The road is splitting, it’s happening beneath our feet. We’re gonna have to jump for it, too late to turn back.  Which side to get off?   Only two choices:  From here on out we will all be either, 1) those who KNOW, or 2) those who don’t want to know…and are therefore holding back our transformation long enough for them to die off and leave the responsibility of the species to everybody else.  Lazy.  Irresponsible.  Anti-christ.  Let’s get this show on the road.  Are you going to KNOW or are you going to PRETEND YOU DON’T?  Only two ways to turn, but you gotta choose one.  The way my captain points is towards Truth, always toward truth.  “Study to show thyself approved unto God.”  “It is the glory of God to hide a matter but the glory of kings to search it out.”  If you just want to hope it will go away if you can pretend hard enough that you actually see the emperor’s glorious fabric that reveals all, it was nice knowing you.


While central bankers, politicians, Wall Street economists, and propaganda mouthpieces in the corporate mainstream media pull the levers of monetary policy, blather about economic recoveries, and live in multi-million dollar estates, the real people in the real world suffer and sink further into despair. It is happening in Greece, all across Europe, and it will happen here after the next collapse in this ongoing Greater Depression. Everything done since the 2008 collapse has been to save bankers and crony capitalists.”


Living The Grecovery Dream: Two Jobless Parents, Two Kids, One Cat All Living In A Car


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When you are faced with desperate circumstances you can either do whatever you need to survive or you can submissively accept your fate and die.

“What’s happening in the real world makes the dystopian zombie world of Walking Dead seem almost quaint. The writers of this show brilliant use of symbolism and imagery captures the violent, chaotic, inhumane, darkening, brutal world we inhabit as the Fourth Turning crisis period we entered in 2008 deepens on a daily basis.”

” Right and wrong no longer matter. Morality is an antiquated concept. Adhering to the Constitution is an outmoded notion. Our society celebrates and condones our dog eat dog economic paradigm. Or zombie eats anything world in the case of Walking Dead.”


OMG, I saw this in a vision:   “They have become nothing but cattle to be butchered and consumed by the Terminus cannibals. You see another part of the processing plant where human remains are hanging from hooks like sides of beef.”  I’m so glad I don’t watch TV.


“The elected and non-elected rulers of the deep state are the butchers, sending young men off to die for oil companies and arms dealers, impoverishing the masses through inflation and their control of the currency, and enriching themselves through their complete control of the political, financial, judicial, and economic systems. This establishment, or invisible government as Bernays described, is committed to its own enrichment and perpetuation. Its scope, financial resources, and global reach put it in a predator class all by itself.”

“The common people are the cattle being led to slaughter. We are kept docile with incessant propaganda from the mainstream media; marketing messages to consume from Madison Avenue; filtered, adjusted, manipulated economic data fed to us by government agencies; an endless supply of iGadgets and other electronic distractions; government education designed to keep us ignorant; 24/7 reality TV on six hundred stations to keep us entertained; corporate toxic processed food to keep us obese and tame; and an endless supply of Wall Street supplied debt to keep us caged in our pens with no hope of escape. The butchers of the deep state have maintained control for decades, but we’re entering a new era.”


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“Unfortunately, most Democratic and Republican voters are stuck so solidly into the created Left/Right Paradigm that political logic will not help them; they are in dire need of spiritual remedies.”

What is Agenda 21? I do not dare tell you about it, as it is so outrageous you would not believe me and would likely dismiss this entire article as a result.”


“Turning mentally unstable cops loose on the public, with the authority to use deadly force, with full power of arrest, is a Top Dog ploy, implemented by the Running Dogs.”


Top Dogs Use Their Running
Dogs To Whip the Other Dogs:
Is It Our Fault?


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Inquiries continue two years after UK given list of suspected paedophiles

“Police forces in the UK are still investigating almost 300 suspected paedophilia cases more than two years after information from an extensive sting operation was first passed to child exploitation services by Canadian police in July 2012.”

What good is human government when it cannot even protect the weakest?

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Obama considers [officially] allowing torture overseas

“Although Barack Obama said before and after being elected to the White House that United States officials should never engage in torturous activity, Times national security journalist Charlie Savage reported on Sunday this week that administration officials might formally adopt another stance — one on par with the policies of Obama’s predecessor, George W. Bush — when the panel convenes in a couple of weeks.”


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