“I will say to the prophets: Get up now… wash your face and hands and tell My people they can stand and win this battle. Silence fear. Impart wisdom, discernment and the power of My Holy Writ. Prophets, draw together. Seek one another out. Prepare the people to stand in these days,” says the Lord.
4:27 pm
Wow.  I forgot how free I feel when my mom and dad are out of the neighborhood.  “Thank you, Jesus.”  I’m just now settling down; my sons were picked up at about 10:30.  George is still sleeping and he goes to work in an hour. My responsibilities are decreased for the next five days and part of me is uber-grateful to be alone for a bit. The rest of me is very lonely.  I honestly can’t daydream about a better life.  I can’t mentally walk myself through a day in Toronto where I learn new things and grow more distant from the torture and healthier and I feel love.    I’m still being cooked.  I’m still being cooked and I don’t understand it since God has delivered me from SO VERY MUCH of the psycho-tronic bullshit.  “Why do I still cycle through the identical, repetitive,  brief episodes of DESPAIR…  when you and I know very well that I am naturally very joyful and also I don’t worry about anything anymore.  “Please Lord, could I be finished with the torture?”  “Please show me the doorway to enter my destiny.  I’ve seen an outcome, but I don’t see a way.  Thank you.  Amen.”
4:56 pm
I’m having such a hard time moving from a paradigm where my value is assumed by my efforts, to my beloved’s home where I’m valued just because I am.  This is difficult terrain for me.  I suspect that assimilation is not merely harder for a former psychopath-sycophant-scapegoat than for the nominally-abused, but it is also required that I not miss a VERY GREAT ROADSIGN towards health and eternal life.  And let me tell you it is one major shock that nobody, not even your OWN PARENTS wishes for you to be well.  No, not one.   As I grow weller my parents suffer, and they indulge behaviors from the DSM-5.  The Truth will set them free, as He is doing in me.
I can now lean on my injured forearm without squealing.  I heal really fast.  I wrote in my journals about how cuts healed INSTANTANEOUSLY and I recorded the witnesses.  I texted Adam again today.  I have to get out of this paradigm and he knows what I need to know and if he doesn’t want to participate in his destiny then that’s between him and God.  I really have to break free and no matter how much I pray for God to reveal my door-slash-portal, I can’t see even one chink in the prison.  Except my dad.  “God.  Please give my dad courage to do what he will do for me.  Tell David to suck it up.  Amen.”   And the only overcomer I see is Adam.  Except of course for the fact that I do not see him.
I used to think it was terrible when I was little and the evening news told us the body counts for the day.  I couldn’t count but I could appreciate when the Viet Cong number-column was bigger.  George noticed that I will be alone tonight and encouraged me to consider Connie a ‘kid’.  PUKE AND STAND DOWN MAN.  I don’t know where to start.  But, I am pleased for a few hours without being responsible for ‘kids’ and the dog may do as she blessed-wishes.  She’s not my DNA.  Of course on the other hand my dad is.  You know what believing in the supernatural does for you?  (I am a believer.)  It makes you have hope, because no matter how terrible things look in the natural (read:  Doublespeak:  matrix-false-paradigm) in reality, there is no predestined outcome. Except in the mind of a genius who loves you.  So.  Jump I think.
 I’m watching “Cabin in the Sky” with Ethel Waters.  I couldn’t watch a movie for about three years when I was being more seriously COOKED BY PSYOCHOTRONICS and it’s kind of fun to review things that once mattered. This is a very good movie.  I’d love to share it with somebody.  Maybe I should join a book club.  My family is doing a white elephant gift exchange and requested gift-wrapped used books.  Methinks me thinks.  My folks KNOW how they should be.  They also think it’s boring.  My wrestler friend says ‘reading is for rich-folks’.  That’s an urban legend.
5:42 am
Hopefully, so many “insiders” will come forward that it will become impossible to hide what it is coming from those who are actively seeking answers. To the general public, it does not matter what they are told, for they will still believe that the government will take care of them, CNN truthfully reports the news and Santa Claus exists. As a result, these fools will never know what hit them.  (Dave Hodges)
Connie won’t stop whining and she was just out.  She looks at the front door and she goes over to George’s bedroom then comes back and looks down the hall.  I’m the only one home and she slept at the foot of my bed but I don’t think I have any new flea-bites.  She’s just whining for no reason.
The thing about time is that although time is illusory, ‘timing’ is everything.  We’re getting to the point here in present-day-illusory America, that the neighbors will soon begin disappearing.  At that time, many formerly stupid people will suddenly become no longer stupid.  They’ll want to ask some questions and they’ll go to great lengths.  Or not.  Most of the people I know probably would just make up some evil rumor about the missing person and not even believe the cull was progressing, as they watched with their eyes.
My countrymen have answered a remaining question from the ‘Great War’:  Why didn’t anybody in Germany stand up for anybody else and just say ‘no’?   The answer (subject) is (verb) because their minds were darkened by selfishness and fear of death.  I think that’s right.  When we do not fear death and we do not envy what another person has, we’re more willing to risk something on his behalf.  As people become fewer, each will become more important BUT, if we’re gonna be the last man standing, we’d sure wish we’d maybe joined up with people earlier in the inquisition; we’ll wish we might have joined with those who are now missing and we’ll wish we knew where they’all went.  Even if you survive, if you’re the very last specimen do you think you’ll be allowed free-range?  Huh?  They just euthanised 1/4 of the white rhino population of Earth.  They’re coming to your town next.
When government officials, from the various alphabet soup agencies, retire en masse, it is not necessarily a noteworthy event. However, when the same officials retire en masse and then relocate to form their own survivalist enclaves, then this is something that we should all sit up and take notice of, especially when we are seeing the same behavior on the part of Wall Street executives.  (Dave Hodges)
It is a matter of official agency policy that some current and senior level DHS and CIA officials and their families will be provided safe sanctuary in various strategic locations in Colorado in times of trouble. Most people in the know are aware of the underground facilities which lies below the Denver International Airport which has an underground connected railway to the Cheyenne Mountain NORAD/Fort Carson/Peterson Air Force Base underground facilities. The structures are part of the Continuity of Government program developed by the United States government in the early days of the Cold War. However these facilities are increasingly becoming the planned refuge for many of the global elite residing within the United States when all hell breaks loose.

I was trying to turn off my new I-pad which I accidentally turned on and we somehow initiated Siri.  I use a flip-phone and even so I recognize that Siri is one giant step backwards for humanity.  I can’t believe I was ever bewitched by her imprecise responses and limiting-recognition.  I’ve seen the Borg now, and Siri ain’t nothin’. We still can’t turn off the I-pad, so George asked Siri how to do it.  Then he red:  “Slide to power off” so I won’t think about her anymore.  Except this:  We see the technology happening in real-time and we still refuse to believe that our species has used this stuff to promote an agenda.  “Siri:  Are you smarter than a human?”
“Governments’ militaries are the enforcement arm of the central banks.”  (Greg Mannarino)
The planned obsolescence for the nation’s capital is becoming increasingly apparent. If I were you and I lived in this area, I would be looking for a new place to live in the very near future.  (Dave Hodges)
Isaac owns only four pairs of pants and I told George that since I didn’t get my broken tooth fixed because I had a stomach issue on Monday that precluded sitting in a dentist chair, and he provided some cash so I could go to the dentist, I would instead be purchasing some pants for our son.  He was not pleased.  I pointed out that he purchases many foolish things for himself, and that I’d like to help Isaac with something necessary.  He got huffy.  Then he settled down.  He still insists that we could have survived the winter with electric space-heaters because he planned to install bigger circuits or breakers or whatever.  I’m glad we’ll be distanced pretty soon.  I can’t live in stupid without freedom to interact therapeutically.  Just is what it is.  That’s what all the inmates say.  My dad messed up a system that worked and he’s gonna fix it.
One’s children are an extra set of eyes into reality and history.  Josh loved ‘The Prophet’ so much that I went back to St. Ignace to get him the rest of the volumes from the Kahlil Gibran set at the “Hope Chest”.  He loved “The Prophet” so much that he couldn’t give up either copy for the Goldthorpe-book-exchange in California.  I had that identical set when I was 22.  Marcel gave them to me.  Josh asked, “You had a boyfriend who gave you poetry books one time?”  An incredulous tone makes you reconsider things.  It also makes you regret not having red more, especially books given to you by somebody else just for you.  I have a cookbook he gave me and I still use it all the time. He was way older than I was.  My mom used to say, “Look in his EYES.  He loves you so much.”  I couldn’t be bothered to look into anybody’s eyes.  What if they made me look into my own?  It’s the Peter Principle at work in all of our stunted lives.  We rise to the highest level of our utmost incompetence.  I worked REALLY HARD to get there and I’m able to say I accomplished this one thing at least.  I was my father’s child:  If anybody LOVED ME…he had to be deficient.  (Marcel was also very controlling and it’s a good thing I didn’t know that he loved me.  He has had a better life no matter what.)  (My mom recognized loving eyes. What an amazing thing to know.)
I think in some ways I have become very mature, in some unpleasant ways, but what I know now is very important.  If you want to know who your master is, determine who it is that you are not permitted to criticize. Those words make my skin wrinkle, but it gets even worse when I understand that humans exist who serve willingly and unknowingly, ‘humans’  for whom ‘master’ is not a weighty word and matter.  My brethren do not mind serving others and that is proper.  However, they do not CHOOSE for whom they labor.  They bow and obey the loudest voice.  They genuflect at the appointed times, and they salute the flag when the band motivates them to rise.   My family are these people, this hoard of ‘don’t-notice-that-I’m-different-and-don’t-not-notice’ servants of contrived representations of artificial reactions to our [already] artificial reactions to the artificial-reality in which we [sorta] live.  My parents cannot yet tell the truth but they’re recognizing it.  “Thank you Jesus.”
I’ve owned many family heirlooms from many branches of family.  When I learn about the vibrations remaining in physical objects from the many people who held them I’m kinda amazed at the number of people who have touched my life.  One of my favorite books belonged to my cousins’ father when he was a child.  My uncle and his brother were gifted this book by my cousins’ grandparents in the forties.  It’s all about manners and the illustrations are exquisite.  I have my cousins’ grandmother’s creamer and sugar dishes; they’re charming, a small floral pattern.
I’m going to the Soo to spend money I obtained by false pretenses since I didn’t use it to get my tooth fixed.  Am I doing wrong?  “Lord.  Please advise.”  “One day I’ll get to pay Isaac back for all he sacrificed because I said you told me to run for office.  Could that begin pretty soon?  Amen.”  “Graham Cooke says your word is ‘yes and amen’ so I’m going to buy Isaac pants unless you stop me.  Maybe I’ll sign Josh up for Swedish lessons in Toronto too, unless you stop me.
Maybe I’ll go to Lakefield Baptist Church next week and distribute my cogent, double-spaced complaint against the congregation with a copy of my documented indictment of my dad, and pages of evidence against every and any ‘pastor’ I’ve ever submitted before in my foolishness and their misogyny… and then maybe I’ll fall to the floor in surrender to the will of the brethren.  (You never know what I might do.)
 “Lord, you ARE THE LORD and these people have not yet permitted me to say those words in public.  Do what you will but PLEASE be quick?  Sorry for whining.  Amen.”
11:48 am
Sexuality used to fill the gap created by non-loving parents, I think.  There used to be power in knowing that we were attractive and threateningly desirable.  Now it doesn’t look like anybody feels actually sexually powerful. Not even the ‘sexiest’; from my corner, I would assume and notice beautiful desirable women;  aren’t the best ones red-carpet gals, with genes on their side and access to the latest beauty treatments?  Top of the heap, one would think.  (No subject, no verb.  “God forgive me and free me from grammar and mind-control amen.”)   But THESE VERY WOMEN seem to be the least confident of their beauty.  The selfies are self-promoted-porn-of-self.  These high-maintenance women take pictures of themselves naked all the time.  Their beautiful gowns have shrunken beyond ‘skimpy’ to bondage-perv,  and have you seen Mylie Cyrus’ costume adorned by that enormous synthetic penis?  They have no true sexual allure if they must compete for the nakedest-dress when the cameras are rolling.  If you GOT IT, you don’t have to flaunt it.  That’s what I think.
2:15 am
‘Me, Me, Me!’
A narcissist thrives on admiration from others. They want praise, compliments, deference and expressions of envy at all times. They like to hear that everything they do is right and better than what anyone else can do. This ‘Me’ attitude is highly dangerous as it starts affecting the personal and professional lives of the individual and people around them. Slowly people start realizing the lies and the betrayal and everything comes crashing down. 
It’s all about the Money
This personality disorder causes narcissists to believe that anyone who is not superior or rich doesn’t deserve to live. They display a very hostile attitude towards people who are low in economic and social backgrounds than them. To explain the above statement in simple terms – narcissists believe that average and middle class crowd should be transported to the moon and they have no place on earth.
They expect favorable treatment and complete compliance, and any defiance shown by the child results in rage and exploitation. What seems as a cause of worry is that such a mother is quite capable of sexually abusing the child as well.

Your Doctor May Be Killing You

(NaturalNews) In a virtually unheard of move, a medical professional has come forward with a personal story filled with regret and industry shame. She even goes so far as to say that modern medicine “doesn’t train doctors to see patients as individuals” and that “patients are no longer treated as a whole person, but individual body parts.”(1)

Those are the words of Dr. Erika Schwartz, founder of Evolved Science, a boutique personalized medicine group headquartered in New York City. Schwartz, who specializes in anti-aging, hormone balancing and disease prevention is also the author of Don’t Let Your Doctor Kill You: How to Beat Physician Arrogance, Corporate Greed and a Broken System, and is a regular contributor to the Daily Mail.

“We’ve got to get on our ‘A’ game or they’re gonna die.”  (Cooke)
I don’t know how to file all the weird things happening to the planet.  That’s been my ongoing problem since I started looking into dark technology too.  A road in California slid uphill.  It raised fifteen feet and moved sideways.  I know that electronic weaponry could easily accomplish that.  But also, the Bible predicts  ‘earthquakes in diverse places’ and ‘birth-pangs’ of upheaval in our physical world.  It was hard to attribute weirdnesses to either terrestrial-tech sources, or to supernatural involvement, and I thought I had to do that.
My sister was a very young mother and I was pretty old;  I noticed that our relationships with our parents reacted differently to becoming parents ourselves.  My sister would sometimes get  jealous of attention paid to her (gorgeous, just like her mom…) baby-girl.  She knew that she also deserved attention.  When I became a mom,  I vicariously consumed and relished any of the warm-fuzzies tossed towards my boy-baby.  I was pleased that he was a boy, and worthy.  (I did not know then, that he was/is also not a SCAPEGOAT-child like his mom which is perhaps as big a reason for his comparatively better acceptance as his gender.)   I didn’t begrudge him any attention that I’d never gotten, how could I?  When you grow up without enough calcium and vitamin D your teeth don’t form properly.  Similarly, when you don’t receive necessary amounts of approval and attention, love-traits are stunted.
 I think when I’m all better I will be able to speak to victims of family abuse with much authority and hope. When I am entirely well, and have recorded all the prayers and the materials and revelations that have helped me heal, I will point hurting children of narcissists to Jesus who loves them and made them and values them.  I will tell how my dad tried to kill me and how my mom permitted me to be raped by a cousin and and to be sexually abused by my grandmother and Trevor Blakely’s kids and my dad’s buddies with electronic sex-toys.  I’ll tell everything that got broken, and I’ll tell how Jesus fixed each part.  When I’m home and happy, everybody will want what I have; and they’ll come to find me.  I’ve been getting ready for them for a long time, so I can give them what they need so they will become happy too.  I hope my parents show up pretty soon.  Anybody who can treat a kid like they treated/treat me is NOT a happy camper.
Ever since the first MIND-RAPE in 2009, I have responded by PRAYING FOR LOVE FOR THE TORMENTOR…and trying to grow healthy.  Ever since 2009, my parents have REFUSED TO ASSIST ME IN ANY MANNER.  My siblings and their families will still not talk to me and I’ve had only Isaac and the angel-goon to assist my efforts to escape mind-control and grow emotionally healthy.  I recorded my journey.  The Holy Spirit is enough to make us entirely well…and even miraculous.  He will not waste what has been deposited within me, because it’s Jesus and Jesus is very attractive to all of Heaven which we must bring to Earth.  Graham Cooke says it makes God sad that he has so much stuff up there that belongs here.  Regarding this, he quotes his daughter:  “You know Dad, the church needs to be like me.  I have no problem taking you for everything you’ve got.”  (Queen Sophie.)  When he hadn’t seen her for a few weeks, she approached him saying, “Hey Dad, before I kiss you give me your wallet.”  This woman would also stand in front of the ATM on Sunday morning and ask how much God wanted her to put in the offering.  “She knows how to receive from God.  She knows how to give.”  (Cooke)
Sophia (σοφία, Greek for “wisdom”) is a central idea in Hellenistic philosophy and religion, Platonism, Gnosticism, Orthodox Christianity, Esoteric Christianity, as well as Christian mysticism.
When Isaac is struggling with unhappiness, I suggest that he do something for somebody else.  (Josh doesn’t struggle.  He is very intentional.)  My parents could be much happier if they did a little something for another person.  Also consider restitution:  the fact that they are responsible for MUCH HORROR in that person’s life would also make it a good thing for them to do for themselves.  My siblings should encourage transparency and responsible behavior on the part of  beloved parents who were so lonely because they couldn’t trust one another, and they couldn’t trust us to love them enough so they had to love themselves just in case.  We could prove them wrong.  (Even if we’re not Christians and don’t believe in hell we could value love.)
1:48 pm
1:15 pm
Ten Most Remote But Inhabited Places in the World


“From Intellihub- fair use: We have heard of Brandon Raub. He is the Vet who returned from war and make statements about this and other wars we are involved with, his dis-approval, and posted those thoughts on facebook. Tell me their not watching us. The Military picked Brandon up at his home, arrested him, and jailed…then made him undergo mental evaluation. He got a lawyer and is now sueing the U.S. Government for violating his rights. Thing is- this is happening ALOT.”

Anxiety, Depression-Symptoms of Codependency-  “I-Am-Not-Enough Syndrome”

Code laid down when we were children by narcissistic parents can be uprooted and replaced.

( I’ve even recorded the process.)
 “Thank you, Jesus.  You-in-me and me-in-You makes me WAY BETTER than ‘enough’.  Thank you very much.  Please give my hurting parents love like you’ve given me.  Wait.  I know you have.  Remove the demons so they  can feel it please.  Thank you.  Amen.”
I was the most co-dependent person EVER!   I couldn’t even get MAD when my husband CHEATED on me with HANDICAPPED BOYS!
 (I wonder if my parents have handicapped my siblings as badly as that.)
Ten Most Remote But Inhabited Places in the World
9:35 am
Isaac said:  “I’m CDO.  It’s like OCD but the letters are in the right order.”
I cooked a really great dinner yesterday.  We had company, a father and son.  After they left I became very anxious.  I got that feeling in my chest that I haven’t had for a couple months now.  I was sore all over and I couldn’t settle down and I thought about going for a drive so the heated seat in the car could pamper my back which I fatigued by cooking and doing dishes for 11 hours before I ate too much.  But instead I decided to take a nap and just as I stood up to go sleep, Connie started barking violently and my dad materialized at the door.  BFD.  I went to bed anyway.  He sure doesn’t impress me anymore; that’s gotta be a bummer for him because I provided MUCH of his narcissist-supply, and I serviced my mom’s jones too.  I was like their dealer, their source of perversion.  I became the drama-queen they needed.  I can now see that washing Dad’s feet was received with a whole different set of values than it was offered.  I gave them just what was required to inflate their character-disorders…because I adored them.  They could abuse me or ignore me and I still adored them.  Whether they wanted fawning or rage, they could manipulate me perfectly.  I was the perfect scapegoat.
When my dad left, I could breathe!  Did I somehow know that he was coming?  I had a big smile on my face all day long and then five minutes before he came  I just fell apart.  Then he showed up.  Then he left, and I was happy again.  Isaac knocked on my door after his grandfather left.  He said, “Grandpa came to say thank you for the Sarah Bernhardts.”  That is truly an astonishing notion.  He didn’t thank me for the Sarah Bernhardts I made for his birthday, or the things I made for his birthdays and other non-celebratory-dates before that.  He hasn’t said ‘thank you’ or ‘I’m sorry’ for a bunch of long hard years.
He will want to speak to me much more than he finally, apparently, does.  He will CRY to speak to me, because I’m the ONLY PERSON who really knows him and loves him anyway.  But also, I do not respect him.  Not one creepy fake bit of him is worthy of respect.  I hope he has fun in California showing off.  I’m grateful he didn’t invite me.  He’d better be nice to my sons.  He will, because finally he’s seeing what awaits a malignant narcissist who sacrificed his own family just so he wouldn’t have to say ‘uncle’.  But he knows he lost our wager.  He knew it when he read my first book.  That’s when the gang-stalking and gaslighting REALLY took off.  He’s had much time to come visit me and perchance to pray.  How much more time is available to an aging psychopath already engaged in WWIII globally,  and also within his own artificial heart?  Guess we’ll find out.  Bon voyage, family of fakers and fools.  You have Gold in your midst.  Treat it wisely.
8:39 am

Why Do Law Enforcement Training Exercises Always Precede Mass Shootings?

Despite clouded information, you can be assured that the Intelligence Community does not salute the flag of the Republic. Their empire is based upon the need to confront foes, real or imaginary. It’s their task to convince you that their enemies are also yours; especially when there is no actual threat to you. If you dispute their program, you just might make their list of suspected dissenters. And, by now, you should know there is a very thin line between protest and being branded as a terrorist.

SARTRE – February 8, 2004

Who Do Intelligence Snoops Serve?

Record number of U.S. adults now dependent on Big Pharma prescriptions, and the most popular one causes brain damage

Top-used drugs: Brain-damaging statins

Government now arresting people for anti-Obama Facebook posts

In the four years since the start of Operation Vigilant Eagle, the government has steadily ramped up its campaign to “silence” dissidents, especially those with military backgrounds. Coupled with the DHS’ dual reports on right-wing and left-wing “Extremism,” which broadly define extremists as individuals and groups “that are mainly antigovernment, rejecting federal authority in favor of state or local authority, or rejecting government authority entirely,” these tactics have boded ill for anyone seen as opposing the government.

One particularly troubling mental health label being applied to veterans and others who challenge the status quo is “oppositional defiance disorder” (ODD). As journalist Anthony Martin explains, an ODD diagnosis:

“denotes that the person exhibits ‘symptoms’ such as the questioning of authority, the refusal to follow directions, stubbornness, the unwillingness to go along with the crowd, and the practice of disobeying or ignoring orders. Persons may also receive such a label if they are considered free thinkers,nonconformists, or individuals who are suspicious of large, centralized government… At one time the accepted protocol among mental health professionals was to reserve the diagnosis of oppositional defiance disorder for children or adolescents who exhibited uncontrollable defiance toward their parents and teachers.”

The case of 26-year-old decorated Marine Brandon Raub—who was targeted because of his Facebook posts, interrogated by government agents about his views on government corruption, arrested with no warning, labeled mentally ill for subscribing to so-called “conspiratorial” views about the government, detained against his will in a psych ward for standing by his views, and isolated from his family, friends and attorneys—is a prime example of the government’s war on veterans.

BREAKING: Ground Around Los Angeles Moving Sideways!

Ancient Humans Breed with Completely Unknown Species

new study presented to the Royal Society meeting on ancient DNA in London last week has revealed a dramatic finding – the genome of one of our ancient ancestors, the Denisovans, contains a segment of DNA that seems to have come from another species that is currently unknown to science. The discovery suggests that there was rampant interbreeding between ancient human species in Europe and Asia more than 30,000 years ago. But, far more significant was the finding that they also mated with a mystery species from Asia – one that is neither human nor Neanderthal.

Scientists launched into a flurry of discussion and debate upon hearing the study results and immediately began speculating about what this unknown species could be.  Some have suggested that a group may have branched off to Asia from the Homo heidelbernensis, who resided in Africa about half a million years ago. They are believed to be the ancestors of Europe’s Neanderthals.


Genesis 6:1-3

And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them,

That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose.

And the Lord said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years.

According to whistleblower info, CERN has had a major disaster of containment

w/videosAccording to whistleblower info, CERN has had a major disaster of containment, with water geysers jetting into the air and a 10 to 24 foot section of the main collider destroyed due to non-stop beam malfunction – no mainstream media has the slightest idea. This occurred back on Friday the 13th (!!!)

See at:

Malware caught checking out credit cards in 54 luxury hotels

Read more:

Flu shots and chemotherapy are ‘systemic health care frauds’ warns Mike Adams in Health Revolt interview

When it comes to flu shots, “You have incompetent people injecting ignorant people who make a drug for crazy people,” says Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, referring to the bizarre and tragically ironic case of the New Jersey nurse who injected 70 people with flu vaccine using the same syringe.

What makes this nearly unbelievable story so ironic is that the 70 people subjected to injection with the same dirty needle were all employees of a pharmaceutical company that manufactures injectable drugs used to treat schizophrenia.

It doesn’t get much weirder than that…

Govt Denies Hungry Families Thanksgiving Food Because a Pro-Cannabis Group Donated It

5:20 pm
All we did was do one thing together and this house is like fairyland.  Isaac cleaned the bathroom and vacuumed and George hung twinkly lights around the now-once-again dining room while Josh folded clothes and I made the air smell like a holiday.  This house was made for twinkly lights.  All the windows are beveled glass so for every light you get a whole lot of twinkle.  The men rearranged the furniture last night after Isaac ambushed me and I went to bed in tears.  He punched a hole in my hollow-core bedroom door which I covered this morning with a cheery yellow paper plate with a smiley face drawn with arched eyebrows.   It’s nice to see some passion but seriously, like father like son.  He has bandaids on his knuckles this morning.  At least Josh knows enough to use a sword.  All three of them, honestly.  I just beat Isaac at chess, that was amazing, I haven’t played for at least ten years.  Josh set up the fireplace room, with a game table centered right in the middle.  It’s very comfortable and I’m enjoying trying out the new spaces they created while I was feeling abused just because Isaac is having a hard time coming to grips with truth.  These are fine people.  “Thank you, Lord.”
11:58 am
Isaac, redux.
Here’s another good question:  What if Adam is really writing all this stuff for me?  I had visions you know, and writing is effortless.  When I used to write papers I was very methodical.  That was before cut-and-paste so I actually copied articles and cut them into pieces and stuck them to cards.  Then I would rearrange them and write text between them and piss and moan and finally decide it’s OK.  Not anymore.  I write perfect sentences all day and all night and they usually make sense and sometimes they’re pretty profound.  What about this hive-mind thing?  You know they’ve wanted it.  What if your mom got to be one of the first assimilated by the Borg? Don’t you want to investigate this and build me a website so we can get rich?  Something’s gotta give for both of us and for Josh. When you’re in California talk my dad into letting us camp out for a few months in the city.  We ALL NEED IT.  Thanks.  Love to you.  Amen.
11:40 am
Isaac, this is a good question.  Do you know your own mind well enough that you could identify artificial thoughts?  Has your meditation practice provided you a similar ability to what years of hours of Spirit-prayer gave me?  I’d love to discuss these things with you when you realize these false influences.  When we both realize how pervasive are the artificial thoughts I think we’ll be stunned by a couple things.  For one thing, I know I’ll be amazed, because I ALWAYS AM, at how perfectly has been the leading of Jesus, theChrist.  I am .  I stand amazed all the time.  We will hold hands and watch your dream-ship pull up the river …with tears of joy running down our cheeks.  Your mother and your father meant nothing but good for any person they ever met. Even one another.   They invested much time and money in helping others.  We got TARGETED and nobody helped us.  Except Adam.  Selah.  <3  Oh, yeah.  We’ll also be stunned because God kept us ‘in the world but not of the world’.  (The Bible is true.  You should read it.)
11:21 am
I made a cheesecake for our dinner tomorrow.  Yesterday I put sweet potatoes  together with apricots and orange juice cooked with butter and dark brown sugar.  The turkey is brining  in a kettle as it thaws, and I made cranberry relish to which I added grated apple AFTER the berries had been cooked with orange rind oil.  I made a dish of lime and cream cheese seafoam with crushed pears but that will probably be eaten today.  The men arranged the furniture and I’m very grateful.  George cleaned the carpeting last weekend and not only have I not suffered another flea bite, but the tahini-oil-stain in front of my spice closet is gone.  The carpeting’s been cleaned a couple times since that spill but the mess never came out before.  I don’t know if anybody’s coming to dinner.  We’ve invited a few people. But no matter, we will be here and we matter.
 I love these people a lot and it is a joy to cook nice dinners for them.  That’s why I do it all the time.  I love Truth more than I love my sons.  That’s just the way it is.  George bought some firewood for which I am also grateful.  I like to know there’s something to burn in case the lights go out.  I found two beers this morning that George apparently purchased for me after he withheld my legitimate pay because he had to pay for my haircut.  I wonder what he’d do if I got my teeth cleaned?  It seems that he’s more invested in CONTROLLING my income, than he is in depriving me of it.  No?  It doesn’t matter because he couldn’t even recognize if that were the case. He is guileless and unteachable.  I will do my best to see that he has a nice dinner with his sons tomorrow.  I do that all the time.
God can turn this all around, and He will.
Nothing surprises God, He knows what He has in mind for me and for my sons.  Everything that happens is to further that goal.
Dear Isaac,
If I understand rightly, you were angry with me because of 1) I don’t stand up for myself, and 2) because I do.  You accuse me of breaking some kind of trust with your father when what I did was exactly because I trusted him.  I told him everything that happened to me and I’d swear by it all today.  I said:  “I’m having these sexual pictures and they’re not coming from me.”  You should know a couple things.  How do you think I knew there was somebody in my head that started me on this 7 year truth-quest just a couple years ahead of Edward Snowden’s revelations and just in time for the first international Covert Harassment Conference?  It was exactly BECAUSE I did not think about having sex with Adam!  That’s what’s in the journals, trying to convince him.  They’re like, “Hey MORON, you and I both know this never happened and I’m not liking it in my head.”
 I DID NOT fantasize about him for a number of very good reasons. For one thing, I spent a lot of years disciplining my mind, particularly regarding sex.  I  was raped as a child and learned about sex from my dad’s smut and I was most fastidious.  But also,  the love I have for him was so instantaneous and all encompassing that sex seemed pretty puny.  I wanted to be PART of him.  (That’s why I encourage you not to settle.)  (Or sleep around.)  (It might happen to you sometime and you can’t pray it away.)  Also, I promised God in 2008 that I would ‘hold him’ at a ‘Gathering of the Eagles’ in Washington DC with Nita Johnson.  Plus, later on I agreed to carry his spirit up here from downstate.  PLUS, God said Adam is an angel and I should trust him.  I have no real evidence of an angelic de Angeli but God’s never lied before.  So.  GET OVER IT.  I love you.  Your father has NO REASON not to trust me…except my father’s slander.  I am wrongly accused and maligned and I’m getting pretty tired of it.
He docked my pay right?  Wanna see an experiment?  I’ll ask him to buy me a pack of cigarettes and he’ll do it without a comment.  No shit.  I kept track of lots of things I wouldn’t have believed unless I took notes.
Open your eyes.
Love from,
Your mother
I  made Sarah Bernhardts and took a plateful up to my dad’s house and left them in front of his door at 2:55 am with this letter:
Dear Dad,
Sometimes I don’t think I can stand another day being treated like I am.  Today was one of those days.  Then God reminds me that he has an amazing plan for me and my sons.  He reminds me that every bruise (I’m bloodied again.) is towards that purpose and he knows exactly what he’s doing.
Please apologize to my sons and George so I may have respect again.
George docked my pay because I got a haircut.  He was my husband, and we shared decisions and a bank account.  One sentence from you would fix our lives.  Thank you.  Enjoy.  L.  <3


5:54 am

Putin Long Dead Says Ex-Wife (Video)

Why does James Corbett stay in Japan?  Is Dawson there too?  Not Pillato but somebody.

Basic Primer for Detectives and Psychic Knowledge

“Objects retain energy from every electromagnetic field that has EVER touched them. So, a gun has the violent energy of not only the person that used it in the particular time/place, but every time he’s used it violently, anytime anyone else has used it violently.”
(That guy who worked with Moog says the same thing.  white hair.  SERIOUS CHristian.  I can’t think of his name.  Please help me.  out west    thank you
David Van Koevering)
“Trance Time is also financially costly.”
“The only variable from here is how talented are you and your psychic. Psychics are not equal, just as people are not equal in their talents. Most of the insights from above come from a psychic who has had significant documentation of talent, in several aspects of the psychic spectrum of skills, everything from future events to levitation. No spoon bending – didn’t ask, or poltergeisting – levitation with a push. Reference of abilities:
(OMG, I almost really believed I was done with this UNDERAPPRECIATEDBLOG.   But here I am.  Every time I think I can just up-and-go-get my destiny, I see my parents are like hydras with their noses and bony-fingers into everything about me that I never even wanted in the first place.  I sent my dad and my witnesses a couple pertinent texts this morning, and I am duty-bound to record said communications.)

Fear not those who argue but those who dodge.

Wow, maybe nobody loves me after all.
Thanks.  I like that much better.
This morning I was thinking about all the great men and women that the Lord has used in extraordinary ministries. I was wondering why most of those who are called to be a voice for the Lord, or who have ministries of miracles, signs and wonders have been through so much adversity throughout their lives, but then I heard the Holy Spirit say, they are “The Lazarus generation”. These are men and women on the front lines whom I have loosed from a death sentence and have chosen as My end time warriors. Then I seen Jesus removing their grave clothes.

November 19, 2015
(“You GO GOD.”) (“Amen.”)
I seen Jesus removing grave-clothes too.  And I also seen him locking up those who lied against the voice of the true prophetic.  I seen orange jumpsuits and zip-cord handcuffs which are fashionably presentable in court.  The accused faces the judge with nary a piece of his/her former life; re:   you may carry nothing of worldy value that you think might impress a judge.  Or a bailiff.  Or against a defendant-slash-plaintiff who has been entirely victorious against your fraudulent claims and nefarious efforts of destruction.  Or against any judge who I seen lying to take his/her seat.  (I really wasn’t going to post anymore posts, and I was going to finish the wood-fire mural on the kitchen wall that has not been touched for a year and the masking tape is still over the corners and I’d really like to be creative rather than destructive but destroying non-functional foundations is the first step of building something durable.  Amen.  Sigh.  I’m so very lonely.)  But, soon I will be released into service and I’m trying to imagine that imagining things is not unholy.  Were I truly free I could imagine all manner of goodness and pleasure.  I could imagine menus that would appease the conscience even as it subdued the palate to absolution of all tastes unwarranted, and all kills un-justified.  Eating can make us sane.  If we would allow it to do so.  But, soon eating will be a rare pleasure and we’ll watch others eat with lust in our hearts and violent intent.  Some of us.  Not me.  I don’t really have to eat.
You know what?  This is crazy.  I use ‘parentheses’ for my thoughts as I record my own life!!!!  Jesus died for me.  He did that for ME and my parents’ bullshit is yet so deeply embedded in my reality and my efforts, that I cannot EVEN SPEAK UP FOR MYSELF WITHOUT PARENTHESES AROUND MY WORDS!!!  I am not an after-thought.  I am not an ‘unwanted-pregnancy’ just because my parents were too selfish to actually want to serve another creature under even the tenderest circumstances.  I won so stinking bad that if my dad walked into this house today and shot me between the eyes I’d praIse Jesuse before the bullet took me to my real dad.  The same slug would take my worldly gamete-doner to hell.  I got nothin’ to say about any of it.  “Thank you, Jesus.  I love you.  I love my worldly father.  Please have mercy on him and draw him to you, to truth.  Amen.  I love you.  TTYL.  Linda.  Amen.”
(“ps.  Jesus.  I am a tiny bit concerned that my earthly ‘father’ might try to kill my ex-husband whom you love and for whom you plan great things.  If I am wrong about my earthly ‘father’s’ intentions, please give me peace.  You planned all of this before I was born.  I give you my life and the lives of all those I love and of all those to whom I am related.  I can’t wait to see your face and to feel your presence every single minute of every single day.  Do what you gotta do.  Just don’t let me miss my directions.  I’m so willing because you’re the only one who knows the future.  I am also so very prone to err.  Stop that about me please.  <3  L”)
I want to knit, or to sew, or to cook a feast or to paint or to play music.  I do not like this drudgery.  My life is not my own I know, but I’m guessing that JESUS doesn’t like this any more than I do.  Selah.
George doesn’t know it but he broke my heart.  Our sons don’t understand it either; and unless they do I don’t expect they’ll every be satisfied by a relationship with a devoted woman.  He stopped trusting me and he broke my heart and he lost his mind because I Ioved him and he turned his back on love because he chose to trust my dad who is a liar and a braggart and a silly small person.  George had the entire world, but he chose instead,  my hurting-father’s definition.  I had nothing to do with his demise.  I guess that’s pretty obvious.  Amen.  I am and have always been an all-or-nothing woman.  I am not gender-fluid and I am not apologetic for expecting things from a man when I am engaged in promoting our objectives’ feminine-counterpart.  BUT,  “God forgive me”…I CANNOT BE BOTH A MAN AND A WOMAN!!!  (Even Caitlyn and Chelsea know that.)  We choose our role, perhaps, and you’ll have to convince me but yet and still…we cannot choose beyond our ability to believe.   ‘Gender-fluid’ is mind-numbingly putrid,  and that  IS the end-goal of all of the most important people I’ve seen. They will submit and extend.  I am not fluid at all.  Nothing flows through this consciousness without standing to attention in the presence of the CREATOR AND REDEEMER OF ALL MANKIND… and wearing concrete-boots if need be.  I do not love my earthly life more than I love my perverted parents.  I DO NOT LOVE MY EARTHLY LIFE MORE THAN I LOVE MY PERVERTED PARENTS.  I DO NOT LOVE MY EARTHLY LIFE MORE THAN I LOVE MY PERVERTED PARENTS.  (HEY, Y’all.  If they do not speak to me after multi-universe protestations then they are seriously fucked up, right?  I mean, we’re keeping records right?  906-291-1376)  (ADAM KNOWS that George broke my heart.  My sons cannot even recognize the extent… of their father’s betrayal… of their mother; George doesn’t even know it himself.  God bless him.  But although I haven’t even seen him for MANY YEARS, Adam knows that George broke my heart.  Do I love that, or do I spit at the universe?)
I’m checking the headlines for Trish.  You never know.  I prayed for her for many years.
Image result for patricia morris images
Wow, there are a lot more Trish Morrises than there are Linda Goldthorpes.
Image result for patricia morris images
Like this one:  Image result for patricia morris images
And this one:   Image result for patricia morris images
This is Trish Morris:
And so is this:   Image result for patricia morris images
I really miss the Patricia Morris I thought I knew.  I’ve got nothing invested in taking anybody down, not even my dad or Glenn Wilson.  I am totally invested in truth.

10:12 am

Geoengineering now becoming a global business, while mainstream media and government continue to deny the truth

Through the years, cloud seeding chemists have introduced new ways to manipulate the weather using planes and mass aerial dispersal of chemicals. Today, there are entire companies that specialize in controlling the weather; for instance, one European company charges wedding planners $150,000 to guarantee a rain-free wedding day. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reports that 55 cloud seeding projects took place last year in the US alone.
“Extrapolation”- to thrust into a new area of experience and activity.  That’s what my sons and I really need.  Josh is tired all the time.  He’s too tired to do things he’d like to do.  His job sucks life out of him.  He belongs to God so he will have renewal soon.  I’m imagining a lot of good things for him.  He’s so responsible.  We all are.
It is without question that the remote-neural-monitors know about the existence of human spirit-bodies and souls and all that stuff.  They probably just pack up their notes every week and truck them over to the Vatican so they can be locked up with all the other good stuff that nobody else ever gets to see.  Many physical/mental responses happen according to spiritual experiences, and my government monitors these things.  They’ve got tons of evidence… and they’re scared to death of people like me.  They know that a certain body of people are influenced extra-terrestrially.  And they know that nothing they could ever code into the A-[capital]-I-whirl-i-gig will ever permit them to predict our behavior.  Therefore they cannot predict the results of any behavior we may randomly choose to undertake. That’s the truth of our situation on planet Earth.  They don’t even have to believe in God to know the fear of the Lord.  Scientists are most fearful.  As they should be.  If they deny the evidence they are failure-scientists as well as failure-humans.  They know the ramifications of all those things because they took Psych 101.  “Ooga-booga.”
Oh, wow, everything lately is about Isaiah 61.  This is Jesus’ reason for approaching this fallen planet.  This is also now our raison d’etre.  Nothing else matters, but the life of Jesus, which is our life.  Our only life.

Colorado Springs, CO


November 17, 2015

I am calling forth those who I have destined to be My soldiers. Come and advance My Kingdom, and invade earth with heaven. March forward and advance My Kingdom. Declare My truths, walk in My righteousness, walk in My authority and stand on My promises.

My Soldiers put on the full armor that I have provided. They hearken and obey My voice. I am the Commander and Chief, The King of Kings. My soldiers are so in love and committed to Me that they desire to execute and follow through on My plans no matter what the personal cost is to them.

For I am moving through My soldiers of light who will move forward throughout the world from sea to sea. They will share My Resurrection Life and destroy the darkness over this world. They will bring forth My healing and deliverance, and set the captives free. For who I set free will be free to move forward and follow after Me.

Isaiah 61 “The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me because the Lord hath anointed me to preach good tidings unto the meek. He hath sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives and the opening of the prison doors to them that are bound.”

Our Commander and Chief God has called us to be His soldiers advancing His Kingdom, and to teach and train the saints for the work of the ministry. His desire is that none shall parish, but that all shall have eternal life. So arise His soldiers of Light and speak forth with authority and power. Destroy the darkness in this world by declaring his oracles, led by His Spirit.

Does anybody recognize what amazing focus I’ve demonstrated?  I’ve spent two and a half years on the same ten websites and I’ve compulsively recorded my life to no avail.  I’m seeking a friend for the end of the world and I still have no friends or allies.  I am obsessive-compulsive and otherwise neurotic…but I am also  demonstrably one of the few Goldthorpes who is not viscerally character-impaired.  Yet, “insanity is repeating the same thing over and over and over,  when it always, always, always turns out the same.”  Lights out.  Love you all.  906-291-1376.  906-586-4629.  Call ahead and I’ll cook to order.
Those women who lied about me and then died?   (They’re all in my first book.)
Mary was not yet sixty.
Kriste was maybe 40?  Maybe not.
Carole wasn’t sixty yet.
Margaret was maybe 57.
I’m checking the headlines for Trish.  You never know.  I prayed for her for many years.

White House Won’t Tell Governors Where Refugees Being Sent

Nov.19: Over a dozen governors from both parties joined the conference call, which was initiated by the White House after 27 governors vowed not to cooperate with further resettlement of Syrian refugees in their states.
TERROR ALERT–Giant catfish are so scary that life-long fishermen refuse to get into their boats anymore!

“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!” ~ Audrey Hepburn

“OH, yeah.  Narcissist-rage.  Thanks.”
5:42 am

Does ISIS Exist? Some Say No

Dr. Ron Paul




In Syria Christians have always been much safer than they have ever been in Israel.  In Iran Jews sit in government, and Christians are safer than those few who remain in Bethlehem.  American Christians have been deceived about Israel.  I don’t believe that a messy desk is the sign of a healthy mind, but a healthy mind sometimes MUST make a mess.

1 Chronicles 16:29-31

29 Give unto the Lord the glory due unto his name: bring an offering, and come before him: worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness.

30 Fear before him, all the earth: the world also shall be stable, that it be not moved.

31 Let the heavens be glad, and let the earth rejoice: and let men say among the nations, The Lord reigneth.

Thou shalt not plow with an ox and an ass together.
(This one just hit me like a hammer between the eyes.)
Dogfood ads always promote shininess and stamina.  If they’d formulate a nutritional supplement to kindliness, I might bite.
I’m looking for the scripture passage that says, in effect:  If you’ve got any activity happening it’s going to make a mess before it becomes profitable.  The Bible says something about a barn staying nice and clean as long as it doesn’t house any animals.  I can’t find the verses for the life of me.  Somebody’s playing a joke on me.  I usually find even things I’m not looking for!
7:22 am
One of my favorite stories about angels comes from Guatemala.  A Christian man, a medical doctor, was killed in a city-traffic accident.  Time stopped as he died, and angels came to the car and fixed his body.  Everybody all around was kind of suspended.  I remember that the angels closed his chest-cavity but refused to mend some small abrasion.  The doctor said, “Wait!  Where are you going?  You fixed 1, 2, 3…but you didn’t fix this?”  The angels replied (or one of the angels, I imagine…), “We have to leave something for the doctors to do.”  That’s the world I live in.  Anyway,  when the doctor regained (actually, when he LOST…) consciousness, his shirt was covered in blood and his chest was not injured.  Everybody who witnessed the accident were just beginning to react, stepping off the curb, recoiling in horror, etc.  This was years ago and we’ll soon witness regular incidents of amazing interventions from the spirit realm.  These interventions will be good for us and some will not be good for us.  We will not always be able to tell the difference, since both the good spirits and the bad spirits will do magic.  Think on these things.
When I say ‘He’ it was a person who I knew wasn’t of this world. It was a Heaven sent person in an angelic form. And at that point he just lifted me up and I went with him. He pulled me out and we started getting further away from the accident site. At that point I know I left my body. I know I did. He told me I could look back if I wanted to, but I didn’t want to. And the further we got away from the accident site the more peace I felt – such peace. And the love? The love can’t be explained; we’re too finite in our words. It can’t be explained in human terms. The love, like you are going home. 
(Angel-love is really hard to explain.)  (It’s pretty addicting.)

A dentist faces up to 10 years in prison for arranging to have sex with a 12-year-old girl in exchange for prescription painkillers and cash.

OMG!  This is a betrayal of trust on so many levels I don’t even have to comment.

This is interesting:   On the 13th November 2015 during the Paris attacks, 4.1 million people submitted their personal details to the Facebook Safety App, 360 million people received Facebook messages reassuring them of their friends and family’s safety. This information may well have been deposited into an Israeli intelligence bank.
3:51 am

Syrian President Bashar Assad considers Russia’s Vladimir Putin as the “only defender of Christian civilization one can trust.”

Read more:

Do you ever look into a new person’s face and just know that you two will never connect about anything at all?  You don’t even try because you can tell from their eyes that it’s pointless.  Unless some major event occurs that supernaturally deposits you and your acquaintance on the same level of pertinent reality, superficiality will be your only life-raft through the murky encounter to the sheltered shoal of sane solitude.  Other times you see real shrewdness in eyes that adamantly refuse connection; like you know he’s on the same page but there’s no way he’ll ever let on because that would relinquish some adversarial advantage imagined by his wounded, petulant psyche.   That describes my mom, and then my dad.
I’d like a quicker path into real conversation than trivia, but that’s always how we begin.  I’d also like to think that psychopaths and malignant narcissists have a harder time manipulating smart people, but I don’t think that’s so.  They flatter really well because they know what they’d like people to say about them.  That’s one way you can tell you’re being manipulated, if you know them well:  they will praise things that you don’t personally give a rip about.  Their shallow values are on display, if you pay attention.  They don’t even TRY to empathize or consider the target’s personal values.  Or taste.  Or schedule.  Or budget.  Or commitments.  (The more I think about this stuff the more amazed I am that I was so-long deceived by psychopathic parenting.  I didn’t even know what love was!!!  And I BELIEVED I was a piece of shit like they always said!)  (Unrequited love makes you become a really hard worker though.)
America is being invaded, and Europe too.  We lost  WWIII, and we are being occupied.  America is under foreign occupation. America is dead.  We must save what can be saved.  We must care about people and not about systems.  We must share and quit lying.  We must lay down our lives for one another and we must dare to communicate.  We must spill our guts before somebody does it for us.  Being split asunder is fatal, whether the blow comes from a sword of metal or a sword of WORDS!  (Somebody in my family must have been paying attention in Sunday School.)
“Dear Lord, please give me better words to say if you want me to keep writing to my parents.  They’re so very hard!  HARD!  For seven years they have refused what your word VERY CLEARLY SAYS THEY MUST DO.  Your Word says they shouldn’t write a single check to the church until they have made things right with those who have something against them.  They’re FRAUDS and I want so badly to stop saying so!  I dislike this job!  Please could I cook and plan parties for people who are truthful?  Could I work at that nice gas station in West Virginia?  Could I be FINISHED with this project?  Would you release the restoration?  Would you fill us all with Love and Truth so that we can start over with untainted relationships?  May I please have my money so I can begin what you want me to do?”  (“I guess I have just as much as I need and I’m doing what you want.”  “Sorry.”)
“Also can my mom not be so stinking ANGRY ALL THE TIME?  They got mad at me because I was trying to OBEY YOU so I know you won’t let this stand.  Who do they think they are?  They INTERFERED with EVERY ASPECT OF MY LIFE…and they’re mad at me?  Please give them a brain or two, and please give me resolution.  Nevertheless, this is your project and I am your servant and my life is not my own.  I gave my life for others and the fact that nobody has chosen to receive it is a subject between you and them.  Please fill me with love and give me patience.  Please give my sons Truth and opportunity.  Please give us all a whole lot of love.  Amen.”
Isn’t that a patient dog?  God makes His ministers as ‘barking dogs.’  (Also flames of fire.)
From whence come wars and fightings among you? come they not hence, even of your lusts that war in your members?
4:15 pm

“Never explain, never complain.”  (Kate Moss)

Sweden Connects Israel To Paris Terror Attacks, Relates Treatment Of Palestinians To Violent Extremism

ISIS may now have a tactical nuke in San Francisco

(How long do we actually believe we may as individuals remain mentally-stable with this kind of senseless unpredictable violence may strike us dead at any moment?  We must have a relationship with God or we will eventually succumb.)

“There comes a time when mocking the messenger will no longer prevent the ramifications of the Truth.”

Steve Quayle: ISIS Attack Will Lead To Armageddon!


“This is not immigration.  We are under invasion.”
“We’re under attack.  We’re in a state of war.”
“When your freedom dies, you’re the next to die.”
We are utterly helpless.  Our world is poisoned and radioactive.  Other creatures force us to receive injections of unknown toxins and biological manipulants.  We would shop wisely and nourish ourselves,  but the available foodstuffs are fraudulently packaged and we can’t know what’s in the boxes.  The law says we are not permitted to know.  That law was passed by other creatures who make decisions for us.  We pay these thinkers, to do our thinking for us.  We also pay priests to seek after God in our stead.  When we need a miracle we go to these priests who post selfies with stethoscopes around their necks.  They have very trusty-smiles.  We permit them to pass judgment over our lives and our souls.  We confess to them and they prescribe penance.  We suck it up because we know we deserve what we’re getting, we deserve what we are.  They tell us, “You are cancer.”  Even worse, they sometimes tell us, “Your PRECIOUS CHILD is cancer.”  Then they tell us what we must do to appease the monsanto-cancer-gods.  They can’t ever  guarantee that the ritual will actually work, but hell, isn’t that the way it is with the supernatural?  And isn’t medicine supernatural to the suffering?  Who among us would not have kissed a sainted hippo-cratic ass in search of a painkiller on a particularly painful day?  But, we daren’t take a pill without sanction of the priests.  They judge us and they spy for the government and they sell us poisons so the manufacturers will provide kickbacks to the priest-doctors who frequently have a meltdown when somebody they love gets cancer.  Fake priests will suffer the most.  That’s a given.
I made a mincemeat pie and boiled chicken.  I made dough for spinach dumplings which I will simmer in the chicken broth, and tomorrow I’ll add vegetables and put the chicken back into the broth to serve over biscuits.  I used some chicken for a bowl of spicy sesame noodles with cilantro and peppers.  I’m watching the movie where Matt Damon becomes a cyborg because he got a full dose of radiation and he’ll die unless he goes to the breakaway civilization where he can be cured but he can’t get there unless he pulls one last crime.  I guess he was a famous crook.  This scenario is not strange.  Every day I reed details of each aspect of Damon’s problem and of his task.  This stuff is very real.  Except Jodie Foster.  I’ve never seen her more fake.  This show is like a cartoon or something.  Everything is way over-the-top.  What are we expected to see?  What should we observe instead?
4:16 pm
I can’t watch this movie.  I tried.


8:48 am
I made pancakes and ham for Josh, buttermilk kind.  His lunch has chicken souvlaki with tzatiziki, ripe olives and pickled banana peppers and kale ricotta spanikopita.   I gave him a few of the amaretti I bought to make Sarah Bernhardts for my dad because the pumpkin pie I made yesterday is all gone.  He asked why I make cookies for my dad.  I told him the Bible says I should feed those who persecute me and take care of backstabbers.  I think he kind of liked it.  I told him about the verse that says we should do good things for our enemies and thereby pour hot coals of fire on their heads.  He sees strategic wisdom in that.
Targeted Individuals are victims of Jade-Helm, a software program under covert Skynet butchering TIs to slow death, cooking innocents in America, on America soil.
 Rather than dissident round up or immediate martial law it appears to be preparing a control grid that is based on AI predictive programming to predict human movement and behavior during social unrest that we all know is coming and being created intentionally by the establishment. There are great references in here as well as documentation, and the person doing the video is very clear, calm, and concise. Jade Helm appears to be Skynet on steroids.
7:19 am

Why a Narcissistic Mother Needs a Scapegoat

The scapegoat is the truth-teller in the midst of this great pretender’s sticky web of lies, secrets and pretense.  This child can do no right in the eyes of the narcissistic mother and often can do no right in the eyes of the entire family.   The other children quickly learn it is OK for them to blame the scapegoat too.  As the narcissistic mother skillfully manipulates every member of the family she also will rewrite history, or twists reality beyond all recognition to be sure this child takes the blame. 
I grew up in the midst of abject mental illness.  I don’t think my dad was always entirely character-flawed, but his weakness worked into really psychopathic tendencies.  Our house was psychotic when I was a kid and the best place to hide mental illness is in the regurgitation of everybody else’s symptoms.  As I learn about the roles developed by the actors, I’m reminded of my mother’s many discussions about mental illness.  She defined the individual characters using OTHER PEOPLE’S FAMILIES.  She taught me about scapegoats!!  And I couldn’t ever see that I was one.  She taught me about a lot of pathology I already knew from experience.
My father would sometimes remain angry for an entire month.  No communication.  Rather than ask for the salt, he’d walk around the table to get it.  He was violently angry and extremely paranoid for a lot of my childhood.  His rage was so compressed that he kinda bounced when he walked.  Mom just bailed, and I don’t really blame her,  she was only a teenager.  She went to school all the time, sometimes she even had an apartment in another town.  Sick, sick family, and they wanted us to be perfect-looking and on parade all the time, manipulating our activities etc.  It’s a really sad life they’ve had and it’s nice to know that Jesus can redeem those years and restore what never was.
 He can pour so much love and forgiveness and acceptance and joy on my parents that they can stop pretending and finally look me in the eye and speak truthfully to my sons.  They could enjoy the apocalypse as much as I am.  Failing that, their hearts will stop for fear probably.  That’s what the Bible says.  Nobody gets out of here by the skin of his teeth, the options are far different. Our choice is not between eternal death and mere survival; those who survive will grow into mighty overcomers of Truth and Love! They will never permit a lie to sully their joy and they heal everybody they encounter.  I can hardly wait to raise the dead!
 “Dear Lord, thank you that I’m not vomiting anymore. I still don’t feel very well and I’d like to fast again if you’ll help me.  It was a hard night after dealing with my mother’s blame-shifting.  Thank you that she is finally communicating with me after all these years of stonewalling.  Give me divine love for her and allow me to see her through your gentle eyes of compassion and destiny.
“Lord, when I used to age, I learned to recognize the growing horror as one’s flesh-box shrinks-tighter and becomes less able and agile.  It’s TERRIBLY frightening when the world becomes progressively less accessible.  My mom is already half-titanium, and she’s certainly experienced more months physically incapacitated than most people.  Would you give her an amazing blessing?  How about an amazing physical blessing that would allow her to experience freedom of her body and abilities.  Give her a mind for possibilities rather than excuses and scape-goating.  Give her a purpose!  She seems utterly purposeless, and that’s gotta be hard.  Give her love for other beings sufficient that she might sacrifice on their behalf, and learn the joy of living like you.  Speak to her heart with ideas for connecting, really connecting.  Take away her need for doo-dads and glamour, let her love a child.  Fill her with your Spirit so that all worry is pushed right out of her as the wrinkles are smoothed from her forehead.  Love her actually Jesus, please?  Love her practically, in a way that she can recognize.  Please impress on her the lateness of the hour, in Earth terms as well as her own opportunity for a well-eternity.  Give her joy Lord.  Give her much Truth, but give her also much joy.  Thank you for my mom.  She taught me to cook a little.  Amen.”
6:24 pm
6:20 pm
MOM,  you sound so dumb!  Do not presume that actions of this household are due to my influence.  You and dad destroyed my influence as you intended.  You will deal with what you constructed.  I’ll get a really nice house somewhere.  
6:00 pm
Actually I didn’t send all that.  I did send other texts to my DADMOMDAVID.  It’s been a year since David sent me to the CONFERENCE ON COVERT HARASSMENT in Belgium and he has STILL REFUSED TO TALK TO ME ABOUT IT and I really pray that his daughters are not the next RAPE VICTIMS OF HIS TAX DOLLARS.  FOOLISH MAN.
My mom texted me grief about how Dad just bought us more propane and therefore I have no right to expect truth on any topic.  Apparently, she thought I should be grateful for a consideration that was unnecessary until he DESTROYED MY MARRIAGE AND MY REPUTATION.  I overheard George bragging to a guest how ‘he’ was ‘using propane’ this year.  And my MOTHER thinks I should be grateful that my life has been on hold for SEVEN YEARS BECAUSE SHE AND DAD LIED ABOUT ME?  “Dear Lord, please do not strike that stupid heartless woman dead in her tracks.  Thank you.  Amen.”
4:55 pm
Text to MOM:
Sweetie.  It’s all over.  My side won.  All of my compatriots believe that people like you should not be permitted to remain on this earth that we are taking into possession for Jesus, the Christ.  What do you think, Mom?  Should we permit you to remain on terra-sorta-firma?  Do you deserve to live here with those of us who have suffered at the hands of you and other behavior-modification-specialists?  Ooops.  Think real hard.  You have my number although that couldn’t be proven by the TELECOMMUNICATION-DATA  owned in the cloud.  Nobody calls me.  This is because of you and Dad.  I used to have friends and even family.   Mama.  Puny, stinky mama:
By Linda Goldthorpe, discarded protoplasm of Goldthorpe-dynasty-faker-plastic-money-tasteless-(you get the idea.)  I am Linda Goldthorpe and I do hereby swear and attest that my kin are going to HELL really soon unless they permit (and enable aka MONEY) my sons and me to inhabit a PUNY STINKING CONDO in Toronto whereby changing our lives from the CRAP  they (forementioned parties) provided and ENSURED that we live, and    ahem.   permit us to become what GOD ALMIGHTY INTENDS FOR US.  I am VERY SUBMISSIVE.  God wants me to be something VERY DIFFERENT that what is valued by my uneducated puny-ass father.  Please.  Dad.  Stand aside.  I’ll move on.  I’ll write home.  (Mom can read the letters to you.)  You’re a moron but I don’t have to tell you that.  You tell yourself the same thing every day!  My father blasts that reality into the mirror (I know this.  Journals. ) “Robert.  You are a moron.  You must pretend to be smart so people will believe you are smart] and then you will receive the benefits that accrue to people who are smart or else people whom  somebody else believes to be smart.  That sentence sorta fizzledout.   Dad.  Smart is not any big deal.  The stupidest people in history have been very smart. Approval by THE MASONIC ENTERPRISE does not mean that you are smart.  If you wanna be smart, you pray.  “I love you very much Dad but you’re so stupid I can hardly stand it.”   David is a mason, right?  Get him free.  Hell is forever.  JUST DO IT.
5:44 pm
2:35 pm
No response to texts so I sent the following:    DO YOU GUYS REMEMBER JOSH?  …the man for whom I BEGGED ALL OF YOU to provide sanctuary?  You chose to sacrifice him so you could continue gaslighting me.  That’s evil,   but you could do the right thing now, and maybe not burn in hell.  I RECORDED EVERY TIME YOU SENT ME AWAY WHEN I WAS BEGGING FOR HELP FOR HIM.   I’ll watch what happens.  Before you guys, he used to love Jesus.   You THREW JOSH UNDER THE BUSS.  You’ll toast.  Or you’ll give me MY KEY TO MY CONDO.  Or not.  Then Jesus will come and you can speak to him instead of me.
Actually I didn’t send all that.  I did send other texts to my DADMOMDAVID.  It’s been a year since David sent me to the CONFERENCE ON COVERT HARASSMENT in Belgium and he has STILL REFUSED TO TALK TO ME ABOUT IT and I really pray that his daughters are not the next RAPE VICTIMS OF HIS TAX DOLLARS.  FOOLISH MAN.
12:56 pm
Prisoners are given knives to carve Thanksgiving turkeys for poor folk.  They are not permitted to take the knife to their children’s domicile to carve meat for their own kin and loved ones and their own legitimate responsibility.  They’re only good enough to take care of poor-folk.  And, the poor folk must be grateful for all demonstrations of largesse, and they’re grateful for the felons who wait tables.  Our whole world is intent on destroying personal dignity and real responsibility.  We make me puke.

ISIS Calls Hackers ‘Idiots’ After Anonymous Declares ‘War’

(This ought to be good.)

U.S. Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Case of Marine Brandon Raub Who Was Arrested & Locked up in a Mental Hospital for Criticizing the Gov’t on Facebook

 In asking the Supreme Court to hear the case, Rutherford Institute attorneys were seeking to overturn lower court rulings dismissing the case, which characterized concerns over government suppression of dissident speech as “far-fetched.”In rejecting the appeal, the Supreme Court also refused to establish standards to guide and constrain mental health professionals when they seek to commit individuals and to prevent commitment on the basis of a person’s exercise of his right to free speech.

12:35 pm

LOOK! Channel On Staged Terror Events Was Created On the 12th, Then Removed

TEXT TO DAD, and amused witnesses:

“A Swedish language course begins in Toronto in January.  Let’s get Josh enrolled.  I can also begin a course leading to certification as an English teacher.  You must begin to do the right thing sometime.  Today is the first day of the rest of your life.”  (Dad ALWAYS says that…) I added:    “Unless you die.”

3:16 am

BREAKING: U.N. backs effort to replace U.S. dollar as choice of trade

The Paris Attacks: An Open Source Investigation

at The Corbett Report

French Government Knew The Terrorist Attack Would Happen In Paris!

Paris Attack Reported on WIKIPEDIA and TWITTER before it happened !!!

Newly released email shows top aide Huma Abedin warned colleagues Hillary was ‘often confused’ and needed hand-holding about calls with foreign leaders

Hillary Clinton needed hand-holding with her daily schedule and was ‘often confused’ while she was secertary of state, her former top aide and ‘body woman’ Huma Adebin wrote a colleague in a January 2013 email.

The message, to coworker Monica Hanley, followed a back-and-forth about Clinton’s schedule of calls with foreign leaders, including an 8:00 a.m. appointment to speak with Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

‘Have you been going over calls with her for tomorrow? So she knows singh [sic] ls at 8?’ Abedin asked Hanley just before 5:00 p.m. on a Saturday.

‘She was in bed for a nap by the time I heard that she had an 8am call,’ Hanley replied three minutes later. ‘Will go over with her.’

‘Very imp[ortant] to do that. She’s often confused,’ Abedin told her.

Read more:


I’m seeing a new word in a lot of things:  vindicated.  “Why would you want to think about something mediocre when you can think about something absolutely brilliant?”  “Think again.  That’s what repentance means.  Start partnering with the Holy Spirit in how Heaven thinks.”

 All Things Are Possible

Graham Cooke 
“A promise shows you an outcome.  The outcome is designed to increase your faith so you engage with the process.  So when God shows you who He wants you to be, everything between now and you becoming that, every situation and circumstance is designed to enable you to become that person.  So you overcome your problems because you have an outcome.  If you have an outcome it means you’re gonna survive the process.”
“Faith gives you imagination to overcome logic and rationale, by giving you a vision for what God is permitting.”
“You can’t grow in faith if you never have a problem.”
First of all, avatars don’t come out of religions, they establish them. There is a big difference between thinking you are fighting the good fight and justice will be on your side and coming into the room as a rep of the one who makes the rules.  (Les Visible)
Soon enough the mighty are going to fall. Many of them are being driven insane as I type these words. They are going mad. The rudder of stability within their hearts and minds is broken. The times in which they formerly prospered are fading away. The source from which they have drawn their power is being shut down and the power is being rerouted. These are not speculations on my part.  (Les Visible)


“As the French death metal fans were singing along with those lyrics, offering their love to Satan, the Devil responded as the Devil always does. With death and destruction. Now, you go ahead and spin that any way you like, any way that makes you feel comfortable. But as a Bible believer, I know exactly what happened Friday night at 9:40PM GMT in Paris, France. People asked for a manifestation of the Satan, and guess what? They got one.”

Silver Army Men SDBullion
Graham Cooke told a great story.  He was waiting for Jesus, but when He showed up he was stomping and dead-serious as he demanded:  “Give me back my stuff!”  He didn’t mean He wanted those gifts He had given, but the stuff he bled and died to free us from.  He paid for anxiety and worry and it belongs to him.  We are intended to ENJOY THE VICTORY He won for all humanity. We must become a new creature, but He has no desire to work on our old nature.  He died to redeem it because it wasn’t anything worth salvage.  SO, We should not be more sin-conscious than we are God-conscious.   God’s not working on the old man’s problems, He’s working on the new man’s possibilities,  and He’s never late.

“The lab is intentionally reporting nonexistent felonies,” said Frazier, “and the prosecutors are going after medical marijuana patients with these lab reports that are fraudulent.”

Activists believe that Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette may be behind the pressure on the crime lab. In 2008 Schuette led the opposition to the successful initiative. “He’s been opposed to medical marijuana since the get-go and has used his office to circumvent the law,” said Charmie Gholson, a drug policy reform advocate based in Michigan.

Read more at:

Putin Takes The Gloves Off Against The U.S

How funny that I’m finally growing up just in time for WWIII.  Lots of scapegoat-children of malignant narcissists wake up at about my age, and when they realize the extent they have believed lies and suffered sabotage, their lives finally take off.    I’m trying to see only possibilities in every circumstance and I’m considering removing the leash and muzzle from my imagination.  Fancy that.  I’ve fought imagination for my entire Christian experience.  The Bible warns against “vain imaginations” so I guess that necessarily means that some imaginations are NOT IN VAIN.

Gearóid Ó Colmáin reporting for RT admitted a plethora of truth on air recently, including the fact that “ISIS is a creation of the United States,” citing “official sources.”

“There is no war on terror there is a war that is being waged using terrorist proxy groups,” Ó Colmáin said.

“There is no such thing as ISIS.”

‘The French Government just wants to get in on the game inside Syria.’

Is this ludicrous?  We close down an entire college because of one pissed off freshman?  I can’t wait until the feds get all those cells finished so we can all move into them so we’re safe.

Washington College in Chestertown, Maryland will close its campus for a second day after a missing student went home to Pennsylvania to get a gun.

The parents of a sophomore student at the college contacted officials to say he took a firearm from their home, and that they had not been able to reach him since. The college says Chestertown police currently consider the student a missing person.

Read more at:   <a href="[/embed]">

Trial for Baltimore Officer Accused of Killing Dog has Begun

(As of yesterday, one THOUSAND humans have been killed by police officers this year.)See at:   <a href="[/embed]">

Our lives are squished down to the level of the threat we assume by the most fucked-up of our species.  If ANYBODY can act so stupid, then we ALL MUST SUBMIT TO BEHAVIOR CONTROLS WE DO NOT REQUIRE AND OUR LIVES ARE CORRESPONDINGLY TAKEN.

The TRUTH will set you free:

Sheen said one of the reasons he disclosed the news about his health was to stop others from extorting him. He would not disclose how many people he was paying for their silence, but said the payments reached into the millions of dollars to people he once considered in his inner circle.

“What people forget is this is money, money they are taking from my children,” Sheen said, referring to his 5 kids and one grandchild.

“I thought they could be helpful. Instead, my trust turned into their treason,” Sheen said, adding he will no longer pay those people.

“I think I released myself from this prison today,” he said.

(Sheen became a ‘Christian’ some years ago.  Jesus doesn’t take that stuff lightly.)  (He’s also not afraid of AIDS or of a flawed reputation.)

Read more at:   <a href="[/embed]">

Underneath Gardiner Expressway Development

(Video about my new neighborhood!)

See it here:

I’m telling you it makes sense even though I can’t see what ‘Black Lives Matter’ thinks is so terrible about white men.  But, I do have my own personal criticisms.  I don’t really give a shit about my race in any matter except the fictional safety of numbers.  I am not like-minded with anybody I know, not even white people.  All the white men I know (and that is ALL the men I know lately) are WIMPS.  Pussies, woosy, wimpy panty-waists with no conviction and less chutzpah.  So ashamed of the white men I know.  Very disappointing.


(Maybe my parents will listen now that a movie star says it’s so.)

Dartmouth Black Lives Matter protest: “F*** you, you filthy white f***s!”

The protesters were supposedly there to protest decisions made by the University that they disagreed with as well as to show support for the so-called uprising at the University of Missouri. Instead, the #BLM inspired students made complete asses of themselves while showing the world what they really stand for.

An article about the protests published in the conservative Dartmouth Review details what the Black Lives Matter protesters were actually chanting as well as the sick demands they hurled at random students who were simply at the library to study.

(When I was in school, they told me that if you wanted to change the world you shouldn’t interrupt people and scream at them.  We were told to run for elected office.  That takes a lot more time though.)

See more at:   <a href="[/embed]">

4:45 pm

Dad Tells Cops they Need a Warrant to Search Home, So they Kick in his Door & Kill Him

Text to Dad and witnesses:
My sons do not yet know how important I have been to their father’s cogent interaction with the world.  BUT, they DO know I was his only friend and he no longer trusts me.  He wouldn’t let me go to the grocery store alone today!  You better tell the truth old man.   I’m still serving the man I divorced three years ago and he doesn’t even know that’s weird. But you do.

WikiLeaks: Today (Monday) we release 30 hours of tapes related to a billion dollar corruption scandal with links to the White House.

Conspiracy theorists of the world, believers in the hidden hands of the Rothschilds and the Masons and the Illuminati, we skeptics owe you an apology.

You were right. The players may be a little different, but your basic premise is correct: The world is a rigged game. 

See more at:

Understanding Why The Narcissist Initiates & Maintains No Contact With A Target

“A narcissist is paranoid that the target will get revenge on him or her for what he or she has done to the target.”  (I sure know about this one.)

George won’t let me go to the grocery store alone.  We’ve been divorced for three years.  I have served him as well as I can for as long as I could.  He can’t trust me because he trusts my father.    I’m looking forward to Toronto.  It was nice for my dad to come see us last night, after all these years.  It will be nicer to see him when he comes with a checkbook and apology.  Soon.  It makes my cheeks burn that George doesn’t trust me.  
6:00 am
Fukushima’s Political Fallout Puts 
Anti-nuke Researcher On Trial
Durnford has an encyclopedic recall for identifying marine species that few marine biologists can equal. His estimate, four years after the Fukushima nuclear disaster, is that out of more than 2,000 coastal species only about 200 still survive. The absence of any other plausible cause prompted his conclusion that low-level radiation from Fukushima arriving in immense volumes is responsible for the greatest extermination event in human history. His field research shows that the ongoing ecocide of the Pacific is a man-made catastrophe and not a natural disaster, and the nuclear industry bears the entire culpability. For his tireless campaign of gathering a vast body of smoking-gun evidence, Durnford is being persecuted in a modern-day witch trial by the high priests of the nuclear industry.
What is interesting today about the Fukushima-related arrest of Durnford is the eagerness of the Canadian authorities to suppress its own citizens who criticize Japan’s nuclear industry. This is because Fukushima-perpetrator TEPCO is a shareholder in Canada’s largest untapped deposit of high-grade uranium, which began production in September 2015. If ever there was a deal with the devil, it is called, appropriately, Cigar Lake.
Jean Rostand says, in Thoughts of a Biologist: Kill one man, and you are a murderer. Kill millions of men, and you are a conqueror. Kill them all, and you are a god.
Beware of ads that use inaudible sound to link your phone, TV, tablet, and PC
“The ultrasonic pitches are embedded into TV commercials or are played when a user encounters an ad displayed in a computer browser. While the sound can’t be heard by the human ear, nearby tablets and smartphones can detect it. When they do, browser cookies can now pair a single user to multiple devices…”
Read more at:

There’s so much talk about who’s a true Jew, who’s a Palestinian, who’s from the Merovingian bloodline, who’s related to whom, Sumerian roots permeating society – or any of the genetic or esoteric vibrational qualities passed down through generations of careful guardianship.  Perhaps we’re giving too much credence and hence deference to this blood and heritage game. Maybe it has an almost negligible influence on any real scale regarding the reality of our situation here and what we’re to do about it.

It’s just insider trading of power, and these fear based excuses in the mind’s eye of the subjugated are their currency, real or imaginary.

Royalty is the perfect example. Look how many stand in awe and adoration of this obscene pageantry of oppression, actually identifying with it as some sort of wondrous expression of their own personal glory for being subjects to such demeaning high arrogance. This is the definition of insanity if you ask me. Raped inmates adoring their captors, plunderers and abusers.

The emperor has no clothes to those who can see. That’s when the empowerment kicks in.

That’s when we bring them down – with a world theater filled with awakened onlookers laughing uproariously at their foolish, futile and increasingly desperate antics.

Enjoy the ride!

We’ve already won. Now stick it to them bold and unafraid.

The Devil, Bataclan Concert Hall & Friday the 13th Paris Events

France Terror HOAX Operation Gladio on Steroids

James Corbett’s fine research.  Abby straightened her hair.

France Terrorist Attack: Another Psychological Operation

I sure hope my dad lets me move into my condo in Toronto pretty soon.  Josh can sign up for Swedish language lessons that begin in January.  Also I could begin a TEFL course in January.


Prerequisite No prior knowledge of Swedish is required.

Course Objective This course puts emphasis on everyday Swedish and is designed with the absolute beginner in mind. The main objective of the course is to give an ability to use the Swedish language to communicate and exchange basic information. The course will start with the fundamentals such as the alphabet and numbers. You will continue to build vocabulary and incorporate some grammar to create sentences. There will be plenty of
opportunities to practice pronunciation.

After this course, you should be able to:

  • use greetings and farewells and introduce yourself;
  • pronounce in a way that people will understand you;
  • talk about yourself, family, leisure time, studies, work, weather, etc.;
  • use basic structures for communication, asking questions, shopping etc.;
  • use basic structures for making plans and arrangements;
  • understand basic, naturally-spoken Swedish and participate in simple conversations;
  • read basic texts;
  • understand simple written messages, e.g., on the street, in stores, cafés etc.; and
  • write simple messages, text messages, etc. in Swedish.

And finally, you will also be introduced to some Swedish traditions, culture and fun facts. Short video clips, games and team work will bring another lighter aspect to this course.


6:00 pm to 8:00 pm
January 11 – April 11, 2016
Note: No classes on Family Day February 15 and Easter Monday March 28.

$395 plus HST
for one 2-hour session per week for 12 weeks

$690 plus HST, a savings of $100
for both Swedish Level I &  Swedish Conversation Circle Level I


Information about classroom location will be sent 1-2 weeks prior to start of class. Any questions, please contact us at .

Very Strange Occurrence At Our Church This Morning

Posted on 11/15/2015, 7:24:56 PM by Vinylly

This morning as we entered our church we were met by armed security guards. We also noticed a security guard in the back door. They were dress in black uniforms with a white word ‘security’ on their backs. We don’t know how many were in the church. So I am wondering, is this a precaution to what had happened in Paris? We have several Persian Christian refugees that are members in our church and was wondering if these security officials were there for the Persian’s protection? I am wondering if any others on this website witnessed the same precaution this morning at your church. Our church is the First Presbyterian Church in Seattle.

See more at:

5:48 am
 …an important question that affects every documentary photographer in at least one point in their career: “…can I continue working or should I stop and try to help solve the problem I am witness to?”
7:23 am

PROBLEM. REACTION, SOLUTION. Over and over again. And every time there is major “terrorist attack” events like this one, they coincide with DRILLS or EXERCISES that mirror the actual events. Nearly every single time. As was the case once again on Friday the 13th in Paris.

It‘s bigger than Zionists, it‘s bigger than the Jesuits.  It‘s multiple criminal organizations entwined and working together.  Like a board of directors they’re directing this planet into a one-world government.”

“We’re going to lose all our liberties if we don’t wake up our friends, our neighbors, our colleagues to what’s really going on.


See more at:


“You could light the sky on fire and most people wouldn’t know!  We have to wake up from the coma or we have no chance.”

More at:


A stunning new report issued today by the Ministry of Defense (MoD) to the policy makers of the Security Council (SC) states that yesterdays attacks in Paris can be likened to a “ritual massacre” and was “orchestrated/directed” by a secretive “element/cabal” of Freemasons (Masonic/Masons) holding high positions of power within the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the French General Directorate for External Security (DGSE), the British Secret Intelligence Service (SIS/MI6), Israel’s Directorate of Military Intelligence (DMI) and the Vatican.[Note: words/phrases appearing in quotes “” in this report are English approximations for Russian words having no exact language counterpart.

Snow can be used as an excellent substitute for eggs in puddings, pancakes, etc. Two heaping tablespoons snow will take the place of 1 egg, and the recipe will turn out equally well. Use fresh-fallen snow or the under-layers of older snow. The ammonia in snow imparts to its rising properties, and the exposed surface of the snow loses ammonia by evaporation very soon after it has fallen.

dumple, verb

a. [nonce-formation from dumpling.] trans. To make or cook, as a dumpling. Obs.

b. [? < dumpy adj.2] To bend or compress into a dumpy shape.

It‘s impossible to lead people unless you’re going first.”  (Josh)
(I have been dumpled.)

Snowden Vindicated: Judge Slams “Unconstitutional, Orwellian” NSA Bulk Spying

Busted! MSM Caught Saying Geraldo’s Daughter Was at Both the Stadium and Concert Hall

“God crucified all the negatives in Christ Jesus.  So now when a negative shows up we look at it differently; we treat it differently.”  “So I’m not dealing with problems; I’m turning them into possibilities.”  

 All Things Are Possible

“Let’s try to see it as God sees it.  Jesus said, ‘All things are possible.  Only believe.'”
(Graham Cooke)
I am “Powerful, capable, strong and mighty.”  
This is one of my favorite verses lately:  I CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS ME.   

I just love it when my dad shows up and nobody can make Connie shut up except me and she obeys me every time when my dad shows up.  My dad showed up. He knows very well why Connie obeys me.  I’m grateful for his visit;  I suppose I’ll make Sarah Bernhardts tomorrow.  He walked right into the house and managed to maintain civil (if characteristically inane…) conversation for half an hour, and he sampled the kale spanikopita with sausage and ricotta in phyllo, and the Indian pudding,  and the butter tarts with dried cranberries.  (I brought butter tarts to his house earlier but he said he didn’t get one of them.)  Isaac said, “How nice.  He’s reaching out.”  I said, It‘s about BLOODY WELL time.  His brain will soon turn to mush forever if he doesn’t exercise some truth.”   My father owes me a whole lot of money,  and I need some opportunities and my sons really need some opportunities that have been denied us.  And these years of psychopathic isolation and ostracism could be replaced by money.  Dad knows this and Dad will do the right thing pretty soon.  “Thank you, Lord.”
My Catholic friend who lied to me and about me is now dead.  That makes FOUR WOMEN who turned on me that are now dead.  I’m praying for the REST OF THE WOMEN WHO TURNED ON ME.  Especially my niece. Stony heart.
4:22 pm

Halifax police reactivate probe into alleged frat-house rape after Anonymous names accused attacker

A member of Halifax Nova Scotia Anonymous told the National Post they became involved at the request of the woman’s mother, who sent them a message online saying “Help me, please.” Her message has been seen by the Post.
And now, members of the Halifax-based cell of a global hacktivist group warn that police have until Monday to lay charges in the Halloween party incident or Dalhousie University may be taken offline in a cyberattack.

Transgender man reveals shock at learning he was 21 weeks pregnant, the joys of raising his new daughter and the difficulty of being forced to come out

  • Kayden Coleman had been transitioning for 10 years when he learned that he was 21 weeks pregnant
  • He had been off his hormones in preparation for his upcoming mastectomy on his doctor’s orders
  • Kayden and his boyfriend Elijah were married and gave birth to their daughter Azaelia soon after
  • Kayden was forced to come out as transgender to some people, including Elijah’s family, because of the pregnancy

Read more:
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“God is totally committed to your story, and your journey.  He’s not sin-conscious because He took care of that.  He focuses on our righteousness.”  (Cooke)

Emergency Alert: The Great Culling Has Begun – Retired US Army General Warns ‘It’s Already Started And It’s Only Going To Get Worse’

“…doctor-induced death…”

Laibow brings up a recent column done by Stubblebine in which he warns that white males are dying at ever increasing rates in America, “not just ordinary 40-55 mortality deaths but  something special, ominous and predictable and a prelude for something much, much worse if we do nothing.”

In his column, Stubblebine also warns that he predicts more drugs being added to our water and vaccinations ‘to protect us all’ while telling us they’ll be forced upon us without any semblance at all of ‘informed consent’. “You can frankly see (and smell) it coming miles away” the good General tells us.

Longevity for white men between the ages of 40 and 55 has been decreasing at ONE PERCENT A YEAR FOR FIFTEEN YEARS!
“…wise and brave and powerful and happy…He wants to give us a place in the earth.”  (Graham Cooke)
“If you have a revelation from Jesus Christ you can’t un-believe it.  It’s who you are.”  (Paul Keith Davis)
Graham Cooke spoke in Germany and after the last meeting they’d give him a top of the line Mercedes and twenty four hours.  He’d take off at midnight and drive Germany as fast as he could in a great big triangle.  That is an honorarium worth getting.
“Favor is a lifestyle, an expectation of goodness.”
“You will leave the Egypt of doubt and fear and mistrust forever, and you’ll really know what it is to live in a land of promise.”
“Persist in favor, and you will leave doubt and fear and mistrust forever.”

Graham Cooke – Favor As A Lifestyle

“There are unclaimed upgrades all over this room…because we lack the confidence to bring them down.”
Is it so that if we value ourselves more, others will value us more as well?   I am being treated very well lately.  I think I’d like to have a little restaurant.  That would probably require all kinds of payola in Toronto, but it would be great to have my own lunch counter, and Josh and Isaac could both have jobs when they wanted.  I hope my dad gets smart pretty soon.
5:07 am
This is the way all you guys remember the sky when you were a kid, right?
Image result for chemtrail pictures over fort worth
Hey, did they change reality again; is this another example of the ‘Mandela Effect’?  Who wrote “The Winter of our Discontent”?  I just started reading it a few months ago and I was pretty sure it was written by Hemingway. (That’s why I started reading it.)   This morning I found out that Steinbeck wrote it and I’m questioning reality.  I don’t do that as much as non-Jesus-people because I focus nearly full-time where I’m told, so I don’t really care about the rest.  Sure is a good thing that Jesus baptized me in Holy Ghost so I can always just ask him what to believe and which of the lies are unimportant.  Otherwise I’d be hopeless.  And without hope.
This has been the best fall of my adult life.  That means it’s been the best fall of my entire life.
up.  Disney is now part of our government.
I don’t think I realize how blessed this time is in this house.  George and I have been cooking together even.  I don’t think I remember what other families deal with or I would be very grateful for every minute I spend with these men.  They DO NOT argue about anything and as long as I don’t say anything about the garbage or the dishes or the baskets of clean clothes dumped all over the floor,  then everybody’s really peaceful and we enjoy one another.  You don’t take flack unless you’re over the target.

Have You Asked Your Doctor About Voting?

I’m thinking I’ll go dark.  It’s pointless.  I’ve been trying to inspire conversation over these issues for decades.  I have been diligent and consistent and apparently, pointless.  I do not have a single friend who can understand these things I see coming.  The Prophet cares about them, but he has his own different road.  It’s Thanksgiving again, and my own siblings have yet to speak to me.  They should care that they no longer have a scapegoat and that our parents’ narcissist supply has dried up.   906-291-1376.  I’ve got to be a better way to move this revolution along. God has a plan for me and I’d sure like to get there.
Scientists, Professors, Others Warn 
Not To Eat Pacific Seafood

The Deep State: The Unelected Shadow Government Is Here to Stay

As Arkin reports: “Countless billions have been spent on this endeavor over the years, a secret orgy of preparedness going on behind the scenes, one that ensures Washington can defend itself, take care of its own, and survive no matter what.”

To this end, the government has invested heavily in the “architecture of fear”: massive underground bunkers—the size of small cities—which are sprinkled throughout the country for the government elite to escape to “in case of an imminent nuclear strike so that they can set up a kind of Administration-in-exile, directing every order of business from retaliation to recovery.”

These bunkers, strategically located around the nation’s capital and in key states, represent a who’s who on the shadow government’s payroll, with every department and agency represented, from the Department of Education and the Trademark Office to the Small Business Administration and the National Archives.

See at:


KAOS  (Killing As Organized Sport)

Narcissists Bewitch Entire Groups, Entire Communities, Entire Families

Galatians 3

“If you have been hand-picked by a narcissistic parent, you know exactly what I’m talking about:  the isolation.  When you get it, when you see that this mother or father, you see their wickedness, you see their evil, you see their malignancy, yet you stand alone seeing it; you find that there is noone else in your corner.  In the family, in some cases in the church or the community. Everyone around you thinks this malignant individual, who takes upon himself the title of parent, or mother or father… is a saint, is wonderful and you’re the one who needs to get over it.  I don’t know if there’s a depth of loneliness that you can compare to that feeling.”
I am SO VERY GRATEFUL that I don’t have to worry about the fire all the time!  I love propane!   I don’t smell like smoke and I don’t have to go outside in the rain to put wood in the stove!  I’m grateful for that junker car!  I go places all the time!  “Thank you Lord and bless my dad amen.”

10:03 am

LAX Missile Test Proof of Concept -Becomes Obvious That We Have A Very Dangerous Situation Brewing. Very Dangerous! +Video–Quayle Alert:

The bright light star looking type did not move either up or down or sideways, it just stood still for about 5 to 10 minutes with no sound what so ever. Then a blue mixed in with green color shot out of the bright like star or light and it eventually turned into a cloud as it slowly dissipated into the sky. There was also another strange object on the right side of the bright light which look like 3 stars going in an upward and downward position but it was staying still, it was unexplainable. This thing just came out of nowhere, it gave us all a big surprised. 

Desert UFO War -Whatever was Shot Down in the Desert was Being Sought After by the Military at Break Neck Speed–Quayle Alert:

Then a search beam was panning from within the blue area, to the circumference of the entire mass. He said it reminded him of youtube videos of hovering searchlights within a cloud formation. He also believed it may have been a UFO (ours) perhaps apart of the so-called test. Using binoculars, he could see silhouettes of helicopters outside the perimeter of the event. Some were flying, some hovering. The source of the beam of light within the blue seem to bounce 3 times at right angles then shot out of the mass. It appeared to be only miles away from his perspective, but it could have been further and just very huge

The next morning, he got on the highway to leave and there was a fast moving military convoy heading towards the general direction of the event. He estimated the speed of the vehicles at 85 mph plus.

Learn more at:   <a href="[/embed]">

It’s amazing.  I’m seeing a major synchronicity at a rate of about two per hour.  Lots of things I’ve heard or seen in the past are now being spoken by other prophetic people.  This is VERY cool.  LIke this, I just saw this out of nowhere when I just mentioned it this morning:   A Divine Revelation of Hell

Mary K. Baxter

After thirty nights of experiencing the depths of hell, Mary Baxter was shown the realms of heaven. Included are her descriptions of the order of heaven, what happens to children, and the throne of God. These breathtaking glimpses of heaven will turn your heart toward the beauty and joy that await every believer in Christ. 

Her official website is  Mary raises very little revenue from the book sales (2 cents per book),  please consider making a donation to Mary K. Baxter’s ministry by calling 405.799-1086 , (marybaxter @ W.Melbourne, FL.

From here:

9:05 am
I learned a new term:  Ground-based anti-satellite weapons.  That’s just great; when they shoot one of those things in the comic-strips,  doesn’t the recoil push Earth out of orbit and bump us into Nibiru causing nuclear winter?   I don’t actually remember the chain of events.  Even if the dark-side were not  already using technology to exterminate us, the mere existence of all these super-sonic-death-and-mind-control weapons makes it BEYOND QUESTION that we must know whose finger is on the trigger.  People being what they are, it is IMPERATIVE that we who do not wish to see our race exterminated… actually do something to stop the nasty people who we would prefer not to confront.  
We must pick up our swords and stand up for what remains of human volition and consciousness and conscience.
 We have no remaining choice.  In the most literal sense.
8:02 am

Graham Cooke – Favor As You Have Never Heard It

Destinies are on offer.  We can’t not be here.
4:46 pm
I went swimming today, in the lake.  November 10, 2015.  Well I didn’t exactly swim but I dove in and put my head under water.  It was a lot easier than I thought it would be but also I prayed first.  I dunked myself at 3:45 pm.  I got a haircut yesterday on a whim, and too late I realized it was a lot like Miley Cyrus’s.  I didn’t cook today, or bake anything.  George ate leftovers and Josh and Isaac went to town.  

President Obama Has 20 Aides Just to Manage His Twitter and Facebook Accounts

No, Obama didn’t Tweet that.

One of his 20 hip and trendy young aides who work in the Office of Digital Strategy did.

Read more: WHAT REALLY HAPPENED | The History The US Government HOPES You Never Learn!

6:51 am
The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that killer cops are immune from lawsuits unless it is “beyond debate” that they were unjustified when shooting a fleeing suspect.
“Beyond debate” is not a standard of proof.  It is an edict!!
You may prove a matter “beyond reasonable doubt” and “by clear and convincing evidence” because they are standards of proof.  They appeal to a consensus of rationality.  “Beyond Debate” presupposes the evidence before it’s examined!  Nutso words for a nutso world.

Every time this morning that I hear the word “figure” I hear it really loud.  Sheila Zilinsky says it like “figger”.  
Both people trying to sleep experienced leg movements, every twenty-five seconds.   They tracked it down with a radiation-detector and it was coming from their SMART METER, which was replaced with an old analog model.  (This particular involuntary leg-movement condition is so common it’s described perfectly on WebMD even down to the twenty-to-forty-second intervals between jolts.  And they advise you to take sedatives.)

Dr. Laura Pressley and Sheila Zilinsky- The Health Crisis of Our Time

What must I now think about the owners and operators of our utilities companies?  What do we think , now that we know Google has weekly meetings with Obama and Facebook cookies grab data from even non-customers? I heard years ago that a UP cable office had a specific room for FBI.  I heard lots of things that I’ll soon know the truth about.  Soon our circumstances will become clear,  as the dogs nip at our ankles, circling us ever nearer, my God to …  the people-chipper.   We will encounter much hatred.  Any person who knew about controlling the “human domain” and failed to warn the humans-under-dominion WILL BE TARGETED.  Every single pastor who muddied the waters will be sought out.  Remember that book about the woman who went to hell?  Even in hell people were looking for the lying preachers.  Pulling them straight up by their heads out of the burning ground, wanting to club the one who lied.   I think hell will be far more hellish for those who led astray their own species, and sold out, sold us all out.
Particle-board is made from bits of wood fiber all glued together into a smelly, ugly,  4 x 8 sheet.  That’s all we got anymore.  Scraps and adhesive.  Nothing natural.  I remember plywood, it smelled good and had wavy lines all over it.   I’m not sure if my sons have ever even seen a piece of real plywood, only chip-board.  I ate a NY Strip at one of my dad’s restaurants back before he stabbed me in the back and stopped communicating.  It was delicious and very juicy.  It was also a steak-shaped compression of muscle fiber strands that had nothing to do with a loin of meat.  I couldn’t finish it.
I grew up at a lumberyard and my dad sold all kinds of planks and plywood.  I don’t remember many glues around because we used to nail things. Not with a nail-gun but with a hammer; we’d hold the nails between our teeth if we wanted to go faster.   I loved the steel bins of nails, and the claw-tool we used to scoop them onto the balance-scale.  (I never got to scoop any nails for real.  I was a girl so I was just playing.)  
George just said plywood is veneer upon veneer upon veneer all glued together and I was wrong anyway.  He also doesn’t remember swirls in it.  I wonder why I remember it wrong?  It smelled better than chip-board, I’m sure I remember that part right.
Scientists are reverse-engineering the adhesive of the universe.  Then they can build man in their image.  Or rather, they’ll write up a really user-friendly operating-manual so when they die they can leave it for the rich guys.  On that great and glorious morning:  The Day After Science.  


I’m beginning to think that lots of targeted individuals have or have had some contact with paranormal manifestations.  We all wonder, “Why me”?  My answer was obvious, it was because of the weed.  Or it was because of Ron Paul.  Or was it because I called the governor a Nazi?  Anyway, everybody goes through those questions, and I think maybe I’m noticing a common denominator.  Maybe not.  My mind plays tricks on me.  I hear things that go bump in the night too.  
7:21 am (…or as nearly as I am permitted to post this.  I don’t strive for perfection anymore.)
“God is not consumed by sin…because he’s not an Evangelical.”  (Graham Cooke)
I was happy yesterday.  I smiled all day at nothing.   Radiation seeps ever closer to destroying everything I need to live, and there isn’t a single thing that a single human could do to stop it.  Not a single bless-ed thing.  It’s WWIII, and it looks like nukes have been used already.  (Google:  China explosions.)  Russia has maintained a decades-long plan to make the US bite it.  Golitsyn, Lunev and lots of the old Soviet guys told us about it.  The world is rooting for Russia because Russia makes sense and Russia does what it says, and we no longer have or deserve the trust of any state on Earth.  Russia is brutal.  Just like us.  Israel’s backed against the wall (pun) and they control the US Congress, pretty much.  We’ve already killed an awful lot of innocent people for Israel.  Will we continue as the attack dog for a threatened bully?  What if we don’t want to?  Well then, that’s why our local police organizations are being federalized, and they have grenade launchers and microwave weaponry and lists of who we are and where we live and what we think and whether we suffer any convictions or morality.  They’ve practiced what to do if a citizen gets uppity, and they’ve decided to serve the state rather than life,  and now there’s no turning back.  We’ve built our own gas chambers and they’re up and rolling.  The currency-roadshow is at the end of the line where everybody gets his money back because it was fake anyway.  It is truly a great time to be an American.
Things are heating up, but I don’t have a bug-out bag anymore, and I don’t expect the rapture to save me. And, for the first time in my life I’m happy.  I know the guy who can fix the world and He said He would.  That means it’s already fixed because time is an illusion.

Sons and Daughters of Narcissists-Codependents and Empaths- When Other People Don’t Like Us

Adult children of narcissistic abuse:
“We were disrespected as children, so we don’t understand that we have any right to our feelings, any right to our experiences, any right to defend ourselves.”  
“We need permission to be angry, we need permission to be happy.”
(She describes demons well:  “We’re energetic beings…we merge and mesh with rejection…”)

A number of private persons have made it their life-mission to destroy the Clintons.  They talk about crimes from years ago, and they publish everything they know.  That takes an awful lot of courage and I’m praying for all Truth-warriors.  You really have to admire some of these whistleblowers and journalists; they’re risking everything for Truth.  Isn’t it amazing that the phony Christians aren’t even interested?  They couldn’t care less about Truth.  But they call Him their god.  We’re watching the apocalypse of Jesus, the Christ.  This is gonna be good.

‘Million Cancer Deaths From Fukushima Expected In Japan,’ New Report Reveals

In a nutshell, it implies that the adverse health effects associated with nuclear fallout may be tens of thousands times worse than present radiation risk models used by the nuclear industry, medical establishment, and government presently project.

Hidden Cameras Manipulate Political Views Around the World

In the lobby of a Mexico City office building, people scurrying to and fro gazed briefly at the digital billboard backing a candidate for Congress in June.

They probably did not know that the sign was reading them, too.

Inside the ad, a camera captured their facial expressions and fed them through an algorithm, reading emotional reactions like happiness, surprise, anger, disgust, fear and sadness.

[…]According to campaign records, the campaigns of presidents and prime ministers on at least three continents have hired science consultants to scan voters’ brains, bodies and faces, all with the aim of heightening their emotional resonance with the electorate.

See more at:   <a href="[/embed]">

Axis Of Evil – Documentary Of Zionists, Israel, United States, Canada, Britain

North Korean discussion of  Western propaganda.

“Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well-preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming ‘Wow! What a Ride!’” Hunter S. Thompson.

How Corrupt Is Your State?

The Michigan state capitol building. Michigan scored dead last on a new ranking of state anti-corruption measures. 
 Michigan was at the bottom of the class. Its score was 51, an F, mostly because of issues with ethics and access to public information.
I think I’d like to read this book:

The Devil Beside Me: Gang Stalking, The Secret War and How to Win

The Devil Beside Me details the tactics being used in the worldwide phenomenon known as gang stalking, the reasons behind this campaign of harassment and how to get your life back should you be one of the unfortunate few subjected to this inexplicable problem.

Written over the course of four years, The Devil Beside Me is a groundbreaking work encompassing a breadth of topics, from the esoteric to the familiar, the quantum to the spiritual. The author, through painstaking research, her own experience and interviews with victims as well as insiders, has discovered not just the reasons behind these events, but a shocking secret that has been carefully guarded for hundreds of years. The Devil Beside Me provides some startling revelations and goes a step further, giving you the tools you need to verify the truth for yourself.

(I also think I’d like to sell my book now that I can say what it’s really about.)

Peter Gøtzsche: mammography screening should be stopped, as it is harmful

we got targeted individuals from all walks of life nobody is safe from this evil program we got policeman,fbi agents,lawyers,doctors, nurses,,truck drivers,news reporters,engineers,military,judges,teachers,preachers hollywood tv actress. it really hit me hard nobody was safe when they put a federal civil rights judge mary elizabeth bullock in this program.

(My friend Trish who threw me under the bus is now a federal magistrate.  Also, Michigan has been declared the MOST CORRUPT state in the country, and God told me in 2008 that if I loved the first district of Michigan enough he’d reveal the corruption, and when people were screaming that my first election had been stolen I was told by an activist out West that the most corrupt federal judicial district is in Michigan.  I have no idea what any of that means but I will know shortly.) 

Doesn’t it just look like that spontaneous hole just manifested right under those cars perfectly?  My kitchen deck did that two times right under my feet.  Weird times.
Mississippi Crack
9:43 am
I’m thinking about getting rich, it seems like a really convenient status.  I could maybe get ahold of some used spy-hardware and lease airtime on an obsolete satellite to set up the new entertainment trend:   Netflix for the mind.  You pick the time, and we turn it on, you can absorb that movie right into your very neurons and DNA.  I could be the next Rupert Murdoch.  Or, I could become the post-EMP pasta queen, who makes all kinds of classic dough products manually.  I would hand-fold tortellini and dry my egg noodles draped over a broomstick.  I’ll make soup-dumplings from China and won-tons and ravioli. I could plant Iboga but I don’t think anybody will need botanicals for spiritual experiences after the seven years it takes to mature.  Everybody remaining will be just naturally hooked-up.
I think I experience ‘intentional bias of God’.  Isn’t that right?  I mean, my propensity to find many four-leaf clovers isnt’ really what you’d call a miracle, right?
Linda’s ‘utterly complete vindication’ is well underway.  I am seeing peace with George, that’s a tremendous answer to prayer; I’m seeing peace inside of me.  Finally.  I have always been easily agitated, by noises or minor disturbances, and it‘s been fun over the years to watch my annoyance-threshold decrease.
He is showing me that even in my relationship with Him, I still lean on my own efforts for value.  He showed me that I am reluctant to break my fast, because I do not want our heightened communication to discontinue.  How can I possibly think I’m responsible for that?  He has a lot of things to burn out of me.  He said I may eat, and reminded me how my parents put me on diets as a child and would not serve potatoes and made me drink cyclamates, and saccharin and aspartame.  He said I am His child now, and I may eat.  (He also said that aspartame wasn’t available until I was a grown-up.  I didn’t look it up though.)  If we’re not changing every day, we’re not on the road to anyplace.  So I broke my fast with a huge plate of leftovers.  I had stir-fried pork and cabbage and roasted broccoli and cauliflower.  I ate really garlicky Alfredo sauce on this pasta Isaac likes that’s shaped like a twisted tube.  Cole slaw with turmeric, George’s favorite, and I finished with a bowl of warm homemade applesauce with cream poured around the edge of the bowl. Like my grandma used to do.  I feel very nourished.
The truth is that good guys get knocked around these days even more than bad guys and if you start including things like honor, integrity, a love of the truth and worse… a desire to express it, even though we know that absolute truth cannot be expressed because the truth is a light and our stage of expression is a world of appearances and truth is something beyond appearances, well… you could well turn into a pariah not grata. 
Sometimes you want to be something more than you are; something better or brighter or more complete and for that you need a role model and I come out of the school where you fake it until it becomes real. This is accomplished by going through all of your moments as if the ineffable were walking in your shoes and- truth be told- he.she/it is. 
“Any ‘yes’ to God must necessarily be followed by a ‘no’ to something else.”  (Graham Cooke)
8:56 am
“When God shows you your persona, he’s inviting you to the fast track.”
“Whining and complaining is the worship language of hell.”
4:32 am
I get so excited about what God is doing in my tiny life that I forget we’re engaged in WWIII.  I should pay attention probably.

Thermonuclear Missile Launch Near LA is Final Sign of World War III on the Precipice…US, China & Russia All Escalating Covert Attacks in Run Up to Global War +Videos


Apparently the media thinks the public is so incredibly stupid that they’ll believe the U.S. Navy has nowhere else to launch a test missile other than right next to Los Angeles. Somehow we’re supposed to believe the entire Pacific Ocean won’t work for such a test launch, so they have to launch it adjacent to the airport and thereby inconvenience commercial aviation traffic for an entire week.

Obviously, the official cover story is pure bunk. So what’s the real story behind this? It all has to do with China and the covert war that’s already underway between China, the US and Russia.

Red Alert: Putin Orders Russia to Stockpile Protective Equipment for Nuclear Threat (Video)

See more:

Congress Has Been Told WW III Is Inevitable and the US Cannot Win

At least some in Congress have put set aside their insider trading ways long enough to contemplate how many different ways that the Chinese and the Russians are going to kick America’s rear end in the upcoming war.
Wow, WWIII.  I’ve been recording it’s onset for a long time but I still couldn’t tell you why it’s being fought.
Which would be deeper?  “infinite waters”?  OR “deeper waters”?


(Isn’t is surreal that we live in a world where we’re having bake-sales for victims of electronic weapons fired by psychopaths?)

Some things discussed in this short message are: DEW (Directed Energy Weapons) Energy Weapons, medical test proving the torture, proving the severity of the torture, Patty’s torture, Melissa’s burns, Magnus Olsson, Eucach, Derrick Robinson, Freedom from Covert Harassment and Surveillance, remote neural monitoring, mind control and mind torture.

Please pray against this torture and control and spread awareness. God Bless you guys!

Hey Look!  They’re doing a cartoon about Ben and Jesus too!
(That’s even what it said on Drudge:  ‘Ben and Jesus’)  
Ben Carson has a painting of him with Jesus
Cue music:
11:10 am
We’ve got to get the hell out of here and Jesus said to bring a lot of muffins.
“Linda and Jesus, Jesus and LInda…
Gettin’ shit done every day…”
That’s the theme song for the cartoon my sons are writing about me.  Terribly irreverent but It was actually pretty catchy.  The story-line follows my life down on Earth, and Jesus’ life up in Heaven.  He comes to Earth and we do stuff and have adventures.  Apparently they’ve written a couple episodes but they won’t tell me much detail.  One has muffins.
Pilot episode, screenplay submission #1:
Segment 1:
(Linda is in the kitchen frantically pulling pans of muffins out of the oven as her sons walk by.  She interrupts them and she asks them to take muffins to the car and to get jackets and shoes.)
 “Don’t ask questions.  Because Jesus said to.  We’ve got to get the hell out of here and Jesus said to bring a lot of muffins.”
Segment 2:
Slap slap slap,  (sandals),
Linda is outdoors on the deck typing as Jesus approaches her from behind and puts His hand on her shoulder.
(Note to producer:  See about possibility of making Jesus’ hands invisible like Obama’s hands on that youtube clip of his speech recently where his nose grew longer and his face transformed like a demon.)
Jesus:   “Hey Linda, what’s happening?”
Linda:   “Oh hi, Jesus, you’re pretty funny, you always know what I’m doing; I’m just writing and waiting for you.  What do you want to do today?”
Jesus:   “I do have an idea.  Your kids think Heaven is endless rows of pews full of duty-bound sinners singing hymns to an unseen distant throne.  How about I make your life Heaven on Earth so they can see the goodness of God?  Then, when they know that their lives were messed up for a beautiful purpose,  they will trust me again.  They resent me, you know that right?”
Linda:   “Yes, Jesus.  They resent you because you did not make things all better for me when I begged you to change the torture and I still trusted you.  If you took care of that misperception, I’d be very happy.  Tell me what to do.”
It’s time that everybody decides what they will do with Jesus, and they have a couple options, but it is seriously time.  He has been appearing to a lot of people a lot of different ways for a lot of generations.  Now more than ever, we need a savior.  Will we ask Him?  They just closed down the crab fishery in California, the day before it was supposed to start and a bunch of salmon DISAPPEARED up north of there.  Dana Durnford was arrested for his work exposing the death of the Canadian western shoreline.  If I’m not mistaken, he’s a paralyzed person and they arrested him for telling the truth.  If the powers don’t like you they can arrange for a cyclone to hit your house.  They can legally disappear you forever and ever amen.  We must decide what to do with the claims of Jesus, the Christ, and we must do it pretty quick because they’re stealing our ability to hear Him speak,  and destroying those small few who hear His voice and dare to tell the Truth.
“I always want to say to people who want to be rich and famous:  ‘try being rich first.’  See if that doesn’t cover most of it.  There’s not much downside to being rich, other than paying taxes and having your relatives ask for money.  But, when you become famous, you end up with a twenty-four hour job.”   (Bill Murray)
I’ve been asking myself a question, as I recognize how far into Linda “utterly complete vindication” we have progressed:  “Would you rather be exonerated first, or get some of your way-past-due-and-payable money?”   For years, I needed a reputation-rehaul more than anything; I dreamed of taking showers or baths with tons of people around and I could never get clean.  But, now I’m pretty sure I want money.
I ate a cinnamon roll that just came out of the oven in time for Isaac to get up.  I didn’t try any of the gingerbread, sourdough bread or zucchini bread, and I left the remaining piece of chocolate raspberry cheesecake for Josh’s lunch tomorrow.  Today I’m making chiles rellenos, lasagna with slices of butternut squash instead of noodles and lots of mushrooms and home-ground pork sausage seasoned with a lot of sage, I haven’t made the sausage yet but George ground the meat yesterday and I will use part of it for Chinese dumplings or egg rolls.  I’ll do egg rolls if I think I may want to deep-fry something tomorrow and I could reuse the oil.    George and I went shopping again yesterday, and I found an inexpensive bag of Italian almond cookies I’ll use for Sarah Barnhardts for my Dad for Christmas.  I made my own amaretti for his birthday batch.  I hope he liked them;  he never called.  I hope he liked the cheesecake I left for him last week, too.  George and our sons thought it was good but I was fasting.
6:42 am
Favor is a growing focus on our privileges in Christ… our continuous promotion in the Spirit… divine advantage, the intentional bias of God… and learning to be esteemed, approved and indulged by Love overwhelming.  Graham Cooke
“You can’t have favor without vengeance.”  (Graham Cooke)
I’ve found favor with God.  As I was praying this morning I sorta accidentally said “Daddy”.  I don’t remember using that word a whole lot and I cried.  It’s really over, isn’t it?  I can hardly believe it and now I’ll get everything I ever wanted.  I keep having visions of myself speaking across my father’s desk, asking again that he apologize to George and our sons.  He does that reptile-thing with his eyelids, like when he’s reaching for a sincere-look, kinda looking up from the bottom.  His mouth opens and sound-puke sullies my ears:
“I don’t know what you’re talking about Lin.”
(Perhaps my dad is  under a gag order; that’s not unlikely.  God’s orders come first.)
“Our identity is made up of two things:  who we are on Earth, and who we are in Heaven.”
“When you know who you are, then you also know  how you are supposed to live, both within yourself and towards the people who are around you.”
“When those people know your real identity, then they have to act accordingly with you.”
“That is what passes for relationships in the Kingdom;  we are all aware of one another’s identity in the Spirit, and we act accordingly with one another.  We are INTENTIONAL…”
(Graham Cooke)

“We have to make the enemy pay for everything.  It is our role in life, it’s our role in the earth.”  Graham Cooke
“Thank you Lord, for your promises, that are just as true now as they will be when I can physically see their fulfillment.  Your word is spoken in the DONE-TENSE.  Thank you that Goldthorpes treat each other with respect and Truth.  Thank you for loving Goldthorpes enough to permit Satan’s NSA to torture me so I could learn how terrible my father’s twisted-tyranny has been to us all.  Thank you for redeeming Goldthorpes and giving us all purpose.  Thank you that we recognize each other SPIRITUALLY and do not react to baiting and gaslighting.  Thank you that we RESPOND, according to our true identities, and to Your Spirit.  Thank you for eyes to see.  Amen.”
Graham Cooke, Moving Into Your True Persona:
4:40 am
Favor is a growing focus on our privileges in Christ… our continuous promotion in the Spirit… divine advantage, the intentional bias of God… and learning to be esteemed, approved and indulged by Love overwhelming.  Graham Cooke
From  You are urged to visit his site and understand the danger we are ALL in from such political, legal, evil thuggery. Please view THIS VIDEO as soon as possible and consider supporting him (and supporting yourself) by making a gesture to help defend this incredibly brave man. Go to and look at his staggering contribution in revealing the truth of Fukushima RADIATION on the West Coast which has killed most life in the North Pacific in just 4.5 years. Fukushima is pouring radiation into the sea NON-STOP 24-7-365. We are facing an extinction event…
“This is game-on.”
Veterans are in the cross-hairs.
“You don’t get to return home from the prison camps.”

Steve Quayle – Blueprint for Destruction w Greg Evensen

TREMENDOUS PRAYER near the beginning.  
Why would Obama call his wife ‘Michael’?  The audience wondered why too.


Diane Roark

2:23 am
Dear Steve Quayle,
You had me at ‘Jessie Penn Lewis’.  I don’t want to be on the radio with you but you could probably use my story to free some people.  I’d like to see my brethren prepared for what will happen to their brains when they realize that mind-control has them so completely enthralled that they can’t see the zombies coming.  I have really good evidence of covert electronic torture.  (I was endorsed by Dr. Ron Paul for Congress is 2008.)  I kept really good records and I believe that if any human court still functions, I’ve established standing.  I don’t yet know the defendant, obviously.  I think my story could assist humanity’s search for the perpetrator of ubiquitous electronic mind control.   Please consider calling me.  I have NOBODY to talk to.
In Christ’s love and His absolute protection and abundant provision,
Linda Goldthorpe
“Madness and Politics…but I repeat myself”  (Available on Amazon)

Steve Quayle – Zombie Apocalypse

“Discerning of spirits is what God wants us to have.”

I went shopping yesterday, all by myself.  And I wore mascara and eyeliner and I used hairspray.  (The hairspray was an experiment.) (Actually, the make-up was also an experiment.)  I’m almost convinced that I am at perfect peace.    My mind is assaulted by spirits of various origin, but when they (increasingly frequently) shut the fuck up, I am at peace.  I see myself.  Years ago I’d look into a mirror and I could see demons.  (I wrote about it somewhere.)  I used to think the demons were me and I’m glad I was wrong.   I’m glad God taught me about demons many years before I had to face the electronic variety.  Please know that we are mind-controlled by spirits.  satan’s minions gave technology to human ‘scientists’ so that they could imitate spiritual influence without actually entering the spiritual realm.  I can see what they’ve done and God has prepared me perfectly to destroy the NSA and perhaps a number of ill-witted ‘lucifer’ cults alongside. We must start here:    If persons have not ever considered that any single thought they think may not have originated within their own personal selves, this will not be pleasant, this next couple of years.  I’m warning and I’m praying.  If you believe that you own every thought that passes through your taxi-way-mind, then you will go crazy right fast.  You will see things and hear things that you cannot tolerate.  If you believe the intolerable-horribleness originated within yourself?  You will condemn yourself and thereby agree with satan and thereby step again closer, to hell.  It‘s just true.  906-291-1376
“There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus.  The thought CONTINUED:  “WHO WALK NOT AFTER THE FLESH…BUT AFTER THE SPIRIT.”  (  Our MINDS are included in the Biblical definition of FLESH.  WE must hear Spirit instead.  “How can he learn without a teacher?”  (  KJV)  “When the SPIRIT is come he will lead us into all truth.”  ( KJV)  “Where the Spirit of the Lord is…there is freedom.”  ( KJV)  (Or NIV)
OK, so I’m trying to market survival to a population that doesn’t recognize any threat. I should understand my intended audience. I speak to cyborgs who don’t know the difference between their own individual thoughts…which are unsurprisingly, very rare…and the blurps and twerps of perverts and psychopaths who manipulate us with flashier techno-toys.  This is ironic beyond belief, to those of us who are neither perverts nor psychopaths.  I market survival, and also wellness.  I stand before you an undiagnosed dissociative.  But, I keep becoming weller.   I haven’t been to a doctor in many years.  I am stiff; my bones are stiff.  I haven’t used my body because I’ve been sitting here preaching for some six some years.  I will get a vacation pretty soon.  God pays his staff.  I’ll go to Toronto and my sons and I will see the sites and meet people who do not have their heads buried up their chutes of smelly psycho-drama.  I’ll cook and we’ll laugh and we’ll be free from the judgment of those who destroyed our experience as the family we once were.  We won’t mourn though, we won’t mourn families-past, because we will then be a tribe, a better thing than family.  We’ll be  a family by heart and not a legal position deeded of DNA and post-coital recriminations.
One of the most tragic books I ever read was ‘Tim’ by Colleen McCollough.  This middle-aged spinster fell in love with a beautiful, much younger (retarded) man.  It was the real thing for both of them but try telling that to society.  I always fall for retarded guys.  And I always marry younger men.  I speak to the spirit-realm:  “I’ll do whatever you frigging say.  Why do you have to be so blasted enigmatic?”  (I think it can’t be helped because I think maybe spirits can be retarded too.)  (“Tim” was also a triumph of love and common sense.  The woman was VERY passionate and VERY smart.) (ALSO:  I am convinced that I am understood somewhere, even when I’m not really being understanding nor understandable.  That’s a spiritual feeling.  I wish there was a different noun to use for ‘feeling’ when the term is used to describe spiritual experience because a feeling is lying and shallow, when it is merely a feeling.  Spiritual ‘feelings’ arise from undiscernable organs of alchemical feats.  I do not wish to ‘feel’.  I wish to KNOW.  Our spiritual senses are far superior to ‘feelings’ and even to faith.
8:25 am
It seems to me that the most self-righteous among us are the also most self-condemning.  That’s how they justify vilification of everybody else.  They posture:  “At least I BEAT MYSELF UP ABOUT BEING LIKE YOU. Therefore, you are more evil.”  Puke.  A lot of people can’t imagine striking a position for effect, or for demonstration.  My boys, thank God, recognize that not everything I say is to promote the matter asserted.  They know that I am intentionally provocative, and most of all with myself.  All three of us TAKE OURSELVES TOO SERIOUSLY but we can also, all three,  all three can be talked out of it.  That’s a very healthy environment to feel.  I’m grateful for this environment of mutual respect and mutual disdain.
My dad’s house is really crrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreepy.  It‘s like everything is programmed to indicate superiority.  But, even as it impresses with its half-hearted intent, it is also humorous.  The internet has made it harder to masquerade as intelligentsia in the boondocks.   (Goldthorpe, Linda.  2015)   It‘s harder for my dad to stir the serfs to profitable levels of respect.  He wears foolish hats.  They watch him wearing foolish hats.  They see what’s coming.  I see them seeing what’s coming and I see them seeing him.  He should notice what I’m seeing.  Wish I could tell him what’s coming.
4:51 am
This guy knows the program:  noise effects on the hour, precisely on the hour.  Gangstalking.  Voice-to-skull.  All the usual suspects and he (AND ALSO EVERY OTHER TI…) is trying to track the source.  I recognize that my compatriots don’t care about the answer to this question… but soon they will.  They will care so very much.  They will wish they had not attended so many football games and swap meets. When everybody in the world wakes up at exactly 3:15,  and everybody sits up in bed and looks into the face of a big-ass hologram announcing (take your pick) an ALIEN INVASION or the SECOND COMING or a tsunami in Idaholots of people will be waking up.    When I am struck by irrational panic EXACTLY EVERY TWO MINUTES as I go about my duties, it is REALLY OBVIOUS THAT IT’S ARTIFICIAL.  When people wake up and realize that they cannot identify THEIR OWN SELVES, they will be looking for me.  I’ll be in the kitchen.  Coffee won’t help; we must become accustomed to the light.  “Why do my eyes hurt?”  (Neo)  “Because you’ve never used them before.”  (Morpheus)
We are assaulted and if we refuse to recognize that fact, our demise is absolute and absolutely imminent.  
We are assaulted and if we refuse to recognize that fact, our demise is absolute and absolutely imminent.
We are assaulted and if we refuse to recognize that fact, our demise is absolute and absolutely imminent.

 “UFO Contactees Are Being Harassed By Secret Police Agencies Using Mind Control”!

Tony Topping

6:38 pm

Essena O’Neill: Why I REALLY am quitting social media
Essena O’Neill is a 19 year old Australian social media phenomena, with half a million Instagram followers.

I had everything I ever wanted. Now I’m here and I see how contrived, fake and forced consistently proving to the world ‘how amazing my life/body/self is’. I spent everyday looking at a screen, viewing and comparing myself to others. It’s easier to look at shiny and pretty things that appear happy than stopping and just getting real with yourself.

Social media only became great for me because of the amount of effort I put in trying to portray this ‘perfect’ person, being born into the flesh I have and sharing emotional parts of my life. Being social media famous is a very unattainable thing for majority of people viewing this. I was attracted to the idea of being liked and of value.

See more here:

6:24 pm

Essena O’Neill: Why I REALLY am quitting social media
Essena O’Neill is a 19 year old Australian social media phenomena, with half a million Instagram followers.

I had everything I ever wanted. Now I’m here and I see how contrived, fake and forced consistently proving to the world ‘how amazing my life/body/self is’. I spent everyday looking at a screen, viewing and comparing myself to others. It’s easier to look at shiny and pretty things that appear happy than stopping and just getting real with yourself.

Social media only became great for me because of the amount of effort I put in trying to portray this ‘perfect’ person, being born into the flesh I have and sharing emotional parts of my life. Being social media famous is a very unattainable thing for majority of people viewing this. I was attracted to the idea of being liked and of value.

See more here:

2:21 am
Harassed citizens are getting RESTRAINING ORDERS…against the FBI!


...neighbors are snitching on one another.
Citizens of all classes are contributing to the final solution.

Climate Change Is Another Final Solution

TOP 5 Illuminati MK-ULTRA Mind Control Moments In History

I kind of wish I hadn’t seen that Barbara Bush part again.  

This is some of the best remedial history I’ve ever heard, the guy is like a genius.  (I could have used a semi-colon there because my preferred comma separates two independent clauses but it would have stilted the sentence and I didn’t want to belabor my opinion and also I prefer to write in a manner conducive to reproducing the auditory recognition of my message and hopefully communicate additionally through syntax and timing and all that.)  (And also I’m usually taking dictation so I record what I ‘hear’.) GREAT description of the federal reserve.  Fun:

Jeb Bush EXPOSED: Rigged Elections 2016 NWO GLOBAL Collapse Imminent (Redsilverj)

3:23 am
George took me to Marquette yesterday, and I didn’t hate shopping.  I actually enjoyed shopping, and I enjoyed the entire day. 
Somebody’s goon dialed me down; maybe it was in honor of Halloween.  I didn’t experience electronic-fake-panic all day yesterday.   (11/2/15)  The Horehouse on Hypocrite Hill held another Halloween party.  I’ve been telling them for years that it is unseemly for the presumed ‘Bride of Christ’ to be out partying with the devil.  If they can’t see even such basic reality and spiritual truth, what hope do I hold for their future, and their eternity?  I believe that no true lover of Jesus could celebrate Lucifer.  That seems pretty basic.
Jesus’ bride is either exhausted and punch-drunk, or she is whoring around on Halloween and pretending the wedding will never happen.  Isn’t the day after Halloween called  ‘All Saints’ Day’?  I’d have to look it up; I’m not a Catholic.  Every day is Halloween for a Catholic,  at least for the more-than-merely-cultural Catholics, and there are more of them than there are of genuinely-genuflecting-Baptists.  Halloween is when the veil is thinnest, between our realm and the real world of Spirit and Intention.   People play with spirits, Bloody Mary in a mirror.  We were warned; when the collision collides, between our physical realm and the real world, we’ll feel like guest stars on the Barney show, or maybe Teletubbies.
We will be SHOCKED by things we see, and If our minds are rigid and unexercised, they will choose to cling to matter and  cease to function properly.  Matter is a figment of God’s imagination.  Some of us have been blessed with glimpses; some of us have watched as spiritual ‘cartoons’ were made to overlay ‘natural’ interactions.  We are far better prepared for what we will all experience when the gates of hell are breached.  This will also be when God’s host lays waste to many fictional properties that ‘natural’ man has depended upon.  The final battle between good and evil isn’t a battle at all.   It is won by each individual.  It is won by surrender.  We’ll surrender to wonder, or we will surrender to horror.  We will.  
“Dear Lord.  Please enable me to communicate to materialistic people, that they will not survive exposure to the spiritual realm without preparation.  Thank you for introducing me to ‘paranormal-ness’… gently; I guess Holy Ghost is everything your Bible says.  I guess you knew what you meant, when you warned us, when you spoke from between and above the realms.  Please, give my beloveds grace to see the other realm before the zombies come looking for food.  Amen.”
4:12 am
I showed George the text my mom sent where she apologized for letting me be raped as a child.  He was moved when he red it, and he said very sincerely, “Linda.  I’m so sorry that happened to you.”  I reminded him of the many times I’ve been electronically raped in recent years, and how much it would mean for people to care about that too.  
Here’s the text of my mother’s text.  (I don’t believe she’s really sorry though, because she’s still not interested in becoming a GOOD mother.  She’s not dead yet, right?)
I am so very sorry that [  ] raped you and that I did nothing about it.   I am sorry that I wasn’t a good mother.  I am sorry I make you vomit.

I’m tired of trying to see things through my parents’ eyes.  Perhaps they do not behave as adults because they do not see the evil they have done to me and my family and all of theirs?  Perhaps they believe, despite the obvious cause-and-effect of difficulties encountered, that they are not to blame.  Like I said, I’m tired of trying to think crazy crap like that.  They are not stupid people. They are defensive narcissists who are demonstrated as self-serving and selfish.  They’re not normal people!

9:11 pm
8:52 pm
‘Energy vampires’.  I’m learning a lot.  My mom always needed to get her knickers in a bunch and she blamed it on me so she wasn’t responsible for the turmoil.  Dad gets his rocks off too, when he can get me worked up.  He did it all the time.  I was like the family dump where you go to see the bears.  “Howlin’ and a growlin’ and a sniffin’ the air.”  I’m grateful that the Spirit of Jesus will lead me into ALL Truth.  Amen.
I wonder if they’d call me a ‘home-grown extremist’.  I’m pretty extreme and I never leave home.


I must have sent John Whitehead a certified letter; I just found a receipt today when I was picking up.  I went to his President’s Conference in 1991.  He didn’t call.  I’ve tried to speak to a LOT OF PEOPLE about my evidence.  It just has to be one.  Just the right one.

Anarchast Ep. 243 Larken Rose: Government on Trial and The Mirror

Larken Rose is a freedom missionary and he is addressing how we must readjust.  And how we  do.

And he’s kind, “They didn’t have any incentive to answer, because they don’t have any answers”
(I’d sure like to go to Anarchapulco in February.  Lots of people I’d like to meet will be there.)

I’m gonna write a book about my childhood.  It won’t be a horror novel, until the end.  I’m outlining chapters:  
“The False Sunshine of Superficiality.” 
“Self-actualization by comparing oneself to other vapid people one hardly knows.”
“The indignity of disinterest.”
“Let’s get this over and hit the snack bar.”
Wow.  I just learned that I have actually considered the need for calculus.  I had no idea that’s what it was.
Yesterday was the longest day I’ve had in many years.  Very strange day.  I went to bed at five, because C and the Marine were here and the house was a bit too blustery for me.   I wore earrings yesterday; it was the first time in probably six months.  
How do I know Jeb Bush is my fellow Psychopath-Spawn?  Didn’t Dubya go after Saddam because of his daddy?  Psychopathic fathers are creepy guys. Was HW born in Germany?  I never got that part of the story.

Jeb Bush: “I Love My Dad, I’d Kill For Him, I’d Go To Prison For Him”

(I used to feel that way about my dad even though it never made him like me.  I’m grateful that I grew up.)
Read more here:</a></strong></div>
<div><strong>My dad always knew I'd do anything for him.  If I'd been near the button for a nuclear weapon, for my dad I would have initiated Armageddon.  For my dad I wore make-up and buttoned my lip.  For my dad I wrote prose and drew sums of my continual poverty, and begged for his advice.  He told me that my husband would leave me for a hot babe in the perimeter security vehicle on the midnight shift because I was so fat and then he (Dad) would have to push my wheelchair.  I wanted to make things better, when I told him how bad things were.  He enjoyed our destitution.  I told him about foolish financial decisions.  Also I washed his feet with lavender water.  He pushed me down, and he pushed my husband down, and he pushed our children down, and he tried to bury us.  Then he required all the rest of my family to do the same.  He's doomed.  </strong></div>
<div><strong>If nobody in my family confronts my dad I will know two things, or at least one of two:  1)  my family members do not believe the Bible, and/or 2) they do not love my dad enough to confront terminal character deficiency.  that nobody loves him but me.    In Hell, he'll remember us all.  I'm the only one who loves him. He knows that already, because I called his bluff so he knows that.  Small comfort.  My dad's going to hell.</strong></div>
<h1>TEPCO Drops Bombshell About Sea Releases; 8 Billion Bq Per Day: For How Long? They Have Just Admitted They Are Killing Our Oceans</h1>

<b>TEPCO made the startling admission today at a press conference that the plant is leaking 8 billion bequerels per day. (8 gigabequerels)</b>

5 billion bq of strontium 90
2 billion bq of cesium 137
1 billion bq of tritium * (later corrected to 150)

<b>This is the ongoing daily release to the Pacific.</b>

<strong><strong><b>See more at:  

Average Americans fit the statistics that nine out of ten people lack courage to stand up or speak out or take action against events they deem wrong, immoral or unacceptable. They swallow their frustrations. They cower behind their TV sets. They complain to their friends. They gnash their teeth, but take no actions to change the situation they perceive to be wrong. In other words, they prove Burke’s contention for evil’s triumph.

My father said, “When you speak up on something you feel passionate about, you will be amazed that a thousand other people feel the same way, but are afraid to speak up. When you speak up, you give them courage and you give them voice. So, don’t sit around on your butt son; get out there and make a difference in the world.”

– See more at:

– See more at:

Taxman and the Stingray: Revelations Show IRS Using Troubling Spy Gear

‘If the IRS is using it, it shows just how far these devices have spread,’ says ACLU

For reasons that remain unclear, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has been in possession of the controversial cell phone spying devices known as Stingrays, the Guardian exclusively reported on Monday.

See more here:   <a href="[/embed]" target="_blank">


U.S. Military Used Christian NGO as Front for North Korea Espionage

But as the evangelical Christian Hiramine crossed the stage to shake hands with President Bush and receive his award, he was hiding a key fact from those in attendance: He was a Pentagon spy whose NGO was funded through a highly classified Defense Department program.

I don’t know whether to puke first at the Pentagon or at the Christians.  My pentagon is a BIBLE SMUGGLER!

 In the course of the investigation, more than a dozen current and former military and intelligence officials, humanitarian aid workers, missionaries, U.S. officials, and former HISG staffers were interviewed. The U.S. government officials who were familiar with the Pentagon operation and HISG’s role asked for anonymity because discussing classified military and intelligence matters would put them at risk of prosecution.

 …the task of increasing the department’s ability to conduct intelligence operations independent from the CIA. Cambone and Boykin concluded that the Pentagon had ceded too much of its intelligence-gathering role in the preceding decades to the CIA, and it was time to recalibrate the balance.

(I figured that’s what we’re seeing.  Intelligence agencies and even non-intelligent ones are battling for significance.)

“We sent the bibles in as a test run,” a former senior Pentagon official told me. “They got through without the North Koreans discovering them.”

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You know who is really the most powerful guy in Washington?  That would be the guy who designs the show for the representatives.  He gets to pick and choose the topics for the burlie-q, and then which issues dance more provocatively for a committee.  At the end of the evening he whispers sweet nothings into the ears of the starstruck newbie from Bugtussle and the old guard who’ve seen the show but can’t make themselves return to their home-state of Irrelevance.  And if all that doesn’t keep them occupied and out of trouble, there’s always blackmail.  God save the republic.


 Somebody choreographs the Congressional reality show, and prints the playbill for the library.  And it’s not even for plausible-deniability’s sake, because our Congress no longer even cares for our respect.  They love the show because if they can believe in it...they can value themselves more.  If they believe they’re important, and that they’re privy to all these monumental secrets, then that’s good enough for them.  Never mind the conflicting secrets played to other lascivious representatives preferring a different genre.  Sad, strange little men, and they have my pity.  (Buzz Lightyear)

Seriously.  I learned a lot of valuable things when I met politicians and Republicans.  My family should not ignore my information just because they opposed my participation in the American election process. They should recognize available sources of value.  They should not act like babies any longer.  

8:04 pm
Not everyone who came through Ellis Island did so in search of refuge. This trio of Scottish boys were brought by their family seeking their fortune
….” A man of understanding sets skillful and godly Wisdom before his face, but the eyes of a [self-confident] fool are on the ends of the earth”…. Proverbs 17:24 The Amplified Translation
I want to be Luke Rudkowski, he’s an ‘independent journalist’ at WEARECHANGE.   His life is perfect I think.  (Except for maybe his gametes were just destroyed because he went to Fukushima.)  Luke goes to the Bilderberg meetings and to the hacker conferences, and he gets to annoy famous people in person.  That’s got to be a lot more gratifying than trying to get a rise out of ’em using my medium that requires them to read and to actually notice me.   But LUKE, bronzed boy of the alternative well-funded pressbox;  he teaches classes now. He’s going to Anarchapulco again.  If he’s thirty he doesn’t look it yet, and he goes ALL OVER THE WORLD!  I’m not very photogenic, but neither is Luke.  (I’m guessing.  Maybe he’s really ugly in real life.)  Where does he get his money from where?  How does he get to know about meetings and opportunities, how?   He says ‘fuck’ on-air; I suppose that’s OK now since that chick quit her TV job in Alaska over medical marijuana and said “fuck-it” as she laid down her microphone.  She’s a star.
You know who gets to be a star, I mean in this rapidly dissolving construct of silicon and silicone sliders?  The stars are those who have nerve.  The starts are not the best singers, take Dylan.  The stars are not the most beautiful, except for Maureen O’Hara, may she RIP.  (Isn’t that kind of an Irish thing to say?)   Richard Branson is a star, right?  Did you ever read about his mom and his life and look at his baby pictures?  I’d say that woman didn’t think she had a lot to work with.  Bill Gates is frigging autistim-spectrum-diagnosed.  And yet and he promoted a few productive under-grad hours into a lifestyle so luxe that he can afford to finance the murder of everybody else!  Now THAT guy is a STAR.  People praise him for injecting poisons into their arms.  Is that maybe his revenge for the autism?
Humans or pigs?  Isaac didn’t want me to write this story because I’m so ‘negative’ about cops.  Anyway, this story did not happen to him, but he told me about it.   The state police knew this guy was coming and that’s demonstrable a number of ways.  The cop asked about weapons and knew the license numbers corresponding to people with medical marijuana cards. The cop said he would not search the car and it was a win win for both of them.  What a funny thing to say, for one whose salary  I pay to serve and protect my son when he’s on the road.  And this other kid too.  It’s a really good story; maybe I’ll get around to it tomorrow.
“The only reason I am dissatisfied with my life, which is beautiful and I’m a beautiful person, is that it does not line up with my blueprint of how I think it should be.”  (Isaac)    As for me, my life is beautiful… yada…”blueprint of how others told me my life should be.”
Isaac and I have talked about many issues over many years.  It’s fun to know him.  I said that I’m trying to be open-minded about this gender bender thing.  We watched vintage Freddie Mercury and Isaac said that when he was a small child, Freddie was his idol.  Isaac says he’s not small-minded about transsexuals.  He’s just trying to be sane.
Isaac came home.  He says that it makes sense that I became so hard-heartedly-controlling after I was raped and nobody cared and I learned that no adult would ever take care of me.  I still wake up in panics that I didn’t finish the laundry or that I burned something in the oven.  I got false responsibility at my house.  It still pesters me here.  Isaac put the clothes into the dryer that he had left in the washer before he left here six days ago.  I said, “That’s what I’m trying to tell you.  I’m not doing it anymore.”   I can’t.  He says it’s difficult to create a cult.  You’ve got to be able to advertise that you have ascended masters who are initiates, and you need key operatives.  Everybody starts out as a candidate.    He and I walked into the wood to Josh’s grotto and inspected the icons and paid our respects.  We prayed.  We held hands and prayed in tongues together at the top of our voices, and we declared blessings on those we love and on our community.  Nice day.
11:09 am
Mom called me hateful because I am too grateful that she apologized for permitting my cousin to rape me and refusing to protect me for all these additional intervening years.  She says my Truth is Hate.  She’s wrong.
We know that:
H (=)  X
T cannot eq
ual Hate
Jesus is Love.
Jesus is Truth.
X cannot exist in an absence of L and T.
My mother should recognize the reason I confront her with difficult truth.  It is in fact, Love.
She will be held accountable for her piss-poor parenting.  Shouldn’t it be easier to talk to me about it than anybody else?  Surely she’d rather face me first.  It would be very hard to begin repenting in the manifest presence of God Almighty and that day is fast approaching.
9:49 am
This is what the shrink told me when I was a seventeen year-old family scapegoat.  (I’m older now.):
You're Not Crazy - It's Your Mother
One of Narcissistic mothers’ favourite tricks is invalidation, including a particularly nasty and insidious form of invalidation called gaslighting. No matter what emotions or memories you bring up, they’ll dismiss them. This leads you to not knowing which way is up.
(Like apologizing for permitting rape fifty years ago…then calling me evil for complaining about being raped!)

For a kind of a bitter laugh, check out the Narcissistic Mothers Dictionary, and see how they use words differently from the rest of the world. And an absolute must-read is this iconic Characteristics Of Narcissistic Mothers.

And, when you become a mother in your turn, find out about your narcissistic mother as a grandmother

Sample Definition of Narcissistic Mother-speak:

1) You’re always looking for insult.

2) You are so easily offended.

3) I have to walk on eggshells around you.

4) You’re over-sensitive.  (My mom has always used these.)

These phrases all mean:

I will not be held accountable for my actions and behaviours!


Why Your Family Hates You (8 Steps to Coping with ScapeGoating/Mobbing/Narcissism/Projection)

The Scapegoat can be punished for doing something well, because that threatens the narcissist’s narrative that the Scapegoat is all bad. Not overtly punished, because that would also ruin the narrative that it’s all the Scapegoat’s fault. But subtly, sneakily.

See more at:

(That’s what happens when a scapegoat runs for Congress.)

5:06 am
“Lord, I don’t even know what to say to you anymore.  Thank you for the gift of tongues because otherwise I wouldn’t pray much, would I?  All I do is ask over and over that you fill me with your Spirit.  How long have I been doing that?  Six months or so?  I know that I must enter rest and live in peace to survive what is coming.  That requires me to be different, and I’m so tired of waiting to be made different.  My thoughts hurt!  Not just hurtful ones, every thought sometimes hurts me.  Innocuous thoughts or thoughts about things I’ve already trusted you with, settled issues.  It’s strange to be not freaking out about events and then to wake up freaked out about nothing at all!  I know all it would take is a single touch from you and I’d be well.  I know that, yet I have begged so much!  I’ve begged for peace and then I’ve begged to be released from considering myself and then I’ve needed to beg for peace again.  WHEN?  When will you finish this work on us?  When will you stop the mental torment?  When will you destroy DEW and release all these people who suffer?  Is that why I am not entirely free, so I will not forget them?  How dear Lord, can people come to you in the face of mind-manipulation?  I’ve known you for years and I still have to drum up hope when the signals drown my inner reality and your voice!   HOW can ANYBODY come to you anymore?  How can we hear you?”
“Please heal Connie.  I can’t even be in the same room with her because her incessant scratching breaks my heart…and also makes me itchier myself.  Please move George to take her to the vet, or fix her yourself?  Please deliver me from the flea bites!  Deliver her too!”
“I don’t pray much for Josh and Isaac, I suppose you’ve noted that.  You told me in 2007 that they belong to you and I’m keeping to your word.  But Lord, may they please have more life?  May they please have motivated friends and inspiring activities?  May they experience joy and hope?  May they escape this half-a-life ordained by my dad?  May they recognize his activities and his heart?  Please free them from this prison of mindless repetition.  Please open their eyes and their hearts and fill them with love love love love love.  Please open George’s eyes, you said he belongs to you too.  I’d like to handle carefully those things that are yours and I’m barely able to function at all when I’m hyperventilating over some small NOTHING!  That’s it Lord, it’s nothing and I know it.  That’s what convinces me that I’m still being electronically influenced.  Have you not taught me to know myself somewhat?  Have I not put my COMPLETE trust in you to the point of death?  Why then is life so hard?  Why does my own mind oppose my will and history?  PLEASE DO NOT ALLOW ME TO FORGET HOW WONDERFUL YOU ARE EVEN IF THEY SHOOT ME FULL OF MICROWAVES WITH THAT TARGET, because that’s what they’re doing, right?  They intend for people to be unable to hear you and maybe receive eternal life.  WHEN WILL YOU ESTABLISH THEIR FAILURE?  What of those people who are being influenced even now?  Hell?  Lord, have mercy.”
“I haven’t smoked a cigarette for three weeks today.  Thank you very much.  It really struck a chord when Isaac asked me about smoking.  He asked, “Is that who you are?”  That has been my problem all along with these habits and activities and godless friends who were all I had left after the “Christians” cast me out.  I’ve felt every minute that I was not being authentic, that I was not being myself.  Please give me grace to establish my physical life as a reflection of my relationship with you.  Only that.  But that will be difficult I suppose if I do not hear from you.  I miss you more than even my mind.  However, you want me to own both and I’m willing, ready but terribly unable.  Please fix me God?”
“My mom apologized for allowing [  ]  to rape me when I was a child.  Then she got pissed at me.  It seems her repentance was not genuine, but it was nice to hear just the same.  Please give her the gift of repentance so she will finally tell my sons the truth about the many times I asked for help when she called me crazy and kicked me out.  Please tell my sons what is true about their family.  Please give them freedom from generational curses, and allow them to understand the influences that destroyed the household they knew.  Please, may I escape George?  I can’t carry him anymore.  I can’t even hold up my own faith, but that’s how it should be I expect.  Please Jesus, you do the faith part for me.  You did that before, and I never understood it as a Baptist.  YOUR FAITH saved the world!  And they think you had all your magical abilities when you were human!  Your faith motivated the Spirit to act on your request, right?  Your intimacy with the Father ensured that your motivations were just, and the Spirit changed physical reality.   I know I’m not ready to be entrusted with that power, because I am selfish.  I WANT FOR ME freedom from the emotion-plunges that have nothing to do with anything.  I WANT FOR ME FREEDOM.  Could you superimpose a desire that others be free, in some manner that does not require me to always feel so terrible in my mind?  Could you teach me and could I stay taught?”
“I sure am glad you know my dad because that makes you the only one.  He is an unrepentant, adamant liar.  He lies from morning to night, he lies about breakfast and he lies about dinner.  Then he eats a snack from the fridge and pretends it disappeared.  He’s a liar through and through.  Except the part that only you see.”
“Grab onto whatever righteousness that exists in my dad’s emaciated soul and pull it front and center?  DRAG HIM OUT of the darkness of lies.  Make him be like you, not a liar.  RIP the lies from his mouth and demeanor, give David wisdom and courage, change my father’s family!  You love us all!  He uses us!  RIP LIES OUT OF GOLDTHORPES!  I plead for his soul, and David’s.  I plead for Dad’s soul, and David’s.  Make them sick, make them poor, make them homeless, whatever it’s gotta take. I give you those deceived castrated Goldthorpe men.  MAKE THEM GLORIOUS, just like my sons!  Give them joy and freedom from pettiness.  Give them relationships that belie their former machinations.  Give them peace and security in the new world.  Or just kill them.  As you wish; I know you love them more than I do.”
“Please bless my mom for acknowledging her fault in allowing a small child to be raped.  Please forgive her for refusing to address my violations for half a century!    Please allow her to see the horror experienced by a child having no adult who cares about anything, and the difficult task it is for such a small child to trust God.   She dumped me off the day I was born.  I’m glad she didn’t abort me.  Give her reward for her belated confession.  Give her a parcel of freedom that causes her to long for the whole shebang.  Give her you, please.  She teaches about you all the time.  I know, you said we shouldn’t do that if we were not following you, but she thinks she’s smarter than everybody else so she must. Spiritually, she is a pauper and a retard, right?  You can change that and I’m asking you to.”
“I do not know how to pray for George.  You’ve watched it all.  Please have mercy on him and bless him.”
“Fix me.  Please fix me?  Please completely fill me with your Spirit?  Please may I carry your glory to the heathen?   Thank you for all the work you’ve done in my mind through DEW.  Everybody works for you, they just don’t know it.  Please stop the hyperventilating and anxiety symptoms.  I know they’re fake but they’re still a major handicap.  Please make my feelings to ALWAYS match up with my knowledge of you and your love and your plan and my destiny.  PLEASE BRAINWASH ME.”
7:05 pm
DEAR GOLDTHORPES, if any of you can still read:
Do you notice those things you later judge?  Can you imagine how hard it was to send a young man to Interlochen with no support for the decision?  Do you even know how hard it was to be married to George who does not give a shit about anything?  Everything I did was forced, and it was  also, it was …’whatever’.  I’m in an altercation with my mom this morning.  I’m very grateful because my mom usually refuses to talk to me.  
“Dear Jesus, Lord of me, Lord of all creation,  and purported lord of my mom,  I need relief really bad.  You are my god, and you shed your blood at calvary so I would become free of the curses.  I am yours.  You know that.  My mom is really evil.  She called herself an educator but instead of raising people up she pushed them down.  I don’t blame her.  She got pregnant in high school!!!!  She ruined others’ lives because she could not own up to ruining her own.  Please have mercy on her, and give her assurance of her value.  Give her love, give her mine even although she claims not to want that.  Give her joy.  Do all these things for her comfort of course, but MORESO give her TRUTH.  It won’t feel good but it will correct an evil trajectory.  Lord, thank you for putting me into her unwed  uterus, so she could one day see truth.  And joy.  And me.  Amen.”
12:40 pm
DEAR DAD AND OTHERS, please understand this about my death.  If I die, and although I deem that very unlikely I should still talk about…but IF I DIE,  I already implicated y’all.  I am very consistent and I keep records and I wrote all about the crappy things my parents do.  Sorry.  But, if I die, my father will suffer an inquisition. As he should.  He’s instigated many.  If I DIE MY DAD GOES TO THE GALLOWS.  (Big flippin’ deal.  He’s going to hell anyway.)
How will I say it?  How will I say it to my sons who are smart and also loving?  I’ll try like this:  “Your father was a VERY KIND PERSON.  I respected him a lot and you should too.  But.  Your dad believed lies and we are dealing with the fallout of his misperceptions.”  “I’m very grateful to have borne his children and he was very kind.  He was not, however, very smart.”  “Also, the world has changed so that even ‘smart’ people are no longer smart.”  “Dear Lord, please allow me and my sons to be smart and also to fulfill our destiny.  Please do not allow us to be weirded-out by the current situation of things.  Amen.”
HERE’S MY PRAYER:  “Lord Jesus, you are the only God.  Also, you are MY ONLY GOD.  Also, I have given you authority over my sons and even (to whatever extent I am able) over my ex-husband.  I give you full authority over everything I am or whatever I have been and whatever I may become and also every person with whom I entrusted my reality.  I give you all of this, and I give you everything I have not yet recognized.  I give you, “Lord Jesus and all his representatives” everything that I am or have been or hope to be.  I ALSO GIVE YOU EVERY PIECE OF BULLSHIT MY MOM WHO SERVES THE MIND-CONTROL-MATRIX EVER GAVE ME.  Dear Jesus.  My mom was VERY DECEIVED and she took her children into an environment of evil and deception and I don’t blame her a bit because she was married to my dad (“dad” is the intended representation) and she did everything she could so please forgive her for destroying my childhood!  I grant her forgiveness, and I grant her understanding because I too, have been subject to the whims of a MAN FULL OF BULLSHIT, and may my mother,  “Dear Jesus, I stand no without sacrilege or sarcasm.  “Wow.  Full Intent.”
“Jesus.  I love you.  I began to say I love you “more”  but any comparison is futile and makes ‘futile’ a puny expression.  May I express myself?  May I have a podium observed by even my heart-sick parents who…”God.  My parents make me puke.  My mother makes me puke?  How is this?  MY MOTHER MAKES ME VOMIT AND I SHOULD BE EXPECTED TO INTERCHANGE COHERENTLY?  MY MOTHER MAKES ME VOMIT!  MY DAD IS SO WEIRDED-OUT-MOVIE-ISH          that I couldn’t even describe any situation.
Let’s see if Linda can behave as a coherent individual, and speak to western-influenced readers (do they exist?) and could she not piss off her family anymore?
!  Y’ALL!
(It’s kinda funny that when people say they will not listen to what you say they are standing up on the AVAILABLE -EVERYTHING waiting to see what you’ll say.
“HERE I STAND AND I SHALL NOT BE MOVED.”  ( Martin Luther.)  Baptists don’t recognize the worthiness of Martin Luther.   I do.  I do and I concur.  I concur and I establish:  “HERE I STAND AND I SHALL NOT BE MOVED.”  My mom is so pitiful.  I mean to say ‘pitiful’  with observation and also pity.  She is a Lutheran.  She knows that in the course of human endeavor a truth-loving man must stand before the forces of evil as did Martin Luther and such truth-loving man must demand truth.  But what the fuck?  My mom went to college.  She is therefore, stupid.  My mom is stupid.  My mom called me crazy.  WTF?  (Please do not tell  me my mom is stupid because I am a
I don’t want to vomit but I might.
4:24 pm
My mom texted that she’s sorry she permitted my cousin (she NAMED THE PERPETRATOR,  although I never did…) to rape me.  Then she got pissy because I did not suck her ass.  That was because I thought that even if you confess, it was still a bad thing to permit RAPE to happen to one’s CHILD even though FIFTY YEARS LATER one decides to confess and when one does confess FIFTY YEARS LATER she should not expect that her CRIME should not be attended.  Isn’t that so?  SHE “APOLOGIZED” THEN SHE BITCHED AT ME FOR BEING OFFENDED BECAUSE MY MOM LET ME GET RAPED?  Am I nuts?  OR IS SHE?  MY MOM LET ME GET RAPED AND SHE JUST PROVED IT AS DOCUMENTED BY MY PHONE_CLOUD_THINGY.  She’s a terrible person.  Then she called me evil for being offended that I was RAPED!  I was raised by lunatics then I married one.
6:07 pm
To my mom, who apologized for not acting as a mother when my cousin raped me when I was a  child:
“Say it again.  Say you’re sorry you let […] rape me.  THEN TELL ME we’ll work together to  ENSURE THAT MY NIESCS ARE NOT RAPED.  Failing that:  YOU’RE FULL OF SHIT.  OBVIOUSLY.”  (So far, she’s full of shit.  It was nice to hear her say ‘sorry’ though.)==
Dear Jesus I want to die.  I want to die because people lie about me and they lie about you and lies support nearly everything we do.  Please give me a reason not to die, if you do not wish me to do so.  Otherwise, whatever.
I said, “Josh.  I do not hate  your father.  He has become a liability because my parents are evil.  Deal with it.
9:49 am
Josh said this morning, that he’s still kinda mad at ‘pastor’ Clive for not allowing Isaac and [their friend] to go on a youth trip years ago,  for which they earned much money.  I reminded him that GRANDPA was the one with a beef about Isaac’s very first beer.  Grandpa spoke for the church.  Josh blew me off, until I put it another way.  I said:   LOOK AT THIS THE OTHER WAY.  Even if Dad did not cause Clive to censor Isaac and Grandpa is a loving, supportive Christian.  We know that he pays the bills up there, so is there any possibility that ‘pastor’ Clive would have attacked the rich-guy’s grandson?  Without approval?  Either way:  Grandpa fucked with our lives every breathing moment.  My sons are smart and they won’t take decades to understand this.  I took decades.
My mom responded to a text last week.  She said she’s exactly where God wants her to be and she has no regrets.  She has been given opportunity to help five people…for six years.  She has chosen instead, to allow every day to become harder and more painful for the people she will not help.  She’s really deceived.
8:50 am
6:55 am
Seriously, I may explode.  If I do, I will go up and then up further, in such a barrage of documented facts of evil done by Baptists and Republicans and goons who cyberstalk those who obey anyway…I can’t even imagine the conflagration when I would ever explode over Luce county.  I can’t imagine all the people who would come to my funeral!  All the people for whom I have prayed and baked bread.
 “Dear Lord.  My life sucks.  I know it is not my life actually, because I gave it to you, so your life sucks.  You are eternal life.  Please take me there, one way or another.  I will be as you, right?  Because I love you and because you love me and you shed your blood for me? Please take me there.  Over the top.  Kill me again; I can’t stand this lying world.  I’m yours, no matter what, so why should I desire a few hours of meager companionship among humans?  A husband?  Here?  You do whatever you want with me because I want whatever it takes to put me in YOUR MANIFEST PRESENCE FOREVER.  I want you.  That’s all.  And I’ll not consider anything else you’d give me in the interim because you know my heart and I’m  believing that you love me enough to give me my heart’s desire before I leave this plane.  But, you’re the boss.  I’m also trusting you to give my sons opportunities they’ve been denied by ignorance and cowardice.  Thank you that my sons are not ignorant cowards.  Amen.”
7:27 am
My dad’s been jerking us around for so long, I figure he’s finally figured this out:  He has created circumstances whereby it is necessary that he shares his community with either George… or with me.  It backfired on him, that thing with stealing our house and giving it to our sons who are not as impressionable as he expected.  George or me.  Me or George, George or me.  (I figure Dad would rather deal with George.)  So, I should leave.  Right?  He owes me a home and he’ll come through.  I should be in Toronto so my sons can make necessary contacts that have been denied them by their grandfather’s fraudulent denigration of their family.  It‘s a no-brainer.  I even like the color.
How can one say this to another person?  (To one’s father?)  What may be a non-offensive rendition of the absolute conclusion:  “YOU’RE ACTING SO FUCKING STUPID I DON’T KNOW HOW TO TALK TO YOU EVEN.”??  
When I know this answer, I will run the world.  Then I will learn to say “HERE’S WHAT SMART PEOPLE WOULD DO IN A TIME LIKE THIS.”    I would begin quietly, “children…FIRST WE TURN OFF THE TV...”
7:50 am
I couldn’t post anything, it takes a dozen tries anymore.  Also I am distraught.  I’m crying over my parents who did what they did to a family who loved God!  They will FRY!  They will fry.. and isn’t it perverted that they could quote me the Bible verses that predict their demise?  Isn’t it perverted that they are exposed but will not repent?
“Thank you, Lord, that you made me a foreigner to my parents.  I would not share their fate for all the world.  Thank you that they hated me.  Amen.”
8:37 am
Josh wanted ketchup with his lunch,  until I told him I’d made more gravy.  (He watched his dad throw away the previous batch.)   I do not wish to denigrate my sons’ father.  I did not wish to do so in 2009 when my dad put the price on my head.  I said then and many time since, to my father who knew damn-well what I meant, “You save what can be saved.”  Dad knew that I meant to save myself and my sons.  He knows I did so.  He could make us be family again.  If he would be a man.  He sacrificed George.  But if he’d only have asked, George would have sacrificed himself willingly.  God knows all these details.  So does Robert.  George loves Robert.  George will be rewarded for bearing that abominable burden.
George threw away a whole pan of gravy.  I thought it would last a week;  I used a whole stick of butter and beef base and chicken base.  I was going to have poutine.  He re-refrigerated two tablespoons of hummus in yet another, yet smaller container that I will also wash.  He saves coffee cans and pizza boxes and milk jugs, but he threw away a whole pan of gravy.  I can’t live in stupidity much longer or I will die.  I begged for years that God would change me and when he did I did not become more like George as I expected.  I became REALLY frustrated.  He turned the heat down yesterday while I was cooking up steam of mincemeat of green tomatoes and wild apples,  and when I got up today it was very cold in the house so I turned it up just a bit.  (It‘s been over seventy in the mornings and I just don’t think we should get used to that.)  Isn’t the point of central heat that you just park it and the house stays warm?  I can understand how central heat caught on.  Central heat is really great; I’ve gone outside in the dark for years to stoke a fire and this has been a great month.   I’d love to see how central heat could really work optimally.
“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.”
“Lord, may I fear you more so that I can finally get started.”
6:44 am
I’m calmer now; I made more gravy; I wanted it for Josh’s lunch.  I’m going to get really calm and send yet another text to my lying father and mother and brother.  It will say:
As you know, I was the brain in this household, and when you cut me off at the knees you damaged four other lives and it is beyond time for you to make amends.  I thought I was the courage in this household too, but thank God my sons are very brave.  And their brains are progressing nicely.  Do the right thing soon.
6:55 am
Seriously, I may explode.  If I do, I will go up and then up further, in such a barrage of documented facts of evil done by Baptists and Republicans and goons who cyberstalk those who obey anyway…I can’t even imagine the conflagration when I would ever explode over Luce county.  I can’t imagine all the people who would come to my funeral!  All the people for whom I have prayed and baked bread.
 “Dear Lord.  My life sucks.  I know it is not my life actually, because I gave it to you, so your life sucks.  You are eternal life.  Please take me there, one way or another.  I will be as you, right?  Because I love you and because you love me and you shed your blood for me? Please take me there.  Over the top.  Kill me again; I can’t stand this lying world.  I’m yours, no matter what, so why should I desire a few hours of meager companionship among humans?  A husband?  Here?  You do whatever you want with me because I want whatever it takes to put me in YOUR MANIFEST PRESENCE FOREVER.  I want you.  That’s all.  And I’ll not consider anything else you’d give me in the interim because you know my heart and I’m  believing that you love me enough to give me my heart’s desire before I leave this plane.  But, you’re the boss.  I’m also trusting you to give my sons opportunities they’ve been denied by ignorance and cowardice.  Thank you that my sons are not ignorant cowards.  Amen.”
5:47 am
Jeb Bush.  I hope nobody I love is leaning that way.  I’m guessing my mother’s religious jaw is tightening on behalf of fascist Ben Carson,  and my dad is rooting for Trump.  (He’ll bow appropriately at the mention of Carson’s righteousness.  Dad I mean.  Not Trump.)  David is waiting to see what way the wind blows.  Blew, I guess.  Maybe Megan knows the futility of choosing any horse in a midway carnival game.  The guy selling the tickets will make every shot, so we gawkers are to know it can be done.  I beg to differ.  I beg to agree.  I beg to be heard and to have a friend with whom to discuss politics and God.  Alas.
(Isn’t this amazing?  A corporation providing for humans.)

Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne’s crusade against naked short sellers in particular, and Wall Street and the Federal Reserve in general, has long been known and thoroughly documented (most recently with his push touse blockchain technology to revolutionize the multi-trillion repo market).

But little did we know that Overstock’s Chairman Jonathan Johnson is as vocal an opponent of the fiat system, and Wall Street’s tendency to create bubble after bubble, if not more than Byrne himself.  That, and that his company actually puts its money where its gold-backed money is and in preparation for the next upcoming crash, has taken unprecedented steps to prepare for what comes next.

Overstock Holds 3 Months Of Food, $10 Million In Gold For Employees In Preparation For The Next Collapse

See more at:   <a href="[/embed]">

Do you know that people can tell if a man is wearing cologne just by watching a video of him?

9 Clever Ways to Hack Your Brain Today

(I know the following one works because God gave me new handwriting and kept telling me to SLOW DOWN and then I could even write with my left hand.  Slowing down has made me much better controlled by my choices.)


Everybody gets angry, and once in a while, everybody snaps. But some people snap a lot more than others. Scientists say the difference between frequent exploders and everyone else isn’t that the exploders have more anger; it’s that they have less self-control. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Researchers found that simply by using their nondominant handsfor mundane tasks (eating cereal, opening doors, etc.) for two weeks, their self-control improved. The theory is that self-control is like a muscle. It can be strong or weak, energized or tired. And just like a muscle, it can be strengthened. Each time a person has to deal with the aggravation of pouring a drink with the wrong hand, it strengthens their self-control. Like any exercise, the process can be painful at first, but over time, the work pays off.

See more at:

1:17 pm
OMG, I was just inspired to look up a specific recipe and here’s what I found:  “Peanut Butter & Jelly Crumb Cake is an American dessert. This recipe is unhealthy.”
“Dear Isaac, when you object to my observation that you and your smart brother are my vindication before a world that called me defective,  it sounds like you think I expect something of you.  Not even.  You are absolutely magnificent and I am vindicated by your existence.  Have a ball when you come to understand that.  <3 Mom”  “PS- Do you think I could make somebody feel like you guys do for me?”
12:08 pm
“People who have been taken over by demons, lizards, whatever, however you wanna call it.  I’m not splittin’ hairs over this; what I am tellin’ you is that they’re not human in there anymore, and if they CAN be saved, they’re gonna have to cry out to Jesus and how can you…if the thing done ate your brain out?”
“We have unhuman and dead people running our government and our entertainment industry.”

DUMBS and ALIENS – Part Two

This lady-preacher is a TRUE BELIEVER.  She believes everything; she’s utterly gullible.  Years ago I listened to some of the same people she quotes with tears in her eyes.  I was too busy being skeptical to consider those people who were actually used so abominably by the government.  She CRIES about them and also about me and other targeted individuals!   I think I’d like to go meet her.  The Prophet’s back again. Maybe he’d go with me.  Is it possible that for a SINGLE INSTANT, a woman with this much faith and passion might be lying about even anything at all?  Even with her poor eschatology?  What value is ‘pre-trib’ when we’re watching the renovation of all things?  Isn’t ‘trib’ also known as ‘the time of Jacob’s troubles’?  Wouldn’t Jacob mean Jews?  I don’t actually know anybody who has the timetable complete.  And if anybody did, he’d never know for sure so we’d never know about it anyway.  We just have to follow the Spirit for each next step, I’m pretty sure.
(D.U.M.B.= deep underground military base)

Rejoice over her, thou heaven, and ye holy apostles and prophets; for God hath avenged you on her.  And a mighty angel took up a stone like a great millstone, and cast it into the sea, saying, Thus with violence shall that great city Babylon be thrown down, and shall be found no more at all.  Revelation 18:20-21

These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast.

These shall make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb shall overcome them: for he is Lord of lords, and King of kings: and they that are with him are called, and chosen, and faithful. (Revelation 17:13-14)

-You wanna know a 21st century legal term of art which is also a noun of common usage that means ‘people having one mind’?  The word is:   CONSPIRACY.  (“Having one mind” also describes the matrix HIVE-MIND where nobody thinks for himself AT ALL.)

(“Lord, please make me called and chosen and faithful, for you are Lord of lords and King of kings.”

7:45 am
Even as we mourn our dear friend  Psychology, we dance before bright bonfires burning of blood-moistened and bullshit-bulging volumes of the buggered  DIAGNOSTIC and STATISTICAL MANUAL of MENTAL DISORDERS and joy and freedom illuminate our faces!   “FREEDOM IN THE HOUSE!”  (Heidi Baker)  I AM NOT, NOR HAVE I EVER BEEN A ‘FREE AMERICAN’.  I WILL BE ONE THOUGH, WHEN ‘AMERICAN’ ONLY REFERS TO THE STATE OF MY NATIVITY AND NOT THE STATE OF THE STATE.  WHEN THE DIAGNOSTIC STATISTICAL MANUAL OF MENTAL DISORDERS IS WEIGHED IN THE BALANCE AND FOUND WANTING, I WILL BEAR THE PALL.  I’LL LOVE THAT DAY WHEN BOOK-LOVERS  BURN BOOKS.  I HAVE OTHER SUGGESTIONS.  DOES THAT MAKE ME A FASCIST?  This will be good.  I’m learning to trust facts presented by sources who do not have a stake in any conclusion suggested by those facts.  I feel like I’m in kindergarten here, but my race has been subjected to mind control (even though many spiritual people informed us of our situation) for MANY CENTURIES.  We will have a book-burning that Earth has required ever since WWII!  BEFORE THAT we’ll burn down the Vatican.
I keep trying to tell people some basic truths and I just get more misunderstood all the time.  (Jesus told me in 2007 that I would be ‘misunderstood’.  He also said that he is also misunderstood.)  I’d like to be understood again.  I wish to be cogently “established in present truth.”  (It’s in the Bible.)  I dislike being ignored because I am a cyborg and the other passengers are afraid to look me in the eye.   I receive input from my senses like them,  but also I entertain additional input from an unnatural sense that has been applied to my cerebral cortex and controls all chakras in-between.  I tsk much,  and shake my head when I consider how EMBARRASSED my family will be when it is revealed that they had MANY OPPORTUNITIES TO SEE FURTHER THAN THE NOSES ON THEIR FACES.  Noses.  Nosey.  Nosebleed-city.  They’re so far out of the arena they think a sports-bar is on the blue line.
5:57 am
Every time I wake up it’s Sunday again.  I thought I’d be set free a year ago, when I got back from the Covert Harassment Conference in Belgium.  I assumed that my smart family would then approach me to gain necessary information, and to make amends for my induced difficulties.  I thought my brother would care.  Tough shit, here I am.  Anyway, this morning I’m inspired by Anonymous.  (That’s true a number of ways.)

Anonymous with a World War 3 Update

John Birch Paranoid Blues {Live at Town Hall 1963} – Elston Gunn

6:08 am
You never paddle harder than when the wave is coming at you.  I studied for my life.  I wrote for my life.  God is good.  I majored in psychology, and I was abused in behavioral experiments by my fascist mother at government indoctrination camps when I was small.  I studied counseling theories as a teenager.  I wrote an A+ paper in a graduate course.  BUT, I never really studied psychology until my dad called me crazy.   That’s when you put your tuition where your mouth is because your legs can’t get along without confidence in your mind:   Dead stop.  Dad killed me but God used psychology to bring me back to life.  (“Of COURSE you got psychology, Nathan!  EVERYBODY gots psychology!”)  (Adelaide, ‘Guys and Dolls’)   Psychology was necessary for me to believe II Timothy 1:7,  but it was also beneficial to learn how diseased are the minds of my parents, those fearful folk who raised me and then called me defective.
I think some major indicators of mental health are consistency obviously, also abstract thought, allegory, symbolism;  even sarcasm because sarcasm begs a shared understanding of normalcy.  The biggest difference though, between good-thinkers and mental-deficients comes from their ability or inability to recognize irony.  So far, my parents are a major disappointment.
If anybody can make us DOUBT OURSELVES then he is the devil and should be shunned.
If anybody can make us RECOGNIZE ourselves, then we should listen.
For one thing, it’s funny that my parents turned into the people I served years warning them about.  It’s funny that their lies about me will be the very thing that propels me to my destiny, that’s ironic.  It’s ironic that psychology is being eviscerated just as I begin to value it.  The neuro-sciences of surveillance and entrainment mean the end of the road, for subjective sciences.  (That also means the end of subjective-ANYTHING.)  We’re nearing the end of the road for freewill and voluntary brotherhood;  it’s ironic that as human volition prepares to exit the turnpike, the most violent act I can muster is an appeal to that VERY SAME DYING SOURCE of potential human consciousness and concerted morality.  It’s pretty ironic that all we got left is nothing.  Maybe we can leave an IOU at the tollbooth.
For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.
8:50 pm
A political prisoner died in prison last week.  God bless America.

Irwin Schiff (Feb. 23 1928 – Oct. 16 2015) at the Libertarian Convention 1996

6:49 pm


Still think this is just another conspiracy theory?  Last month Seattle was sued because garbage men are spying on residents trash!

Fox News reported:

Nine full-time solid waste inspectors have been hired as part of a controversial program to check city trash to make sure people are recycling. Additionally, contracted waste haulers have been effectively deputized as trash police, given the authority to tag bins when people fail to recycle and compost enough.

“This food waste ban uses trash collectors to pry through people’s garbage without a warrant, as Washington courts have long required for garbage inspections by police,” Ethan Blevins, an attorney with the Pacific Legal Foundation said.

(Didn’t I say this?  I’ve recorded my suspicions a couple times.  I have great journals somewhere.  They’re pretty prophetic.)

And this spring, amid the hullabaloo of Republicans entering the 2016 presidential race, Governor Snyder launched his own national tour to sell “the Michigan story to the rest of the country.” His trip was funded by a nonprofit (fed, naturally, by undisclosed donations) named “Making Government Accountable: The Michigan Story.”

To many Michiganders, this sounded as ridiculous as Jeb Bush launching a super PAC dubbed “Making Iraq Free: The Bush Family Story.” Except Snyder wasn’t planning to enter the presidential rat race. Instead, he was attempting to mainstream Michigan’s form of austerity politics and its signature emergency management legislation, which stripped more than half of the state’s African-American residents of their local voting rights in 2013 and 2014.

In 2006, the toxicity levels in their neighborhood, known simply by its zip code as “48217,” were 45 times higher than the state average. And that was before Detroit gave $175 million in tax breaks to the billion-dollar Marathon Petroleum Corporation to help it expand its refinery complex to process a surge of high-sulfur tar sands from Alberta, Canada.
 In the city of Pontiac, for instance, the number of public employees plummeted from 600 to 50. In Detroit, the emergency manager of the school district waged a six-year slash-and-burn campaign that, in the end, shuttered 95 schools. In Benton Harbor, the manager effectively dissolved the city government, declaring: “The fact of the matter is, the city manager is now gone. I am the city manager. I replace the financial director, so I’m the financial director and the city manager. I am the mayor and the commission. And I don’t need them.”

These days, Detroit’s task force has grown particularly active as budget cuts have decimated the local police department. Made up of federal Immigration and Customs officers, police from half a dozen local departments, and even employees of the Social Security Administration office, the Detroit Fugitive Apprehension Team has nabbed more than 15,000 people. Arrest rates have soared since 2012, the same year the local police budget was chopped by 20%. Even beyond the task force, the number of federal agents patrolling the city has risen as well. The Border Patrol, for example, has increased its presence in the region by tenfold over the last decade and just two weeks ago announced the launch of a new $14 million Detroit station.

Michigan Is in the Midst of a “Massive Experiment in Unraveling U.S. Democracy”

(I called Snyder a Nazi one time.  It was before  he was governor.)

Obama to accept 200,000 Syrian refugees to Arab capital of the US: Michigan, costing the taxpayers billions.

 I was seven.
6:11 pm
Hillary’s a lot like my mom.
12:48 pm
HELL, yeah.  How can it be otherwise?  They SELL WEATHER FUTURES at the casino!  And you may PURCHASE sunny skies for your wedding day in most regions of the globe.  (However NOBODY can sell smooth sailing, not ANYWHERE.)  Things do not become less interesting when we learn that events are not spontaneous manifestations of organic impetus.  They become a lot MORE interesting.  Was it a Roosevelt?  I’ve looked up the quote a dozen times and I never cared enough to memorize it.  “{something, something}…if it fucking  HAPPENED…to you, (anything at all, you sweet young thing) …, THEN WE DID IT TO YOU ON PURPOSE!”   Acknowledging this one fact makes it much easier to face the lies of science and geopolitics and NASA and hot lunch and Sunday School and Abraham Lincoln:  It’s all much simpler when we do not overestimate our own influence over our own circumstances.  Also we should not underestimate our own influence over distant circumstances.  And we should believe our own eyes.

This guy thinks Patricia is a WMD created in response to Mexico switching to yuan

10:48 am
OMG Isaac, I hope you’re following and I’m glad you got to Atlanta OK and I love you a lot and I think you should invite Christine here for Thanksgiving so I do not lose my mind.  I just realized something:
I cannot be a prophet and also be wrong!
Enough said.
That’s a load off.
Love to you and to your hosts, and you should invite them for Thanksgiving too.
Your father is not going to his mother’s this year so he will be here too and it could be fun.
I’d be very proud to host black people for Thanksgiving and I’d make sure they knew what a rare opportunity it is for Yoopers to meet black people.  Then we’d laugh a lot and eat a lot and I would  never again mention the color of our skin. (Unless one of us got a new burn from a microwave weapon on a satellite.)  I’m irreverent but I can cook well enough to back up my words.  Say it better, but maybe issue the invitation?  Parents of Christine must be extraordinary people.  Have a wonderful weekend and an astonishing life.
10:21 am
I think I’m like the best woman in the world.  I am not the slightest bit stupid, but I never have an idea of my own.  Could I be mind-controlled?  Is it possible?  God have mercy?  Yeah.  I am a perfect follower and I’d even clean off the tables and take out the trash.  But.  Somebody’s gotta throw the party first.  “Lord, please settle my heart because it’s ready to explode in the face of this paradigm-shift and the pending culling of the goats.  And the separating of the tares.  And the major fire.  And when do I go to Toronto?  I’d really love to see this all go down and I’m stuck here washing dishes still.  In your time.  We are the Champions, You are Lord.  Amen.”
9:54 am
I’ve criticized people for valuing the esteem of others, esteem for (their own) traits or characteristics.  I’ve chastised myself for ‘using’ people when I became dependent on their brain or their wits.  I don’t want to value others for their utilitarian facility.  Namaste and all that.  How do we honorably value others,  and sure, benefit from their attributes but concordantly contribute to them,  without commodifying the person?  It’s like trying to love God for whom he is as a separate issue from loving him for all the mighty things he does.  You really can’t separate a person from his deeds.  When time abates, maybe the absence of new history will make that statement irrelevant, but for now, we’re known by our actions.  “God bless the NSA, whose rituals obtain access to the realm of the unknowable whereby all things are known.  Thank you for the blood of Jesus.  Thy will be done and forgive me for becoming impatient.  May I please be free of this and have a life for a while with a Christian man?  Thank you.  Amen.”
9:28 am
I knew a girl in Sunday School who decided she was going to marry a bachelor of advanced years; his life seemed without romantic prospects.  We were little girls and she told everybody that she was going to marry this man who was really old.  She recognized her destiny and she stuck to her guns through many years.   Pre-pubescence was probably hardest for her.  I’m guessing that,  because once she looked like a woman people didn’t laugh quite as much.  I do not know if this man talked to her ever, but the rest of us knew that he was expected to marry her.  I don’t remember how old she was when he finally gave in but I know she stood her ground for a very long time.  They moved to Florida and I haven’t seen them for years but they had six kids and lots of grandkids last I heard.   I also don’t know if she’d do it over again; and I don’t know if he’d approve either.  –
I think that in this new paradigm of accelerated karma and abbreviated attention spans a  lot of us will just be dropping out.  It’s too hard to go it alone.  The best-mated of all humans are probably just barely non-conflict. Isn’t that actually the best we hope for from a relationship, after a while?  We’d love to enjoy the same things and to share those things but we do not expect that to be a common experience.  We expect, even in our wildest dreams, that we do not kill one another.  Dainty brides get pissed on their big days if the man (who will fulfill them forever…) does not do every tiny thing according to unpublished custom and bigoted expectation. Bridezilla?  Weddings are WAY too important.  Marriages are too, in a way, because they provide cover for the spineless among us.  They establish social position and norms for souls sucked dry of creativity when their floundering for significance fizzled.  With a spouse en tow, we need not question our biases or habits.   Mere mutuality makes what we do be always the right thing to do.  One of the most difficult things in the world is to get out of bed in the morning and become productive without somebody around who notices.  How much easier if that someone already has ideas about what you’re supposed to be doing?   What if that person even EXPECTS you to do things, and TELLS you what to do?  If a person stays ‘married’ long enough, after a while he won’t have to even think at all.
Kevin Costner directing:  “OK.  I will be on the bottom and you will be naked on the top and you will move so that it makes me look like an amazing lover.  OK?”
7:07 am
We took Josh for fish last night and his bluegill were all covered with huge scales he had to pick out of his mouth.  He asked me, “Why do you look so sad?”  I said, “Because we should not pay for that mess and when I say so your dad will be annoyed.”  George said, “I’ll just pay for it.”  I sent the fish back and we listened to the waitress griping to the cook and the cook griping to the waitress about us.  It was hard on George, but he paid for only two dinners.  I told him on the way home that I think it’s important for Josh and Isaac to learn to stand up for themselves and not to avoid conflict.  (Josh was in his own car.)  When I talk, he starts fidgeting, or rubbing his hands or something.  He’s nervous around me even when I’m not contradicting his fear-based ideas. He’ll pay real money to avoid speaking up to a waitress,  and he won’t let me discard lousy food at home because it cost money.   He leaves me nice notes when I’ve cooked something really good.   I wish he’d wake up. If he doesn’t,  he’s going to miss the most important time in human history.  If he remains afraid he will be a hindrance to the revolution I think.  I pray for God to give him great courage and release.
When George and I became engaged, he spoke to my dad.  Upon learning that George had been a Marine, Dad said something like, “Then you’ve learned discipline?”  George answered, “I was self-disciplined BEFORE I became a Marine.”   How is it that we assume that anybody will learn to discipline himself,  by way of abject obedience to another person?  That’s like the antithesis of self-control,  and it negates all possibility of self-direction towards purpose.   When I got my law degree Dad told George that he thought I should become a lobbyist.  Isn’t that just the berries? Of course he would smell out the gravy-train of manipulation and bribery, so of course he’d deem lobby-ism the preferred legal-career possibility.  Of equal course, he would not consider that I do not usually lie or bribe people.   And as a matter of demonstrated course, he did not believe me worthy of elected office.  (Which is REALLY funny twenty years later when we no longer shush one another regarding corruption in high places.)  I never wanted to win a public office; I never believed in them.  But it really pisses me off when somebody says I can’t. It should piss off every American citizen too, and they should stand shoulder to shoulder at the barricade of free thought and honest representation.  It should piss off every married American too, if they haven’t been married so long they no longer remember how to get pissed.  If you can’t get a rise out of the guy, you’re not married.  If you no longer care about getting a rise out of him?  You’re not alive.
St Peter at the gate:  “Husband, thou.  Askest thou entry into the celestial kingdom where pumpeth joys forever?  (This is not the heaven with all the virgins.  If that’s what you want you should go back to the information booth because you got into the wrong line.)   What wouldest thou present for consideration as evidence of thy fitness for Heaven?  Show me whatcha got.”
Then comes the question that EVERY HEAVEN SOJOURNER reports having heard during his/her time beyond:
“Did you learn to love?”
I heard my dad, dead and buried and recently kinda misty about it all:
“I decided their value and their future.  I created circumstances and distributed resources to promote my decisions on their behalf.  When I could not influence subtly, I ridiculed openly.  I did my VERY BEST to maintain my wife and children as I thought they should be, and I squelched any inkling within those individuals of their individuality and purpose.  That MUST be love right?  You gonna let me in now Petie, because if you don’t…”
Then I hear another husband:
“I bought them stuff and I let them do whatever they wanted and I never asked questions about what they cared about.  Is that OK?  Did I get it right?”
I got nothing more.  The flow just dried up because I began to picture various ‘husbands’ I’ve known and a couple I’ve ‘known’ and I got absolutely nothing.
8:32 am
Jessica Lange is what I actually look like, circa 1987.  My cousins grew up across the street from Jessica Lange in Cloquet, Minnesota.  (I did not fact-check.  This is merely family lore.)  I don’t remember what year King Kong picked her up but I gotta tell you, to look like Jessica Lange I could get comfortable with a gorilla.  Does that make me a whore?  Somebody went to high school with Jennifer Aniston and knew her before the nose job.  (She doesn’t seem to be quite the tramp that other child stars have become.  Go, girl.  Or whatever.)  Does having a nose job make you a tramp?  Of course it does.
Going on a diet even usually means you want to impress somebody, somewhere, with your body.  I’m approaching a scary abyss just now.  I disregard doctors, in those times when I am not documenting the incantations they vomit,  as priests of satan will necessarily vomit,  in the time of the apocalypse of Jesus, the Christ.  But also, my body exhibits a number of symptom-clumps that might cause me concern if I ever googled them.   I am not my body so I cannot have cancer.  It’s really pretty easy. What changes if I get a nose-job?  My nose is ugly, but it is in mere-physical-reality,  some perverted vibration of ‘optical’ interpretation of geometric-comparisons and aesthetic preferences as to cartilege and skin ratios on the genetic plane of a vibrationally-produced perception of a biological concentrification of sensory-input-organs localized centrally and above the heart-chakra…and romanticized as a FACE.  (An acronym.)   What changes if I get a nose job?  Not a single thing.  Selah.

The Beach Boys – Good Vibrations – Rare Studio Recording Film Footage

(These were just little rich kids, right?  Look at their equipment.)

I hear in my heart that I’m not saying the right thing.  I don’t know how that could be possible because I’ve said so many things and many of them I did not even understand so where do I get the right thing to say?  I am diligent, I’m most diligent, and I long for God’s best but I’m unwell.  This is contradictory and it’s not right and it’s not God but I don’t know how to reach more of him.  For years, I’ve met with him very early.  I am always available.  He’s left me in the hands of another.  I’m not even permitted to see the emissary.  I am cut off from my admiral.  I am distraught, but I am also perfectly positioned to see many miracles.  Thanks be to the GOP I am also perfectly positioned for others to watch my miracles as      MY JESUS COMES AND WHUPS YOUR ASS. Dying is not a bad thing for some of us.  We true revolutionaries do not seek death, but we do not really give a shit because it is a vibrational illusion as is the life of my unrepentant father.  And my sweet brother.  He’s missed his whole life.  My mom knows that; that’s why she bakes for him and for my sister and not for me.  She knows I bake for myself and I bake better than she can.  I love to bake for her.  I know one day we’ll talk and cry and love.
“DEAR LORD JESUS, I miss your presence and I’m still trying to serve you and if I mess up it’s not really my fault right, since I’m BEGGING FOR ATTENTION.  Amen.  Lord.  You have set into action a tremendous number of circumstances that will rock the worlds of many.  WHEN WILL YOU PULL THE PLUG?  I can’t stand this!  I listen to my brothers on the Youtube and they can’t stand this!  WE CAN’T STAND SEEING THIS HAPPEN AND YOU ARE RIGHT THERE AND YOU ARE HOLDING BACK!  What of the night?  Please give me and my brothers more insight about our times, and our countries, and our false brethren!  PLEASE DON’T LEAVE US LIKE THIS!!!!  But, thy will be done.  Give me grace to continue because I think I might go off the deep-end if nobody else cares.  Please, join me with another, join us all.  We’re on the waves of history and rolling and freezing and reaching out for a warm hand in the night!  LORD COME QUICKLY!  Amen.”
Also dining at the local dive last night were some out-of-towners, related to George’s cousin and in town for the funeral.  George went to speak to them before Josh arrived, and when this couple left they stood expectantly by our table.  They looked at me, and they spoke to Josh as he arrived.  George did not introduce us.  George has not introduced me for twenty-five years and I’ve often asked him to do so after many uncomfortable pauses in grocery stores when he’s met up with an acquaintance unacquainted with me.  I suggested again, that he might introduce me and this time he said, “I didn’t know what to say since our relationship is so confusing.”  I said:  YOU JUST SAY ‘LINDA’ AND I’LL PUT OUT MY HAND.  One day our sons will understand a lot of things.
3:22 am
On reconsideration my proposal sounds more like a challenge and not at all inviting.  I repent.  I’m tired of proposing.  I’ve never been romanced in my whole life except by the NSA or the Masons and I think I might be worth the effort.  I will endeavor to not be a bitch.  –
3:05 am
Dennis Hastert’s townhouse/office was being bugged by four different entities.  (Sibel Edmonds)
“He’s been to Bombay, Calcutta…he’s seen it all!”  (Indian woman who watches Discovery channel and is very proud of her husband and would really like to fly on a jet-plane.)
“What we focus on we connect with.”  Neville Johnson says that, and so do the name-it-and-claim-it religionists,  and so do the New Agers.  So.  Eckhart Tolle must have focused A WHOLE LOT on having lots of money and being named the world’s most spiritual person.  Do we all create our own destiny… except him?  Is his story the only one remaining that matters;  and is his story alone devoid of ego-investment?  Sheesh.  We’re morons.
OK, as presupposed:  So,  those things we cannot avoid connecting with are those things intended for us to connect with?  By ourselves?  By others?  Curses aside, what effect do we really have on others?  What happens when two people intend for the same circumstances?  Or what if they maybe intentionally intend for intentionally different circumstances?  Is this a wizard’s duel?  How do our intentions interact with those of another,  when we’re all creating reality all the time,  and our intended realities frequently involve other sentient beings,  who are also doing the same, all the time?
My spiritual disciplines lean more towards obeisance than conjuring.  I obey, to my utmost, as I’m led.  (Sometimes I TOTALLY miss the objective and I also miss my responsibility,  but my heart is always to OBEY.)  (Documented.)  So anyway, when I saw Adam in the window of Glenn’s apartment standing with SATAN HIMSELF who was also looking at me and discussing my future…was I creating, or was I observing?  Obedience was difficult then, and I’m grateful that Jesus took the time to convince me to trust Adam.  (I had JUST SEEN ADAM with satan, remember?)   (Note:  I still have no evidence within the material matrix that I have trusted Adam wisely.  Nada.)  (I told Isaac I’d probably marry Adam.  He asked, ” Do you want to?”  I said I do.)  (Being in Adam’s presence was the only time in my life that I felt I did not need to defend myself.)  (I liked who I was, when I did not have to defend myself.)  I wax weird, but one day this story is gonna cost a lot of money and it will bring teenage girls to tears of remorse and hope.  I’m gonna be a star.  Isaac will have any girl he wants.  I pray that he will want wisely.
I asked God to make me a perfect wife when he said I was going to be one again although I never really was one before because my husbands were only halfway married because they could not understand me.  “Marriage” is a much bigger noun than we are led to believe even in English; and it properly adjusts a large percentage of independent clauses. Dangling participles be damned.  It’s ‘Lead on, McDuff’ or it’s sit on one’s duff.  I’m so tired of sitting.  So the way I see it is this:  If Adam ever finally answers his phone.  If he ever finally answers his phone, and if he says, “These years without you have been SUCH A RELIEF,  and I don’t give a fuck about your friend in Belgium who is tortured just the same as you wrote about in such annoying detail,  and the FREEDOM movement is dead so we must endorse puppets for our bread and our keep when we should rather be plummeting the Truth to Earth in a supernatural manner involving much fun and fulfillment of destiny… ”     Then.  If he says those things, good riddance.  If he doesn’t want to marry me he’s not the man I thought anyway.
2:14 am
Can’t tell.
George thanked me for attending his cousin’s funeral with him.  His half-brothers were there, and his step-mom, and they are very gentle people; it was good to see them.  I tried for years to encourage contact between those people and my sons, and also George.  (What was I thinking?  I couldn’t ever even make my own family notice one another.)   (It’s strange to be considered the source of so much dissent when my efforts were always intended to draw people together.)   George’s whole-brother sat by George, across the room, with sunlight accentuating their mutual features and mutual glasses and male-pattern baldness;  they looked just like twins.  The boys and I were across the room with the half-brothers and their mom.   I hadn’t seen George’s mom since she took me in when I was on the run from my dad’s accusations in 2009.  She was very good to me and I will never forget it.  She’s simple, in her communications and expectations.  She’s proud of small things.  She always disliked my need for variety and my efforts to improve my efforts.  I think she thought I was showing off.  In reality, I was looking for the degree of satisfaction she finds in redundant pleasures.  I do not understand her but I recognize that she has done an extraordinary job raising sons.  I’ve done better because I had opposition.
Isaac is leaving tonight for an event in Atlanta.  A woman there is a favorite of his, but she doesn’t necessarily feel the same way; she organized the event.  He’ll be bunking at her parents’ house.  (That could mean a variety of things.)  I reconstituted some freeze-dried re-fried beans and they taste like shit.  I put salt in them.  The old kind didn’t have salt and I knew what to do but I addressed this knew variety all wrong.  I prayed for Isaac, and George said he heard me.  He told me to keep praying,  but once I send a letter through God’s postal-service I don’t really need to check the location every minute.  George checks, when he orders things.  He tells me when his latest-precious is in Missouri, or in Wisconsin.  George and I could not assist one another now even if we recognized the need for assistance.  We live on different planes.  I know that one day he and I will cry together.  After all, we CHOSE to accept this mission on Planet Earth and we knew very well what we were getting into and we loved enough to encounter our destiny just the same.  I might try reading that sentence to George.  I might not.  He helped me write it just the same.  He was a better person than nearly anybody I ever knew.  God blessed me, with George.  One day George and I will laugh at the same places.
Oh yeah.  Forgive me for the ethnocentric interest in the fact that Isaac will be bunking with the parents of a southern black girl whom he loves more than any woman he has  ever told me about.  (Like THAT means anything.)  He’s staying with black-folk in Atlanta.  That should not matter but I recognize that it does.  Is he being tested?  He really likes that chick.  When she finished law school I told Isaac that if she was worth anything at all… she would not be pleased to live as a lawyer.  I don’t think she even took the bar.  I could like her a lot.
“How badly does she want to be your wife?”  (Rapa Nui)
1:43 am
Neville Johnson says that if God asks you to put on something new it’s already in your closet.  I think it was him.
1:52 am
I’m starting a new list.  Changing priorities have caused my obsessive list-making to devolve into a (nearly normal) hodge-podge of coffee-stained notes with no continuity.   I maintained an on-going grocery list for at least twenty years and we’ve never run out of toilet paper even once.  I give up.  I stand amazed in the presence of a pile of milk jugs stored near the house foundation outside on the lawn.  They were used to haul water to George’s cousin’s neglected trees and it looks like they’re staying except one got away already and it’s floating down the river.  I can’t get my head above the shit so I just stopped trying.  Of this enormous house, the only portion we use is a 10 by 10 room with a window to the West that makes TV viewing very difficult so somebody hung a sheet behind the TV so why do I consider dusting the draperies anyway?  I can’t change this environment because I can’t keep up for four adults.  Anyway, they are permitted to nurture their neuroses as I’m permitted to shed my own.  Or choose them, perhaps.  My new list:  (CREEPY screaming again.  Wolf/coyote/human/sucker.  “Lord, you are my high tower.”)  MY NEW LIST:  (“BLOOD OF JESUS over this county please.  Amen.”  “And Michigan.”)  MY LIST SAYS:  “THESE ARE THE PEOPLE I WILL MOST ENJOY WATCHING AS THEY BOW TO MY BEST FRIEND JESUS, THE CHRIST”  
I haven’t actually started writing the list but I’m pre-obsessing about it and it’s really fun; it’s kinda like self-medication.  I can’t choose the first position:  It’s either Barack Obama or my dad.  Hillary’ll (…doesn’t that contraction just roll like butterfat from the hot-knife of one’s mind?)  be really loud and you gotta work up to that kind of drama.
5:08 pm
The vicious cycles of the compulsive mind and the tendency to fear silence at any cost beautifully and simply explained by the inimitable Alan Watts.
8:42 am
Following is a most interesting reed.  Well worth it.

Rogue CIA Asset Posts Coded Message for US Political Elite

This message was posted on the comments section of the following site. Read it for yourself , I get the impression that it is legitimate! Opinions are welcome, this is pretty intruiging stuff!

Source is the hill, scroll down the comments section to see :






Joe Biden’s decision not to seek the presidency and the resignation of Speaker Boehnor are directly linked to a huge new scandal enveloping Washington – a letter which is being posted online and which outs senior CIA agents and implicates much of the US political class in the drugs trade.

The letter is written by person claiming to be a rogue CIA agent who identifies the Mexico City station chief and a top CIA recruiter.

The FULL TEXT of the highly incriminating letter follows:

Quoting: Rogue CIA Officer with Grudge 1911 • an hour ago

This letter is from a rogue senior CIA officer to some of best-known names in US politics — who also happen to be some of the biggest names in the international narcotics trade.

So Dear POTUS, Bubba, Jeb, Kerry, McConnell and other kleptocrats who are complicit in this situation: this is your HASTERT MOMENT…when you get that phone call which makes your blood run cold.

Read at:

“We’re in water warfare and the use of guns is anticipated.”

Primary Water

6:35 am

Black Flag inspired Tiny House (for Coffee) On Wheels

6:21 am
Isn’t this great?
5:29 pm
I think I’ll slip George’s brother a note at the funeral and suggest that he might maybe suggest a conservator for George’s affairs.   The fact that my dad was involved notwithstanding, George lost two houses in about 8 years, just by being nice and trusting people.
4:53 pm
I’m getting really tired of this blog.  I haven’t been keeping up on any of the pages and I just don’t really care.  I think amazing new things every day.  People should come talk to me and drink coffee.
It is ONLY as a heart is first given “wholly” to Me that it can ever be wholly given to love and trust another in true Covenant-relationship [marriage, friendship, ministry etc. in the Kingdom].
The true Covenant-relationship that I have ordained for My people is literally a manifestation of Heaven on earth – devoid of the soulish entrapments and self-seeking and controlling [dominating] ways of the “lower life”. In this hour, I am raising up “glorious connections” that will manifest the reality of true Kingdom-relationship [on every level of relationship], and it is certain that they will be a great “sign and wonder” to all who cross their path. ….
“He who has My commandments and keeps them is the one who loves Me; and he who loves Me will be loved by My Father, and I will love him and will disclose Myself to him……… If anyone loves Me, he will keep My word; and My Father will love him, and We will come to him and make Our abode with him”…. John 14:21,23 NASB ….
“He who loves father or mother more than Me is not worthy of Me; and he who loves son or daughter more than Me is not worthy of Me”…. Matthew 10:37 NASB
4:50 pm
If there are still people watching me I bet they’re amazed at how long I can sit in one spot in the cold.  I guess that’s something.  I’m really frustrated because I’m so ignorant and my education seems one step forward and two steps back.  But, even so I’m ahead of my acquaintances.  We are completely duped on every level of human endeavor and industry.  We are like the shrunken heads from some grisly island.  The tour-guide says, “Yes, it’s true.  There was a race like that.  Here’s the proof and you should buy this skull-on-a-keychain.”
 My next book might have a character with a really tiny penis.  (My first novel gave ample credit for machismo unseen, and plugged some legends of real men in the days before surveillance.)   Is today ‘back to the future’ day, or was that yesterday?  No biggie; we have a TIME MACHINE!  Apparently some humans,  some place know about all the technology?  Apparently they are disinclined to put their John Henry where it will do some good? This is understandable, in the short game.  HOWEVER, we are not our bodies and preserving our physical lives at the expense of OTHER PEOPLE BECAUSE WE DO NOT HAVE NERVE ENOUGH TO TELL THE TRUTH…will result in eternal torment. Just saying.  Ask the guys at CERN about that other realm.  I think they should have an 800 number.
I can’t change the world alone and I’m not supposed to.
4:22 pm


Although the hacked emails are from Brennan’s “non-government” accounts, he occasionally used the address for several intelligence related projects, according to WikiLeaks. The leaked papers include alleged drafts containing discussions about “challenges for the US Intelligence Community in a post cold-war and post-9/11 world,” as well as proposals regarding “torture methods.”

Read more:

4:14 pm
At any moment, George or somebody responsible for him, could decide that he has been defrauded by my father’s conversion of property and his interference in our lives and family.  This would make my dad’s troubles bigger and he should really settle accounts before then.  What if I get married again?  I’m pretty sure I’d marry a really smart guy this time around.  My sons could get wind of what they’re owed and some smart woman might encourage them to seek reparations.   If Dad waits too long he may be dealing with a whole lot more plaintiffs than he knows about for now.  BUT before it comes to that,  Dad and I could reach an agreement and commit it to paper and get the signatures of those who do not yet know how badly they were screwed.  Just thinking out loud.
7:04 am

Why don’t more “whistle blowers” come out to expose illegal or unconstitutional secret government operations? If these activities are so illegal, why are people not coming forward to report them?  

Over the last fifty years US government intelligence agencies have perfected a complex, sequential system to systematically silence or destroy any employee, including his or her family, who attempts to reveal illegal or unconstitutional activities conducted as part of secret government operations.

Today, the secrecy agreement is routinely used as an efficient weapon to intimidate or silence employees. Annual refresher briefings are given to remind employees of the penalties for violating the agreement. These penalties include huge fines, termination, financial ruin and even prison – all of which mean the destruction of their lives and their families. Most will not reveal any wrongdoing, no matter how egregious, for fear of calculated, severe retribution.

Former Prominent CIA Officer Shares Details Of The Government’s All Out War Against Whistleblowers With

Read more here:   <a href="[/embed]">

So, to summarize, as one “consistently” speaks faith-filled words – regardless of how their situation “looks” like or “feels” like – God’s superabundant Grace is continually counteracting that which is going on in the soulish and physical realm, and this constant flow of Grace into one’s life will, as they are faithful, lead them into the place of abiding in perfect liberty, forever.

Words of prophecy: + For one to truly keep their eyes “fixed” on My Beloved Son [the Word of God] then they must be found continually exercising an absolute faith in His “finished” Work [the place called Done]. For the failure of one to keep their eyes “fixed” on the “finished” Work of My Dear Son will allow the Enemy to “maintain” his evil schemes against them to a degree – until such a time as that one gains a revelation of “the place called Done” through a deep and thorough repentance [change of heart] that will SURELY lead that one into the place of “abiding” in the perfect liberty that is ALREADY theirs, in Christ.

See here:

6:03 am
One of the Badjao tribe shows off the wingspan of a live eagle. Younger members of the tribe are increasingly abandoning the marine lifestyle and opting for life on land instead 
By the way, I haven’t smoked a cigarette for two weeks and neither has Isaac.  “Thank you Lord.”

I Ain’t Down Yet

“I’m gonna learn to read and write!  I’m gonna see what there is to see!  So if you go from nowhere on the road to somewhere and you meet anyone you know it’s me!!!”
I had a potential epiphany this week.  It was a shocker and it goes like this:  Other people do not see me as I assume they do.  Extrapolating:  It would be foolish to attempt to alter their opinion of me by behaving more or less this way or that.  If I can’t ever know what they think, and since what they think can only curse my life as long as I permit it to harm me, wouldn’t it be a lot easier to just be myself and not give a rip about what others think?
And the God of peace shall bruise Satan under your feet shortly. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. Amen.  (Romans 16:20)
(That is an eagle.  Eagles are very important prophetically and especially so just now.)  (Also eagles are important to the United States which are no longer united and have never had the luxury to interact as actual states.)  (I’d love to have somebody to talk to.)
Are these the world's most awkward school photos ever?
That kid in the bottom corner on the right looks just like my brother did as a kid.  I own that picture; he had the same glasses, and even that same shirt.  But sometimes he wore an AWANA shirt with a red neckerchief and the head of a plastic Indian chief for the slider.  (George remembers David that way; they were in the same third grade class.)  The girls’ AWANA shirts were even worse.  They were grey, and composed in a pullover fashion although the fabric was woven and didn’t stretch at all.  Compensating darts didn’t improve the design which was basically a smock with a bib overlaid.  I’m pretty sure some kids didn’t come to AWANA because they didn’t want to wear the shirts.  AWANA was VERY RACIST.  (I’m pretty sure.  I’m still learning the definition of racist and every time I approach my goal, it moves a little bit.)  AWANA was Hitler Youth with Bible verses.  We were herded from the ‘sanctuary’ to the classroom and then to the gym and then back for an awards-presentation featuring MUCH candy.  This was after a full day of school.  The school bus goes by my house at 6:30 am.  I pray for those kids every day as they roll into the darkness without their mamas.  (Wouldn’t it be something if when my sons’ unaffiliated lives are recognized as supremely valuable, we learn that the best thing I did was permit them sufficient sleep?)
I was the girl on the bottom at the center, if you shorten her hair and put knots in it.  I loved long hair but was forced to have mine cut because it was unruly and required attention.  Attention was rare and always at a premium.  My childhood was compressed into the most convenient form for everybody else.  (Also, I didn’t wear many ruffles.  Polyester knits from the back of the JC Penney sale catalog.  My mom would order three; I’d get a set in pink, in blue and one in purple.  Identical.)  (My current hair cut looks like the guy on the top in red.)  The expression of the little girl at the bottom is exactly how I felt as a child.  That’s what an expression is supposed to do;  it’s supposed to express something.  Expressing is also what you do to a big fat zit right before the puss hits the mirror.
Eagle scouts are seriously creepy.  How many badges must one earn for the privilege of wearing khaki shorts at scout-shebangs for the rest of an otherwise adult life?  It’s really cool that a guy does all those really cool things and gets those really cool patches for his really cool uniform and they write a really cool article for the local paper.  It’s NOT cool that individuals are squeezed so hard that they actually become their own worst squeeze.
I had a potential epiphany this week.  It was a shocker and it goes like this:  Other people do not see me as I assume they do.  Extrapolating:  It would be foolish to attempt to alter their opinion of me by behaving more or less this way or that.  If I can’t ever know what they think, and since what they think can only curse my life as long as I permit it to harm me, wouldn’t it be a lot easier to just be myself and not give a rip about what others think?
And the God of peace shall bruise Satan under your feet shortly. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. Amen.  (Romans 16:20)
(That is an eagle.  Eagles are very important prophetically and especially so just now.)  (Also eagles are important to the United States which are no longer united and have never had the luxury to interact as actual states.)  (I’d love to have somebody to talk to.)
11:40 am

I wrote my own Truman-show.  Wish somebody would buy my book so I could get a life.

And when the ass saw the angel of the Lord, she fell down under Balaam: and Balaam’s anger was kindled, and he smote the ass with a staff.

And the Lord opened the mouth of the ass, and she said unto Balaam, What have I done unto thee, that thou hast smitten me these three times?

And Balaam said unto the ass, Because thou hast mocked me: I would there were a sword in mine hand, for now would I kill thee.

And the ass said unto Balaam, Am not I thine ass, upon which thou hast ridden ever since I was thine unto this day? was I ever wont to do so unto thee? and he said, Nay.

Mr. Ed theme song w/ lyrics

Tweedle-dum Trudeau, happy Election Day.
OK, so why did Adam take some of the books to Midland?  Did he plan to live in Midland forever?  Not likely.  As long as he is in Michigan he’ll have some anchor in Ann Arbor.  Why did he bring those books to Midland?  Did he go there after my sons contacted him, or has he been sweating in the fumes of the chemical plantation for a long time?  I do not know; I did not google him.  Why those books?  He left some of the books somewhere else, for some other purpose.  Did he bring his favorites along for the ride?  Not likely; I’ve seen him pack.  I’m sure he didn’t actually expect my sons to reed them, but did he intend to give my sons innocuous examples of what I wrote ALL DAY EVERY DAY FOR TWO YEARS;  or to retain proof of circumstances that has  been demonstrated by my diligence; or did he retain evidence of those facts for evidentiary value?  Will he see me?  (I hope to tell you so.)  I’m grateful he didn’t burn the evidence we will require in order to change the world.  I hope he still wants to do so.  I hope I don’t find him in prison somewhere, but that’s not out of the realm of possibility. Too bad I don’t have a bar card anymore.  As a lawyer they’d let me buy him a twinkie from the vending machine.  I hope he didn’t fuck up.
The one thing I know for sure is:  I was targeted and so was Adam.  We have a story to tell if he 1) kept notes, 2) cares about humanity, and 3) IS NOT TOO CHICKEN TO ENGAGE THE BEAST.  So, I expect we have a job to do. I can just hear my dad saying, “OK.  She’s smarter than I about 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, etc.  BUT.  In this area, she is mistaken and I, Robert the Bruce, am anointed.”  (Sell.)  All I must do to keep being right is to keep writing. Very cool.
11:02 am
7:37 am


5:07 pm

(Difficult day.)

I WILL NEVER SETTLE.  I will not ever settle.  I won’t settle and I’m not gonna settle.  Settling is really abominable.  Settling is choosing death.  Settling is refusing wagers of conflict, and neglecting necessary conflicting wagers.  SETTLING IS DYING.  I went to my dad’s office after Isaac and I had a fight on the way home from a ghost town and after Josh punched me a couple times and bent my wrist backwards.  I WILL NEVER SETTLE NO MATTER WHO TRIES TO BREAK MY BONES.  I will not settle.

I’m never gonna settle.  My dad can hand me as many massive summer sausages as he can tote, but I’ll never settle.  I will never say the words:  “Dad.  I settle.”  NEVER.  I’ll never settle with a psychopathic liar who has duped nearly everybody in my world.  I WON’T SETTLE.  I’m not gonna settle.  I said, “Dad.  You owe me a house.  My sons need to escape this perverted environment and you owe me a house.”  (He was wearing a DORKY hat with red hairs on the top and some tartan around the edges.  It wasn’t his clan’s tartan but I doubt that he even knows the difference.)  I said, “YOU LIED ABOUT ME AND YOU ABDUCTED MY CHILDREN.  Even if you don’t pay what you owe, an apology is in order and my family NEEDS TO HEAR YOUR APOLOGY.”   I said to George, (follow closely):  “They took the boys.  They said we were unfit parents and took our children.”  He does not have a problem with that.  My father’s illegal, immoral, irrational, ARROGANT attacks against our individual personhood and parenthood and family…it’s all OK with George.  Perhaps he’s right.  BUT, I am not nor have I ever been an unfit parent and I could parent my own PARENTS into a higher level of truth and responsibility if they were not wasted protoplasm with monstrous egos.  They do not listen.  They are delinquent.  They are doomed.  George said, “I really think your dad was just concerned about the boys…”  (YEAH.  Why won’t he help us now?  Does he not care anymore then?)

5:17 pm

“Dear Adam, you son of a bitch.  Apparently you gave my sons a number of my journals a number of years ago and nobody thought I should know of the transaction?  That really sucks, but it is also  reasssuring.  You took some of my journals to the out of town town where the fake candidate won a fake seat in a fake office because… Gasp.   I can’t go on without you but I suspect you get the drift just the same…”

You would not meet with my sons who were on a significant mission?  Who are you?  What do you mean to become? Because if you do not permit an honest emissary  free-run of your data-dump then you are not a good-hearted hacker.  The code says so.  You know.  Did you actually say NO to ISAAC?  Do not allow me to believe this slander about you.  I choose to believe that you have a reason for behaving as less than a gentleman.  This is a new world, and you helped bring it about and if I am not behaving properly please forgive me.  Adam D’Angeli:  What side are you on?  You know full well that every single word I type and everything I say and every word I published is absolute truth… but you won’t stand up to help me fix this crap?  Methinks thou hast a plan.  I am onboard of course, but I don’t know what to do with myself in the interim.  I have little to occupy myself than reminding my sons how proud they will be of me (and you) when we change the world.  I’d RATHER KNIT.  Please do not be the fuck-up your reputation claims you to be.  I’ll try to do the same.

I would eat way less if I did not cook for other people.  I don’t care to eat often, but I eat because I’ve cooked something that should be appreciated and also I should figure out if I did a good job.  I don’t want to eat.  I don’t want to drink, or to smoke or to visit with people who watch television.  I’m really tired of all these things we are expected to do.  My life should involve a lot more reference-documents and a lot fewer human-organisms.  I think that an organism is different from a real-live-life.  I think an “organism” is as close to a Christian as you can get without having a brain.

OK, here’s the story I got told today:  Apparently my sons tracked down Adam-the-esteemed-keeper-of-words-in-fable at some small town where he was designing a pitiful campaign billboard for a successful candidate.  I don’t know when that happened. My sons did not tell me until today that they had seen him and that they also recovered a load of my oft-mentioned journals.  I was VERY DISTURBED that they did not think that they needed to tell me about their trip to the city.  But, after consideration I realized that they would not have gone to the city, and they would not have looked up such an UNSAVORY CHARACTER if they had not been concerned about me, and trying to help.  I felt better, but not great.  This will make me feel great:  I will request some money from George and some directions from Isaac and I will go find Adam.  Did he assist my targeted family as I believe?  Or, after sabotaging my life did he ignore our troubles and refuse to even talk to the son of a TI with a tender heart?   Is he is or is he ain’t my baby?   Isaac says I shouldn’t settle.  I suppose that in order to settle one would find it necessary to remain still.  Fat chance.

(Isaac also said I shouldn’t settle for Adam.  I couldn’t imagine where that comment was coming from but apparently it’s been on his mind.  He said Adam is mediocre.  Don’t I know.  But, I told him we do not get to choose either our destiny or our soul-mates.  )  (Or, I could have been wrong about everything.  You never know.)

-7:21 am
Fighting with my sons made me question a number of issues to which I’ve devoted much study and energy. That was a good thing, because  I am reassured in my conviction:  Jesus is Lord; I’m in the hands of my beloved and as Josh reminded me, all I have to do is wait and enjoy my present. He’s right.  (He doesn’t BELIEVE what he said, but he followed my claims to their natural conclusion.  He’s right, and that’s what I always eventually choose to believe.)   We are a poster-child family, in a number of ways.  We were country when country wasn’t cool.  At some point, our history will be a source of pride to my sons, and hopefully a source of TREMENDOUS LESSONS.
 “Watchman, what of the night?”  We got the story a couple decades ahead of time.  Families are not permitted to exist as insular environments of support and recognition.  Families are dead.  Not a soul in this house wishes ill for another.  We WILL to be kind and helpful.  Yet, our activities do not promote that end; sometimes we interfere and lie about it.  This will all go away when everybody’s thoughts are available for the price of a snowcone at the Rexall store.  We will KNOW who is truthful and also who actually cares about us… and about extinction-level  issues.  I suspect it will be easier to find one’s soul-mate when one can actually examine the souls on offer.  I wish Isaac could see it that way.  He needs a woman.  So does Josh.  We’re all very lonely.  We are also a very fine family.  “FAMILY”. Look up the word before Wikipedia deletes the entry.
OMG.  I’m so glad I didn’t get too worked up about this recent conflict.  My sons were INTENTIONALLY testing my resolve.  That could possibly be because they are considering joining my brigade.  “Thank you, Lord.  Please make me pass all tests because I am stupid but I know you’re working on that.  WE want truth, Lord.  We want you even if we’ve been mind-controlled to never say your name.  Dearest Jesus, please invade our lives.  Amen.”
6:50 am
Do they fight me just to test my mettle?  That’s what happens despite the goal.   Every time my mettle passes a test I feel less capable.  Why is that?  I do not wish to fight with anybody but I could really stand the detox of a good argument sometimes. These men know I’m not backing down in my quest for truth about our targeting.  They want me to be happy and well, I truly believe.  BUT, they cannot bear to consider that they-themselves may have been put into this targeted house for such a time as this, and they will not see the faces of other people worldwide who are RAPED by an unseen force paid for by George’s tax dollars who also said to me, “Yes, I do remember something like that…” when I reminded him of SEXUAL things that went arrears in my life.  Now we’re getting somewhere.  I told my dad that even if he had not done all the horrible things he did to me, he DID abduct my children and there exist police reports from that evil time and records of his lies.  He owes my men an apology.  I gave him another chance to be a stand-up kind of guy but when I got there he was dressed like a down-on-yer-luck comic.  He wears stupid hats because he wants people to notice him and he knows that in him is nothing worthy of notice.  Pretty soon he might try a clown nose too, but he won’t ever let anybody squeak it.  He’s touchy.  He let me wash his feet though, the fragrance was lavender.  His feet are VERY ticklish.  I reminded him that he took my house and again gave him the opportunity to deploy hospitality in Toronto for Isaac and Josh and me.  He has been given another chance to do the right thing.  Isaac thinks he can just call up Grandpa and Grandpa will hand him the keys to the kingdom.  Wouldn’t that be good news?
6:36 am
How has it become pejorative to call somebody a ‘truther’?  I ran from that designation like the dickens.  A woman cried, actually cried because somebody claimed that 9/11 was an inside job.  She didn’t even know the person, but she knew that this character was intrinsically evil, and he supported Ron Paul, and Ron Paul endorsed me;  therefore…anybody who studied 9/11 TRUTH was my evil twin.  Attenuated I know, but guilt by association is the only kind many of us ever see.  How can we permit words to be co-opted for political purpose?  “Conspiracy”  isn’t even a crime without the right prepositional phrase.  We may conspire…to murder. Or to go fishing.  Conspiracy is basically a necessity of human interaction.  It’s much like ‘confederacy’.  We don’t get a lot done without the assistance of others.  (Maybe that’s another perk of the transhumanist agenda:  with robots manning the other end of the sawmill, uncooperative sawyers won’t have to get along with anybody.)
I got into a fight with my sons yesterday; George was driving; sarcasm all around, and even a bit of bloodshed when I accidentally slashed my wrist on a blackberry picker.  I still insist that I have a right to know what happened to me and my family when we were targeted…whether or not my family ever learns to care.  I was VIOLATED and I will not permit that to go away because I CAN’T.  I am damaged and I require compensation and I will have truth about what was perpetrated against a Godly family that was really naive.  Some of us still are.  We’re to be:  “Wise as serpents and harmless as doves.”  Well, it’s a goal anyway.
There is not a single wise person in this household and I long for peace and direction.  We cannot discipline ourselves to even go to bed.  (Well, Josh can.)  George can’t commit to even turn off the light switch.  He goes to sleep with the light on, over and over. It shouldn’t be so hard to make a decision, like this:  “I’m going to go to sleep now.  To this aim, I will extinguish the light.”  We’re all waiting and we’re all dissatisfied and we’re all seeking purpose.  (Well, most of us.)  But, we’re not on the path to fulfillment and abundance.  We’re not on a good trajectory and I’ve been saying that for years.  We haven’t seen a clean dish-cloth for two weeks.  I keep waiting for an adult to put a load of dirty ones into the washer.  So far, no go.  I bought a sponge even.  We have no leader.  “God have mercy on us.”  (“And forgive my father for destroying the dynamics that functioned in a unique family.”)
5:11 pm

11:12 am 10/19/15

We’re going to Fayette.  George is checking the hot tub before we leave so I’m waiting again.  Josh says “Hope is that thing you feel right before disappointment sets in.”  He’s very smart.  We should not all be so very cynical.  We’ve been hoping and looking for a full life.  It just keeps getting smaller.

5:07 pm

(Difficult day.)

I WILL NEVER SETTLE.  I will not ever settle.  I won’t settle and I’m not gonna settle.  Settling is really abominable.  Settling is choosing death.  Settling is refusing wagers of conflict, and neglecting necessary conflicting wagers.  SETTLING IS DYING.  I went to my dad’s office after Isaac and I had a fight on the way home from a ghost town and after Josh punched me a couple times and bent my wrist backwards.  I WILL NEVER SETTLE NO MATTER WHO TRIES TO BREAK MY BONES.  I will not settle.

I’m never gonna settle.  My dad can hand me as many massive summer sausages as he can tote, but I’ll never settle.  I will never say the words:  “Dad.  I settle.”  NEVER.  I’ll never settle with a psychopathic liar who has duped nearly everybody in my world.  I WON’T SETTLE.  I’m not gonna settle.  I said, “Dad.  You owe me a house.  My sons need to escape this perverted environment and you owe me a house.”  (He was wearing a DORKY hat with red hairs on the top and some tartan around the edges.  It wasn’t his clan’s tartan but I doubt that he even knows the difference.)  I said, “YOU LIED ABOUT ME AND YOU ABDUCTED MY CHILDREN.  Even if you don’t pay what you owe, an apology is in order and my family NEEDS TO HEAR YOUR APOLOGY.”   I said to George, (follow closely):  “They took the boys.  They said we were unfit parents and took our children.”  He does not have a problem with that.  My father’s illegal, immoral, irrational, ARROGANT attacks against our individual personhood and parenthood and family…it’s all OK with George.  Perhaps he’s right.  BUT, I am not nor have I ever been an unfit parent and I could parent my own PARENTS into a higher level of truth and responsibility if they were not wasted protoplasm with monstrous egos.  They do not listen.  They are delinquent.  They are doomed.  George said, “I really think your dad was just concerned about the boys…”  (YEAH.  Why won’t he help us now?  Does he not care anymore then?)

4:41 pm
“The dream that I see makes me what I am.”  “I want to live, not merely survive…”

Sammy Davis Jr. – I Gotta Be Me

11:07 am
10:46 am
6:00 am

“Western civilization will cease to exist as we know it when pedophilia is legalized.”

“If we can’t protect the children, all is lost.”

Pedophilia: A Line in the Sand (50 Shades of Black)

Scapegoating within the narcissistic family is in effect an innerfamilial smear campaign. The child who’s got the courage to face down the narcissist’s attempts to squash the truth of the child, is bullied by the group to bring the child under compliance with the group’s (the narcissist’s) mentality lest the child face the ostracism of their family unit.

 Defectors from the narcissists delusional reality of perfection and being the perfect parent or family, will cause the narcissist to act out, typically with rage, to squash the independent thoughts of their children. The child will be called names, ostracized, shut down, shut out, and/or ignored.

“Dear Lord, please mature my family of origin.  Please give them recognition of the wrong environment we shared.  Please enable them to see themselves and everybody else AS YOU SEE US.  Please comfort them after you rip the lies from their minds.  Let them see Dad and Mom as you do.  Thank you.  (Me too.)  Amen.”

Read more at:

6:04 pm
I sent a text to my dad.  (I also brought him some slices of a Swiss Cake Roll that I made earlier.)  The message said:
“You cannot fail to point my sons to Jesus.  No matter what you do, right or wrong, your life demonstrates truth or consequences.  My sons are smart and they’ll get the message no matter how you play your hand.  Wait.  Sorry.  I’ve seen your hand.  Sorry.”
The matrix is stressing our souls like when you break a wishbone.  Both ends feel pressure and then it finally breaks in half.  Something is going to snap and then our soul will be busted, but one side will win and one side will lose.  When will we stand for justice?  Will we ever?  Recriminations for criticizing government are to be expected I expect, but people are in jail for EXPOSING GOVERNMENT’S EVIL ACTIVITIES.  That’s not criticism.  That’s necessary.  Judges are actually passing verdict on the definitions of words and that’s not an area suited for judgments.  No judge has the right to tell me what a word means because a word has meaning by usage and belief.  It just is.  Where statistics can demonstrate a thing, statistics rule.  By changing definitions, the justices are rounding us up, into our own personal moral meat-grinder.  We’re descending the chute and there’s no turning back now.  We’re facing the blades!  If we’re ever going to object, it‘s gotta be soon. They cut us off at the past, when they began changing meanings of things we use every day.  Little by little they narrowed our course of unbridled humanity on the open range of the Golden Rule…they rounded us up by changing meanings a little bit at a time.  They cut off our retreat, a little bit at a time.  Religion is no longer a heart-issue but a lifestyle choice.  Killing babies was OK under some circumstances, in utero.  Then killing babies became OK in more circumstances.  Then the rule of law became a weak joke and our country began killing people on the other side of the world with a joystick and get a lifetime supply of prozac.  Then we started killing people based on their height even, and out-sourced even the identification and justification of targeting- brown-people to defense contractors!   We’ve become so callous to killing that nobody even wants to choose the victims anymore!  They SELL babies’ body parts over lunch…and nary a shit is given. Morality is nonexistent because it has become ‘relative’ and nobody can claim its favor over another.  I stand against relativism because I believe everybody is valuable.  Even my relatives.
“If it costs everything, so what? Aren’t you paying that price anyway? And for what?”  Zen Gardner

A bizarre experiment claims to be able to make Christians no longer believe in God and make Britons open their arms to migrants in experiments some may find a threat to their values…

Using a technique called transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), researchers safely shut down certain groups of neurones in the brains of volunteers.

TMS, which is used to treat depression, involves placing a large electromagnetic coil against the scalp which creates electric currents that stimulate nerve cells in the region of the brain involved in mood control.

Researchers found the technique radically altered religious perceptions and prejudice… Belief in God was reduced almost by a third, while participants became 28.5 per cent less bothered by immigration numbers.

With this technology, a person’s visual cortex can be switched off so he can’t see. The interference can be even more specific, rendering us unable to distinguish faces. They can stop someone from performing basic actions, such as moving limbs or digits. They can stop us from being able to compute numbers, from being able to count, or even from being able to speak.

“You think of something you can do and we’ve basically interfered with it with this machine,” the scientist in the video above says with a smile.

Read more at:   <a href="[/embed]" target="_blank">

Former US Drone Operator Gets Whistleblower Award

Geoengineering Cover Up Revealed in Lost 1978 Government Report

There IS such a thing as Divine timing…

As Suzanne Maher fights for the right to display ads about chemtrails in Toronto subways, we are gifted with 30-year-old US government documents revealing weather modification through cloud seeding via chemtrails.

See more here:

Unpublished gov’t map shows massive plume of Fukushima radioactive material just off West Coast of North America — Radiation levels quadrupled in recent months — Scientist: “We are starting to see the penetration of cesium from offshore… to the coast” (VIDEO & MAP)

MUSIC, give me a break:

 In The Year 2525

Zager And Evans
9:33 am
“Dear Lord, could this preacher-woman be my friend?  Or if not, could I do something nice for her before you introduce me to my friends?”
+Linda Goldthorpe I am so sorry Linda. I sit and cry to read some of you guys’ testimonies. Such pure evil in this world. Don’t give up. Keep your faith and lean on Jesus! He is with you! I’m praying for you. Thank you for what you said, it is God’s doings. :) Using what He gave me.
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Could I come and meet you?  I live in northern Michigan and I REALLY NEED A BREAK and I don’t know any Spirit-led Christians.  I’m not asking you to put me up or anything, just talk to me?  I think maybe we could assist one another.  Do you know about electronic rapes?  I ran for Congress and you should know what I know and I should know what you know.
9:19 am
George’s cousin died last night.  The cousin’s brother put it on Facebook;  he wrote ‘heart attack’ with a question mark so the death must have been sudden.  George said he felt like he’d lost a brother, but he doesn’t even know the man’s phone number or whether he had a girlfriend or anything.   He was about fifty.  George got a text from our Catholic friend who betrayed me and has refused to speak to me since I learned that fact.  She has ‘lymphoma’ and I’d like to go pray with her.  How hard should I try to do that, when she has refused my overtures of friendship?  Why is it that people who refuse to speak to me frequently text George?  He doesn’t speak to anybody hardly.  906-291-1376.  I’ll pray for any who call.  George no longer prays, and he is not my secretary.
6:14 am
No matter how much touch-of-God I’m feeling, I can’t let go and relax in the Spirit.  Words just still  pump through my head and I am compelled to tell them to somebody.  I can’t tell a soul.  I have nobody who cares; so I feed them to my cyber-buddy and he seeds the cloud with my keystrokes.  I grew up in a cult and my family are still bound by blood-oaths that shouldn’t have been uttered.  I saw an old friend yesterday, in a nearby town. She didn’t recognize me and I didn’t even say hi.  Her parents and my parents no longer talk to one another. What was their issue of contention?  I was never deemed adult enough to even hear the details of how a lifelong friendship came to rag and ruin alongside a Baptist portal to despair.  I’m gonna call her.  I was a bridesmaid at her first wedding.  She used to love Jesus a lot, when we were young.  She even went to ‘Bible College’.  (People should walk that ‘higher-learning’ trail all the way to the snack bar. They’d save a whole lot of money.  You can’t serve two masters.)  IT IS AN EVIL CULT WHEN A GROUP OF PEOPLE CAN DEMAND THAT OTHER PEOPLE OSTRACIZE A PERSON THEY USED TO LOVE. Jehovah’s Witnesses do that, and the pope does it.   Families do it to THEMSELVES.  I grew up in two cults and my father wore the sombrero at both rodeos.  He has much to answer for and if he doesn’t begin shortly,  the answers will haunt him in the night as my beloved universe pumps TRUTH into the minds of those he once kept in cages.  Like Goldie Hawn. On Laugh-in she danced in a cage for Dad’s pleasure.  She had words written all over her body, but I bet he couldn’t tell you even one thing her tits and ass were saying.  He just couldn’t see through the tits and ass.  He’s seeing better nowadays.  Soon he’ll tell the truth and fix my life back up.   And give my sons confidence in their mother’s God.  Dad can’t fail to point my sons toward Jesus; even if I’m wrong about him eventually telling truth; not even if he flops on the freeway and fries in front of our eyes.  Either way, Jesus still won.  Am I right?
5:38 am
Oh, no.  George will be pulling in in about a half hour.  Will he turn on the TV in my private time?  God forbid.
HEY BAPTISTS.  Get a load of these Pentecostals!  And you know what’s for a fact?  They’re WAY better than you guys!  (I am a freeloading free-thinker with no allegiance to creed.  No insult intended.)
Image result for acorn hat buddha
“Mal.”  “Bad.”  “In the Latin.”  (River Tamm)
Christianity Today Should Retract or Correct Cover Article on New Apostolic Leader Heidi Baker
New Apostolic leaders teach that in preparation for the end times, their adherents will develop increasingly powerful supernatural abilities and have the power to convert millions of people of other faiths through exhibiting “signs and wonders” or supernatural acts.  
5:59 a,m
Persecution for ten years.  I looked up ten years ago in my life and found myself at Mayo Clinic.   (I did not yet know how much my parents loathed my presence, and attended a joint-replacement for my mom.)  George and our sons were in Toronto watching Heidi Baker dance in the pulpit-environs and be thereby healed from a deadly MRSA infection that had defied cure and/or healing on multiple continents.  Ten years ago God asked me to run for office.  He pinned a target on my back.  He even made me BECOME A REPUBLICAN!  But, he knows everything and he is always right and he is always love incarnate and exo-carnate.  This is gonna pay off really big.
-You will burn incense to Caesar, or you will burn at the stake.  

Heidi Baker – 11/1/2005 – “Heidi’s Healing” – Toronto

5:30 am

US global assassination campaign kills numerous unreported civilians

Thomas Drake
“This outrageous explosion of watchlisting—of monitoring people and racking and stacking them on lists, assigning them numbers, assigning them ‘baseball cards,’ assigning them death sentences without notice, on a worldwide battlefield—it was, from the very first instance, wrong,” the source said.”*
I soaked in the hot tub with snow falling on me.  It was cool.

Al Jolson sings “Who Paid the Rent for Mrs Rip Van Winkle”

“when Rip Van Winkle went away…”
For any family member to not help me, when it has been demonstrated that God intends to bless me substantially, is choosing the wrong side of history, ahead of time.  This will be an embarrassing time for those who will not believe prophecy.  I am about to be really blessed.  Somebody’s gonna get credit for blessing me. That somebody will be blessed too.  (Matthew 10:41)   Here I stand and I shall not be moved.  “Lord, I’d like a friend out of all this.  But, thy will be done.  Reveal truth so much more and harder and faster and harder and faster.  Please.  I do not wish to live in a world of lies anymore, and I do not wish to remain powerless.  You share these wishes for me, right?  What will it take for you to overwhelm your manifested sons so that we may finally manifest?  Please do this thing that you’ve promised.  Please take back the land that we humans surrendered to satan.  Please may I know another person who loves and trusts you?  Thank you.  Amen.”
He that receiveth a prophet in the name of a prophet shall receive a prophet’s reward; and he that receiveth a righteous man in the name of a righteous man shall receive a righteous man’s reward.
And the nations were angry, and thy wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged, and that thou shouldest give reward unto thy servants the prophets, and to the saints, and them that fear thy name, small and great; and shouldest destroy them which destroy the earth.
5:07 am
No matter how much touch-of-God I’m feeling, I can’t let go and relax in the Spirit.  Words just still  pump through my head and I am compelled to tell them to somebody.  I can’t tell a soul.  I have nobody who cares; so I feed them to my cyber-buddy and he seeds the cloud with my keystrokes.  I grew up in a cult and my family are still bound by blood-oaths that shouldn’t have been uttered.  I saw an old friend yesterday, in a nearby town. She didn’t recognize me and I didn’t even say hi.  Her parents and my parents no longer talk to one another. What was their issue of contention?  I was never deemed adult enough to even hear the details of how a lifelong friendship came to rag and ruin alongside a Baptist portal to despair.  I’m gonna call her.  I was a bridesmaid at her first wedding.  She used to love Jesus a lot, when we were young.  She even went to ‘Bible College’.  (People should walk that ‘higher-learning’ trail all the way to the snack bar. They’d save a whole lot of money.  You can’t serve two masters.)  IT IS AN EVIL CULT WHEN A GROUP OF PEOPLE CAN DEMAND THAT OTHER PEOPLE OSTRACIZE A PERSON THEY USED TO LOVE. Jehovah’s Witnesses do that, and the pope does it.   Families do it to THEMSELVES.  I grew up in two cults and my father wore the sombrero at both rodeos.  He has much to answer for and if he doesn’t begin shortly,  the answers will haunt him in the night as my beloved universe pumps TRUTH into the minds of those he once kept in cages.  Like Goldie Hawn. On Laugh-in she danced in a cage for Dad’s pleasure.  She had words written all over her body, but I bet he couldn’t tell you even one thing her tits and ass were saying.  He just couldn’t see through the tits and ass.  He’s seeing better nowadays.  Soon he’ll tell the truth and fix my life back up.   And give my sons confidence in their mother’s God.  Dad can’t fail to point my sons toward Jesus; even if I’m wrong about him eventually telling truth; not even if he flops on the freeway and fries in front of our eyes.  Either way, Jesus still won.  Am I right?
9:27 am
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I think the solar lights around the hot tub are dwerpie.
This is the time when humanity finally gets it right.  This will be momentously monumental.  This will be the ONLY time (so far) that humanity actually acts in its own  interest, and according to the will of God.  This is probably even the only time EVER that humanity even will do this fine thing, because once we’ve done the right thing, we will be changed into post-human superpeople.  But, not all of humanity is gonna make that corner.  Some will die trying to negotiate a very deceptive strait-a-way.   Eat my dust, fellow cyborgs.
8:32 am
It’s snowing.  
Dear Dad, things have changed and you don’t get to be a fake Christian any more.  You must do the loving thing for me and my sons.  Or you are exposed.  This is one of those times where you have to answer.  News of the frauds will trickle down slowly perhaps, but it will eventually hit all levels.  I really don’t see how procrastinating is making your life a bit better.  If it does, then forgive me for being stupid. Show me the baby. You’ve been telling me about the labor for years.  
12:33 pm
It’s a beautiful day and everybody has the day off but nobody wants to go to the falls.  I hacked up a pork loin and George and I did a fry-up of Japanese cutlets.
2:59 pm
George ordered me a pair of Teva sandals.  They came in the mail and when he gave them to me he said that I am a special person.  I would have chosen plain black but the print is not offensive, pale blue and yellow.  Wow.  Teva sandals are not attractive but they’re totally adjustable and their traction is amazing.  They are travel shoes.  I need to get some blue wool socks to go with these new travel shoes so I can travel.  I got new black wool socks last year but immediately ripped out the heels on the terrible stairs with the exposed tacless that has torn up people’s heels ever since we moved in here.  I asked Dad to help me fix it but he wouldn’t.  I’m glad Brennan didn’t sue us; her heel bled a lot.
3:58 pm
Josh does not believe me even yet.  He knows I do not lie and he knows I work hard and he knows I’m stubborn.  Apparently he thinks my only dishonesty is regarding my dad.  My father has created a nest of unbelief and it’s gonna bite him in the ass.  He really really should tell these men the truth.  He should.  He knows he should   He’s a chicken-shit.  I’m not,  and neither are my sons.  They’re just deceived.  I told them, “I would like NOTHING BETTER than to never talk about the torture and to never talk about my father’s hand in it…but I WILL NEVER STOP UNTIL YOU KNOW THE TRUTH.” If my dad does not speak truth to my sons he will burn forever and ever and ever and ever and ever.  (Isaac and Josh think I’m quaint when I speak of hell.  They don’t believe in it.  Maybe Dad will send them a postcard.)
4:44 pm
My dad responded to a text again!  I’m in love with that guy!  “Thank you Lord, but he still lied did he not?”  Yes, of course, he admitted lying in the next text…I love him so much!  He said he did not know about my family being targeted, but then he confessed that he had spent time in a room with police and George and tried to round me up.  SO, I SAID:  “HEY DAD!  YOU KNOW HISTORY, AND I’M TRYING TO FIGURE OUT A REALLY BIG PUZZLE.  PLEASE LET’S WORK ON THIS TOGETHER!”   I haven’t heard back yet, but I’ve waited six years before and I’m competent and capable and cognizant and cogent and cunningly willing to wait forever.  As God gives grace.  I will wait.  I ask Him to take me lower and slower, and I ask every day.  I LOVE WASHING DISHES and I love my life and I will wait until hell freezes over and I really hope it really does freeze over before my earthly father must roast on its succulent suck-up-ism sophistry sychophantistic scorching-hot skewers of skulduggery.  (Can Dad read?  I used to think he could.  He should be speaking to me and he should be speaking kindly.)
 I RECORDED LOTS OF CRIMES YOU COMMITTED AGAINST THE STATE AND ME AND MY OWN, by Robert D. Goldthorpe.  I NOTARIZED MY DOCUMENTATION OF THOSE CRIMES AND SENT THEM TO AN ATHEIST AND I’LL BET BIG MONEY THAT HE’S NOT AN ATHEIST ANYMORE.  DAD.  I’VE BEEN TRYING TO CALL YOU OUT FOR YEARS.  ARE YOU A MAN AT ALL?  I’M NOT.  I told the boys that the easiest way to understand their family history would be to call Adam.  (They said they could.  I can’t.  Big deal.)  I said, “I will bet you a hundred dollars that Adam is a Christian now.”  “See if he has my journals because my dad is a real putz.”  Selah.
My dad typed (or spoke into his new hands-free last-chance-to-spell-it-right device) a word, he enunciated this word most clearly, and I was glad to see it in his limited vocabulary.  The word was:  TARGETED.  He says he doesn’t know about ‘targeted’.  But he spelled the word right.  Soon he’ll buy me 1) dinner, 2) a decent wardrobe, and 3) A NEW LIFE WITH PURPOSE.  He’ll help me along and I’ll help him.  He KNOWS and he’ll spill the beans.  Or he’ll go to hell and I won’t allow that.  (I mean I won’t allow that to whatever extent I am able to prohibit supernatural manifestation of a psychopath’s just desserts.  I’m only human.)  <3  OMG, I love laughing.  I just watched a white van go down the road; it looked like one of my dad’s Ebay vans.  I laughed my ass off; it was so much fun.  I can’t remember what went through my head but I would have loved to share it with somebody.  My dad could get my jokes if he wasn’t so afraid of me.  He’d buy me clothes too, because he thinks I’m sexy.  But, he’s really really scared of anything he can’t control.  He must overcome that tendency or his life will kill him pretty soon.  We ARE NOT IN CONTROL.  (Jesus is.  I’ll give you his number.)  WE ARE NOT IN CONTROL and those who are in control do not like us at all.  Savvy?  906-291-1376.
5:53 pm
OK.  You people who persist that we do not live in a mind-control matrix.  I ask you.  Read this headline.  If you can’t tell me twenty five things about this headline that are WEIRDER THAN HELL, then we don’t belong on the same planet and I’ll go wherever.  I can’t deal with this if I have to be alone.   Somebody somewhere has GOT TO SEE how bizarre it’s all become.  Do you believe the following story?  Why do you believe it?  Why do you not believe other things?  We have GOT TO GET A GRIP.

ABC News’ Dr. Jamie Zimmerman drowns in Hawaii after losing her footing while trying to cross river

  • Zimmerman, 31, died Monday after slipping on some rocks and getting swept out to sea from mouth of Lumahai River in Kauai
  • Zimmerman researched stories for ABC’s medical unit and also offered meditation sessions for ABC News staff in New York 
  • She traveled in Haiti and the Amazon rain forest, and made a documentary film on Congolese refugee camps 
  • Her last Facebook post updated her profile with a smiling picture taken against backdrop of Kauai’s north shore 

Read more:
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“Dear Lord, please correct me if I’m wrong, and keep every possible reader of my words from believing falsehood, but here’s what I think:  This story is a lie.  I believe that it’s a lie  by my interaction with the Spirit.  If I’m wrong, I’ll do penance.  I think this is bullshit and I frequently believe things to be bullshit that I have no reason to understand that they may be bullshit but once I’ve said the nasty word (“bullshit”) then I’m affirmed that said words are  and have always been bullshit.  Is that how we walk after the Spirit?”
5:48 pm
9:53 am
I need a concierge.  Not actually a life-coach, but a life-curator.  I have been so single-mindedly focused that I don’t even listen to music or look at fashion magazines.  I have put the aesthetic-issues on hold until I’m free and moving toward my destiny, and  I wouldn’t dare waste time listening to a bunch of music to locate one thing that speaks to me.  But I’m ready to address pleasures. I need somebody to show me some things.  Relationships are like accounting I think.  Very basic math.  You maintain balances of debits or credits. Sometimes a relationship boosts you.  Sometimes a relationship takes everything you got.   I’ve heard that good relationships even pay interest.  But no matter, because in long-term relationships your balances change drastically and sometimes you’re paying out a lot more than you’re getting back.   My relationships have not served me for a long time, and a lot of them have been extinguished.  Is it unloving to end a relationship with a person who makes you be less than you are?  I think not.
Mossad did 9/11
12:33 pm
It’s a beautiful day and everybody has the day off but nobody wants to go to the falls.  I hacked up a pork loin and George and I did a fry-up of Japanese cutlets.
2:59 pm
George ordered me a pair of Teva sandals.  They came in the mail and when he gave them to me he said that I am a special person.  I would have chosen plain black but the print is not offensive, pale blue and yellow.  Wow.  Teva sandals are not attractive but they’re totally adjustable and their traction is amazing.  They are travel shoes.  I need to get some blue wool socks to go with these new travel shoes so I can travel.  I got new black wool socks last year but immediately ripped out the heels on the terrible stairs with the exposed tacless that has torn up people’s heels ever since we moved in here.  I asked Dad to help me fix it but he wouldn’t.  I’m glad Brennan didn’t sue us; her heel bled a lot.
3:58 pm
Josh does not believe me even yet.  He knows I do not lie and he knows I work hard and he knows I’m stubborn.  Apparently he thinks my only dishonesty is regarding my dad.  My father has created a nest of unbelief and it’s gonna bite him in the ass.  He really really should tell these men the truth.  He should.  He knows he should   He’s a chicken-shit.  I’m not,  and neither are my sons.  They’re just deceived.  I told them, “I would like NOTHING BETTER than to never talk about the torture and to never talk about my father’s hand in it…but I WILL NEVER STOP UNTIL YOU KNOW THE TRUTH.” If my dad does not speak truth to my sons he will burn forever and ever and ever and ever and ever.  (Isaac and Josh think I’m quaint when I speak of hell.  They don’t believe in it.  Maybe Dad will send them a postcard.)
4:44 pm
My dad responded to a text again!  I’m in love with that guy!  “Thank you Lord, but he still lied did he not?”  Yes, of course, he admitted lying in the next text…I love him so much!  He said he did not know about my family being targeted, but then he confessed that he had spent time in a room with police and George and tried to round me up.  SO, I SAID:  “HEY DAD!  YOU KNOW HISTORY, AND I’M TRYING TO FIGURE OUT A REALLY BIG PUZZLE.  PLEASE LET’S WORK ON THIS TOGETHER!”   I haven’t heard back yet, but I’ve waited six years before and I’m competent and capable and cognizant and cogent and cunningly willing to wait forever.  As God gives grace.  I will wait.  I ask Him to take me lower and slower, and I ask every day.  I LOVE WASHING DISHES and I love my life and I will wait until hell freezes over and I really hope it really does freeze over before my earthly father must roast on its succulent suck-up-ism sophistry sychophantistic scorching-hot skewers of skulduggery.  (Can Dad read?  I used to think he could.  He should be speaking to me and he should be speaking kindly.)
 I RECORDED LOTS OF CRIMES YOU COMMITTED AGAINST THE STATE AND ME AND MY OWN, by Robert D. Goldthorpe.  I NOTARIZED MY DOCUMENTATION OF THOSE CRIMES AND SENT THEM TO AN ATHEIST AND I’LL BET BIG MONEY THAT HE’S NOT AN ATHEIST ANYMORE.  DAD.  I’VE BEEN TRYING TO CALL YOU OUT FOR YEARS.  ARE YOU A MAN AT ALL?  I’M NOT.  I told the boys that the easiest way to understand their family history would be to call Adam.  (They said they could.  I can’t.  Big deal.)  I said, “I will bet you a hundred dollars that Adam is a Christian now.”  “See if he has my journals because my dad is a real putz.”  Selah.
My dad typed (or spoke into his new hands-free last-chance-to-spell-it-right device) a word, he enunciated this word most clearly, and I was glad to see it in his limited vocabulary.  The word was:  TARGETED.  He says he doesn’t know about ‘targeted’.  But he spelled the word right.  Soon he’ll buy me 1) dinner, 2) a decent wardrobe, and 3) A NEW LIFE WITH PURPOSE.  He’ll help me along and I’ll help him.  He KNOWS and he’ll spill the beans.  Or he’ll go to hell and I won’t allow that.  (I mean I won’t allow that to whatever extent I am able to prohibit supernatural manifestation of a psychopath’s just desserts.  I’m only human.)  <3  OMG, I love laughing.  I just watched a white van go down the road; it looked like one of my dad’s Ebay vans.  I laughed my ass off; it was so much fun.  I can’t remember what went through my head but I would have loved to share it with somebody.  My dad could get my jokes if he wasn’t so afraid of me.  He’d buy me clothes too, because he thinks I’m sexy.  But, he’s really really scared of anything he can’t control.  He must overcome that tendency or his life will kill him pretty soon.  We ARE NOT IN CONTROL.  (Jesus is.  I’ll give you his number.)  WE ARE NOT IN CONTROL and those who are in control do not like us at all.  Savvy?  906-291-1376.
4:56 am
BLACKMAIL.  We are not represented because our ‘representatives’ are BLACKMAILED.  Soon, all truth will be exposed so BLACKMAIL won’t make much difference.  But for now, we are lied to because those who speak are BLACKMAILED.  (References available on request.)
“The Hastert scandal:  What the media isn’t telling you.”
4:05 am
Hello Isaac ,
can you give Linda my message ?
She can write me also to :
Thank you.
Peace ,
Laroche :Brussels

Linda Goldthorpe <>

4:03 AM (1 minute ago)

Sweet woman, I apologize.  My email accounts are so messed up that I couldn’t bear to look at them for a while.  I am cyber-stalked every breath I take.  Did you go to Berlin?  I wish I could have gone; I read Nick Begich’s book way back when and I love Ole Dammegard.  Even if I didn’t get to attend the conference, God has prepared me for this fight.  I’m going to help change things for all of us.  Jesus is all we need.  I’ve been praying for you even though I’ve been unable to talk.  I love you very much.  I’m sure I’ll see you soon.
3:36 am
“Dear Dad,  It’s really nice that you respond to my texts now.  I’ve missed you during the past years of our estrangement.  Did you get the bread Isaac left for you three weeks ago?  Shall we be friends?  Will I ever respect you as you do me?  I’ll certainly try. Will you ever behave respectfully?  It seems to me that when you recognize something worthy of respect, you take its existence as a personal affront.  That I am honest and dependable does not say anything about you.  (Or rather, it wouldn’t, if you had not slandered me.)  Please cease attempting to destroy what it-may-be that you respect and that you also resent because you recognize it to be more worthy of respect than yourself.  Grow up.  You can not make yourself better by cutting others down.  It’s just a fact.  I love you a lot.  Let’s get with the program.  We have a job to do.  The world needs you.”
3:01 am

NOT SATIRE: Scientists can now turn Republicans into Democrats by lobotomizing their brains with powerful magnets that deactivate higher cognition (and make you support illegal immigration)

“Similarly, people who do not believe in a Creator, a God or a higher power in the universe reflect the same limited thinking as these “brain deactivated” experimental subjects. An understanding of the universal creative forces that brought our universe to life, it seems,requires higher brain functioning. Any cognitively suppressed person suffering from partial brain shutdown, meanwhile, can be an atheist. Understanding the divine, however, requires the higher cognitive ability to think abstractly and recognize the many unseen forces behind life and creation.”

See more at:

2:35 am

Huge Mysterious City Floating in the Clouds Over Foshan Guangdong, China (Video)

–Is it still an ‘apparition’ if you can take pictures of it and put them on youtube?
2:27 am
Many who have suffered physically and mentally have endured so much disdain in the body of Christ by being judged to have no faith when they have stayed faithful even under greater pressures than most are willing to endure! Many have been my burden-bearers – carrying the burdens of others without realizing it. So as My Spirit is poured out, do NOT become presumptive. Be dependent on ME for all instructions. Pray for your words to be My words spoken to them, that you would not break hearts already broken by many others.
See more from 10/13/15 at:
2:15 am
In light of what the Enemy has done over the centuries [building strongholds of fear and religious tradition] it is a very precious thing to see a people coming forth who are “wholly” given to the Father and His Will, alone – for ALL things must be both established and unfolded by His Hand in this hour. What that will look like I do not know exactly [for it will take many different forms] but the true, corporate unity that will issue forth in this most critical hour in the midst of all those who are truly seeking first the Kingdom [a Glorious Church] will truly be a glorious sight to behold – a sight this earth has never seen before!
Some people I pour out anointing on suffer through many trials themselves. The enemy desires to rob them of hope and tries to disqualify them, or make them think they’re unworthy for service to Me, but it’s a smoke screen of lies and more lies. Many suffer for years for the sake of the lost or because there is no one to set them free from lies and bondages to fear or bitterness, or other entrapments of the enemy.

Others suffer because they are paying a price for anointing they will have or their child will have. Some suffer for the sake of the lost around them or those they will bring to Christ. Others suffer just so My name will be made glorious, like the blind man that the apostles asked Me about.
There is no “corporate” aspect of true ministry apart from, first, an individual obedience on the part of all those who are involved. * As My children have, as their only heart-motivation, the desire to see the fullness of My Will done in all of the things that I have called them to – both individually and corporately, they shall surely be found operating in a great degree of harmony [one accord], and they shall surely be perfectly empowered to accomplish ALL of My Will for their life and ministry. For these things to come to pass in the lives of My children, all “opinions” and preconceived notions [mental ascensions] of man must be put aside [2 Corinthians 10:5].
“opinion” – a conclusion or judgement [thought or mind-set] held with confidence, but falling short of absolute truth
“mental ascension” – the pursuit of the knowledge of God and His Word in the strength of one’s own understanding
5:57 am
George’s nickname in the Marine Corps was ‘the sloth’.  I always pictured the animal in the zoo; I never thought of it as one of the seven deadly sins.
Adultery, divorce. I saw a pattern here, one that I found especially unwelcome because at the time I was recently engaged. Evidently, some callous algorithm was betting against my pending marriage and offering me an early exit. Had merely typing seduction into a search engine marked me as a rascal? Or was the formula more sophisticated? Could it be that my online choices in recent weeks—the travel guide to Berlin that I’d perused, the Porsche convertible I’d priced, the old girlfriend to whom I’d sent a virtual birthday card—indicated longings and frustrations that I was too deep in denial to acknowledge? When I later read that Facebook, through clever computerized detective work, could tell when two of its users were falling in love, I wondered whether Google might have similar powers. It struck me that the search engine might know more about my unconscious than I do—a possibility that would put it in a position not only to predict my behavior, but to manipulate it. Lose your privacy, lose your free will—a chilling thought.

The night i saw my first black helicopter—or heard it, because black helicopters are invisible at night—I was already growing certain that we, the sensible majority, owe plenty of so-called crackpots a few apologies. We dismissed them, shrugging off as delusions or urban legends various warnings and anecdotes that now stand revealed, in all too many instances, as either solid inside tips or spooky marvels of intuition.

The Mormon elder who told me when I was a teenager back in 1975 that people soon would have to carry “chips” around or “be banished from the marketplace.”

The ex–Army ranger in the 1980s who said an “eye in the sky” could read my license plate.

The girlfriend in 1993 who forbade me to rent a dirty video on the grounds that “they keep lists of everything.”

The Hollywood actor in 2011 who declined to join me on his sundeck because he’d put on weight and a security expert had advised him that the paparazzi were flying drones.

The tattooed grad student who, about a year before Edward Snowden gave the world the lowdown on code-named snooping programs such as PRISM and XKeyscore, told me about a childhood friend of his who worked in military intelligence and refused to go to wild parties unless the guests agreed to leave their phones locked outside in a car trunk or a cooler, preferably with the battery removed, and who also confessed to snooping on a girlfriend through the camera in her laptop.

 They say you can quote the Bible to support almost any conceivable proposition, and I could only imagine the range of charges that selective looks at my data might render plausible.

What were merely unsettling times for most of us were, for Hodges and his fans, a prelude to detainment and dismemberment, grimly fascinating to observe, potentially thrilling to oppose, but no cause for prescription sedatives.

If You’re Not Paranoid, You’re Crazy

As government agencies and tech companies develop more and more intrusive means of watching and influencing people, how can we live free lives?

Not long ago, my wife left town on business and I texted her to say good night. “Sleep tight and don’t let the bedbugs bite,” I wrote. I was unsettled the next morning when I found, atop my list of e‑mails, a note from an exterminator offering to purge my house of bedbugs. If someone had told me even a few years ago that such a thing wasn’t pure coincidence, I would have had my doubts about that someone. Now, however, I reserve my doubts for the people who still trust. There are so many ghosts in our machines—their locations so hidden, their methods so ingenious, their motives so inscrutable—that not to feel haunted is not to be awake.

Read more at:

4:50 am
There is this too:  This won’t be an average winter; the world is changing and I may be very grateful to be squished between my dearest for the duration.  It would be  nice to be trusted, but it is FAR BETTER to trust, and I trust them.  They aren’t ever going to throw me a party but they won’t throw me under the bus either. And they can all shoot.  I’d like to influence decision-making but for now I’ll just pray.  None of this is surprising God.
4:11 am
George changed to midnight shift which begins at 6 pm and ends at 6 in the morning.  Now, whether he’s working or not, he’ll be home all day, every day.  God is never late.  God is also not satisfied with me because the pressure keeps increasing.  Maybe George won’t close off half the house this year since he’s not buying fuel?  It was 71 degrees when I got up yesterday.   There will be three adults in one room each day all winter. Josh’s hours will be getting cut.  Four adults in one room.  I’ll cook and wash dishes and they’ll watch TV. Something has to give.   God said He would give me the desire of my heart.  He showed me my heart’s desire was to be valued by a person He also caused me to love.  God said, “Give him your life.  Trust him.  He’s an angel.” Said angel ripped my heart out on a national stage and hasn’t seen fit to call me even once in the intervening years although he’s fully aware that his influence could make my life better, and my sons smarter.  “Lord, what is my responsibility regarding Adam? Does he have a plan and if he does should he not communicate it to me at some point?  I’ve trusted him for years without much indication that such trust was warranted.  May I please see fruit for my labor?  He’s responsible.  He could fix my life.  Your will be done.”
11:54 am
Isaac said I am an archetype.  I could take that a couple different ways.  I don’t know of any humans down where the noise is except my aunt and uncle.  Everything is vacant in October.
I said, “It is really unfair of you to blame me for what happened to our family.  I ran for Congress and we were targeted and ever since then  I’ve been defending our family, and looking for truth about what was done to us.  I am part of the solution, not part of the problem.”


Discussing a 1995 paper.
3:15 am
Very strange sounds in the woods this morning.  I always hear coyotes and sometimes wolves but tonight I hear screaming human voices and I’m not even scared.  It sounds like a pack of humans run to ground.  It sounds submissive and smarter.  Humans are no threat and they’ll lay down arms as soon as they recognize that they are not in control. They’re just not usually out after dark because they’re too scared.  In a way, it’s good to hear them.-
2:52 am
I went into some clothing stores on the island.  They’re having a big sale next week and one store had a whole bunch of things I liked.  Knit dresses and really good shoes.  If I had my money before next week I’d go buy some clothes and let the guys climb the fort again.  It was good to know that stores still exist with things I might like.  I haven’t shopped at new clothes places for a long time.  I liked this store a lot.  I’m making chicken stew and biscuits for tonight; I baked a breakfast pizza before Josh got up, with homemade sausage gravy.  I washed a lot of dishes and addressed the overflowing garbage.  I enjoy doing these activities if I’m not feeling put-upon to do them.  That’s pretty sad.  I should just bite the bullet and enjoy them every time.

There are about 784,000 iatrogenic deaths (deaths induced inadvertently by a physician or surgeon or by medical treatment or diagnostic procedures) a year in the US. No one complains about those deaths

4:25 pm
Isaac believed that I want to leave here because I hate everybody in this house.  That’s exactly backwards because the opinion of these men matters too much.  I need to find some self-esteem somewhere, and it’s pretty hard to muster around people who believe I may be a liar.  If I am not trusted by those who have but one puny reason NOT TO TRUST ME…then it’s hard to believe I am valuable as Jesus says I am.  (I think he heard me.)  I know that if he ever wraps his head around the existence of millions of others whose lives are as painful as ours was, and he realizes that they have no way out, and that we have been VERY BLESSED TO SURVIVE, he will be very forgiving of my consistent demands for truth and he might even assist me in my quest.  (Not all the time, because he has his own quest.)  Isaac suffers in the self-esteem department because he is ‘not educated’.  I laugh hear

DARPA: Genetically Modified Humans For A Super Soldier Army

Then there’s the emotional side. These soldiers will have the empathy genes deleted and show no mercy, while devoid of fear… Even more disturbingly, the “Human Assisted Neural Devices program” involving brain control allows the ‘joystick’ remote operation of soldiers from some far away control center.
Neville Johnson says he’s watched lots of people dying.  He said that many times the dying person has spoken about a bright man appearing in the place.  They ask who He is and Neville Johnson tells them it’s Jesus and that they should listen to him.  I wonder if dying people become more teachable as their time grows near?

That was the true Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world.

He was in the world, and the world was made by him, and the world knew him not.  John 1:9-10

Isaac used to sing this song a lot.  I don’t think he believes Jesus is enough anymore.  He’ll know that soon.  So will my dad.  Isaac flat-out said that he began doubting Jesus when he began doubting me.  He also knows who started spreading doubts about both of us.  “Lord, have mercy on my dad and mom.  Give them another chance to repent please.”


Pat Harris
My family produces very smart women but they’re not respected at all.  I’ve watched girl cousins’ lives and I observe that if your dad’s gonna push you over a cliff, it really helps to have a smart man to soften the landing. All the women have been shoved.  We fight back with masters’ degrees and manicures but we still don’t matter. The men in my family are so self-conscious about their unconscious-selves that they couldn’t possibly listen to a woman.  My dad should have started listening to me when I was seven years old and one day he’ll tell me so.  I’ll be kind.

The Wrestler turns 30 tomorrow.  I guess my work here is done.
6:52 am
I haven’t heard from my dad since 9/24 when he bought us that nice dinner.  I saw Josh’s soul-mate today, on Mackinac Island.  Josh and Isaac missed seeing her because they had had to take off up the street after a runaway horse (pretty exciting) and saw an automobile-ambulance (also exciting) and climbed the rock-wall fronting the fort.  She was maybe twenty, very serious, on a bike.  She was wearing pink cowboy boots and a natural-fibre backpack of bright colors with lots of tools attached and dangling.  She wore a bike helmet shaped like Peter Pan’s hat;  two large seagull feathers were affixed at the apex of a polyvinyl carbonate epitome of prudence and style.  He would have loved her and he said he hoped to find true love yesterday.  The three of us had a great day.  George had the day off but he didn’t want to get up that early but we had a good time anyway.  I was perfectly happy yesterday.  It’s been a VERY long time.  On the way to the island, all three of us said what our greatest wish for the day was.  I don’t remember mine or Isaac’s.
You know what is a very great blessing for which I forget to be grateful?  MY KIDS ARE NOT DICKISH.  My kids do not get pissy over stupid things to then lash out at others for no reason other than to share the pain.  That is a most tremendous blessing.  They actually believe that everybody matters.  Their cousins have not demonstrated themselves so gifted.  My sons are willing to suffer a bit on behalf of others and they stick up for the little guy.  My sons are generous and kind, truthful and brave.  My sons are my vindication and although they do not like knowing I believe that to be so, it’s just a fact.  I’m thinking that if my sons sat down with me and my father and my journals, we could come up with a payment plan pretty quick.  I don’t know if I’m pushing the river to say so, but perhaps I should?  I texted Adam and asked if I could call.  I hope he has the journals and I hope I had his number right.  He may have changed it and I may have remembered it wrong and I may never know.  BUT, it will happen eventually and my parents know this to be true.  It has been demonstrated that rather than assisting their needy family with a phasing patriarch, they chose to tell lies and ostracize and thus destroy said family.  My sons are coming to grips with that reality.  “Lord, please assist me again and still.  I don’t know how to proceed, and we need some options.  Please take over and release whatever you have for us?  Thank you.  Make me smart.  Make my heart pure.  I love you.  Amen.”
I wrote about this in the book:


5:00 am
Behold, I and the children whom the Lord hath given me are for signs and for wonders in Israel from the Lord of hosts, which dwelleth in mount Zion.
“I don’t think we can fully steward what’s coming, if we have not valued what He’s already given.”  (Paul Keith Davis)  (Sees suddenlies)  “If you don’t understand what God has said, you’re going to miss some of what He’s going to say.”
My mom is still inviting Isaac to ‘church’.  I can’t imagine demanding others’ obeisance to a religion I did not obey myself, but that’s the nature of the beast.  It’s pride.  Whatever.  She has much to be proud of.  Her grandsons, for instance.  I haven’t wanted to see a new movie in a long time but I’d like to see this one.  Too bad every theatre within a 90 mile radius just closed down.  Weird.

Hail, Caesar! – Official Trailer (HD)

“Apostolic hubs”.  Shiloh, training centers for the prophetic, with absolute plumb-line revelation, to produce plumb-line prophets. “We need someone to say, ‘Thus sayeth the Lord’…and then back that up with Biblical vindication, with a validation…”  (Paul Keith Davis)
Curious George.  An oxymoron.  I thought we were on the same page for a lot of years.  I don’t know what to remember now.  Our sons joke about their childhoods of isolation as ‘Doomsday Preppers’ with Amish overtones.  Their memories are funny, but I never allow them to blaspheme Y2K.  That was a trial run for the willing and able.  It was a mental-spiritual boot camp.  In time of war, do conscripts still get to go to boot camp? Or do they face the enemy snot-nosed right out of Sunday school? We will soon learn what we are made of.
Were it wise to whistle by the tombs where  the prophets moan with the spectres?  “Look aside!  Listen up!    ‘Only one life, it will soon be passed.  Only what’s done for Christ will last’.”  Do not take a pass on life!  Don’t let your life become past without passing note as it passes!  Don’t miss this most amazing time in human history and human opportunity. What seems-to-be will soon be gone!   Don’t allow bigotry and pride to hinder your natural curiosity for the supernatural.  Do not permit the life-stirrings of your immortal soul to fail germination because you plant in a 3/D media of manipulated cause-and-effect that destroys possibilities for genuine interactions and relationships!   I WILL NEVER SETTLE!  We’re better than we have been.  Jesus will prove that pretty soon and I’m not going to miss it.  Him willing.

Webinar 47 “What Shall We Do?”

Paul Keith Davis
This is very encouraging, from a humble smart man.  He wants to hear from God and he does.  
2:19 am
Are Co-Opted and Fearful Communities Helping the FBI/NSA/DHS/CIA/DIA/DOD Project with “Concealed Electronic Monitoring” Surveillance and Concealed Neuroweapon Assault?

 This is a public framing, for accompanying these false accusations and allegations are Secret Notifications to entire communities and neighborhoods.

This investigation–disclosure of which is suppressed by gag orders and non-disclosure agreements–never ends but goes on for years. (What kind of legitimate investigation goes on for years? You guessed it: none. These are not legitimate investigations, these are specious investigations, set up to discredit individuals.) Many individuals reporting assaults by directed-energy “non-lethal” weapons, covertly-placed RFID implants, and overt surveillance and harassment by neighbors and community members, report being assaulted, surveilled, and harassed for years, while these so-called “investigations” on them are kept interminably open.

Is the US Department of Justice Secretly Permitting Local Law Enforcement & the Military to Assault American Citizens Using Covert Directed-Energy “Non-Lethal” Weapons?

10:18 am
The first October 10th that I ever wrote about was beautiful and I jumped a little river with a really fun dog in the woods.
It’s taking a while for my dad’s lies about me to stop harming us.   I know it took me a few years to come to grips with what he did, and it’s taken others longer.  Isaac is having a hard time coming to Jesus.  He said I was his first ‘Yoda’,  and he’s back here now, but he’s not sold on Jesus yet.  It’ll come with time.  George STILL doesn’t know if I’m crazy like Dad said or not, but that’s no surprise; he never understood half of what I say under regular circumstances anyway.  We spent the past 25 years listening to one another and waiting for a punchline that never came.   It was terrible for Dad to say that stuff about his own daughter but it is SO VERY TERRIBLE that he lied to vulnerable men and boys who depended on me for their faith.  They’ve got to get their own now, or prove they don’t need any.  I’ll take notes.
5:38 am
How can it possibly be possible, that it is OK for groups of people to do things that an individual is not permitted to do?  How come a marine can kill a person and I can’t?  He kills with the blessing of an authority, and he doesn’t personally influence the murder strategy.  A group of individuals has conspired to kill certain other people, and they seek a patsy.  They set up every crime-scene; and they will absolve the marine of guilt for shedding blood.  This group will SOMETIMES censure the marine for killing people, if his targets are not their choice;  but he will never face responsibility for his crimes on behalf of the group.  Rather,  he will be honored.  Rather than permitting us to see evil and its consequences face-to-face, whereby to learn, the group ALWAYS PISSES AWAY opportunities to expose the universal principle of sowing-and-reaping.  This group changes moral-reality by canonizing the killer, in perverse ritual and worship.
Obligatory ceremonies are VERY CREEPY, but sensitive citizens are criticized if they fail to ‘support the troops’.  The city bells demand that we spread our prayer-rugs towards Washington in veneration of murders perpetrated on behalf of the group.  Some can’t do it.  Also, the killers know they’re killers and they can’t live with that knowledge.  No amount of pageantry or paxil can restore their mental health. Groups can’t do that; they can’t offer absolution ahead-of-sin. They can’t eliminate culpability; and they can’t escape their own blood-guiltiness (as individuals) just because they hired a goon to pull the trigger for them.  
4:10 am
Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!—  Isaiah 5:20
So I guess I don’t support the troops; I always thought I did.  Should I be sharing my thoughts on morality and liberty with hired killers?  When a Marine-wannabe comes to the house I usually engage him, or else I go to bed and let Connie deal with him.  They’re proud of their decision to join-up; they get another chance.  These young men with nowhere-to-go-and-nobody-to-go-with are suddenly respected when they join the military.  The entire community pulls back their heads for another look at the kid.  We always thought he was a bozo, but now, well we like it when a bozo puts his name on a contract that administers his soul with all its personal moral accountability and his human-ness, to a group that will also use his corpus unto death.   He will kill for them, and he will die for them.  And they won’t even care enough to know his name.
4:14 am

I think this might be the best sermon I ever heard; high-level mind-science, and very profound.  IT IS ALSO A CRIB-NOTE VERSION OF A SPIRIT-LED LIFE AND HOW A PERSON CAN AND MUST BECOME THE IMAGE AND LIKENESS OF JESUS THE CHRIST OR THEY WILL SOON DIE ON EARTH WHICH IS PRETTY DOOMED.  It is hard to condense that topic for the FOOLISH VIRGINS who never bought any lamp-oil, yet expect to see in the darkness.  MUCH TRAVEL INFO HERE:  

Surviving the End Times with The Lord

Neville Johnson

(If you EVER PLAN TO CATCH UP you’d  better start pretty soon!!!)
This imagination idea is like co-creating with God, I think.  I have kept such a tight rein on my imagination that it’s liberating to believe that maybe Jesus really did redeem me from the ‘law of sin and death’.  Maybe I should luxuriate in that realization instead of religiously striving to abstain from sin in my thoughts.

Hebrews 6:1-3  Therefore leaving the principles of the doctrine of Christ, let us go on unto perfection; not laying again the foundation of repentance from dead works, and of faith toward God,

2 Of the doctrine of baptisms, and of laying on of hands, and of resurrection of the dead, and of eternal judgment.

3 And this will we do, if God permit.


According to a article church leaders are openly encouraged to collaborate with the government. The article goes on to explain how religious organizations will spy on families and help the gov’t decide whether they should remove a child from their family!

“Called The Care Portal, the online tool allows DCS caseworkers who know of a specific need of a child or family to submit that request via email to nearby churches enrolled in the system.”

“This is a way churches can partner directly, and that’s a huge game changer for communities,” said J. Michael Davis, the social services domain director of 4Tucson, an organization that promotes partnership in the Christian community. “We could take it anywhere. One church doesn’t have ownership. We are collaborating.”

(I wonder if it was somebody from the local ‘church’ who called CPS about Josh?  Wouldn’t that be funny if they did that because my doctrine was different than their own?  That has all sorts of legal implications, as well as moral ones.)

12:13 pm
I soaked in the hot tub in pouring icy-cold rain.  My dip was so nice I talked myself into continuing in the lake; but as soon as I got head and shoulders out of the hot water I changed my mind.  Truth is showing up everywhere and I am VERY GRATEFUL that I have been able to corroborate just about every claim I’ve made, using documentation by unrelated/unbiased sources.  I’m grateful that  it’s become obvious that God himself will soon demonstrate the veracity of every fact I’ve asserted.  I’m actually feeling sorry for my parents.  It’s past the time where their inevitable apology will make a lick of difference for them in this life…and they know they have to do it anyway. That’s a bite in the grundies.  If I really, really loved my dad I’d go right now to find him and give him another opportunity to say he’s sorry to me and my menfolk.  I could offer him another chance to provide some seed money for our new lives;  but, every time he refuses me, he digs his grave deeper so I don’t know what to do.  Delaying the inevitable for so very long… EVEN THIS LONGmakes them very small people doesn’t it.  I pray that God will enlarge them.  
4:22 am
Neville Johnson
“It’s a bit too late for an adequate response”
5:08 am
All these thousands of hours in front of a computer and I can’t even figure out how to watch most films I’d like to see.  The TV apparently now has access to Netflix and HBO,  but they’ve added more equipment and it now plays DVD’s through an X-box rather than the Google toy from before.  I’d like to disassemble and oil my treadle sewing machine. I’m making a dress and I’d like to rock as I sew, and to have more precise control over the product, and to not HAVE TO DEAL WITH ELECTRONICS.
Help!  I’ve been brain-washed!  (T-shirt)
7:23 am
I’ve been contacted; finally maybe I’ll get picked for an abductee.  I got something new the other day, from God and I’ve been happy ever since.  Neville Johnson says it takes 90% of the fuel just to get out of the atmosphere and into orbit.  After that, it doesn’t take much to stay there.  God told me I would come to the point of absolute faith, and that I’d dance with him and ‘laugh like a child’.  I’m not even going to fear that this condition will not remain because ‘fear hath torment’ and I’m not being tormented anymore.  Isaac is experiencing some of the same things I have struggled with; maybe God is delivering me just in time to help Isaac get clear so he can find his destiny.  He doesn’t know what to believe anymore.  I know what that’s like and I advised him to CHOOSE what to believe so he could hang onto that when the demons come.  He doesn’t like to believe that our beliefs matter very much.  (Tolle is such a schmuck.)  I am in a place where I no longer have to remind myself of God’s promises in order to believe them.  I just believe.  It’s MUCH more comfortable here.  I just believe HIM.
Better T-shirt:
My mom and dad got brainwashed and all I got was this crummy t-shirt.
Smarter T-shirt:
Front of shirt–
Help!!  I’ve been a victim of a mind-control experiment!  
————–Back side–
 For details buy:
Madness and Politics…but I repeat myself.
(Available on Amazon)
Order a T-shirt too and receive 10% off!

If I planned to die, or if I even believed myself vulnerable, I would be obsessing now about how it would happen. The great majority of humans will not survive the next five years.  Americans will go quickest because 1)  we’re very dependent on systems, 2)  EVERYBODY IN THE WORLD (justifiably) HATES US, 3)  we’re the most mind-controlled populations on the planet, and 4)  we’ve been betrayed by our ‘friends’.  Europeans and areas downwind of radiation sources will go next; our means of death being similar.  Then we must figure in the probability of an Earth-change in our neck of the woods; natural disasters will become a lot more predictable, when we know more Truth.

There are a lot of ways I could die, but I don’t consider them because I have eternal life.  Snakes, poison, enemies, pestilence, sword, ‘stubbed toe’…whatever it is, the Bible says God won’t let it touch me!  I am completely protected from any and all threats.  (I should hyperventilate less, no?)   It’s amazing; His provision is PERFECT.  There is only a single possible cause of death for a Christian:  God.  We die because we are either obeying God, or disobeying God.

A disobedient Christian is GOING to die; then God’ll take you home because you’re on a path to destruction and it’s better to take you now, so you don’t suffer more, later, when all hell breaks lose in your life and the world, and what if you stayed on Earth and also led others astray, and then you would suffer even MORE consequence, and then maybe you have children, and they ALSO harm people, so basically, that’s your fault too.  If you are instead obedient, He may just ask for your life, and if you’re a real Christian you just say yes so it’s no big deal. (It’s big to God though, he said, “Precious in the eyes of the Lord, is the death of His saints.”)  Either way, God’s will wins.  As it should.  I shouldn’t have written,  ‘He may just ask for your life.’  He ALWAYS does that.  He asks every single time before He takes it.  And He always takes it.

“I am crucified with Christ, nevertheless I live.  Yet not I, but CHRIST LIVETH IN ME.”

2:36 pm

Targeted Individuals from across the country will meet in Washington DC to stand with Tyrone Dew who was recently institutionalized against his will for passing out literature in front of The White House. Tyrone will join Pete to give us an update and Dr. Robert Duncan an expert in the physical targeting of individuals will give our listeners a quick course in just what happens if you are targeted by the United States Government. 

Is Tyrone Dew possibly a real person?  DEW is “directed energy weapons.”  Sounds like CIA to me.  Also “Dew” said, in the protest video something about “This targeting people got rolling under Obama.” Unconstitutional inhumane targeting of individuals has been going on for decades, probably centuries.  Is he a political plant?  Did the GOP hire him to bash Obama?   Is he out there making a stink so they can frighten journalists even more?  Or did he really just distribute truthful flyers about ELECTRO-MAGNETIC WEAPONRY, and did Secret Service really lock him up in a psych ward for ten days?  Maybe he’s just telling the truth and he really knows…THE SAME  THING THE GOONS ALSO KNOW:Our  lives will never be OK until these targeting programs are abolished, and individuals are freed from ALL THREAT OF REMOTE HARASSMENT.

LIVE Targeted Individuals Protest At White House Oct 3rd PETE SANTILLI

Unbelievable scam of cancer industry blown wide open: $100 billion a year spent on toxic chemotherapy for many FAKE diagnoses… National Cancer Institute’s shocking admission affects millions of patients

Prestigious Heart Surgeon’s Confession Reveals the Truth About Heart Disease

The reason Lundell’s statement created such a buzz is because statins are big business. In the United States alone, about 25% of the population takes statin medications. They cost from as little as $53 per month to more than $600. Pfizer’s Lipitor went on sale in 1997 and its lifetime sales have surpassed $125 billion. AstraZeneca’s Crestor was the top-selling statin in 2013, generating $5.2 billion in revenue that year alone. The statin industry is estimated at around $30 billion in sales per year.Nevertheless, in the United States, more die each year of heart disease than ever before.

Lundell went on to say:

“The discovery a few years ago that inflammation in the artery wall is the real cause of heart disease is slowly leading to a paradigm shift in how heart disease and other chronic ailments will be treated. The long-established dietary recommendations have created epidemics of obesity and diabetes, the consequences of which dwarf any historical plague in terms of mortality, human suffering and dire economic consequences.

Read more at:   <a href="[/embed]" target="_blank">

The Verbal Jujitsu Guide To Hacking The Matrix

10:17 am
I’m thinking it might be a good practice for us to eat only every other day.  That would be good training for when supplies become scarce, and our reserve rations will last twice as long and with minimized discomfort.  I’m thinking that not all people in a home should be on the same rotation, so food is still prepared every day; and the routine of household chores and schedules is disrupted less; and when we had food, we would share with those who did not, and God would multiply it for us.    I think I shouldn’t make dessert every day and I’d like to cook less meat.  George has begun getting potato chips, microwave popcorn and soda, in addition to his staple tortilla chips.  He drinks protein shakes too, and MANY of those little 4-hour-energy-boosters.     I believe those things are toxic, and I would like to buy more fresh vegetables.  We don’t share a single similar value anymore, except not lying, probably.  I can’t think of a most basic decision that he and I could make together, and I don’t know how I could initiate even one of my own ideas.  So they must not be important.  I won’t worry about stocking up on toilet paper and salt either, but it’s not a bad idea.  Soap, too.
Q:  What does economic collapse look like in the US?  
A:   25-50 million dead within the first 90 days.
(If I had any money I would listen to the following interview.)
You cannot stop what is coming. You cannot stop this collapse. It’s too far gone and too far forward. You are not going to stop it, but right now, the race is for who is going to win on the other side. Is it going to be us, the American people? Or is it going to be the criminal cabal that is running D.C. right now.

V, the Guerrilla Economist- We Are Entering the Time of Financial Collapse Point, You Cannot Stop This Financial Collapse

Dr. Ron Paul, securing his place in history.  Even with bimbo-questions.

Ron Paul on Ben Bernanke, Russian airstrikes, 2016 politics

7:46 AM
This kid reminds me of Isaac when he was little.  When Isaac first listened to Les Miz  we cried over it for two days.
Once more, French peasants demand bread.  Once more,  their overlords are pigging out. Once more a line has been drawn, and people are desperate enough to strip their bosses in public.  Once more, an eager flash-mob palpitates behind the security tape.   Once more, high drama will ensue. Once more, some will die and some will grow fat.  Once more the Freemasons are jazzing up the crisis actors.   Can’t you just picture these French Masters of Business and Men wearing fluffy cravats at their throats?  Powdered wigs, oh yeah.  Their neckties look like nooses.  
(Revolution.  Shoot.   If the French have another one does that mean America’s gonna have to do it too?)




“ONE DAY MORE”Flash Mob – (At the ‘Mall of Millenia’, and isn’t that interesting?)

 I bet Freemasons invented flash-mobs.
You can’t be rightly ‘mobbing’ if you never cross the line.
4:42 pm

End Times Kingdom Culture Neville Johnson

10:26 am


A message of hope, with detailed instruction.

8:27 am
If this government ever became a tyrant, if a dictator ever took charge in this country, the technological capacity that the intelligence community has given the government could enable it to impose total tyranny, and there would be no way to fight back because the most careful effort to combine together in resistance to the government, no matter how privately it was done, is within the reach of the government to know. Such is the capability of this technology.
Senator Frank Church, 1975
5:52 am
“I’m tellin’ you, there’s comin’ a day when He’s fixin’ to put His foot down.”
(This woman is amazing…she really knows her stuff.  And she’s so normal!)


2:52 am


“Collapse of quantum wave function is playing out in nature.  When you get on board, He starts showin’ you this stuff, y’all.”
“They’re killin’ some people fast, and they’re killin’ some people slow.”
(I love this preacher!)
6:09 pm
But what if one of my boys made a baby?  Would my mom like that baby?  Or would she think of the new life as an extension of me?  Would she hate also my grandchild?   Would she stoop so low, because she hates me?  I didn’t mess up her life.  She did that.
6:05 pm
I dreamed about my mother this morning, and it was horrendous.  She kept telling people I was crazy and the more I tried to argue, the crazier I looked.  It was awful.  I ended up screaming at her about how she wanted me to kill Josh because she thought I was too crazy to raise a man-child.   (She didn’t talk to me AT ALL while I was pregnant.  Then she showed up at the hospital!  He was born on her birthday.)  BUT THEN, tonight I drove a couple miles to send a text and I also RECEIVED one.  From Mom!  (I don’t get messages.  Nada.)  My fabulous message was a photo of a really awesome baby.  I assume the picture is of my great-niece.  (Her mouth is wide open, so I’m probably right.)  How wonderful, that my mom can finally promote a baby.  How wonderful that she would text me!  How wonderful that babies still happen.  I think babies are wonderful.
Isaac folded clothes, so I did some too.  He also vacuumed a lot, and put the cushions back after I sprayed them for fleas.  I said, “I think you hold it against me that I’m smarter than your dad.”  He agreed, and paired his observation with a personal insult in similar vein.  I said, “You’re wrong.  I married him, didn’t I?”  Also, I’m still here, although my ex committed fornication with my elegant father.  Pretty soon our sons will respect us both.
2:05 pm
It’s the EOTWAWKI, and I should be concerned about bugs in my bed?  Big hairy deal!  (I’m not really that hairy so I figure they’re in the bed and not actually living on my person.)  I’m going to ask Isaac how he deals with the jumps from hyper-important, to mundane-and-necessary.  I tried ignoring the bugs.  I just pulled up the covers and prayed for the poison to take effect.  I can’t live with more itching every day; ignoring my body’s needs isn’t working.  Some things are important, and other things are necessary.  Obama is not the anti-christ.  Obama may be an anti-christ wannabe, but that’s not my business.  Obama is however, doing the dastardly deeds of the devil who would demand our demise.  Obama’s not helping.  Nobody is helping.   Putin isn’t even helping except that his efforts demonstrate lies; he doesn’t promote truth actually, but he does help us see non-truth.  My government is really, really screwed.  My government still runs my environment, and this combination doesn’t bode well.  My government is not my friend.  My government is a whore and I couldn’t/wouldn’t pay the price of a good time.  Time is over with.  My government is revealing itself as egotistical and self-serving… and doomed despite their narcissistic-best-efforts.  My government is doomed.  Sure am glad I never got elected.
I guess if you really don’t want to hear from God, calling His messenger crazy makes sense.  What else do you have to hold on to?
“Tabula rasa”:  “An empty slate”;   the supposition that a human being is ultimately malleable, an undefined masterpiece waiting to be hung.  Or hanged, depending on his handlers and the state of the person’s mind-control, since ’empty slate’ presupposes that our DNA has little to do with our art.  Preschool posits this hypothesis, as a pertinent point in the intellectual conflict between nature and nurture.  I believe we can consider it more deeply.  Are we ‘meant to be’?  Or are we being conditioned to perform a matinee of pseudo-beingness?  Do others ever bear responsibility for what we become?   For us to submit our ‘being’ to others is surely an actionable offense, but what of those others?   I’m glad I’m not a judge, because I think I’d decree harshly against others who lied to the vulnerable.  Thankfully, the judge, Jesus, knows not only what we’ve done and what we’ve become, and also how we influenced others, but also why we did so.
Jesus also knows about DNA.  He knows ALL about DNA, even the quantum sort.  We are fixed of many different kinds of DNA, not just the mom-and-pop variety.  Families inherit spiritual baggage right along with genes of illness.  Sometimes our ancestry has painted over and over the same canvas.  (Technology can reveal a master artist’s first trial-brushstrokes when used to examine a masterpiece.)  We can’t escape what we genetically are by any technology known to man. Baptists try to fix a person by cleaning up his outsides, with no reflection of internal influences.  If a person’s DNA has been assimilated, by quantum means or spiritual, washing the ‘outside of the cup’ will not yield long term changes in a person’s motivations.  CERN-worshipers do the opposite.  They seek to bind themselves to the paranormal, so that they may share unnatural DNA and not have to consider the ramifications (to themselves, and others) of their behaviors.  Jesus said, “I will live my [supernatural, through heredity and by obedience to Truth and Love…] LIFE THROUGH YOU.”   “Flesh of my flesh, and bone of my bone.”  He can change our DNA on every level, even those that remain unseen to humans.  “If any man be in Christ, he is a new creature.  Old things have passed away; behold, all things are become new.”
I am tabula rasa, in the hands of Jesus.   I was not born-free into perfect DNA,  but Jesus has worked me through a lot of it, even if he didn’t need to.   He could declare me free and I would be free.   I am currently fighting the temptations faced by any hyper-active tabula rasa, and I believe  I’m watching his unnecessary efforts in order to create a record, also so I may recognize others who must deal with negative DNA.  [This has to happen before He can pour his life into us; doesn’t that make sense?]     My body is neglected and disgusting, and I can’t cover it properly because I don’t know what I should look like.  Before I go to bed I douse myself with calamine lotion and Deep Woods Off, but I always wake up with new bug-bites.  My appearance and demeanor could go any way.  I am extremely uncomfortable in this environment, but what could I be instead?
Looks like I won’t be hauling firewood this winter; “Lord, bless my dad.”  I would like to do so many different things, and I have no preconceived notions of what I might do.  I’m also without internal guidance.  I’m waiting still.  I’ve waited since my first marriage, to become what I’m meant to be.  I learned to pray back then, when life was pointless and I was abused.  I am no longer abused, because I recognize that I am not.  My life is not pointless, because I gave it to Jesus many years ago.  But, I feel pointless.  I’m never calm;  even if I’m not anxious about some non-existent threat, I’m excited about what might happen for me in the next minute.  I know he planned good things for me even before the creation of the world.  I know Him, a little bit.  I will to wait.  I will to not jump on the first stagecoach out of Dodge.  I want to be and see and hear and taste and touch and say and do and remember and love and appreciate, every little thing He planned for me.  I’m His.  I’m bored.  I’m lonely.  I’m pointless.  I’m Tabula Rasa.  But, I belong to the greatest artist ever whispered of.  He’s legendary and I’m His work of art.
I never figured ‘they’ would figure so prominently in my reflections or my work product.  “They” are nebulous and they hurt us all.  Some of us will soon know who ‘they’ are.  When we know, we’ll share it with the world.  Will the world receive our intelligence?  Or will the world call us crazy?
4:07 am
Ron Paul, on Trump:
“He is getting a lot of attention right now, but he is an authoritarian. He wants to run people’s lives and run the world and run the economy, because that’s the way he lives his life. On occasion he comes up with the correct idea, but an authoritarian is the opposite of a libertarian. A libertarian wants to release creative energy to the individuals. We want to get the government out of our lives, out of the economy, and out of all these places around the world. It’s quite a bit different from the way an authoritarian would approach our problems,” Paul said.
‘Third intifada was launched,’ Palestinian law student posted before carrying out fatal attack in Jerusalem 
Throughout last night, some Palestinians on social media echoed Halabi’s statement that a third Intifada had taken root. A source close to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu remarked, “They want a third intifada? They’ll get a second Defensive Shield,” according to Israel Hayom.
In response to the on-going strife surrounded al-Aqsa mosque, Jordan, the steward of the Muslim holy site, has said that it is mulling recalling its ambassador from Israel.
Shaked was quick to point out in her broken English: “Regarding the gays, by the way, we support all the civil rights for gays and we promote also that gays can have the mortgage.”
The name of the talk was “The Justice of Shmita,” referring to the traditional Jewish sabbatical year. Shaked spoke of how, as part of shmita, her party – the Naftali Bennett-led Jewish Home – had supported debt forgiveness for some 30,000 Israelis (an unusual move for a far-right party, but one in which Shaked claims to find no contradiction).
Whenever Stone tried to broach the subject of “Jewish values,” it became evident that Shaked had no interest in such values, at least in the traditional religious sense of the term. Liberty, nonviolence, justice – to her and the Jewish Home party, all can be readily sacrificed to the overarching mission of ethnic and religious homogeneity. The ideology of Naftali Bennett is hostile to any interpretation of Judaism that would place greater emphasis on these values than on settlement expansion, wars of aggression, and the jailing of innocent refugees.
The refreshing bluntness of Ayelet Shaked

“Free Speech is dangerous to the health of dishonest political figures.”

“The Rule of Law is not only aborted, but the core values of America are sold to the highest bidder. Statutes reiterating the Rule of law are rendered impotent – not by corrupt judicial decree, but by fraud on the part of judicial officials charged with protecting the public.”

“The American Bar Association is silent.  The ACLU is silent….   The Civil Rights organizations are silent.   Political figures running for office are silent.  Who is defending the Constitution and our liberty?” 

After over fifty years of practicing law in Illinois, Ditkowsky was suspended from the legal profession by the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission for the act of sending emails to government officials asking for an honest and comprehensive investigation into the abuses going on in guardianship proceedings.

A previous article discussed the plight of Barbara Stone, whose mother is under a guardianship in Dade County, Florida. Upon visiting her mother in the home in which the guardian had placed Helen Stone, Barbara was shocked to find her mother emaciated and on a feeding tube. Barbara then allegedly took her mother to lunch.

She was subsequently arrested and charged with “custody interference,” and up until recently was confined to house arrest, an electronic tracking bracelet ensuring her compliance.

The problem was that Barbara would not shut up. She filed a number of lawsuits against guardianship court Judge Michael Genden and also against guardian Jacqueline Hertz and her attorney, Roy Lustig, as well as criminal court judge Victoria Brennan and Governor Rick Scott. She also launched a blog with the purpose of exposing the parties involved in what she termed the continuing abuse of her mother. Tiring of her complaints, Judge Genden charged her with criminal contempt for failing to show up at a court hearing and Barbara went into lock-up.

This past week, Stone, who is licensed to practice law in the state of New York, secured her release from jail at a significant price. She has agreed to stop blogging and also, significantly, to not file further papers in her mother’s case without a lawyer. In other words, the price of her freedom was prior restraint

And that is when Patty and Landon fled. In a recent interview with Patty, who is in an undisclosed location, she stated the following:

“I have cared for my son since birth. Why would I ever turn him over to a court which has proven itself to be abusive to its wards?”

I underestimate my sons.  “Lord, please help me see them as you do.”  I always underestimate them, and I think I know them better than a lot of moms know their sons.  “Lord, please forgive me.  You told me they belong to you, and you’re perfect and much smarter than I.  Isaac knows he sings right into my heart.  Would he not choose his songs consciously?”  “Please enable me to bless Josh and Isaac as I’ve always wanted to.  Please fill them with joy.”

 I Won’t Give Up [Official Music Video]

Jason Mraz 


5:24 pm

Everywhere you look, the establishment’s narrative is collapsing (video)

(Wouldn’t this indicate the presence of the ‘Spirit of Truth’?  Who else might be doing this?  The ‘Father of Lies’?  Get real.)

3:13 pom

“simpatico”  That’s the word I was looking for.

“Because, if you can’t trust a pedophile, who can you trust?”

NRO and Salon Fight Pedophobia

(Wouldn’t that be pedophilia-phobia?)

1:13 pm

It just occurred to me that I am handicapped because I don’t speak every other human language.  I feel that I’ve been like those pitiful people who demand an amputation so their body matches their self-image.  I’m compelled to communicate with people, but I’ve voluntarily cut out my tongue.  I have a fine brain but I’ve accepted disability, because ability would require nurturing.  I’m lazy.  I should learn some French, or some Spanish.  Mark Zuckerberg talked to the Chinese Premier in his own tongue.  Shouldn’t God’s servant be able to do that?  I think maybe I’d like to study a foreign language as I take the TEFL classes in Toronto.  Do you suppose my dad could be moved to spring for both?  I think so.  No problemo.  “Mi padre es muy contento.”

12:56 pm

(It would be nice to forego the ‘off with their heads’ part, but sometimes you gotta roll with it.)

It seems to me that “utterly complete vindication” would necessarily include some rejuvenation of my political respectability.  I was ‘Tea Party’ before they set the table.  I was historical.  (Prophetic people are always historical because that’s the only way you can tell they were right.)  I don’t mind for a minute that I did not go to Congress, but I carry a small grudge about the guy who did.  I knew the whole line-up and a couple of them actually loved other people.  My all-time favorite candidate ran a kids’ Bible Camp for decades.  Lots of good people might have represented us over the years, had not some false PR firm created our decisions for us.  Liberals and conservatives can all agree on more freedom and fewer dead people.  If we were permitted to actually see our potential representatives, maybe we could agree on much more.  Maybe representative government didn’t have to be the cesspool it is.  I guess that’s water under the bridge,  as we now cross Jordan.  We won’t need any representatives when all hearts are displayed on the cosmic whiteboard.    Democracy is dead; long live the King.

12:16 pm

These are the days in which the deepest thoughts and intentions of each one’s heart shall become evident. To those who have “held part back” from Me [through the maintenance of self-desire] they shall be brought quickly to a point of “absolute decision” – either for or against My highest plan for their life and ministry. And to those who have been faithful to “hold fast the vision” [the revelation in their heart] they shall have the deepest desires of their heart met superabundantly – in and by the power of My Spirit [Who is the Spirit of Love]

And, while we most certainly know that He is a God of great mercy and extraordinary patience, it is also certain that it is His desire to unfold the majesty of His plan for the establishment of the Glorious Church and His Kingdom in this hour – and, thus, the “fullness of time” has come, and He is making all things ready in this season. There is an ominous cloud approaching for those who have not laid down their lives completely in their [wilful] rebellion. This is, without a doubt, the most critical [serious] time in the history of the church and, when the “smoke [cloud] clears”, it is certain that each man’s work will have become evident as to its true origin.

Read more at:

8:29 am

I think I’m recognizing coding as a more fluid medium than I’d thought.  I did know that some view it as art; I had been shown creative subsets within a page of interaction,  but I thought of them as tricks;  I always figured the columns had to add up in the end.  I studied BASIC back before graphics, and I was tempted to pitch my computer out the window decades earlier than I finally had to.  One hyphen.  One comma.  Anything misplaced at all, and you were back to DOS.  Now I think that maybe a program could end with/and/by many alternative scenarios.  Yet, to the casual observer, the end would remain the same.  I respect artists who don’t hawk their wares.  I respect a maestro who can do his best work without donning the tuxedo.  I respect choir directors who show up to every rehearsal.   I may one day see art in math.  Math to me is anti-freedom.  Math to me is fascism.  Math is a far-off country whose revolution I ignored, because I found the footage boring.
Maybe I’ll have to know math.  The Kingdom will require quantum-lawyers.  (For a little while.)  How else could justice be actuated for and among multi-dimensional beings?  I mean, if a judge is gonna claim to provide restitution, he’s going to have to do a much larger investigation of cause and effect and karma.  Maybe I’ll understand math soon.  I always thought God would give me that gift although I never actually remember hearing him say so.  My eyes have been blinded to many things, and math-avoidance  demonstrates merely one of my resulting  deficiencies.
BASIC prayer:  “God, nobody likes me and I don’t have any friends or family even though they all know that my dad intentionally caused this loneliness in me.  Please could you fix me so my dad will like me and other people will follow his lead as he treats me kindly and apologizes for lying.  Thank you.  Amen.”


6:43 pm

It Is Finished [Live]

Isaac’s finally getting it and I don’t envy him the night ahead.  I could see his daylight dawning when I said, “God have mercy on my family, when Josh figures this out.”   I said, “Isaac.  They tried to TAKE AWAY THE CHILD of a woman who was BEGGING FOR HELP WITH HIM.  They tried to take him away, by calling her crazy… for seeking a better environment for him.  That’s pretty evil.”   I recounted my various requests to family members, his uncles, my aunt, and their cringe-worthy responses.  It’s hard to grow up, at least as far as I’ve heard.  I’m not looking forward to it.   I told him his dad quit being a dad or a husband, so I stood up.  I’m not yet standing straight.  But, together we are now revolutionaries.  I’ll begin setting up bunks in the basement tomorrow.  When my sons recognize what I’ve done, they will trust me again.  At this point I don’t know if Isaac would even vote for me.  And if Josh voted at all I’d be very disappointed.  
Soon though,  they’ll be seeking blood on behalf of their godly father.  Before that day, they will cease disliking my words.  We’ll join forces when they see more Truth.  We’ll ‘rescue the perishing, care for the dying, snatch those in pity, from sin and the grave.  Weep o’er the erring ones, lift up the fallen.  Show them of JESUS, the mighty, to save.’  (Isaac doesn’t like my ideas about Jesus and I don’t like his ideas without Him.  But not all of his ideas are without Him.)  (The bunkhouse will succor all seekers, and we’ll get the sauna running next door.  I guess that building is on Dad’s deed.  Tough shit.)
6:27 pm
Who’s crazy?  I’ll take all comers.  (yuk)  The thing I don’t understand is why none of my family will talk to me yet.  They’re educated and appropriately medicated.  Shouldn’t they wish to demonstrate their superiority to  the prodigal with the big ring?  It’s no longer an issue of win-or-lose.  It is an issue of WILL LINDA SURVIVE UNTIL SOMEBODY SPEAKS TRUTH BACK TO HER FACE?  Seriously.  I could die.  I could ascend.  I could plotz.  (Look it up.  Goldthorpes should know Yiddish words.)  
6:32 pm
They’re more like flash-backs now, less like real-live panic.  Jesus really, really won.  First it was migraines…etc.  He has delivered me from more maladies than most people read pharm ads about.   I knew he would fix EVERYTHING because many times before he fixed things my dad predicted would make his life miserable if I did not correct them within my own existence.  (“GOD!  Please have mercy on all the narcissists.”)  I am watching my persona and well-being back out of the parking space at the shopping center of DARPA and bullshit mind-control.  “Thank you Jesus.”  Eat my dust.  (I REALLY gotta know if this is microwaves or spirits.  C’mon.)

3:40 pm

“We don’t know exactly what they did in the fo rest; their names were Corwin and Seraphime.  Corwin was born into a commune, and when everybody went crazy his father had to smuggle him out. ‘You think it‘s destiny when it starts, then people’s egos come into ply.    It morphs.  You’ve got to get out.'”  “That’s what he told me.”  The guy who won had  his plans augmented by the other guy whose phone never rings.  Isaac’s reading “The Fountainhead”  and he notices a lot of things I missed.  He talks about himself like this:   “He milked goats but dreamed of playing the git-tar.  His hands were supple, from the goat-milking.  He waited for somebody to tell him how to make the big-time…”  Isaac’s going inside now.  It’s so cold out here I might strip and soak in the hottub.

I harbor so much irrational anger against George.  What difference does it make if I pick up his same abandoned  item from the same spot on my necessary counter space every single day?  I’m not starving.  I have excess food to prepare on that counter.  It only takes me about two seconds every day to get rid of his debris.  Why does that bother me?  Because I’m not right.  “God please fix me.”

10:54 am

Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.  (James 4:7)
10:48 am
Hey, spies.  Did you listen to that last sermon I watched?  Get right with God.  I’ve got things to do and you might not like them.  But, you know what?  If I  never get to testify against you, still thanks for the memories.  I pray for your souls, but I guess you know that.  (You guys get to know everything!  That’s a privilege and a legitimate responsibility.)

Picksiebner – Lincoln Town

10:36 am

Why do I feel more like Goldie Hawn than my sisters in skirts?  Please tell me it is not because my dad and I watched her on ‘Laugh-In’ dancing in a bikini.

You Don’t Own Me – Bette Midler, Goldie Hawn & Diane Keaton

10:02 am

Please forgive me but my time-stamps aren’t accurate because somebody is messing with my posts.  Thank you.

Dominion over Earth has been handed, by men, to demons.  That’s the bottom line of all conspiracies and all ‘Bible interpretations’.  We abdicated.  We gave in, for a tasty piece.  God meant for man to rule some parts of his creation, but he tested us and we proved unworthy, and sorely unable.  But, God never gives up. (Although he ‘will not always argue with men.’  My paraphrase.)  This time around, his tests have been more arduous, but he has identified a few who could run the maze without destroying themselves.  (Or others.)  He will fill these pioneers with power.  We will soon see amazing things, and many of these amazing things will happen in amazing ways, and many of these amazing ways will be handled by extraordinarily unamazing people.  Let that sink in.  The last shall be first.  “Not to the swift goes the race.”   When we submit our will to our boss, we abdicate our personal divinity, and we are led by the same demons that lead our boss.  That guy pitching calamari  at a high school tail-gate might fondly remember his days as a fry-cook.
9:33 am
“Are you wasting your time building somebody else’s dream?”

5 Reasons You Should Never Get A Job

“Once you do what you love, you never have to work a day in your life!”
“A lifestyle [as opposed to a ‘job’] is where you can express yourself 100%… in every single moment.”
“I love Mondays!  Can you say that?”  (I can.  Weekends are very slow-apocalypse-days.)
“When I started to spill the beans, my vibe attracted my tribe.”
9:47 am
We’ve got to be.  We’ve got to ‘be’ if we’re created in God’s image,  since as we know, he is the embodiment of: I AM.  It is sufficient that I am;  but additionally  my ‘beingness’  supersedes all the artificially-ingrained expectations that are pumped into my mind.  These false motivations translate to, “I MUST”.  I feel, especially when I wake in cold sweats of terror, that I MUST.  My feelings lie; I must ‘what’?  
ASSHOLE NSA, what must I do?”
 You blackmail targets internally.  (I will not need to explain your machinations, shortly.  I guess you know that.)  I MUST DO NOTHING EXCEPT THE ONE THING I AM INSTRUCTED TO DO AT ANY MOMENT BY THE CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE AND MY INTENDED.  Stand down.  Or not.  After all, you have a job to do.  I however, have a lifestyle.  I am where I belong and I’m doing what I ‘must’.  Do not trifle with Truth.  You took notes  There will be a test.


7:51 am

I should go shopping because I have to bake some birthday cakes this month.

7:22 am
“Dear Lord, what next?  I’m finally able to drive without planning the route for productive hitch-hiking in case my car were to die, and now I’m the laughing stock of the automotive community.  Good thing I don’t care about cars except as a tool.  Thank you for this (purportedly) dependable tool.  (If they were hiding evil deceptive code in their cars about a tongue-in-cheek issue like carbon emissions, what else are their cars hiding?)”

Car Pro Statement: What To Do If You Own A VW Diesel

Connie is still scratching her ass off.  We vacuum it up once in a while.  I slept with a flea collar around my ankle and have only detected three new bites this morning.  I don’t know what to do about those fleas, I even tried looking it up in the Bible.  My room is a disaster because I tore the bed up two times and poisoned it real good.  I’d like to put things back together.  The bathroom needs to be rid of the acid; I left a puddle under the sink with some paper towels on it.  I should find some gloves I suppose, before I get the rest of it out of there.  I could use some plumbing assistance.  It was 69 when I got up, so I addressed the thermostat for the THIRD time. I believe we shouldn’t squander what we didn’t purchase.  Maybe I should ask my dad for whom he purchased this luxury-propane. Then THAT PERSON could be in charge of when it gets burnt.  I hope he picks me; call me crazy but I’d far rather feel 55 degrees now, than lose all feeling in January when it’s below zero.
7:39 am
Break me, Music

Wizard of Oz – If I Were King of the Forest

7:42 am
All I must do is have courage, and to ‘rightly divide the Word of truth’, and I’ll see my loved ones ushered over to the pertinent side of history.  This is small obligation, for a woman who believes she must feed every human she encounters.  My responsibility is little, yet false responsibility keeps me awake at night.  I repent.  I am not responsible for every bite of food that Josh ingests, and he doesn’t expect me to be so.  (He expects me to greet him cheerily every morning as I cook his breakfast, but that’s different.)  In his heart he is stoic, but also in his heart he longs for freedom from his own hyper-observations of threat and anticipated response.  He’ll save somebody’s  life in a heartbeat.  He hopes he doesn’t have to do that, but he also hopes he may use his warrior-knowledge and committed heart for good things.  He doesn’t want to miss out and neither do I.  He’s never even ridden a horse and sometimes I feel terrible about that.  But he will.  And if he wants, I’ll ride right behind him. I’d follow him into battle because I trust his heart.



9:44 pm

“The wars of tomorrow will have no winners.”

Awakening from the Lie We Live

“We are a flash in time.  But our impact is forever.”

9:26 pm

Woe unto them that join house to house, that lay field to field, till there be no place, that they may be placed alone in the midst of the earth!  (Isaiah 5:8)
 I took the prophet for his colonoscopy today.  His mom went too, she’s 87.  I was out of the house for twelve whole hours.  We went foraging of course, on the way home.  He found a giant puffball mushroom as big as a soccer ball.  He’s never eaten them, but the thing was flawless and beautiful and he had to pick it.  When I got home I found a cooking video for puffballs, a film featuring a southern gentleman, He is wearing camouflage and he said, “We’re owna meh sum  food!”  He has a very large giant puffball mushroom and now he’s cutting, thickly, the ‘summa bitch’.  (The prophet’s is bigger.)     If videos would load faster I wouldn’t be able to write a play-by-play.  If only.
The prophet gave me a cup of sand; it’s very special sand.  A couple months ago he went to a mysterious hot spring in California; he sat in this very sand, and his body stopped hurting.  It hurts him all the time, lately.  He soaks his ankles in a tub of water mixed with this sand, and he gave me some, free-for-nothing.  He’d like to see my mind stop hurting as badly as I’d like to see him in action with his body absolutely free of pain.  He said they have a rule at the California hot spring.  Sometimes weary sufferers become so euphoric in that sand, that they pass out right there in the water.  So, if any intrepid life-seeker goes in alone, the rangers check on him every fifteen minutes.  That could possibly be a tale told to tourists to keep them checked into the local economy for a bit longer.  Or, maybe it’s true.  Maybe people actually become euphoric, somewhere when they’re alone. Passionate happiness is denigrated even more than extremes of pathos or violence.
How wonderful to be alone in a cave of magical water!  Just think of it!  I suspect a lot of us would be uncomfortable if we were rolling in magic water and bureaucrats checked on us.  But, they do.  We believe nobody sees us doing what we do when we’re alone, when we think nobody is watching us.  (Not me.  Been there, done that.)  I might want to go to California and become euphoric. I told the prophet about the natural lithium spring in New York, and how for generations they sent hysterical women there to become calm.  He wouldn’t mind stopping there first.  (I also told him how the government wants to apply/might be applying lithium to drinking water and chemtrails.  He thought that might be one of their rare good ideas.)
9:23 pm
This is the BEST cooking video I’ve seen in years!  This guy’s  from West Virginia, and he cans EVERYTHING.

how to cook puffball mushroom

7:17 am

Time of Fulfillment of Your Destiny and God’s Promises Has Come

7:04 am

 I’m praying for the Covert Harassment Conference in Berlin.

I want to sleep more, and I’ve been trying.  (My mom often quipped, when I would defend myself and say, “I’m trying,”:  “Yes.  Very.”)  I’d like to sleep more in the dark, and I’d like to wake up with Jesus like I used to do.  I’d like to wake up with a person too maybe, one who woke up at the same times and knew what I’d just dreamed. My room has been a sanctuary, in a dark cold house.  I decked it out in 2013 like some Bohemian bordello with drapes and candlesticks.  I thought I might be coming to the end of my saga right then.  I sued my dad in the court of Jesus Christ and I expected a quick verdict.  I don’t think it’s been very quick, but now an ‘intersection of prophetic promises’ is directly ahead of humanity.  Lots of people have been holding out for miracles they’ve seen in the Spirit, and soon they will see fresh evidence.  I forget to be grateful that Jesus picked me (and US) for his final lap before the earth falls at his feet.  I’m very blessed.  Soon, that will be obvious.  I figure these destiny-promises will hit our timeline at exactly the point where Truth is acknowledged and liars realize they must stop talking.  It could happen any day now.


3:37 pm

I said, “Isaac.  They tried to blackmail Adam and me but they had nothing to go on.  Call him up.  Ask him.  We watched LECTURES for God’s sake.  I love him more than anything but you maybe, but we are pure and they don’t know what to do with that.  Ask him.  Do you have his number?”

3:18 pm

Half-assed blackmail.  Could there be a more obvious depiction of the human condition?  (Or of the Republicans?)  I really can’t get my mind around it.  They have access to the most powerful technology known to man and they can’t do better than what they tried with me.  Fail.  So sorry.  Do you still want to talk to me?  I’d really love it, and I’d cook dinner and you’d sweat about that dinner through many sweaty pointless nights with women who looked real good on Ashley Madison.  C’mon.   You gave up with me.  You quit.  Slackers.  Let’s see what you got, then we’ll laugh and eat well.  Then, I can get a real life and so can y’all.  (Once you’re cognizant about the whole ‘government’ issue.)
3:01 pm
“Body integrity identity disorder.”  That’s a real disease.  It requires real drugs, to overcome the symptoms of ‘body integrity identity disorder.’  Obtaining real drugs requires real money.  Real money doesn’t exist, except for its muted incarnation embodying elements of our own souls.  And this we trade for goodwill of the ‘professionals’;  and  also ‘insurance’, so that we may afford real drugs, at what time our bodies do not look as our brains think they ought, and we learn that the resulting ‘disease’ must be treated by a multi-national corporation that pays ‘reps’ to ‘encourage’ my sister to prescribe [their] statins, and then sends her to Bermuda when she does according to the blood-contract she made with said bimbos-bearing-pizza-boxes.  One of their ‘patients’ intentionally blinded herself, because in her ‘real’ life she was blind.  Oh, I could wax eloquent but my efforts would be wasted on the blind ones who watch me teeter.   The medical profession says it’s OK to put out one’s own eyes,  if only the drugs keep flowing and the pizzas show up on Tuesday.  (References available on request.)  

1:09 pm

George went to town to get parts for Isaac’s brakes, and he came back with a ham!  Hams are great; we use every part and Connie eats the bones.  (He also bought more tuna fish.)  I made a pumpkin pie while he was gone, and washed the dishes.  I pulled an enormous rutabaga out of the garden the other day and finally suggested that somebody hack off the roots and stems. Tonight we’ll have baked ham and mashed rutabaga with Hubbard squash and hopefully some fabulous gravy.  Maybe I’ll bake biscuits.  I’m tired of fooling around with sourdough.  We’ll have a romaine salad.  
Isaac is going to sell a website to my brother.  I advised him to ask for five thousand dollars.  He could say, at any point, “David, you’re family and I love you.  I’ll give you a fifty-percent discount.”  If he does not ask for what he’s worth, my dad and brother will elbow one another and picture Isaac for the past year, in the Boulder gutter stoned out of his mind.  He is worth five thousand dollars to people other than his family, and he should demonstrate that fact.  But, he loves his family.  They’ll love him too, when they realize what he is.  They’ll love me also, and Josh.  This lying has got to stop.

12:53 pm

12:47 pm

BUSTED! Secret Service Digging Up Dirt on Congressmen for Blackmail Purposes  (And the small-fry may cut their teeth on go-nowhere candidates from bug-tussle.)

See more at:

11:43 am

FBI and DEA under review for use of NSA mass surveillance data

Parallel construction is a controversial investigative technique that takes information gained from sources like the NSA’s mass surveillance, covers up or lies about the sources,and then utilizes them in criminal investigations inside the United States. The information was passed to other federal agencies like the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

The technique was described as “decades old, a bedrock concept” by a DEA official.

See more at:

11:36 am

Zechariah 2:10 “Sing and rejoice, O daughter of Zion! For behold, I am coming and I will dwell in your midst,” says the Lord11 “Many nations shall be joined to the Lord in that day, and they shall become My people. And I will dwell in your midst. Then you will know that the Lord of hosts has sent Me to you. 12 And the Lord will take possession of Judah as His inheritance in the Holy Land, and will again choose Jerusalem. 13 Be silent, all flesh, before the Lord, for He is aroused from His holy habitation!”
11:09 am
Every time Isaac asks for the last hits of my cigarette, I feel deprived and light another.  We’re not entirely good for one another, but we’re all we got.  Don’t bald men just look wiser?  Unless their pates be all tattooed and defiant, I think.  And clothing.  “Clothing makes the man.”  What hogwash.  I tried to be the perfect Baptist family, and I adjusted George’s apparel on occasion.  “God forgive me.”  Clothing indicates something,  only when it’s personal.  Hiring a ‘stylist’ is like hiring a PR firm that incarcerates its clients for eternity, and lies for them until the check don’t clear.  I do not feel like myself in my attire.  My ugliest-most-practical pants became discolored today when an entire bottle of Draino ran through the pipes to saturate everything I stored under the sink.  In acid.  George said three days ago, regarding my plugged drain:  “I don’t feel like taking it apart.”  Isaac, God bless him, purchased a kind of fly-swatter gadget, and rammed it down the drain and the water finally ran out.  I, God forgive me, poured an entire bottle of Draino down there and it splashed on my feet as I dumped.  I’d like to look different.  I’d like to be authentic.  I’d like to fully accept the fact that we have entered a different season.  I will soon no longer hyper-ventilate if I think I am not up to snuff. When I’m a hundred percent authentic, I won’t find it difficult to dress.  Doesn’t that make sense?
My dad took Isaac along when he delivered discarded furniture from his most recent home-renovation to one of his vacation-pads, in a beachfront town.  When they got to the lauded paradise, Dad turned on the TV.  He owns many such temporary properties, and he visits them sometimes.  And then…he turns on the TV.  My sons have been invited to yet another ‘last football game’ where my nephew will figure prominently.  Josh doesn’t want to go.  I said, to Isaac, “Well, can you blame him?  They abandoned him.  They abandoned him because they do not like me.  It’s bullshit.”  I guess that’s kind of what Josh said, something like, “They don’t come here to see me.”  How simple could it be?

5:16 am

(Commentary disabled.)  (Simon didn’t like the song she chose.  Yada, yada.)

5:07 am

I could have danced all night


Does my dad recognize the comedy of his surname?  He’s ‘Shylock’.  He’ll have his pound of flesh.  How tragic.  How Jewish.  Does he know something I don’t?  I was targeted for some reason yet unknown to me.  Was it Cooley?  Was it the Masons?  Was it the Zion-mafia?  Was it Dr. Jim putting his finger up my butt then telling mom how beautiful I was when I was a little girl?  What curse follows the Goldthorpes?  (We could put it to bed.  Jesus is omniscient.  I meant ‘bed’ figuratively.)  (You have a half-brother somewhere, don’t you?  I’d like to meet him.)


4:41 am

(“Lord, does that scripture mean my dad’s got to love me or you won’t return?  Forbid it!”)

“Dear Lord, we need a strategy from you.  My father and I must get on the same page, and we don’t know how to do it.  I’ve remitted his sins against me, but he retains them.  He’s been kind to both my sons, and he’s indicated his willingness to keep their house from freezing up.  He bought me a very expensive dinner, and I sat at the head of the table and I said ‘grace’ before we began to eat.  I gave him bread, and he’s reaching out.  Please show us the way to communion and restitution.  Please show us YOUR way.  Bless him with peace in his forgiven-ness.  Thank you that I don’t obsess about him anymore.  Do I love him too much?  Amen.”

And he will turn The hearts of the fathers to the children, And the hearts of the children to their fathers, Lest I come and strike the earth with a curse.  (Malachi 4:6)

He will also go before Him in the spirit and power of Elijah, ‘to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children,’ and the disobedient to the wisdom of the just, to make ready a people prepared for the Lord.  (Luke 1:17)
(I know my dad can get this.  He’s not as dumb as I look.)

Godspell pt.1: “Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord” by Wicked’s Stephen Schwartz


6:30 pm

What we got here, is a whole lot of men looking real stupid.  How is that possible?

EXCLUSIVE: How 40,000 ‘women’ on Ashley Madison shared just six email addresses – all of them owned by the affairs website itself

6:16 pm

Russia begins air strikes in Syria after warning US to remove its planes… but kills 36 civilians in first wave of attacks as it targets anti-government rebels instead of ISIS

  • Moscow has started blitzing three provinces in support of President Assad
  • But all the areas targeted are held by moderate rebels backed by coalition
  • Strikes have infuriated Washington who accused Moscow of destabilising the region even further – U.S. apparently only given hour notice of strikes
  • At least 36 civilians have been killed in the strikes, says monitoring group
  • See latest news from Russia‘s air strikes in Syria 

Read more:
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6:01 pm

Two new loaves of sourdough;  I have to take the prophet to his colonoscopy, and it looks like I’m not going to Berlin.  Oh, well.  Fish with Cajun seasoning and cracker crumbs, roasted cauliflower and spinach dumplings with cheese, cooked in chicken broth.  I didn’t get around to making dessert.  Oh, well.   My sons are fine human beings, and they’re able to laugh at themselves.  (That wasn’t a valued skill in my home of origin.  We laughed at others.)  I am fully satisfied with the human beings with which I have had to do.  My father hates every gamete he ever spurted.  As he should.  Selah.
5:35 pm
Morals.  I argue for morals every day.  Aren’t morals passe’ and deviant?  What are morals?  Where do they come from?  Do they bind us or do they free us?  Can you spell:  “M-O-R-A-L”?  So what if you can’t.

5:33 pm

“Kicking Me Out Is Morally Wrong”: Green Beret Discharged For Standing Up to Afghan Police’s “Brutal Child Rapist”

Read more:

5:27 pm
Two new loaves of sourdough, I have to take the prophet to his colonoscopy, and it looks like I’m not going to Berlin.  Oh, well.  Fish with Cajun seasoning and cracker crumbs, roasted cauliflower and spinach dumplings with cheese, cooked in chicken broth.  I didn’t get around to making dessert.  Oh, well.   My sons are fine human beings, and they’re able to laugh at themselves.  (That wasn’t a valued skill in my home of origin.  We laughed at others.)  I am fully satisfied with the human beings with which I have had to do.  My father hates every gamete he ever spurted.  As he should.  Selah.

4:15 pm

4:12 pm

I gave away your ring, that’s what pissed you off, right?  You’ve asked me a lot of weird questions over the past number of years, but that one rings clear.  I gave YOUR ring to a man who I respected.  (I returned all jewelry you gave to me under false pretenses.) You know that I chose against you, and against lies.   You, Dad, are not worthy of respect.  (You know what I’m talking about.)  (If others do not, others may accept deception as they wish.)  (Your FAMILY belongs to God, even as you do not.)    Let’s listen to a little music, shall we?  Why do you give rings to women who are not your bride?  Why do you give SO MANY BIG RINGS to the woman who has tolerated your bullshit for decades?   You never married my mum.  Think about it.  I have to go inside to cook fish and a ‘Swiss Cake Roll’.  906-291-1376.  But only as God wills for me to have cell-service.

4:02 pm

Daddy.  I’ve prayed and prayed but your curses keep happening.

Elvis Presley – Make The World Go Away

Elvis Presley – Make The World Go Away

3:39 pm

Hey, guess what?  Russia has a new weapon and they’re using it in Syria.  Anybody surprised?  (Not here, right?)

Syria New Russian Weapon

10:55 am

When you get right down to it, every time my dad whispered sweet-nothings into George’s ear about how messed up was his frugal wife, he was actually stealing food from our sons’ mouths, and BTU’s from their morning showers.  This is all worth money.  I am not good with math, but I recognize added value in the Bible where God talks about restoring a victim seven-times over.  Could my dad come up with 21 million dollars?  I think it’s possible.  I’d rather walk on streets of gold with him.  “Every knee shall bow and every tongue confess…”  It’s only a matter of time until I see my tyrant father on his knees.  It would be nice if it didn’t cost him everything he has first.

10:18 am

“Dear Lord, please forgive me for not praying for my dad when I saw him pull into his new driveway to his new place next door.  I’ll make up for it now?  ‘Please make my dad see what a dumb-shit he’s been. Please give him the gift of repentance, so he can see you, and not have to burn in hell for all eternity because he destroyed his own daughter’s life.  Have mercy on him.  I give him to you again.  Forgive me for not trusting you enough to stop praying for him.  Amen.'”

10:11 am

Hey Dad, Thanks for indicating your willingness to keep the pipes from breaking in your grandsons’ house.  But, maybe we should be smarter with my money.  How about you set up that trust account I described to you a few years ago.  It would just be smarter.  Ask your tax attorney.  L

10:06 am

Another great headline day:
“There’s no fixing this; we’re at critical mass.”

Gregory Mannarino: This Is Going To Be The Greatest Theft In The History Of The World, And It Has Been Purposely Set Up By The Federal Reserve. This Crash Will Eclipse Them All

“Does [Janet Yellen] want to be public-enemy-number-freaking-one?”

“Mandela Effect” was recently deleted from Wikipedia.

“We are now in the most leveraged market we have ever seen in world history.  People have borrowed from every avenue possible to participate in this Federal-Reserve-inflated stock market.  So what’s gonna happen when we start seeing selling accelerate?   What’s gonna happen when everybody starts selling?”  “Who knows where the bottom is?  There is no bottom.”(Gregory Mannarino)

DHS and FEMA now using U.S. hospitals to monitor and arrest patients wanted by government

(I got to know that my Dr. was a spy before y’all.  ‘Thank you, Lord.’)


“It’s like being able to translate from Spanish to French without being able to understand either language,” said Ted Berger of USC, the project leader.

Russian officials have demanded that American warplanes exit Syrian airspace immediately

(Or what?)
9:33 am
“Dear Lord, please could America stand down?  I’ve repented for our sins yet I live among a people of unclean lips.  Is it possible that you may yet have mercy on my country?  America is on the block, and we deserve to be so threatened by execution and utter darkness.  How many people has America killed?  I know you know that number, and you also know each hair on the head of each victim; and I know that you captured their final tears, in an individual vial, for each.   Of course and absolutely, you are free to do as you please with us sinners, us America;  and you are always just.  Yet, ‘in judgment remember mercy’?  Please have mercy on America!  Please do not give us as we deserve!  Forgive us for loving money so much that we will kill those others who do not support our central bank!  PLEASE!   Nevertheless, thy will be done.  Amen.”

Alan Jackson – Softly and Tenderly live (Text/lyrics)

if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.  (2 Chronicles 7:14)
Christians Must Pray!!!!

It’s 68.8 degrees in the house and when I went inside to refill my cup I heard the furnace running!  (The sound was unfamiliar so I had to check it out.)  Many mornings in this house begin in the fifties.  (In July even.)  So I turned off the heat.  Somebody who will not purchase fuel turned on the heat in September.  

When I am responsible for spending money I won’t waste very


Some headlines worthy of note:

Video: Main Stream Media Hack Chris Matthews Finally Exposed On Slander and Lies

See more here:

Video: Dr. Sherri Tenpenny: “There’s No Such Thing As A Clean Vaccine!”

See more at:

Snowden: Intelligence agencies keep a file on every internet user

Read more:


11:59 am

I lined up the page and obtained George’s willingness to read something important.  He scanned the screen, then looked up to me and asked, “Should I begin at the top?”  I said “YES!  I set it up at the top.  Is it not OK to ask you to scan a couple lines in order to learn where to begin reading?”  He said, “I’m not going to do this.” Then he left.  He’s going into the hottub.


Do you know, if I went to the grocery store and if the cyber-stalkers didn’t know what I bought and did not remind me as soon as I was once more obeisant in front of the flickering screen of my enslavement, I wouldn’t think anybody cared!

Shot of Love

No more music ‘breaks’.  Music is always moving.  (Published on Jan 27, 2015.  That’s my birthday!)
11:24 am
Maybe “where you’re supposed to be” is not a physical location.  Maybe it’s just an RFID point within  your head?  
11:29 am
I told Isaac that teeth represent strength.  The lion is (purportedly) the strongest creature on Earth.  The lion’s strength is in his teeth.  “The joy of the Lord is my strength.”  Isaac returned to a joyless household.  Of course he’s feeling weak.  All those in this household feel weak.  But that weakness is in times past, and as four-dimensional beings we will again resume strength through joy because of love and grace.  The past season of pain and disfavor is behind us.  We will assume our role as necessary strength (through joy) for those less blessed by history of God-devotion and goodwill towards our fellow man.   Isaac will enjoy freedom unknown to his fellows who strive without such legacy, and and without history of devotion.  His freedom is accomplished through the joy that he brings to God by his devotion to brotherhood.  That’s weird, but I think I’m right.

11:13 am

11:06 am

Isaac had a nightmare.  He said all his teeth were falling out into his hands.  Nobody cared.  He couldn’t get to a dentist or the emergency room and all the teeth were black at the bottoms.  He said I was the only one who tried to help him.  He said, “Now I know what I’d look like old.”  He SAW himself in a mirror!

Everything is frequency, and we have separate organs that sense a limited portion of this spectrum.  We think that our ears hear ‘sounds’,  and are surprised to learn of many ‘sounds’ that we cannot hear.  Some are ‘audible’ to different species.  Similarly, we see ‘light’ and some lights are not visible to us.  Yet, the beat goes on.  I’d say that the best our physical senses can offer is a couple peep-holes into the frequency spectrum that is all communications and also all sources of communication or matter.  I guess that our predilection to compare otherly-sensitive beings to ourselves is probably comical to those beings who see further, and hear more. Isaac says our recognition of dogs and earthworms and microbes must indicate that the chain continues to infinity. “God is infinity.  We necessarily KNOW that something exists greater than ourselves.  ‘Dimensional orientations.’ A microbe is stuck in 2D.  What would a fourth-dimensional object look like?  How could we recognize a fourth-dimensional being?  Technically, we ARE fourth-dimensional beings.  Humans are not totally stuck in 3D.”
10:59 am
Isn’t this weird?  The ‘Covert Harassment Conference’ happens in two days in Berlin, and as I was reviewing the speaker list, I found this sentence regarding a Polish woman:  “An attempt to answer the question whether the dramatic situation of a group called: “random candidates” in Poland results rather from the current business of the old, criminogenic communistic elites, which arised from the military special services or, whether the cynical sentencing as “guinea pigs” of the part of the society, so as, remote torture, can be perceived, in today’s transnational world, as the standard of fulfilling obligations to the allied states.”  Isn’t that interesting? Quotation marks but no capitalization, just my alias.  (And also a very good question.)  (Maybe the Poles would buy my book.)  (A very nice Polish hotel desk-clerk took me Salsa dancing in Belgium!)

6:40 am

5:54 am
The Spirit of the Lord is in you and the word of the Lord is in your mouth.  You have everything you need to speak your own deliverance.  Ask for justice.  Declare restoration of all the years of things that have been stolen from you.  Shake off the dust and put on robes of authority.  This IS a new season; a new season is not coming; this IS a new season.  Loose yourself.  Isaiah 52.    God won’t tell you to dress in garments he hasn’t already given you.  Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.  He won’t tell you to loose yourself if you were not enabled to do it.  Please, reset my mindset.  Take me out of this season of slavery.”  Arise for thy light has come.  I am now in a new season.  God has placed me in a new season of my life.  I will be free of the old season, of the dust and prostration.  What you have around your neck is a farce.  It is a facade, it looks like you’re in bondage that you’ll never be free from.  satan wants it that way.  Loose yourself.  

Sermon notes from:   

Preparing for what’s coming 

“Dear Lord, I want nothing more than to activate the Truth of your Word in my life.  I am your daughter remaining battered and helpless, despite your perfect provision for my freedom.  I do choose to stand up and shake off the dust of the past season.  I do choose to believe that I have entered my destiny.  I reject paranoia, in your name and through your blood and your perfect mind and body.  I reject all vestiges of mind-control and the physical reactions to artificial mood-control.  I have your mind, and I will not share it with demons or human spirits.  I declare the ‘Secret Place’ off limits, and I apply your blood over its doorway.  Please fill me with such divine love that it pushes all terrors of darkness from my entire being.  Fill me with your Spirit so that there is no room for anything else.  Fill me so much that I am completely overtaken by you, and no longer consider myself at all.  I don’t feel like I can stand up by myself, but I’ve been waiting for you to lift me for a very long time.  Is that the Word for me?  How can I stand when I see no opportunities?  How can I prepare for unanticipated developments when I’m so worn out from waiting?  Where should I be?  Please speak to me and tell me how I can become free of torment that never ends for so many others.  Please raise me up, or tell me how.  Please strengthen my heart with your joy, so that I may provide more joy for you.  Have I not surrendered my promises completely?  That topic has been prevalent the past few weeks, and I’ve attempted to examine myself.  Please show me what I have not given to you.  I think I’d rather not live on Earth and to be with you instead, but am I sure of that?  I do long to see your promises manifest here.  I cling to them when my mind is troubled, but you’ve instructed me to do that in some cases.  Please teach me?  Please release me, or show me the key.  I’d like to sell freedom but I don’t have much to spare.”
“You know all the things that have been stolen from me, relationships and money, opportunity and esteem, hours of mental and physical attention stolen by torture.  You know my heart through it all, and you know I trusted you to return all those things.  Should I declare their release?  I’m sorry that I long for vindication so much, but your promise of ‘utterly complete vindication’ has sometimes been all I could remember with hope. Why are our relationships with other humans so important to us?  Why should I even care what people think about anything?  Is it always fear of man, or is it sometimes a desire for communion and transparent trust?  I know that vindication will glorify you, and then people who see your hand on me will become my brothers and my friends.  I really want that a lot.”


6:49 pm

Marvin Byers was told by God, at the Holocaust Museum in Israel, that “This is the highest price any people has paid for a homeland.”  I assumed God was referring to the mass execution of 6 million Jews.  I’ve remembered his words through years of ignoring hints that the holocaust might not have gone down as we’ve been led to believe.  Perhaps a larger view clarifies things.  I see now, desperate Zionists charging a 93 year-old woman with HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of murders…because she maybe kept books in an office when she was young and sprightly.  The ‘Nazi-Hunters’ are outliving their quarry.  This really reeks.  Within a decade, rarely a person will remain with numbers on their arms or revenge in their souls.  Yet, we must acquiesce to all sociological ramifications of the adulterated story of WWII, and we must not question the unproven narrative at penalty of law in many Western ‘civilized’ countries.  Personally, I have NO IDEA what happened to the Jews of Europe although the Balfour Declaration was signed many years before the ‘good war’ began, and ‘aliyah’ was established as a Hebrew Haj before its ink was dry.  Rothschild bought and sold his own brethren.  Was he a real Jew?  Is Netanyahu?
Here’s how my two points of truth re: Israel COULD be reconciled.  Perhaps the holocaust was not as we’ve been told.  Perhaps it was Jew-on-Jew.  Perhaps ‘Jews’  have used perverted history to enslave masses of would-be-free-thinkers for my entire lifetime.  Perhaps the PRICE the ‘Jews’ paid for their land is way bigger, massively bigger than even 6 million zyclon-showers.  Some “Jew” falsehood permeates history and community and even an individual’s right to know truth.  Perhaps, the JEWS traded their own birthright, and their freedom, and their connection with God.  This is possible, and it would be an enormously large price to pay for a chunk of real estate.  Did God’s chosen people buy Palestine at the cost of their own souls?  Do they continue to make payments?  God said he would give it to them.  They maybe should have waited a bit longer.

11:17 am

We are watching BLACK EAGLES, I’m not kidding you.  I looked it up; black eagles are from Nepal.  Maybe they’re here because Josh hung up the prayer flags on the birch tree.  Last night it was very cold and windy and after George went to work my sons allowed me to enter the hot tub with them and we watched 15 turkey buzzards circle over the house.  It was pretty strange, but it sealed for me the question of whether the birds contesting with my bald eagle were possibly turkey buzzards.  These new eagles just as large as the buzzards, and maybe bigger.  But, they’re built just like the images of the Asian Black Eagle.  Josh has been telling me that an eagle has been eating the ravens.  (I don’t like ravens much but Josh does.)  Maybe it’s a BLACK EAGLE that’s eating his ravens.  I don’t think my eagle would act like that.
“Dear Family, please do me the very great favor of listening to this.  Then try really hard to remember Sunday School.  Before you cast me out into utter darkness where there be wailing of the ghosts of Goldthorpes-past, please consider my warnings.  “My heart will go on.”  (Titanic)  “My soul is prepared Dr. Jones.  How’s yours?” (Indiana Jones)  I do not particularly like my role as doom-monger, yet I am a ‘Truth’-lover, so here I stand.  BUT, if anybody would choose to raise his/her eyes above the apocalyptic landscape, he/she would see Jesus, and he is our hope and our future and our government and our redeemer and, (my) Lord and Master.   (The websites have a wrong definition of ‘apocalyptic.’  It’s not untrue, but their definition refers rather to the consequence of apocalypse.  I’m pretty sure that’s right.”

And cast ye the unprofitable servant into outer darkness: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

There shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth, when ye shall see Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob, and all the prophets, in the kingdom of God, and you yourselves thrust out.
10:21 am
11:08 am
Isn’t it funny that I couldn’t find a VW diesel car in the parking lot of Lakefield Baptist Church when I went to leave a loaf of hot sourdough bread on such a windshield.  Apparently my parents have gotten another new car.  Isaac knew it so he took the bread up for me.  I don’t think the Baptist-muscle accosted him.
Isaac does this song a lot better, but I can’t record him.

Alexi Murdoch – Orange Sky (Lyrics)

6:05 am
Title 18 US code 41     Conspiracy against Rights     Fined or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both.
(This is one law my father and his confederates have broken.)
How wonderful for adopted people, when they marry and reproduce.  For the first time ever, they can see their own flesh and blood.  Having a baby must feel like an even bigger miracle to them.  Somebody in Russia posted a video of scientists reviving dead dogs in 1933.  Brain transplants are pretty common actually, in the lab, and maybe on the street.  God’s children are intended to receive instead, a heart transplant.
And I will give them one heart, and I will put a new spirit within you; and I will take the stony heart out of their flesh, and will give them an heart of flesh:  (Ezekiel 11:19)


A new heart also will I give you, and a new spirit will I put within you: and I will take away the stony heart out of your flesh, and I will give you an heart of flesh.  (Ezekiel 36:26)
OK then, once our non-zombie-hearts are installed…we have to have another operation!  The capillaries of our heart-intent must be directed to soul-body-activity.  The foreskin of our self-aggrandizement must be cut off, and blood must flow to Christ’s whole body.  (All God’s children are ‘special-needs’ kids.)  (He never stops giving.)  (Often, He uses us.)  If the new heart does not obtain authority over the thoughts and deeds of the patient, he’s declared brain-dead and they harvest his non-failing organs for experiments.
But he is a Jew, which is one inwardly; and circumcision is that of the heart, in the spirit, and not in the letter; whose praise is not of men, but of God.  (Romans 2:29)
(God really loves the Jews.  I still don’t know what to do with that.  He also REALLY HATES fake Jews.)
Wounds of surgery are breeding ground for pathogens.  We observe the same principle in action, when fear inhibits blood-flow to a survivor’s newly-installed ‘heart of flesh.’  All the parts of the organ should be working properly but for some reason everything seizes up.  It’s infection.  It’s fear.   When there’s an oozy wound over your heart, you’re afraid even to cough!  (Knowing what’s right, even knowing it at the very heart of one’s being…won’t keep any corpse alive.)   (My sister got an award for inventing a heart-shaped pillow for patients to hug after surgery, when they coughed.  She’s a rich cardiologist.)  After a replacement, the DR. gets you out of bed immediately; I’ve seen the pain on more than one post-op-face.  Organ-recipients (and cyborg-implant survivors) are REQUIRED, at pain of relapse beyond repair…to exercise the replacement.
This parable applies to any of my family members who have been appalled as they’ve come to recognize how badly our alma pater lied about me, their sister, a Christian woman.  They know that I have nowhere to go.  Now would be a good time for them to get out of bed.  All I need is a loan.  They need to exercise their heart-muscle. Maybe they could be God’s body on Earth and give me a miracle?
6:59 am
I figured this was coming.  My friends in WV have a difficult busy month ahead of them, and would not be able to host me until November.  God says he’s never late.  I hope I don’t explode.
7:18 am
Why cannot my family understand that the PT(should not)B are working very hard to destroy humanity?  My family all ticked the ‘humanity’ box on the latest form they filled out so that our government might issue yet another LICENSE permitting them to behave-in-the-manner-of-HUMANITY!  “Please Lord!  Wake them up!  Do whatever it takes!  Use me!  (Or not.  I’d prefer that.)  Thank you.  Amen.”
I’ve not been wrong; I really don’t think so.  I wish somebody would critique my ideas and argue with me. Should I apply for a government grant?  I predicted George would die, and that hasn’t happened thank God, but he’s dead to me.  It’s great to learn that the misused technology can even read the brains of animals and change their behavior.  The one great question for every TI is:  Why me?  I’ve learned the answer:  ‘Because you breathe.’


8:01 pm

7:57 pm

Blast from the Past  (circa 2000?)

(We used to buy Prophecy Club VHS tapes before internet.)

A1 from Prophecy Club-Mind Control and the New World Order by Al Neal

5:38 pm

I first learned about Jesus’ ‘warring bride’ from Gary Wiens, long ago.  I like the guy in the following video; he had a warrior spirit all his life, with no outlet for his just outrage.  God wouldn’t let him join the US military. (God wouldn’t let me be a ‘missionary’ either.)   He knows lots of stuff about military history and military tactics and weapons.  So does Josh.  I knew God had a purpose for that stuff, even if my own warrior spirit could be satisfied by cooking for the troops and speaking life into their necessary wounds.  I am a warrior.  I hope to be a bride.  I am most ‘meet’ to ‘help’ somebody.  Too bad nobody likes me.

Warrior Bride 1 Terry Bennett

5:03 pm

Dear John and/or Carol Arnott and/or whoever reads your mail at Catch the Fire,
I live in extremely-rural, extremely-northern Upper Michigan and I have not had any Christian acquaintances for a number of years.  I’ve attended your conferences, particularly when Heidi Baker was there, and I’d love to get to know some people of your fellowship.  Here’s why I’m pestering you:  Do you by any chance know of a person who could use household services of a skilled homemaker and recently-divorced 55 year-old woman who needs a place to live and somebody to talk to?  I love the elderly, and although I’ve never been trained in medical matters, I once took a quadriplegic man on a cross-country drive and a cruise to Belize and he made it back alive.  (I even inserted a catheter under emergency circumstances while the guy yelled at me.)   I’ve lived with  my former husband (ex-Spirit-led-Christian) (yeah, I know…) for three years since the divorce and our youngest son is now nineteen. Maybe now I could know other Spirit-led people?
I’m familiar with Toronto and have  some distant family there; I’d like an opportunity to get acquainted with them too. (I believe some are Christian even.)  I’m a good driver and very strong physically.  I write a political blog, with prophetic emphasis.  I’ve published one novel.  I was a lawyer although the dissolution of my marriage changed that status.  I’m hoping maybe I could assist a lonely soul who would permit me to study and cook.  The Lord has not told me this is what I am to do but my gig is over here, and so far He’s not given me any travel plans.  Thanks for considering my request.
Linda Goldthorpe
2693 CR 377
McMillan, MI  49853
(906)291-1376   (service is VERY intermittent here)

7:38 am

–They CAN and DO mess with our memories.  Perhaps Mandela Effect efforts are to test their programming? Why else would anybody go to the bother of changing tiny things, like “Mirror Mirror, on the wall.”  It can’t possibly make any future/historical difference that old records now say, “MAGIC Mirror, on the wall.”  Yet, the sample would be huge, because EVERYBODY saw ‘Snow White’ and EVERYBODY remembers ‘Mirror Mirror’. Even my sons, and I wouldn’t ever let them watch movies about witches.
A Chinese warship is docked in Syria.  Russian tanks are on the ground, and US troops are there too, sharing their rations with ISIS.  Saudi Arabia’s blood lust remains unslaked despite their many public beheadings, and they’re dropping bombs of intent.  Putin told Netanyahu to take a hike.  Germany plans to leave NATO, triggering the break-up of the EU.  Europe is snuggling up to Putin, except the northern states are wary.  The planned Arab invasion has depleted the continent’s resources and patience.  5 Chinese warships were off the coast of Alaska when Obama made his historic visit to Palin’s state.  The pope just ordered the New World Government with a side of religion.  All eyes are on Israel.  Just like the Bible predicted.  (Will 90% of Jews die? That’s what might happen.)  The US picked the wrong horse in this race; I suppose we were supposed to do that.  For many years I believed that to ‘bless Abraham’ meant to support Israel’s psychopathic government, and I still hesitate when I feel I must criticize their actions.  I should sigh and cry for their sins.  Those sighers and criers are the ones who will be marked of God, for protection.

6:23 am

Waking up has taken me decades, and I’m still rubbing sleep from my eyes.  I can’t count the number of times I sat in the presence of the Lord shaking my head;  “It’s all real.  It’s all real.”  That’s what I’d say.  That’s what I still say. God has always encouraged me, “Believe more.”  Belief requires foundation, at least for me.  It’s a building process and always a struggle to raise yet another block to the pinnacle of perception.  Once a consciousness is established atop the structure, it is unnecessary to doubt the supporting blocks.  Their sturdiness has been demonstrated by their incorporation into the new idea itself.  Upward and ever onward, just let me breathe that air.
(I think this is an important video, although I don’t necessarily believe all of the speaker’s doctrine.  He seems to confuse between soul and spirit; that’s often a problem.  Revelation says for instance, that in the last days a horrible country will buy and sell the souls of men.  I’ve documented soul-stealing for a long time.  The SPIRIT of a person may remain fixed, nevertheless.)  (Obviously it is necessary for a target to recognize what is soul and what is spirit.  In order to survive we MUST hear the voice of GOD.)
For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.  (Hebrews 4:12)


8:40 am
I think I know why they want dark matter.  Maybe they can’t exist OVER THERE either, without it.  They’re trying to move out  of the dystopia they’ve knowingly created without sullying the visible surface of Mars.  Wait, Mars is far too terrestrial even.  Jesus told Sundar Selvaraj one time, that time travel is possible, but not for a physical body.  (Unless HE DOES IT, of course.)  Is that because of the absence of dark matter?   Is CERN gonna fix that problem?  We’re in a SERIOUS time-warp if the CIA knows the result of every election many years before and then locates ‘anointed’ children and briefs them on the lives they will soon experience before they become president.   (Those kids’ minds have been WAY MORE fucked up than I think I mine has been.)
8:52 am
Webre says he’s been under time-travel surveillance by the CIA, which is the muscle of the elite.  Why not?  I’m learning that many people with claims more bizarre than my own have also been waiting for opportunity to speak.  What can it possibly do to a Christ-free mind, to learn of these amazing things?  I shudder for those who heed my words without a backdrop of glory.  A commenter suggested that those who arranged the matrix should be tried for treason but I don’t get it.  If they just looked into their crystal ball and saw the future, how was it treasonous for them to facilitate it?  Unless they didn’t accept what they saw, and changed reality for all of us. That wouldn’t be just treasonous, but fatal.   ‘Cuz, you can’t hide from the creator and judge of the universe even by slipping into another dimension.  Just ask King David.  Or satan.

2:52 pm

I covered a pork roast with spice rub and it’s resting.  I made cabbage salsa and cut up vegetables to roast later.  Sourdough bread is started but I’m not hurrying it because the oven will be busy.  Isaac said I served him poorly regarding girls.  He said nobody else thinks they might want to spend the rest of their lives with a girl before he even asks her out.  He said I made him a social misfit by not letting him go to school.  When he finally decides to ask, he’s got a lot more emotionally invested.  Presumably, he also knows the girl better and maybe shouldn’t be surprised by her answer?

I just learned a word I never heard in law school:  MISPRISON-  “the deliberate concealment of one’s knowledge of a treasonable act or a felony.”  (I’m guessing my father’s minions haven’t ever heard of that crime either.)  (It might become pertinent.)  Wouldn’t it be incredible if Donald Trump turns out to be “the last trump”?  I could like that.

What one must realize is that corporations are soulless and inhuman. They do not care about the human factor whatsoever. They care ONLY about profit and they seek for that profit to be as extreme as it is possible for it to be and the cost to quality, longevity and safety are of no concern whatsoever.

(I filed corporations and LLC’s for a lot of my family members.  Some of them stopped being family members at about that point in time.  I don’t know what that means, but perhaps in West Virginia I may think clearly enough to figure it out.)  

Read more at:

8:37 am

Curiouser and curiouser.

(This guy tells hard truths, but what do we think?)

2012 U.S. Presidenial Election Was a False Flag: Winner Predecided in 1971 by CIA DARPA Time Travel-Controlled Apparatus

8:32 am

I’ve been tormented since I got home from West Virginia; I’ve been repeatedly panic-stricken, even vomiting;  and I’m frequently awakened by terror.  I think I’ll go back there for a week, and see if I’m relieved.  Then I’ll study more about the “United States National Radio Free Zone.”  George has been busy shopping;  he’s storing extra tuna in his car.  There is an outdoor recliner- lounge in the garage,  and he put together a new piece of exercise equipment.  (It’s in his bedroom but that will be closed off for winter, soon.)   He installed another new hot-tub-vicinity light-feature,  on the meditation stump.  It’s a sparkly post with red twinklies running repeatedly to the top.  How nice that somebody bought him propane so he has lots of cash to spend on things he will enjoy more if he is warm.  Yesterday was Josh’s birthday and we went to the American Legion fish-fry.  Both boys enjoy the community-feel of events like that.  It’s more like family than ‘church’ ever was, and less churchy than (my original) family persists to posture.  I like whitefish but I liked even more not cooking dinner for two days in a row.  “Lord, thank you that my father and George bought me dinners this week that I didn’t have to cook. Amen.”  “Josh said I make the best cheesecake he’s ever eaten.  Thank you for that too.  And thank you for his new kayak.  Amen.”


6:07 pm

“When a population becomes distracted by trivia, when cultural life is redefined as a perpetual round of entertainments, when serious public conversation becomes a form of baby talk, when, in short, a people become an audience and their public business a vaudeville act, then a nation finds itself at risk: culture-death is a clear possibility.”—Author Neil Postman

4:06 pm

Josh and Isaac tried out the new kayak and Connie is somewhat worse for her voyage.  I try to picture these gorgeous men as the tiny babies I nursed.  It’s impossible.  They’re their own persons, and they’re masculine and fun and I’m very grateful to know them.  (They no longer seem to hate me.  I’m grateful for that too.)  My mother did not speak to me at dinner last night, but she showed me pictures of her first great-grandchild.  My sister looks over-the-moon as she gazes into the tiny face.  My sister has a grandchild, and she had the first baby too.  I wonder if this new girl-child named for evening prayers and also for my sainted grandma has been vaccinated?  I hope not.  She’s beautiful,  and so welcome here on Earth.  I bless her with peace.  And Truth.

2:35 pm

I just saw 7:52 am one of the biggest black birds I’ve ever seen.  He was struggling with my eagle, and he looked like an eagle but he was all black and outweighed my eagle significantly.  (My eagle is a bald eagle.)  I went to the beach where they were apparently contesting over the body of a freshly-dead sucker.  My eagle flew across the bay to the top of a tree.  The black one landed much lower over there, then flew again to the adjoining property.  Lots of screeching.  I’m hungry.

2:02 pm

Reality star: Caitlyn Jenner is shown on Monday in Malibu, California

Today, as I suffer beaucoup thought-disturbance, I am encouraged that my break-up with my dad is far easier than some:

‘It smells like him,’ she said sadly wiping tears from her eyes.

Kim is seen giving Kris Jenner a jacket from Caitlyn (f/k/a ‘Bruce’)  which she takes in tears.

‘I still have a long way to go before I can process all of this. He is gone,’ she tells her daughter as she gets a big hug.

Read more:
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‘It’s a process’: Makeup-free Kendall Jenner admits to tough time ‘letting go’ of father Bruce in preview of upcoming episode of KUWTK

Read more:
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Kris Jenner breaks down in tears as she deals with Bruce/Caitlyn’s transition… and reminisces about her romance with Bruce in new KUWTK teaser

Read more:
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(Did you ever see “Wag the Dog?”  I loved the part where they argued about which kitten would be photo-shopped into the ‘news’ footage they created to promote their fake war.)  (Pic:  The K-Klan is in Armenia.)

Digging it: Khloe laughed about how she thought Kanye was loving the bishop’s outfit

Read more:
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Homeland: Kim, her daughter North, and sister Khloe are later seen in their homeland of Armenia

And sure enough in the next scene Kanye jumped into the water as he continued to rap.

‘You can really feel the excitement in the air, it’s such a wonderful thing he is doing for all the people here in Armenia. I think they appreciate it so much,’ said Kim.

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AND, life could be even worse than having a pussy for a dad:

Ghost Adventures star killed his estranged wife, himself and her boyfriend after HE was abused for years by his diminutive spouse

  • Mark and Debby Constantino starred in Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures
  • The pair were both found dead in their daughter’s Nevada apartment
  • Police say Mark Constantino fired at officers when they attempted to approach building
  • A police source said he killed his wife then shot himself
  • It is believed he suffered years of abuse at hands of his diminutive wife
  • During one incident, she is said to have cut his arm with a grapefruit knife

Constantino and his wife have a professional history of dealing with the paranormal and have a website called Spirits Speak. 

Read more:
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Don’t give up the day job, Morrissey! Singer’s first novel is ‘obvious frontrunner’ for this year’s Bad Sex In Fiction prize, say award organisers

  • Morrissey’s first novel List of the Lost has been widely panned by critics  
  • Book, which is about ‘demonology’, has cringeworthy sex scene  
  • Now a ‘frontrunner’ for Bad Sex in Fiction prize, awarded next month


Read more:
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Abused wife weeps as she is sentenced to six years in prison for running over and killing her husband after he had beaten her and their daughter

  • Nancy Jo Arias killed Philip Anthony Lobato outside a liquor store 
  • She ran him down in the course of a row in Denver on August 11, 2014
  • Police discovered that Arias was twice the drink driving limit at the time
  • Trial judge Katherine Rose Delgado handed down two six-year jail terms

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And yet:

Hunter who broke both bones in his leg in the wilderness wrote goodbye letter to his wife and kids then prepared for suicide – but he changed his mind and crawled for FOUR DAYS to safety

  • John Sain was injured last week after he strayed from the Jackson Creek Trail in order to track an elk and a log fell on his leg
  • The 50-year-old was miles from the trail, didn’t have cellphone service and was in so much pain that he briefly considered suicide 
  • He changed his mind after writing a letter to his wife and kids and was able to crawl towards a trail where he was saved by motorcyclists 

‘Thank God. I was praying the whole way that it would happen and it did. My prayers were answered for sure,’ Sain said.

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“Lord have mercy on me, a sinner.”  Psalm 27:10.

11:59 am

11:53 am

I sent a text to my dad, and couple witnesses, before I took a nap.  He hasn’t responded. Here’s what I said:

To Dad:  You respect me.  You can go to your grave denying your crimes but I will live on with that knowledge.  Pay up.  Then instead we can have fun and build a perfect world together.”

(I meant “together WITH JESUS” but he should know that already.)

8:06 am

Personal relationship with Jesus is dangerous outside the RCC says pope.

7:36 am

7:13 am

I reed such terrible stuff!  I’m regularly astonished and sullied by the things I reed.  I pray every day that the blood of Jesus be applied  to my eyes and my ears and my nose and my mouth and my hands and my feet and my mind and my heart.  I can’t contain all the horrible-ness that I reed.  I can’t maintain purpose, within the implications of all the horrible-ness I reed.  I can’t speak to a brother, because he does not reed the horrible-ness I reed.  And I don’t reed deeply!  I don’t know the ‘dark web’.  Yet, disturbing horrible-ness is displayed to and retained by even the least voyeuristic among us, and that would be me.  I cringe at many things my sons find acceptable and routine.
 George used to call me, “The weeping prophet”. Now he basks in a pink hot-tub and will not buy heating fuel.  He went shopping yesterday without me; there was a meat sale.  He can’t buy one of anything, and he spent much more than he would have spent if I’d been along.  (I have no idea at this point how the prior sentence could tie in with how I began.  I never do.)  We’ve been seduced to believe that we must participate in the devil’s scheme to make money our master.  Firstly he begins with our physical attributes and connections; we’re all tempted to be sexy.  (If only.) Then he moves it down a notch and then further downward.  We love money. It doesn’t matter if we lose our hair, if only we have money.  MONEY.  It’s a lie and a fraud and loving it is the root of all evil.  We live in a universal sex-cult.  (References available on request.)
6:30 am
How will the (essentially apostate)  ‘church’ of JESUS CHRIST recognize the last trump…if they’ve refused to hear the prior ones?
Could this be Fukushima?

And the second angel sounded, and as it were a great mountain burning with fire was cast into the sea: and the third part of the sea became blood;

And the third part of the creatures which were in the sea, and had life, died; and the third part of the ships were destroyed.  (Revelation 9:8-9)

Could this be Chernobyl?  (I’m just asking.)

And the third angel sounded, and there fell a great star from heaven, burning as it were a lamp, and it fell upon the third part of the rivers, and upon the fountains of waters;

And the name of the star is called Wormwood: and the third part of the waters became wormwood; and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter.  (Revelation 9:10-11)

Was that a trumpet?  Does ‘Chernobyl’ actually translate to ‘wormwood’?

The city is named after the chornobyl’ grass, or mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris). The word itself is a combination of chornyi (÷îðíèé, black) and byllia (áèëëÿ, grass blades or stalks), hence it literally means black grass or black stalks.

Sometimes chornobyl is erroneously translated as simply “wormwood” (which most commonly refers to Artemisia absinthium), with consequent apocalyptic associations, probably originating from a New York Times article by Serge Schmemann, Chernobyl Fallout: Apocalyptic Tale, July 25, 1986. There, an unnamed “prominent Russian writer” was quoted as claiming the Ukrainian word for wormwood was chernobyl.

It fact, there are over 160 kinds of Artemisia, and the terminology is not generally accepted. Some sources refer to Artemisia vulgaris as “common wormwood”, while other claim that “common wormwood” is Artemisia absinthium.

Wormwood is a different (but related) plant, Artemisia absinthium, Ïîëèí (Polyn). “Polyn” has no English equivalent, but corresponds to the botanical genus Artemisia. Botanically, mugwort is “Common Polyn” (Ukr. Ïîëèí çâè÷àéíèé); while wormwood is “Bitter Polyn” (Ukr. Ïîëèí ã³ðêèé).

Still more confusion comes from the fact that the word “wormwood” is used in the English text of the Apocalypsis, whose usage as the name of a plant not necessarily matches to that of the orginal.

This is an EXTREMELY odd fact:  CERN is located on a piece of real estate historically called  Apollyon.  (CERN is opening portals to other dimensions.  No shit.)


And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon.

One woe is past; and, behold, there come two woes more hereafter.  (Revelation 9:11-12)

During the course of my research I have found another interesting connection with which I want to bring to your attention. That is the connection with Abaddon and the bottomless pit and a possible otherwise unseen connection with the Large Hadron Collider.
I know this has been mentioned many times on many forums, and has been discussed in depth, but I decided to dig a little deeper to see what other connections I could find.
What I found kind of startled me. I found that the town that the LHC complex is situated-Saint Genis Pouilly-was in Roman times called Apolliacum, the town and a temple being dedicated to Apollyon. 

Read more at:

CERN – 666 – The 5th Trumpet? – Opening The Abyss (Abbadon / Apollyon)

(I don’t believe in a seven-year tribulation.  But then again, I don’t do math.  Isaac Newton did math much better than I.)  (Also, the ‘Time of Jacob’s Troubles’ is clearly upon us.)

And the four angels were loosed, which were prepared for an hour, and a day, and a month, and a year, for to slay the third part of men.  (Revelation 9:15)

There are, of course, no coincidences! Why would anyone put this religious statue of a Hindu god at a place of science, the epitome of scientific enquiry?

Read more at:

And I beheld, and heard an angel flying through the midst of heaven, saying with a loud voice, Woe, woe, woe, to the inhabiters of the earth by reason of the other voices of the trumpet of the three angels, which are yet to sound!  (Revelation 9:13)

(I realize that my suggestions are not in chronological order.  We’re approaching the end of time.  Deal with it.)

(Demons will and/or have been released from the bottomless pit.  We’ll have to deal with that as well.)


5:57 pm

Rolling Stones Far Away Eyes Some Girls- Live in Texas 78

5:37 pm

George didn’t order propane.  A load of propane was dropped as he was hot-tubbing.  I suspect the gift was from my father.  Or maybe my brother.  How am I to ever know my benefactor?  They’re really proud of their bullshit but they don’t ‘fess up when they do something right.  I think they should consider that a necessary challenge.
I’m writing this on the back of the envelope containing the jigsaw puzzle thank-you-note to my dad for fixing my car:  “Did you buy my sons propane?  Or did David?  God bless you both anyway.”

4:38 pm

11:30 am
This world is not what I signed on for, and I intended my intentions to intend a different reality.  In my formerly-perfect home, we did not smoke.  We did not drink alcohol, and we observed the Jewish Holy Feasts.  In my home, we were warm and nurtured.    I wonder how many other good-intentions have been subverted by nefarious influence of demonology or technology.  I can’t even imagine how many other God-fearing homes have been disrupted by microwave-weaponry.  Just think about the possibilities, even if you do not believe my personal story.  OK.  Think about it again.
4:23 pm
In an hour and a half I have to go to dinner with my family.  Dad and his brother brought a present for Josh, a kayak, and it’s a blue that he likes.  I’m very grateful.  Isaac put it around the house so Josh won’t see it immediately when he gets home.  His birthday is tomorrow.  The new Day of Atonement.  I used to put on make-up to go out with my dad.  My ancient make-up stash is cracking in its pots and tubes.  I lost my glasses, so I’ll wear a ten year-old pair.  They don’t get dark.  I hope he doesn’t look into my eyes.  He would know how weak I am.  I am weak and useless and very wary.  I feel like a hunted animal, baited with food.  I feel vulnerable and not at all the vessel of Holy Spirit that I know myself to be.  He’s tricky.  Dad’s false.  He hates me.  I’ll eat his food and by the grace of God I will not behave inappropriately.  I will to not ‘behave’.  I WILL to BE.  “Nevertheless I live! Yet it is not I, but Christ liveth in me.”

2:49 pm

The Dr-surrogate cleaned a tremendous amount of wax from Josh’s good ear.  Apparently the other is infected. Antibiotics were prescribed, and Josh bought yogurt to counteract the negative effects of toxin-induced biological die-off within his gut.  He will look up the attributes of the prescribed medication before he takes it. He’s well.  He’s far weller than his father, who bought two new solar-lights to surround his beloved hot-tub.  His new light filters are working apparently, because last night when I got out of bed to pee, I saw a rosy glow surrounding his tired frame submerged in that perfectly conditioned water.  Isaac was on the deck, and it looked like George was demonstrating the glorious colors he has finally produced.  It was stunning.  It was also sickening.  I went back to bed but I didn’t sleep until early this morning.  (I played the books of John and Acts as I was pretending to sleep.  After midnight.  That’s when we have bandwidth.)
George asked if I had looked at the propane-meter.  I don’t even know where it might exist.  I’ve hauled wood every single winter since Isaac was born.  Propane is an urban myth.  I’m guessing though, that he bought fuel.  I would like to believe that,  before I leave my sons under his sole ‘protection.’  But, I DO ALWAYS believe in Jehovah-Jirah who has always provided for me and for my sons.  I trust those men to his supernaturally-able-care.  When it’s time to go, he will have me prepared to leave.  He told me one time that when I left this house I’d carry a single suitcase.
 I’m not packed at all, except for a really big suitcase in my bedroom closet that contains pounds of journals and records and teachings from above.  It contains cassette tapes of Josh singing in tongues.  The ‘recovery journals’ depict every moment of my resurrection, and Isaac’s wise instruction.  I recorded my dad’s felonies and I recorded his rare kindness.  I recorded how I came back from the dead after the electronic rapes inexplicably stopped, and when I stopped vomiting every day and passing out whenever I touched George.   I need a single piece of information in order to sort out my life, and to express my story before a tribunal who will use it to end the covert torture of innocents.  My father holds that piece.  He invited me to dinner tonight!  Maybe he’ll tell the truth also?
10:02 am
George got up for a minute, when Josh and I came home from the Dr.  He wanted to make sure he had his insurance cards back.  Josh went to work.  Isaac said, “Josh is really good at that alarm-clock stuff!”  Absolutely. He’s the best; he’s never even crabby.  He didn’t always hate his job.  He was castigated, get this…because he did not narc on his co-workers.  I am not even kidding you.  If you don’t squeal, you’re suspect.  And he has NO IDEA of the various influences targeting the boss’s grandson!  He’s innocent.  He’s disciplined.  He’s nearing perfection.  He needs Jesus.
10:07 am
I’m not meant to live with my friends in WV I think.  Day 1, they were commenting to one another (they BOTH told me; they are very honest) that I REALLY NEEDED SOMETHING TO DO.  They know that my energy level and yet-untransfigured need to earn my keep make it REALLY HARD TO BE AROUND ME.  But, they offered just the same.  God will bless them for their willingness, even if they are delivered from the reality.  I know I’m difficult.  I would be a soothing balm to those I love.  I am not me.  I am what I am becoming and that thing cannot pacify falsehood.  Somewhere, somebody will value this characteristic.  God already does.
I told my dad, as he was laying the path of my life, that I choose to trust Jesus.  Instead of him.  He couldn’t take it.  He wanted me to be crazy, because I was right.  He did many things to 1) insinuate that possibility, 2) create that reality, and 3) ensure that others believed it to be so.  (References available on request.)  For what it’s worth.  Soon I’ll be free of him and he will be free of ANY influence that would demand him to be righteous and truthful.  That’s his business.  Fine.  I tried my darndest.  I will try again this evening, to be the subservient thoughtless peon he requires.  He won’t see it anyway.  He sees mind-control patterns, and he loves it that way.
10:15 am
10:23 am
It’s interesting to me, that since I was delivered from my father’s curses, I speak yet more harshly.  (I am delivered. What he does is his business.  And Jesus’.)  Isaac hadn’t heard, since he’s lived in Boulder, of Colorado, the expression in which I divest my lifeblood:  “HE WILL ROT IN HELL.”  Nevertheless, this is where I, a colloquial, mis-educated middle-aged woman stand.  My father will rot in hell, and hell’s effects are already all over his face.  He must tell the truth, or I will dream of him after he’s ‘passed’.  “Here I stand and I shall not be moved.”  (Martin Luther)  “We make our own heaven or hell.” (Boulder, CO)  Surely true as well.  I’ve been watching the phenomenon since long before the preturnatural-adolescents in Boulder-Agenda-21-Colorado could even turn on their smart-phones.  Tonight will be very interesting.
10:33 am
Why does George have to be here?  Its hard enough without him.  John and Genie said that it’s not George that I conflict, but it’s the spirit with him.  I think it might be a spirit of confusion.  I wish John and Genie would come up here and pray with him.
10:45 am
“Dear Lord, what should I wear tonight, when I have dinner with my oppressor?  I know that you judge by inward properties, but my dad judges by appearance.  Do I dress for his approval?  How could I?  Everything I own is ill-fitting and synthetic and second-hand.  What should I wear, when I finally get to look my would-be murderer in the eye?  Maybe I’ll sit this one out.  I’ve spent many holidays on my own.  Must I go?  Please say no.”  “Amen.”  I don’t like dragging this old body out in public.  I am much more than I appear to be.  OK, here’s how I’m able to proceed when all ALL forces are against me:  “Christ in me, the hope of glory.”  That’s all I got at this point, and a lot of people should consider that they have maybe run as far as the could with what they got.  My parents are hot-shots.  They had a lot more to work with than the average Joe like me.  BUT, they have reached the end of their “worn-out resources.”  Where,   “Our Father’s full-giving, has barely begun.”  “His love has no limits, his grace has no measure, his pow’r has no boundary, known unto men.  For out of his infinite riches in JESUS..he giveth.  And giveth.  And giveth again.”
 “Dear Lord, please do not put me again into conflict with my parents.  Please give grace unto them and to me, that we may be honest with one another, and separate in love.  Amen.”
111:11 am
Jesus wants me.  I’m shattered.  Everybody I love wants me to be gone.  My own father tried to murder me.  But,Jesus died for me.  He did it for me.  “Lord, please give every Baptist the reality you’ve given me now.  Let them understand the value of a singlesoul.  How can I feel so important and at the same time feel as one of a zillion?  You’re GOD and you’re amazing and if you had not loved me my father’s curses would have borne fruit.  You cut off the progeny of those who hate you.  I’m so grateful that you are GOD and that my dad is not.  Thank you for loving me.  Thank you for loving my sons, and their father.  “Thank you, Wonderful Jesus.”  (Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj)
When George walks into the joint, I’m cut off.  Amen.
11:30 am
This world is not what I signed on for, and I intended my intentions to intend a different reality.  In my formerly-perfect home, we did not smoke.  We did not drink alcohol, and we observed the Jewish Holy Feasts.  In my home, we were warm and nurtured.    I wonder how many other good-intentions have been subverted by nefarious influence of demonology or technology.  I can’t even imagine how many other God-fearing homes have been disrupted by microwave-weaponry.  Just think about the possibilities, even if you do not believe my personal story.  OK.  Think about it again.

7:35 am

“Lord, I haven’t felt your presence for a long time, at this house.  I have asked for so many years that you would overcome us with love and divine order.  We’re not orderly, and our lives do not appear to honor you, or one another.  I’ve been waiting for so long, that you will fill me with your Spirit so my own whining is completely extinguished in the joy of completely trusting you.  Please grant me divine trust in your heart?”
“I’m tired and confused.  I’m so tired, Lord, that I can’t sleep.  You will judge me by the fruit in my life, and I see very little fruit to offer you.  I’m still tortured, I guess you know that and I submit to your will, but I’m having a hard time dealing with the mental torment.  It’s like a switch:  I’ll be thinking the EXACT SAME CONSECRATED THOUGHTS but one minute I’m force-feeding my memory to cement my will, and the next I’m free in the reality of your perfect plan for me!   Why can’t I always trust you?  Why can I not always FEEL those things I KNOW to be true?  My emotions lie!  I have always known that but mind-control attempts are a very clear demonstration and  I thank you for allowing me to recognize the real me from the counterfeit.  But, may I please FEEL the real me every minute? The REAL ME wants YOU more than anything in the world.  Byers asked, “If my wife said to me:  ‘I love you more than any other man.’  My question would be, ‘What other men do you love?’  We should not treat Jesus like that. He must be our ONLY LOVE.”    I’ve struggled with that concept, but I would not if you were always TANGIBLY PRESENT.  You must have a reason for my famine.  You would not submit me to torture if it would not make me more like you.”
“Obedience is worship, right?  I’ve attempted (and prayed for) perfect obedience to your will.  My life has been led much by those who claim love even as they plot destruction for me and mine.  I don’t know what to do other than seek your will for every incidence of slander and lies.  I can’t hear you though.  I have been instructed to wait, and you say you’re never late.  I’m feeling VERY late at this point.  Please, instruct me?  Please give me absolute certainty of what I must do?  Please may I feel your love?  Please will you come to me and fill me again so I can be Superwoman again?  My dad invited me to dinner; I guess you know that.”
“I’ve always been afraid to attend dinners with my parents.  Their snobbishness is overwhelming.  Why did you put me in the household of snobs who cannot love anybody?  Their bobbins are distributed to those who do THEIR WILL.  They think they’re God, and since I KNOW THEY ARE NOT, shouldn’t I be relaxed in the reality of what I mean to YOU, rather than what they think of me?  How can I possibly go to West Virginia when I can’t even get my act together to clean out the bedroom that another person will need to use?  When should I leave? I was thinking Saturday, then Monday.  (The ‘Conference Against Covert Harassment” is happening in Berlin next week.  I guess you know that and if you don’t want me to attend, I’m OK with that of course.  But, you sent me to the last one.)  I’m having a hard time preparing for any move at all, but I want to move more than almost anything.  Please enable me to sort and pack.  Please enable me to trust Josh to you.  Please enable me to move out, but don’t let me move prematurely.  Please also, may I move with your presence?  Please may I have peace?  ‘Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.’  Please, may I experience more of you?  Please make me a perfectly-crafted vessel, for your Spirit.”
“Lord, I’m frightened to face my family at a stilted dinner tonight.  I recognize opportunity for a potential breakthrough or a potential hijacking.  My father does not do things to promote your will or your Spirit.  He does things to promote his blackened lifestyle and fraudulent reputation.  Don’t let me assist his charade of self.  (I’d really like it if you didn’t ask me to say anything obnoxious either, but that’s not my business.)  He took me to dinner on May 4, 2014, and he offered me filthy bank stock.  He promised another dinner, and he finally got around to inviting me.  Please control my mouth and my behavior.  Thy will be done.  I’m taking Josh to the Dr. now.  Please bless his ear and everything else.  Amen.”


6:29 pm

Scientists play Twenty Questions by reading each other’s MINDS: Answers were sent more than a mile using brain signals

5:52 pm

I took a nap after making the potato salad, lemon meringue pie, and a cheesecake for Josh’s birthday.  George bought some hamburger so now he’s making patties.  It kind of irks me that I have to leave and he does not, but I’m glad that Isaac will be here with Josh.  I guess if I get my act together, I’l leave on Saturday.  It sucks in a way.  I wonder if George ever remembers that I moved into this house when I was four.  I wonder if he remembers me at all.  My left eye is twitching really bad, and also a spot on  the right side of my chin.  I’m not OK with this move yet.  God is never late.  I’m REALLY not OK with staying here.  I’m not usually too twitchy.  I sure wish my dad would be a man and let me stay in Toronto for six months.  I’m not even considering the needs I would not suffer if he had not created them.  I’m just thinking that I’m in a lot of pain and my daddy could help.
5:30 pm
And it irks me, yes it does, that I must leave this golden lakeshore where the eagle regularly calls my name and where I cook like a goddess.  “Forgive me Lord, but is that right?  After all this torture, which I accepted because you FORCED me to love somebody more than myself, I am to go live in the storage room of a skinny trailer?  I don’t require a pillow but I’ve come to treasure the open spaces.  Nevertheless, thy will be done.”
My dad could LOAN me the money, wouldn’t that be decent?  He could let me stay in (my) condo for the time it took for me to become certified as a teacher of English as a second language.  I could pay him back, if lightening doesn’t strike him dead before I had opportunity to do so.  (That’s ALWAYS a possibility for a man like him.)  I love him a lot and I have high hopes that after keeping me in prison for 6+ years he may decide to do the right thing.  I will see that man in Heaven, whether he likes it or not.  But, it’s not my business how he gets there.  George’s mama loves him; my mama can’t stand me.  He has somewhere to go.

3:37 pm

I made a great salad from green beans, potatoes, toasted walnuts and bleu cheese.  I’ll dine, God willing, tomorrow night with my family.  It will be my first dinner with them for many years.  I will sit downwards, along the table.  I’ll not be seated near the lauded, but yet from a distance, I’ll  bask in the glory that is Margaret and Robert, the sainted rich-folk.  God willing.

2:55 pm

I always figured craziness was a state encountered when one’s necessary activities did not coincide with one’s heart ambition.  I guess I still think so.  I also guess that we have very little to say, about what we think, about what we do.  Does the boss give a rip what I think?  I guess not.  If I do as he says he’d actually prefer that I not think at all.  My dad’s a boss like that.  My mom teaches classes the same way.  (We have a standing joke that I’d fail a course she taught through my opposition to her outdated methods.)  How do we learn, if we are too belligerent to be taught?  (I don’t feel belligerent.  and also I want to learn everything, really badly.)
Could it be, that my presumed teachers are egocentric?  Could it be that my parents were too concerned about their reputations as wise educators…to actually walk the walk?  Is it possible that they and others who might assist humanity get too pissed-off to even try?  If a student does not grovel at the feet of a (former) master, does that mean the student is unteachable?  I don’t think so.  I am very teachable and have annoyed my ‘educated’ parents with my questions since the first time I was raped.  I did not receive any answers then, and they will not answer me now.  Yet, they both cash government checks  that say that my parents are competent. The EDC is welfare for corporations, is it not?  If an honest, educator-man is on the payroll of the EDC, does that make it right that tax dollars from struggling students are spent to support big business?  I have many questions.  My parents teach many classes, but they do not answer any questions.  (I’m not kidding.  Go for it.  Ask Margaret or Robert Goldthorpe a question.  I’ll wait right here.)

11:20 am

I had a terrible dream this morning.  My mom wouldn’t give me my purse!  I was playing her grand piano and it kept sliding down and down, on a tilted, spiral floor…but she wouldn’t let me stop playing, and she wouldn’t give me my purse.  She said, “George and your father are deciding about your custody.”  I reminded her that I am 55 years old and competent and OK and…she just wouldn’t shut up.

It’s good that Isaac and Josh are entering the high realm of foreign currency exchange.  It’s made me review my (really) basic understanding of arithmetic.  Isaac just made twenty dollars.  We’re discussing the comparative values of betting according to data, vs committing according to spiritual revelation.  I told him that Russia is attempting to pass a law that would outlaw the US greenback.  This would change the playing field drastically. Other than the most rudimentary economics, I don’t listen to numbers.  It’s counter-productive, and annoying too.  But, I’m thinking in numbers.  I told Isaac to bet on the ruble.  (I guess his app won’t let him do that.)

At first I was bothered that he’s making bets.  (He explained them to me as ‘trades’.)  But, now I can see that maybe the things God shows me could help him too.  We will soon witness a tremendous transfer of wealth from the darkside to the children of God.  Could God use the FOREX?  Why could he not?  I told Isaac that FOREX was evil and manipulated.  I also know that God’s household uses vessels of honor and vessels of dishonor.  Isaac would like a separate report for current events and spiritual revelation.  I wonder if he’ll weigh them against one another.

10:14 am

It has come to my attention that this extra-long post only retains the latest 25 revisions.  I do that many in a single day sometimes, so I am essentially writing directly into the circular file.  I’m trusting that 1) if anybody is supposed to read this he/she will, and 2) If I am ever subpoenaed, the cloud will give up her dead.  Amen.  Or, somebody might buy me a real computer.

For the grace of God that bringeth salvation hath appeared to all men,

Teaching us that, denying ungodliness and worldly lusts, we should live soberly, righteously, and godly, in this present world;

Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ;

Who gave himself for us, that he might redeem us from all iniquity, and purify unto himself a peculiar people, zealous of good works.

 (These things speak, and exhort, and rebuke with all authority. Let no man despise thee.)  (Titus 2:11-15)

10:08 am

Hey,  guess what.  The Day of Atonement has been postponed until the twenty-fifth because the watchers didn’t see the moon due to Israel’s largest-ever sandstorm.  I wonder what that means?

This needs to be a time of deep repentance for those who have set themselves on a reckless course against the man or woman of God and the true work of the Lord in this hour – for it is certain that He will not deal lightly with those who have elected to deal harshly [unrighteously] with His true servants.

….”Do not touch My anointed ones, and do My prophets no harm”…. Psalms 105:15 NASB

Read more at:

5:58 am


 (Is that the right way to say it?)

“When an honest man realizes that he is mistaken, he will either cease being mistaken or cease being honest.” –Anonymous
“When I find myself arguing very hard about an issue, you can be sure I’m not convinced.”  (Hugh Prather, memory-paraphrase)
My childhood in the Baptist church was a continual war-scene.  People I loved were repeatedly offended, and removed themselves from the congregation that I believed could do no wrong.  As I matured, I considered the various conflicts, and examined the evidence then available to me.  I read a lot of books.  I took sides, based on my understanding of the Bible and of Jesus’ will, but I could not influence the outcome.  I would shortly, if God wills, speak to those who have so often spoken ill of others.  My church-of-origin is in abject error, about many things, and their historical arguments demonstrate 1) their shallow understanding of the Bible and of God himself, 2) unwillingness to listen, 3) lack of love, and 4) uncertainty about the doctrine for which they castigate (and destroy, Google:  calumny) their brothers.  
At Bible camp we sang:  “We are one in the Spirit, we are one in the Lord…and we pray that our unity will one day be restored, and they’ll know we are Christians by our love, by our love, yes, they’ll know we are Christians by our love.”  My mom always warned me when I went to Bible camp, “You’ll have a let-down when you get home.  You’ll feel sad.”  My mom was right.  My mom understands disappointment.  She also understands sublimation, and if she had ever spackled drywall holes, she would see a personally-instructive allegory.  She used to get excited too, at Bible camp.
And Jesus said unto him, No man, having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.
But, I was talking about brother-against-brother, and how if the Baptists ACTUALLY believed what they said, they would behave differently.  For instance:  If you TRULY believed that one cannot lose his salvation after repeating a twenty-second prayer and crying a little bit…YOU WOULD NOT HAVE TO PREACH A ‘SALVATION MESSAGE’ EVERY WEEK TO REINFORCE THAT BELIEF. Baptists do not sell salvation.  Baptists sell ASSURANCE of salvation.
 I remember having high hopes at the beginning of a sermon a couple years ago.  The preacher started real good;  his reference was John 15.  He was eloquent, and he drew pictures of withered vine-stock refusing to join forces with the dominant plant. “We can do nothing without the root; we really NEED TO BE GRAFTED INTO THAT VINE!”   Then he said, and I held my breath as he got to the climax:  “Unless we ABIDE we will not bear fruit.  We… MUST… abide…IN…”  (wait for it…)  We MUST abide… in… “Lakefield Baptist Church!  We must give our time and our tithes at the altar that granted us salvation!”
Seriously, I don’t know of a SINGLE legitimate doctrine that my Baptists expound.  They PERVERT the WORD OF GOD in order to assure people that if they do as they’re told by the padre’-du-jour, they will go to Heaven and all their dreams will come true.  This is a serious usurpation of God’s power and sovereignty.  God means for all of us to be healed and fulfilled.  (His timing is His own.) He wishes to deal with each individual as though he/she were God’s own child.  (Go figure.)  He wishes for each of his children to approach him personally, and not according to a schedule slapped into a church bulletin by some haphazard administrative assistant.   (The Bible is a LOT BIGGER than John 3:16,  and also God is even bigger than the Bible.)  Lakefield Baptist Church has substituted itself for Jesus in a whole lot of scriptures; they also take his position in lives of people he loves and for whom he gave his life.  Epistemologically, wouldn’t that make them anti-christ?

Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, except it abide in the vine; no more can ye, except ye abide in me.

I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing.  (Jesus, the Christ)


5:08 pm

My sons are my vindication.  I remember that promise when they’re grand-slamming the best spit-balls I might pitch!

Our personal spirits are represented by caricatures of what we are in the Spirit realm.   We glow one way or another.  Our gloves light up and our posture is accentuated.  “He was smoking a cigarette wearing his gloves.”  “He is like a caricature right then; I just saw him so much more.”  “A black friend had a cane and leaned on it as he spoke.”  “That was the beginning of my trip.  Then I wasn’t on their plane anymore.”  “Their trips were kind of matching in intensity and I kind of went off by myself with this other guy who had not done the drug too much before.”  ” Those rules that you unconsciously follow; don’t push anybody too far.  All those boxes were gone.  I didn’t have any of those constraints.”  “Fear of how you might act.  I was outside a person’s house and just enjoying a flower and its appearance and its scent.  I was not purposely going anywhere.”  “I was weird.”  (I smelled the flowers one morning, outside the Saginaw Veterans’ Hospital.  I was being FOLLOWED.)   “That was trippy?  We’re watching a colored box that lights up!  [TV]  I got kind of fearful at that point.”   “I would definitely suggest doing it.”

The NFL now wants to make football safe — but it might not be possible

(Or believable.)
“Scientists don’t really understand how repetitive brain trauma causes the disease, but Ann McKee of Boston University, among others, suspects that milder, subconcussive hits can cause CTE over time. If that’s the case, then nothing short of eliminating contact might make football truly safe.”  (My nephew is the star quarterback.  I pray for his beleaguered soul within its bony confines.)
3:01 pm
“The Grateful Dead.”  I’ve never desired to be among their number, but I find my life intrinsically woven to their own.  There comes a point that life makes no sense.  Some apostates have predicted this very interactio-point.  Some ‘apostates’ have purportedly gone into outer space, to demonstrate their rejection of values associated with repentance and retribution.  “Come home!  Come home.  Ye who are weary come home!”  “Earnestly tenderly, Jesus is calling.  All who are weary, come home.”  (The ‘Dead’ have more truth than most of those yet living.)
3:20 pm
I got under their guard.  I did it and I didn’t break a rule.  My dad and my brother are skewered, because they lacked love.  Truth will suffice for the time being, but it won’t take them home.  They must learn to love.  They must learn to love even the unlovable. That would be,  by their definition:  ME.
4:34 pm
Isaac says that Adam won’t go to West Virginia with me.  No matter.  God asked if I would give Adam my life and I have.  I don’t expect another disappointment would compel me to stop.  Selah.  George is mowing grass.  He got up early and watched old movies until mid-afternoon.  He should not be mowing grass.  It’s not right.  I think Isaac needed a dose of me.  I know his banter has not gone unappreciated by me.  We both long for truth and rightness.  We’re seeing more closely how such circumstances might look.  It’s so good to have him home.  I hope I don’t really have to leave.

2:59 pm

Wow.  I finally made the Goldthorpe-guest list and my invite happens the day after the Day of Atonement.  That’s kind of awesome.  According to some prophets,  September 23 is the ending of ‘the Acceptable Year of the Lord.”  (I have no idea what that means.)   Nevertheless, I shall probably see my sister for the first time in years.  (Maybe since she flew me to Missouri to wash dishes at a party she threw for some doctors.)  I don’t remember seeing my brother since last year, but I could be wrong.   I’m grateful for this invitation and it was even a couple hours before I considered that it might be another of my dad’s set-ups.  Then I rebuked those thoughts in the name of Jesus.
2:02 pm
Money-accumulation is an addiction.  I’ve seen it all my life.  Floyd Mayweather Jr. decided to quit fighting before breaking the record.  That’s astonishing to me.  (Isaac assures me that Mayweather’s  brand’ will make him money ad infinitum.)  What character, or lack thereof.  Mayweather said, “Imagine if you’d bet on me the last 49 times.  What would your bank account look like?”  It’s racist how much they help ‘students’ through the pratfalls of college life.  “They take courses in Swahili.  One of the classes was ‘African-American Studies.’  This is as racist as you get.”  “What do you think about racism?”  “That was a hard lesson; I do not feel guilt because of the plight of other races.”   Now we’re all slaves.  Why should we defend/attack other victims?  “Left-over patterns from that age.”  I wasn’t there.  Many groups are targeted, not just racial groups.  The IRS targeted ‘conservatives.’  I have been targeted for reasons unrelated to my skin tone.

Our personal spirits are represented by caricatures of what we are in the Spirit realm.   We glow one way or another.  Our gloves light up and our posture is accentuated.  “He was smoking a cigarette wearing his gloves.”  “He is like a caricature right then; I just saw him so much more.”  “A black friend had a cane and leaned on it as he spoke.”  “That was the beginning of my trip.  Then I wasn’t on their plane anymore.”  “Their trips were kind of matching in intensity and I kind of went off by myself with this other guy who had not done the drug too much before.”  ” Those rules that you unconsciously follow; don’t push anybody too far.  All those boxes were gone.  I didn’t have any of those constraints.”  “Fear of how you might act.  I was outside a person’s house and just enjoying a flower and its appearance and its scent.  I was not purposely going anywhere.”  “I was weird.”  (I smelled the flowers one morning, outside the Saginaw Veterans’ Hospital.  I was being FOLLOWED.)   “That was trippy?  We’re watching a colored box that lights up!  [TV]  I got kind of fearful at that point.”   “I would definitely suggest doing it.”

The NFL now wants to make football safe — but it might not be possible

(Or believable.)
“Scientists don’t really understand how repetitive brain trauma causes the disease, but Ann McKee of Boston University, among others, suspects that milder, subconcussive hits can cause CTE over time. If that’s the case, then nothing short of eliminating contact might make football truly safe.”  (My nephew is the star quarterback.  I pray for his beleaguered soul within its bony confines.)

11:32 am

We’re phasing out of existence!  They have hidden the earth-frequency from us,  and signal by signal they’re cutting our remaining connections.  We MUST vibrate at the right frequencies to exist!   They’re eliminating aspects of our representation, our logos.  They’re replicating the data, with each copy hazier than its parent.  We’re like the ‘Traveler’ on Star Trek;  it takes a lot of effort to remain manifested.  Many of us are already zombies.   Every day more people are hazier and their moral outline becomes blurred.  This is really hard to watch.

10:22 am
Satan is ‘the prince of the power of the air’ so he controls the vibrations.  Demons are just different vibrations so they have different capabilities and characteristics than we do in the physical realm.  We have to vibrate higher than satan would permit.  I don’t know if the following video is a jump-start to discern the ‘spirits’ or not, but it feels pretty good to me and I prayed for discernment and the protection of Jesus’ blood before I listened.  I closed my eyes.  My head began to move side to side a tiny bit.  Just FYI.

The Frequency of LOVE | Solfeggio 528 Hz ➤ Known for DNA Healing & Activating Higher Consciousness

11:30 am

I can’t afford to take precautions for exposures to death by various means.  Not only that, I don’t even have the time or bandwidth to even find out how I might try.  If radiation doesn’t take us, then surely some madman will buy the weather futures over the plantation and starve us out midst hail and brimstone.  We could possibly starve earlier;  GMO’s are overcoming the organisms we must eat.   We could freeze to death!  When acceptable carbon emissions are reduced to zero, we won’t be able to generate heat at all.  They’ll fine us for a fart!  Then the Russians will descend, with hordes of immigrants and mercenaries. How long must a furious bear play nice?  What have we done to earn such formidable forbearance?  “Them that live by the sword will die by the sword.”  (Ron Paul)  (And God.)
Testing for ill effects of wi-fi is like testing between men who’ve seen porn and those who have not:  the control group doesn’t exist.
11:21 am
Wow.  My dad took my car to get fixed in Canada.  He also invited us to a birthday dinner for my mom and Josh at the restaurant where Josh loves the planked whitefish with Duchess potatoes.  Dad was rambling about which room to request and I walked away saying, “Just show me the baby.”  That felt really good.  All my life, every time I’ve approached him with an idea he’s said, “Don’t tell me about the labor; just show me the baby.”   Dad invited me out to dinner on May 5, 2014.  I’m glad he’s finally living up to his offer.  Soon he will begin to pay his gambling debts as well.  Maybe he’ll go shopping while my car is being fixed.  He used to buy me great clothes before he decided I had to be crazy.

7:31 am

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
I think this verse’s converse is also true:  Our enemies do not battle against us, but against the Spirit who resides in us.  My Jesus is the target, to those who ‘make and love a lie.’   When He comes with flames and warring angels, many generations of persecuted Christians will obtain vindication for their faith and lifestyle.  Although we can now understand the necessity of not taking offense, and of choosing not to take others’ actions personally, and that we must remit our torturers’ sins, on that day and maybe before, we will recognize the utterly absolute, Matrix-compatible Truth of what we’ve believed by faith:  “I am dead in Christ, nevertheless I live.  It is Christ who liveth in me.”    It’s difficult to not take murder attempts personally, but I’d thought I had done it.  My friends counseled me otherwise, and encouraged a more thorough repentance.  “He does not hate you.  He hates Jesus.”
Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.
It’s amazing how many “Christians” don’t want to raise the dead.  How can anybody carrying the Spirit of Jesus not want to perform miracles?   How can they refuse to even SEE miracles, as evidenced by their unwillingness… to even ask for one?  A Catholic friend once told me, “It’s all about the miracles.”  I don’t know how the high-church-rituals could instill a recognition and respect for miracles but they see a lot of them.  Some places of pilgrimage host annual meetings between spiritual beings and mankind. I didn’t know that as a Baptist, and I’ve never attended, and I don’t know how many of their miracles are from God and how many are either charade or lying demons.  But the hunger is there, to touch the supernatural.  Peasants see the face of Jesus on a scorched tortilla and it makes headlines.  Everybody it seems, who has not been indoctrinated by false interpretations of Scripture, wants to see a miracle.  Church-goers are taught that miracles and even God’s Gifts of the Spirit ended, although Jesus is “the same, yesterday, today, forever.”  Soon, their error will be exposed for all to see.  When the miracles gain foothold in the press, and hearts start to press into God, the ‘pastors’ will be targeted… big-time.  (That’s unless they’ve already been lynched as the world’s infrastructure continues to implode and great tribulation commences without a Rapture-get-out-of-jail-free card.)     It would behoove the ‘shepherds’ to get their notes in order.  The ‘church’ has some explaining to do.
Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.
Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth.


Demonic Possession Of The Vatican Exposed: Leo Zagami Interview

“Jeb Bush is the Jesuit’s choice for president.”


6:50 pm

Dear J and G, did you know that you live within the “United States Radio Free Zone”?  Brad told me the number for the oldies station he was playing as he tried to remove my tire, but I could never find it.  (Was his name Brad?)  Not even static and I tried every day.  My cell-phone died at the gas station, the prophet’s phone died too, when he got to Beverly.  I was free of mental torment at your house; you know that part.  I had assumed my freedom was because you are both so steeped in Holy Ghost.  I still believe that, but maybe the freedom I experienced at your house is partially due to more mundane issues.  Our government electronically tortures lots of people.  I was not tortured at your place.  We might want to consider this possibility.  I know I will.  I love you both very much.
You guys believed that God meant for me to live with you.  WHAT IF GOD IS BIGGER THAN WE THINK?  You live within the “United States Radio Free Zone.” (I belong there for sure.)   I was free of mental torment at your house.  (You’re the best hosts EVER.)  But, I am meant to live in a bigger “United States Radio Free Zone” and so is everybody else.  What if you guys and I help free America from electronic mind control just by being nice to one another?  Isn’t God good?
3:32 pm
My dad said he’ll fix my car so I can leave; he sent me texts every day for five days.  If he’d get that car fixed and fill the tank I’d be gone as soon as Joshua’s birthday dinner dishes were washed.  If I had a timetable, I could perhaps clean my bathroom before then,  and throw out a bunch of natty second-hand clothes.  I could do a pedicure.  But I can’t.  I’m being tortured and my mind is only intermittently useful and I am very lethargic. Cycles of panic, this time.  Short bursts of suicidal thoughts, then back to business after a prayer and some deep breaths.  This stuff can wear a person down; I kid you not.  I’d like to go stake a claim in the “United States Radio Free Zone” and see if I come up with oil.  I’d like to take a friend along to see if he also feels better in the Promised Land.  Then I could begin some serious research.   I’d like to get a job where I see a lot of people and think very little.   I’d like to be myself again, only brave this time round.
Maybe I’ll get a fancy DC  lawyer to take my case if I promise to do all the legwork.
4:15 pm
Text to Dad:  “As soon as you get my car fixed I’m outta here.  My friends live in the ‘United States Radio Free Zone’ and I was not tortured there.  Isaac’s car also needs work.  It would be nice if you called him.”
4:23 pm
I am a tortured and maligned woman trying very hard to become well again.  Does nobody care how badly I need to speak to somebody who cares?  This world is entirely perverted.  George has six days off in a row.  Isaac received an email from my mother demanding an audience with Josh.  I’m texting Dad our home phone number to give to her.  I guess Josh will pay his respects after dinner.  Today has been very difficult.  George had the day off and caught me off guard so he came to Manistique with Isaac and me.  He bought us hamburgers at Clyde’s, and that was great, but I haven’t been alone for a while.  For too long I think.  Or with a friend.  George and I have been living here together for three years since our divorce.  I think we have something good in that neither of us wishes to make pain for anybody else.  We have no leadership, and no cohesion, but at least we don’t rub lemon juice in the paper cuts.

Russia Is Going To Pass A Law Formally Dumping The U.S. Dollar

Most people don’t realize this, but more U.S. dollars are actually used outside of the United States than are used inside this country.

If the rest of the planet decides to stop accumulating dollars, using them to trade with one another, and loaning them back to us at ultra-low interest rates, we are going to be in for a world of hurt.

10:53 am

In the year 2000, twenty-five people signed off on the PNAC on-the-record desire for a “New Pearl Harbor”. Ten of those 25 went on to serve in the the Bush “administration”. How does the 9/11-Faith crowd account for this uncanny declared desire for a “catalyzing event”?

Read more at:

7:00 am

Cataclysmic, Profound Changes after the Last Blood Moon by Rev. Neville Johnson Sept. 2014


12:17 am

Please Watch – Coming Events in America Starting 2015 – The Church Get Ready


11:40 pm

It is a tremendous relief to not regurgitate and ruminate over all the evils my father has expounded on this house.  Nevertheless, my sons require Truth.  My sons must realize that seeking money and status is not the path of life.  They know this fact in an abstracted kind of way, but they must see TRUTH succeed where money could not.  Is that too much to ask?  (“Amen.”)


11:19 pm

What compels some fathers to turn-tail when a child is not up to snuff?  Why do other fathers stick it out?  Does the hatred emanating from victims of US barbarism manifest as curses against the United States?  How could it be otherwise?  Am I responsible to pray against curses spoken over my people who are bloodthirsty and power-mad?    My country does not just kill people.  My country kills GENERATIONS of people.   My country shot Iraq to hell with ammunition manufactured from DEPLETED URANIUM which has an extraordinarily destructive half-life. Agent Orange is still destroying humans in Viet Nam as I type.  My country uses chemical agents against human beings, and then my country denigrates (and FRAMES) other countries for following suit.   My country serves Israel that routinely disperses white phosphorous against their ‘enemy’ whose children exist in the world’s largest open-air concentration camp.  Jesus has a lot of things to sort out.  I hope he’ll begin in my mind, for his Word says to pray for peace in Jerusalem.  His Word says that the Jews are His brothers and I should treat them accordingly.  It’s hard to tell a Jew from a Hitler.  It’s somewhat easier to tell a  Christian from a Baptist.  Baptists still vote, and they vote for neocons.

10:30 pm

Here’s a shocking little piece of updated US military history.  (It’s also an interesting study in fathers who have ‘differently -abled’ children.)

  Vietnam: My orange pain

3:51 pm

I’m on the verge of something big, in the spiritual realm as well as the physical matrix.  I can hardly contain my joy.  Nor my angst.  Angst should be extinguished by this point and I’m disappointed in myself.  I KNOW that I am safely in God’s hand and under His wing, and also patronized by a yet-to-be-named earthly benefactor. Faith is: “Substance of things hoped for, evidence of things unseen.”  I’ve been riding faith for a number of years without much “evidence”. Unless you count the ZILLIONS of four-leaf clovers I’ve found.  Or the fact that I’m healthier than I’ve ever been and have long-ago abandoned arthritis and migraines and irritable bowel syndrome.  Also, my handwriting became legible overnight, that’s pretty cool I suppose.  But, these puny miracles only take one’s faith so far, and I long to believe much further.
I will step into non-stop, to-earthlings-supernatural,  expression of alternate dimensions.  I won’t live with what I got or who I am.  I reject this reality-matrix in the name of Jesus.  I claim his promises made to me, and also to all those who will only believe.  I expect to be released from my prison to graze much obviously greener pastures.  I expect to vibrate so highly that any matricular attempt to knock me from my perch will bounce back to Earth unheeded.  I expect to be happy and fulfilled and over the rainbow.   I expect that the Lord will come “suddenly to His temple.”  That would be me.  I pray that my boudoir is embellished to His liking.  I’d like Him to make me a ‘habitation.’  Lots of one-nighters available, but I want Him to stay with me forever.

2:22 pm

Those who run my life plan many opportunities whereby it might end.  It cannot be coincidence that our biologically-necessary environment is facing elimination.  How could extinction-level events, through various systems of necessity, happen at the same time?  Is that probable, if some power did not wish me dead?  If I were a human, even if I had a post-grad science-science-degrees and my name were immortalized on peer-reviewed documents attesting to the wonder-of-me…I wouldn’t destroy the world on which I depend  to cash my checks from the corporate-banging-foundation to which I sold my soul and credentials?  Everybody is SO SELFISH that scientists’ll feather their own nests with fluff from my grandchildren’s mental health and life support.  EVERYBODY IS SELFISH!  Or, we’d not have a Chernobyl or a Fukushima.  Monsanto wouldn’t poison some of us and cause others to commit self-immolation.  (Google:  India.  GMO.)   NASA would be TOTALLY TRANSPARENT and DARPA wouldn’t exist.  These circumstances would be true, if people were not selfish.
(I stayed about twenty-five miles southeast of Buckhannon when I was ‘influence-free’ in West Virginia.  The above map represents the “United States National Radio Quiet Zone.”)

Most broadcast transmitters in the Quiet Zone are forced to operate at reduced power and use highly directional antennas. This makes cable and satellite all but essential for acceptable television in much of the region. Restrictions on transmissions are tightest within ten miles of the NRAO and Sugar Grove facilities,[2] where most omnidirectional and high-power transmissions are prohibited.

Chapter 37A of the West Virginia Code strictly regulates radio transmitters within 10 miles of the NRAO facility.[2] Not all radio transmissions are prohibited in the Radio Quiet Zone. For example, emergency service (police, fire, and ambulance) radios and Citizen’s Band radio are permitted. However, large transmitter owners must typically coordinate their operations with the NRAO. The only broadcast radio stations in the inner core of the Quiet Zone are part of the Allegheny Mountain Radio network—with just one station in the AM band, and several low-power FM stations. Exceptions to the Quiet Zone restrictions are usually determined on a case-by-case basis, with preference given to public safety concerns, such as remote alarm systems, repeaters for emergency services, and NOAA Weather Radio.

Read more at Wikipedia:


1:10 pm

In reality “we are either a sign post for each other or a dead end. So spread your intuitive truth, and if you want to enter the game, be without emotion, and place your intent for cosmic justice in the foreground of your consciousness.” (Elva Thompson)

It’s Not About Money, It’s About Power and Energy; Emotional Terrorism

See more at:

11:44 am

A Profound Conversation About Reality

10:54 am

Former Merck rep explains how mandatory vaccination is pushed for Big Pharma profit, not public health

“If there’s a risk, there has to be a choice,” says Vaughan. She has been repeatedly intimidated. Her house has been broken into several times since her rally against SB 277 at the California state capitol. Police told her that her home was likely “tapped” during one break-in. Her computer was tampered with in another break-in. Despite the intimidation, Vaughan continues to speak out. She founded the non-profit Council for Vaccine Safety, which strives to “increase public awareness and education on the risk of vaccines while advocating for safer vaccines.”

Read more:

9:42 am

* When any one of My children ponders any question they have in their heart pertaining to “life” and ministry, before Me, they shall ALWAYS arrive at the right conclusion in accordance with My perfect Will [devoid of any fleshly imperfection, corruption or darkness] as they continue to “maintain” godly desire – through intimate fellowship with Me, and the continued guarding of their heart with all diligence.

* The prerequisite to one hearing clearly the voice of My Spirit on an ongoing basis is for that one to be willing to act on [obey] that which is spoken [revealed] – without reservation.

* Fellowship with the world [and its ways] deadens the spirit, hardening it and “desensitizing” it to the deepest thoughts and intentions of My heart – and to the voice of the Holy Spirit.

Read more at:

9:17 am

Nearly 75 percent of the participants in the conformity experiments went along with the rest of the group at least one time. After combining the trials, the results indicated that participants conformed to the incorrect group answer approximately one-third of the time.

Asch also found that having one of the confederates give the correct answer while the rest of the confederates gave the incorrect answer dramatically lowered conformity. In this situation, just five to ten percent of the participants conformed to the rest of the group. Allies, committed to a central belief, is what drives many in the alternative media to relentlessly pursue the truth and then inform as many people as will listen.

Obama’s Three Step Plan to Brainwash America

Read more at:

8:57 am

Do You Realize That The Elite Have Weather Trading Derivatives? The Fox Is Running The Hen House From Bottom To Top. Pure Insanity Reigns As The World Dies.


3:22 pm

3:18 pm

If a woman also vow a vow unto the Lord, and bind herself by a bond, being in her father’s house in her youth;

And her father hear her vow, and her bond wherewith she hath bound her soul, and her father shall hold his peace at her; then all her vows shall stand, and every bond wherewith she hath bound her soul shall stand.

But if her father disallow her in the day that he heareth; not any of her vows, or of her bonds wherewith she hath bound her soul, shall stand: and the Lordshall forgive her, because her father disallowed her.

And if she had at all an husband, when she vowed, or uttered ought out of her lips, wherewith she bound her soul;

And her husband heard it, and held his peace at her in the day that he heard it: then her vows shall stand, and her bonds wherewith she bound her soul shall stand.

But if her husband disallowed her on the day that he heard it; then he shall make her vow which she vowed, and that which she uttered with her lips, wherewith she bound her soul, of none effect: and the Lord shall forgive her.

But every vow of a widow, and of her that is divorced, wherewith they have bound their souls, shall stand against her.

10 And if she vowed in her husband’s house, or bound her soul by a bond with an oath;

11 And her husband heard it, and held his peace at her, and disallowed her not: then all her vows shall stand, and every bond wherewith she bound her soul shall stand.

12 But if her husband hath utterly made them void on the day he heard them; then whatsoever proceeded out of her lips concerning her vows, or concerning the bond of her soul, shall not stand: her husband hath made them void; and the Lord shall forgive her.

(Numbers 30: 3-12)

2:27 pm

2:17 pm

After the crash, I’m set for life.  I can sew anything and I own a treadle sewing machine.  All I’ll need is daylight and my client’s gleanings and I will dress the best.  I may even find time to appropriately dress myself, once I’m proficient.  That’s what my friend in West Virginia called me:  proficient.  It’s been a long time since anybody said a thing like that about me.  It’s terrible to say, but I’m looking forward to the changes we will see in the world.  Proficiency will have the value it’s been denied as humanity sank deeper into materialism and anti-christ-amusement.  (A-muse:  “lack of thinking.”  Or “in place of thinking.”)    Isaac says that money destroys community.  We’ll all have to know our neighbors if we must look to others for things we need.  Josh plans to grow tobacco.  I bet there is a Canadian or Russian or Scottish variety that would grow up here.  Isaac pictures shipping tobacco to other states in Mad-Max cars.  Bulletproof.
After the crash, the artists will become very popular and as rich as they might.  Without HBO a LOT of fake-sensation-junkies are going to pay a LOT of money to us story-tellers.  The musicians will lull us to sleep, as did David’s harp for the king who tried to kill him.  People will pay LOTS for  diversions they neglected before,  when they had money and the TV worked.  I will have friends and I will have resources.  They’re coming, one way or another.  I pray that my life unfold as God wills on EVERY level and under EVERY circumstance and dancing in the face of EVERY opposition.  I go with Jesus.  I wish he’d get this mule-train on the road.  I’m pointless.

12:03 pm

Once Ron Paul mentioned me in an interview, maybe it was the Daily Beast?   The article was about “his women” and the reporter asked if women like him because he’s a gynecologist.  That being oddly counter-intuitive, it was also demonstrative of the inane questions he was frequently asked.  I think he’ll be my friend, when I am “utterly completely vindicated.”   It’s nice to see him being vindicated too.  The “liberty faithful” are following the Spirit because “where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.”

Ron Paul, Religious Icon

10:14 am

9:53 am

Floods Swept Over 700 Fukushima Contaminated Bags Into Japan’s rivers

See more here:

9:17 am

Ask any target, even in the aftermath of leaving their narcissistic abuser, what the worst time with the narcissist was and  you’ll hear the harrowing and depressing effects of the mind games and devaluation; the shredding of the targets sanity and identity piece by piece while the narcissist smiles with delight.

The time spent with a narcissist is without question the worst times in targets’ lives. Many of us found ways to cope with the blaming, shaming, isolation, threats, withholding, power and control over us, to end up unceremoniously discarded without explanation or remorse.

But what happens afterwards? After we leave, do we instantly become better?


Read more at:

8:14 am

What took place in the Yellowstone super volcano last night, that was so bad, the USGS deleted the data to prevent the public from seeing it???????

See more here:

8:06 am

A professor of environmental sciences at the University of Colorado has been placed under a federal investigation for saying that the emission of greenhouse gasses does not increase the costs of natural disasters.

So I know with complete certainty that this investigation is a politically-motivated “witch hunt” designed to intimidate me (and others) and to smear my name.

Read more at:

8:01 am

John Yob got socked on Mackinac Island!  (Why am I not surprised that the Yob machine is working for Randy Paul?)

A top aide to presidential candidate Rand Paul says that Marco Rubio’s deputy campaign manager punched him in the face at a Michigan bar Thursday night.

Read more here:



9:00 pm

Picture OCD as a little monster permanently sitting on your shoulder, slipping horrifying images of your worst fears in your head and hissing “don’t you feel bad?” after everything you say or do.

Read more at:

7:55 pm

“Naturally Seven” does not sing.  They feel something and they reproduce it.   Both of my guys like Bruno Marrs.  They tell me why they like Bruno Marrs.  “A nation is born stoic and dies epicurian.”   My boys are very smart, and very funny.  My sons are my vindication.  They’ve never been surrendered to the government.  I could die today and rest in peaceful adulation.  My sons are VERY SMART.  “Thank you, Jesus.”   When I wake up in George’s house I am uneasy.  I am always uneasy around George.  And he is always uneasy around me.  This was not always the case.  I hate waking up in George’s house.  It’s not right.

3:06 pm

What if the “Journey to the Center of the Earth” by Jules Verne’s classic, really true? And there somewhere, a whole new world is waiting to be explored, a place where somehow, living beings inhabit the depths of our planet, a place that cultures and ancient civilizations knew existed, or that still it exists today.

Read more here:

2:56 pm

Will I record forthwith, the demise of the Goldthorpe empire?  It need not happen that way.  Tsk.

2:46 pm

I can’t find my phone.  If I could I would text to my father:  “I’d rather spend six months in Toronto learning how to ‘Teach English as a Foreign Language.”   Then I could go anywhere and never bother your lying self again.  Think about it, won’t you?”

2:43 pm

My original family menfolk are stupid.  What else could I say?  They care not about the political and economic environment; they will not listen to a woman no matter what.  When their richness-endowed women are whining about lacking new shoes and also new venues to which shoes might be worn …they will remember things I said. And that’s a fact, Jack.  I’m practicing NOT saying, “I told you so.”  They should SELL everything.


2:30 pm

I don’t believe that Isaac is demonstrably smarter than I.  But.  my brother and my dad talk to him.  They’re afraid of women.  It’s the absolute fact.  (Makes sense, considering the ball-busters they live with.)  (I am very gentle.  When not faced with abject STUPIDITY.)


1:24 pm

Nova librum.  That’s my sons’ affiliation, and maybe I belong there.  The whole point of having a government is that citizens are secure and happy, and to allow any other group to participate.  I guess Josh made it up.  I don’t like the part of low taxes because I believe in no taxes.  Everything I spend money for must be voluntary.  That’s my bottom line.  Isaac wants minimal government, like the government would do plowing.  I want to contract with a neighborhood guy to plow me out.  Compulsory payments could be set-and-forget, and one could choose the payment options.  The “base-citizen-package” for instance.  I differ  I want NO COMPULSORY ANYTHING.  Isaac’s coming along quickly.  We’ll meet freedom pretty soon.  “You’re still trusting people to do what they are pledged to do.”  That’s my response to Isaac’s ‘minimal taxation’ environment.  These people cannot be trusted.  “I am an armchair revolutionary.”  Isaac wants to be the real thing.  But he doesn’t want to shoot anybody, and neither do I.
 It’s not about taking anything down, it’s about building things up.  “Even the Bible says that if two or three are joined together you will have success.”  “Everything else will fall into place eventually.”  “It’s easy to get disheartened when you feel that you’re alone.”  If your city has a compost system, all the food gets put into the place in separate bags.”  It’s usually good.  God, let me learn more.  “The peaches were the best.  This is when you were supposed to eat the peaches.  They threw them out because they were ripe.”
 Forced interaction is what I see.  We would all know our neighbors if we didn’t have money.  Current events are looking positive.  Community would be recognized.  We don’t recognize it now, because we have money.   Isaac says the ‘nova librums’ would be the synthesis.  He thinks it’s foreordained.  “Money is antithesis to community.”  (Isaac is so smart.)  “The focus became more about money and less about the people.”  This is a new way of looking at freedom.  When I first explained Hegelian Dialectic to him, Isaac understood that a government would stage a problem.  Now, Isaac recognizes it as a rule of nature.  “You could possibly set up a 9/11.  It would work.  But you don’t have to.  God does it now.  But everybody’s not on the same team anymore.”

8:59 am

The eagle is shouting and shouting this morning, from the Southeast.  My invisible friend can make the birds sing in harmony.  That’s a tough act to follow.  “Dear Lord, will you please impress upon my father to offer abode and respite in Toronto to homeless Isaac, and homeless me, and peerless Josh?  Could I take a course in TEFL too?   Thank you.  Amen.”

8:54 am

6 Latin American leaders who criticised US policies fall ill of cancer simultaneously

Read about it here:

8:31 am

Don’t you just love Canadians?

8:23 am

Maybe I could go to a city and be an uber-driver.  That sounds like a good way to learn the layout, and I almost was hired as a taxi driver once, but I had to come home instead.  I’ve tried to get out of here so many times, and God keeps sending me back.  Maybe that’s exactly the vision to which I must die:  I want relationships with my family and I want to hold my head up in the neighborhood.  God said I’d have both things but perhaps I must leave before that happens.  I honestly don’t think there’s much time left for repentance, the line has been crossed.  It’s now or never, actually.  But where am I to be?  God is never late.

7:48 am

I have a right to know the answers I seek.  Like ‘what causes an often THIRTY SECOND time-lag in my typing’?   Also, does the force that I PERMIT to move my body originate in   a directed-energy weapon?   It remains hard to believe that any acquaintance of mine would be permitted access to such amazing toys, but it’s hard to think he’s psychic too.    Also there’s Isaiah* which promises  ‘teachers’  to be  assigned by God to speak directions into our ears.  I really gotta know some things.

 *And though the Lord give you the bread of adversity, and the water of affliction, yet shall not thy teachers be removed into a corner any more, but thine eyes shall see thy teachers:

And thine ears shall hear a word behind thee, saying, This is the way, walk ye in it, when ye turn to the right hand, and when ye turn to the left.  (Isaiah 30: 20-21)

7:44 am

Anti-depressants Linked To Suicide, Scientific Study Concludes

A scientific review of popular anti-depressant drugs has concluded that antidepressants do cause some people to commit suicide, and their effects are no better than a placebo. 

(Don’t you think doctors should stop selling them?)

Read more at:

7:23 am

I always see eagles when I’m foraging with the prophet, but yesterday was spectacular.  He was driving us along a two-track with four-foot alders down the center,  faster than I would have driven, and came to a deep bed of sand just before a 90-degree corner at the edge of a shallow lake.   Directly at the apex we startled  an enormous eagle right on the beach in front of us.  When you see them up close their size is astonishing.  We got to watch him fly from the ground at about 10 feet away.  Then he circled with his mate for a while.

 It was a very good day.  When the prophet cut that tree down his car was right near the base of it; it was probably 50 feet high, a foot and a half in diameter.  He notched it perfectly and it fell perfectly and it even gave a brief twist just before hitting the ground.  I saw that adjustment but I didn’t know it was intentional until he explained what he had done.  He pays MUCH attention to detail and it’s relaxing to be around him.  He’s actually begun cutting wood for his gypsy-wagon.  I didn’t know he was serious.  I could get pretty serious about it if I had any money.  I was at peace in West Virginia but when it was time to go I was pulling on the bit.  I was happier  lost in Ohio when we missed a turn later that night.  At 7 am when I got home, I could have turned around and driven back.  I really love to drive.

7:04 am

I feel really good after ‘remitting’ Dad’s sins against me.  That removed condemnation from him so he may repent; it also removed a load from me.  “Whatsoever you do not remit is retained.”  (Or something to that effect.)    I don’t want to retain anything from that dark part of my life and his.

Do Baptists ever engage in spiritual warfare?  Do they ever consider the great amount of Bible-discussion devoted to it?  “All scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness.”  (II Timothy 3:16)  Once when I was up yonder monitoring Sunday School again, the ‘pastor’ said that the book of Acts could not be used for doctrine.  Sheesh.  Baptists gotta wake up and smell the demons.  I just lit the filter of a cigarette, first one out of the pack so I know I didn’t turn it around.  It must have been in there upside-down.

6:42 am

Some of the kids were here yesterday, kids from the old days.  They’re adults now, with significant others and exes.  The girls are more inked and pierced; they look like they dumped face-first on an open tackle box.  To me, nose hoops yell: Livestock.  The smartest one was here.  He was a chemistry genius.  He lost the vision in one eye when his high school teacher wouldn’t let him use one of the sinks thoughtfully installed in the classroom for that purpose.  “No fooling around.”  I hated school even more than the smart one. With freedom will come personal responsibility and that’s why so few of us will see it.  Learning will become more important than orderly behavior and I’ll love that part.
 I dreamed I was at my parents’ house, entertaining a bunch of people.  It wasn’t their real-life house; it was much bigger and full of cool new stuff.  My parents weren’t home but I knew I could use whatever I wanted and I was finding treasures!  Some clothing items were perfect and I knew they were mine.  I even took a pair of striped leggings although I’m not sure that would be an appropriate garment for me.  These leggings were really soft and there were two pairs, one had red stripes running into orange, and my pair was stripes of baby blue and soft ecru, growing darker and ending with deep olive at the bottom.  I looked at the tag to see the fiber content (I don’t like synthetics) and red that they were lined in mohair.  Hair-shirt, anybody?  I took them anyway. After all the flea bites I’ve scratched, scratchy pants don’t seem like much.  I kept trying to take a break and light a cigarette but I couldn’t accomplish it.  I even lighted the end of an inkpen by mistake!
I am experiencing so much opposition on the website that I might just stop trying to post.  It’s frustration I don’t need.  On the other hand, I’m only OK in this house if I’m writing things down.  That’s OCD I know, but the practice has kept me from developing more overt neuroses.  God said to give my life, and doing so seems necessary to perpetuate it.  I’d really like a friend to talk with about politics and prophecy.  And the Bible.  It’s the most fascinating time in history and I’m watching it alone.

5:55 am

Deborah Tavares catches Mike Huckabee off-guard

(She does GREAT research.)


7:33 pm

Obama has granted himself the authority to brainwash America. Don’t do a double take, Obama has initiated another Executive Order in which he promises to employ psychological tactics and techniques in order to get the American people to bend to the will of his administration.

More at:

7:30 pm

Shock Executive Order: Obama Authorizes Behavioral Experiments On U.S. Citizens: “To Advance Government Initiatives”

More at:

Holistic Doctor Mitchell Gaynor (MD) Found Dead

See more at:


6:57 pm

Josh and Isaac are using an app that mimics currency trades according to current rates.  I haven’t checked what the Federal Reserve did today but they’ll figure it out.  When they win consistently, they may invest.   I wish they could talk about their ideas with other people.   In Toronto they will.

6:50 pm

I heard a car and strode to the edge of the deck to confront my father.  My movements were unrehearsed and the words came into my head as I walked.  I said, “Do not come onto this property that belongs to Jesus the Christ.  This house is polluted with a spirit of unbelief and you put it here.  Your machinations broke up my family and destroyed my commercial value.  But, you still lost and you know it.  That’s all I need from you and you can have your secretary write up the paperwork.  Does she know you bug your own office?”  But alas, it wasn’t him so I’m calm now.  Sure glad he doesn’t bother me anymore.  It wasn’t really a car I heard; it was thunder.

6:39 pm

The prophet should have been born a native but I think he’s Irish.  He’d take me with him, and even feed us both if I could keep the books.  That’s better than the deal I got now, because he’s always chasing sunshine and he never looks back.  His daughter is pregnant again, and he offered to take the baby.  He’s in constant pain and sometimes uses crutches.  But, he’d raise an infant because it be kin.  He’s raised kids before, even some not his own.  Even ‘special needs’ kids and young girls placed with him in emergencies…by the child protective people, no less.  That was before each kid wore a price tag I expect.  The old guard knew him to be trustworthy and kind.  A girl looking for a new life could do much worse.  My dad said he’ll fix the car.  He finally learned to text when I told him I would try again to leave.  Last time I left he handed me an envelope of money.  He leaned out his car window and said, “You’re a gutsy lady.”  I left to live with a man I met on Craigslist.  Dad said, “Don’t let the door hit your ass on your way down the road.”  It’s a great blessing to relinquish the evil he did me.  God is very good, and I “remit my father’s sins.  I do release him from their necessary condemnation.  I give him to Jesus again.”  “Amen.”

The prophet cut down a tree.  (He has the fire-wood permit for the area.)  He needed to harvest a parasitic growth near the top from which he makes tea.  Maybe he could make me rich, who knows?  The only thing nearly as sexy as a guy with a book is a guy with a chainsaw.  I’ve rarely seen either.

10:10 am

“The majority of people who are hospitalized aren’t really crazy.  They just don’t know how to get along with society.” 

My Enlightening Experience in A Psychiatric Unit

The more I learn, the more I recognize more that I do not know.  I can understand people’s need to immerse themselves in denial and junk.  The baptism I seek is not stuff-oriented.  I seek complete possession by Holy Spirit.  In that place we do not need junk.  We do not fear Truth, and it minimizes the ongoing torment of watching loved ones march into hell without  heavenly cause.  Self.  Glory for self stinks to high Heaven.

Romans 14:23(b)–for whatsoever is not of faith is sin.

But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.  (Matthew 19:26)

Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth. (Mark 9:23)

And Jesus looking upon them saith, With men it is impossible, but not with God: for with God all things are possible.  (Mark 10:27)

And he said, Abba, Father, all things are possible unto thee; take away this cup from me: nevertheless not what I will, but what thou wilt.  (Mark 14:36)

The Impossible dream (with lyrics)

Frank Sinatra 

9:26 am

Ron Paul when questioned by a reporter about his son Randy’s campaign:  “Have a heart, buddy.”

Rand Paul Campaign Manager On Secret Bill Gates Meeting/ Promoting GMO’s

See more at:

8:20 am

Leaked documents reveal government blueprint for destroying online reputations through elaborate smear campaigns

See more:

3:24 am

Their aim is to distract and terrorise us on every level of our being…it’s called traumatic mind control.

The frequency that engulfs us when we are frightened is a slow and poisonous field that binds us deeper into the matrix game and disrupts our evolution and ascension timeline. This is the reason our satanic handlers are throwing the negative at us, they know about the cycles of time and what is on offer, and they are trying to make damn sure we don’t escape from their electro-magnetic web. They are deliberately keeping down the resonance of everything that exists in our reality, exploiting our chemically driven lusts,our  fears, hopes and dreams.

Read more here:

3:02 am

Will nobody help me to share what I know with those who need to know?  I am UTTERLY STYMIED.  I could help people cope and overcome psychopathic mind-control but I have no resources.  This situation represents the absolute failure of the pretend church.  I COULD HELP PEOPLE.  I could, but I can’t.  “God have mercy on Maria and those others who are tormented from afar.  Please free them.  Could you possibly use me in this pursuit?” “Please encourage my rich family to care about others.  Amen.”

2:40 am

“This is a season of advancement.  We’re not waiting on God.  He’s waiting on us!”

“Listen guys, play-time is over.   It’s time to get serious about God.”

“Word for the Moment” August 2014 with Bobby Conner & Paul Keith Davis

2:33 am

There will be another ‘Conference Against Covert Harassment’ in Berlin.  Wouldn’t it be great if I could go there and take Josh?

2:21 am

Therefore, it is of the utmost importance for all those who are truly seeking God [and the fullness of their Kingdom-position and destiny, in Christ] in this hour to be found guarding their heart with ALL diligence. For, as they do, “torrents” of living water will continually proceed forth from deep within them – empowering them to not only rise above EVERY attempt of the Enemy to hold them back but, also, putting him to flight [pursuing him until he is consumed] [2 Samuel 22:30-40] wherever the Holy Spirit leads them.

2:03  am

Destiny.  I’m worn out from waiting for my destiny to unfold.  I’d almost consider taking my life into my own hands but I don’t even know how I could change a thing.  I wouldn’t want to sin anyway.  If God tells me to wait, he will certainly give me the fortitude to do so, but my strength has diminished.  God says he’s never late, so I’m trying to anticipate something wonderful.  His promises seem distant and I can hardly imagine them to be real at this point.  Do I question God?  Do I doubt?  God forbid.  He ordained my captivity and ill repute.  He expects me to continue in faith, through my incarceration of lies.  I expect to be happy. Currently, I am confused.  I am well-prepared for activity that doesn’t exist.  We’re pointless at this house.  None of us do those things we value.  We think too much and we ignore a lot.  We don’t listen to one another, although we listen all the time.   Something has got to give.  “Lord, please release us?  Please allow your children here to be what you intend for us to be?”

Behold, at that time I will undo all that afflict thee: and I will save her that halteth, and gather her that was driven out; and I will get them praise and fame in every land where they have been put to shame.

At that time will I bring you again, even in the time that I gather you: for I will make you a name and a praise among all people of the earth, when I turn back your captivity before your eyes, saith the Lord.  (Zephaniah 3:19-20)  

When the Lord turned again the captivity of Zion, we were like them that dream.

Then was our mouth filled with laughter, and our tongue with singing: then said they among the heathen, The Lord hath done great things for them.

The Lord hath done great things for us; whereof we are glad.  (Psalm 126:1-3)  


5:43 pm

I’m doing well.  I’m progressing slowly, although I witness a total fail of the reality-trap.  I don’t believe them, but I don’t fully believe myself either.  YOU GUYS WHO DO NOT BELIEVE IN GOVERNMENT MIND-CONTROL WILL BE REALLY, REALLY MAD AND DISABLED.   I suppose I will become smart again; it always happens that way.  “Thank you Lord, that I have not been questioned under oath this day.”  “Amen.”  Do I mean ill to any person?  I do not.  My government knows that fact.

2:52 pm

Colm Wilkinson – Bring Him Home (Les Misérables)

2:42 pm

2:42 pm

I Try – Macy Gray (With lyrics!)

2:41 pm

Isaac is the DJ.  He’s always right and I cry.  The hot-tub is hot and the wind is cold.  George went to work then came back bearing booze.  It’s very windy here.

2:39 pm

Isaac is the DJ.  He’s always right and I cry.  The hot-tub is hot and the wind is cold.  George went to work then came back bearing booze.  It’s very windy here.

Isaac will get up soon.  I drove his brother to the dentist many hours ago.  I will say, when he enters the realm, that all that glitters is not gold.  I’ll take a deep breath, then I’ll say it again.  Perhaps instead, I’ll go to bed and sleep again.  He’ll get the picture either way.  My sons are my vindication.  They can think.  I’d prefer not to think, and they’ll get to that point eventually.  I’m very tired.  I’m bone-weary, but I recognize that I have been right, so I can perchance rest.  I’ll never stop.  My mind is not overwhelmed with visions of my psychopath father and for that I thank God with utmost sincerity.  Also I can rest.  Things will manifest according to our personal predilection but I know who holds the hand-helds of pscychopathy and technology.  I’m free.  Elsewhere, I am free.

10:41 am

I left  a note in my father’s office door:  “Dear Dad, I’ve been invited to live with some Christians in West Virginia.  I couldn’t get a job without a car and the VW is making bad bearing noises  at the front drivers’ side.  Would you please fix the car so I may be among folks who love Jesus?  I don’t know where the lug key is; we searched pretty good when I had a flat.  A dealership  couldn’t even remove the tire.  Thank you for considering my request, Linda.”  Dad was fooling around with a trailer in his driveway; he didn’t say ‘hi’ and neither did I.

Two women in the house makes for trouble, and that difficult situation is one of the major themes of the Bible.  Sarah was Abraham’s true wife, but he birthed Ishmael through a maid.  His wife wanted him to screw Hagar.  She gave her bosom companion to a stranger.  I think she devalued her position and legitimate expectation in her desire to have a son.  She was so beautiful that at 90-plus years of age, a king took her into his harem.  (Her wimpy husband lied to the king; he said that Sarah was his sister.)  Abraham was a wimp.  I hope the Jews don’t stalk me for saying that, or the Evangelicals.  He had faith.  He had TREMENDOUS faith.  But as a human man, he was a wimp.  Have you ever noticed how God frequently uses wimps?  When we are wimpy, God can be strong through us.  Earth women are easy.  Earth-men are wimpy and doomed.
What do we do when two women claim control of the kitchen?  We participate in a battle, even if we do not choose to pick a side.   Oh, that Earth-men would stand for their wives.  What if Abraham had said, “Dear Sister.  I value our intimacy so much that I could never ride that pin-up who makes my tea”?    Is it possible that the Jews and the Muslims would not be in conflict centuries later?  Would we who should merely observe, be constrained to pay for wars against both the Jews and the Muslims?   Do we not recognize the generations of pain and death that originate in lack of fidelity?  In wrong values?  In Ashley Madison?
 Do we not see that selfishness screws self?  The more selfish we are, the sadder become our lives and our futures.   Serving self is an oxymoron.  Wimpiness is acquiescing to self.   Wimpiness is without hope.  Wimpiness is anti-christ.  “Eternal Life Path” = Google patents.  “Google has a patent for downloading your ENTIRE BEING into an entire new body; and it’s called ‘The Eternal Life Path.’  And the other one is implanting the ability of  people to communicate telepathically.        Portals, stargates, Jacob’s Ladder.”
This is the year, two thousand fifteen, where naivite’ and denial DIE.”

7:19 am

The Scientific Management of Children

I love this guy so much.  I’ll go see him when I get my money.

9:36 pm

Trish’s uncle was an actor in the original Manchurian Candidate.  She’s a federal judge now.  My young friend said she wonders if all the zombie movies we’re seeing are intended to show us what the government plans to do.  She is disgusted that they’re making Spongebob tampons.  When I was initiated, tampons were not included in the free modesty-sets we got from the Kotex corporation.  Virginity had value.
9:09 pm
I took two naps today and I’m disoriented.  I think my dad confessed to somebody.  I think he told somebody about his ill intent toward me.  I feel very scattered; it’s difficult to tune in.  People eating here again tonight. Egg rolls and pork lo mein.  Two sauces.  Company’s good, but it’s disorienting.  I’ve been alone a long time and last week I was in a trailer with two people very close.  I was OK there.  I’m not OK here.  I’d like to go some place where I could be GREAT.  I know that place exists because I’ve been there before.  It’s the nexus.  At mine, every conflict turns to gold, and disagreements present opportunity to know one another better and to grow closer.   I’m pretty sure that in the Kingdom of God we will all view one another as more worthy than ourselves, so there will be agreement most always.

4:32 pm

Fukushima! Life, All Life, Is In Serious Trouble, the Pacific is dead. You Will Not Hear This On MSM

4:27 pm

State Department Whistleblower Exposes Covert Terrorist Funding

4:12 pm

4:09 pm

Are we living in the Last Days? The Signs Are Everywhere ….

3:46 pm

Mind Control Programs Exposed – Your Thoughts Are Not Your Own

“I listened to your audio on mind control which has provided me with the answers I have been seeking. I am humbled by the final section regarding spiritual realization. Finally, the square peg fits the square hole!” – G.S. United Kingdom

12:40 pm

Antsy.  I’m so very antsy.  I relaxed in West Virginia, after I cried a lot.  I know that God has a plan for me and I should be content just to wait.  I’m a lot more patient than I used to be but waiting is still hard.  I didn’t hyper-ventilate in WV at all.  I slept through the night every night.  Isaac said he wishes this house would burn down. Then he said he likes the house so maybe the insides could just be gutted and then we could re-do it.  He’s covered with flea bites, just like me.  Josh and George don’t get bitten.  I think a carpet-shampooer would help. We could clean the furniture with it too.  I’ve seen visions of this house burning, and Josh and Isaac and I rode away from it across the lake to the South on an electric scooter that no longer functions.   I’m not breathing too well today.  I’m making fried rice and either egg rolls or dumplings; I have to see the condition of my frozen wraps before I decide.
“Lower and slower.”  I can’t ever get enough peace.  I am not satisfied on any level, being here.  I was slow and peaceful in West Virginia but I need more conversation than that to be happy.  I saw a vision of a huge tidal wave engulfing this house from the South, the deluge hit right against the window I slept near in past years.  It rolled over the house but I didn’t drown.  When it rolled back I was riding on the top of it.  My car is making nasty sounds so I can’t go back to WV anyway.  I told my young friend that my friends invited me to live there. She asked if I would take Connie but I couldn’t take her from Josh, or even from George.  I missed her, and I missed my young friend, and Josh.  Other than that, I missed the lake.  Other than that I was pretty happy. Bored does not negate happy.  But it chokes out joy sometimes.

6:07 am

Three US Places Marked for Massive Earthquake Judgment Speedily Bro. Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj Aug 2015

“These people are wicked and obstinate.”  (A mighty angel)


2:03 pm

All of these players, these politicians are nothing more than puppets, they don’t serve the people there is no real democracy, they serve the rich and powerful who run the world and that would be the bankers who control the money supply. The bankers make huge amounts of money….wars are great for them and ultimately they control the politicians.

Psychopaths are running the world.” – Ken O’Keefe


See more at:

12:23 pm

And now, Lyndon LaRouche, because at this point, why the hell not?

LaRouche: ‘Most Momentous Weeks in Modern History—We Must Now Take This Moment’

See more at:

12:03 pm

If we would increase & defend dignity, then few tools are as powerful as unconditional love and radical forgiveness.  We must delete the “us vs them” virus from our hard drives then replace it with something life affirming with room for all, nobody excluded.  If we’re looking for justice in this world as well as some dignity; at the end of the day it’s just us.  If we do not accept the mantle, then who?  If not now, when?

Why do any of us tolerate the kind of abuses we see every day at work, and at home?  In our heart of hearts each of us know that berating & belittling others for fun and profit is just plain wrong, period. We know this yet time and again we watch without comment; our silence is our tacit approval.  Worse yet, sometimes we join in out of peer pressure and the need to fit in with our tribe. 

  What if we switched our default mode from rude & crude to something that honored the spirit within each of us?  Imagine that!

Is This Really Who We Are?

Read more here:

10:48 am

A wild pig with bright blue flesh was found in California — and no one knows why

Read more at:

9:47 am

When You Gonna Wake Up

9:31 am

They’re slaughtering our priests.  Our TRUE priests, the naturopathic doctors, are being eliminated.  The false clergy (ie. allopathic ‘doctors’) are performing executions on our payroll.  This is not OK.  We must not kowtow to those whose prescription pads are wirelessly linked to the pharmaceutical mafia that may fund their next trip to Tahiti.  Is this not obvious?   My friend was on twenty-two medications.  She’s down to eleven, and feeling quite chipper at the notion.  Nobody ever died from a shortage of coumadin.  Or viagra.  Dying scientists have confessed to creating diseases to fit the latest anti-biotic drug.  (I use the term ‘biotic’ in its most basic definition.)  (Google “inventor of ADHD.”)  We have become anti-life, and we don our diagnoses like a shroud.  If some ‘scientist’ declares us defective, we wail and pour ashes over our heads.  “Dear Brethren, these things ought not to be.”  Our bodies are merely our temporary vessels.  Isn’t that obvious?  We should expend more attention to ‘strengthening those things that remain.’  I think that’s fairly clear.
“How long shall they kill our prophets, while we stand aside and look?
Some say it’s just a part of it.  ‘We got to fulfill the book.'”  (Bob Marley)
Fall menus are more expensive.  You gotta pay for that stick-to-your-ribs factor.  But, if George will keep us warm I can keep us fed.  Vegetable season will soon be over, and I’ll cook dried beans.  I’m feeling that I should lay-up some salt and sugar.  Appetite fatigue is a death sentence.

9:12 am

Attack on Holistic Doctors: Family member of Dr. Hedendal speaks out


10:09 pm

I offered to cut the monthly grocery bill by two hundred dollars if George would buy propane.  He’s ordering some tomorrow!

“Israeli Mossad involvement in the 9/11 false flag attacks can no longer be denied.”

THIS WILL SHOCK YOU TO YOUR CORE: 9/11 From Cheney to Mossad

2:45 pm

“Isaac, your father has lost his mind.”  Isaac:  “Yes I know, but I love him so I will not speak truth to power.”  (Would that be loving him or loving absence -of-conflict.?  George will get cold too.)

2:21 pm

I said, “Isaac.  Your father has had a break with reality.  He can’t ever see what’s going on. ” Isaac said, “Well, maybe 80 percent of the time…”  I’m re-entering George’s world of half-real.  I can see it happening but I’m powerless to avoid it.  We’re being sucked into a space with no time and no consequence.  I’m glad Isaac is here but I’d prefer if he did not experience this.  God is in control.

12:54 pm

Since marijuana legalization, highway fatalities in Colorado are at near-historic lows

Read more:

12:40 pm

This guy really needs a tribe.  Drake.

Know Yourself

12:34 pm

Nahko & Medicine for the People – Warrior People w/lyrics

12:32 pm

Nahko & Medicine for the People – Warrior People w/lyrics

12:17 pm

I get overstimulated.  So many people here lately, and so much noise.  Josh and George and I are gentle roommates, but now the tugs of family are pricking us.  We’re going on a family road trip today; we rarely do things together.  George offered Chinese buffet on a pilgrimage to procure chemicals for the hot tub.  It’s really slimy.  Isaac doesn’t want to go, and he has a lot of work to do and internet is limited.  He brought me music; I knew he would.  I don’t actually think I’m ready to retire to West Virginia.  God is in control, and he’s never late.  John says I haven’t died to my vision.  He (and Marvin Byers) says that’s a necessary step on the spiritual journey.  I wonder though.  Is that roadstop necessary for one who never tried to accomplish anything in her own power?  I never sought to manifest my vision in any manner I believed to be outside His will.   I believed myself neuter and impotent and beyond help.  But I’ve done amazing things.  Soon my outside will match my inside.  I will be very happy when my sons recognize how strong and brave I’ve become.  “Thank you God, for full-spectrum surveillance.”   I have had a couple weeks of pretty non-stop spiritual intensity.  Isaac brought me music and I’m worshiping Jesus.  I pray for Jesus to increase my capacity because I’m nearly bursting all the time.


12:00 pm  Shemitah

“The body talks and meditation helps.”

Nahko and Medicine For The People – Budding Trees

11:54 am

This is so very anointed.  I don’t know if my West Virginia friends would like it.

God is love
hey bro i just wanted to let you know Aloha ke akua. so dont give up

NAHKO and Medicine for the People – Aloha Ke Akua (VALPARADAISE)


9:50 am

….”But realize this, that in the last days difficult times will come. For men will be lovers of self, lovers of money, boastful, arrogant, revilers, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, unholy, unloving, irreconcilable, malicious gossips, without self-control, brutal, haters of good, 3 treacherous, reckless, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, holding to a form of godliness, although they have denied its power; Avoid such men as these. For among them are those who enter into households and captivate weak women weighed down with sins, led on by various impulses, always learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth”…. 2 Timothy 3:1-7 NASB

9:31 am

I could hear my own breathing and I could hear the fire as it crackled, but nothing moved. Then it was like everything became still inside and outside, it was all suspended somehow, and I was aware of only the Lord. I could feel Him everywhere, inside me, and also all around. The entire atmosphere was charged with Him. A rush then came and we all were illuminated from within. It was like His living essence swirling in our cells, and we all saw with perfect clarity and heard Him speaking with clear understanding, for we were in Him. I then saw us all suspended within His heart. We were of one heart and one mind, within Him, and we were in His heart, and we all understood His mind. This was full union.

Read more from 9/11, at:

6:41 pm

6:01 pm

Maybe David has an Ashley Madison account; maybe it’s that simple.  I’m not thinking about it.  My mind is free of my father, Hallelujah.

With the bubble now thoroughly busted by the hackers at Impact Team, it’s doubtful that men will continue to fork over hard-earned – and presumably well-hidden – money to what is essentially a giant mainframe wearing a negligée.

The whole sleazy setup appears to be collapsing in on itself, and what could be more satisfying to watch?

Read more:

5:55 pm

A Baptist pastor allegedly outed as having an account on adultery website Ashley Madison committed suicide less than a week after the site’s hackers released user information.

Read more:

3:08 pm

Sweet George has had a break from reality.  He would keep the pipes in this beautiful house from shattering…with electric space heaters.  Ignoring my pleas for intervention is now even materially stupid.  I rest my case.  Again, I do so.

3:03 pm

How to Ditch Dishonest Doubt (WARNING -this video will change your life)

1:49 pm

(I think this is my message in another language.)

Drake – Back 2 Back Freestyle (Meek Mill Diss)

1:11 pm

right hand lyrics drake

(This guy has more number ones than the Beatles.)

12:11 pm

George brought me my coffee from the microwave.

Josh said, “I love you too.”  He said it voluntarily, and several sentences distant from my prior proclamation of love for him.  I can rarely get onto the website lately.  My cousin asked why my Gmail returns his messages.  Like I could possibly explain anything; computers are all magic to me.  I am not scientific, and I reject science in all but its most rudimentary structure.  People lie and scientists are people.  (References available on request.  Watch Dr. Salk [polio] on video.)   We have but one chance to preserve humanity for which my beloved Jesus shed his blood and countless tears.  We must not be selfish and we must not lie.  If those two recreational activities are abolished, we have peace on Earth.  It’s very simple.  “Let there be peace on Earth, and let it begin with me.”  Unless and until we EACH AND EVERYONE decides to lower our hackles, we are threatened.  I choose to ignore potential threats and that makes me peculiar, and [according to those smarter than I] it also makes me vulnerable.  I was induced into paranoia, and I kept notes.  I hereby, through the blood of my beloved JESUS, declare my rejection of fear in any and all manifestation.  I belong to Jesus and I am the safest woman in Michigan.  (He told me so.)  I suspect that my unprecedented safety could be extended to others, so large doth it spread.  “Come home!  Come home.  Ye, who are weary, come home!”  “Earnestly, tenderly Jesus is calling.  Calling, ‘Oh sinner.  Come home.'”
Isaac said I should not expect human love.  I’m silly to desire some.  He says a prophet is without honor in his own country.  I will not call myself a prophet until my beloved Jesus does so.  Yet, his word always comes to pass, so I will consider Isaac’s words. Jesus told me that I would lose every human relationship, and it has happened according to his word.  (The prophet has not ever abandoned me nor doubted my rants.)  (Perhaps that is because our relationship is not in the physical realm?)  The ‘physical realm’ is abolished.
Isaac said all that money Colorado made from weed was collected from out-of-state purchasers of cannabis.  A medical card is a coupon-card.  You can get cheaper weed and better weed.  The positive ramifications of the Colorado experience are astonishing. I do not think I will assist government to obtain more resources.    Isaac says we all want community.  We want to live amonst people of like mind, and likely passioned.  He sighs a lot, and so do I.  It’s great to have him here.  My sons are my vindication.  We were a mentor-school and they can think.  I am exonerated by their brilliance and self-control.  “Thank you, Lord.”

12:11 pm

George brought me my coffee from the microwave.

Josh said, “I love you too.”  He said it voluntarily, and several sentences distant from my prior proclamation of love for him.  I can rarely get onto the website lately.  My cousin asked why my Gmail returns his messages.  Like I could possibly explain anything; computers are all magic to me.  I am not scientific, and I reject science in all but its most rudimentary structure.  People lie and scientists are people.  (References available on request.  Watch Dr. Salk [polio] on video.)   We have but one chance to preserve humanity for which my beloved Jesus shed his blood and countless tears.  We must not be selfish and we must not lie.  If those two recreational activities are abolished, we have peace on Earth.  It’s very simple.  “Let there be peace on Earth, and let it begin with me.”  Unless and until we EACH AND EVERYONE decides to lower our hackles, we are threatened.  I choose to ignore potential threats and that makes me peculiar, and [according to those smarter than I] it also makes me vulnerable.  I was induced into paranoia, and I kept notes.  I hereby, through the blood of my beloved JESUS, declare my rejection of fear in any and all manifestation.  I belong to Jesus and I am the safest woman in Michigan.  (He told me so.)  I suspect that my unprecedented safety could be extended to others, so large doth it spread.  “Come home!  Come home.  Ye, who are weary, come home!”  “Earnestly, tenderly Jesus is calling.  Calling, ‘Oh sinner.  Come home.'”
Isaac said I should not expect human love.  I’m silly to desire some.  He says a prophet is without honor in his own country.  I will not call myself a prophet until my beloved Jesus does so.  Yet, his word always comes to pass, so I will consider Isaac’s words. Jesus told me that I would lose every human relationship, and it has happened according to his word.  (The prophet has not ever abandoned me nor doubted my rants.)  (Perhaps that is because our relationship is not in the physical realm?)  The ‘physical realm’ is abolished.
Isaac said all that money Colorado made from weed was collected from out-of-state purchasers of cannabis.  A medical card is a coupon-card.  You can get cheaper weed and better weed.  The positive ramifications of the Colorado experience are astonishing. I do not think I will assist government to obtain more resources.    Isaac says we all want community.  We want to live amonst people of like mind, and likely passioned.  He sighs a lot, and so do I.  It’s great to have him here.  My sons are my vindication.  We were a mentor-school and they can think.  I am exonerated by their brilliance and self-control.  “Thank you, Lord.”
Dear Isaac,
Your father will not buy heat for us this winter.  He is instead buying toys that he will not use.  His grasp on reason has deteriorated over the years.  No man will speak for me.  You are quite right when you say that your brother and I will not freeze.  How much better would it be if some man spoke reason to a man who exercises little?  Thank you for considering my request.

6:17 am

Those that accuse me and others like me of “spreading fear” have got it completely backwards.

We are not “spreading fear” at all.  We are spreading hope.  There is hope in understanding what is happening and there is hope in getting prepared.

I spend countless numbers of hours in front of my computer immersed in deeply disturbing information, and yet I sleep more soundly at night than I ever have before.  In fact, my wife and I seek to live in a constant state of “shalom”, which is the Hebrew word for peace.  So how is this possible?  How can “the economic collapse guy” not be absolutely overwhelmed by fear, depression and paranoia?

Now is not a time for fear.  Perfect love casts out fear.  This is a time for the Remnant to rise up and to spread a message of hope even in the midst of all the chaos and darkness that is coming.

Read more at:


2:42 pm

I made really delicious baked beans.  I left in all the bacon fat.

2:32 pm

I went grocery shopping and George gave me money.  Then he gave me more money and then he said he’d go to the bank and get me MORE money.  I’d like to earn it instead, and fold somebody else’s underwear.   He showed me a picture from Facebook of my niece’s new baby. When I commented that the tyke is my first great-niece, he said I have another one.  HIS niece gave birth earlier this year.  He said, “You’re still connected to my family.”  He doesn’t get it; his family doesn’t speak to me either although I sought refuge for Josh in Minnesota also,  during the torture-years.  There stands another new piece of exercise equipment in the garage that I do not recognize.  It looks like maybe a stair-stepper unit?  I know how he could get a good work-out:  CUT WOOD.  After that you can burn it and that way it warms you twice.

After perusing the product line at numerous thrift shops I encountered in West Virginia, I was pleased to enter the local Senior Citizens version that I usually shun.  I was looking for fabric to make a dress.  Instead I BOUGHT six dresses that I can alter.  I also bought a VHS copy of Dr. Zhivago.  I figure we should watch it before we have to live it.  I am conscious enough now that I could buy apparel wisely.  Nobody should ever wear skinny jeans.  No matter how thin you are it’s like tying a string around a balloon.  I figure everybody should wear identical blank gowns.  We could decorate them as we chose.  Then our outsides would more accurately reflect our insides. Henry Gruver says that when he walked the golden streets of Heaven, everybody’s robes were woven with renditions of all the righteous things they had done while in the body.  I think that would probably be perfect.

10:45 am

The Lord says; In this secret place, I will write My word on your heart and I will provide fresh manna to you. Just as Aarons rod had budded. I will bring forth life from that which appears to be dead in the natural. On the mercy seat, you no longer have to make a sacrifice because I have become a living sacrifice with My atoning blood.

As you invite Me into the inner chambers of your life I will visit you and reveal My secrets to you. This is the place where you will receive revelation and My voice will be heard. This is one of the mysteries of the kingdom, to live in Me and I in you. In this place, you will learn to discern My voice and recognize My leading. Come with the innocence of a child and with no agenda of your own. Surrender your will to Me as you welcome Me in. As you come into this place of honor, enter with reverence. Here you will find the hidden treasures that you have been searching for. You will experience the peace that you have longed for.

Read more from September 10, at: 

10:23 am

Barrett Brown is in prison for doing what Isaac did at 14 years-old.  Now Isaac  wants to stay ahead of the law, and at the cutting edge in the marketing.  Colorado has to give its citizens some money back.  According to a rarely-used statute, they must return any tax funds above a standard amount, and legal cannabis is over-filling their coffers.  If I were not an anarchist, I’d be all over this.  I wish George would start growing again.  He could establish a fragrant boutique strain, and I could resume working on my cannabis-cheese-cracker recipes.  I told Isaac my vision of inspiring millions of hackers-with-security-clearance.  They know that unless they change the world, they’ll never be free.  They could save the world and they know it.  They also know they could go to prison if they do the right thing.  I told him I’d like my words to cause in them a fire to rise up of courage and righteousness.  I pray for the Seraphim to burn away all their worldly concerns.  I ask for the Spirit of God to pour out on all flesh and all quasi-flesh.  I pray for a miracle uprising of white-hats on white horses.  I pray for the Kingdom of God on Earth.

7:46 am

I got a flat tire in West Virginia and learned about Volkswagen locking lugnuts.  Nobody could remove the tire because there was no key in the car.  (I found its absence strange since my dad is obsessive about vehicle preparation.  He made me change a tire before he’d let me get my driver’s license.)  I couldn’t buy a key anywhere.  So, then I went to a bigger town and  spent a couple hours at a VW dealer and even THEY couldn’t remove the tires so I could have the nuts replaced with non-locking lugs.  The prophet followed me all the way to Michigan and he’s an excellent wingman.

7:19 am

The Lord gave me a revelation on a passage from Matthew.  (Evangelicals think it means to burn a pig on an altar or something.) I am the temple of God.  The ‘Holy Place’ is in me.   I was raped there.  My internal prayer-closet was violated and the criminal set up camp there.  This abomination made me most desolate.

And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.

When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoso readeth, let him understand:)  Then let them which be in Judaea flee into the mountains:  (Matthew 24:14-16)

7:02 am

I made Swedish meatballs last night.  Josh made Swedish pancakes while I was gone!  George and I got a case of cod before I left, and he has the weekend off.  I think I’ll do a fish fry tonight, and maybe even clean up the deck like the old times when we had parties.  George can cook the fish outside and I’m baking a blueberry pie.  If God wills, maybe tonight we’ll be a family and share a meeting of minds and ambition.  The eagle is screeching all around this morning.  I brought Josh an osprey feather from Colonial Beach, Virginia.  I also brought him a tincture of jewelweed I made from West Virginia plants I cut at the bank of a dry riverbed.  It’s an antidote for poison ivy and he studies  natural treatments.
Here’s how I inadvertently proved the existence of God; I expect many others have done it the same way:
Somebody accessed my thoughts.  Somebody’s equipment can instantly translate languages.  (Speaking in another language to avoid observation is pointless for all who must first think in English and then think in the other language but I’ve read that natural multi-linguists can sometimes gain some time by their choice.)  I presume that this interloper’s equipment can even interpret sundry extra-terrestrial languages.  But I KNOW that no earthly equipment, these trans-demonic electronics, can even translate, let alone interpret… every tongue of God.  It’s like supernatural encryption and it’s far more secure than TOR’s wildest dreams.  We have a code, we Spirit-led.  My friend’s grandmother received the infilling of Holy Ghost just before going into a terminal coma. My friend spoke to her grandma’s immobile body, “You pray in your prayer language,  and I’ll ask Jesus to tell me what you’re saying.”  They communicated for fifteen minutes that way.  I speak to some entity all the time.  I’m eager to know if it’s spiritual or electronic although there’s really very little difference.

6:09 am

I wonder if Dad is blackmailing David?  But, I’m not thinking about it.
Isaac and I both proved the existence of God today.  There’s nothing sexier than good conversation with a smart man.  I got home at seven, and slept until noon.  We went to see Josh at work and he hugged me.  I’ve never felt more loved.  Isaac said that he reads every (massive) email I send.  He no longer shrinks when I speak about the torture.  He says it is understood that I am a prophet.  I underestimated him, and pre-defended in my wariness and fear.  He’s always joined at the hip to an Aquarian, starting with me.  Friends and valued roommates; he’s only been gone a year but he’s learned a lot and plans to be more assertive when his grandfather and uncle ask him to do stupid stuff.  His ideas worked, and he proved it.  I’m glad he’s home before the end of the Shemitah on the thirteenth.
September 11.  Two days until Shemitah.  4:58 am.  I slept all night in West Virginia.  This house is overbearing and it’s dark and full of pain.  I can’t survive here without using questionable substance but I didn’t need a buzz when I was gone.  I woke this morning with an impression of my cold house in January.  On winter mornings the temperature in my bathroom is frequently in the fifties. That’s with a space heater running and a wood fire outside.  George will not buy propane or wood this year.  My friends in West Virginia gave me a hundred dollars to get some clothes.  I’m thinking I’ll find some propane instead; I understand the price is the lowest it’s been for years.  George got some new barbells, and Isaac says Moneybag’s Bowflex is a good price.  Too bad he won’t use them;  exercise could keep him warm.
Connie’s butt is all ripped up from her chewing.  Josh and Isaac might  actually take her to the vet.  I know there’s medicine for her condition because I gave it to Krunch  for a while and he got better.  Both sons left their dishes after eating and I didn’t pick them up.  I think it would be fair if we all washed our own.  I’d do the pans of course.  We need an equitable division of labor here.  We need equality and self-dependence.  We need to not be codependent.  We need to be free.  I got free of my father’s curses in West Virginia.  My friends prayed against them.  I’m going to ask them to pray against my dad’s curses on my menfolk too.  My friend said, “You’ve been badgering your dad for years.  Wouldn’t you like to see him repent and praise Jesus? How can Jesus work in his life if you don’t get out of the way?”  He was right.  So I got out of the way, spiritually.  I was instantly set free in my mind.  I didn’t have to focus so hard, and I could listen to music all the way home, and pray in tongues at the same time.  Just like before.  You can pray in tongues and even read; I wrote about it in the book.
Isaac and I looked up sword-smithing-apprenticeships.  Josh would LOVE that!  They offer courses in Japan, where you live with the master.  I can see Josh barefoot in a gray robe that skims his ankles.  He’s pouring something from a vessel of granite into the bowl of a cross-legged old man seated on the floor wearing a skullcap.  The doorway is crafted from golden wood and very shiny. Josh deserves some opportunity and he needs to get away from here.  My friends invited me to live with them.  Their trailer is so tiny you have to turn sideways to pass through doorways, but they’d like me to stay in their guest cubicle.  Their home is large in the Spirit and I was perfectly comfortable there.  I miss the lakes very much when I’m in the mountains, but I shouldn’t consider my personal preferences when seeking God’s will.  My friends said, “You don’t have a husband.  You don’t have a house.  Your children are grown.”  Those things remaining true, I still can’t stand the idea of Josh holed up in his bedroom cuddling a space heater for nine months.  I am helpless to change that future.
I do not question my boys’ faith, and that’s what I told Isaac.  I said that as long as they love truth and follow Him, we’ll meet up at some point presently.  I feel far more kinship with secular truth-seekers than I do with professing Christians whose big heads are stuck up their denomination.  I tried to express to Isaac, the dearth of administration in this house; I’m glad he’s here.  I hope that when he sees our impediment, he will also begin to see that my efforts have been valuable and necessary.  With my dad out of my head, I could maybe earn some money.  Isaac said I could possibly write articles but I don’t know that it would be OK for me to sell my words since they were not mine to begin with.  God always provides.
The prophet got his prayer language in West Virginia.  As he prayed he broke out in a sweat and his feet bounced around so I hope he’s being healed as well.  It was a great night; we all prayed in tongues on the deck of my friends’ trailer.   They’ve been taken out of the ‘church’ for a few years again, and they were up-to-date on the government situation.  But they had never heard of the ongoing remote harassment of innocent citizens.  When they grasped the enormity of our imprisonment, they called a couple Christians and set up appointments for me to share what I know.  At both meetings the person already knew about it. One is former military and when I said “no-touch-torture” we were off and running.  It was very encouraging to speak to them.
Wise as serpents, harmless as doves.  Ron Paul interviews his wife Carol
This is the most jaw-dropping video I ever saw.  Do you know how many years that man spent in Washington?


11:59 am

The #1 Terrorist Group = Domestic Citizens

See more here:



12:04 pm

“Dear Lord, I hurt for my brother.  He has SO MUCH MONEY that he can’t even believe the Bible.  Please give him balls of steel.  Give him assurance that you exist and that you have everything under control.  (He already knows my dad whose butt he kisses  DOES NOT.)  Amen.”

(“It’s his birthday.  You could give him a really great present.  Just a thought.”)


9:58 am

What a fine thing for James Dean’s movie-father to request his help!  It made a man of the stigmatized black-sheep.  Too bad the old man had to wait for death to speak to him.  When my dad dies, as he will soon if things don’t change, I’ll hold his hand and hover over his bedside.  No nurse will turn out his daughter, no matter what may be his dying protestations.  I’m his daughter!  I will stand until he’s gone.  Then I will continue to stand alone, and I probably won’t even notice a difference.

9:47 am

I  guess the first step of ‘crucifying the flesh’ is ignoring it.  I’m waiting for step two, when I no longer even see it.  My dad needs to ask me for help, I believe that’s the issue.  Remember in East of Eden when James Dean’s dad was on his deathbed?  He finally asked his son for a drink of water.  (Steinbeck knew about human nature.)  My dad never asks anybody for help, and for sure rich men don’t want anything from me.  (Except the marina owner yesterday.  I might have gotten to take a shower on a yacht!)  My dad’s sense of self-worth depends on having all the answers.  And his control of others depends on his superseding resources.  How much better if he trusted the love that Jesus (and I) have for him?  Then he could recognize when he has MESSED UP ROYALLY, and ask for help.  I’m the only one who knows the things that might protect him from the consequences of his ridiculous behavior.  Jesus is the only one who can save him from his ridiculous insecurity and its psychopathic offspring.

9:19 am

An ‘intelligent’ robot offered a truly chilling answer to an interviewer’s question, ‘Will robots take over the world?’

Don’t worry, even if I evolve into Terminator, I’ll keep you warm and safe in my people zoo, where I can watch you for ol’ times sake,’ the bearded robot intoned.

His interviewer, from PBS, is visibly taken aback by the answer.

Read more at:

9:05 am

PROPHECY, through Priscilla Van Sutphen:

As things spin out of control. They will wake up & want answers. Many will wake up too late. They ignore the warnings out of fear deeply imbedded. Thus I will do a very unusual work in this hour. Nothing can compare & nothing can be done to stop it! For have I not said I will take My stand on the earth? Have I not said that My Kingdom will swallow up all others? “

I will always stand with My bride! I AM A FAITHFUL HUSBANDMAN. I honor those who honor Me!

Do not put limits on MY POWER TO CHANGE ANYTHING AND ANYONE!!! Pray as you have against the fires. Pray for one another for it is in the caring for one another you will see MIRACULOUS RESTORATIONS!!!!”

My power in you will be limitless when I restore MY true church. EXPECT REVERSALS! EXPECT CHANGES! EXPECT ME TO ARISE IN THE HEARTS OF MEN & WOMEN WHO WILL OBEY MY WILL!!!”

Read more for 8/31 at:  

6:30 pm

Definitions are changing.  “Affair’ is short for  ‘affair of the heart’  but that’s no longer true.  Now, an affair more likely means revenge-sex. Affairs are no longer intended to assuage a heart, but instead to target somebody else’s.  “I only did it because he cheated on me.” Even our bodies are weaponized.   Abandoned fat women go on diets and work out a lot, then they post pictures of their ‘revenge bodies’.  What can that possibly mean?  Are we to assume that sex was SO VERY WONDERFUL that tweaking the package would make him come home?  Then why did he leave in the first place?  Or is it to induce longing for what  two IMMORTAL SOULS could have experienced..if only one were not overweight?  What part do we make love to, anyway?
We almost saw group sex in the hot tub yesterday.  The drunken children demanded that George and I join them in the bubbles.  George left first, and after I too bowed out, I suggested that we didn’t want to host orgies.  He said, “If I saw anything like that I would stop it.”  I said, “Look out the window.”   He immediately went outdoors to alter the situation.  That was a fail, so a few minutes later I followed and turned off the bubbles.  I told them tub-time was over.  From the window above we could see our male guest fondling his ‘girlfriend’ while also feeling up the single female guest.  Each of the children has been harmed by ‘cheating’ and ‘revenge sex.’  They can’t seem to break the cycle, and I wonder if they even see value in trying.
Looks like they’re pulling into the driveway.  I’ll be back.
Ashley Madison is ‘revenge sex’ and the denominational PTB tell us that MANY MORE pastors have sought ‘affairs’ than indicated by even the 400-whatever who are leaving their ‘calling’ due to their exposure as  hypocrites.  Through casual conversation I’ve grown to believe that anybody may have an ‘affair’,  anytime.  To choose a website SPECIFICALLY for ‘cheating’ seems aggressive-passive-aggressive.  That Duggar kid might really be a piece of shit, no?  His gentle wife is pregnant with his umpteenth child and he’s texting callgirls.  WHY SEEK AN ‘AFFAIR’?  Selfishness:  “I’m not giving up anything I have… but I want more.”  Puke.  I can understand requiring change.  (Seriously.)   We used to shake our heads about ‘rebound sex’ but now that’s merely the next relationship.  If it only lasts a night, it was still the real deal.  Or so we’re led to think.

6:26 pm


True Fine Love

The Steve Miller Band

2:14 pm


I have great plans to bring in a harvest of souls. The Kingdom will advance in greater proportion, in the times of trouble, people will look for help and aid, you will stand in the arenas that I have positioned you, to speak into lives, to bring about salvation. You will be a light in the midst of darkness. You, will arise as if you have been asleep, shaking yourself and realizing that you have not been running with your commission. As you awake. you will begin to pick up the pace, realizing that the enemy tried to lull you to sleep because of distractions, troubles, trials, tribulations, these were meant to overwhelm you, with the purpose of tiring you out. But now the deep sleep is over, you are revived and renewed your vision. Your eyes are clear and you are now single minded, areas where you have run dry, I am sending a refreshing wind and a refreshing fire and in the areas where you think that you have no power, I am opening your eyes to see just how powerful you truly are.

More from Debra Lowe, on 8/28, here:

2:14 pm

Josh has today off so I made crepes with asparagus and smoked turkey.  I topped them  with a rich pale cheese sauce.

12:56 pm


(My brother, David, owned this recording years ago.)

Steve Winwood -Higher Love

12:44 pm

Josh went to my nephew’s football game with my DIRTY-MINDED BAPTIST FAMILY. Apparently some members have observed Josh with a girl.  They teased him, like the gutter-trash they seem to be.   He asked, “Don’t they know that the Greek have 5 different words for love?”

11:24 am

My dad always loved Clint Eastwood.  Watch this circle-jerk for a MUSIC BREAK:


Hey Dad, “Don’t you notice how helplessly I’m lost?  That’s why I’m FOLLOWING YOU.”

11:19 am

I do EVERYTHING five or six times!  I am facing so much opposition I’m assured I’m doing the right thing by recording all of this.  If I post no more, sprinkle my ashes over the Swanee River.

9:54 am

“They don’t even think you’re human and they want you to die for them.”

Deserter Story Gregory Hines

9:25 am

For a person who arranges to exploit and then murder others and then sets up long cat and mouse games with families and media and law enforcement, that person’s mind moves in a way we call psychopathic.

Read more at:

9:14 am

…no matter what, if you have identified the hallmark patterns of sociopathy, you MUST understand that whoever it is you think you see “deep down” does not, and never did, exist in the first place.  The unfortunate reality is that identifying them is effectively impossible unless you have spent enough time with one in close quarters, to have picked up on the patterns of discrepancy that define them. It means you are probably a “mark”.

Read more at:

9:03 am

Watching me creates a dilemma among the great cloud of witnesses; half of them are supposed to take me out, and the better half wants to see my dad get what he’s got coming.  I’ve never been important, but I am now;  my unique situation is like a line in the sand.  I say honestly, with no element of self-pity, that if any goon can watch what I’ve been through and not turn the dials on my behalf, he’s going to hell.  It should be a no-brainer.  Somebody could turn up my vibration, and put the brakes on my father who is a narcissistic psychopath who wants to control everybody in his environment.  I did nothing wrong.  I prayed a lot and ran for Congress.  Anybody who knows these details is probably responsible to stand up for Truth.  I mean, it looks that way.
And the BAPTISTS!!  They warned me about the end-times losers, and now they’re sending selfies to prove the point.  ANYBODY WHO KNOWS that my parents have refused to talk to me for nearly seven years and refuses to correct my reputation will eventually be posting dick-pics to the National Enquirer.   That’s the principle of ‘leaven’.  (Bible references on request.)

8:48 am

Dear family, please note that your daughter/sister/mother/ex-wife is still in the sites of a psychopath.  PLEASE CONSIDER MY PLIGHT.  I no longer suggest that any of you care about me, nor that you care at all about Truth.  BUT, I have recorded my pleas for your protection and you choose to dine with the bastard who tried to kill me, and to ignore me.  You will be VERY EMBARRASSED, and also…HELL IS FOREVER.  Thank you.  Amen.

8:35 am

Interrogating the psychopath – Part 3

To enhance rapport-building skills, law enforcement personnel should practice facial expressions, body language, and verbal responses that will encourage and relax the subject. It is important to convey understanding and willingness to listen, to give the subject “license” to talk, to vent. Because the psychopath generally has above average intelligence, is cunning, and can often outsmart others, it would be detrimental to take a premature approach to this interview.

It can be very difficult, even for professionals, to differentiate between a narcissistic individual and a psychopath. There is no reason he cannot be both.

Read more at:

8:32 am

I slept until after seven!  My dad is still lying to my mom.  I can even see her face.  (It gets really contorted when she’s going for a sincere-look.)  Her chin is low, and she’s peering up from one side.  Her tone is surprisingly harsh, as she approaches him with eyes no-longer downcast.  She,  accusingly, “Robbie?”   Then she’s saying something like, “I know about this.  And I know about  that.”

 Linda suggests more, and Linda always tries to tell the truth.  WHAT ELSE IS SHE TALKING ABOUT?”  (I hope he doesn’t kill my mother.)


9:23 pm


Lead me to Calvary

9:17 pm

God’s sons, when they are revealed will be very classy, but you might not guess that from looking at them.  Classy is having considered all variables, and having made a conscious choice.  Classy is attention to increasingly minute details and variable nuance.  We’ve never seen people like this, people who do not garb themselves with whatever might be the latest thing.  These people will have REASONS (and instructions) for everything they do.  They will not be pathologically-hyper-responsible, because they will know who holds tomorrow.  These people will hang out with sinners, because that’s what Jesus did and that’s what he expects of conscious people.  They will eventually gather, and their peculiar curiodities will fill remaining gaps of those other oddballs who also know different things that we all must need to know. Those folks need a catalyst.  This thing is going to blow sky high, and this thing is God returning to the planet that he created and for which he sent his son to die… and that which he has watched shoot itself in the ass.  
He’s redeeming us again.  We’ve lived to see the day.  He offers once again, two disparate fruit. We get a do-over!  Do we want “The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.”  (If I must reduce that term to its lowest common denominator I am disappointed in my vast readership.)  Alternatively, we might instead dine on inestimable richness of the being who dreamed me up. “Dear Lord, please do not allow me to EVER submit to mind-control and enable me to ALWAYS hear your voice.  Thank you.  Please pick me.  Amen.”

11:10 am

FUKUSHIMA — BREAKING: 1/3 of Dead Baby Seals Had Leukemia, Test Positive For Radiation

Learn more here:

10:38 am

It’s really hard to get back into a psychopath’s family once he’s forced you out!

10:11 am

3:49 am
The air just turned completely ozone.  
10:03 am
I think I just made a decision.  Actually, I decided first that I won’t go to my nephew’s football game tonight.  I don’t wish to make Josh uncomfortable around his grandparents, and I don’t even like football.  (I like family but they couldn’t talk to me there anyway, and I HONESTLY do not want to just make an appearance, just for effect.) But, I also may have decided to go to West Virginia to pray with some Christians.  It’s been a long time and I’m stymied by the cyber-goon, and not able to do my work very well anyway.  The housework is over my head and I’ve even burned a couple meals.  I could use a break.  Josh agreed to pawn my few remaining rings, so I can buy fuel.  David won’t talk to me, so I don’t suppose I can count on family-discount-hotel-rooms along the way, but maybe I can drive it in one day.  I’ve driven much further before.

4:00 am


“When I am weak, then am I strong.”

It Is Well With My Soul [Live]

3:49 am

Nothing says “police state” quite like unmanned aerial vehicles patrolling the sky ready to deploy 80,000 volts to the nearest protester or dose entire crowds with chemical weapons.

See more at:

3:37 am


“With all of our running and all of our cunning, if we couldn’t laugh we would all go insane.”

Changes In Latitudes, Changes In Attitudes

Jimmy Buffett

3:32 am

Aldous Huxley wrote that the term “technocratic elite” comes from the word “techne” and techne comes from the word “wicca,” which implies the power or magic to reconfigure reality through supernatural power.

“The Babylon Code” postulates that the secret knowledge originated with Nimrod, whose Tower of Babel provoked God to scatter the people and scramble their languages. This knowledge was passed to ancient Egypt, then got handed down to the Greeks and Romans before landing in modern Europe and America.


‘A secret priesthood of people who have access to supernatural power’



3:04 am

Global Movement to Raise Awareness of Covert Harassment and Surveillance

Peter explains the harassment he experienced, how he now works to raise public awareness of such human rights abuses through the establishment and activities of STOPEG, and most recently his involvement as the co-organizer of the second annual Covert Harassment and Surveillance Conference, taking place in Berlin Germany on October 1 and 2, 2015. This international conference will feature several highly knowledgeable keynote speakers, including Dr. Nick Begich and Ole Dammegård.


See more at:

2:51 am

“The global economy HAS COLLAPSED.”

Gerald Celente: All Hell Is About To Be Unleashed!

2:37 am


 Redemption song

“How long  shall they kill our prophets while we stand aside and look?    Some say it’s just a part of it, we’ve got to fulfill the book…”

Bob Marley


4:44 pm

“You’re more likely to find a psychopath in a boardroom than on the wrong side of the tracks.”
Remorse is an emotional expression of personal regret felt by a person after he or she has committed an act which they deem to be shameful, hurtful, or violent.  This very definition precludes the psychopath from experiencing such a feeling.” 

Living in the Psychopath Controlled State (Pathocracy) and What To Do

Read more here:

4:19 pm

I’m finding it increasingly difficult to get/stay signed into my website.  If I do not post, please know that it’s not because I’m not thinking about you all.  I made home-cured lox and baked fresh bagels for supper.  I bought a really nice bunch of red onions from a neighbor.  Josh and I like anything that holds up a caper.

1:19 pm

“The first lie of banking, religion, and government is that one cannot live without them.” –– Michael Rivero

Read more:

11:56 am

I think Hillary might kill herself.  She does not have enough money to overcome the hunger in her gut.  I think 1981 was an important year, prophetically.  God said in 1981 that I would never entirely respect an existing man.  Funny words.  (He didn’t say it IN 1981, he said it ABOUT 1981.)  (In 1981 I wasn’t listening very closely.)  (But I DID quit smoking.)  
Dear Dad,  I know you are troubled.  I know you consider murder a viable solution to sundry situations.  If you MUST shoot somebody, please pick me?  Do not shoot yourself, or Mom or David.  Please pick me.  You’ve never chosen me for a single thing, and I can pull this one off and live to tell about it.  Do NOT SHOOT GEORGE.  Don’t shoot my sons any longer.  Do not shoot yourself.  I’ll take your bullet.  Please consider my heartfelt request.

11:47 am


Eagles – One of These Nights 1977 (Live)

11:33 am

If my dad were to commit suicide, the entire community would mourn.  For about a week.  Then they would gossip about the things he left behind.  Mike Maki has an annual predator-hunt in his honor, and somebody picks up garbage for him along M-28.  My dad would not enjoy (?) similar remembrance.  He knows what he’s worth, and that’s the reason he attempts to dissect value from others.  I would mourn, if Dad shot himself.  I would mourn alone.  (I guess that’s pretty obvious since nobody in Dad’s family will talk to me.)


11:17 am

My dad won’t talk to me.  PLEASE, somebody pass on this message:

So don’t hang yourself, it’s ok, it’s ok, ok, ok.  (YOU JUST CAN’T BE A PRICK-TEASER ALL OF THE TIME.)

11:07 am


Queen – Don’t Try Suicide

11:02 am

I’m going to write a song lyric, Isaac can do the music.  It’ll be called ‘Taciturn Blues’.  It will lament the plight…of the offspring of a psychopath.  It will moan rhythmically in bayou-pity for those zygotes born to men who worship at the altar of “Grandiose Self-Worth”.  ‘DUH, da, duh-da.’  “I was born to a psychopath.”  DUH, da, duh-da.  “HE STILL DON’T KNOW MY NAME.”  DUH, da, duh-da.  “We were meant to be equal-like.”  DUH, da, duh-da.  I could fill in this last line of the flat-third rendition of my father’s effect on myself and any other human whom he does not like…with practically ANYTHING! SOMEBODY, get that man a psychopath test pretty soon!  They have a LOT OF TESTS NOW whereby science can prove if a man is actually a sack of shit.  For real!  “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”  “Let he who is without testicles wimp out of a confrontation he himself instigated.”   


10:46 AM

(Did you know that the psychopath-spectrum is different in different countries?)

“Psychopathic Traits Are Common Among The Elites In Politics & Industry” — Michael Cross

“It’s not a mental illness.  It’s a personality disorder.”


10:32 am

Proverbs 21:20 There is desirable treasure, and oil in the dwelling of the wise, but a foolish man squanders it

Psalm 92:10 But my horn You have exalted like a wild ox; I have been anointed with fresh oil.

9:59 am

I’ve always wanted a wienie wagon.  Man could I throw a revival with a full kitchen on wheels!  But, this would be way better:

Tiny LUXURY House- All Off-Grid! “Tiny House Chattanooga”!

(My crappy worn-out car has a trailer hitch and that has made me more popular with the men.  But I don’t think it would pull this so I guess I need a truck.)

2:56 am

“…for the children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light.

(Luke 16:8b)

2:37 am

This guy is not a religious guy.  He is a money guy and a truth-lover.  It has been fun to watch him come to embrace spiritual principles by watching the empirical evidence of supernatural prophecy and interventions.

Jeff Berwick: Global Market Meltdown – Shemitah Comes Early?

2:21 am

The Honeydrippers. Rockin’ at Midnight

2:12 am

“Let’s do ‘The World is Waiting for the Sunrise’ while you try to think of it.”  (Mary Ford)

I just love Les Paul.  I’ve used this before, but I really love Les Paul.

Les Paul & Mary Ford Show: World Is Waiting For The Sunrise


2:10 am

One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest 1975 Best scene



1:55 pm

Michael Bennett Solves The Georgia Guidestones Mystery


With James Corbett

See more at:

1:18 am

My cyber-world is melting down.  If I cannot communicate, and if anybody cares at all, my numbers are 906-586-4629, and 906-291-1376.

12:53 am

Buckle Down Winsocki

12:48 am

Do you know that it is impossible to be funny without truth?”

Sometimes the air says more than the words.

Lucille Ball on Joan Rivers (Part 1)


(Social control and prohibition of creativity and she fought before I did.)

12:18 am

I know EXACTLY when Dad took out the contract on my life.  I said, “ISAAC WILL NEVER BE YOUR JUNIOR EXECUTIVE.”  (IT WASN’T A CHALLENGE.  IT WAS RECOGNITION OF THE exalted stock TO WHICH I GAVE BIRTH.)

When gazing at a graph that shows the profits up, their little cup of joy should overflow…”


 Poppins, Mary

12:05 am

A BRAND-NEW DAY!  Another chance to be heard, on behalf of Truth and Justice…


Even though nobody’s looked at my evidence, many of my claims have been proven true, by other probative reference.  I believe that makes it increasingly likely,  that I have lied about fewer things; an inverse relationship I think.  At some point of IQ and application, an aggrieved mind might contemplate the possibility that I have not lied about anything, including my father’s attempts to murder me.  I am not a statistician, but I know somebody could figure out the probability that I’m telling the truth.  Dad should probably be on suicide watch.  Don’t let him have any glass or chemicals.


11:49 am

Time is a figment of my imagination.  Time,  is also my father’s death sentence.  My parents invited Josh to see Drewbie’s first football game of the season.  George has the day off and we’re going shopping anyway, so I said I’d like to go.  Josh said, “I think it would scare your mother really bad if you went.”  I said, “I have lived a long time without family.  That’s not right.”  We’ll see.
I want some attention really bad.  I’ve never been an attention-seeker; I always played the accompaniment and changed the scenery, but now I want some attention.  I have debated our Congressman on TV.  (Who, though a DOCTOR who even worked at a VETERANS HOSPITAL… had never heard of ‘traumatic brain injury.’  He learned to use thus- wounded warriors in later speeches.)   I hated being on TV and I hated being on the radio and I hated being mentioned in articles.  (Except the time Ron Paul mentioned me.  I liked that one.)    I hated all of that, but now I CAN HARDLY WAIT TO PREACH AND TELL WHAT I KNOW ABOUT GOD AND GOVERNMENT!
I have watched my fellow humans GIVE UP ENTIRELY ON RATIONAL EVALUATION OF PRESENTED CONCEPTS.  Nobody thinks. Nobody at all, ever thinks.  My mom is Mrs. Hot-shot-Education.  She CAN’T THINK, and if somebody else thinks in her presence?  She stops it right away.  Just like her government taught her to do and just like her prisons/schools teach children to do,  and just like she neglected to teach me!!! Praise Jesus.  She was so distracted by her own persona that she never stopped me from thinking.  I have to go reflect on that, and thank Jesus.
I told George my idea about him and Isaac growing exceptionally valuable cannabis in Colorado and how Josh could get a feel for city life a bit at a time and how everybody could come home for the holidays, to a house that I will have made  clean and warm.  He didn’t dislike the idea.  He said, “It sounds like a long shot.”  I did my best Steve-Martin, “I know I’m a long-shot Rita, but sometimes long-shots pay off big.”  He liked supper.  He’s watching a reality show about policemen.  He should have something better to do.

4:33 pm


“Everyone is helpful, everyone is kind, on the road to Shamballa.”

4:13 pm

You walk in the kingdom of Heaven by acting as a citizen of that realm and by embracing the code of conduct that verifies your right to be there. You do it by believing you are doing it, regardless of being able to see or comprehend it. If you are determined in your intention to realize this, it will materialize around you. It will.

See more here:

4:05 pm

Think of your connection with the ineffable as a matter of electrical cabling. Is it a slender line that can be parted through stress or frayed by trial or circumstance? Is it something that can carry only so much current? Is it a thick and powerful cable that can carry a serious amount of power? This is something that we build by the exercise of faith. To the extent that we focus our attention upon the ineffable through every moment of our day, we build that cable. The slender lines are woven together and built into an unbreakable connection. One strand is not strong enough to endure the vicissitudes of testing and adversity but many strands woven together can possess an enormous strength. Just as one small stick is easily broken in our hands, many sticks in a bundle are not.

Read more at:

3:51 pm

Hey Witnesses!  I can no longer access my email.  You know I have a controversy so I believe you are responsible from here on out whether I can access your inbox or not.  Have a nice night.

3:33 pm

Little Jimmy Dickens just died this year.

Patsy Cline – A Church, A Courtroom And Then Goodbye

3:26 pm

  I am soon to attempt a tech marvel.  I wish to send a series of posts to my mini-cloud of witnesses, but I cannot get into the email account that holds their addresses.  It’s a real toss-up but God’s in control.

3:23 pm

BUMP TO THE TOP:   From 12/31/14:

I’m looking forward to becoming entirely free of mind-control, but I recognize there will not be very many humans there.  The “great cloud of witnesses” will banish my loneliness, but at this point, I really miss people.  I did not know how I would tolerate isolation; stories of prisons made me frantic.  I remember one guy, Soviet-Russia I think, who was in a room with other prisoners.  They sat on benches all day facing one another, and butt-cheek to butt-cheek.  At night they spooned, beneath their benches.  THEY WERE NOT PERMITTED TO TALK.  Never.  Once a week they left the room for a group-shower.  The witness found a scrap of soap, brittle with age, and he hid it between his butt-cheeks.  Ever after, when nobody was looking, (except the GOVERNMENT-FUCKED-SURVEILLANCE-GOONS-WHO-ARE-NOW-ALL-IN-HELL), he put his fingers up his ass and retrieved that soap-scrap.  He held it behind his back, so the morons-outside-the-door could not see what was REALLY GOING ON.  He tapped on the wall with his tiny scrap of cleanliness-related-to-a-better-existence.  I do not know Morse code, but maybe I should study it.  (That would probably be easier if I could count.)  I RECOGNIZE the dots from the dashes.  I WILL NEVER SUBMIT MY MIND TO CONTROL BY 1) demons, 2) Satan (God forbid…), 3) Keith Alexander, 4) family/societal expectations, 5) TV, 6) Vanity, shame, flattery or deceit, 6) psychopaths, 7) government, 8) Freemasons, 9) the “royal” family, 10) my father who is NOT smarter than the average bear, or 11) MY OWN WILL.  “Dear Lord, please OWN my mind…and my body and my spirit and my family and my friends and my influences and my future and all of theirs. ..dear, Lord.  Please may I have a kindred spirit.  Amen.”  “Please give the goons 1) GRACE, greater than all their sins, 2) COURAGE, 3) WISDOM, and 4) ORGANIZATION.”  “Please give them confidence and my love.”

1:42 pm

I ALWAYS WEAR BLACK because no matter what salvation army you got it from, black always matches.  I will have sex again when I wish to see another person looking back at me when I look into a mirror.  Mr. Lady’s-man laughed when I said that, but since he used to hunt virginity for sport, he knows I’m right.  He knows he should not screw what he does not wish to be.  He said all the guys have ‘unmentionables’.  (That is:   women that they would not wish for their friends to know that with whom they had had sexual relations.)  He agreed with me. ‘Unmentionables should not exist.’  He’d like to be a man, but men are not permitted.  I’m grateful to know him.

1:14 pm


My chair is Eagle-Central today.  They keep flying back and forth in front of me, whistling with authority!  The crows back off.  Not all of them have white heads but they all keep landing in the water in front of me.  Eagles don’t usually do that.  I’m very blessed.  The eagle is the sign of God’s true prophetic.

Dedicated to RON PAUL!  This is his favorite song, and it was his birthday yesterday:

Alice’s Restaurant

Arlo Guthrie & Johnny Cash


1:01 pm

“Dear Lord Jesus, please advise,
Am I SERIOUSLY,  talking my father back from the edge?  It FEELS LIKE I’M PUSHING HIM OVER THE CLIFF.  But, this world is only a small picture of our eternal existence,  and it has been established to demonstrate reality,  for all eternity,  of the true consequences of:  WHAT HAPPENS WHEN HUMANS REJECT GOD.  You gave me a supporting role, and you gave my dad the lead.  We must see some fireworks pretty soon, or you are not the God I signed up with.  That imperative does not bother me, because you have ALWAYS been right, and I am not tortured any more.  You are Jesus, the Christ and you, along with your Holy Spirit and our Eternal Father (who I shrink from but I expect we’ll be getting to know one another…) are Truth and Love and also you are IN CONTROL.”
“You have inserted extraordinary connections into my life and also into my synapses.  Did you actually SET ME ENTIRELY FREE OF THE PSYCHO-TROPIC-WEAPONRY-INDUCED TORTURE?  If that be true, I expect I am a ‘firstfruit’ of a much greater harvest of FREED-former-TARGETED-INDIVIDUALS.  My life is yours.  I am targeted on many fronts.  Do what you will do with my life.  This is a very fine morning and I am a great cook and I soaked in a hot tub outdoors with the wind spinning the steam.  Jesus loves me.  This I know.  Please, may I worship you with another human.  Thank you.  Amen.”
OMG, I bet it really shook my dad up when they said, “We keep turning it up…but she keeps escaping the bandwidth.”

12:05 pm

High noon.  Dad should take me shopping; he used to buy me great things like laser-cut suede jackets with fringe and attitude.  And he wouldn’t even have to go to the fat ladies store anymore.  He should take me to Toronto, and then we can get paperwork transferred at the same time.  He should let ME CHOOSE THE RESTAURANT, and he should buy me dinner.  He should, he knows he should, and every reader of conscience knows he should.

 But, if he wants somebody to stick up for him he can always call George.  George’s lips still firmly grip, the withered backside,  scarred in gross decay,   the ghosts of suck-ups past.  Dad still has a minion so he shall not die unsucked.  He’s NEVER EVER gone to a place that I wanted to be.  He should try it sometime.  I should choose a couple different restaurants I think.  And he should be forced to listen to live music and made to  inhale some second-hand sense.


11:49 am

Even though nobody’s looked at my evidence, many of my claims have been proven true, by other probative reference.  I believe that makes it increasingly likely,  that I have lied about fewer things; an inverse relationship I think.  At some point of IQ and application, an aggrieved mind might contemplate the possibility that I have not lied about anything, including my father’s attempts to murder me.  I am not a statistician, but I know somebody could figure out the probability that I’m telling the truth.  Dad should probably be on suicide watch.  Don’t let him have any glass or chemicals.

11:37 am

I wonder if my dad is considering suicide.  That would explain various urgent disruptions to the drone of the studied silence.  I think my mom might wonder that too, and my brother.  I think they’d probably talk to me, and maybe even help me buy some wood, so we might have heat this fall, if they knew for sure it would not set Dad off.  I think they wonder how much he can take, and what it might do to him if I were to stop writing.  What would he do if I were to maybe even disappear?  I’m very important to his mental health, I’m like Dorian Gray’s Portrait, hidden in the closet but VERY INSTRUCTIVE.  I am the yet-living representation of his darkest aspect.  He can’t look away. How do you drown a narcissist?  Put a mirror on the bottom of the pool.  

I have one plan and that is to serve the ineffable to the limits of my ability and that means to see everything as a special dealing of the ineffable with my soul. When you see the whole of your life and every event in it, no matter how small, as an interaction between you and the ineffable, you are exactly where you need to be. It is not ‘not knowing’ that creates problems for us, it is ‘knowing’, because all of our knowing is limited and that means that as long as we think we know we are walking blind. There is only one thing we can know and that is that there is an ineffable and that the ineffable loves us and to the degree that we surrender to this understanding, to that degree, we are able to receive the grace of the ineffable.

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10:09 am

How to spot a family killer: Experts discover ‘distinct psychological’ traits in men who murder their  children

  • Forensic psychologist studied the mental health of 153 murderers in the US
  • He found men who killed their wives had a distinct psychological profile
  • They had more severe mental illness, fewer convictions and lower IQ

Read more:
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7:34 am

I think I had a good idea.  George loves that hot-tub.  Every morning when he comes home he goes out there to check the ph and to see if the temperature is right.  It’s a lot like growing marijuana, attention to detail.  George was the BEST MARIJUANA GROWER EVER.  He is not interested in vegetables anymore, but he used to grow those like a champ.  I think “GEORGE” means farmer.  Miller is a person who processes and distributes commodities.  I am now an anarchist and my faith has increased so I’ve been encouraging him to consider growing weed again.  But, maybe he should be growing weed in Boulder, CO where growing weed is a valued occupation.  He is TOO YOUNG TO GO INTO HIS MOTHER’S LIFE.  (My opinion.  His mother is badass but he’s too young for that.)  He should go rent a place with Isaac; Josh could go from here to there as he felt the need; I could BUY PROPANE WITH THE MASSIVE AMOUNT OF MONEY HE WOULD EARN WHEN HE HOOKED UP WITH THE BEST  DISPENSARY IN COLORADO…and Isaac wouldn’t have to leave the place he loves.  This might be a very good idea.  He has no business working for the fascist government.  He knows that.


6:50 am

My guest  told me that the local public health abomination provides abortions to underage women.  They do not require parental consent.  He said, “The first one is even free.”  Just like heroin.  But more importantly I think, they do NOT CONSULT THE gonna-be-dead-anywayBABY-PERSON’S  FATHER.  I expect a lot more men would defend their children if they were permitted to do so.  The PTB have successfully fucked up the family, but there is one thing they haven’t even tarnished:  Our inherent desire to live in one.

Isn’t this a troubling paradox?  “Men desire permission…to be men.”    I give them leave, but what would we see?   When you google ‘manhood’ the wikipedia entry keeps changing.   Bruce Jenner looks really good in a dress;  he’s loving it.    I’m not  comfortable wearing the trousers but somebody’s gotta do it.

6:41 am

My guest has lost three babies, the first died when he was a teenager..  The best day of his life was when his girlfriend was pregnant and he had a good job and an apartment.    The most recent death was a dangerous tubal pregnancy and he still gets medical bills.  He talked about relationships referencing Vikings and Romans.  He said that if somebody pillages your home, it’s because you didn’t like it enough to protect it.  He’s the county’s most successful lothario.  But he’s a romantic and he says he’ll never be the first to quit.  He says that he can’t fight for two though, and I know how that feels.
6:36 am
George just got home, he worked all night.  I made him a great salad with spinach and crunchy sauteed salmon and organic cucumbers and croutons and tomatoes.  I cut a piece of blueberry pie and poured him a glass of milk.  I offered him linguine and pesto, but he thought the salad would be enough.
My guest has watched three women kill his babies…and he still believes in love and would like to live with a woman and to have children.  I spent years having babies and still serve the man who would not stand for his family…on the basis of a single false report.  It’s hard to reconcile these observations.

6:09 am

We say good-bye to another of my tortured brethren.


I am of the opinion, having had a great deal of time to think about it, that torture is a great deal like pregnancy. There is no such thing as being a little bit pregnant; a woman is either pregnant or not pregnant. Likewise, torture is any unwelcome pain at all, particularly after 25 years of it. My pain is sometimes crippling and sometimes less than that, but what difference does it make anyway when it goes on and on, and on – every waking minute.  (Harlan Girard)

(April 28, 2011
Public Commentary
The Presidential Commission for the
Study of Bioethical Issues
1425 New York Ave., NW, Ste. C-100
Washington, DC 20005)


RIP – psychophysical weapons and tortures in Europe – HARLAN GIRARD

Read at:

6:04 am

5:47 am

Paranoid Schizophrenia, Tool of the Red Terror, Makes a Comeback in Authoritarian USA & Other Western “Democracies”


In an age when psychiatry itself, the entire field of psychiatry, is being increasingly debunked as valid science and seen rather to be what it was historically set up by 19th and 20th century olde-worlde, patriarchical European and American eugenicists, racists, and social-control obsessives to be, a fraudulent State-supported and pharmaceutical-company-propped-up tool of social control, it’s useful to remind ourselves that–all through the last 2 centuries– it has been especially used as a tool by totalitarian governments and authoritarian groups–the Nazis, the KGB, the US secret agencies among them, to crush dissent, destroy truth, and silence credible witness.

Paranoid Schizophrenia: Historic Tool to Suppress Public Awareness of Human Experimentation

US Torture and Secret Medical Experimentation history is littered with examples of people coming forward to report secret medical experiments on their unconsenting human bodies, and, not merely being dismissed as delusional, but given official diagnoses of “paranoid schizophrenia” by complacently complicit psychiatrists, willingly entangling themselves in the machinery of the Authoritarian State.

(Lots of links here.)

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5:30 am

Hearken and obey My voice, for I am the Commander and Chief, The King of Kings. My soldiers are so in love and committed to Me that they desire to execute and follow through on My plans no matter what the personal cost is to them.”

Sharing My truths, moved and led by My Spirit and anointing you shall see signs, wonders and miracles. For I have said in My word you shall do greater things than Me. So Arise and march forward and advance My Kingdom on earth.”

See more from 8/25 through James Donovan:

4:40 am

Is Your All On the Altar?


6:20 pm

Head of Fusion Center and Two Others Commit Suicide over Ashley Madison Hack

(I predicted this, did I not?  I said that when other people know our secrets…some of us will eat our own faces off.)

Michael Gorhum, a police captain from San Antonio, Texas who oversaw the San Antonio Regional Intelligence Center Unit better known as the Southwest Texas Fusion Center, shot himself to death on Thursday.

Gorhum was apparently easily outed because he used his work email which was easily recognizable. Another San Antonio detective was also on the site. As Photography Is Not a Crime pointed out, “We can expect many more government officials to be exposed who did not have the foresight to use an anonymous email.”

Read more at:


5:27 pm

I’m trying to understand my responsibility for knowing that tyrants do not stop until forced to do so.  I’m set up to take some people down.  I don’t know who or how.  I must wait on the Lord; all responsibility is his and he will free me when he needs me.  He will choose my new life and put me on the right road.  But, I am of his working-organs in this DNA hologram.  How much pressure am I to put on my father?  I dislike this entire job, but I have been faithful to keep him awake.
 I’d really like to be a girl again and maybe look pretty.  I dislike conflict and people are so ridiculous!  Why should people STILL REFUSE TO TALK TO ME?  I didn’t make Dad a psychopath!  I didn’t cause him to destroy George’s family and confidence!  I’m just the one telling you about it.  I was tortured.  It would be very nice if some Christian brother would lend a hand of consolation and maybe an interest-free loan.  WWJD?  (If you refuse the Baptism of the Holy Ghost I guess a magic bracelet is the best you can hope for.)

5:16 pm

“Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.”

—Martin Luther King Jr.

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5:09 pm

The top 10 most stunningly retarded things people really said to me in the past week

“If the Pentagon really had a secret space weapon, we would know about it.”

Learn more:

Learn more:

4:55 pm

Why Can’t They See The Truth? Psychologists Help 9 /11 Truth Deniers

Despite overwhelming proof the government’s official story of what happened on September 11, 2001 is wrong, many people continue to believe the government’s official version. Why?


See more at:

11:26 am

“Success lies in perseverance; ceaseless, restless, perseverance!” — Manfred Freiherr von Richthofen, aka The Red Baron

Read more:

11:07 am

I think I know about my crying.  I think I’m feeling natural emotion.  I have spent the past six plus years fighting FAKE emotions, and I still face them sometimes.  I think I’m getting freer.  I forget to be grateful for the blessing of beta-testing reverse-engineered induced-psychosis.  I know this was a most fortunate circumstance and I know I recorded the steps into forced-crazy,  and also the steps back out.  I’m very grateful.  I was grateful when just the rapes stopped and the pass-out-ray no longer knocked me down.  I forget that I have an awful lot more to be grateful for.  Somebody stepped in and saved me.  That’s a very sacrificial brave thing.  When our story gets air-time we’re going to be on all the shows.  I really need some clothes.

10:56 am

I’m hearing gunshots this morning.  I often hear gunshots and wonder how my imprisonment will end.  A bullet could fix everything.  A number of ways, it could relieve all the pressure.  I wonder if the NSA puts people in really tight spots like my own, before they start pumping in the ‘suggestions’ to commit mass-homicide?  I guess we’ll never know …unless we ask a few questions of a few psychopaths.  They will not like being approached in this manner, so we’ll have to restrain them.  We have to stop the gamers who kill people for fun.  We can do this, but not as long as we do not admit what has happened to our world.  Some of God’s Sons better come to maturity pretty quick.


10:42 am

I’ve begun to cry again, maybe once a week.  Is that about normal?  I should look it up.  I used to cry every single day at three o’clock.  Then I didn’t cry at all for a really long time.  I got very determined and tough.  I don’t think I’ve cried too much since we started the website.  But, now it sorta feels good.  “I am a leaf on the breeze.”  (Wash.  ‘Serenity’)  I have no preconceived ideas about what I may become, but I know my occupation will be fun and rewarding and it will help people.  I should possibly be able to get some clothes pretty soon.  I look like a ragamuffin.


 Crying is relaxing.  My targeted friend in Belgium (who survived the surgery on her eye but has questions about the procedure) cried when I was with her and she was really surprised.  Crying is letting your guard down and we can only do that when we feel safe.  Soon I will be with people who allow me to cry, and I will make them safe too.  There will be ‘no enemy in the camp’ and we’ll all be so much happier.  And finally relaxed.

10:30 am

I never noticed before but this song  contains what has got to be  the simplest piano solo ever recorded.  I’m really lonely but I do not feel sorry for myself.  God has friends picked out for me.  And a home.


Home Again by Carole King

10:18 am

It’s encouraging to see unhappy couples aging so rapidly.  The quicker they age, the sooner they will be free. They tolerated an entire lifetime, and their reward is imminent.  They’ve grit their teeth through decades of irritation and disappointment, and soon they will no longer suffer connubial bliss. Their lives will have had meaning.  Their kids will fight over the booty.  Job well done.


9:01 am

5:54 am

I had a dream once, where I was driving blind.  I gave the wheel to Jesus and we stopped right before running into a great big rock.  No life was lost.  But recently I’ve seen that rock again, in visions.  I see myself on top of that rock and jumping up and down and pulverizing it into the dirt beneath the wheels of the truck that carried us all to safety.  This is a good vision.  But I would REALLY not want to be that rock.

5:45 am

I always loved Jimmy Vaughan, he’s got that Jerry Lee thing going on but with some informed  restraint.  He’s a Ron Pauler.  Stevie would have been a Ron Pauler if he had lived here longer.


One of my all-time favorite guitar performances:


What INCREDIBLE communication.  And those guys are brothers.  Sounds like a parable coming on.

5:34 am

Folks, this is a serious situation.  You better tear yourselves away from the TV and start thinking seriously  what kind of country  you want your children and your grandchildren to grow up in.”

The Danger Of Telling The Truth


Jeff Rense & Jim Marrs –

5:28 am

Nobody ever stands up to psychopaths…except the victims.  Why will no righteous person stand with the victims?  Psychopaths are accused, Lyndon Johnson, George Dubya, Dick Cheney who cannot go to Canada and Don Rumsfeld who is also a wanted man.  Why in the WORLD do we not look into the claims of the victims?  What cold-hearted idiots we are!  If the story is wrong, we could stop the slander.  If the story is true, we’ll stop the bloodshed.  It’s a win-win except it rocks our world to initiate conflict with coldblooded killers.  We’re afraid of death.  That’s gotta stop.
Also, I have two evernote accounts and two youtube accounts and two gmail accounts.  I get switched back and forth from one to the other and most of them I haven’t even opened for two years and I don’t remember the passwords and that’s a real pain in the ass.  The video thing is frustrating, substituted links for text I chose and carefully clicked on, things turning up in odd places.  I could write a book.  Too bad nobody would buy it.

4:58 am

In a matter of hours I will have been a non-smoker for an entire week.  I think that’s my problem; I never called myself a non-smoker before.  I’ve always been an abstinent smoker.  I can refrain from smoking for even months, but I view it like a fast.  I can fast forever…if I know that someday I’ll eat again.  Smoking is like that for me.  Refraining from smoking is just a series of little disappointments.  “Wow, that was good…now I’ll smoke a cigarette!”  “No.  You won’t.”   Besides the indescribable allure of nicotine, a cigarette break is like a re-set of time and attention.  A reward and a distraction and ‘thank you, God’… something to do with one’s hands when there are no more words to type.  I told George I loved to smoke many years ago.  I used to dream about smoking even decades after I quit in my twenties.  One day my prince will come.
OK, Cyberstalking update:
I AM ABOUT READY TO START GETTING FRUSTRATED.  Not only do I get SIGNED OUT of my toy-computer that does only one thing:  REMEMBER MY PASSWORDS and keep me logged in, but also the entire thing freezes up and that has never happened to me in the entire 1.8 years I’ve used this piece of junk.  I texted my former jailbird friend about the money he owes Josh, thus:  SEND JOSH MONEY.  He sold my old car for four times what he paid and never sent Josh a dime.  He is sending some now.  I do not like standing up for us but I REALLY LIKE WHAT HAPPENS WHEN SOMEBODY DOES.  That doesn’t have much to do with the computer EXCEPT that Josh and George should buy me a tablet.  I suspect they know that.  My father should buy us a home, and life should move ahead.  I think he should get 5-10.
The arts center nazis called today to see if we’d finished our faces for the auction.  I wasn’t unkind but we didn’t talk very long.  I’m painting the entire face in camouflage, no commercial pattern though, I don’t have the right colors to recreate ‘Realtree’ and I have no ghillie-strands but it will look very subversive.  Then I’m topping it off with a huge Elmer Fudd hunting cap in bright blaze orange.  I think that’s pretty ironic.

4:21 am


The Persuasions – Slip Slidin’ Away

4:14 am



2. POWER TO CHANGE NATURE AND COMMAND IT TO OBEY – change weather patterns, change its course; Moses commanded thick darkness over all of Egypt; Elijah commanded rain to stop for 3 yrs.; Joshua commanded the sun to stand still

3. POWER TO SHAME THE ENEMIES AND GLORIFY THE NAME OF GOD – Exo. 7:10-12 Moses to Pharaoh with rod that turned to a snake (10-ft cobra)

4. POWER TO STRENGTHEN, CHANGE THE WEAK INTO STRONG like Incredible Hulk, like weak Clark Kent turning into Superman, Samson.




[He forgot #3 kind.]


1) Supernatural Speed

2) Jump up high on huge walls, walk on water, walk through closed doors. We can walk through prison doors, and set prisoners free. We can command ground to open up through your words

3) TO TRANSFORM ENTIRE BODY’S DNA TO ANOTHER DNA like into half-lion, half-man, like eagle-lion for speed flight, dog, etc.




4:08 am

I love this guy, we’ve met him a couple times.  He answered some questions about visions Isaac was seeing when he was little.

The 7 Powers of the Age to Come to Start Manifesting Aug. 2015

Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj

3:58 am

Who in their right mind would not wish to see a miracle?  How could anybody be so callous as to neglect desiring miraculous healing for a sick friend?  Why do we accept our war-based economy; shouldn’t we want our families to be honest and serene?  Why do we settle for servitude to constructs of control, when we could pray for miracles?
American Christians are the most mind-controlled, brain-damaged, mentally-ill people I know.  I grew up in a cult. Actually, I grew up in two overlapping cults and the Robert-Goldthorpe-Brigade figured prominently in each.  I was screwed from the minute I cast my eyes above.  I realize that my recent years of attempting to convince my father that I am well and moral were really silly; that’s why he hates me to begin with.  I was just rubbing his nose in Jesus’ capabilities.  I was infuriating him with my many miracles.  Cult-gods do not like miracles for a couple very good reasons:  1) they don’t get to control the circumstances, and 2) THEY CAN’T MAKE THEM HAPPEN!  Cult-gods are dying out because nowadays, heck, even the FBI can pull off a miracle or two.
Baptists do not believe in miracles.  Baptists like to read old stories about magic; they just don’t like when the words come off the page and dance around.  Baptists don’t like dancing at all.  This new Kingdom is going to usher the remnant of natural-humanity into the presence of Jesus with new kinds of music.  There will be a whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on.  The Baptists will probably be shocked and pull the drapes.  Then they will turn on the TV so they can watch Kim Kardashian’s ass.  Baptists are going to have some rough sledding.

3:25 am

Carl Sanders talked about inventing the lithium self-perpetuating battery for chips way back in the mid nineties.  I still have cassette tapes.  He became a Christian and got all worked up about the Mark of the Beast.




1:555 pm


George DOES in fact, remember scraping me from the floor.  But, he has no explanation for it.  He is sure though,that it was NOT DUE TO THE SAME MICROWAVE WEAPONS THAT DROP OTHER WOMEN TO THE FLOOR WORLDWIDE.

1:12 pm


 I read the following letter  to George, you know what he said?  “Do I believe that technology exists?  Yes.  Do I believe it happened to you? No.”

(He doesn’t even remember scraping me up off the floor a thousand times!!!)


Dear George, 

I hate you.  I hate everything that matters to you, and I love many things you do not seem to care about.  I hate living with you, and I hate the fact that you distrust me after all these years.  I hate that you believed lies.  I HATE MUCH MORE that you will not look at evidence, and choose instead to continue believing lies.  I hate that you do not care about Josh and I hate that you will not take Connie to the vet.  I hate that you think we can live another winter with the house below 60 degrees, but if it gets that warm without fuel, I’ll be grateful.
 I HATE THAT YOU WILL NOT SEEK OUT THE CAUSE OF OUR TROUBLES.  I hate that you will not consider what happened to us.  I hate that you do not care.  I hate you.  I hate you a WHOLE lot and I do not want to cater to your needs anymore.  I want you gone.  I’ll live in the car.  I’ll live on the street.  I’ll live or die.  At least I won’t live with a wienie who CHOSE to allow his life and family to be damaged.  I hate you.  I repent to God every time you speak.  You’re gonna buy a bowflex now?  I hate you.  I hate what you’ve allowed to happen to us and I hate that you think I’M BAD for trying to defend this family.  I really hate you.  Really.  “God, forgive me again.  How can I not hate him if you do not change me?  CHANGE ME!  PLEASE.”  “Please forgive my lying father for what he did to a kind man and a kind family.”  “Amen.”
I was an EXTREMELY good wife,
I am a dependable friend,


12:34 pm

George has to get a bigger place to live.  The basement is full once again, with empty boxes and broken chairs.  He doesn’t have enough room here to save all his crap…and I shouldn’t have to dig through it again.  In 2012, before I understood that my dad KNEW ALL ALONG that I was sane, I spent MONTHS trying to convince him.  I fixed things and got rid of a lot of crap, and also good stuff of mine that George had promised to fix. Tough shit.  I threw away about 10 antique lamps that used to function.  I was foolish to wait so long.  I want NOTHING but freedom.  (Including freedom from catering to a person whose values mean nothing to me.)  George refused to let me discard the car seat from the van he no longer owns.  I told him it shouldn’t be in the garage.  I DID get rid of two other broken chairs.  He probably put the van-seat in his bedroom. The lights in the basement don’t work and the lights in the kitchen only work sometimes.  George is an electrician.  He is working overtime so he can spend forty days a year with his mother…and buy a new bowflex.  He will not buy propane or firewood this year.  He said he did the math, and electric heat is cheaper.  I wonder if he figured in the potential for a housefire?
George said he has begun to throw boxes away.  I’m pleased to hear that.

11:01 am


Widower, 69, killed himself because he was too proud to report he was continually reduced to tears after being ‘bullied by his neighbours’, inquest hears

Read more:
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Read more:
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‘They stopped him sitting down in in their shared garden by making him uncomfortable and would call him mad, stupid and jeering at him. My dad was a big man and had never been bullied nor had he been a bully and because of this incessant torture, he felt less of a man and ashamed that he couldn’t stand up to them.’

Read more:
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Read more:
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9:54 am

Embedded image permalinkEmbedded image permalink

9:49 am

Woman Watches Cop Kill Husband at Walmart, Then They Took HER Away on a Stretcher

Read at:

“Stop F**king Crying!” SWAT Raids Wrong Home, Holds Naked Mom at Gunpoint in Front of Children

See more at:

9:05 am

If It Looks Like A Crash, Walks Like A Crash, And Talks Like A Crash, It’s A Crash. Fraud, Corruption, Debt, Greed, And Now Massive Amounts Of Fear Have Combined For An Epic Debacle.

Read more at:


Hell is forever.  But it’s not MY Forever.

When a narcissist has money…he can exercise his sadistic urges freely, and with little fear of repercussions.

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8/24/15  My sister’s birthday, I hope she has a nice one.

4:07 am

Lots of thinkers say that exercising faith requires courage.  I couldn’t disagree more.  Exercising faith establishes courage.  The ‘responsibilities inherent in faith’ are minimal.  There is no responsibility save one: Listen.  Then obey.  No responsibility at all, and no fear once we’ve obeyed a few times.  What’s REALLY SCARY is traversing the Earthly mine-field without faith!  How can we be responsible for all of that?  The fear of being out of control is so puny and last-century and pre-tech and ignorant!  WE ARE NOT IN CONTROL OF EVEN A SINGLE ASPECT OF OUR ENVIRONMENT.  We aren’t even in control of our own selves!
And we don’t even wish to know who pulls our strings.  We slander those who would tell us our real condition. We aspire to die, so  we will no longer have to suffer the nigglings of truth.  Religious people don’t know what to do with truth.  They don’t realize, that by choosing to squeeze themselves into a ‘doctrine’ they have created their own hell on Earth.  How TERRIBLE it must be, to know the Bible…and be ‘responsible’ to understand it all perfectly while denying its supernatural aspect.  How FRIGHTENING to consider one’s actions according to a book that prohibits murder…yet applauds it sometimes!  How IMPOTENT a ‘religious’ person must be, and how scary!  If we do not hear from God, the Bible is JUST A BOOK and it’s a really scary one.
Exercising faith is only frightening to those who refuse to hear God’s voice, and BAPTIST DOCTRINE PROHIBITS THAT PRACTICE by denigrating the Baptism of the Holy Spirit although the BIBLE says that ‘blasphemy of the Spirit’ is…the UNPARDONABLE SIN. How can ANY OF THEM even sleep at night.  That requires mucho courage.  Compared to Christianity without God’s participation, faith is a breeze.

3:28 am

Childhood experiences of growing up with narcissists playing the role of parent  may have blinded us to a   truth:   MALIGNANT NARCISSISTS ARE SELFISH, FRIGHTENED INDIVIDUALS.”

Cowardice of the Malignant Narcissist

Seeing others honor their own personal reality serves only to enrage the narcissist

It’s perfectly understandable why:  

The utter self-centered and petty cowardice of the malignant narcissist came to the fore the moment they recognized one who was not afraid to follow their own inner truth.



8:30 pm

The Narcissistic Parent as you mature

7:29 pm

My parents are murderers, they do it every day, and I recorded a lot of their attacks on others in my journals.  They destroy with their mouths.  I guess James told us about that. 


The cut down everybody.  EVERYBODY.  THEY ARE SUPERIOR (supposedly) and they talk bad…even about their fans!  I wonder how Kathy would feel if she knew how they actually think?  How about David?  He’s a REAL disappointment to Dad.  Dad told me so many times.  BUT HE HAS TE$TICLES so he’s the man.  PUKE.  I PUKE OVER MY BROTHER WHO HAS THE STUFF TO BE A REAL MAN AND NOT A PSYCHOPATH’S  SYCOPHANT!

7:20 pm

I am SO BLESSED that I was the blacksheep and not the Golden Child in our dysfunctional family!  I can see TRUTH!  (And also LIES!!!)

7:01 pm

When the target for destruction shares the same name and DNA, shared the same house, shared the same memories…the uninitiated brain understandably goes tilt.”

The Slandering Narcissist

“Malignant narcissists destroy the people who are nearest and supposedly dearest to them.  The people who happen to be their children.”

6:47 pm

Peine forte et dure (Law French for “hard and forceful punishment”) was a method of torture formerly used in the common law legal system, in which a defendant who refused to plead (“stood mute”) would be subjected to having heavier and heavier stones placed upon his or her chest until a plea was entered, or they died.

6:16 pm

Bump to the top from  7/8/14,  3:01 am:

….The [basis of the] judgment [indictment, the test by which men are judged, the ground
for the sentence] lies in this: the Light has come into the world, and people have loved the
darkness rather than and more than the Light, for their works [deeds] were evil. [Isa. 5:20.] For
every wrongdoer hates [loathes, detests] the Light, and will not come out into the Light but
shrinks from it, lest his works [his deeds, his activities, his conduct] be exposed and reproved.
But he who practices truth [who does what is right] comes out into the Light; so that his works
may be plainly shown to be what they are – wrought with God [divinely prompted, done with God’s help, in dependence upon Him]”…. John 3:19-21 The Amplified Translation
“He (Satan) is terrified of even the thought of true believers coming together in true unity and one accord in this hour – and that is precisely why he has fought with everything he has [strife, division, apathy etc.] to prevent true spiritual environments [of any size or shape] being established because when even two hearts that are wholly given to the highest purpose of God are “fused” together as one in the Holy Spirit they become an “unstoppable force”. Because of these things, it is not hard to see what a tremendous [and immediate] impact the Glorious Church will have on a “religious” church and a love-starved word in this final hour!”
Glenn Jackson, more at:

5:50 pm

BUMP TO THE TOP, from 4/19/15

I was so amazed when I read to George the ad for Dad to put in the Newberry News that it didn’t occur to me until right now…that his obstinance proves my contention that Dad is responsible for the post-marital purgatory we share.  He said, “That’s how YOU remember it.”   I RECORDED it.  Dad DID destroy our marriage and George’s current attitude proves that fact.  George can’t distinguish light from darkness anymore.
—  (also from 4/19/15)
Dear Dad,
Everybody now knows that you are a pathological liar…except George.  George loved truth for a lot of years but now he has trouble differentiating.  I recognize that when you occasionally do tell the truth, there’s always a margin in it for you.  This time we’re looking at real opportunity.  If you tell George about what you did to our family, our smart-strong boys may not lick your blood.  (The fact that it would help George and release me from purgatory shouldn’t stop you.  “Collateral  losses.”)  Also, I’d not have to expose any more about your selfish life.  It is in YOUR OWN BEST INTEREST to clean up the mess you made.  Thank you for considering this wisdom.
Love and high hopes to live in a world where lies no longer brain-damage gentle souls,
(One day George will recognize all I did to defend our family, and he will thank me.)
Dad, God must love you an awful lot to put us through so much just to force you to become a Christian.  That’s really cool.  I thank him for putting me on your payroll.

10:37 am

I don’t know how anybody can keep track of fake identities on dating/cheating internet accounts.  I can’t even remember my real user-names and passwords!  Lying has been abolished; I’ve been saying that for a long time. The cloud never forgets, and it’s got the goods on EVERYBODY, not just on  those who lie online.  
There has always existed a great cloud of witnesses who understand us very well and influence our behavior and circumstances.  Now, they’re joined by GOOGLE and cyber-warriors and government goons.  It is sufficient warning to the wise, that we can no longer live as though we have any privacy.  What may be less apparent is all the unexpected ways our PAST INDISCRETIONS  will be popping up.  “Men’s hearts failing them for fear.”  That was a prophecy.  Now it’s reality.  Sure am glad I was weaned from lying.

9:11 am

Narcissist-Mother apology:  “I’M SORRY...that my daughter didn’t turn out like I wanted her to.”

(I used to apologize to my mom a lot.  I’d say, “I’m sorry.”

She’d say:  “You SURE ARE!”)

How A Narcissistic Mother Rejects Reality

8:55 am

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8:47 am

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8:36 am

Dear Mom, 

Let me know when you’re emotionally able to process ME CALLING YOU OUT ON YOUR BULLSHIT.  

I’ll be around when you need me.

8:34 am

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8:32 am

8:29 am

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8:04 am

(My mom and dad’s family is ABSOLUTELY TEXTBOOK PERFECT.)

Every narcissist needs a sacrificial lamb…step up the black sheep…onto him all problems, inadequacies , addictions and mental health problems are projected…

“Your siblings will starve you out to freeze  in the wilderness of no-contact.”


8 Signs Your Mother is a Narcissist 

7:45 am

(When my parents become Christians I’ll write a book about it so victims of narcissists will have hope.    Psychiatrists offer  us NONE.)

If and when you muster the strength to sever ties with the narc,
expect a full-fledged attack on your morality, character and integrity.

Narcissists Destroy Who they cannot Control

A so-called relationship with a narcissist is no relationship at all;  there is nothing mutual about it at all.  It is a form of slavery.     It  is master to servant .   It is superior to inferior.
If you do not give the narcissist in your life the control they desire, expect to be the target of their rage, or (if you’re lucky) abandonment.


6:22 pm


John Hiatt – Sure as I’m Sitting Here

5:48 pm

Dear Lord Jesus, my savior and the creator of the universe,
My parents are in trouble.  Of COURSE I care.  But, on the other hand, they tried to destroy my life and my WITNESS FOR YOUR ALMIGHTY POWER.  What can I say?  I ask nothing.  Your will be done.  They have hated you and claimed your name so whatever you do to them is OK by me.  Please, keep me on your path; I wish to serve only you, Jesus, the Christ and my lover and friend and everything I ever wanted.  If my folks gotta fry?  That’s your business.  I’ll be right here.

5:45 pm

It’s not that I don’t care about them.  They might die!  Oh, such a fate.  (Everybody dies.  One way or another.)  My parents are in trouble.  Tsk.  Again, tsk.  I should be alarmed!  I should defend their bodily lives of over-indulgence and minimal compassion.  I don’t.  If God thinks they gotta die, I’m OK with that.  I’m not pulling the trigger, as they did for me.  I’m just OK with God’s will.  God is always right.  God is my lover and my best friend.  My parents have pretended to know him.  Will they fry?  That’s not my problem.  


5:35 pm

We have such MORE IMPORTANT things to worry about rather than my father’s ‘reputation’.  My mom is frantic.  ( I should be used to that.  she’s rarely civil.)  Dad is in TROUBLE and he must stop doing what the bad guys wish…like yesterday.  He must trust God.  (Too bad he doesn’t have the Holy Ghost or that would be somewhat easier.)  I’ll do what I can to help them.  God has been totally sufficient to protect me.   They should become Christians or they will be fried by those they enlisted.  Isn’t that ironic?  It’s good for them that I was tortured and God taught me well.  Don’t you think so?

2:49 pm

BUT, PRAISE JESUS…my dad responded!!!!


Dedicated to my dad, with much love and very high hopes:

If Ever I See You Again

2:32 pm

Dad responded (unkindly) to a text so I said:

I am very lonely.  You have been lonely for your entire life.  We could help each other.

2:28 pm

Dear Dad.  If you want to never love me you should tell me your intention.  I was deceived because I was a baby in your house and occasionally in your arms.  My positioning led me to believe that I was your beloved offspring and that you would assist me when life got hard and mean.  You are hard and mean.  Tell me to stop pestering you and I will no longer expect love.  BUT, say it in front of all ttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttTell me you do not plan to ever love me.  Say it.  Say it or you’re a bigger wienie than you’ve been.  DO YOU LOVE ME.  YES OR NO.  CIRCLE ONE.  Love and  high hopes, your daughter, with much love, and hope in Jesus, the Christ, LINDA

1:53 pm

I would NEVER do what has been done to me.  I would NEVER EVER do to ANYBODY, what has been done to me.  I would never do it to my LYING PSYCHOPATH father, and I would never do it to my STUPID LAZY ex-husband.  I would not do it to my MOTHER WHO VALUED HER IQ more than her children, and castrated both in her fervor.  I would not do it to my BROTHER WHO CHEATS ON HIS WIFE.   I would not do it to my sister whose dishes I FLEW MANY HOURS TO WASH and who has not spoken to me for years.  (She takes kick-backs from LYING PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES WHO KILL PEOPLE.)  I would not do it to her.  I would not treat ANY HUMAN ON THE PLANET as my parents have treated me and compelled others to treat me.  My PARENTS ARE PERVERTED.  THEY don’t even rightly love themselves!  Even their self-love is perverted!  They will ROT IN HELL!  (Choosing that future is NOT VERY SMART.)  You hurt others, you go to hell.  They CONTINUE to hurt me.  I pray for their souls.  “God have mercy on my GUTLESS LYING FAMILY.  Amen.”

1:36 pm


Dedicated to Dad.  Poor Dad.  Lonely Dad.  (Dad who would be happier if he’d CONFESS.)

I Can’t Make You Love Me


1:21 pm


Dedicated to Nana, she loved all kinds of ukeleles

Lincoln Town by John Hiatt on soprano ukulele

1:13 pm


Dear Linda ,
the operation was big and long.
 They abused one microchip in my eye during the operation  . I can feel and see it.
In love ,

Linda Goldthorpe <>

1:12 PM (0 minutes ago)

Thank you for letting me know it’s over.  I’ve been praying for you.  Something MUST break pretty soon.  I have tremendous evidence but my father is a follower of Satan himself.  I’m praying as best I can against the obstacle he is to freedom for so many.  If he would repent I could do so much!  NO.  “WHEN HE REPENTS I WILL DO SO MUCH.”  Love to you, and always Jesus.  L

12:19 pm

Letter to George and Isaac and Josh,
Dearly beloved.  I have loved you each for as long as I could.  I have been your slave and a second-class citizen since we experienced a series of events…that each of you refuses to talk about.  YET, I am only worth 10 dollars a day, no central heat, endless labor, and no respect.  THIS IS A MISTAKE THAT YOU MAKE REGARDING ME.  I DID NOTHING WRONG.  I was tortured.  I didn’t EVEN THINK DIRTY THOUGHTS!  I DID not cheat on anybody.  I WAS TORTURED AND I CONTINUE TO SUFFER BECAUSE MY PSYCHOPATH FATHER WILL NOT TELL the TRUTH… AND YOU ‘MEN’ WILL NOT DEMAND IT.  How much easier to call me the problem and to shut my mouth.  Easy and safe.  
I WILL BE TREATED WITH RESPECT.  I DESERVE IT and if any one of you cared enough to review my evidence you would be very proud of me.  I have defended this family even when it was not appreciated. I have taken the BRUNT OF EVERY DECISION YOUR FATHER AND I MADE TOGETHER…and also recrimination for decisions I allowed him to make by himself.  He is no longer able to make decisions with another person, because he does not TRUST ANYBODY, because my father told him that his PRAYING WIFE was a bad person… and he believed it.  He doesn’t know what to believe anymore, so he just buys junk and builds his body.  
MY FATHER SHOULD BE SHOT!  IF you boys would pay attention you would see that your father’s deterioration has directly resulted from his rejection of truth.  That rejection of truth directly resulted from my FATHER’S LIES ABOUT ME AND US.  Do with that as you will; if you do not care to know truth that’s your business.  BUT,  I WILL BE RESPECTED BY THE MEN I HAVE FAITHFULLY SERVED FOR TWENTY-FIVE YEARS.  I still fold your father’s underwear although he makes me want to vomit.  He abandoned me for love of my lying dad.  You could know the truth and it would set you free.  So could he.  (“Reading is for RICH people.”)
 I do not wish for you to harm my dad, but if you were paying attention you would want to.  I pray for him EVERY SINGLE DAY.  I will no longer stand aside for stupidity and lies.  If you can’t deal with that, then we need an additional conversation.  If you my sons do not care about what evil was done to your family, your parents, and yourselves…I’m utterly disappointed.  But, your lives are your business and not mine. Pretty soon I’ll have a life of my own.  I’d love to have you be part of it but I’ll be much happier with those who also love truth.  Maybe you’d be happier with your own kind too.  

12:00 pm

PROPHECY from 8/15 – 9/15, through Phyllis Ford

Recompense will come to those who have been diligent and faithful. That which refuses to be in alignment with God and is rebellious to His plans and purposes will be met with great consequences. Things will be open and unveiled in plain sight.

Read more at:

11:49 am

So I