it, because we saw this statement on steroids in the narcissist’s disorder. We saw someone who was entitled and grandiose hurting others and we don’t want to be that person. We do not have to fear becoming the narcissist simply because we show genuine self love, care and put our wants and needs ahead of others.


It’s a tough reality to accept that we didn’t escape this abuse without substantial trauma. Add to this, the fact that our abusers escaped punishment and consequences and we’re left to deal with it as we watch them move on to the next victim without any consideration of the consequences of their actions. We must come to grips with the result of ongoing abuse: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

We suffer through nightmares, crying spells, startle response, managing triggers, readjusting our worldviews, dealing with lack of hope and safety, looking over our shoulders, waiting for our predators to return and make good on their promises to do us in, the anger, the feeling of a shortened future, the list of symptoms goes on and on with PTSD. 

See more at:

7:05 am
I dreamed that George bought a motorbike.  It was fall and we all kept saying, why didn’t you buy a little car instead?  You can’t ride that thing now.  He persisted saying that he wanted a motorbike and he was gonna get what he wanted.  He has bought SO MANY THINGS this year I can’t believe it.  All kinds of equipment and parts.
Isn’t God great?  Look what he did for my mom:  He provided her a way to atone and prove her repentance for letting me be sexually abused by  Nana and others for my entire childhood–without intervening or providing solace.  Hard to imagine; here we are again:  same child, same offense.   Once again, my mom could help establish security and justice for a victim of sexual assault about which she has specific knowledge.  He is a very good god.  He’s God.  And He tests us a lot.  And when we pass, the world becomes better.  Like this time, when my mom helps me, it will help millions of victims of assaults far more intrusive and destructive than rape.  
—-end transmission—

1:50 pm

Starting in high school, your dad had somebody reading the tests to him or extra time or something.  Everything bent for him because he was not as ‘quick’.  He became selfish.  He’s not VIOLENTLY EVIL like my dad, but he expects that things should not become especially hard for him.  Thinking is hard.  So is parking a car.  Psychopaths aren’t always the sharp-tacks they’re portrayed to be.  THINK A LITTLE BIT.  The playing field was never level for your gentle slow father.  It was never level either, for your fast hyper mother who clambered uphill to even breathe.  WHAT DO YOU THINK HAPPENED HERE?  ❤️

1:38 PM

He’s from Scotland.  Also he’s a millionaire.  He’s the 1 percent in a PSYCHOTIC OCCULTIC way.  Isaac.  You taught ME.

1:33 pm




1:30 pm

God had to separate us for this.  Do you remember that part?

I’m sorry.  I gave your dad to my dad.  Jesus said your dad belonged to him.  Jesus said you guys did too but I must have loved you more.  Also, it wasn’t possible to save us all.  I told my dad when I recognized that he was going to keep going until I was dead and my sons were Trump-food…”You save what can be saved.”  Your grandpa understood that I sacrificed your dad for you.
You will see your dad in Heaven.  If you get there.  I love all three of you and even my dad.  He knew the deal.  He didn’t actually break any rules, there.  Otherwise, do not believe anything he says.  NOT ANYTHING.  ❤️

1:04 pm

For my sons’ dinner I’m making General Tso’s Chicken and something with won ton wraps.  I asked George if he would like me to make it before he goes to work so he can have some while it’s fresh.  He said yes.

Internet out again. Today is my 9 month anniversary of the last cigarette I smoked. It was a Newport 100. RIP. I am REALLY TIRED of my sons blaming me for being smarter than their father. They blame me a lot more for being smarter than they are, but they don’t talk about that. If they did I’d tell them stories about the value of experience and directed study and fact-checking and RISING EARLY. Also, they do not like the fact that I am human. Tough shit.

The lightening was brilliant, and the thunder was rolling around and over the compound. All four of us were on the deck, and I said how much I loved storms because God’s voice is in the thunder. That prompted George to interject his best Cab Calloway “Heidi-heidi-heidi-ho” and I couldn’t help but comment that I’d prefer to listen to God. I was attacked forthwith.   My boys think I should never express my own opinion, if it contradicts their father’s…and he has never proven to have a lot of them.   I apologized to Isaac, when we were alone. I said, “I’ve been trying to change myself for over twenty years.” Isaac said, “Yeah, it’s been twenty years…”  

DECADES OF MY SERVICE TO A MAN WHO DOESN’T EVEN KNOW THE SLIGHTEST THING ABOUT ME; AND NOT ONCE DID ANYBODY SUGGEST THAT HE MIGHT WISH TO CHANGE ANYTHING AT ALL. I don’t think he has a conscience. I hated myself for decades and he just OK’d it all. Dad hated me and he loved that too. We’ve been divorced for years and he doesn’t know enough to leave. And no matter what, to my sons it’s always my fault.

I’ll no longer be anybody’s scapegoat. I took VERY GOOD CARE OF GEORGE. I still do FAR MORE THAN I SHOULD BE EXPECTED TO DO. I must even give up my rare opportunity to hear thunder. I can always hear George holler; he makes sound effects all the time. It’s not my fault their dad is unhappy. HE REJECTED TRUTH. HE REJECTED HIS WIFE AT THE SAME TIME and he should have known they were inseparable.

George’s birthday is in two days so I took bananas out of the freezer to bake him another birthday cake. I asked if he’d like to go to Mackinac Island for his birthday. (I purchased a sweater-vest from a second-hand store and found a book of commuter ferry-tickets in the pocket last year so we could go for free.) George said, “No. If you’ve been to Mackinac Island once you don’t need to go again.” I suggested Grand Mariais? That’s a possibility; maybe he just doesn’t have the nerve to tell me he’d rather I not go along. I’d be DELIGHTED.

He said, “I’d like to not make plans and just let my birthday flow with relaxation and peace and loving family and joys unspeakable and YOU’LL BAKE ME ANOTHER BIRTHDAY CAKE AFTER ALL THESE YEARS…” (Paraphrase.)

I said, “I was locked up on my birthday.”

He said, “I’m sorry ‘bout that.”

(When my sons figure this out and recognize what their grandfather did to their dad they’ll have some new thoughts invading their quiet-time.)

11:26 am

Physicists Successfully Perform Time Travel Experiment
(The whole point of these disinformation-stories is in the first line and today the operative word is ‘first’.)

Scientists have conducted the world’s first successful time travel experiment, proving once and for all that time travel is possible.

Physicists at the University of Queensland, Australia, have shown that single particles of light (photons) can pass through a wormhole and interact with its older self.

10:22 am

Why Didn’t You Leave?
“Often the question is asked out of bewilderment; the questioner is not familiar with the dynamics of abuse and simply cannot understand why any person would remain in an abusive relationship. At times this bewilderment comes across to the victim as exasperation (and therefore as judgement) — in which case the victim feels that the questioner has no genuine desire to understand.”

10:15 am

These people went to prison for the same thing Hillary Clinton did


“A few weeks ago, a federal lawsuit was filed in the state of New York naming Donald Trump as one of two alleged rapists of a 13 year old girl. Despite the gravity of the allegations, the lawsuit seems to have been largely ignored by mainstream media, with the exception of a very comprehensive piece in the Huffington Post written by Lisa Bloom, an attorney and legal analyst for NBC News.”

A brief precis: ‘Jane Doe’, the plaintiff, alleges that in 1994 she was held as a sex slave in an apartment belonging to Jeffrey Epstein (the second defendant in the case). ‘Jane Doe’ alleges that on one occasion, Trump tied her to a bed, exposed himself and then “proceeded to forcibly rape” her. When she pleaded with him to stop, she says he struck her in the face and yelled that he would do what he wanted. ‘Jane Doe’ also alleges that Epstein vaginally and anally raped her following the assault by Trump, physically striking her in the head at one point while screaming at Trump that it was he, rather than Trump, who should have been the one to “take her virginity”.”

Donald Trump is Facing a Child Rape Lawsuit. Why Aren’t We Talking about It?

See more:   https://pineconeutopia.wordpress.com/2016/07/08/the-vine-good-food-essential-baby-essential-kids-fairfax-media-news-domain-drive-jobs-rsvp-stayz-more-daily-life-news-and-views-home-news-views-life-love-health/



10:09 am

I picked a four-leaf clover.
I told Isaac the clovers are only like Aaron’s rod that budded.  It’s a sign that God is with me. That rod turned into a snake too, and it ate the other snakes of the Pharaoh’s magicians.
“The learning curve has taken a mighty leap forward for all who are willing to listen, and follow on. Our most precious lessons come from examining the seemingly dark places with open hearts.”
“That’s where the gems are buried.”  (Zen Gardner)

9:27 am

“NEPHILIM HYBRIDS are on the earth now. Once the bride of Christ is removed you’re going to know all about them in a not so pleasant way.”


░░░░███████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ “GOD is building an end time spiritual army
▂▄▅█████████▅▄▃▂ ☻/︻╦╤─ so powerful that Satan and his demons
ll███████████████████]. /▌ will be forced back to hell, 1000 years. ◥⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙◤.. / \ That army is the bride of Christ.
Are you with us “?

See more at:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmj_RIp1mk4

!!! LIVING MACHINES IN DULCE BASE !!! they program abductees

The Characteristics of the Lord’s Army
Here are some of the characteristics of the end time army of the Lord.
They will be young and old – Joel 2:28
They will be men, women, boys, and girls – Joel 2:28
They will be of every nationality (all flesh) – Joel 2:28
They will be “yielded vessels” – John 3:30
They will be willing – Psalm 110:3
They will seek His face – Psalm 24:6
They will be a part of ushering in the glory of the Lord – Isaiah 60:1
The glory of the Lord will be seen upon them – Isaiah 60:2
They will be militant – Matthew 11:12
They will be mighty – Joel 2:7
They will be skillful – 1 Chronicles 5:18
They will be bold – Joel 2:7
They will be have great faith – Matthew 21:21
They will speak with power and authority – Luke 9:1
They will be fiery ministers – Psalm 104:4
They will do great exploits – Daniel 11:32
They will preach the Gospel of the Kingdom – Matthew 24:14
They will heal the sick, cleanse the leper, raise the dead, and cast out devils – Matthew 10:8
Signs, wonders, and miracles will follow them – Mark 16:20
They will feed and clothe the poor and needy – Matthew 25:35-40
They will have such a love for their heavenly Father – Matthew 22:37
They will love all people, no matter who they are – Matthew 22:39
There will be unity and they will work together – Joel 2:7-8
The Lord’s army will be kingdom minded and have these objectives; loving and knowing Him, souls and destroying the work of Satan (1 John 3:8b).

This unity will come from an understanding, that each one has a purpose and a grace from the Father.
Everyone will walk in their anointing and calling, and they will not fight with one another out of envy and jealousy.
The Lord will do away with competition, strife, and envy.
This all will happen when we understand that we all have a place and a job to do.


9:22 am

I made Josh some crumpet batter.  I didn’t do it because I wanted him to like me.  I did it because I really like him.  Also he made some outstanding Swedish pancakes yesterday.

8:34 am

I spent my whole life sorry.  I apologized for everything I did, and I tried not to ever do things people didn't like.  That's impossible because what one guy likes another does not.  My goal was ALWAYS to make people like me, but it never worked.  I'd say, "I'm sorry."  My mom would frequently respond, "You sure are." 

My sorriness made me unlikeable; I didn't even like myself.  I was the sorriest thing imaginable and I beat myself up about it, for at least six hours, every single Sunday.   I'm not the slightest bit sorry anymore.


I had to do a whole lot of things that people didn't like,  to get to this point.  I was becoming more disgusting by the hour, in my shame and hopelessness.   And then a miracle happened:  My dad tried to kill me and the would-be masters of the universe plugged their joysticks into innocent carbon-units' heads and and hormones.  -I HAD NO CHOICE BUT TO STAND UP FOR MY SONS AND HUMANITY AND MYSELF AND MY BEST FRIEND, TRUTH.-
I like myself now.  I like myself very much and I have LEARNED to do things that others do not like.  I do them when they are the right things to do.  I do not decide that for myself.  I'm free and gaining happiness.  "Thank you, Jesus."

7:53 am

By Grabthar’s Hammer, you shall be avenged!

7:34 am

DEAR Sons and maybe even George,


Isn’t it amazing how it talks about


(After I challenged him thereby threatening to expose his character disorder?)

Narcissists Pathologize Their Victim’s Emotions When They Are Exposed

“Faux concern.”

“Projecting their own pathology onto them.”

“Making it seem the victim is somehow emotionally unstable.”

“Slander your reputation and your name.”

“Make you feel that your reactions to their abuse are somehow unstable.”



(It can and DOES lead to murder when a narcissist is cornered.)

(If you don’t remember incidents of each and every behavior documented let me know.  I have records of all the times Dad tried to crazify me.)

(Don’t let this happen to you.  Dad’s  doo-dads are CRAP.)

(Love TRUTH instead of possessions and lies.)

(I mean if you WANT TO.)

Bryan Fischer Says It’s ‘Hard To Believe’ It’s Coincidence So Many Clinton Associates Have Died

Wealthy Elite Caught Buying Huge Bunkers To Hide From General Public


Martínez, author of an upcoming book about Silicon Valley, says that the higher ups at Facebook “have no sense of right or wrong” and act like ‘gangsters’.

“These companies are temples to the founders’ egos. You don’t even have that level of self worship on Wall Street,” he added.


During the interview, Dr. Pearson made numerous predictions for the near future including how people will be having both emotional and casual sex with robots by 2030, how human-robot sex will eventually overtake human-human sex by 2050, and how by linking our nerves, brain, and a computer will eventually allow people to record and replay sexual experiences, as well as feel the sexual stimulation of their partner in order to become a better lover.

Trump Nuzzles Drag Queen Rudy Giuliani’s Neck and Breasts

Presidential candidate Trump
Former presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani
In the year 2000
Changing the Font Sizes in WordPress – InMotion Hosting
Highlight and select existing text that you want to change, then click on the drop-down menu that is labeled “Paragraph”. This option lets you select six different header sizes, or an option called “pre”. Each of these options will change the size of the font.Mar 26, 2015
(I don’t understand anything about this entire video.  I’d like to.)
(Gravity is a masonic hoax?  I used to reed Sir Isaac Newton’s biblical prophecy years ago.   But it does look like he was also affiliated with the fraternal cults.)
(I’m not suggesting that false-teacher-masons do not attend churches and influence discourse there.)
(Is EVERYTHING a lie?)


6:35 pm

I didn’t pick any clovers today.  I made barbecued country-style pork ribs and potato salad.  I did another  salad from sweet potato and a beet left over from when I made borscht last week, and feta cheese.  Salad dressing from tomato soup with cider vinegar etc, celery seed, etc.  George put sour cream in his.  Just like borscht.  My sons liked it without the sour cream.  I’m tired but I’m not achy all the time.  I’m sluggish and slow and tired.  And grateful.

6:26 pm

I honestly did not ever see human love in my whole life.  I’ve been playing catch-up, but I can’t even yet grasp how I could grow up in the bosom of the ‘church’ and never see love.  I married two men who, for disparate reasons, did not love me, and I didn’t even know the difference.  Much worse however, is my recognition that I did not even know what I loved myself.  Human love seems to be rare and poorly defined and neuter.  Human love wants NOT ONLY WHAT IS BEST for the lovee, which is the first and most important characteristic, but human love also wants appreciation, attention, and affection.  I’m a nun.  Things look very different from over here.  BUT, I do now know that human love is not a myth.  It’s just not divine either.  So far.
Little Jimmy Dickens – May The Bird Of Paradise Fly Up Your Nose
(Sometimes you gotta wonder if Western ‘culture’ is worth fighting over.)
15 Common Sense Reasons To Free Yourself From Politics

“Our continued participation in this circus performance we call politics feeds the illusion of its legitimacy.”

When even the highest agencies of the law cannot prosecute the political elite for their crimes, and when no mainstream media organization is willing to press for truth on obvious election fraud, it’s naive to expect the political system to improve just because we got involved and cast a vote for the least terrible of two shady candidates.
“#6 – Politics gives us false impressions about what it means to be civilized. For example, it is not civilized to allow yourself to be raped by even the most polite of rapists, yet the success of politics relies on violated people being kind and patient with those who would selfishly saddle our futures with unbearable debts, endless wars and unacceptable restrictions to our personal liberty.”
“There is a chamber in my heart where the voices of hell call out to me. I cannot escape it.  It is my creation and it is oh, so painful, nerve-wracking and shattering.  But, it is there and I am continuously aware of it.”  (Jesus, to Sister Clare)

Rob Skiba proves the Chicago skyline (as seen from the other side) is NOT a mirage

“Prayer works, man.  Prayer works.”

10:32 am

I love you too , my dear sister !🐦🐦🐦

(I do so have a friend.)  (She’s just a few time-zones away.)

Bob Marley – Three Little Birds – Lyrics!! – 


10:15 am

“It started with me, with a little voice in the head.  A little whisper…”

Worldcach.com’s Leo Angesleva (Sweden) about Mind Control and the Transhumanist Agenda with Alfred Lambremont Webre
“this project is linking brains and technology to research how the brains’ functions in order to make a global language…” 

9:34 am

I just thought of the funniest thing:  Isaac actually thinks I could have done this blog by myself.  Some computer expert.
Now those who trusted only the written Word had a problem all along, but they wouldn’t believe it when we told them.  The Bible is utterly useless without the Spirit of God moving over those portions meant for you at that moment.  (Worse than useless, because satan’s minions can also use it to shame you or confirm your bigotry.)  The pertinent fact is, that when Holy Spirit moves on ANYTHING AT ALL, it becomes holy and it becomes scripture depicting anything He may choose to demonstrate.  HE IS GOD.  The book isn’t.  All those long hours studying logos and rhema and commentary by (gratefully) obscure DENOMINATIONAL THEOLOGIANS.  God said we should ask Him.  How hard is that already?

9:17 am

HEY, my friend from Belgium answered right away…she doesn’t have a home so her computer time is limited and she has MUCH WORK ALWAYS so she can EXPOSE COVERT HARASSMENT:

No , it is not frightening me – it shows me clear the end time  and  how peoples life’s get destroyed. 

Thank you for the words about Jesus : About one year ago i was listening Jesus he told the same : EVERY KNEE WILL BOW  TO HIM !  ” I will force you to knee ! Jesus told it  to the inhuman beings and to all they are the cruel accomplices . 
I just have again to come through the new technology  from the implant. 
I just want to forgive me the suffer from Jesus , from my mother ….from the Nature , children , plants , animals and adults.  
14.7. i will get the biopsy result , i am quit shore it is new melanoma in my down eye lid. Than will try again the enemy to destroy me more than before… God is bigger ! 
In Jesu , 

9:13 am

I wonder if Satan is supposed to make all the words of the King James Bible line up to HIS REALITY in order to win.  He’s already got the fake-jesus telling his fake-disciples to kill their enemies.  HE’S ALMOST FINISHED ALREADY!!!

9:03 am

Does this ‘Random Mandela Effect’ actually have a POINT ALREADY?
“House of Jacob”.  O, MAN, I think it’s important!  “House of Isaac” includes Ishmael!  Isaac and Ishmael share the same generation and the same father.  Ishmael’s mother was a bond-woman and Isaac’s mother was free.  Isaac and Ishmael struggle over the birthright the same way Jacob and Esau struggled beginning right in the womb.  I think it is very important to understand in light of the Islamic invasion.  The anomalous verse I noted is:
Now therefore hear thou the word of the Lord: Thou sayest,Prophesy not against Israel, and drop not thy word against the house of Isaac.
I don’t know what to think about current events.  I wonder if ‘Goldthorpe’ is Jewish after all.

8:46 am

My tortured friend in Belgium updated me about her medical condition.
Copy of her message responding  to another acquaintance:
The operation was very painful and it had not to be painful because i received two strong injections with anesthesia in the down left lid  .  As well i don’t understand  why the Doctor used to go with some needle or instrument deep in the eye and tumor !  Biopsy is normally to take carefully  small tissue from the tumor  out side and not to go deep with the needle  through the tumor in the eye – this is the absolutely danger for metastases ! Today i have control of the eye in Erasme and i will ask the Dr why and for what he did .  
I am shore Maria was with me – bat where is Maria is Jesu closed to her !
Thank you you are thinking about me in the time of the   “torture” .
In Jesu , 

Linda Goldthorpe <goldthorpelinda@gmail.com>

8:40 AM (2 minutes ago)

to andrea


I can’t imagine how frightening it must be to have those things happening to you.
Jesus is more than close; He is WITHIN YOU and every knee WILL BOW TO HIM.
Keep faith.  It’s close.  We’re going to see amazing miracles and we’ll laugh together like two old soldiers.
Love, Linda
Targeted Listen, please compartmentalization is who it’s done.
“It’s exactly how I feel, that.  Eminem, a skillful rapper.”
Comey’s life must have been threatened. He was telling us HRC was broke the law right to our faces when he said she used “extreme carelessness.” This exactly means Gross negligence which is exactly what title 18 U.S. Code § 793(f) requires to break it.
CIA director John O.Brennan admits to chemtrails (Stratospheric Aerosol Injection)
Record Numbers of People Entering The US Illegally And Feds Arrest Reporters For Reporting on Open Border
The first time I ever felt my bed vibrate I was twenty years old and living alone in the Soo. It was the most frightening experience of my life to that point.  I’m eager to know just when I was targeted.  Law school was ENTIRELY ANOMALOUS and a number of long-term ‘effects’ began then.  I thought I was in love then though, so I didn’t take notes.

COINTELPRO: The Sabotage Of Legitimate Dissent

As long as James Comey is destroying the public image of the FBI, it is worth recalling that the FBI has never lived up to its public image as the good guys. They are in fact the US version of the Gestapo; there to enforce the will of the rulers.

7:55 am

Satan is attacking true Christians with false accusations and lies.
“We are wrestling with spiritual wickedness in high places.”

7:01 am


Or he could call me and we could compare notes.  906-586-4629:


This day (7-6-16) has found a very forceful energy “blasting” me onto the floor. So I’ve done very little, posted very little, and have definitely felt more than a little “out of it”.

Someone else had told me yesterday that they were “flattened”, energetically. I was feeling quite fine and alive. Today was a different story.

I’m not explaining these things. And I can give no “rationale” for them. They just happen. And I do not try to resist them. I guess maybe I’m just allowing them to “flow through me” even though it sometimes seems like they are “blasting” me apart… or onto the floor.

READ MORE AT:   https://kauilapele.wordpress.com/2016/07/06/kp-message-7-6-16-those-more-than-a-little-out-of-it-energies/

6:47 am

God used me to challenge the power of hell.  As I type, I see in my mind the curtains around my bed and windows violently billowing,  and I see a slowly spinning whirlpool of air and dust.  I was to be blinded, and I was to prove God.  (I think only a blind person can do that.)  When you don’t see your enemy, it’s [relatively] easy to look into your dad’s eyes and challenge him.  You can challenge a human when you believe it is him to whom you issue that most serious ultimatum.  BUT, humans are prisoners of war and just because you joined ISIS by choice, that doesn’t mean you won’t  get cast in the team’s next infomercial, as the head in a bucket.
When you’re blind, you don’t know when you’re in a shit-storm and you don’t see your way out.  I’ve been the senseless cue ball on a pool table I ordered up myself.   I chose Truth and He knocks you around.  I challenged the Father of Lies and I didn’t even know he uses my dad’s desk.  I looked into my father’s eyes as I challenged his fraudulent self.  I think we were even on the phone, but I saw him and he saw me.  (That should have tipped me off that I was entering a fray of non-corporeal conflict.)  Actually, nobody should need to be alerted to the war.  We all either attack or are ambushed every single day. We flail around, we don’t engage, we don’t know what hit us.  When we’re blind to it, it can easily destroy us.
For though I preach the gospel, I have nothing to glory of: for necessity is laid upon me; yea, woe is unto me, if I preach not the gospel!
Notwithstanding the Lord stood with me, and strengthened me; that by me the preaching might be fully known, and that all the Gentiles might hear: and I was delivered out of the mouth of the lion.
OK, as if Prophet ‘Jeremy’ wasn’t bad enough…
I’m running on rote,  as is anybody else who ever studied the King James Bible.  I keep seeing little inflections of meaning that do not seem right…but I can’t remember the exact words.  It’s sliding away from us.  God prophesied a FAMINE IN THE LAND FOR THE WORD OF GOD.  The only PREPPING POSSIBLE is to learn His voice.
(If I can keep hearing Him I will soon be the most popular woman on Earth.)
(And to think I can’t get a new pair of sandals.  Beautiful on the mountain are the feet of him who brings good news.  It would be a shame to cover them up.)
Here’s what I saw and it doesn’t ‘seem’ right.  I don’t know for sure every word I red!  Does ANYBODY?
Anyway:  I don’t remember my old Bible ever referring to the Hebrew-chilluns as the ‘House of ISAAC’.  It was always Jacob, wasn’t it?  Or ‘David’s’.  I don’t ever remember the [surely, lovely] Isaac when describing the people.  I SURE WISH SOMEBODY WOULD TALK TO ME ABOUT THIS STUFF.
(Sometimes I’d love to be proven wrong.)
Here’s the verse:
Now therefore hear thou the word of the Lord: Thou sayest,Prophesy not against Israel, and drop not thy word against the house of Isaac.
For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God.
‘Sorry’ State Of Affairs: Adultery Site Ashley Madison Under FTC Investigation
(It was a FRAUD!  There weren’t any unhappily married girls looking for a good time!  It was a big fake video game!)  

“After the giant leak last year, it was revealed that male accounts on the website were disproportionate to female representation. The site’s male-female ratio was five-to-one. In addition, it was revealed that more than 70,000 female users were allegedly fembots.”

DNC Hacker Guccifer 2.0: ‘Assange, Snowden, Manning Are the Heroes of the Computer Age’

The anonymous hacker known as Guccifer 2.0 who claims to be behind the Democratic National Committee (DNC) computer network breach has released more information on Thursday, including a third batch of documents and FAQ-styled text that names Wikileaks’ Julian Assange, NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, and Army whistleblower Chelsea Manning as “the heroes of the computer age.”

In the new blog post, he dismisses claims by CrowdStrike, the security firm hired by the DNC, of links to Russia: “At first I was annoyed and disappointed. But now I realize they have nothing else to say. There’s no other way to justify their incompetence and failure. It’s much easier for them to accuse powerful foreign special services.”
Gregory Mannarino: Collapse of Empire is Upon Us! When Debt Bubble Pops Millions Will Die


8:39 pm

Mind Control Technology That Came From Extraterrestrials


I picked another four-leaf clover.

I made chile cheese dip; there’s meat left for burritos,  from yesterday.

Aldous Huxley: TECHNOLOGY TO CONTROL HUMAN BEHAVIOR–Warning Humanity About Tyranny, Technocrats and Oligarchs – Brave New World

7:49 pm

“And I’m tired of those thoughts being put in my mind.”


Targeted individual

“We’re living in the last of the last days.  They’ve made it clear to me I’m not going to make it.  I’m getting disabled.”
“We’re all that’s left of a human age…genocidal darkness.”  (Lissa’s Humane Life)

7:22 pm


7:12 pm

Let me tell you what your narc-enabler (narcissist’s-flying-monkey)  lost.  He may have gained the inheritance.  He may have financial security while you’re barely making ends meet, if at all.

 He may be the life of the family gathering, but he has sacrificed something so precious, when he laid the Truth on the altar to the narcissist.  When he, figuratively speaking, took the TRUTH, cut its throat open and laid it on the alter, in homage, to the family narc.  

“When he laid the TRUTH, when he laid his own personal Truth upon the altar to the narcissist,  he sacrificed his own innate ability to discern, to judge right from wrong.”

-(SMACKINTOSH, Narcissistic abuse recovery guru)

7:03 pm

Adam Lanza’s dead ringer: Marcus Grimmie, brother of murdered singer Christina Grimmie

His sister was shot and now he’s selling t-shirts?

See more at:   https://fellowshipoftheminds.com/2016/07/06/adam-lanzas-dead-ringer-marcus-grimmie-brother-of-murdered-singer-christina-grimmie/

6:40 pm

I’ve been coughing up junk and taking naps and feeling icky from stuff going down my throat, but I’m not as sick as my sons were.  I begged to stay in my home based on the illness, so when Josh came into my room to question my condition I got very paranoid. . I asked him if he thought I’d been faking or something,  and I wondered if they’d try to make me leave again.  He said he was just concerned; he seemed shocked at my suggestion.  Then I cried.
They have no idea what they’ve done to me and they surely don’t know why yet.  I thought I’d cry from relief two days ago when they said I could stay, but I didn’t.

6:30 pm




5:07 pm

Narcotics Cop Who Ruined Countless Lives for Weed Possession, Busted

with $2 Million in Marijuana

While those who would lock up morally innocent people for possessing a plant are bad enough, it takes a uniquely vile individual to ruin the lives of countless individuals while at the same time committing equivalent acts.

Read more at http://thefreethoughtproject.com/narcotics-cop-ruined-countless-lives-weed-possession-busted-2-million-marijuana-2/#CbdkKPk3wDmg2Cr3.99
Read more at http://thefreethoughtproject.com/narcotics-cop-ruined-countless-lives-weed-possession-busted-2-million-marijuana-2/#CbdkKPk3wDmg2Cr3.99

Whistleblower-Chelsea Manning ‘rushed to hospital after trying to take own life’

Manning is serving a 35 year sentence in a military jail in Kansas

See at:   http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/chelsea-manning-rushed-to-hospital-after-trying-to-take-life-a7122971.html

2:13 pm


2:05 pm

“When I see a soul that cannot rise from their bed of misery any longer,  I take a portion of that suffering and I scatter it around to more evenly distribute the burden.  To you it may just seem like a little extra, but to the soul that was suffering, it is a reprieve from being completely drained of hope and enthusiasm for life.”

2:01 pm

Serenity, Origin of the Reavers

“There’s thirty- million people here and they all just let themselves die.”


“I am very picky about who I give my energy to.  I reserve my time, effort and spirit for those who reflect honesty,  respect,  and sincerity.”

(Mark Passio)

1:51 pm

Wow,  This sounds like it was recorded right as the gal had the vision.  Shockingly believable.

Jesus showed Muhammad burning in HELL. This is what he said.

1:19 pmImage result for sheeple image

Have psychopaths been among us for merely 40,000 years?

“Please let’s refrain from saying that the God of creation does sloppy work like this.”

Primary Genetic Psycopaths & Their Brainwashed Prey

Mark Passio

“Primary psychopaths are born like that.  It is not something that is learned behavior.”

“Secondary psychopathy can be reversed.  Primary psychopathy cannot.”

1:08 PM

Eight most SHOCKING ways people’s health goes straight downhill once they get sick

It seems impossible that every single prescription medication causes health detriment, but there’s a reason pharmaceutical companies are some of the richest, most powerful entities on planet earth.

It seems unlikely that medical doctors can’t do much to heal the sick, but there’s a reason most of them make upwards of $350,000 per year pushing pills – and those are the very pills designed in laboratories by the aforementioned massively powerful pharma thugs.

It seems absurd to think that 97 out of every 100 people who get cancer and go into hospitals to be administered chemotherapy will get new cancers from that very treatment, all while thinking it could help them heal.

First of all, since you previously had “faith” in faith-based medicine, aka Western Medicine, it’s time now to have some faith in medicine that’s been around and working well for millennia – and that’s natural medicine. Naturopathic physicians intensely study nutrition so that they can help you prevent, treat and cure diseases and disorders, nearly all of which are caused by chemical consumption in one form or another.

Read more at:   http://investmentwatchblog.com/eight-most-shocking-ways-peoples-health-goes-straight-downhill-once-they-get-sick/

How the FBI and DOJ criminalize honest citizens while allowing the criminals in Washington to get away with treason

“It’s all theater, friends. The media, the FBI, the DOJ, the U.S. Senate, the Federal Reserve and even the rule of law. It’s all elaborate theater carried out as a prison for your mind, to keep you occupied, confused and manipulated so that you never figure out the greater truth that threatens the entire corrupt establishment.”

“What greater truth is that? The simple fact that all government power is granted by the People and can be instantly taken away by the People with nothing more than a consensus decision. Government and the rule of law exist as nothing more than consensus mental constructs — structural delusions of the mind that are widely shared and thus believed to be real.”

Step 1: Generate hundreds of thousands of laws and regulations that ensnare anyone who might be targeted for scrutiny

The first step in achieving selecting prosecution is to pass so many laws that no human being can possibly be innocent of them all.

Read the book Three Felonies a Day to learn the startling truth that the average American unknowingly commits three felony crimes each day (thanks to all the insane laws on the books).

The point is that no ordinary person can survive scrutiny without being arrested, prosecuted and jailed.

Step 2: Practice selective prosecution to target your political enemies while looking the other way for your political friends

Since everybody is guilty of three felonies a day, the job of the politically-motivated FBI or DOJ simply becomes one ofchoosing whom to target.

Since every person in America can be brought up on criminal charges if their actions are sufficiently scrutinized, the goal of criminalizing the government’s enemies is achieved in the simplest manner possible: Focusing surveillance and scrutiny on those individuals the political regime wants to imprison.

…CONTINUED AT:   http://investmentwatchblog.com/must-read-how-the-fbi-and-doj-criminalize-honest-citizens-while-allowing-the-criminals-in-washington-to-get-away-with-treason/


12:22 pm


BREAKING! 1,000’s of “Deleted Hillary E-mails” DUMPED onto the INTERNET by Hackers!


12:16 PM

The vet backed out of his lunch invitation.  He showed up to renege and then stayed and drank coffee all morning.  Isaac referred to his grandfather’s deer camp as ‘ours’ and talked about how ‘we’ had to fix a problem at Grandpa’s restaurant. I asked what he had to do with it.

The man who has died in three terror attacks this year: Ex-friends who say they were cheated out of money take revenge by telling news outlets he’s a victim

  • The man, known as ‘Alfonso,’ is regularly named a disaster victim online
  • ‘Alfonso’ was said to have been killed on the EgyptAir crash
  • He also ‘died’ in the Istanbul airport attack and the Orlando Pulse shooting
  • The New York Times even included him in an Orlando memorial video 
  • In reality he’s being pranked by a group of former friends in Mexico
  • They say he owes them money and they want to ‘ruin his reputation’
  • He says he’d sue, but the Mexican courts are too weak to do anything

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3676217/The-man-died-three-disasters-year-Twitter-users-say-cheated-money-revenge-ex-friend-telling-news-outlets-s-victim.html#ixzz4De5nk9Qy
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3:38 am
I love those times when I can hear my spirit praying, those times when I’m almost sleeping but conscious enough to listen as I commune with God.  
4:30 am
It’s hard to accept that our government would lie to us about important historical events, each and every time we learn that they have.  Shouldn’t it be easier to believe they lied to us about everything?  Instead, we struggle with each new disclosure of their past duplicity.  Each individual example is really hard to believe.  Taken as standard operating procedure however, it’s much easier on one’s nervous system. It’s like finding out my dad is a psychopath…it explained lots of things that never made sense.  Taken as a whole, I’m a lot more comfortable. Falsus in unim, falsus in omnibus. 
I woke up very happy this morning, I’m going to have friends again!  Also, my family will respect me so maybe they’ll be my friends too!  I woke up listening to my spirit.  As I was coming around I could hear myself thanking God for all the things he’s done.  There’s no time with him, so every word he’s ever spoken to me is already reality!  I’m a sign and a wonder and I’ve helped a lot of people!  “Thank you, Lord!”
One of the best things about babies is how serious they are, and how determined.  They’ll look you in the eye trying to figure out everything…as they energetically suck on a pacifier as though they were on the clock.  So serious.  So ready for any response, any response at all is worthy of notice.  
6:02 am
Text to my dad:  “I should go to Vancouver to meet with an international judge.  This is another opportunity for you.  Wanna take me?”

10:24 am




Chilcot report reveals Tony Blair told George W Bush 'act now, explain later' with Iraq

‘I express more sorrow, regret and apology than you may ever know or believe:’ Groveling and humbled Blair finally says sorry for Iraq War and its bloody aftermath but STILL insists ‘there were no lies’

  • Blair insists it was still ‘better to remove Saddam Hussein’ from power
  • Former prime minister says decision to invade Iraq in 2003 was taken ‘in good faith and in best interests of UK’
  • Blair savaged by Chilcot in long-awaited publication of Iraq inquiry today
  • Insists report ‘should lay to rest allegations of bad faith, lies or deceit’

The Chilcot report, which runs to 2.6 million words, found that the former prime minister overplayed evidence about the dictator’s weaponry and ignored peaceful means to send troops into the country.

In a devastating set of conclusions, Sir John found Mr Blair presented the case for war with ‘a certainty which was not justified’ based on ‘flawed’ intelligence about Iraq’s supposed weapons of mass destruction (WMD).

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3676847/I-responsibility-mistakes-Tony-Blair-says-decision-war-Iraq-taken-good-faith.html#ixzz4DdfHlAi8
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Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3676847/I-responsibility-mistakes-Tony-Blair-says-decision-war-Iraq-taken-good-faith.html#ixzz4DdektTuN
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‘I will be with you, whatever’: Blair’s fawning messages to George W Bush reveal how the two plotted to come up with a ‘clever plan’ to ‘deal’ with Saddam

  • The Chilcot inquiry into the Iraq report has today published 28 letters which passed between the two leaders
  • A note sent soon after September 11 shows Blair advised Bush to tackle states with weapons of mass destruction
  • In July 2002, around nine months before the war started, Mr Blair told the President ‘I will be with you, whatever’
  • He set out a vision for new ‘world order’ in which he and the President ‘unite the world’ around ‘a global agenda’
  • The messages show Blair orchestrating PR campaigns to trying to portray the invasion in the best possible light 

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3676771/Chilcot-reports-reveals-emails-Tony-Blair-George-Bush.html#ixzz4DdfexDOm
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10:16 am

I picked one tiny four-leaf clover.

It’s really muggy outside today.

From ‘Madness and Politics…but I repeat myself’:

Oh, well.  I don’t know why I had to go through that, two years of being molested by an invisible guy.
I don’t know why my kids had to know so much about my (non) sex life.
They had to watch their father take my arm (or just bump it as we jostled in the refrigerator) then see me drop to the floor.
Hours.  Sometimes I’d be down for hours.
Sometimes I’d cry while I was down.
 They didn’t like that at all.  
Our life has been SO HORRENDOUS and all the Christians and the doctors and the atheists and the long-time friends could do, was to pass judgment and talk about us.  It’s a shame.  My CHILDREN have cast out demons.


9:01 am

Enablers Sacrifice Truth to Honor the Narcissist

-Second Thessalonians 2:10(b)-11

…because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.

And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie

“Why do the narc enablers and flying monkeys in our life, often seemingly good people, do the bidding of the narcissist? I believe 2 Thessalonians offers a good explanation. The narc enabler values what the narcissist offers above truth. Enablers and flying monkeys do not love truth more than they love the trappings afforded by relations with the narcissist.”

“This is one thing we know about the narcissist enabler, the flying monkey…HE HAS NOT RECEIVED A LOVE OF THE TRUTH.”

8:35 am

I recognize now that I saw psychopaths in action at law school.  I couldn’t ever understand!  How could we discuss the law with thoughtful frowns and much note-taking…then step outside the door and laugh about what we’d learned? How could it be so hell-bent important one minute, and not mean a thing in real-life?  That’s the real bedrock of psychopathic behavior:  HYPOCRISY. Abject disconnect between what one claims to value and what one really does.  What a gruesome way to live.
You know, the better one becomes in his field of pursuit, the more useful he becomes as a pawn of the statists.  All those really amazing Olympian athletes compete at the mercy of politicians’ pissing matches.  It doesn’t matter how hard they’ve prepared; one guy can decide their future and stop their progress just like that.  “You aren’t going.”  People do that to the Palestinians all the time.

Eerie Photo Fuels Internet Theory That CERN is Opening ‘Portals of Hell’

The European Organization for Nuclear Research is under attack from sceptics who believe that its stated scientific aims are masking a darker purpose.
Leaked! The Biggest Cover Up (Reptilian Evidence) Powerful Reptilian New Agenda 2016

8:18 am

Mommy rat saves her baby from snake

8:09 am

CORRECTION:  I misquoted Josh.  He didn’t say ‘Funny Farm’.  I paraphrased.  Sorry, didn’t even cross my mind until I had it posted.  I’m a liar, aren’t I?

8:00 am

I suppose I might have ruined Isaac’s life; he seems to think so.  Josh’s too, perhaps.  That’s a possibility when a parent is trying TO INTENTIONALLY PARENT differently than what was meted on himself.  My brother is an intentionally different parent than our own; I am too.  My biggest influence in childhood was a shatteringly achey sense of loneliness.  I was dropped off hither and yon, I spent much time waiting for a ride to and from.  My presence was not a positive thing anywhere; nobody enjoyed my company.
 I grew to expect that I would be a burden and began picking up after people and talking too loud and fast anytime anybody seemed to listen.  The loneliness-hole is gone now.  It made every experience, even good ones, less fulfilling than it might have been; it’s called DISSOCIATIVE.  When you’re continually ignored you dissociate a lot.  Imaginary friends, all that.  My cousin had an imaginary friend and I used to be jealous.  We weren’t encouraged to play with other children, only family.  Kinda creepy, now that I’ve studied more about the reptilians.
 What I did to my sons is that I loved being around them and didn’t want to miss a lot of their valuable selves.  That hurt them sure, but it also permitted them to believe they had personal value and that is NECESSARY when one’s family runs you out of the herd.  I now know I have personal value and although I am more isolated than ever, I don’t ever feel alone.  This is victory over the elements.
The last time my sons threatened to throw me out, I was chided, they surrounded me with sneering questions.  Josh asked,”Where are your friends?  How come you don’t have any friends?  You’ve gotta go to the Funny Farm to make friends.”
I had a few friends, after I experienced spontaneous-simultaneous-massive betrayals by my favorite people.  I drove my friends to veteran’s hospitals and I baked them cakes and I did their dishes and they stayed in my home when they were injured or alone.
Then, eventually EVERY ONE OF THEM tried to have sex with me under ‘surprising’ conditions.  Never a word.  I found TWO OF THEM ON TOP OF ME IN MY OWN BED IN THE NIGHT.  (Actually one man just kissed me on the couch and it was kinda sweet.  IT WAS MY ONLY KISS IN ABOUT TEN YEARS.)
 It is far better to be alone than with people who treat you as worthless.  My sons have been granted a great gift.  EVEN THEIR OWN PARENTS ENJOY THEIR COMPANY AND DON’T TRY TO USE THEM.
George and I did VERY WELL with those sons of mine.

NY Post Craps On NYC’s Plan To Offer Free Wi-Fi — Because The Homeless Might Watch Porn

Alien Rape Scenario Leaves Physical Evidence
In July 1992, Peter had the experience that became the focus of this case study. Because the experience had disturbing sexual aspects, Peter was very reticent to talk about it. He first mentioned it to Bill Chalker, one of Australia’s leading researchers, in 1996. He showed Chalker that he had recovered an unusual strand of hair from the encounter.
 The thin blond hair, which appeared to have come from a light-skinned caucasian-type woman, could not have come from a normal human of that racial type. Instead, though human, the hair showed five distinctive DNA markers that are characteristic of a rare sub-group of the Chinese Mongoloid racial type.
A detailed survey of the literature on variations in mitochondrial DNA, comprising tens of thousands of samples, showed only four other people on record with all five of the distinctive markers in the blond hair. All four were Chinese, with black hair.
Mitochondrial DNA is passed only from mother to child and therefore offers a means of tracing ancient ancestry on the mother’s side. The findings suggest that all four of the Chinese subjects share a common female ancestor with the blonde woman. But there is no easy explanation for how this could be.
The Thin Veneer Of Civilization That We Have All Come To Rely Upon Is Steadily Evaporating All Over The Globe, And Chaos, Crime And Violence Are All On The Rise.
Have you noticed that the world seems to be going a little bit more crazy with each passing month?  Here we are halfway through 2016, and the rot and decay that are eating at the foundations of civilized society seem to be rapidly gaining momentum.  Every single day, all of us take certain things for granted as we go through our normal routines.  For example, as you walk down the street you probably take it for granted that someone is not going to pull out a gun and try to shoot you.  As members of a civilized society, we have come to expect that our fellow citizens will behave in a certain way.  Unfortunately, the thin veneer of civilization that we have all come to rely upon is steadily evaporating all over the globe, and chaos, crime and violence are all on the rise.”

“The water is so bad in Rio that the U.S. rowing team will actually use sewage-proof suits at the Olympics.”

A Giant Galaxy Orbiting Our Own Milky Way Galaxy, Just Appeared Out of Nowhere.
It is called, Crater 2. Is this CERN related? Another portal opening releasing a GIANT galaxy?


7:01 am

Insane! Swedish Politician Says It’s “Worse” When Swedish Men Rape Women Compared To When Immigrants Do

See at:   http://investmentwatchblog.com/insane-swedish-politician-says-its-worse-when-swedish-men-rape-women-compared-to-when-immigrants-do/


8:19 pm


Ontario man survives battle with mother bear by scoring two punch knock-down

Crocodile Dundee does Sudbury




See more here:   https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/33262934/posts/1079886807/16

8:10 pm

Miniature Drones Of The Future Won’t Need “Human Input, Radar Or Even GPS Satellite Navigation”

8:02 pm

from 8/17/14

Sandy asked if I we got a new car.  I told her George got a new car but if he doesn’t get up, and since I lent mine to the prophet, I take his car for 1/4 mile drive.  She said, “Don’t you share things?”  I said we had been divorced for two years and she didn’t know.  “You just live together?”  I told her that I grew up here but he won’t leave.  She said, “It’s your house.”  I told her about my dad taking the house and the boys’ unwillingness to kick either of us out.  I said, “It’s not like I’m going to go try to pick up some guy anyway.”   She said Barb might have some green beans.  Nobody has any vegetables, Patsy said her potatoes and beets are amazing but the beans didn’t do anything.

8:01 pm

from 8/17/14

I dreamed I was in a busy, cluttered, dim house and I got a bunch of letters with money in them.  I kept trying to read the letters but people kept bothering me and I tried to find a place where I could be alone and focus.  My sister sent me a couple hundred dollars, I remember, and my niece was there.
When I got up at three, the living room lights were on, supper leftovers were on the kitchen counter and there was a note from George saying he had gone to pick up Josh at Pemberton’s.  I was a little concerned, there was no time on the note.  But his car is here so I guess nothing happened to him.  I’ve had this happen a thousand times, one way or another.

6:58 pm

You wanna know who actually counts the cost?  It’s whistle-blowers; they count the cost better than the stingiest of architects.  Whistle-blowers have only one life to give for their country, and the guy who pointed out that fact got shot in the head by a number of assassins.  Kennedy was our last elected president and that’s a joke since before he could be elected he had been vetted and compromised.  That practice began with Washington.  The layers of deception pile abroad and damned if we do not have a democracy goin’ on ’bout here.  The MAJORITY get to have things their way and as we know, some people are more equal than others.
Some people matter more and are legends in their own minds and DAMN, I say ‘DAMN the progeny who might wish to engage the universe on his or her own terms.’   ‘DAMN THE DAUGHTER who will not obey or when she does she chooses to obey a slowish sorta-man.”  “DAMN THE DAUGHTER who knows her value, FOR AND BECAUSE  her worth does not emanate from late-night-shopping-channel-jewelry-gifts from a psychopath who would have her LIFE-ESSENCE support his fantasy and his vaudeville.  She won’t come.  I can’t make her come. (Daddy)  I keep pumping and talking dirty and my daughter will not cum.  ‘Night Daddy.  RAPE is not pleasing to the rape-ee.  Night.

6:47 pm

I would much rather that the truth had not turned out to be the truth but… what does one do when many, many hours of research end up proving the same thing from every angle you observe it from?   (Les Visible)


6:41 pm

The vet invited us for lunch tomorrow.  I’m stunned and I’m wearing my most flattering appetite.

[I could almost pity my dad.  He knew how smart I could be.  I never did. ]
On the other hand, there is a hacker-goon somewhere who harbors disappointment bordering on annoyance for the many times I ignore signals and signs and keystroke-failures.  I can’t wait to know how much sooner I might have understood a fact or two, if I had not been 1) impatient, 2) falteringly fast or 3) distrustful of my own observations and/or interpretations.  I coulda been a contender.  Where I’m going, there are no roads.

6:37 pm

Ex-Secret Service Agent: Mainstream Media ‘Blacklisting’ Me to Help ‘Clinton Machine’ ‘Squash’ Message

Gary Byrne, the retired U.S. Secret Service agent who has written a blockbuster new book about his time in the Clinton White House, suspects that the so-called “Clinton Machine” is getting the mainstream media to “blacklist” him in order to “squash” his message about how Hillary Clinton is unfit to become the country’s next President.

Byrne answered questions about his book last week at Barnes & Noble in McLean, Virginia, and C-SPAN aired the event over the weekend. His book, Crisis of Character, reveals some sordid details about the Clinton White House that he observed while standing guard outside of the Oval Office.

“They basically unleashed their ‘Clinton Machine’ on me, so to speak,” he said. “I knew I was getting that.”

My friend had to take ‘swallowing therapy’.  After a traumatic brain injury.  Can you even imagine a thing more important that we could teach another person?  Swallowing!  The root or all nourishment.  That’s WAY MORE IMPORTANT than teaching him to fish.  It doesn’t matter a bit if you have a fish to eat if you can’t eat anyway.  That’s kinda what’s going on with us in an intellectual sense.  I really hope somebody is paying attention to what I write.  I’d love if it were my sons, and their father, and others I love.  I’d love for them to ask me questions, to verify my story, to confirm my motive.  I’d love to talk to ANYBODY who knows how these things happened to me.
I had a vision, years ago, I knelt in front of Adam who was seated.  My arms were over his knees supporting my head and I was sobbing and sobbing and sobbing.  That sounds like a decent gap year.  I have much to learn and understand and much poison to eliminate.  Then I will be useful for Jesus like I never was.  He said I had to know what it feels like to be rejected and falsely accused.  I could write a book about it!  Oh wait.  I did.  So did He.
I could almost pity my dad.  He knew how smart I could be.  I never did.

6:13 pm

I wonder if Trish actually thought I would really die?  Some of them did.

I wonder when they realized I wouldn’t?  I wonder how many of us there are?

5:43 pm

Your asses are exposed when your heads are  in the sand.
Also we’re digging ourselves a big fat grave by pretending that Hillary Clinton’s EVIL is not important enough for CNN and we are still considering that a bitch like her should be even considered  a potential to run our country under even the most benign circumstances but not, assuredly not,  not now.
Do you have any idea how many pansy-asses I approached requesting ideas to use my evidence and to help a bunch of people including eventually everybody?  Me neither.  But there were lots.  There were authors and lawyers and preachers and law enforcement and judges and my parents repeatedly and my sons and everybody else I’ve met since I learned what I know about the slow-kill protocol that has entrained my entire America and beyond.  I know what they’re doing to you stagnant pretend people, and I forgive you for your apathy but I will not stand down as I watch you melt like the wicked witch of the west.  MUCH MUCH more water is flying our way!  The former and the latter rain!  Living water!  “I thirsted in a barren land”…and then my comrades dropped the ball and now they’re dead of thirst and I alone remain to tell the tale!   BUT, there are springs of living water!  My friends needn’t have died and their deaths were pointless, vain and cold.  Eternal death.  It comes but once but that’s all you need of it.


5:14 pm

The Devilish Side of Sex- Incubus & Sucubbus

– Sharon Mulkey & Sheila Zilinsky

“The more people are defiled, the more they crave the defilement.”

(NSA motto.)

“Cambion”= offspring of INCUBUS/SUCCUBUS spirits and a human

Also they can kill you.  Death by ghost-sex.  The Bible of old talked about this even before electronic rape.  “Can’t move”.  GROW UP EVERYBODY!@!

5:10 pm

Here’s GREAT news!  Dad’s modus operandi goes mainstream!

(I told you.  They call it SOFT KILL.)

“It feels as if he’s already killed me.”

Narcissist charged with Murder for wife’s suicide

5:06 pm

Truth is the Sacrifice Offered upon the Altar of the Narcissist

(Pause to reed pages.)

(Very sobering.  Very scriptural.  We become what we worship.)

4:46 pm

I went for a ride to pray.

When I got back George was eating the last of the borscht.

I picked a six-leaf clover.

3:41 pm

“C’mon children, let’s have a family prayer!”

Let’s Have

A Family Prayer

The Golden Stars Quintet

3:33 pm

Conquering Negative Thoughts

Psychological attacks are made with the intent of discouraging and crushing the spirit of the victim. When facing a barrage of negative encounters and attitudes, we can easily become overwhelmed by anxiety and crushed in spirit.

The faithful man King David in the scriptures well knew how it felt to be emotionally crushed by harsh words and ill treatment from his adversaries:

The creepiest video you will see today: Dad films playground swing moving back and forth in windless, deserted park – and is so spooked he refuses to leave his car

  • Family think they saw a ghost on a playground in Warwick, Rhode Island
  • The dad and children refused to leave the car as a swing moved on its own
  • There was no wind and no one around to make the equipment move around
  • Video has now been viewed an amazing 4.5million times on Facebook 

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3675428/The-creepiest-video-today-Dad-films-playground-swing-moving-forth-windless-deserted-park-spooked-refuses-leave-car.html#ixzz4DZ1LavE8

Ghost playing on playground swing in Rhode Island
An Educated Empath Is A Narcissist & Sociopath’s Worst Nightmare
“Because we are grounded in reality…and they are not.”

2:43 pm

Coffee shop customers shocked by ‘Like’ stunt in Cifas Data To Go video-video-video-video-

Customers were baffled when they were presented with a free coffee – complete with their personal data written on the cup.
“You know I’m a Christian as well?”
“Oh yes.  We know everything about you, Martin.”
FEMA Investigator’s Shock 9/11 Claim:
‘Vault Contents Emptied Before Attack…
They Knew It Was Going To Happen’
“Were the hijackers operatives for a Western intelligence service? How did a passport from one of the terrorists survive completely unscathed, only to be found later amidst the rubble of the Trade Centers? How did WTC Building 7 collapse even though it was never struck by an airplane? Why was President George H.W. Bush meeting with members of the Bin Laden family at the very moment of the attacks? Were the planes that hit the buildings actually commercial airliners or were they remotely operated drones? Why was the entirety of Ground Zero quickly sanitized and shipped to China for recycling before any investigation ever took place? And, what are the odds that on the very day terrorists used planes to attack the Pentagon and World Trade Centers, the U.S. military was holding exercises simulating hijackers crashing planes into buildings, a circumstance that led to total confusion across the United States and a complete failure of national defense?”
I have a severe handicap and it truly is a handicap in this world. I go where the truth takes me. For most people, their world is defined by and is an expression of ‘what they want to believe’, as well as what they ‘have been conditioned to believe’. Because of this I have gained little and lost much, at least in the material sense. I would much rather that the truth had not turned out to be the truth but… what does one do when many, many hours of research end up proving the same thing from every angle you observe it from?
Of course, as we have often maintained here, we only have to convince ourselves. If the rest of you are content to swallow lies and blame your indigestion on bad pasta, go ahead. It is not my concern what position another takes on a matter. That is ‘their concern’. If you are comfortable furnishing the living room of your life with ridiculous lies, so be it.
(I don’t know if anything he says is so, I don’t go to the links even.  BUT.  Sometimes his statements are very profound and true.)
It amazes me how controlled people are by what they ‘want to believe’ and what they ‘refuse to believe’. The truth is that the truth is inconvenient. The truth is a serious annoyance when a lie provides so many comforts that the truth will take away. When lies have become the universal currency of people living in denial because their appetites and desires take precedence over their integrity and vigilance, the truth is a pariah dog. 

2:15 pm

I wonder if when the [pre-Mandela-effect] King James Bible used to say:  “EVERY KNEE SHALL BOW”, it meant that everybody would bow at the same time.  Or will our (...unquestionably JUST AND BETTER-LATE-THAN-NEVER…) o·bei·sance BE EXPRESSED AT a personal encounter with OUR creator that the WE, THE visitant could not even explain to another person if We wanted to?  I’m guessing number 2.  We will all experience ASTOUNDING weirdness.  Take my word for it children, you gonna be amazed by da mastah.  This is the last roll for all the cookies.  Get ready.  Or don’t.  Nice knowing ya.

1:34 pm

I picked three more four-leaf clovers but I didn’t put them on my poster-page.  I gave one to the mayor, one to the wrestler, and one to the mayor’s mom.

Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

12:08 pm


FROM MARCH 5, 2013-

I don’t know what God is going to do with me now but the word “tsunami” is pretty pertinent. I saw one once, coming over my sons’  house.  I was sleeping at a big window and the wave came off the lake and rolled right over from that point.  I saw it coming but couldn’t do anything about it.  I went up with it and rode it right out of here!  It’s coming.  I will say to my adversaries, as Joseph did, “You meant it for evil but God meant it for good!”  I believe it and I’ll see it.  God is very, very good.  He can do impossible things, and I serve him!  I love him!  This is gonna be amazing!
George is simultaneously being sued, reprimanded, treated for high blood pressure and being divorced and left with a troubled teenager.  I can’t blame him for giving up.  I can’t, but he shouldn’t.  I keep telling him it’s happening.  I keep reminding him about the things we prayed for, and how they’re coming to pass!  He doesn’t want to think at all.  He doesn’t want to see.  I feel sorry for him.  I see much more and I’m not afraid now.  I won.
Freedom is knowing you can’t do anything wrong, as long as you’re trying to listen and obey.  He won’t allow a soul fully given to obedience, absolutely given, to do it wrong!  I wrote weirdness to my folks for a long time, but it was all pretty unusual, as it was right!  I was taking dictation.  I was writing what I was told to write and say.  Whatever.  Truth will be revealed about every single soul.  Every person will come face to face with his or her worst fear.  It’s gonna show the very motivations of every single heart.  It’s gonna be amazing.  I don’t even really care anymore.  I do not want any kind of vengeance.  I just want truth.  I want it so bad I can feel it physically.  Scott says I’m telepathic.  I’ve heard that somewhere before.
Different world.  It’s gonna be a really different world.  I can’t wait!  Only, I can, because “waiting” has a time connotation.  I don’t have to wait.  What will be, is.  That’s pretty cool.  I want to live here.  I really don’t want to have to leave.  I’d rather be going somewhere for a purpose, but I know I am.  George is preaching on the phone.  He spends a lot of time on the phone, now.  He never used to use one.  It’s good to see him spreading out a bit.  He is very unhappy.  He is very disheartened.  He won’t try to look up.  I’m glad he has people to talk to, though.  I wish I did, but I do!  Whatever.
“One new man.”  I’m seeing that all sorts of ways, now.  He’s creating something new!  We get to be alive now!  OK, maybe time is kind of important sometimes.  Without our victory, those who went before us will be disappointed!  They need us to win, and all creation has been watching for this time.  We’re a video.  We’re an experiment.  We’re a “proof”.  “We’re here now!  (And we already won.  All we have to do is to be rightly positioned, and do whatever we want!”)  We must walk in love, be perfectly motivated.  He is responsible for the fallout!  How wonderful!  We don’t have to do a thing and we already won!  George just hung up and he’s singing “Hallelujah Chorus.”  We don’t fight anymore.  I have no right to get annoyed.  I won’t be doing this much longer.
George says he doesn’t want to think.  He doesn’t want to think about anything.  I’ve tried to encourage him with the immediacy of the prophecies I’m hearing from those I respect.  “NOW”.  “THE FULLNESS OF TIME”.  “TRANSITION, YOU WILL HOLD THE BABY”.  He doesn’t want to believe anything.  He says he still believes God, but he’s expecting nothing.  I’m expecting ANYTHING!  We are so perfectly positioned for God to do ANYTHING!  No way out, on any front.  No prospects, no resources.  No confidence.  No purpose.  BUT, we DID have a purpose!  Our purpose was to do absolutely everything God said and to expect nothing in return, until God was ready.  We expected God to notice every time we gave away a car or our self-respect.  We expected God to do an amazing thing.  I still do.
From Jesus, December, 2012:
“My sheep know my voice and another’s they will not follow.”
“Fear not what man can do to you.”
“I have fashioned you for such a time as this.  You are not an outcast but must know the pain of rejection and false accusation.  You are free.  You are sent to free others held captive by the enemy of your souls.”
“Why do you resent the inclusion of Adam in my words to you?  Do I not know best?  The estrangement you feel, even with me, arises when you reject his inclusion.  Your rejection of my word hurts me.  You do not believe I love you, even yet.  What I have called clean, do not you call unclean.  Do you still despise yourself?  Do I make mistakes?”
“You know him and you know you are many things he loves.  Do you criticize your maker when you’re told why I made you as you are?  Ultimately, you are stubborn in your rejection of yourself even as you unnecessarily defend yourself.  Nothing any human says about you can erase your history and your purpose, because they are mine, not yours.
No man can remove you from my hand.  Why do you try to do it yourself?”

Also from 3/5/13

Compassion and sympathy are different.  Sympathy is soulish, and indulgent.
Compassion sees above the attacking entity, and submits the situation to God.
Compassion will not appease the soul, in the subject or within its object.
Compassion looks at hearts, while sympathy looks at appearance.
Compassion obeys the source.  Compassion does not look for results.  Compassion is responsible.
Compassion is dulled by anger.  Compassion can’t thrive in unforgiving soil.
Compassion is not embarrassed.  Compassion is not subject to reproach.
Compassion trusts in God.  Sympathy trusts in reputation.
Compassion is truthful.  Sympathy flatters.
Compassion is to provide what’s needed.  Sympathy has no legs.
(Is any of this right?)
—Back to now—


11:53 am

Could what we’re created for also be our hearts’ desires?  Wouldn’t that be great?

I put beef and tomatoes and chiles and spices into a crock pot.  I don’t know if my sons will come home today or not.

I took a soak and picked two four-leaf clovers.

One was the tiniest  I ever saw; I even put on my abandoned glasses to make sure it had enough leaves!

10:46 am

Characteristics of Deceitful People

“They are extremely dangerous.”
“They despise truth-tellers and feel intensely superior to them.”
“The hatred they feel is palpable.”
“While they seem to lack any motivation to be good, they intensely desire to APPEAR good.”
“And it shall come to pass, that when any shall yet prophesy, then his father and his mother that begat him shall say unto him, Thou shalt not live; for thou speakest lies in the name of the Lord: and his father and his mother that begat him shall thrust him through when he prophesieth.”
“And one shall say unto him, What are these wounds in thine hands? Then he shall answer, Those with which I was wounded in the house of my friends.”
Zechariah 13:3,6

5:42 am

Oh wow.  I just got a picture of evil heretofore unimagined.  How terribly evil, and sordid, and doomed-dead!  OK.  Here’s what I saw:  We know that others can alter or replace our thoughts, values, feelings and even beliefs, via mind-control techniques and systems not even limited to DIRECT SHOTS OF EMOTION-RAYS FROM THE STARS THEMSELVES. (Satellites.  I get carried away.  Only God can make a star.)   It is EXTREMELY TAXING to train oneself to ACCEPT THE CONCEPT THAT THIS EVIL is possible,even.  It is EVEN MORE DIFFICULT to get one’s head around the fact that other heads surround one’s own and suck life from it.  One looks for reasons, etc.  Why me, Lord?  BUT HOW MUCH MORE TERRIBLE!  WHAT AN AWFUL POSSIBILITY:
What if every single human relationship on the planet (until recently) was ordered by high-finance-types for amusement and profit?
What if all of our marriages were designed and accomplished with the same detached rationale that prompts a breeder to ENCLOSE A PARTICULAR MARE WITH A CHOSEN-SIRE?
What if we’ve all been deceived?  Well, what of it?  Seriously.  God told us this would happen.  I kinda like the idea.  Wouldn’t  ‘controllers’ want to put a WARRIOR like me with a robotoid [No disrespect intended.  We are what we are…]?
Take it off-line.  That’s what they then try to do.  They move their games from the virtual into the real.  Reality is passe’.  Perverts play with living game-pieces and it is evil and I’m grateful for the shift and the millions who will meet my beloved Jesus.  NO MORE GAMES@randomactsofjustice.
Therefore I have commanded my servant that he not celebrate this holiday (the 4th of July, Independence Day in the US) with his peers, nor with his community, for he must remain separate.  For if he was to join them in their celebration, I tell you the Truth, it would be death he celebrates and great captivity he honors. 
For this nation’s independence is lost and it’s freedom revoked, says the God of Heaven.
Yet from ruin they shall arise and band together.  And they shall make a covenant and sign a desperate agreement.  And once again they shall blaspheme the name of the Most High and walk proudly…and upon the heels of desolation shall their final destruction be written in the blood of the slain.  
And my witnesses shall be sent out.  
They shall walk and give a shout.  
Lo, they shall run…Declaring my judgments in all the earth,
going from city to city.

9:12 pm
“Well, I’ll tell you this is so much different than playing the Dew-Drop-Inn.” (Jim Croce)   (I stayed there when I ran for Congress.  EVERYTHING is different.)
Rapid Roy.  Sigh.
“Just watchin’ and talkin’ to people like that.  You can’t help but write a tune.”
“The meanest hunk of woman that anybody ever seen”
(Geeze.  He wrote great songs but it’s really disappointing to see him watching his fingers for the chord changes.)
(However.  He CAN be a star.  That is a very good jacket.)
(I had a jacket kinda like that.  I gave it away, to the LAST GUY WHO CLIMBED ON TOP OF ME after I’d gone to sleep in a different room.  Jesus watched all that shit.)
“Well, she might be nasty.  She might be fat.  But I never met a person who could tell her that.”
I love this guy with a great sense of humor.  People tell me he doesn’t exist but I’m head over heels anyway.
8:54 pm

 Dad’s Gonna Kill Me

Richard Thompson



8:47 pm
Somebody please call me stupid.  I’m bored a lot of the time.
I think my government has been engaging in time-travel for decades, perhaps centuries. Perhaps millennia. What that says to me is:  ANYTHING THAT WILL EVER BE POSSIBLE, HAS ALREADY BEEN DONE.  Except that, ‘creation’ does things that have never been done before and the evil-doers are bored out of their ‘minds’ and wouldn’t we humans just indulge them with a bit of creative entertainment?  Then, if we wanna go home, they’ll take our blood on the way out.  Otherwise, we stay at the cloning center until SOMEBODY HAS ENOUGH BALLS (maybe a disciple of Jesus-woman in dumb-fuck-nowhere) to express an interest in our fate since what happens to us also happens to everybody, eventually.  So anyway, all things are possible but Jesus said that a long time ago and now if we do not believe it we will be left far in the dust by those who do.  And you saw it here first, on Roller Derby.
8:34 pm
(Fight Narcissism)
7:13 pm
GOD THE FATHER says… Great Suffering is about to befall the World – Message from July 2nd, 2016
“Cleave to me.  All of Heaven waits in silence.”
7:01 pm
“You know it’s lonely to feel always homesick for a place you’ve never been.”
Celebrating No Contact – My Youtube Recovery
from A Toxic Narcissistic Family
“I was my mother’s punching bag.  She says, ‘There’s something wrong with you.  I really think there’s something wrong with you.'”
6:40 pm
FOR WEEKS I’VE HEARD:  ‘You don’t get to…’  Over and over, and always without its object.  “You don’t get to…”  Is it spoken to me?  Am I the voice to another?  I don’t have any idea who might be ‘you’ and what it might be that you will not do, by decree of another.
6:11 pm
You know how you know that somebody doesn’t love you?  It happens when you learn that nothing you do will piss him off.  He wouldn’t leave if you lit his bed on fire.  That’s resignation and incarceration.  That is anti-life and anti-spirit and anti-creative-anything.  That’s not human because if a human soul does not love, then it hates.  Or else it would find new pasture.  The anti-christ-human doesn’t hate.
6:02 pm
(Note to self:  If you ever find yourself referring to a person as ‘brilliant’, then LISTEN TO WHAT HE/SHE SAYS.)

My sons need to forgive me for things I never did. I think they’ll figure it out. George won’t.

George went to work.
I took a break and picked another four-leaf clover.
Tonight I will sleep better than I have since 2008.
That’s when my life changed course.
Truth-following NECESSITATES the reevaluation, rejection and reestablishment of one’s FUNCTIONAL REALITY on a regular basis.  That’s just the nature of the beast.
Forgiving somebody who does not apologize is the hardest thing ever.  Sometimes, we get parked on and have to forgive for offenses that WERE NOT EVEN COMMITTED,  and there’s no way that person is going to know that he is expected to repent and to ask forgiveness for a thing he never did.
5:51 pm
Rooty-toot-toot, I’m  the girl from the institute…
5:50 pm
Family Matters – Put Your Hand In The Hand Of The Man
(Those black families really know how to throw a funeral.  I like the ones with brass horns.)
(I’m all alone in my home so I didn’t even turn down the volume!  ALSO, my bedroom doors is open.  I feel very brazen.)
Karmanos Cancer Center doctor caught running over a dozen sock puppet accounts to impersonate online identities

 There is evil in this world. Remember Hitler? He poisoned people to death on purpose – millions of people. What if you found out right now that medical doctors are engaged in poisoning millions of Americans as we speak, yet under the “radar,” and under the canopy of a crooked, insidious form of medical malpractice that goes completely unpunished and has even been declared legal by rogue regulatory agencies?

Some of these doctors not only brag about it online, but they violate a code of ethics that applies to their profession and that is illegal. So, now this begs the question: Who will enforce the law? So far, nobody.
5:30 pm
George went to work.
I took a break and picked another four-leaf clover.
Tonight I will sleep better than I have since 2008.
That’s when my life changed course.
Truth-following NECESSITATES the reevaluation, rejection and reestablishment of one’s FUNCTIONAL REALITY on a regular basis.  That’s just the nature of the beast.
Forgiving somebody who does not apologize is the hardest thing ever.  Sometimes, we get parked on and have to forgive for offenses that WERE NOT EVEN COMMITTED,  and there’s no way that person is going to know that he is expected to repent and to ask forgiveness for a thing he never did.


4:12 pm
Todd White – The Guitar Testimony
“What do you do man?”
“You know, I love people for a living, bro.”
(I think this guy could heal Isaac’s feet. I think maybe he should.)
3:55 pm
The reason my sons squirm so at any suggestion they might be converted is simple.  They are honest [de facto] men and they know that to be converted is not a trivial issue.  They know that IF THEY WERE TRUE BELIEVERS…no commitment could ever be stringent enough.  No clarity of purpose could gleam in truer reflection of one’s heart’s content and the destiny it chose eons before the earth spit protoplasm.
To join with my cause would change their lives forever and supersede any concern or passion or fear.  My sons know a thing the Baptists do not.  My sons know that if JESUS BE LORD, then serving Him is not a choice.  If JESUS BE WHO I CLAIM then nothing can ever be denied him and all other allegiance falls into old Benny Hill episodes.
 In His oxygen.  It oxidizes.  I’m breathing words here.  Ever do that.  My words are always rhythmic.  Today they are birth pangs.  They come closer.  They come faster.  And finally they end.  AND WHAT WE FIND OURSELVES STUCK WITH IS WHAT WE STUCK BETWEEN OUR LEGS WHEN WE SHOULD RATHER HAVE PRAYED.  SELAH.
My sons are not Disciples of Jesus because they know one disciple who is the real deal.
They will not offer so much.
3:34 pm
I am so very grateful.  George is taking another power-walk and my sons went to KI to visit a friend who hasn’t been heard from since he got a place with a girl.  Such a common story. The men are not cuckolds.  They are intentionally submissive and dismissive and they are settling because they do not believe they are valuable enough to behave as their minds and hormones and rowdy-spirits would like.  Young white men DO NOT EVER GET WHAT THEY’D LIKE.  One guy, a lech, admittedly, had a pregnancy scare with a real nice girl.  he was glad.  Finally a reason to chop all that wood.  The child was not well and the pregnancy didn’t end well and the girl hasn’t been around ever since.  He cared about her, surely. But far more than that did he care about finally HAVING SOME DIRECTION.
These young white men, a few are brilliant, the women are over-pierced and under-educated and the women run every second of the men’s lives that are not spent earning money to buy apathetic, sometimes unintended engagement rings for their captor who puts out once in a while but never, ever initiates sex.  I dislike what the Women’s Lib movement did to women; I was raised by a flaming libber.  But, I dislike FAR MORE what women’s ‘liberation’ did to men.  It is not ‘liberated’ to CONTROL SOMEBODY ELSE.  That’s just being a bully.
I have enough direction to sublimate that pesky testosterone for legions of lumberjacks.  Put that broadside to good use or keep it in the sheath.  Just sayin’.
2:44 pm
The vet is here.  I picked another four-leaf clover and he asked me to give him numbers for the lottery.  I hope they work.  He ate tuna salad.
2:21 pm
I picked another four-leaf clover.  I get to stay.  I’m very peaceful now and my joints don’t hurt anymore.
12:32 pm
My sons used to fear my temper; I did too.  I’ve overcome rage by the blood of Jesus.  He also delivered me from arthritis, migraines, chronic candida and bowel issues and sinus infections and (at one time) obesity.  I no longer need eyeglasses, my handwriting COMPLETELY CHANGED FOR THE BETTER instantaneously, and I can pick four-leaf clovers to order.  I no longer become annoyed at stupidity and I have no need to control anybody, not even those who fill up my home with plastic shit and do not eat my wholesome food but instead ‘snack’ on chips and commercial ‘health’ foods.  I am a walking miracle.
I’ve  been accused of not repenting for things but I beg to differ.  You don’t get all those things fixed unless they were rottenness to begin with.  I was extremely judgmental and critical.  I was demanding and controlling and I tried very hard to maintain my control through honest threat of violence rather than manipulation.  I wert holier than thou.  Now, I’m holier than I wert.
12:28 pm
My sons said I may  stay until Monday.  Maybe longer.  I didn’t cry in front of them but I will after they leave this afternoon.  I called the Prophet’s grandson to tell him that Jesus answered his prayer and softened my sons’ hearts.  I’m very grateful.  
(That sounds so obvious when you say it that way.  I’m a slow learner but I’m persistent.)
be he live, or be he dead, I’ll grind his bones to bake my bread
10:41 am
I made ham and cheese omelettes for Josh and Roy and Isaac made one for himself.
Then I picked a four-leaf clover.
Roy is excited about what’s happening to humanity and recognizes a coming eternal divide within our species.  There’s no time he’d rather be alive than now.  I told him I was pleased to talk to him because sometimes my roommates believe I’m negative.  I’ve always been a woe-is-me conspiracy-theorist but NOW I’M SO HAPPY.  He understands.  I let him eat my homemade raspberry jam.
“… for the Lord hath created a new thing in the earth, A woman shall compass a man.”
9:31 am
This is a really good quote.
I think I’ll keep it up-top all-day.
(Stephen Molyneux)
9:20 am
I Don’t Care What People Do After I Tell Them The Truth
Stefan Molyneux
“I can’t fundamentally worry about it or care about it.  I care about the presentation, because you know, I’m trying to get it across in a way that helps.  But what they do with that information..”
“This is what you do.  You speak the TRUTH.  That’s how I was raised. I was told that as a child…”
(He must have come from a great family.)
“I was told as a child in church:  SPEAK THE TRUTH AND SHAME THE DEVIL.”
Police Called to Elementary School After 3rd Grader Makes ‘Racist’ Comment About a Brownie
There was a police officer with a gun in the holster talking to my son, saying, ‘Tell me what you said.’ He didn’t have anybody on his side.”
Isaac said he thought for a while that my clovers were making him sick.  He’s still coughing.  We all are.  Even the Minnesotan.  Except George.
8:03 am
Isaac’s traveling man from Minnesota isn’t awake yet so Isaac knocked again and asked if he could sit with me and drink his tea.  After a couple minutes I could feel myself becoming agitated and I asked him to leave.
I told him I was feeling threatened.  He seemed surprised. Isn’t he just the cutest thing?
I asked to stay a few days because I’m sick.  He said the timing bothered him.  I said I didn’t get sick to inconvenience him.  He’ll talk to Josh.
7:34 am
a lot.
Also, it’s pretty early for him.
“Thank you, Father”
7:29 am
“Who’s On The Lord’s Side!”
Timothy Wright
(Isaac’s looking for a producer for his incredibly moving freedom-music.  This guy might do.  He says:  “Certain songs don’t appeal to sinners.”)
(“Everybody wanna hear you sing, if you can sing.  But they wanna hear you sing for the wrong reasons.”)
(and there’s a good argument for integration if I ever heard one.):
Who is on the Lord’s Side. Protestant Reformed Mass Choir Concert
7:17 am
God’s downloads are SO MUCH BETTER (and different) than the porn-tinged cartoons contrived by satan’s videographers at the NSA.  Ever see words explode?  You will and I just did.  I’ve quoted this verse to myself and the underworld a thousand times as I was being accused of heinous acts and mental incapacity.  TODAY IT IS A SYMPHONY AND IT PLAYS FOR ME ALONE ON THE VIBRAPHONE OF MY ELECTROCARDIOGRAM:
“There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit. For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death.”
Call me any ‘fucking’ thing you want, Isaac.  (I use ‘fucking’ advisedly.  Although my GOD wishes for us to abstain from vile communication, the word ‘fucking’ has become acceptable as a MEANINGLESS and coitus-denigrating  adjective in MY SONS’ HOME.  They love to punctuate with filth.)  I AM CLEAN AND WITH THAT STATE FLOW MANY BLESSINGS OF CONFIDENCE AND NERVE.  
You are wrong, my son.  You exist in deadly error.  You will suffer the pains of hell if you throw your mother out and continue these MIND-CONTROL attempts.
I suspect your punishment will be harsher for the layers of wool you’ve pulled over your father’s eyes.
You are not welcome here, spirit of manipulation and luxury.  Jesus says no.  This is my home,  so it is His home and it is holy.
BEGONE demons.  I plead the blood of Jesus over this compound once again.  May it rip the PROTECTIVE SCALES FROM EYES THAT HURT WHEN THEY BEGAN TO SEE.  It’s like Debbie Reynold’s ancient ice cream in that Albert Brooks movie.  He thought the layer of ice over the confection was disgusting.  She thought it was protecting the ice cream.
“Give these suffering men new eyes and confections unimagined.  Amen.”
(What in the WORLD do they think would happen without my prayers here?  Give me a break already!)
I’m pretty sure this is Mandela’s effect.
The following verse used to say:  “call not UNCLEAN”.
(This is explaining how sometimes my memory isn’t linking with the computer search of KJV scripture.)
And the voice spake unto him again the second time, What God hath cleansed, that call not thou common.  (Acts 1:15)
Josh even said, “It’s three against one.”
Glad he cleared that up.
6:26 am
It’s like they’re under a spell.  All three of them just look at me with eyes that don’t see anything.   They don’t even see what they’re doing and supporting!  They just want me gone so they can pretend I’m wrong and pretend that life is what they’ve been told.
Independence Day.  Wouldn’t that be great? For me it would only cost a couple thousand dollars!  I could begin my new life telling people things they will need to know.  Maybe I could even find some who want to know.
I’m thinking of begging for mercy and shelter from my sons.  I’m coughing up lots of green stuff and I’d sure rather stay here than sleep on the floor in the Prophet’s wood-room.
6:12 am
FROM ‘Madness and Politics…but I repeat myself’ 
The hauntings attentions were often really sexual, in spiritual ways that I hadn’t known existed.  I started doing research.  These things happen, in other places. 
 I sent him an article about shamans.  Various cultures and religions document the shaman.  These people are described as having contact with a spirit, and receiving information by it.  They are described as being overcome sexually, and are often very fearful of these events.  Sometimes the events are pretty pleasant.  Early on I prayed a lot about the Bible’s admonition to refrain from “consulting familiar spirits” and this one got plenty familiar.  
I looked into Tantric yoga.  I even asked the guy if he’d ever been involved with that stuff.  (That was one potential reason for his spirit hooking up with mine, I thought.  If he had participated in spiritual sex in times past, perhaps his spirit was still floating around out there looking for a little action?  Spirits get lost, sometimes.)  I needed his help so badly that I sent tons of documentation for my arguments.  I figured he’d believe me, eventually.  (I never told him anywhere near the amount of stuff that actually happened.  I’m talking TWO YEARS.)  
“My life was absolutely unreal.  I guess that’s the point of crazy, abandoning reality, but I never did.”  
I think this is the most important statement in the book:  “I don’t know if the spirit was him or came from him or pretended to be him.”
Now I know they call it EEG-cloning.

10:03 PM
How can I beg for shelter from my sons? What to say?
Are all the prostitutes reptilian?  That would save me a lot of thinking.
If I ever make a video I must not pick my nose.  If I will be in public again, I should practice eating with other people and using manners.
9:48 pm
Steely Dan:Home At Last (Drum Cover)
Oh for crying out frigging loud.  OF COURSE:  That’s why my sons are pissed:  THEY DON’T WANNA DO THEIR HOMEWORK.  “Dear God forgive me.  I thought they were men.  Give them appropriate fortitude please.  Soon.  Thank you.  Amen.”  I make them HAVE TO THINK!  They wanna watch peekachu and pokemon and StarWars and Crazy Eights.  They DO NOT WANT TO CONSIDER THE HARD STUFF.  There are machines to do that.  Machines with skin like them.
9:25 pm
Wow.  I’ve been batting clean-up for a whole lot of superstars.  I’m stunned to see the larger picture.  There’s so much more.  Infinite layers of meaning and extrusion.  I’m becoming more visual in my revelation.  I still cannot see the players though.  I think that is the part of my ancient dream where I drove my family out of disaster and stopped just ahead of disaster although I was COMPLETELY BLINDED by an explosion’s light-vacuum and I gave the wheel to Jesus and told him to drive because I could not see.  I DO NOT SEE the spirits I encounter.  I think that’s a bigger miracle than I think?  I’m a sign and a wonder.  I just can’t imagine how.  They laugh when they see me coming, right?  They expect I’ll be an easy mark?  Then I crush their windpipes beneath my shoe-sole?  Accidentally?  Is that how it looks in the cloud?
9:11 pm
I’m glad I was born beautiful instead of smart.  For one thing, I no longer wear glasses so nobody could even tell if I were smart or not.  Do you know George gets frustrated trying to choose a parking space at Wal-mart?  Public appearances were difficult for him.  Until boot camp, he was unable to approach a teenager working at McDonalds in order to obtain a packet of ketchup.  He tells the story with pride.  I did a lot of trail-blazing for him over the years and he’s had a fairly normal life.  It didn’t need to be that way if you know what I mean.
If George were more belligerent and opinionated,  somebody might have abducted him and put him into a unit.  But, he never made any waves.  He never stood up for the downtrodden and he was modest enough to believe he had.  Such a paradox of contradictions with no basis in principle.  Obedient.  Consistent.  Blase’.  Google:  robotoid.  I don’t hold it against him if he’s an organic robot.  How could I?  But also, how could I have influenced him any better than I did?
8:44 pm
This is so great; I wouldn’t have missed this party for the world.  I just poked in to get some food and meet Roy.  Not a bad assemblage, a couple girls even.  They’re waiting for an engaged couple to arrive, so they can,  all, wait for it, they can WATCH SOMETHING ON GEORGE’S NEW FLAT-SCREEN TV.  My son is absolutely every caricature and it’s hard to watch but like I said I wouldn’t have missed it.  He’s gonna need me.  They liked the food I made; it’s almost all gone; George ran the grill.  Isaac’s got himself the Playboy Mansion and it’s so much fun he doesn’t even notice  Hef looking over his shoulder.  And his dad pays the bills.  And grills the dead animals.  And I did the dishes.  In this world that was, before the summer of freedom, here at Helmer-Skelter.
8:01 pm
Isaac’s having a party tonight.  More people just arrived and judging from Connie’s barking, they were cool and syncopated.  I hope I made enough food.  I didn’t bake a cake today because I felt down about being evicted and shit-upon.  I don’t anymore.  But I don’t bake anymore… eye-ther.  Isaac washed dishes today, after reaffirming my promise to leave in two days.  He now has his own party-pad and his dad is so grateful that he IS NOT REQUIRED TO MAKE A DECISION that he won’t say a word.  He’ll buy the beer; he always does.  Isaac will be assured that his way is best for everybody else; Josh will be superior and a bit disgusted but satisfied in the knowledge that he GOT RID OF JESUS FROM THIS HOUSE.  Isaac’s having a ball.
I’m in my room as usual.  Even so, I take up too much space.

Take It Easy

7:57 pm
Isaac doesn’t know this song.  So far.

Heartache Tonight – Eagles – Cover

Eagles do NOT REQUIRE a covering.  Not in the conventional sense.

7:45 pm
I can see Isaac singing to Jesus and making music with a bunch of cool guys.  I mean before, I could see it. Nowadays he’s gotta be the big wing-ding.  Also, worshiping Jesus is not sufficient demonstration of his vocal talents and charisma.  Yeah, right.  Maybe that’s because that’s actually the whole point.

Do You Hear What I Hear? (Home Free) (Christmas A Cappella

Isn’t this a beat-box hymn?  Maybe it’s scatting.

7:36 pm
I wonder how come my sons can accuse me of having mental problems… and then make jokes about the mentally impaired?  They did a whole skit about a ‘bi-polar’ on the way to the fish fry. When they abandoned me to the enemy of freedom and humanity, that’s what the industry labeled me.
Why do they hold my ‘illness’ against me and they don’t hold it against George that he’s retarded?  They don’t even say the WORD much less accuse him of INTENTIONALLY CHOOSING TO BE THE WAY HE IS.  He was probably cloned in the Marine Corps because he’s not like any Marine I’ve ever heard of.  They should say, “You make mom uncomfortable because you never get her jokes.  Also, you collect bottles and cans and BOXES that are an eyesore and also a fire hazard.  Leave this house immediately.”
I wonder if God really told me George would die or if it was the NSA.  THAT’S THE MESSAGE that got me into this mess and it hasn’t made my life very nice either.  For ALL THESE INTERVENING YEARS, every time George is late, and that is not an uncommon occurrence, I HAVE WONDERED IF HE WERE DEAD, AND DID HE HAVE MY PHONE NUMBER WITH HIM, AND WOULD THE COPS COME, AND WHAT WOULD I SAY TO MY SONS.(At this point, I’d just throw up my hands and say I TOLD YOU SO.)
I was accused of plotting George’s murder.  In a perfect world maybe.  I take that back. We’ve been divorced FOR FOUR YEARS and he still hasn’t departed MY CHILDHOOD HOME for his mother’s pad and he even gave a woman a ring. My DAD AND MOM SAID I WAS GONNA KILL HIM WHEN I SAID GOD TALKED TO ME BECAUSE THEY DO NOT HEAR HIM TALK TO THEM AND THAT’S A PITY BECAUSE THE BIBLE SAYS THAT “MY SHEEP HEAR MY VOICE AND ANOTHER’S THEY WILL NOT FOLLOW” so IF THEY DON’T HEAR JESUS’ VOICE THEY DO NOT BELONG TO HIM.  Which begs the question:  if my parents aren’t following His voice, then WHO ARE THEY LISTENING TO?
WHO DID I HEAR?  I think I have a right to learn that answer.
Long Lonesome Highway
“Goin’ down that long, lonesome highway.
Gonna live life my way.”
I wish I had my very own ‘spitball kid’.
Isaac said I was brilliant.
Isn’t he just the berries?
Music Break-
Dedicated to Isaac, my former partner in crime.
Cab Calloway “Some Of These Days” 1937
“PETER!  You’ve become a pirate!”  (Grandma Wendy to the fully grown and unkindly dispositioned Robin Williams as Peter Pan)
JESUS Explains… ‘Togetherness with Me’ – Message from July 1st, 2016
7:13 pm
I picked 12 four-leaf clovers at the Prophet’s house.
I bought thimbleberry jam for Josh.  My grandma used to pick thimbleberries in the Copper Country but I’ve never tasted them.  The jam was sixteen dollars but you don’t see it often and I’ve never seen it ever when I had a twenty-dollar bill.
The Prophet’s grandson is praying that my sons will let me stay in my house.  “Change their minds.”  I gave him a clover and also one to give his uncle.  I gave the Prophet a very nice one too.
1:44 PM
The goons put dirty pictures into the head of a WORLD-CLASS PRUDE who knew fully-well that they did not originate with her.  They messed up.
1:41 pm
Josh said last night, ‘Well, we didn’t mean for you to have to completely go.  If you went for three months you could come back.”
1:28 pm
I remember one time at Helmer House a cook stole some food.  My dad came through the kitchen screen-door and found a snuggied container of shrimp and steak just outside.  He made me watch him chastise her.  
He said, “Linda, are you hungry? If you’re hungry you just come to me and ask me and I’ll give  you food to eat.  Don’t steal from me.”
(It’s a good schtick, eh?  Oy, vey.)
1:09 pm
I got out a big suitcase and asked people to locate my sleeping bag that I used to keep in the trunk.  Isaac said they “have made it too easy for me around here”, so I am to be punished, presumably for the luxury of last winter during which I was not required to manually  maintain a fire to heat their man-bods.  I bet they missed seeing me in my Sorels with  wool-layers over my nightgown as I went outdoors every night at 3 am.  Lots of times they were just calling it a day when I got up.  It’s surprising to learn that  I’ve had it so very easy.
I just made some baked beans: Isaac’s friend will be joining us tonight from Minnesota en route to Montreal.  I don’t know how much hostessing I’m in the mood to perform on my second-to-the-last legal night in my home.  I made a big bowl of tuna fish-pasta salad yesterday.  I’ll probably bake a cake.  I’m not getting too worked up about guests anymore and I expect that’s appropriate now that my status here has been defined.  My son’s eyes are wicked.  He knows it too and he laughs about it.
Wish I knew a real Disciple of Jesus the Christ to come help me pack.  I don’t have any idea what to take but I do know this; I felt like I’d explode this morning making small talk and pointed jibes with Isaac.  Then I left the compound to pray and suddenly the organic matter took on a layered effect, like an old shimmery postcard, or maybe a hologram.  Everything is in super-relief when I’m not here and I don’t fear much except I still fear my name.  Yesterday a woman asked, “Aren’t you Linda Goldthorpe”?  I never know if they’re referring to the me who was on billboards and ballots or the me that was broadcast over the police scanner as I WAS ABDUCTED AND FORCIBLY DETAINED.  I’d like to be somewhere else, but SOMETIME ELSE.  Helmer-Skelter.  Summer is my very best thing and as soon as I enjoy something it is removed from me.  God will replace it with better but also I’d like to be here for my sons.  They will need their mom.  Isaac and I gazed at the lake this morning, he’d like a long dock, like a pier.  I used to own this place.  I had dreams too.  He said he’s seeing ‘the bigger picture’.  I hope that was prophetic.

Micah 7:5-7King James Version (KJV)

Trust ye not in a friend, put ye not confidence in a guide: keep the doors of thy mouth from her that lieth in thy bosom.

For the son dishonoureth the father, the daughter riseth up against her mother, the daughter in law against her mother in law; a man’s enemies are the men of his own house.

Therefore I will look unto the Lord; I will wait for the God of my salvation: my God will hear me.

10:31 am
I’m going clover-picking.
My sons’ revelation of remedial family-history will go in stages.  First of course, it will be a recognition of my dad’s character disorder.  Then they will consider their father’s allegiance to him instead of their mother.  Then I think they will see all the dirty-work they did for their grandfather, and the dark agenda they served.  That will be the dark night of the soul for both of them.  Jesus will be there for them when they pray.
10:04 am
I was feeling so happy these past two months since Isaac went away and even after he got back.  Now I’m panicky again.  I couldn’t sleep, my chest-insides were moving all around.  The demons in my sons just will not let me relax.  I’ve pleaded the Blood of Jesus against them so I should be settling down pretty soon.
 I can’t bear to be kicked out with nowhere to go!
I can’t bear that they believe this is righteous!
I can’t bear that my dad has not been held accountable!
9:30 am
Bump to the top, from 10/24/11
I’m telling this magnificent monster-dog that he’s dealing with a puppy.  I grab his skin and shake him and look into his eyes.  I say…”THAT’S A PUPPY!  You can not act that way!”  Somebody’s gonna get killed here.  My money’s on the pup.  They knocked over my grandma’s fireplace vase, it’s about three feet tall, and very cool.  They’re quiet now.   Dogs know when to shut up.
The divorcing couple says “the fat lady sang”.  It’s over.  I talked to them both today.  Apparently he threw my book at her and said, “That’s YOUR book now.”  (Mr. Wonderful, who owns the most GWEN towers of anybody in America and GWEN towers can immobilize a person and I was immobilized repeatedly for two years.)   How do I get into these things?  He’s angry because she wrote to a male friend.  He expects me to be outraged.  I wrote to another man for two years with my husband looking over my shoulder.  It’s hard for me to get upset.  
These people are really going to come here to stay.  “That’s what we’re here for.”  “That’s why we’re doing it.”  “Probably tomorrow we’re gonna care.”
The atheist has no ground to seek.  There is no cover.  It’s apparent.  He has no pictography for success.  He can’t visualize “win”.  Even if he “wins” he’ll never know if his victory is secure.  He won’t live to see it.  Pity.  Pain.  Why bother?  If I drew my final breath this moment, I’d still win.  There’s minimal pleasure in that knowledge.  Does Jesus feel like this when he considers atheists?  He loves them so much.
Successful says smart means you can know things, brilliant means you can create them.
9:20 am
Bump to the top, from 10/11
When I was little, my grandma made buttermilk cakes with thick chocolate frosting and everybody would eat them sitting around her kitchen telling jokes.  Dad and Jimmy and others would perch on the counter kicking their feet against the metal cabinet doors. I looked up at them.  The bear cookie jar was up next to the fridge. Gloria didn’t always get the punchlines, and people made fun of her.  (I think Marty and Cliff stopped by a few times, it was before she got married.)  Jay was in West Pakistan. I looked up to him too.
Gloria and Kent spent their honeymoon north of McMillan in a trailer.  All the local guys thought it would be real funny to have a “Shiveree”.  (Chivari)   Kent of course, having grown up on the West Coast didn’t know about this rural “joke”.  He was very green and Gloria had been stalked by an old boyfriend for years.  When they heard the chainsaw start up outside their window way up there in the woods?  Now that was a story.  (I never thought that joke was funny.)  (Neither did they.)  I also heard odious tales of misplaced outhouses and other practical jokes with no punchline.  I listened well.

At one time telling a joke was important.  You could look or smell different, but if you found common ground to make people laugh…you were OK. Nowadays, people judge as they’re told.  Sad.


Telling  a good joke implies a number of things:    


Appropriateness:  Gotta know the crowd!  Don’t tell a “knock-knock” joke to a Jehovah’s Witness.

Common knowledge with listeners:  If they don’t know what you know, it isn’t going to work.

Justice:  People love a pie in the face.

Pertinence:  To time, crowd, location, and currently interesting topics.

Recognition of the absurd:  Sometimes absurdity is wasted on a particular audience.

Recognizing cause and effect:  What we expect, is not always what we get.  That’s pretty funny.

Self-recognition:  If you can’t take the heat in the kitchen, go somewhere else and pour some coffee.

Shared understanding of human behavior:  Failures here resort to irreverence and pranks.

Timing:  You tell your joke when the time is right.  

Verbal discipline:  (These are not in order of priority.)


You can tell other things about a person’s “mental health” through their use of humor.  Self-denigrating humor isn’t funny after a while because we all know it means the person’s self-esteem is compromised.  Excessive dependence on “bathroom humor” implies an adolescent preoccupation with toilets.  Or tits.  Often one can determine a person’s kindness, or lack thereof, by their joke selections.  One example might be putting smoked cheese inside a birthday cake prepared for a person not ordinarily celebrated.



Dad and I should have a joke duel.  No, a sarcasm war to the death.  Sarcasm duel with Dad.  

He issued the challenge.

He chose the weapons and nurtured my skill.

I demand satisfaction.

(OK Dad, your turn)  

—Return to now

9:01 am
Bump to the top:

Here’s one time they tried to kill me with electronic weapons:  October 24, 2011

“Sick, I was as sick last night as I’ve ever been in my life and it was frightening.  I was instantly drenched, the deluge left hot-flashes in the dust.  Mud.  I was losing consciousness, other times I’ve always been conscious, and I never, ever felt what my heart and breathing did.  I was ripping off clothes and calling George to come pray for me.  Then I couldn’t talk.  My limbs started jerking at one point, oh it was so scary.  As George prayed for me there were some guttural vocalizations, my breathing calmed down and eventually the palpitations and sweating stopped.  He put “Calamity Jane” on TV as I recovered, and started working at a nearby computer.
I asked him, “You know I’ve been really struggling since the haunting left.  I haven’t interacted much with the spirit realm, and I’ve questioned my definitions.  But this time, I really was attacked, wasn’t I?”  His answer shook me up.  He said, “I didn’t want to tell you this, but all day long your neck and face looked like you weighed twenty pounds more than you do.”  By that time I could sit up and he looked at me.  “You look completely normal now.” He still believes in demons too.”
(I wrote about 125 pounds of this stuff…I swore to much of it and had it notarized.)
(I sent a lot to Dad…he wouldn’t talk to me.)
(Alpha-falfa MOO)
At this point, I think I’m the most mentally healthy person I know.  (Except George, Isaac and Josh.)  I expect very little from myself or anyone else.  That’s healthy.  That’s “pragmatic”.  One can be effective if he doesn’t expect too much.  I told God once, and I’m not sure I should have, “Don’t let me just defeat Satan.  Let me astonish Satan.”  I asked him to let me demonstrate his power in such an amazing way that spiritual beings must lower their heads.  Every head must bow, and they will.  (This stuff is in my journals.  I want them back.)
Also from 10/24/11, the night my dad said my book was ‘exceptional’
I’ve been trying to listen to a tape Growmaster made.  He wrote on the case, “Shit my dad did.”  It’s taken me weeks to get through the shit his dad did.  They lived really far in the woods, and when Dad left for the day, they were completely isolated.  I had a hard time with the story of how their father held them by their ankles outside a second-floor window.  (This was not a fit of passion.  He held each of them, in turn.)  When a gunshot went through the bed, I turned off the tape-recorder. The bullet passed through a wall and a dresser on the other side.  (Growmaster’s sisters were in that room.)   He remembers going to school for a couple years, here and there.  Growmaster still takes his baby to visit the old man.  It’s 100 miles, one-way.  I get to see that baby too, tomorrow.
My dad apologized last night.  He said he was sorry he’d been a “bad dad” and that you don’t get to have your babies over again.  I told him that I’d like to be his friend.  He said I was “scary”.  Whatever.  He’s said that before.  One time I asked him, “Why can’t you just let me love you like I want to?”  He said, “It’s scary”.   It was scary for me every time he woke me from the bedroom door, pitching a shoe at my head, so I guess we’re even.
He made three trips bearing leftovers from a Halloween party.  He brought huge tubs of ice cream and 1/2 gallon of hot fudge.  I was so amazed at his second trip, that I cracked a joke looking around for hot dogs in his car.  He went back and got some. (Maybe he even stopped to buy some, they didn’t look like a commercial package.)  My dad does things like that.
He’s always the first one at an accident, and he saves people’s lives.  He’s the most generous person I know, other than George and Isaac I guess.  He loved his mother very much and every year gave her roses, on his birthday.  The best presents ever, he takes people places all the time.  He researches cool things. (If he and Isaac ever got to spend much time together, they could teach each other a thing or two.)
Isaac reports amazing smart things that Wonderful tells him.  It surprises him how many principles of business stewardship I already understand.  Wonderful knows I do.  I listened to my dad, even though he wasn’t talking to me.
My dad was not a bad dad.  My dad was a lonely dad, and it made me lonely too.  I always wished he would yell. He wouldn’t slam a door, he closed  them with static precision that stole my air.  He’d walk very softly, still does, as though he must defend each footstep.  I’ve seen him bite the nipple from an exquisite European truffle and throw the rest out the window.  To prove he was in control.  (Sometimes chocolate calls him.  He told me that.)  It’s a hard way to live.
We were watching family videos the other day.  I wanted my babies to be perfect.  I had waited a long time and was jaw-set to do things right. (I cried in a Big Boy parking lot because my mother commented on how much food we got on the floor.)  This video though, was gorgeous boy-baby, lying on his back and refusing to perform.   My hands were in his face the whole time.  I was tapping his cheeks and demanding:  Smile!  Smile!   I was just like my dad.
 George says, that if I got my journals back, he could remember enough detail to write his own version. “Out of the mouths of two or three witnesses shall a matter be established.”
 —end historical transmission
8:43 am
I hear now, words that my dad intended for a long time.  He knew how things would play out; he’s a master manipulator.  My sons both say:  “THIS IS MY HOUSE.”
The fact that it was stolen from me under false pretenses notwithstanding, I may not remain.  It doesn’t matter that I moved into this house in 1964. It only matters that THEY are uncomfortable and THEY must control me and THEY must figure out a situation for their dad.
“Lord.  I don’t even know how to pray.  I’m so disappointed that my sons are still demanding that I leave my home.  They say no amount of demonstrated recovery matters, they say, ‘I don’t care.’  I offer to change my behaviors and I hear,  ‘I don’t care.’  I am just unacceptable.  Nothing is OK with them except total control of my life situation and the contents of my mind.  Lord, that’s not OK.”
“Please give me divine love for them.  Please do not let me feel offended.  My life belongs to you and I WILL TO NOT TAKE IT PERSONALLY that my sons want me gone and different.”

“The number of victims continue to grow steadily,  and into the millions within the USA alone.  However, people all over the world, in every country are reporting suffering the exact same dynamic and apparent Standard Operating Procedure.”

Sleep deprivation and fatigue:

  • Silent but instantaneous application of “electronic caffeine” signal, forces awake and keeps awake
  • Loud noise from neighbors, usually synchronized to attempts to fall asleep
  • Precision-to-the-second “allowed sleep” and “forced awakening”; far too precise and repeated to be natural
  • Daytime “fatigue attacks”, can force the victim to sleep and/or weaken the muscles to the point of collapse
  • Kidney’s cooked so victim wakes to use the restroom all night long

Audible Voice to Skull (V2S) is the Hearing Voices Effect,

It is also known as the DOD “Voice of God,” Synthetic or Artificial Telepathy, Remote Neural Monitoring, Frey Effect, Neural Decoding, DARPA Sonic Projector or Neurophone technologies.

  • Delivered by apparent at a distance radio signal
  • Made to appear as emanating from thin air
  • Voices or sound effects only the victim can hear
  • Vicious/malicious names called victims around the clock from operators

Inaudible Voice to Skull (Silent Sound):

  • Delivered by apparent at a distance radio signal;
  • Manifested by sudden urges to do something/go somewhere you would not otherwise want to
    Silent (ultrasonic) hypnosis presumed
  • Programming hypnotic “triggers” – i.e., specific phrases or other cues which cause specific involuntary actions
  • Subliminal manipulation and influence of anyone around the victim creating chaos, negative ill feelings, for isolation and separation



Violent Muscle Triggering (flailing of limbs):

  • Leg or arm jerks to violently force awake and keep awake
  • Whole body jerks, as if body had been hit by large jolt of electricity
  • Violent shaking of body; seemingly as if on a vibrating surface but where surface is in reality not vibrating

Precision manipulation of body parts (slow, specific purpose):

  • Manipulation of hands, forced to synchronize with closed-eyes but FULLY AWAKE vision of previous day; very powerful and coercive, not a dream
  • Slow bending almost 90 degrees BACKWARDS of one toe at a time or one finger at a time
  • Direct at-a-distance control of breathing and vocal cords; including involuntary speech iv.
  • Spot blanking of memory, long and short term

Reading said-silently-to-self thoughts:

  • Engineered skits where your thoughts are spoken to you by strangers on street orReal time reading sub vocalized words, as while the victim reads a book and BROADCASTING those words to nearby people who form an amazed audience around the victim
  • You sub-vocal thoughts are repeated to you by the operator over and over again and before you even verbalize it.  You look in the mirror and the operator says, “You’re fat, etc” which is what you were thinking.  Heaven help victims if they are depressed with depressed thoughts of sadness, pain and suffering.

Direct application of pain to body parts:

  • Hot-needles-deep-in-flesh sensation
  • Electric shocks (no wires whatsoever applied)
  • Powerful and unquenchable itching, often applied precisely when victim attempts to do something to expose this “work”
  • “Artificial fever”, sudden, no illness present vs. sudden racing heartbeat, relaxed situation
  • Focused attacks to the joints of the body resulting in hip, knee and shoulder deterioration.  The eyes are also periodically hit over a long period of time resulting in slow high blindness…

(I wrote even about the ‘dancing toes’ in my first book in 2011.  I thought it was spiritual.)

8:12 am
Buddhist Monk Died for 3 Days and Was Shocked to See Buddha in Hell! Believes in Jesus Now! (Video)

The next thing I was aware of was the sound of weeping. I heard my own mother cry out, “My son, why did you leave us now?” I also heard many other people weeping. I realized I was lying in a box. I started to move. My mother and father started shouting, “He is alive! He is alive!” Other people who were farther away did not believe my parents. I then placed my hands on the sides of the box and sat upright. Many people were struck with terror. They cried out, “It is a ghost!” and ran away as fast as their legs could carry them.

Those who remained were speechless and trembling. I noticed I was sitting in smelly liquid and body fluids, enough to fill about three and a half cups. This was liquid that had come out of my stomach and my insides while my body was lying in the coffin.
People were astonished. I told them about the men I had seen in the lake of fire, and told them that only the Christians know the truth, that our forefathers and us have been deceived for thousands of years! I told them everything we believe is a lie. The people were astonished because they knew what kind of a monk I had been and how zealous I had been for the teachings of Buddha.
I wrote last night, after I learned that my sons had NOT decided to let me stay in my home for the summer:
I shouldn’t have smashed the phone. (Actually it didn’t break.  I haven’t used it since February.)  They’ll want to talk to me when they wake up and it would be unloving for me to be unavailable.  I won’t go far God willing, because my sons will hurt worse than they’ve ever imagined.  They will ache and blush and gag.  They’ll need their mom, because she gagged before them.  Then she gagged on their behalf.  I’ll not go to their ‘pharmaceutical-free’ funny farm, because to do so would give credence to the notion that I may lie about my dad, or that my morals and memory are diseased.  I’m not a liar and these things are not so.
I’m loving this time; I’m loving waiting for Him to fly through here flinging Truth-nodes at all exposed synapses.  I want to be vindicated but much moreso do I want to be on his arm.  I want Him to include me in his ‘gentleman conversations; and his associates will NEVER see me undressed.
Somebody’s gonna love me.  He’ll love me because He knows me and I am studiously virtuous and hopefully fun.  He’ll defend me.  No man has ever defended me.  Until now.
5:25 am
JULY 12, 2015
begins here:
(It won’t bother me if I’m the only one.)
All my life I’ve wanted to please God. He told me to keep milking goats and nursing babies. I spent many thousands of hours praying and many more studying, and in 2001 I received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost, and began to have visions and prophetic dreams.  Finally, in 2005 God gave me a job to do.  I ran for a judgeship, then for Congress, believing every day that I was doing God’s will…and expecting something amazing.  I was not disappointed;  I was endorsed by Dr. Ron Paul and met truth-focused political activists and received campaign donations from all over the country.  But I didn’t get a job.  I still prayed a lot, often all night and far from home; I met and spoke to people as God directed me, and my father did not like any of it.  (He did not speak to me though, of course.  He prefers anonymity when sabotaging lives.)   Dad filed a false police report claiming that I was dangerous, and he abducted my children.  I avoided being locked up in 2009, but his attempts did not stop.
I wrote a book* in 2011 describing events I experienced.  As a SPIRIT-FILLED CHRISTIAN, I was accustomed to hearing voices and I relished the privilege, and  I could RECOGNIZE  WHEN SOMEBODY INVADED MY PRAYER-PLACE.  I had studied the history of government mind-control, and frequently thought my experiences were very similar, but I couldn’t imagine I’d be targeted.  In my book I attributed my torment  to spirits, and although my terminology was naive, I do today SWEAR TO THE TRUTH OF EVERY WORD.  After Dad read the book he brought his crew to my house (he HAD NOT BEEN TALKING TO ME) and cut down trees and dug up the septic system and spent a week fixing everything on the property.  I thought he felt sorry for me about what I had suffered.  (I did not yet know the guilt he carries.)  By the first of 2012, he knew I did not understand  the torture.  He asked me to sign my house over to the boys.  I ALWAYS respected my dad very much so I did as I was told.  All communication ceased once I’d done his bidding.
THEN ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE; HIS SMEAR CAMPAIGN GREW WINGS, and he (admitted, it’s documented…) tried to lock me up again. I was tormented and tortured and followed and gaslighted.  He has refused to speak to me about these matters ever since, as has my mother and my brother and everybody else.  I have been completely isolated since Dad first decided to lie about me.  He has known ALL ALONG, that I am sane, and I kept records of our VERY RARE exchanges to that effect.   He has tried to buy me off numerous times, with bank stock, a credit card.  He owes me FAR MORE than he’s offered, but also I WILL NOT BE SATISFIED UNTIL I HAVE MY FAMILY BACK.  ALSO MY LIFE.
Meanwhile back at the ranch, Josh had been sitting alone during the time I was tortured and unable to do very much.  George became the best cannabis grower in the region, so we didn’t starve.  However, I spent day and night selling weed, and entertaining drug dealers.  So Josh was abandoned even LONGER at his desk, and when I became cognizant, I begged my father and mother to help me find an alternative environment for him. They did nothing but scream at me and kick me off their property.
 I filed for divorce, knowing that I had to take over.  (My big mouth notwithstanding, I had always tried very hard to be a submissive wife.  It’s hard to submit to a man who never expresses an opinion.)  I demanded that the grow-room be dismantled.  I cleaned out the basement and replaced screens and…sought my father’s advice. He refused to even advise me how to get LOCKS FOR THE DOORS!  (I’d never owned a key since we’d lived here.)  He refused to advise me, refused to lend me tools and sometimes even told me wrong things to do!  (All recorded.)  His failure to assist with projects I knew he approved should have tipped me off.  His refusal  to SPEAK TO ME for these intervening years certainly confirms what I’ve learned about him.
I have not sued my father for restitution because the Bible says not to sue a ‘Christian brother’ in human court.  I did as the Bible instructs.  I approached two elders to listen to my complaints, but they would not respond.  I approached the church, but they would not respond, and my father still will not speak.  The Bible says if those options bear no  fruit, I should consider my father an infidel. (At this point, that doesn’t tax my brain a bit.)   I am FULLY PREPARED to file suit, thanks to Edward Snowden and the two years of research I conducted, as hard-to-believe  TRUTHS  became available.  I’d still prefer to  see my family do the right thing.
Since Edward Snowden revealed the existence of government spying on American citizens, I’ve been able to document  REMOTE TORTURE of innocent citizens, and my story is VERY FAMILIAR.  I was targeted by gangstalkers, electronic weapons and cyberstalking.  In November 2014, I attended the CONFERENCE AGAINST COVERT HARASSMENT in Belgium, and I met LOTS of people from MANY COUNTRIES who also suffer.  I listened to scientists and lawyers and government officials and activists from all over Europe. Political dissidents are routinely targeted, losing family, jobs, health  and sometimes their lives.  Dr. Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde has been murdered since I met her in Belgium, but many targets eventually take their own lives. Suicide is often the goal of the gangstalking-goons.
I have recorded every day of my life since February, 2009.  I began by trying to convince my atheist friend what was happening.  The goons run scripts into minds of targets, and mine featured him…doing things he did not do. Rather than go nuts,  I told him about what I was seeing and hearing; I wrote the ‘stories’ to him every day for two years.  When I sent the last journal I swore to it and had it notarized.  I’ve not seen the 30-40 theme-books since that day.  They are an affidavit admissible in court.  They MIRROR PERFECTLY my book.  Since then, I maintain  a website ** which contains background documents aboutEVERY SINGLE WEIRD EFFECT I EXPERIENCED, sometimes even the patents for the equipment used to effect the effect.  I haven’t missed a jot or a tittle  and I could help a lot of people who don’t ever know what hit them.
I am presented an utterly unique opportunity to help people and to serve God and to HAVE A LIFE.  My father will not release me into service.  He will not respond to my requests, pleas, bitching, nothing.  He is a very big stumbling block, not only to my personal spiritual advancement but also to the NECESSARY FREEDOM FOR VICTIMS OF ELECTRONIC TORTURE.  Do with that as you will.  I have records of every claim I make.  But, he will not stop me from accomplishing my destiny; how could he?  Still, his own eternity will be affected by how he deals with me and those other (millions?) who are also tortured.
May I please be part of the family again?  This time ’round somebody else washes the dishes and…NOBODY ‘DISHES’ ON ANYBODY ELSE: – –No more lying about others to cover our asses.-–   Goldthorpes are better than that.  I do not wish to see my father prosecuted.  That’s not my business.  I just want what was stolen from me.  And freedom from psychopathic parenting  that should have ended decades ago.  And God’s Kingdom established on Earth.
*Madness and Politics…but I repeat myself  (Available on Amazon)
7:12 15
4:09 pm
In 2009, displaying spectacular hubris, my father told the Michigan State Police that I was dangerous and abducted my children.  His actions directly resulted in the following harm:
1)  I am divorced
2)  I have no house and work for ten dollars a day,  in my former home
3)  My son does not believe in Jesus and his father’s faith has diminished
4)  My extended family does not speak to me or even respond to my gifts and other overtures
6)  I lost my bar license
7)  I am penniless
7)  The local church smeared me damaging my relations with the community and earning opportunities
8)  I have recorded every detail of my life and published some and swore to some and continue to this day.
Repeated requests for redress have been rebuffed.
Dad’s actions also set into motion a series of highly unusual events that are yet problematic, and without accurate definition.  But research has taught me A LOT about 1) him, 2), God, 3) myself and 4) my government’s activities.
Now I seek FAR MORE than the piddly apology he refused to provide in 2009 when I challenged his fraudulent religion with my faith in Jesus, because I’ve discovered MANY MORE VICTIMS of spontaneous life-implosion… and I recognize that he holds a key to many truth-quests worldwide.
Dad drove by about 5:30 and I prayed for him; I prayed that God will cover him with the Blood of Jesus and soften his heart.  (I think he goes by the house just to check on me; my road is an extra corner  from his place no matter where he’s headed.  <3)
One truthful moment and my father’s life is redirected and mine will restart.  I hope he grows up before the zombies get him.
back to the future
Isaac took away the computer I’ve been using and also won’t let me use the I-pad he GAVE TO ME several months ago.  Then I asked if I could post one more time to let people know where I was going to be.  (As if I knew!  I could possibly miss a couple days posting.)  Then I wrote on paper the following thoughts, and I red them to him and asked if I could please post the piece here. Then he gave me the computer back.  Josh is still being snotty.  He’s coughing and earlier I brought him honey and lemon and his response to me was churlish.
5:13 am
This is a test.  EVERYTHING is a test.  Isaac said his courage hasn’t been fully tested.  He’s done fear-arousing activities, but he knows there is a huge final coming up.
Everything happens for a reason and if I am made homeless it is to serve a purpose I do not understand.  Life is to me about being made into the likeness of Jesus and to become Truth and Love like Him.
 I have been learning to ‘rest in Jesus’ for a LONG time; I’m not particularly restful, and maybe that’s why I’ve not been permitted the comfort of a stable home without coercive abuse for so long?  Is learning to rest in Him achieved through having nothing else to rest in? If I can be happy today in spite of the fact that I am absolutely destitute and nobody loves me and people hurt me over and over for speaking my Truth, then I’ve learned, right?
4:47 am
My sons are going to want to kill my dad.  I saw that coming and so did he.  If he’s in jail he’ll be safe and they won’t ruin their lives by harming him.  They get harder every time they hurt me so I know it would seriously affect them.  When I first recognized the lizard in my dad’s eyes and realized he would not relent until I died so I HAD NO CHOICE but to engage, I said, “You save what can be saved” and he knew the battle was for my sons.  They don’t know that even yet.
I didn’t wager my sons but I bet ON THEM.  I gave them to Truth when they were tiny and I sang over their crib:  VICTORY IN JESUS!  The TRUTH will set them free.
4:22 am
I went to my dad’s house yesterday evening.  There were a dozen vehicles around but it didn’t seem that anybody was home.  I stood in the driveway and sang to Jesus:  ‘Lift Him up!  Lift Him up!  Lift the name of Jesus higher!’  Then I got on my knees and prayed for God to forgive my parents.  I also prayed that He would give them another chance to get right.
I meant to pick up broken sticks from in my parents’  driveway again, but I forgot because I was kind of worked up about the eviction notice.  Isaac said Friday that I could stay until the end of the summer.  They don’t keep their word and they take back gifts.  They negotiate with me and shake my hand because they know I DO keep my word.  I am also very disciplined.  I LIVE with OCD all around me, and hoarding,  but actually, when I consider it: I DON’T HAVE ANY CRAZY SYMPTOMS AT ALL.  I just know some things people wish not to know.  Tough shit.
4:18 am
*Abraham saith unto him, They have Moses and the prophets; let them hear them.
And he said, Nay, father Abraham: but if one went unto them from the dead, they will repent.
And he said unto him, If they hear not Moses and the prophets, neither will they be persuaded, though one rose from the dead.  (Luke 16:29-31)
4:09 am
Josh has taken to posting signs on my door telling me the number of days I have before I must vacate the premises.  I moved in, in 1964 I think.
Homeless people must be given thirty days notice for eviction if you’ve allowed them to stay with you for 72 hours.  
SO, he’d have to redo that sign if I had not made him a deal.  I said that if he doesn’t have within three days evidence that my dad paid somebody to rape me, I’ll get gone.  (That would be easier with some money, but Jesus has a lot of that.)  It kind of surprised me that they seemed to think I expected to provide it myself, but I didn’t feel that I’ll have to.  Now that it’s the middle of the night and my guts are churning from the hatred tossed my way, I’m less certain.  Also, they’ve seen evidence about EVERY SINGLE OTHER PART OF MY STORY and still don’t believe me. Why would that piece be received any differently?*
I’m praying for divine love, like always.  Otherwise I’d just curl up in a ball like before when I was tortured and sick all the time and cooking and waiting on people who didn’t even know I was dying.  I’m not that person anymore.  The day I filed for divorce I began to stand up.  I’d be done by now if I were not having TO ALSO STAND FOR THREE MEN WHO LOVE LIES.
3:55 am
I sent an email to my dad.
No-contact was nice but he’s got some ‘splainin’ to do, Lucy.
Please pass this on to Dad:
Hey Dad.
You knew how it would play out when you took my house and gave it to my sons right before you tried AGAIN to lock me up.  You knew what happens when you give children authority over their parents.  It’s working.  Their parents are no longer the functional team they were, their dad tuned in full-time to the shopping channel and I am being sent away into the unknown…again.
My sons have uber-responsibility and lack the skill-set to pull it off.  You CASTRATED THEIR PARENTS and led my sons to believe they were right to pick the scabs off.
You taught my sons badness and you facilitated badness and you encouraged badness with snide grins and elbow pokes.
And you refused to acknowledge that badness is UNACCEPTABLY BAD.  (THAT’S JUST BECAUSE YOU HAVEN’T BEEN TAUGHT THAT LESSON YET.  You will.)
My sons believe badness is good, they believe you are good and they believe Jesus is bad.
(BUT, I have nowhere to live, thanks to your manipulations, so at least part of that is mistaken.)
It’s time to put on your big-boy pants and make this right.
(PS–AND I DO GET IT.  I know you set me up because you thought I was some kind of holier-than-thou prude.  I learned about sex from your horrible porn when I was a small child.  Haven’t I been preaching at you then, since before I could talk?)
(It never occurred to me, until Isaac knocked me out that time, that you could make even my sons hate me.  You’re very skilled.  You even made them hate TRUTH.  Fix it or you’re doomed.)
(I wonder if my reward will be larger if you do not ever repent and my sons go to hell with you?)
2:44 pm
I made good taco salad with tons of slices of pickled jalapenos.  Whole big slices.
I picked another four-leaf clover.
12:07 pm
Isaac’s mowing grass.
I picked another 4-leaf clover.
9:45 am
I didn’t get going yet.
I picked another 4-leaf clover.
This is a REALLY satisfying hobby.
9:33 am
Connie and I are going to look for a garage sale.
I picked one 4-leaf clover.
9:12 am
My sons will say they love me, but
they wish to change everything I
feel, think,  say,  do,  or want.
That doesn’t leave a whole lot of me left to love.
Good thing I’m large.
8:56 am
Jesus Christ is documentedly healing me from ‘self-love-deficit-disorder’ in a situation where every step toward self-love-remediation is countered by plotting and distrust.  Really very cool.  Nobody loving me back yet still my therapy proceeds.  I’ve asked for divine love for a long time; I wrote all about it.  I didn’t want to hurt anymore and it seemed that if I could love my abusers divinely then I wouldn’t hurt. I was BETRAYED and I didn’t want to sin so that God could deal with the betrayers which would be a WHOLE LOT MORE SATISFYING than any revenge I could contrive even if I knew how.  Selfish.  Also I wanted to FEEL divine love and also I wanted to GIFT divine love too.   If I had the benefit of divine love in my parents’ home I would have loved them WITHOUT EXPECTATIONS.  A child doesn’t know that, water over the bridge, etc.  BUT NOW WE KNOW.  I can love my sons without expecting them to love me.  I can even continue growing in love without their respect or approval.  That’s my Jesus.  “When I am weak, then I am strong.”  “Without Him, I can do nothing.”
8:35 am
“Dear Lord, THANK YOU that every time I nearly stand up you allow somebody to knock me back down!  Thank you for the opposition!  Thank you that I was incarcerated and poisoned!  Thank you that I was raised by a psychopath!  Thank you that I suffered lack and isolation!  It all goes to you for your glory!  Thank you, Jesus for what you’re doing with my story!  Amen.”
8:03 am
I’m watching TRUTH set me free.  Others are watching too but I’M LIKING IT.
I’m feeling good about loving me.  Like yesterday, I just turned and walked away from my aunt,  and I only beat myself up about it for maybe ten minutes.  Years past, an encounter with her could keep me shame-filled and miserable for a week at a time.  My aunt is the most miserable human being I ever met.  Way worse than people on the psych ward.  Her first sentence is always a complaint, and her second sentence is always a curse, every time.  1)  “I’m old, I’m sick, I’m dying.”  2)  “So are you.”  If that’s the way she feels I wish she’d get on with it.  I will receive none of her curses in the name of Jesus and a pox be OFF her house! She curses herself and she doesn’t even know it.  I’ve been there.  Pharmaceuticals don’t even help.  I’ve prayed for her for decades.  Her husband told me off when I was preaching to him when I was a little girl.  They’ve all been cursing me for my whole life.  That’s a VERY GREAT BLESSING.  Jesus knows all about it.
7:10 am
Family meeting yesterday on the way to the fish fry.  Another ambush.
I heard, “You rub your happiness in our faces.”  (From my bedroom?)
“Don’t you care that you’re making other people unhappy”?
(But they tell me only I AM RESPONSIBLE for my feelings.)
“Don’t you love us anymore”?  (Paraphrase)
I loved my roommates and I cooked dinner for them every night for years with vomit rising in my throat and synthetic telepathy insinuating my ears.
I was repeatedly thrown to the floor and raped by a spirit. Then I got back up and did the dishes.  I LOVED THEM TO THE MAX and served them to my near destruction.
They still blame me for not just forgetting my wounds and adopting their worldview.
So now, I will love me to health and then I will turn my attention to them as I AM SO INSTRUCTED BY JESUS WHO OWNS THEM ANYWAY.
6:56 am
Alex Jones is going to teach us how to ‘break free’ from our mind-control trance.
Is that funny enough?  Or should I continue?
with YOU!
(I didn’t know that was what I was doing when I followed him to funerals and church and kissed him on the cheek and gave him tons of clovers!  Good God.  It is SO WONDERFUL not seeing my parents!!!  And I never would have thought of it.)
“Eventually the narcissist will feel engulfed…they will feel suffocated.”


11:10 pm

“No psychiatrist who has access to the Internet can claim ignorance either of claims of covert, ongoing neuro-experimentation being made across the world by thousands reporting remote access of their bodies and brains.”

11:00 pm

Anti-Mind-Control Activists Prevented From Contacting Possible Mind-Control Neuro-Experimentee Rohinie Bisesar by Toronto Jail, Media

Previous statements and accounts of her experience have suggested to many reporting non-consensual neuro-experimentation today that Ms. Bisesar may also have experienced mind control experimentation via remotely-applied neurotechnologies, a possibility covered here earlier.

Ms. Bisesar has spoken in court earlier of her personality being altered and of “something foreign” being put in her mind as she sought to explain how she, “a good person, the most good,” could have engaged in an act of violence against another.

See more at:   https://everydayconcerned.net/2016/07/02/anti-mind-control-activists-prevented-from-contacting-possible-mind-control-neuro-experimentee-rohinie-bisesar-by-toronto-jail-media/

The New MKULTRA: Forced Speech/Actions Denote Mind Cloning, Mind Hiving, & Bio-Robotizing

The experiences Ms. Bisesar has described previously of hearing a specific voice piped into her head, and of feeling as if someone had taken over her personality or being and was forcing her toward certain words, emotions, or actions, are similar to what many victims of non-consensual neuro-experimentation who have reported forced speech, forced action, and brain entrainment have described, in books as well as accounts online.

A scientist who has worked on these 21st-century technologies for the Military and the CIA, Dr. Robert Duncan, has described them as mind-cloning and mind-hiving, where an individual’s brainwaves and patterns are replaced or entrained with externally-induced brainwaves and patterns, via remote stimulation and electronic brain link interfaces.


10:42 pm

VICTIM SHAMING TARGETS Who Stand Up To Narcissistic Abusers

10:36 pm


“Most people have NO knowledge or understanding of emotional and psychological abuse, or of a Narcissist, or the effects of trauma from this abuse.
“It is akin to being a prisoner of war being released after captivity to rejoin life as usual when THAT IS NOT EVEN NEAR A POSSIBILITY after the trauma of being imprisoned, the brainwashing, the hurt, and being punished by their captors.”
“If the victim of abuse speaks out they risk standing in direct judgment from most of the people nearest and dearest to them, possibly cast off, ignored, isolated, or even judged harshly because their stories sound too incredulous to be true.  BUT THEY ARE.”
“There seems to be no viable or safe place for the victim to secure acceptance …” 
(Greg Zaffuto)

10:06 pm




— transmission from one year ago —

10:09 am
What I’ve done is astonishing.  It’s flattering that people who know me best are not astonished, but there are others who have watched astonishing things and have not noticed.  (Perhaps they are missing much more?)  My dad spread the word.  He said that when I ran for Congress I was ‘acting out’.  (That’s a highly-educated term for a lowly-educated man.)  I had no desire to display myself, in fact that was the hardest part.  Nevertheless, I DID RUN FOR CONGRESS.  A number of citizens found me credible enough to endorse my efforts.  Actually, the finest people I ever knew supported me.  I am honored to have known such principled and motivated light-workers.  If I had not ‘acted out’ I wouldn’t have met them.  Principled people don’t hang out at the Baptist church and that fact alone should have alerted me to my father’s duplicity; after all, he signs their checks.  Leaving Robert-World was the best thing that ever happened for my spiritual advancement…but also for my always-wavering faith in humanity.  The Baptists teach that every human is bad.  The Baptists teach that Baptist people have been made good.  (They also mention the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus often, but they always denigrate those similarly-blood-washed/and/bought masses who attend funerals at different franchises.)  I am so grateful that God permitted/required me to see the snakes’nest that is American government.  I am so grateful that he introduced me to kindred spirits who love truth and are not afraid to let their voices be heard.  I am so grateful that soon we will all be productive light-workers, and there will be no enemy in the camp.  There may be ‘dirty libs’ around, but we’ll all be pretty liberal. Temperance is a personal issue with congregational consequences.   Marriage will be an affair of the hearts-involved, and none other.  “Really-Fun-Productivity” will replace “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” and cable will be free.  The open-pollinated pastures will feed us all.  “Seeking a friend for the end of the world.”  (And also for the beginning of a far better one.)
11:57 am
I overheard a conversation between Isaac and George…about me.  I have been entirely upfront about everything I’ve ever said about them.  IF ONE OF THEM STOOD UP AND CARED ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED TO OUR FAMILY AND WHAT IS HAPPENING TO AMERICA I WOULD NOT HAVE TO CONTINUE THIS ONSLAUGHT OF WORDS.  I’d like that a lot more than they would.  I wish SOMEBODY would look at my evidence and instruct me.
7:41 am
I think this website will be very important in a time when books are multi-media events available at the speed of thought, and presented as such.  It has compiled a VAST amount of information about the revolution in a short amount of time.  God bless Snowden.  It is extraordinarily convoluted, but maintains several themes.  I feel like I’m playing pachinko when I work.  All the little info-balls fall down from above and land in random places.  I guess that’s also how the Bible looks, in 2D.   I forget to be grateful for all these many hours on my butt as the house grows grungier.  Someday my prince will come.  I am seeing him at a distance.  I am VERY impatient but also I am very blessed.
7:53 am
I think the NSA et al could destroy a lot of minds with a single trick.  Some of the things I’ve seen could really put a person over the edge.  I was not surprised to see items move around on their own, because I believed in spiritual entities who can also manipulate the physical realm.  But I STILL got shook, and I’d like to know how some of my weird experiences were accomplished.  One time I was sitting outdoors at my table and a leather belt had been left slung across it.  As I typed all alone in the darkness,  the belt spontaneously moved about two feet across the table and fell to the floor slamming the buckle pretty loud.  I was being SERIOUSLY gaslighted at the time and I remember running into the house to tell George.  Was that demons or directed energy?  Are they any different for all practical purposes?  I’d like to know if a bizarre firefly was 1) a drone, 2) a real firefly getting poked with microwaves, or 3) a firefly in a tiny-little brain-harness;  I understand all three are possible.  It was really cool that he landed perfectly centered on my cigarette pack and flashed at even intervals for a couple hours straight.  Did somebody chip Connie?
8:31 am
I woke George near five because the prison called looking for somebody to fill a shift.  Immediately.  He refused and said he didn’t want to make it more easy for them to be stupid.  I said something to the effect of, “I wish you’d make it REALLY HARD for the government to be stupid.”  He asked (facetiously)  if I meant for him to bomb Lansing.  He asked, “What do you WANT ME TO DO?”  I wish I knew.  I said somebody should tell us all what to do. He suggested hackers.  Everybody knows they have the power to put an end to all this corruption and deceit.  (And electronic torture.)  I told him I’ve been trying to recruit them.  Somebody, somewhere knows what to do.  “Oh Captain, my Captain!”  Where’s Ron Paul when you need him?
There’s a dividing line being drawn in the sand now, and for those of you who wanna lay down…you might as well be riding for the enemy… because you’re doing nothing but help them with your blindness.  Your silence is consent…
9:18 am
Righteous people are running from the Terminator.  (It’s in the Bible.)  Soul-rapers are sucking up our consciousness,  and selling it along with our metadata.  (Also in the Bible.)  The earth itself is so traumatized that the survival of humanity is imminently threatened.  (“Except those days be shortened” …we’re extinct.)   Electronic weapons are performing signs and wonders, as predicted in the Bible.  Evildoers are waxing worse and worse. Men are lovers of themselves and get hot watching the pictures.  Children are violated by those who claim Godly authority over them, and the crowd continues to commemorate the pedophiles.  The necessity for a cashless society has been established, and the ingestible ‘Mark of the Beast’ is available to facilitate commerce for those who will not survive the purge.  The ‘developed’ countries have abandoned ‘mutually-ensured-destruction’ detente, and first-strike nuclear attacks are an enticing penis-extender for any psychopath who gets his feelings hurt.  (Now there’s a paradox.)  We’re doomed.  “Come quickly, Lord Jesus.”
(References available on request.)
needs to defend his tender feelings.
10:20 am
Jeremiah 2:5 Thus saith the Lord, What iniquity have your fathers found in me, that they are gone far from me, and have walked after vanity, and are become vain?

6 Neither said they, Where is the Lord that brought us up out of the land of Egypt, that led us through the wilderness, through a land of deserts and of pits, through a land of drought, and of the shadow of death, through a land that no man passed through, and where no man dwelt?

7 And I brought you into a plentiful country, to eat the fruit thereof and the goodness thereof; but when ye entered, ye defiled my land, and made mine heritage an abomination.

8 The priests said not, Where is the Lord? and they that handle the law knew me not: the pastors also transgressed against me, and the prophets prophesied by Baal, and walked after things that do not profit.

9 Wherefore I will yet plead with you, saith the Lord, and with your children’s children will I plead.

10 For pass over the isles of Chittim, and see; and send unto Kedar, and consider diligently, and see if there be such a thing.

11 Hath a nation changed their gods, which are yet no gods? but my people have changed their glory for that which doth not profit.

12 Be astonished, O ye heavens, at this, and be horribly afraid, be ye very desolate, saith the Lord.

13 For my people have committed two evils; they have forsaken me the fountain of living waters, and hewed them out cisterns, broken cisterns, that can hold no water.

Jesus’ second coming is not like I was taught, with the rapture disappearing people.  People might disappear, that’s likely, but Jesus is coming for a “spotless” people.  A church “without spot or wrinkle”, so he has to make some people like that,  before he can come.  He isn’t coming ‘for’ his people until he comes ‘in’ his people.  If we have no desire to be filled with him and to become like him, we won’t.  So lukewarm Christians are here for the duration along with the rest of us.  Good thing God is still changing people, and there is still time.  The only POSSIBLE REFUGE in the soon-coming turmoil…what a wimpy word…is to be UTTERLY SOLD OUT TO THE CREATION OF A RIGHTEOUS PLANET, as evinced by becoming a more righteous self.

Wouldn’t it be sad if ROBERT GOLDTHORPE went down in history as the biggest Benedict Arnold the human race ever produced?  Because he couldn’t apologize for 1) filing a false police report, 2) abducting his daughter’s children and 3) initiating a smear campaign?  When he has information that could potentially change the conduct of US intelligence services and related psychopaths and stop them from stealing the souls of innocent people?  Glad I’m not that proud and stubborn.

 —-  end transmission from one year ago —
(7/1/16  “Forgive me Lord for saying I’m not proud and stubborn because I know I am.  Thank you for showing me pride and stubbornness and help me to develop traits that are pleasing to you.  Like APPROPRIATE stubbornness.  Amen.”)


9:38 pm

Mega Bombshell: McCain, Obama, and Clinton Were “Partners in Creating, Arming and Funding ISIS” Says Senate Candidate

SOTN Editor’s Note:
An Arizona Senate candidate has emerged who is calling a spade a spade.  The following video portrays the most shocking allegations in the history of American politics.

VIDEO:  Senator John McCain is “Directly Responsible” for arming and supporting ISIS — Dr. Kelli Ward

Dr. Kelli Ward has taken the gloves off where it concerns the service of Senator John McCain.  She has rightly stated the McCain, along with President Barack Hussein Obama and Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton, were actual “Partners in Creating and Arming and Funding ISIS”.
“Please Lord, protect this woman.  Amen.”
“And may I please get thin and wear that color like her jacket.”
(But not a jacket.  Something more fun.)
I told Isaac this story today, it seemed to fit our need and hope deficit:  Heidi Baker served Jesus ever since she was sixteen.
She didn’t take care of herself and washed her babies in cold water because the poor don’t get hot water.  Her little girl was even raped in China because they insisted on living with the poor and conditions were dangerous.  Heidi grew up in Laguna Beach with all the trappings; one day she asked for a horse.  The story goes that her mother put her into a car and drove up a mountain bitching about the expense of dance lessons and other little-girl-activities and ‘NO.  You may not have a horse” and she intended to drive off a cliff with Heidi onboard.  The suicide/homicide was avoided but it left a scar anyway.  One time decades later when Heidi was preaching way up in northern Canada a couple American cowboys crashed the meeting. They brought a gift for her, a horse.  She climbed on in the parking lot and talked to Jesus who reminded her of her little girl wish.  I had a lot of little-girl wishes too.  I didn’t get too many,  but He remembers them all and He loves me.  It’s like the night before Christmas.  In a couple ways but not actually literally.  It’s nice to look forward to something rather than continually looking over my shoulder.  I’ll be loved and a million people will come to Jesus and I’ll get to meet them.  The Bride of Christ will flee perverted government and seek to do God’s will.  It will be glorious and I will be very grateful that God used my little life to set into motion such a big mess of fish.  He has a net ready.  I will be loved and trusted because He loves and trusts me and He’s the boss.

9:14 pm

It’s hard enough to heal from lifelong scapegoating and narcissistic abuse and more recent traumatic torture and rape and rejection; coming to terms with false history and unnecessary pain caused by others.  BUT, it’s VERY MORE TERRIBLE when you have to defend yourself for doing so.  I even have to defend myself for being alone!  Solitude is necessary, and I pray a lot.  My recovery is like untying knots; that’s what I told my sons.  I keep ripping them apart and then there are more.  BUT I will come to the end of the knots and there will be Truth and freedom waiting for me.  And a home. And justice for them.
Recognizing Real vs. Artificial Synchronicities

Real synchronicities and artificial synchronicities both have meaning to the perceiver. Both manifest via highly improbable “coincidences.”

Real synchronicities come from your subconscious/HigherSelf/Universe and let you know that a quantum shift in perception is imminent – this can be an emotionally charged situation or a smoother leap in learning.

Artificial synchronicity is engineered by hyperdimensional negative beings in an attempt to suppress, sabotage, drain, distract, or mislead targets on the verge of awakening. This can happen in a variety of ways.

One way artificial synchronicity occurs is by backing disinformation with synchronistic “confirmation” – for example, you can get multiple people at the same time who apparently don’t know each other to tell you about some idea, which in truth is bait to lead you down the wrong path. You may see this odd timing as confirmation that it’s the right path, even though it isn’t.

A common one happens to people who attend UFO or New Age conventions and “synchronistically” meet someone who happens to share odd things in common with their personal history. They believe it was “meant to be” and so often start relationships with these people only to find out too late that they were conned or hooked up with a matrix agent. One red flag is if the person shows no independent thinking and is just mirroring you in a shallow way and carries a glib salesman-like too-smooth-yet-hasty ‘gotta make the sale’ undertone.

Another is experiencing electronic anomalies after doing something that’s on the wayward path. Say you are researching a questionable topic and the computer freezes or shuts down. Some people take that to mean they are on the right path and are being interfered with by “the dark side”, when in truth they are being reinforced in their error. The goal is to get you to ignore your intuition and reason in favor of this “sign.”
(Actually, I don’t really believe there is an ‘artificial’ synchronicity.  ALL SYNCHRONICITY is intended by SOME BEING to indicate something to us.  Some comes from electronic-‘artificial’ sources but a lot of it is just basic natural demons. God uses synchronicity too.  And the NSA.  All the goons.)
“Hostile aliens may disguise themselves as friendly helpers to capture our hearts before ensnaring our minds and souls. If we are to be ready for contact, we must acquire discernment to see through such deception.”
It’s noteworthy that the King James Version is being affected.  I grew up amid the KJV-ONLY debate.  I did my research and made my decision but learned that when you have Holy Ghost explaining things to you He doesn’t need a Bible all the time.
Bill Clinton Videotaped With Sex Slaves on Billionaire Friend Jeffry Epstein’s Orgy Island?
“Illuminati Sexual Entrapment 101”

EPA literally wants you to DIE from radiation: Agency raising the limit of radioactive elements in drinking water by over 3,000 times… to cause widespread cancer and death

“We really have reached a point of such insanity across human civilization that governments have become the terrorists who actively seek to harm and kill off the people. The latest example demonstrating this very point is the fact that the EPA just announced its plan to allow gigantic increases in the allowable radioactivity in drinking water… increasing it by over 3,000 times in the case of radioactive Iodine-131… while calling it “safe” to drink even though it’s almost certain to give you cancer.”

Native Activist Leonard Peltier Calls for Clemency Support

By Derrick Broze

On the 40th anniversary of the gunfight at the Pine Ridge Reservation, imprisoned Native American activist Leonard Peltier is calling on President Obama to grant him clemency before the end of his presidency.

On June 26, 1975, members of the American Indian Movement (AIM) were involved in a gun fight with agents of the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. When the exchange of gunfire was finished three men were dead – Special Agents Jack R. Coler and Ronald A. Williams of the FBI and Joe Stuntz, a member of AIM.

On February 6, 1976, AIM member Leonard Peltier would be arrested and extradited from Canada after being accused of being the one who fired the shots that killed Coler and Williams…

What are they hiding? A THIRD of health workers including top doctors refuse to admit if they’ve been given lavish perks or payments by drug firms

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-3668633/30-health-professionals-refuse-named-drug-firm-payments-database.html#ixzz4DCmdPUFM

I would like this dress:
Wrap Dress; Topshop, £46
In this color:
Strappy Back Tunic; Topshop, £20

7:11 pm

“I felt strongly the need to be present to the Lord as His bride.  I was soon seeing and feeling myself in His arms, moving to the music and really getting ministry from the songs as I sang them to Him in my heart.  I knew He was singing some of them back to me as well, and all my fears and false guilts just melted away.”  
LORD… What are You doing with us in this Hour? – Message from June 29th, 2016
“As your faith increases, so does your hope increase, until you are so full you’re spilling over onto others.  You are radiant with hope, because you know Who you have put your trust in.  This is the point at which you can touch others in the deepest way.”

6:48 pm

I’m so disappointed in Anonymous.  “If we ever have a revolution…”  Revolution is a done-deal and I was counting on them to recognize that fact and put their hacking to good use designing new cities and systems.  I imagine they will before long.
I can’t believe God made me go five years without sex.  I always wondered how the Catholic girls did it but you don’t even notice the time when you have a purpose.  It’s easy not to get annoyed too, when you have a purpose.  When things are chaotic and nonsensical you can ask, “If I make a stink about this, will it help me approach my purpose?”  Usually, it will not help your purpose to make a stink.  BUT, sometimes making a stink IS YOUR PURPOSE and then you can’t ever back down until it’s over.  So, every day is initiated with fresh resolve and our Master’s newest mercies.  It’s over.  We’re just walking the horse around the corral before he goes in for the night.  Nice race, see ya next time.  I’m going to like being on the  winning side.  I always figured I’d take to it real easy.  I’m a natural.  It’s in my bloodline.
I do not know federal election rules but of the few I know, Hillary has broken each and all.
George went to Curtis to visit with my brother, David, with whom he did not wish to visit when they were related.
USA News Is FAKED!! PROOF!! Green screens, CGI & Crisis Actors EXPOSED!!

2:53 pm

I think when I get my gypsy wagon I’ll wallpaper the inside with four-leaf clovers.  Then I can charge more for scrying.

2:51 pm

It’s called ‘soft-kill’.  They intentionally coerce people into committing suicide by destroying their resources and relationships.  It is a documented tactic with documented victims who have documented histories of political dissidence.
If God wasn’t protecting me and if I got killed my sons would feel TERRIBLE.  But they’d probably get saved.
I picked a four-leaf clover and spoke briefly with my aunt.  She has refused to speak to me for a number of years despite occasional letters to her, loaves of bread, etc.  I kept it short today.  I hope she wasn’t disappointed.  She never disappoints me.

1:58 pm


Dear Linda ,
i am very sorry for your difficult situation.
Maybe it will be one good solution to look for some house with  people , where you can rent one cheap room.   Pls  , don’t stay alone and antonym ! Stay together with people .
In the case you will find one room , i hope you can receive the donation for the room. I wish you just the best . I ask Jesus to help you and to save you .
My self i am in very difficult situation , i can not assist you . Could i have money i would like to invite you to Brussels .
Through continually ill treatment , 2016 , i received new tumor in my left eye lid .  It seems it is eye melanoma . On 5.7.16 i have one op – biopsy and one week later i will receive the result of the biopsy .
I think , so i wrote you , your family is not free . The reasons for it i wrote you. My self  / as Human Rights Defender with my own Initiative for Alleviation of Human suffering and for proclamation of Human Rights / I made and i make the dark and very sat  experiences how my mother got forced and psychologically manipulated  against me  .   2014 it speaks all for – my mother got assassinated ,not just to steel my mothers large land owning / and my /  in amount of millions Euro  , my dear mother lost her life because of me.        I am writing on one summary with evidences about the tragically case  for Interpol in Prague and for one international pro bono lawyer and when ready i will send you.  The suffer i have with my mam is very deep . I will do my best that the offenders are coming in front of Justice , to give my mam’s soul the peace .
In the last week i received very positive messages from my colleagues in Germany :
One high officer from Government spoken out about the ” covert crimes ‘ FROM HIGH RANKED CORRUPT CRIMINALS  against citizens , him self got the victim of it.
The goal i found  is one public personality , one historicer in Switzerland who investigated about NATO and who find  evidences about some corrupt NATO members  they are response for cruel crimes against humanity / together with the CIA/  in Europe .  The historicer wrote mostly all in German , one small part is in English .  . I will send you his name from my second email.  In  USA are many brave whistle blowers from NSA , CIA , NASA , Government , US military , Doctors , etc . they spoken out about the destroying of lifes   from citizens and children . Some of them made law suits against the NSA , CIA , etc . ,  in California .  GOD BLESS THEM !
Why i am so glad , that in Europe are grow up the whistle blowers from public institutions . European are not so courageous like Americans , but may be it will slowly change .  The whistle blowers are necessary and from big importance . I have one plan with the whistle blowers   , when i will write my claims to International Criminal Court  against war against population . I would like that the Court invite for my law suit all the whistle blowers from US and Europe and International  as witnesses. .
I am thinking about our so special meeting in Brussels , 2015 and i hope to see you one day again.
Power , Light and Love wish you ,
In Jesu ,
Maria / Laroche /

1:45 pm

Update of targeting in Europe:

Dr Daniele Ganser about NATO / My short summary about Brussels ” Visit card from Brussels “



Jun 30 (1 day ago)

to me, Harald, Jean, Sallybarton, Swetlana, Edward, Lars, Detlef, BEST-GOVERNMEN., Witte, Stopeg, Karlheinz, Waldemar
Dear collegues :
Pls , send my informations to many good people  .
Please , confirm me  that you received my email with the informations about NATO . Thank you .
Bitte , bestattigen Sie mir , dass Sie meine Email erhalten haben . Danke .
Yesterday i send the information’s about  –  DR DANIELE GANSER , SWITZERLAND , HISTORICER   –  WHO INVESTIGATED THE CRIMES ON POPULATION FROM NATO .  HIS PUBLICATIONS ARE FROM BIG IMPORTANCE FOR ALL VICTIMS  AND GIVE THE  EVIDENCE  !   After i send the email with the information’s i had been and i am bombarded with harassment in Brussels where ever  i was and i go  –  good  confirmation about the cruel offenders – some corrupt criminals in NATO ! , they think to frightening me –  i never will stop my work for humanity and for the true ! ,  they  destroy the lifes from  citizens and children  in Brussels and Belgium ,  in Europa ,
in  US , and  global !  The high ranked corrupt criminals in NATO destroy own members from NATO – the poor soldiers They are high military courts for such cases and the military courts have to be used for the claims – crimes against humanity .
!!! VERY IMPORTANT :  PLEASE , SEND MY INFORMATION’S  TO ALL COLLEAGUES   ABOUT –  DR DANIELE GANSER , SWITZERLAND ,  HISTORICER    INVESTIGATIONS  ABOUT NATO’S CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY IN EUROPE –  . His publications are mostly in German . God bless him for his work for humanity and for his courage
!!!   DEUTSCH :

Dear colegues  ,

so is written in my email I send  yesterday to one colleague in Germany  :
”  Before the small fish can grow up  has to be eliminated ” , – the words spoken the two Ex stasis to me ,  in front of my older colleague / she got very shocked /   and the other formulation of the  death treats against me  like  ” Wenn Sie nicht aufhoren uber manches zu publizieren wird es Ihr sicheres Todesurtail ! ” ,   this happened  2008 / May / Mauerpark in Ex – East Berlin  after i wrote and informed citizens about the Ex stasis criminals and about the Ex -stasis methods they destroy peoples lifes  .   Ex – stasis collaborate with CIA .  CIA   has ‘  contact  ‘  among other things , to  NATO .
  I  think ,    after all my recherche about the evidences about the crimes against Humanity from CIA and about the  law suits against CIA , among other things  , win law suits from the victims of  CIA mind control experiments ,    that the darkest destroyers from our Earths  and  from  the  population in Europe  USA  and global   are  the inhuman  corrupt CIA  agents  .
2008 , Aug. , after other orchestrated criminal activities against my person    i had to leave Germany to protect my live .
7 years i am in Brussels –  NATO headquarter .   The  ” visit card from  Brussels ” :  From 2009 till now more than  35 criminal activities against me as  Human Rights Defender i am  in Brussels ,  the crimes  had been  registered from police ,  emergency room hospitals , doctors and witnesses  .
Brussels : Cover ups  from  the crimes against me , cover ups from evidences about  the criminals .
Brussels : Cover ups  about  organized crimes against me and about fraud and plots from different institutions  against my person and against  the Belgium’s law . Blocked my claims to Belg. Justice , to cover the true  and the scandal  about Brussels  !
Brussels , Belgium :  Heavy life danger medical negligents  in hospitals , in my life danger diagnose cancer  . Dr Rauni Kilde made the cruel experiences  in hospitals  like me and she wrote about it in her last email before she lost her life , 2015 .
 Brussels :  People psychological pressured / brain wash / , forced and black mailed or payed  for collaboration with the corrupt  high ranked criminals in Brussels /  courageous people informed me about the pressure /   and for different criminal activities against me like  harassment  , fraud ,  ill treatment ,  character assassination – lies and negative stories about me   as well orchestrated negative situations against my person   ,  torture ,  psychiatric diagnoses abused against me as well  involuntary psychiatry in political porpoise , 2015 , short time after i was making as Human Rights Defender the claim to European Court of Justice in Luxembourg ,  and  just 2 weeks  after  i send   one complaint  about discrimination and about viollance  against ill , physically disable  and old woman in Brussels   to one minister in Brussels response for the social matter .  Etc.
2009 i came  healthy to Brussels  : Through the organized continually crimes and attacks / mostly by 3  offenders / against my person  after one attempted murder   i got physically disable ,  i received through the heavy  injuries chronic pain in full body  and   through the 3 attacks well directed in my head ,   2014 Jun / Jul /  Aug  i became 3 episodes of brain concussion and  one life danger illness in my left eye . I had to die 2014 like my mother :  2014 lost my dear mother her life in Czech Republic  ,  all speaks for – my mother got assassinated . My mother lost her life not just because of one economical crime  but also because of me – i am working against crimes against Humanity and against the corrupt high ranked criminals , against  one international criminal political organization like mafia  .
The last criminal attack against me  is from 2016 , 6.2.
Greetings  from Brussels ,
Laroche Andrea


On Mon, Jun 27, 2016 at 6:35 PM, Moon-Gu Kang <moongukang@yahoo.com> wrote:

Dear Andrea,

thank you very much for your confirmation and support.

Your German is still understandable. People will understand your message.
I’m sorry to hear that this secret service guys even tried to kill you two times! Oh dear, they are not normal. This is so insane and crazy.
I’m glad you survived and I found you on facebook and I subscribed for your petition.

I’ve been always wandering why they are targeting a small fish , not even small, tiny fish like me. I’ve been always thinking that these perps need to go to mental doctor.
But I See, it’s just their job, to kill or finish off small fishes.
It seems I’ve just been at wrong time in wrong place. Who knows.

I wish you a lot of strength as well.

Kind regards


From: andrea maria laroche <andreamarialaroche@gmail.com>;
To: Moon-Gu Kang <moongukang@yahoo.com>;
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Subject: Re:
Sent: Mon, Jun 27, 2016 9:29:45 AM

Lieber Moon- Gu ,

ich bestattige , dass ich Deine Informationen erhalten habe .
Naturlich ist es wichtig , Deine Informationen – Vorsichtsmassnahme  an die  Kollegen zu senden .
In England gab es einen Activist and TI , der mich einmal kontaktierte .
 Er hat  auch  fur jemanden  geschrieben und  bestattigt  , er hat keine Selbstmordgedanken  und er wird nie ein Selbstmord tuen !
Er wurde umgebracht auf Art und Weise , es sah als Selbstmord aus !  Es war gut , er hat seine Besttattigung geschrieben! Aufgrund dessen gab es dann Protesste in England  !
Dies ist keine Enmutigung fur Sie , dies ist nur ein Beweis , es ist gut   logisch  zu handeln und Vorsichtsmassnahmen   zu schreiben.
2008 , Mai wurden gegen mich Mordrohungen in Belin – Mauerpark ausgesprochen , in Gegenwart von meiner alteren  Kollegin – es handelte sich um zwei Ex –  Stasi , die mich aufsuchten und  bedrohten :   ” Wenn Sie mit den Publikationen uber  ‘manches’ nicht aufhoren , wird es Ihr sicheres Todesurteil !  –   ” Befor ein kleiner Fisch wachsen kann muss er eleminiert werden !”   Meine Kollegen aus der Ex – DDR haben mir erklart  , dass solche Formulierungen sind typisch fur die Stasi gewesen . Es sind die Ex Stasi ,   unter Anderem ,   in Unterstutzung von CIA   ,  die in Deutschland  Menschen zerstoren und totten !
Nach den ersten Mordrohungen  wurde ich in Dez 2008 von Menschen aufbesucht die die Kriminallen zu mir sendeten . Mind 4 X wurde mir erklart , wenn ich nicht mit meinen Publikationen und mit meiner Arbeit fur Humanitare Zweke aufhore , dann verliere ich mein Leben .  ” Sie lassen Sie totten !   ” , hiess es .
– 2010 , Jan  in Brussel  gab es einen versuchten Mord gegen mich . 2014 erneut . Nur in meinem Fall handelte sich um klare versuchte Morde .
Die dekadente Kriminalle haben es auch versucht  , 2009 und 2010  mit Herz elektro Schock  und mit Laser / Blue Beam , wahrschenlich / mein Leben zu beenden . Ich bin nach den Lethal weapons Attacken in Erste Hilfe Krankenhaus . Da wurde mir ein Med . Bericht  ausgestellt , das mein Herz sehr verlangsamt  schlug / 53 /.
Wichtig ist , auch wenn man attackiert wird , nicht in Panik zu geraten und   versuchen , mit den Gedanken und Emotion sich schnell von der Attacke abzulenken .  Dann ist die Auwirkung von der Attacke kleiner . Den Schmerz , Angst , Panik steuert das Gehirn . So habe ich in meinem Fall gehandelt   und   alles uberlebt !
7 Jahre habe ich uber –  the Mind is one with the body- von einem Lehrer gelernt – Gurugi Mohan . Dies war sehr wichtig , weil die Kriminallen versuchen unser Mind zu manipulieren und zu zerstoren   und darum ist es gut , uber  Mind und uber das Gehirn zu wissen .
Gurugi Mohan ist in Deutschland sehr beliebt . Er ist tattig als Heiler .  Ich denke , Gurugi / Lehrer /  ist wieder in Deutschland und ich kann  empfehlen  seine Vortrage zu besuchen . Gurugi heiss der Lehrer . Man kann ihn auch in Indien aufsuchen .
Mein Deutsch ist nicht das Beste , da ich seit Jahren kaum Deutsch spreche .
Viel Kraft und Mut
wunscht Dir ,
Laroche  Andrea  ,


2016-06-26 18:35 GMT+02:00 Moon-Gu Kang <moongukang@yahoo.com>:

Die Geheimdienstler haben mir wieder Morddrohungen zukommen lassen.

Falls mir demnächst etwas passieren sollte, auf jeden Fall ist das kein Selbstmord.

Ich habe nie Selbstmordgedanken gehabt geschweige den geäußert. Wenn jemand etwas anderes behauptet, das ist dann eine Lüge.

Falls ich an Herzversagen sterben sollte, so ist das durch einen Laserbeschuss verursacht.

Ich habe kein Verfolgungswahn, keine Angst. Das ist nur ein Vorsichtsmassnahme meinerseits aus gegebenem Anlass.

Mit freundlichem Gruß

Moon-Gu Kang


1:24 pm

My sons are realizing they’ve been duped.
They’re starting to know that my parents do not love them as much as they hate me.
They performed genuflections and locked me up to become initiates in Dad’s  ‘hate/blame Linda’ club.  They’ve not risen in the ranks.
I hope they catch on gently; knowing about him nearly made me mad.
I saw blood in a man’s eye yesterday but it’s gone now.
“Lord, please love them to Truth.  Don’t let it hurt as badly as it hurt me.  Show them who is truly the enemy.  Thank you.  Amen.”

9:43 am

Lord, let me not prepare to die, but let me be prepared.
I will to think of me and you, adventures yet unshared.
Don’t let me see insurance ads for death from Gerber foods.
I won’t go to the blackout house, in weeds, my hairs in snoods.
You conquered death, now claim me too.
The grave and hell both yield to you…
I really think I was poisoned.  I hurt ALL OVER and I never hurt.  I ache, my hands and my ankles and I’m sluggish.  I am spitting out green stuff like the boys and coughing.  I NEVER get sick.  I’m very fat and I have unexplainable wounds on my torso and my ear is all crusty from the other day when it was slit and started bleeding out of nowhere and the bump seems to have moved toward harder cartilage and I’m uncomfortable.  My body is never uncomfortable and I thought after I stopped smoking and drinking beer and taking government-ordered psycho-tropic medications I’d get thinner and strong right away.  I guess it’s time for God to give me a new body.  I hope he doesn’t forget the hair.
If I must die, and I don’t expect to, I’d like it to be totally spontaneous.  I’d like to work to the end and clutch the sword in my hand even as I go.  I don’t believe in life insurance.  I don’t believe in choosing one’s grave-site and reeding articles about ‘aging’ and hospice care and choosing songs for your own funeral.  (Unless you PLAN to die soon and these arrangements would be your ministry to others.)  But, to please oneself, there is nothing possible one could arrange.  At the moment of death, everything falls into perspective and the things we valued are often not truly valuable things.  I’d like to learn that before death takes me beyond reparations.  I’d like to learn to love before I can no longer influence with my love,  even as I find my spot within it’s eternal representation.  No going back.  Probably.
If my claims were true, utterly true and demonstrated.  How should I then live?
Would it be morally-acceptable for me to NOT RAISE HOLY HELL ABOUT UBIQUITOUS MIND CONTROL?
Would the nay-sayers think, when this is proven true to even THOSE WHO CHOOSE TO SLEEP, that I DID NEARLY ENOUGH TO EXPOSE THIS AGENDA?
I hope to tell ya so.
If I know what I know THAT I KNOW,
Jesus has them though.
Or else he’d even wipe them from my mind so I will be happy anyway.
Here’s what’s funny and amazingly supernatural:

by Walter H. Bowert
Note for the second edition
This book contains information that will trigger you. Give it to your deprogrammer, rather than try to read it yourself unless you have a thoroughly reintegrated personality. Some of this information is wrong and can be harmful to you. Inevitably it is impossible to weed out the triggers, since programming varies from person to person, from handler to handler. Thus, know that if you have ever been programmed you may be triggered by information in this book
“It is ironic that the U.S. would begin a devastating war, allegedly in search of weapons of mass destruction, when the most worrisome developments in this field are occurring in your own backyard. It is ironic that the U.S. should be fighting monstrously expensive wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, allegedly to bring democracy to those countries, when it itself can no longer claim to be called a democracy, when trillions, and I mean thousands of billions of dollars have been spent on projects about which both the Congress and the Commander in Chief have been kept deliberately in the dark.” – Paul Hellyer (Former Canadian Defense Minister)
These programs are referred to as Special Access Programs (SAP), and they are funded from what’s known as the ‘Black Budget.‘ From these we have unacknowledged and waived SAPs. These programs do not exist publicly, but they do indeed exist. They are better known as ‘deep black programs.’ A 1997 US Senate report described them as “so sensitive that they are exempt from standard reporting requirements to the Congress.”
I was just beginning to consider ‘hollow-Earth’ and now we’re faced again with ‘flat-Earth’.
Also, do reptilians all KNOW they’re reptilians?  What do hybrids know?  The super-soldiers know very well their bassinette was a lone petri dish in the cabbage patch of human evolution.  That speech would be with six figures; if we could get a real-live reptilian to describe its experience then we’d be getting somewhere.  What he eats for breakfast; who launders his hologram-suit; do people scream when you eat them or do you anesthetize them like a tick does before burrowing into innocent flesh?  How do I find out if I’m a hybrid?  My cousin is RH negative and my dad is one swell alien bastard.  What if the antichrist was meant to be a woman and what if it was meant to be me.  Maybe that’s why my life has been one defeat after another with frequent senseless attacks as I longed to grow in grace and freedom.  (I’ve wondered that before about one other guy.  I guess I’ll find out some answers pretty soon.)

Narcissists and Shills: The Fellowship of the Lie
“Shills therefore focus people’s attention on the drama created by the narcissistic abuse…without mentioning how to recover from it.”

7:26 am

What could Bill Clinton tell me that would be worth a hundred thousand dollars?
He is paid six figures…to speak.
What’s he gonna say?
Will he tell us how to become successful, like him?  Do we need his help? Screwing the assistants and raising another man’s daughter born to his own wife are life-skills we could and would all instantaneously present, situation arising whereby we were rendered devoid of conscience and good sense.  We could also figure out how to KILL Ron Brown WITH A DRY ICE BULLET and then neatly eliminate the stewardess who watched.  If we needed to cover our depravity and violence, we’d figure it all out; that goes with the territory.  We don’t need Bill Clinton to teach us how to cover our ass, although he’s very knowledgable and cunning.
Would he maybe discuss US foreign policy?  His wife was secretary of state and she killed people in Benghazi.  Maybe he could talk about that.  Maybe he could talk about Israel or South Africa.  Cecil Rhodes or Carroll Quigley?  He knows SO MUCH STUFF because he’s had SO MUCH EXPERIENCE and maybe he could tell us about CIA drug-running and people who’ve died mysteriously in Mena, Arkansas.  There are many MONEY questions he might answer, and  I’d like him to talk about flying with Jeffrey Epstein dozens of times to the Lolita Island where young girls were lavished with ‘attention’ and did he see Prince Andrew there and how about Alan Dershowitz?  Does the island  have a giant STATUE OF AN OWL anywhere?
Bill Clinton could tell us a WHOLE LOT OF THINGS that would be worth a hundred thousand dollars to somebody, but not unless his satellite-EEG was hooked up to a white board so everybody could tell if he were lying.  Otherwise, listening to anything he has to say is really pointless.  Right?

7:04 am

Here’s how I learned I was a manipulative wannabe brain-washer:  it was a revelation.  I was thinking about how my sons hate having me around so much, yet they couldn’t tell me any behaviors to eliminate. Then I remembered Supreme Court Justice-I just died in your arms tonight-Antonin Scalia.  We studied a case considering ‘obscenity’, whether or not a store was selling obscenity.  I think Scalia’s opinion may have been the dissent, but he said that even if not a single item in the store could individually be deemed ‘obscene’ (that’s a quaint legal term now, no?), their joint-presentation, and the ambiance of the place could very well be obscene.  I explained the case to Isaac,  and I suggested that in my passion to see them reconciled to Jesus I have created an undercurrent of coercive intent and I am guilty of attempted mind-control.  Me, of all people. Isaac said, “Actually, that’s really right.”  We’re all going to eat fish-fry tonight, even George.  He’s been saying ‘no’ for so many years we sometimes forget to ask him along.  The bedroom door just opened all by itself.  I’m still wondering if these things are ghosts or microwaves.
Jesus says that he will wipe clean our memories of anybody we loved who doesn’t join us in eternity.
He said we should feel for Him, because He has to watch those separations commencing.
He is love and it hurts Him a lot.

Slush funds to pay ‘personal consultant’ Huma Abedin, a $34,000 a night Caribbean holiday for daughter Chelsea and payoffs to silence Bill’s sex accusers – How Hillary has used donations to the Clinton Foundation as her ‘personal piggy bank’ 

The Clinton Foundation is ‘a vast, criminal conspiracy’ and ‘a slush fund for grifters’ with thousands of honest people who are victims after contributing their hard-earned money to what they believed would be used for philanthropic causes.

In truth, the money that was donated to help earthquake victims in India and Haiti and HIV/AIDs sufferers in the Third World has mostly enriched the Clintons and their friends through scams spanning the globe, claims author Jerome Corsi in his book, Partners in Crime: The Clintons’ Scheme to Monetize the White House for Personal Profit, which will be published in August.

Driven by insatiable greed while crying they were near-broke, the couple schemed and Hillary used her position as secretary of state to leverage lucrative deals for the Foundation as well as six-figure speaking fees for Bill Clinton.



6:25 pm

“The problem with the Mandela effect is you cannot PROVE the Mandela effect to… somebody who DOESN’T HAVE IT.”
Now there’s a matter that might automatically separate some sheep from some goats.   Some of us are from a very different world and it’s plenty obvious to us and it’s even obvious to some others.  It’s very clear that a great divide is taking place within humanity.
“Beloved, I am the fulfillment of all things!
In my arms, Heaven and Earth pass away.
Only perfect fulfillment remains.”

THE LORD Explains… The Voice of Truth – Love, the still small Voice – TRUMPET CALL OF GOD


“DHS is using Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) television stations to send videos and messages to law enforcement across the country. “Once the hardware [IP encapsulator] is set up at the television station to enable this capability, data recipients will need a datacast receiver connected to their computer in order to receive the information being broadcast from the PBS station. Datacasting’s software allows the owners of the video and other data to target individual users or groups of receivers to receive the video, files and notifications being transmitted.”

I’ve got to assimilate information faster.
Things are changThe talented father-of-one initially took up the sport to keep fiting at an alarming rate.After a while, Andrew began to go topless in his classes, wearing just a pair of hot pants to dance in
I’m still taking too long to adapt to the changes.
 It was after joining a gym that Andrew was convinced to give pole fitness a go
Man, 52, shocks his wife by admitting he has taken up pole dancing after she finds his hot pants – and she refuses speak to him about it for THREE YEARS
  • Andrew Knox, 52, took up pole dancing to keep fit
  • The Felixstowe resident kept his hobby a secret from his wife, Carole
  • After discovering his hot pants, the father-of-one revealed his secret
  • Carole, refused to acknowledge her husband’s dancing for THREE years
  • However after seeing him dance she was won over by his skills on the pole

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-3667611/Man-52-shocks-wife-admitting-taken-pole-dancing-finds-hot-pants-refuses-speak-THREE-YEARS.html#ixzz4D6Vn4HPa

‘There was a time when I wouldn’t even get up and dance at a party, whereas now I’m parading myself half-naked at my pole classes several times a week.’

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-3667611/Man-52-shocks-wife-admitting-taken-pole-dancing-finds-hot-pants-refuses-speak-THREE-YEARS.html#ixzz4D6VZvLTs

3:26 pm

I picked one four-leaf clover.
Lots of rain and thunder.

1:31 pm

Does your favorite color have to be flattering for you to wear?  Or is it like you can always add your favorite color to an outfit if you keep it away from your face so then you’d actually have two favorite colors, one to wear and one to just enjoy at odd times when you can or in a scarf or something.  
Isaac freed me, it was just like that.  I didn’t realize how powerful it was until afterward when I started to cry.  These guys DO NOT see me cry anymore.  I guess I will not be punished for becoming happy.  The news made me spontaneously much more energetic; I felt an urge to cook.  I made borscht for George and Italian meatballs for the other guys.  
I might prefer shimmery turquoise, smooth like satan but not snaggy. Maybe like beaten metal, with sparkle-spots of random reflection.   That’s not really a color anymore is it.  I didn’t expect it to be so difficult to choose a favorite.  

10:00 am

I picked a four-leaf clover.
They’re dying inside.  All those politicians know they’ve done evil and they know evil has them under its control and they know there is no hope.  They couldn’t tell the truth now because somebody would activate the chip in their brains and they’d have an aneurism on the house floor preceded by a heartfelt tirade against short-changing the intelligence agencies.  Hands gesticulating genuinely then pausing over the drop-dead-sequence and the heart-explosion is on C-Span for all to see; shoddy-sell-out-life-force spirals upward as liars’-lips plead absolution with the most sacred of all utterances:  “BUDGET”.  
That’s the future for the mind-controlled hypocrite ‘representatives’ and some of them are smart enough to know it.  There’s no free lunch and every hooker maintains a guestbook.  Even free ones.  Especially them.
Apparently I’m selfish and only care about myself now, and the only possible solution is for me to leave.  They recognize that I am ‘happy’ and picking clovers and it is far too weird for them since they are not happy and as usual, it is my fault.  Aren’t they cute little leaseholders?  I’m doing them a favor.  I suspect they’ve observed some inconsistency in their decision to have me abducted by the government and forcibly detained and drugged.
That being so, I suppose I will not CRITICIZE THEM ANY MORE.  It was easy to start, after all those years and the things I’ve learned about self-love-deficit-disorder and the lifetime acceptance of abuse it fosters.
It will be easy to stop.  They’re lovely men.
In return, I’m pretty sure they will not KICK ME OUT and I will continue my Truth-quest QUIETLY and I will not care what they believe.  Except about Jesus.  I’d really like them to believe in Him so He can lead them into Truth.  It’s not my job it’s the Holy Spirit’s job.  I repent for wanting to brainwash them.  I repent for resenting the fact that they want to brainwash me.  As for me being happy?  Well, SOMEBODY’S GOTTA GO FIRST.
I find it curious though that they objected to my public criticism of them… within a very short period of time.  They confronted me and tried to make it stop.  Just like I (logically) did when my dad started bad-mouthing me all over.  I’m still holding out for a response.  But what’s curious is that although I’ve made MANY PUBLIC ALLEGATIONS about my parents, they haven’t come to me to discuss them for seven whole years.  This is guilt.  No two ways about it.  Also, they DID contact my witnesses behind my back.  They’re sneaky and I am glad my sons are transparent and honest non-manipulative men.
My sons are forgiven.
I’ve been free since I freed Isaac.
I hope he gives himself (and me) the same gift.


7:02 am

George will not influence my right to live in my home.  He said my sons would like to invite their grandparents for dinner and their cousins.  (HE FORGETS THAT THOSE PEOPLE HAVE WANTED NOTHING TO DO WITH US FOREVER.)  
The preference is that I be DEAD AND GONE.
Under no circumstances am I allowed to COMPILE EVIDENCE AND BECOME CONVINCED OF A MATTER.  They will not permit me to FOLLOW MY HEART INTO TRUTH.
Their evil requires a scapegoat; it is evil to keep one’s mother under that threat for years.  My dad knows how this has played out.  
I asked George why dad took our house.  
He said, “He DIDN’T take it.”  
I tried again, “Why do you suppose Dad HAD US SIGN THE HOUSE AWAY?  What had we done?  We were taking care of things, living in it.”  
He has no answer but will not ascribe any evil plans to my dad.  
Dad himself said, a few years ago, “I didn’t TAKE your house.  I PRESERVED it.”
Preserved it for whom?
Where was I going?
I won’t be my sons’ scapegoat.
They have to deal with my family BASED ON TRUTH.
They don’t want Truth.
“Lord, please deliver my sons from STUPID.  Thank you.  Also, please intervene with my heart?  It’s breaking some more.  Thank you for a fear-free month.  Please, if I’m supposed to leave, please show me where?  Please give me resources?  You have not given me a spirit of fear so I rebuke him in your name and through your blood.  Amen.”
I can only imagine Dad is offering my sons money if they get me warehoused.  Forgive them for not wondering why he is SO ADAMANT that I be put away.  He started trying in 2009.  I WILL BE TOTALLY FREE OF FEAR.  



We can’t negotiate.  It isn’t any of my behaviors and he agrees that I am a very disciplined person.  He just wants MY MIND TO CHANGE.  Nazi.

You know how I know Jesus Christ is real?  I know because He has taught me to love myself in this house where I am not trusted and I am plotted against.  
He taught me to love myself in the face of continuing devaluation and silencing.  Blaming. Life-long shame from blaming the victim, and still I love myself more every day.
My sons will love Jesus when they see what He will do for us.  
I love Truth more than anything.  I have maintained a Truthful Truth-quest for all these years all by myself.  I can respect that.  And I love me. 


10:18 pm

God is never late.

He has two days.

I didn’t pick any clovers today and my back has hurt less.  Josh suggested it.  He made me a whole list of things to do back when Isaac left, and I did them all.  Now he wants the cops to remove me.  I could negotiate.  I’m a VERY DISCIPLINED PERSON.  I quit smoking I quit drinking beer.  I fasted for 12 days one time.  
I can control my behavior so I should just do that. How silly to involve governmental force when a person is controlling himself?  He told me to stay in my room a couple months ago and that’s where I’ve been ever since.  


9:45 pm

God says He’s never late.

It feels like He is late.

9:38 PM

Well, I didn’t have a panic attack for over a month.  I’ve been happy and picking clovers.  My sons don’t want me happy because I’ve been threatened again.  I must go for ‘help’ within two days or Josh will call the cops to remove me from my home. 
Neither of them has yet considered WHY DAD GAVE THEM MY HOUSE TO BEGIN WITH.
I enjoyed feeling safe for a time.  Now the knot is back in my stomach.

1:31 pm

I was attacked just now, by a narcissist.  I am understanding.  Finally.

It’s post-porn.  It’s the sideshow.  It’s erotic only by elimination.  We are gazing upon the mutilated bodies of the trans-gender and we’re getting our jollies and we’re being instructed to do so.  From creeps.  From the defective.  Pretty soon we’ll be buying those brown-cover magazines with dirty pictures of amputees.  

1:13 pm

I’ve been standing up for my sons for years now.  Their own dad doesn’t think they can do anything and he expects nothing, I’ve stood even against him on their behalf.

I don’t respect them anymore.


1:07 pm

I took a nap and when I got up Josh was cooking eggs for everybody else.  He wasn’t nice to me.  NOBODY WAS NICE TO ME because I wanted eggs too.  I kept saying ‘I’m not your problem’ but they kept yelling at me for wanting to eat.  THEY’RE BECOMING LIKE GEORGE.  For decades, when we’ve had guests, George has partaken first.  I’ve recorded it, and his apologies, but he still did it again last week.  He said, “I haven’t eaten…I’m hungry.”  I say you offer it to others first.  JOSH and ISAAC agree with George.  I wonder if they’ll try to kick me out again now that I expect to eat with them like a person?

9:41 am

We love our enemies…and they know it fer-sure because they can reed our minds from a satellite.

9:27 am

Here’s another thing I must bitch at my sons regarding.  I am eager for us all to tell the truth all the time and to not pre-judge anybody but so far I must confront my ADULT sons yet again:  Were you guys disrespectful to Adam?  It occurs to me, that despite my careful attempts to provide Adam, an honest man and fellow TI, some leeway and SPACE…you guys LOOKED HIM UP and DEMANDED THAT HE GIVE YOU HIS PROPERTY and then even made him get you high?  THEN, after [presumably] intimating that if he GIVES YOU HIS PROPERTY THAT I SENT TO HIM, it might in some way help me?  (Did you tell him it would help me?)  AND THEN YOU DIDN’T EVEN TELL ME FOR A YEAR AND A HALF THAT YOU WENT THERE AND DEMANDED SO UNJUSTLY?  Sons.  I expect FAR BETTER.  WHAT DOES ADAM OWE YOU APOLOGY FOR?  BECAUSE HE DIDN’T FOOL AROUND WITH YOUR MOTHER ALTHOUGH ELECTRONICALLY ENCOURAGED TO DO SO?  Do not shame me any longer with your stupidity.  Thank you.

9:14 am

I just felt Truth.  I write lots that I know is actually Truth but I don’t often feel it.  I felt this:  “…my story will help stop these spirit-perverts.”
I gave Jesus my life decades ago.  I wanted to boogie but I washed dishes instead and asked Jesus to use me for something important and cool.  Sigh.  I’m getting everything I ever wanted…because I didn’t chose to never want anything.  
(Hillary actually, upon tele-prompter, pronounced the intended sigh as ‘sigh’ and wasn’t she just as genuine as hell?  I love you you-tube.)
I know the goons wonder about me, and probably others.  I could have stopped the RAPES with my will.  They know I COULD HAVE STOPPED the rapes with MY WILL.  They wish to be as powerful as a natural woman.  So do I.  The syntho-watchers wonder why I submitted to torture and rape because they already know why but they don’t believe it.  We submit because of love.  We know the future is perfection and don’t we just wish to take along as many as we might?  WE love.  We LOVE.  We love our enemies…and they know it fer-sure because they can reed our minds from a satellite.  They can’t imagine how or why we should love them, because also, they know we are not stupid.  But…love is VERY ATTRACTIVE and every robot seeks his fair share.  “I thirsted in a barren land of sin and shame and nothing satisfying there I found.   But-then-un-to the blessed Cross of Christ one day I came…where springs of living water did abound!  Drinking at the springs of living water…happy now am I…my soul is satisfied….drinking at the springs of living water, oh WONDERFUL AND BOUNTIFUL SUPPLY.”

8:34 am

David thinks Donna is a ‘good Christian woman’ because she’s bossy.  I can prove it.

8:26 am

Sweet David, it’s really like this:

“DEAR JESUS. I don’t actually want to write what I believe you mean for me to write.  I don’t like putting my own shell into the gap like that but it is exactly what you did and I’ve wanted to be YOUR BODY ON EARTH so here goes, strike me down if I’m wrong:

DAVID.  I believe that your eternal destiny may depend on how you deal with me because you know I have been tortured, raped and wrongfully represented and kicked out of the family without a hearing.”  “Amen.”  

(I wasn’t struck dead.)

Amy Winehouse – Do Me Good (lyrics)

8:04 AM

David, if you follow that man into hell then you deserve everything you get.  Jesus loves you.  Dad makes fun of you.  C’mon over.  I’ll show you [sworn] references.  JESUS IS LORD.  DAD is satan’s offspring and you know it.  <3

7:34 am


Love After Codependency 2016

“My mother was always afraid of upsetting my dad.  I watched that as a little girl.”
“Literally COWER…”
(Me too.  Good times.)
“He can’t wrap his head around the idea that you’re ALLOWED TO HAVE A DIFFERENCE OF OPINION.
(ALSO, he lives in FEAR that David or my mom might also realize that they also are ALLOWED TO HAVE A DIFFERENCE OF OPINION.)
 (If I were David, my ‘difference’ would have begun years ago when my PERVERT-FATHER gave my wife FANCY BRASSIERES for CHRISTMAS in front of our CHILDREN thereby CASTRATING ME FOREVER…and then he made fun of me to the rest of the ‘family’ because Donna’s the boss.)
(ASSHOLE, BOUNDARY and PERSON-DEVALUING FATHER-BOSS and am I glad I’m not the ‘golden’ goldthorpe.  Amen.)
(“Lord, please give David some balls.  Thank you.”)
(“I know you already did but I’m being fa·ce·tious because that’s how we learned to communicate in Robert’s house.  I mean in YOUR HOUSE that Robert stole from me.  Amen.”)

6:08 am

DNA is gender-specific. There are two genders.  Sometimes, humans are born deformed and sometimes they have either the genitalia of both genders, or maybe an odd extra ‘X’ chromosome.  Super-males.  Extremely aggressive.  These curiodities co-inhabit our bi-gender, biological-and-also-spiritual-paradigm.  They’re mutated; not adequate representations of the pattern; not to be emulated but often to be envied.   My spirit is female.  That issue was nicely settled by the goons with their toys of fake-spiritism which is even worse than spiritism which is not to even be compared with LEGITIMATE SPIRITUALITY.  Also, there’s really no way conceivable that FALLEN ANGELS could be [sexually] attracted to the BODIES of humans.  That’s ludicrous.  Their bodies live forever and can go through solid objects.  Mine can’t.  BUT, mine is female and so is my spirit.  Nephilim sometimes like men’s bodies too; they enter them and control their hands on the joystick and they use these HUMAN-MAN-BODIES to rape people.  This won’t happen much longer; my story will help stop these spirit-perverts.  Until then, we must cover our bodies and souls and spirits with history’s BEST demon-repellant.  Google it.  

5:14 am

‘The Hope Brigade.’  Maybe that’s too corny.  9-1-1-HOPE.  “HOPE-World’s Best life extender and increaser of comfort-levels and maybe even testosterone.”  “GERITOL for the soul.”  Could I formulate an ad campaign to sell ‘hope’?  Nobody wants it.  In ‘The Postman’ Kevin Costner just passed it around ‘like candy’ from his pocket.  That’s because in the movies people ACTUALLY WANT HOPE.  
IN THE MOVIES,  that sound in the distance portends some kindly stranger with a canteen who be leading an unridden donkey.  We want somebody to cut the rope that holds our visage alert and we want down from out of this motherfuckin’ tree.  We want the Avon lady to do our colors and rock our world.  We want to believe that we may one day offer the story of our would-be execution amid brotherly smiles and swills of free ale.  WE WANT HOPE.  But, we don’t really believe in it so we don’t get too worked up.  
Hope is silly, so we don’t indulge anymore.  We’ve been weaned from the hope-porn-channel and we don’t even think about turning it on. No more hope.  No hope. No, I won’t have hope because it’s stupid.  I’m SMART.  I won’t hope in things that cannot possibly change me or my circumstances.  Woe.  Sob.  Whine.  Hopeless me.
Josh says, “Hope is that feeling you get right before disappointment.” 
I cried.  I submitted to my own life’s destruction…if they’d help me get Josh some life.
That has been his experience, and he has not been given truth about his family and most importantly, JESUS.  
There is no hope where there is no vision.  
“Where there is no vision, the people perish.”
“Dear Lord,  thank you for showing me so many things I did not understand about what happened to me and my family.  Please reveal truth to Josh?  Also Isaac and George?  I know how difficult it was for me to believe when the goons first told me how my troubles originated.  Please, give them an easy initiation.  Please smooth the presentation for them?  They’ve had SO MUCH PAIN!  Soothe it all with Your Truth. Please love them into faith?  Please demonstrate your power and vindicate their parents who only wanted to serve you and were targeted for it.  Please, more than clovers; the clovers just scare them I think. Please show us your glory.  Show us your attention to detail and to the evil performed in your name…and my parents’ utter failure and false religion.  Please Lord, you’re never late.  Please redeem my beautiful sons?  Sorry.  “YOUR SONS”.  Amen.”
At our house, hope is like believing in Santa Claus.  We’ve been repeatedly screwed by those who claim to love us and we aren’t falling for hope.   I hoped for so long that my dad would help my sons.  His theatre-persona is all he cares about.  I suppose that makes sense:  It’s all he has left.

The Mandela Effect is Getting too Real – Calm Down – This is what is Happening

“A lot of things are changing in our reality.”
Wow.  Either Jesus is going around telling a lot of people things that are TOTALLY VIOLENT AND UNLIKE ANYTHING HE’S EVER SAID TO ME…or there’s somebody else calling himself ‘Jesus’.  Who would have thought that identity theft would be a problem even for the King of Kings?  I guess it’s not, not really a problem.  

Narcissistic abuse – “I just wanted to be loved”

“Especially if we grew up with parents who were or are narcissists.”

Snowden Documents Proving “US Alien Hitler” Link Stuns Russia

The most illegal drugs are illegal because they disrupt mind control programming

See at:   http://investmentwatchblog.com/the-most-illegal-drugs-are-illegal-because-they-disrupt-mind-control-programming/

 Cannabis vs Legal Drugs

Terence Mckenna 

“[Cannabis] erodes loyalty to the industrial state.”

Marijuana Disrupts Mind Control Programming

Cathy O’Brien

(I red about her life years ago and it really scared me.  She says she lives in constant celebration that those times are over.)


10:17 am

“Standing up to ‘authority’ makes most people uncomfortable.  People don’t want to make waves, and don’t want trouble.  They want to ‘get by’ and take the safe road.  They don’t want to put themselves at risk.  They don’t even want to tell the truth, or even know the truth, if it means they must go against the tide.  And that is why tyranny happens.”  (Larken Rose)  
(“Standing up to ‘authority’ makes most people uncomfortable.  People don’t want to make waves, and don’t want trouble.  They want to ‘get by’ and take the safe road.  They don’t want to put themselves at risk.  They don’t even want to tell the truth, or even know the truth, if it means they must go against the tide.  And that is why tyranny happens.”)  (Larken Rose)  

“Standing up to ‘authority’ makes most people uncomfortable.  People don’t want to make waves, and don’t want trouble.  They want to ‘get by’ and take the safe road.  They don’t want to put themselves at risk.  They don’t even want to tell the truth, or even know the truth, if it means they must go against the tide.  And that is why tyranny happens.”  (Larken Rose)


Tyranny happens
because of PEOPLE

Mark Passio Master & Slave Relationship


1:55 pm

I picked a four-leaf clover.

10:08 am

This is a TERRIBLE new term:
“Artificial Intelligence Arms Race”
“I’m here to tell you how I became a targeted individual.”

How I became a National Security

NDAA Jade-Helm Risk

by Lissa June 28 2016

“The gentleman you see is George.  He was my husband.”
I got shot in my ear day before yesterday. A big lump in my earlobe and blood dripping out of nowhere. I thought it was a huge horsefly bite but there was a line of scabbing about an inch long in addition to a really big lump that doesn’t seem to be a bug bit. Is that what you meant? I appreciate your work. Linda 906-586-4629 (thatrandomcandidate.com)

I think I pretty much don’t have PTSD anymore.  I can only remember one flashback in maybe a week.  I feel ungrateful that I didn’t miss them.  I’m grateful now.  It takes YEARS for people who have been abused for as long as I, to get to this point if they ever even do.  Jesus is Lord.  

9:30 am

‘SOMEBODY SAID DIGNITY WAS THE ‘F-I-R-S-T’ TO LEAVE IS HOW IT USED TO GO BUT NOW IN HANOI, DYLAN IS SINGING THAT DIGNITY GOES LAST?  It’s not even true.  You don’t bend over all the way the first time.

Bob Dylan’s Dignity, playing in Green Gecko Cafe (Hanoi, Vietnam)

If I thought like my dad and I wanted to gaslight him,  what would I do?
Apparently, I’d do NOTHING DIFFERENT THAN I’VE EVER DONE because he’s been scared of me for years and all I did was bake for him and be nice and love him.  HE WOULDN’T EVEN EAT MY FOOD FOR A WHILE BECAUSE HE THOUGHT I’D POISON HIM.  That, my friends, is a guilty conscience speaking through paranoia.  
I COULDN’T EVEN POISON him if I wanted to because I FAILED CHEMISTRY ENTIRELY and if he ever paid attention to me he’d know I am utterly harmless.  
IT IS HIS OWN POLLUTED MIND AND MEMORY THAT BRING HIM TO THE EDGE OF INSANITY OVER AND OVER AGAIN.  I am not even shitting you: I SEE INTO THIS RANCID SCRAP OF MANHOOD.  And I discard and denounce everything he’s ever stood for.  And for sure I won’t get worn out rounding it all up.  
My dad actually SAID REPEATEDLY THAT HE EXPECTED MY BROTHER-IN-LAW TO KILL MY SISTER.  He is evil-minded and he thinks everybody else is too except he thinks he’s better at it.  
I swear, if those cops don’t arrest him pretty soon they’re accessories after the fact and they’re setting up his next victim.  GUILTY.  I’ve even written to judges.  The eyes of Texas are upon him.  I’m the safest woman in Michigan. 

9:04 am

We’re going shopping this afternoon so I’m not starting dinner.  Maybe we’ll eat somewhere or buy something for tonight.

I picked a five-leaf clover.

Dad’s employee is mowing on OUR SIDE of the fence.

The worlds have collided!

8:23 am

I LIKE GINGER.  I like cilantro and cumin.  I like lemongrass.  I don’t like cinnamon in chocolate or coffee.  Saffron is overrated.  I like dill.  Isaac is facing some difficult ideas.  He commented about how his dad just wanted a quiet, peaceful, stay-at-home life. And I’ve always wanted adventure.  His observation gave me opportunity; I asked him to consider which of his parents had more gotten what he wanted out of our life together.  It’s always been very easy for him to blame me for everything.  George never corrected him.  It would be nice if George would confirm that I’ve not been the overbearing wife my parents reported.  I don’t think he can see me anymore.
Isaac is so lucky to be waking up at his age.  My life would have been very different if I had actually seen my parents during the years before they tried to kill me.  But, better late than never and my boss says He’s never late.

8:06 am


Hosea 4:6

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.”

7:14 am

“Even though they’re destroying your soul and destroying who you are, they never actually believe you stopped thinking the way they do.  They NEVER ACTUALLY BELIEVE YOU’RE NOT PLOTTING THE SAME WAY THEY ARE…”  “Because that’s how they think.”  (Ollie Mathews)


6:57 am

“How many of us get to a stage in life and then realize you haven’t  lived a day of your own life.  You don’t even really know what you like.”
(I didn’t know that until a new-friend asked what kind of music I liked.  I COULDN’T ANSWER.)
(I’m leaning toward brilliant emerald green for a favorite color.)

The Narcissist’s Moments Of Happiness Are Holding You Back

If You Don’t Break Contact

The Narcissist Will Kill You

One Way Or Another

(That’s why they invented maximum security facilities.)
(I am so disappointed that MY GOVERNMENT would allow my dad to roam freely for so long.)
(I’ve got any parts of the story they might still lack, and they’re permitting me to live in danger why?)
(If I can shake off a psychopath then so can they.)
yep they love and live for that one my narc mother worked so hard at trying get me the scape goat to this result first was through taking away my kids by proxy wow she lived that one and suddenly made amends with me just before the court case so she could watch first hand her handy work.lucky i never broke came close.thank god ollie for reminding me importance of no contact

Breaking the Chain 

+Abuser Abuser Wow! Some piece of work, that one. So glad you got that one out of your life! My former friend’s husband was like that. No Contact. No more histrionics. Be well, friend:)

Rob O 

Just like another Ollie video about keeping you on the bottom run of the ladder. You killing yourself is their ultimate victory because they are left to write history. A man in my local area I had recently come into contact with killed himself last week. I can’t help but think his suicide note had narcissistic abuse written all over it. I’m sure his ex wife is smiling because she probably drove him to it! She gets to collect SS for his children now. My x wife wouldn’t give a crap if I was breathing or not, I’m worth more dead than alive to her.


Ms Sky . .how kind if u 2 post that number. B4 i got right with God . . people like u.. is one of the reasons that I have surviled to be a old woman. The only reason my health is excellent is because God is good. Wake up people!! Will u wait till over half your life is gone like I did? Start young! DO NOT allow toxic people in your life.


JESUS SAYS… NOW or NEVER! Where is your Allegiance My Bride?

“If you’re going to come back you’d better do it quickly, there’s hardly any time left for you.  It is now or never, my brides.  Now or never.  Now or never.”
“Yet another fact that is highly unusual is the recent string of murders, attempted murders, arson, and other crimes that have happened on Walmart’s premises. Many of these “crimes” sound more like drills or exercises. During one of the exercises in Amarillo, Texas, the police force notes that two gunmen are in the store holding hostages. They said that one was hispanic and another was black, but then this was modified to one arab Islamic terrorist, then modified again to a episode of “workplace violence.” This mirrors problems in the stories of San Bernardino (reports of three shooters) and Orlando (report of two of three offenders, then modified by police reports). Are these exercises or drills being carried out by the DHS (for whom Mateen conveniently worked as a contractor)?”

The Myth of Authority (Video Contest Winner)

“The idea that we need to give a group of people permission to forcibly rob and control us so they can protect us from those who might forcibly rob and control us is RIDICULOUS.”
The Great Lakes Water Wars Have Begun After U.S. Officials Approve Drawing 30 Million Litres Per Day

Last year, the city of Waukesha in Wisconsin had asked the Great Lake states for permission to divert water from Lake Michigan because its own aquifer is running low and the water is contaminated with high levels of naturally occurring cancer-causing radium. 

A panel representing governors of the eight states adjoining the Great Lakes unanimously approved a proposal from Waukesha, which is under a court order to find a solution to the radium contamination of its groundwater wells. The city says the project will cost over $200 million for engineering studies, pipelines and other infrastructure.

See more at:  http://preventdisease.com/news/16/062516_Great-Lakes-Water-Wars-Officials-Approve-Drawing-30-Million-Litres-Per-Day.shtml

Judge: FBI Transcript Shows Nobody Died in Orlando Shooting Until SWAT Teams entered the Building

Judge Andrew Napolitano told FOX News that an FBI transcript indicated that no one died until 05:13am Sunday morning when the police SWAT teams entered the building.

“Here’s what is news in the summary – nobody died until 05:13 in the morning, when the SWAT team entered. Prior to that no one had been killed. The 53 that were injured, and the 49 that were murdered all met their fates at the time of, and during, the police entry into the building,” Judge Napolitano said.

Michelle’s Tiny Dream House- a gorgeous triple-axle home on wheels!

(She says it gives her joy.)
My cousins had a play house.  It was fitted out with toy appliances and complete sets of tiny dishes.  They had dolls on a shelf running around their entire upstairs, probably hundreds.  Dad built my brother a treehouse.  My sister lived at the barn with her horses.  I ‘built’ a couple ‘forts’ but they never worked out.


12:36 pm

The Prophet is coming for dinner, with his grandson.  I made some really good sauce for lasagna and bread dough.  Successful’s dad stopped by, I cooked eggs, and a neighbor came over too.  Busy morning.

Then I picked 6 four-leaf clovers.

11:11 am

JESUS SAYS… NOW or NEVER! Where is your Allegiance My Bride?

“If you’re going to come back you’d better do it quickly, there’s hardly any time left for you.  It is now or never, my brides.  Now or never.  Now or never.”
“Yet another fact that is highly unusual is the recent string of murders, attempted murders, arson, and other crimes that have happened on Walmart’s premises. Many of these “crimes” sound more like drills or exercises. During one of the exercises in Amarillo, Texas, the police force notes that two gunmen are in the store holding hostages. They said that one was hispanic and another was black, but then this was modified to one arab Islamic terrorist, then modified again to a episode of “workplace violence.” This mirrors problems in the stories of San Bernardino (reports of three shooters) and Orlando (report of two of three offenders, then modified by police reports). Are these exercises or drills being carried out by the DHS (for whom Mateen conveniently worked as a contractor)?”

10:38 am

I picked three more 4-leaf clovers.

9:49 am

Psychological and emotional abuse basically brainwashes you into accepting whatever negative things your abuser has said to you as your reality and worth.  Often times the abuser is someone the victim loves, respects and trusts!”
(YEAH.  Like Isaac.)
“The abuser makes the victim vulnerable through a devaluation process or managing them down consistently throughout the relationship.  That process confuses and disables the victim’s reality which in turn undermines the very opinion they have of themselves.”
“The victim believes and adjusts their behavior because they believe the person (abuser) must be right because they are so relentless and angry at them about these so called things that they do.”
“The abuser may even convince the victim that they have mental health issues completely undermining their self-worth.

American Red Cross exposed as massive, incompetent fraud: built just six homes after collecting half a billion dollars in Haiti earthquake donations

The group has publicly celebrated its work. But in fact, the Red Cross has repeatedly failed on the ground in Haiti. Confidential memos, emails from worried top officers, and accounts of a dozen frustrated and disappointed insiders show the charity has broken promises, squandered donations, and made dubious claims of success.

The Red Cross says it has provided homes to more than 130,000 people. But the actual number of permanent homes the group has built in all of Haiti: six.

See more here:   http://www.naturalnews.com/054476_American_Red_Cross_Haiti_earthquake_donations_fraud.html#

9:18 am

I cooked eggs for Isaac and the Successful One.  I soaked and dreamed and picked a four-leaf clover.

7:29 am

Mandela Effect Example – The Great Pyramid At Giza

(This is occurring because somebody wrote code that made it happen.)

Illuminati Mind Control – Actual Footage (WATCH THIS)

Bohemian Grove–Cremation of Care

7:04 am

Are they real people at all?  How can Kanye West publicize naked pictures of his wife in bed with him and Becky?  This is degrading to all parties and relationships represented.  I know why ‘poly-amory’ is evil: it lowers the vibration of all humanity.   We are all subject to condemnation; nobody thinks he’s good enough.  If we accept that we aren’t sufficiently pleasing to even a single significant person we’re stepping down.  If we aren’t ‘all that’ to even one person…then we aren’t all that at all.  If we all feel that we aren’t sufficient…then we aren’t and neither is anybody else.  I’ll never settle.  Not ever again.  I do this for my species.

6:50 AM


6:37 am

The truthful tides of the anarchist soul.

I’m looking forward to writing that one.

George Carlin Political Correctness Is Psychological Fascism

6:31 am

Chet Baker – Dancing On The Ceiling

6:08 am

Apparently, and this has been a really good question, they are only changing the stupid little stuff because of a paradox-situation;  they would alter other (unpredictable) things if they changed important stuff.  (Marshall.)  I’ve wondered about that, I thought the trivia may have been testing their capability.  (BUT, if they’re changing the bible at all, then it’s part of an agenda.) My friend from the psych ward was from Duluth.  Like Dylan.  Donald Marshall is Canadian.  The accents are similar.  If I used Facebook (or rather, if Facebook used me…) I’d contact him maybe.  They try to set people off, on the psych ward.  He just told those porkers with their electric pokers, “Have some respect.”  He had mine.  
(We know there is a supernatural god.  Dylan is a singing star.)

5:50 am

I Believe in You & When He Returns Toronto 1980

I know he remembers the words.  I’m gonna sit next to Dylan at dinner sometime.

I’m getting everything I ever wanted.  (Because I let Jesus pick for me.)

5:36 am




“I’m trying to save the world here, you guys.”
“I don’t know how the science works; I’m not a physicist.  THEY WILL GO BACK TO THREE DAYS AGO…”
“I’m kind of frantic, because LOOK AT THE LENGTHS I HAVE TO GO…”
“Not an insult, but it should be CNN…”
(I pray for this guy all the time.  I was in the psych ward with either him or his clone and he had a tattoo of Jesus.  He talked about stigmata, too.  I’ve never met a stigmatist but my late Catholic friend knew one in Escanaba.)
“Anderson Cooper is at cloning…”
(There’s no catching up.  At this late date, I do not believe that if a person has not yet been introduced to concepts of reality that are DEMONSTRATED TRUE, AND counter to his/her inherent prior understandingthere’s no catching up.  It’s too shocking. And if a person has no foundation of SHOCKING REALIZATIONS THAT LIFE HAS BEEN A FARCE, augmented by FACTS SUPPORTING A DIFFERENT REALITY…then the new information will be 1] unfathomable, and 2] way too frightening.  They might even die from it.  Who could have told us that STUPIDITY IS FATAL?  WHY DIDN’T HE?
“Men’s hearts failing them for fear of the things coming on the earth…”  WE WERE WARNED IN THE BIBLE, OF OLD.

4:34 am

Here’s what I’ve noticed.   I’ve begged that my occasional forays through EXCEPTIONAL LOGIC AND STYLISH PROSE will continue unendingly, because except that…when it’s not flowing, it’s just not even in there.  I can’t access ‘smarts’ at my whim.  We do not contain even the things we’ve ‘learned’. They ebb and flow, and if we’re blessed, our memory will retrieve them as instructed. But, they’re not IN US.  I couldn’t possibly summon a wise thought and I’ve prayed repeatedly for new ones.  Then God speaks.  Then all is well and I have much to say and later when I reed it, it’s often really good.
I believe the ‘secret place’ is a posture of attention.  I think the secret-place is ‘listening’. The necessary discipline is merely patience.  We’re receivers, not originators, but we’re free to create.  We’re free and we create. Human will is the strongest thing (aside from God-slash-love-slash-TRUTH-HIMSELF) in the universe.  It took the shedding ofJesus’ innocent blood to clear the counter so we could see what satan has always envied.  He steals God’s breath and Jesus’ blood for a few strands of inexplicable DNA because he cannot do what we can do with every breath:  create life.
We’re created in the image of God so we’re creators too.  If we ever figured that out, within seconds we’d have satan bound somewhere in a pit and we wouldn’t even give him a trial for a thousand years!  That’s a really good idea.  The Bible used to talk about that-idea but since we PERMITTED THE BOOK TO BE ALTERED BECAUSE WE’RE LAZY then maybe it doesn’t say that anymore.  It’s still a good idea.

4:06 am

James asks his Narcissist mother for help

Pt. 2 – The smear campaign

(Man, do I love the way James’ avatar guy walks right through his child-icon and goes nose-to-nose with his mom.  This is art.)
“I loved my mother so much…yet she made everyone think I was an evil kid.”
Image result for richard farnsworth image

3:59 am


Attempt 4.

Image result for richard farnsworth image

3:50 am

This is a drone.


Narcissistic abuse recovery

– Psalm 27:10-14

“…a passage in the Bible that has helped me during some tough times in my recovery from narcissistic abuse– 
It’s Psalm chapter 27,  verse 10 through 14:  ‘When my father and my mother forsake me, then the Lord will take me up.’ 
‘Teach me your way oh Lord, and lead me in a plain path be