6:07 pm

I keep hearing tones in my head, like male-chorus harmony, or a bassoon.  I’m trying to hear it more clearly. The electronic toys can make one’s hearing extremely acute. They can enable the human ear to distinguish variations formerly undetectable. I’m normally tone-deaf (a fact the goons withheld no guffaw in recognizing…) so when I was enabled to recognize small variations it was a lot of fun.   (Seriously people, they CAN AND DO experiment on unwitting…at least for a while…unconsenting  US citizens.)  (Also, Goonland, you can tell that bitch who was asking about my dish-washing habits what she can do with her joy-stick.)  (Maybe she already does.  Her co-workers probably make her private life real interesting.)  (You guys are perverts and you KNOW we should not suffer a pervert to live.)  (That’s why they gotta pass laws permitting perversion.)  (I was NEVER GONNA BE A FEMINIST or even an ‘humanist’ but somebody has to stand up for decency among females and humans!)  AND, I heard few female voices among those assaulting MY OWN PERSONAL Brain-space!  Some of you jack-offs are as bad as my father!
A maybe-important detail I forgot to mention is the fact that REMOTE-ELECTRONIC TORTURE has been EXPRESSLY PERMITTED by the Netherlands.  (I do not have the reference; I learned about  it in Belgium)

5:51 pm

I had conversation today, with a real live Libertarian, my young friend’s mom.  It was like HEAVEN to talk to a person who has done her homework. She too, has been called crazy for her investigation into the conspiracies that run our lives.  She’s disabled and unable to get on disability, and she cried.  No tears about the pain she suffers (she used to be a beauty queen) and none about the financial smack-down she’s endured,  she cried  my own cri de coeur:  she said, “I feel like I’ve disappointed Jesus.”  I relieved her concern, I said, “You’re not big enough to disappoint God.”  Then I prayed for her a lot and even sang in tongues.  It was the most spiritual freedom I’ve experienced for a long time.

When I first knew I was under surveillance, I continued to sing and dance and worship Jesus in defiance of peeping toms.  I permitted physical manifestations to move my body, and I prayed all the time.  I’ve been under surveillance for a long time and my worship has eroded.  My visitations with Jesus have lessened.  My light is growing dim.  But, my young friend’s mom said I should start a church and I told her I am recruiting.  She knows about advanced technology and mentioned that there are some good hackers and wouldn’t it be wonderful if they changed our world.  I told her they are doing that.  At least one is.

 I told my new friend that I’m glad she’s my neighbor because things are going to get tough.  I told her the last shall be first, and I told her about the FEAR-VIBRATION-INDUCING-THEATRE military exercises in Flint, Port Huron and Battle Creek.  I told her about Jade Helm and she understood right away the implications of artificial intelligence that can kill.  It was a very nice visit.  She’s been in the manifest presence of Jesus, I could tell right away.  She said she is a warrior for him.  That’s how you can tell.


3:44 pm

Coercive control shares general elements with other capture or course-of-conduct crimes such as kidnapping, stalking, and harassment, including the facts that it is ongoing and its perpetrators use various means to hurt, humiliate, intimidate, exploit, isolate, and dominate their victims. Like hostages, victims of coercive control are frequently deprived of money, food, access to communication or transportation, and other survival resources even as they are cut off from family, friends, and other supports through the process ofisolation.

The answer is coercive control, a strategy that remains officially invisible despite the fact that it has been in plain sight at least since the earliest shelter residents told us in no uncertain terms that violence wasnt the worst part. Cognitive psychologists in the late 1970s and 1980s tried to capture what these women were experiencing by comparing it to coercive persuasion, brainwashing, and other tactics used with hostages, prisoners of war, kidnap victims, and by pimps with prostitutes.

Read more at:   http://www.thelizlibrary.org/liz/coercive-control.html

3:25 pm

Dear Family,

I hurt for you all because you also have suffered abuse by our father and it looks from here that ALL YOUR RELATIONSHIPS WITH HIM are still abusive …  IN EVERY CHARACTERISTIC ASSERTED .  Please call me up.  I pray for you all.  906-291-1376.  We need to LOVE one another so we can show Dad what love really is so maybe he will not be DAMNED FOREVER.

Emotional/psychological abuse is any judgement, in ANY interpersonal relationship, from any source that humiliates, undermines, paralyses, makes you fearful, controls you or harms you.

  • Emotional and psychological abusers are controllers that ALWAYS run the show – think of them as dictators with an iron fist!
  • They create an omnipotent but FALSE façade as it concerns themselves where they are always portrayed as having a pristine, moralistic, and flawless lifestyle.
    • They DEMAND that their authority is ALWAYS respected, but they don’t model or reciprocate with ANY type of respect! What they really want is obedience!
    • They do not live by their own professed teachings, values, rules, standards, or even laws – better yet they live by double standards.
    • They instigate situations between people or triangulate, isolate, or divide and conquer. Then ask for your loyalty and respect as a factor in keeping their secret concerns about the person they are overtaking and isolating to hide their real motives and made up or false truths to put wedges in between people. This keeps the spotlight off of them and opposition between everyone around them.
    • There are lots more items at the article.

More at:   https://afternarcissisticabuse.wordpress.com/2015/07/03/broadening-the-perspective-of-narcissistic-abuse-by-including-it-right-alongside-every-other-abuse-lets-call-it-what-it-is-emotional-and-psychological-abuse-that-can-occur-in-any-life-situat/

  • They are always right, they are always the expert that knows best PERIOD.
  • The manipulative power they exert over you is always presented “for YOUR own good” as if it is valuable information to help you prosper and grow to be better than what you are – as in a person in need of their help. They just assume the role of superiority over people!

  • You are never a viable person with feelings, a voice, a presence, or allowed to have any positive validation or worth. You are ASSIGNED a submissive role and you must NEVER step out of that role!



3:02 pm

Have you made a great show of your honesty and how upstanding you are, when you have stolen from others, not necessarily cash and valuables, but what about their freedom, their well-being, their reputation, their right to a stress-free existence, their sense of hope, their sense of self? Aren’t you a real urban terrorist, the fascist control freak?

Do you recall listening to a group of people denouncing or criticizing a person you have never met? Or perhaps you did know the person. Do you remember accepting what they said without question? Do you remember how you would not allow your mind to consider any evidence for the defense, or any mitigating circumstances? Do you remember assassinating that person in your mind ‘guilty as charged’, without ever considering their side of the story? Or, without ever questioning if what was being said was accurate and true.

Perhaps you did know the truth and you could have stood for that person as a witness in their defense, but you chose to remain silent while the Nazi within you loaded them on the train to Auschwitz without mercy. Do you remember any of that?

Did you pretend to help people, while secretly undermining them?

Something truly supernatural is happening around us and it is getting stronger everyday. As the morph drops in everyone will eventually see it, it will mirror who they are back to them and as people see that, the world as we know it will wobble. Soon you will either have to become a fully paid-up member of the Nazis and go down that road, or you will walk away saddened by it all.

Up the road, you will find others who also walked away. There in the heartland, in the company of others, you will find rest and safety and you will live your life silently according to your ideals, not those of the Dark Sun and the elitism of Babylon.

Read more at:   http://sorendreier.com/wilde-eventually-a-door-opens/



11:07 am

Text to DAD DAVID MOM………..

Addressed to my gilded brother of shallow thought:

Why do you presume to deserve a life more than I?   You should think about it before you must answer under oath.

10:59 am


(This is how I feel in ‘church’. )      “Bob’s Country Bunker”

cri de coeur

 “Gimme Some Lovin”


10:50 am


There is a spiritual plan unfolding for your life and that plan is part of a greater plan for all humanity. What side of the coin you fall, light or dark, only you can say. But we are all in church all of the time, sometimes behaving badly, sometimes behaving respectfully. Our spiritual bank statement is just about to plop through the letterbox.

There is a hidden world of transdimensional devils talking secretly to the mind of man that greatly influences how things go. I feel so sad for spiritual seekers, those who feel crushed by events. If only they knew how the odds were stacked against them; how the forces for darkness influenced people to make sure they failed.

-Learn more:   http://sorendreier.com/wilde-eventually-a-door-opens/

10:43 am

My dad may think he serves no master.  (I may be wrong about that.)  Still, he KNOWS he does not serve  Jesus, the Christ.  He serves with tenacity, and will not stand down although his evil deeds will destroy him eternally and harm others consistently.  I was repeatedly molested as a child, and my parents would not respond to my complaints.  (Maybe those events were intentional?)  I know he did sacrifice his firstborn to Molech in a very real sense, by neglecting my needs on behalf of wealth and status.  But did he know what he was doing?   (I am still working on my lawsuit interrogatories… )


10:30 am

Satanic Child Abuse

Jeff Rense & Jay Parker

9:32 am

Even as in Gideon’s day, when the majority saw that just 300 were chasing hundreds of thousands and decided that victory was possible, so too will we see that today.

The “300” (not a literal number) are those who run now to the beat of another drum. They are immune to fear, immune to hopeless reports, immune to reasonable caution, immune to influential religious voices of doubt; they are “all in” on a Pollyanna narrative that sees things entirely different than anyone else.

These “300” are driven by crazy, radical hope. They have committed to seeing either the greatest victorious days in their lives or being crushed in their “foolish” attempt to make that happen. These “300” who are “all in” are running with God’s great renaissance narrative for today.

The invitation is for many to follow this crazy trumpet sound – and if you could see what they see – you wouldn’t hesitate, but you would arise and exterminate the fear.

See more at:   http://www.elijahlist.com/words/display_word.html?ID=14908

8:49 am

Do you know that since destroying the bee population with poisons, scientists are now attempting to enable plant pollination by introducing synthetic bees?   Bug-drones are expected to repair the damage that has been done to our necessary ecosystem by previous intrusions.  This is ludicrous.  This is the Tower of Babel all over again.  This is satan, declaring that he will be as the most high.  Not that the Most High has any problem with that ambition.  He’d like us all to be like him, and he provided the way.  But, any attempts not ‘his way’ are disasters.  CERN demonstrates the same Godless efforts to become all-knowing and eternal.  This time ’round, God is letting us reap what we’ve sown.  He’s forcing the bulbs of our intentions and our motivations.  It is the principle of ‘leaven’. Whatever we put into ourselves will now be greatly magnified and exaggerated to the point where its nature is overwhelming.  If we’ve ingested the Beast’s values, that will soon become very obvious.  If we’ve dined with Jesus, our relationship with him will become the only thing that matters.  This contrast will reveal to all, what is the only thing that matters.  After a while, the only people remaining will be like God.


8:11 am

Text to my Brother, my Father, my Mother and George:

I’m praying for the Blood of Jesus to protect you and for his Spirit of Truth to overtake Michigan.  Won’t you join me?

7:50 am

Text to my Brother, my Father, and my Mother…gee I wish somebody could teach me how to make a macro or something so I don’t have to type the same things over and over and over and over and over and over and over…:

Delaying the inevitable is helping you how?

7:38 am

Do you know that the Bible contains a coded joke aimed at Shakespeare?  It was unrecognizable until Shakespeare lived his life.  Do you know that until an event has occurred, the Bible’s precognition is not accessible to most of even heartfelt believers?  Without the Holy Spirit making the connections between ancient text and Faux News, we cannot see the future.  (Except those guys who run CERN maybe.)  We recognize that the Bible was spot-on, when we review it in light of physical circumstances that have manifested since it was codified.  Then we can read familiar passages and see that the Bible was perfect.  I find myself astonished at thoughtless comments I’ve heard and made, that later prove to have been prescient.  I do not take my words lightly anymore.  I am creating reality?  So is everybody, I guess.  Let’s get it right.


7:21 am

As a person who has been extremely denigrated, I can understand the human desire to impress other people.  I do not understand though, why so many try to impress with what they “have” rather than with what they “are.”  I was not a well-dressed child, although I carried the reputation of a rich kid.  My cousins wore fur and sequins to school. They are fine people and I long to be the same, and  the clothes did not make a difference.  Persons without homes or income are raising the dead in Mozambique.  Other places too.  If I had a choice, and I believe I do, I would much prefer to be remembered as a DEATH-DESTROYER than as a guy who demonstrated his ‘value’ by putting  gaudy do-dads on “his” property.  (“The Earth is the Lord’s, and the fullness thereof.”)

6:59 am

I went to my parents’ house just now, to tape a four-leaf clover to my mom’s car window. Their driveway is like approaching a carnival.  It’s tacky.  Ostentation tops-out at vulgar, and my parents are on their way to the top.  Those creepy ‘Peaceful People’ dummies stare out from the woods, and trees closer to the driveway are dressed with 2-foot-wide,  bright red fake hibiscus blooms.  (I didn’t examine one but it looked like RHINESTONES as the flower centers.)  The house is adorned and surrounded with yellow flowers although Dad said he didn’t have any flowers when I requested some for the public bridge near the house.  He put up the planters himself,  and I regularly water the flowers, but this year we have none. The gazebo on Dad’s fancy deck is sporting new awnings, and they look nice with the flowers, but they’re terribly commercial.  The entire PLACE is commercial!  It’s all show and no genuine hospitality or warmth.  I can’t think of a thing my parents have ever purchased that I would buy.  Except food and soap and stuff.  I wonder if they get a special scented soap now.  Maybe it smells like ‘rich’.

6:21 am


For in this day and in this hour I shall do a work of great magnitude in My Church for all the world to see and no more shall the scoffers scoff or the mockers mock; for they shall see clearly the revelation of My sons and daughters in the earth. Did not those who were filled with My Spirit at Pentecost, turn the world upside down? Indeed, My Spirit shall be poured forth in such a manner as to uproot “all” the walls and foundations which have “harboured” the lies of the Evil One and led My people astray; and all those who truly love Me shall marvel at all these things and they shall “wonder” how they could ever have been held captive by darkness for so long; and they shall turn, and through the anointing which abides within them, they shall be vessels of the greatest attack and assault upon the strongholds of the Evil One that the earth has ever seen. Thus shall My ministry be fulfilled, as My spotless and unblemished Church rises to meet Me in the Heavens.

* I require a ferocious [violent] faith of My people in this final hour!

“violent” – proceeding from or marked by great [in this case, spiritual] force ; the exhibiting of a fierce and intense passion [fervor]; characterized by intensity of any kind

Read more at:  http://jtlmin.com/DAILY%20FBN%202015/07%20July%202015/WPFBN0703.pdf


6:09 am

We, the people, are the foundation of a vast human pyramid, at the top of which comfortably rests a world elite that manipulates the human population and world events to broaden and maintain their power. The main agents of this global cartel are the banking elite, the military industrial complex, the medical establishment, the mainstream media, the entertainment industrial complex, and the hundreds of corrupt and co-opted world governments that act as henchmen and watchdogs for the unelected world rulers.

Over our heads they hang the constant specter of war, financial collapse, terrorism and pandemic disease, and to keep us from reacting to their deeds they enlist evermore advanced forms of mind control, biological control and social engineering.

Government plays the roles of spy, censor and thought police, thus robbing the psyche of the freedom of the exploration of thought. Religion seeks to homogenize spiritual experience and externalize divinity.

They recruit us to enforce this prison of the mind on ourselves, and are creating a rising class of those who willingly support them in their efforts. The rest of us are merely subjects of their tyranny, whether we acknowledge it or not, and until a major cultural upheaval occurs, there is little chance of liberating the human race. Thus we must for now focus on liberating the individual and freeing human consciousness.

Read more at:   http://www.wakingtimes.com/2015/07/02/closing-the-doors-of-perception/

5:56 am

Government In Final Drive To Ban Freedoms

Read more at http://investmentwatchblog.com/government-in-final-drive-to-ban-freedoms/#juayvwiuze7Cz5Qw.99


7:03 pm

I ran into a Republican today, a former chairman from a neighboring county, and he asked if I were still involved with politics.  I said I do a political website, but that he might not like it since I’m now an anarchist.  He didn’t exhibit the expected outrage.  I said, “I am a Christian.  What choice do I have?”  He said, “The government is taking lots of our liberties.”  I said, “Just like Ron Paul said decades ago.”  He took the name of the website but I don’t know that he’ll like it.  I don’t care.  I just pray that he’ll pay attention to current events, if not on my site then some other.  This is the most important thing we’ve seen in our lives.  For those who survive, there will be many more important things.  But as humans on Earth right now, this is it.

6:13 pm

But if the watchman see the sword come, and blow not the trumpet, and the people be not warned; if the sword come, and take any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at the watchman’s hand.

6:05 pm

How long, ye simple ones, will ye love simplicity? and the scorners delight in their scorning, and fools hate knowledge?

Using the same tactics used by “gay” rights activists, pedophiles have begun to seek similar status arguing their desire for children is a sexual orientation no different than heterosexual or homosexuals.

That was FAST: Yesterday it was gay marriage; Now look who wants “equal rights”

B4U-Act calls pedophiles “minor-attracted people.” The organization’s website states its purpose is to, “help mental health professionals learn more about attraction to minors and to consider the effects of stereotyping, stigma and fear.”

Read more at:   http://allenbwest.com/2015/06/that-was-fast-yesterday-it-was-gay-marriage-now-look-who-wants-equal-rights/


4:33 pm

So the pedophiles want us to codify their right to rape babies.  No people in the history of humanity have particularly cared that babies are raped, with the occasional exception of their own.  How about we try it like this: Let’s imagine that the pedophiles are really currency-philes and they want to rape our money.  (We’ll presume that dollars will be irreparably damaged by the rapes.  That’s how it works with children.)  I don’t even need to conclude my example;  If children were money… all persons would protest.  Since they are MORE valuable than money, if we do not stop this evil, we are deranged.  We are also condemned.


10:49 am

Wouldn’t it be sad if ROBERT GOLDTHORPE went down in history as the biggest Benedict Arnold the human race ever produced?  Because he couldn’t apologize for 1) filing a false police report, 2) abducting his daughter’s children and 3) initiating a smear campaign?  When he has information that could potentially change the conduct of US intelligence services and related psychopaths and stop them from stealing the souls of innocent people?  Glad I’m not that proud and stubborn.


10:34 am

Jesus’ second coming is not like I was taught, with the rapture disappearing people.  People might disappear, that’s likely, but Jesus won’t be taking too many just yet.  He’s coming for a “spotless” people.  A church “without spot or wrinkle”, so he has to make some people like that,  before he can come.  We are eliminated of blemishes when filled with the Spirit.  He isn’t coming ‘for’ his people until he comes ‘in’ his people.  If we have no desire to be filled with him and to become like him, we won’t.  So lukewarm Christians are here for the duration along with the rest of us.  Good thing God is still changing people, and there is still time.  The only POSSIBLE REFUGE in the soon-coming turmoil…what a wimpy word…is to be UTTERLY SOLD OUT TO THE CREATION OF A RIGHTEOUS PLANET, as evinced by becoming a more righteous self. 

“Thy Kingdom come, on Earth as it is in Heaven.”


9:36 am

Righteous people are running from the Terminator.  (It’s in the Bible.)  Soul-rapers are sucking up our consciousness,  and selling it along with our metadata.  (Also in the Bible.)  The earth itself is so traumatized that the survival of humanity is imminently threatened.  (“Except those days be shortened” …we’re extinct.)   Technology is performing signs and wonders, as predicted in the Bible.  CERN  is opening doorways to alternative realities, and releasing unknown beings into our world. Evildoers are waxing worse and worse. Men are lovers of themselves and get hot watching the pictures.  Children are violated by those who claim Godly authority over them, and the crowd continues to commemorate the perverts.  The necessity for a cashless society has been established, and the ingestible ‘Mark of the Beast’ is available to facilitate commerce for those who will not survive the purge. (Spiritually.)  The ‘developed’ countries have abandoned ‘mutually-assured-destruction’ detente, and first-strike nuclear attacks are an enticing penis-extender for any psychopath who gets his feelings hurt.  (Now there’s a paradox.)  We’re doomed.  “Come quickly, Lord Jesus.”

9:09 am

“There’s a dividing line being drawn in the sand now, and for those of you who wanna lay down…you might as well be riding for the enemy… because you’re doing nothing but help them with your blindness.  Your silence is consent…”

LEAKED! TPP Will Establish International Court Allowing Corporations to Sue States, Taxpayers

8:48 am

“When you don’t care anymore…this is what happens.”


8:37 am

I woke George near five because the prison called looking for somebody to fill a shift.  Immediately.  He refused and said he didn’t want to make it easier for them to be stupid.  I said something to the effect of, “I wish you’d make it REALLY HARD for the government to be stupid.”  He asked (facetiously)  if I meant for him to bomb Lansing.  He asked, “What do you WANT ME TO DO?”  I wish I knew.  I said somebody should tell us all what to do. He suggested hackers.  Everybody knows they have the power to put an end to all this corruption and deceit.  (And electronic torture.)  I told him I’ve been trying to recruit them.  Somebody, somewhere knows what to do.  “Oh Captain, my Captain!”  Where’s Ron Paul when you need him?


8:02 am

I think the NSA et al could destroy a lot of minds with a single trick.  Some of the things I’ve seen could really put a person over the edge.  I was not surprised to see items move around on their own, because I believed in spiritual entities who can also manipulate the physical realm.  But I STILL got shook, and I’d like to know how some of my weird experiences were accomplished.  One time I was sitting outdoors at my table and a leather belt had been left slung across it.  As I typed all alone in the darkness,  the belt spontaneously moved about two feet across the table and fell to the floor slamming the buckle pretty loud.  I was being SERIOUSLY gaslighted at the time and I remember running into the house to tell George.  Was that demons or directed energy?  Are they any different for all practical purposes?  I’d like to know if a bizarre firefly was 1) a drone, 2) a real firefly getting poked with microwaves, or 3) a firefly in a tiny-little brain-harness;  I understand all three are possible.  It was really cool that he landed perfectly centered on my cigarette pack and flashed at even intervals for a couple hours straight.  Did somebody chip Connie?

7:46 am

I think this website will be very important in a time when books are multi-media events available at the speed of thought, and presented as such.  It has compiled a VAST amount of information about the revolution in a short amount of time.  God bless Snowden.  It is extraordinarily convoluted, but maintains several themes.  I feel like I’m playing pachinko when I work.  All the little info-balls fall down from above and land in random places.  I guess that’s also how the Bible looks, in 2D.   I forget to be grateful for all these many hours on my butt as the house grows grungier.  Someday my prince will come.  I am seeing him at a distance.  I am VERY impatient but also I am very blessed.


7:34 am


“Father, father, we don’t need to escalate.”

“War is not the answer; only love can conquer hate.”

“We’ve got to find a way to bring some understanding here today…”

“Talk to me…so you can see..what’s going on!”

The late, great Marvin Gaye.


What’s Going On

7:27 am

How do black girls often become so free and confident with their bodies?  They can be as fat as a pig but still be gorgeous. And they strut to show they know it.  Black girls can wear enormous earrings and bright colors without people thinking they’re dressed up for Halloween.  I’d like to mind-meld with a really ugly black girl who can dance.  She probably wouldn’t go for it though.  Around here, I get comments because I wear skirts.  I’ve been TOLD to wear jeans.  Wouldn’t it be fun to live somewhere else?  As someone else?  With someone else?


7:05 am

“We’ve warned about it for the longest time !  Everybody’s wanted to keep sleeping on it!
People are gonna come back and say, ‘How come no one ever told us about this?”
So if you’re hearing this when it’s too late…it’s your own fault.
…because some of us have been out here diligently…on a daily basis…trying to get this truth out there while the sheep keep on sleeping.
– –
So if anybody gets caught up in this storm, it’s no one else’s fault but your own.
For turning the other cheek.  And we’ve been out here screaming bloody murder, about what’s happening.”

(The astonishingly diligent DAHBOO7)

6:24 am

Baptist missionaries affiliated with my father’s church  raped young girls and made them confess to ‘adultery’.  The victims’ websites are heartbreaking, they’re still seeking justice.


What more obvious and in your face example can you have than dirty, perverted old, and young, men disguised as “conduits to god” sexually abusing young people? It’s so common it’s become a joke.

Where’s the joke in that? Where the hell is common sense justice and stopping these perverse maniacs from preying on innocent children?

Paedophelia and the Brutal Cover Up – Psychopathy At Large

It’s the bizarro world of muzzle and kill the good people and let the devils run amok.

We’re also talking satanic ritual abuse, supposedly human creatures actually performing sexual and torturous blood sacrificial rituals on innocent children, as well as others.  Routine rape and other forms of physical abuse are merely lower level forms, yet just as horrific, of these same demonic abuses.

That this phenomenon that has gone on for centuries and continues full throttle into today’s world is something the world is apparently not prepared to accept – and therefore complicit in – is only sealing humanity’s own fate if it doesn’t wake up and decide to stand up against it.

See more at:   http://www.zengardner.com/paedophelia-brutal-cover-psychopathy-large/


3:52 pm

I went for a ride to pray.  I haven’t done since the roads thawed,  but it used to be my sustenance.  I drove into the woods about fifteen miles without seeing another car.  On the way back I didn’t see one either.  That’s one of the many things I’ll miss when I’m not around here so much.  I know I’m annoying, and I dislike annoying people but I also dislike watching people being driven over a cliff, and that’s the current situation.  I caught George,  a bit after I overheard him and Isaac discussing me, and I said, “You’ve got to give me this much.  If I knew, truly knew, especially since I’ve been researching for two years nonstop… that the shit was approaching the fan, and I did not do what I could to alert people…I would be most evil.”  I know he agreed with that because he said ‘yes’ a couple times along with the head-nod.  I’m pacified for now but it bothers me that I took the comments about myself personally.  I should NEVER do that if I’m about God’s business.   God plans for big things and I’m a very small person.  (In one sense at least.)  I pray that he will enlarge my heart so that I do not care about my own situation, and determine what I can do to help others with my records.  Somebody’s got to have some direction for me.


1:18 pm

What my nearest think of me makes not a whit of difference, not that I could identify a whit.  (Or a wit, probably.) There is NO WAY that God arranged for ALL THAT PERFECT evidence, and not intend to use it.  Waiting is the hardest part.





1:05 pm

I also told George that our old Christian friends who I spoke to the other day were also VERY AWARE OF JADE HELM.  Not a flicker of interest.  “God, please have mercy on George.”

To save some time, “JADE” is a software application the military is now using that allocates manpower and equipment on-the-fly based on prior experience, prior events, and the capability of being able to “predict criminal activity.” It is an artificial intelligence application that learns which tactics and personnel were most successful in different scenarios.  That is the “JADE” part of Jade Helm.  JADE is taking the helm (lead) in this exercise, and according to the information in my previous post, for now the plan is to encompass the most dense pockets of veterans based on location information obtained by Peter Thiel and then turned over to the CIA during Bilderberg.

How Jade Helm and the Pentagon’s Biological Technology Office Are Linked

Read more at http://investmentwatchblog.com/how-jade-helm-and-the-pentagons-biological-technology-office-are-linked/#q27Sq6EmjSd4tzf7.99


12:46 pm

After overhearing George discussing with Isaac, my continual demands for an audience, I started telling him about some current events.  He rolled his eyes and reminded me of the earlier times I expected the world to end.  I quoted (sort of)

2 Peter 3:3-4

King James Version (KJV)

Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts,

And saying, Where is the promise of his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation.

I said, “Can you not maybe see yourself in those verses?  Maybe I cried wolf a few times but if you won’t look at the evidence do not tell me that now is not different.”  “If I’m out here fighting the good fight and you’re not willing to help then at least don’t stand in my way.”  He nodded.  And bought me cigarettes.


Message to Isaac:

I was raped.  Nobody cares.  That’s my starting point.

Others are raped.  I DO CARE.  I kept good records and can help them.

What’s not to understand?  (Or to gossip about?)

(A man could be part of the solution, instead of maintaining the problem.)

12:40 pm

Text to my brother and my mom:

My sons think I could be a liar but you know I’m not.  I know you’ll do the right thing.  I love you.


“I know you’ll fix the damage you did.  You’re my dad and I’ve always loved you.”



11:59 am

I overheard a conversation between Isaac and George…about me.  I have been entirely upfront about everything I’ve ever said about them. Twenty-thousand articles and they think I’m wrong…but will not look at evidence.   IF ONE OF THEM STOOD UP AND CARED ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED TO OUR FAMILY AND WHAT IS HAPPENING TO AMERICA I WOULD NOT HAVE TO CONTINUE THIS ONSLAUGHT OF WORDS.  I’d like that a lot more than they would.  I wish SOMEBODY would look at my evidence and instruct me.

11:32 am


Anti-government extremists were listed more than any other by far: 73.8%. Al Qaeda-inspired extremists came in a distant second, at 39.3%.

“Law enforcement agencies in the United States consider anti-government violent extremists, not radicalized Muslims, to be the most severe threat of political violence that they face,” the survey’s authors, Charles Kurzman and David Schanzer, wrote in their report (pdf).

Read more at:   http://www.blacklistednews.com/Survey_of_382_U.S._Law_Enforcement_Agencies_Shows_Far_Greater_Concern_about_Anti-Government_Extremists_than_about_Islamic_Terrorists/44843/0/38/38/Y/M.html


11:18 am

Are we as good as the best thing we’ve done…or the last thing?  I’d sleep better to know it was the former.  An ostracized-tortured person is hyper-vigilant.  I’m grateful that my government keeps track of my efforts to be consistently profound…and truthful.  I’d like to relax and it’s been a long time.  A long heart-felt conversation with my dad is what I need.  He’s my dad and he’ll give me what I need.  Jesus has him.


11:01 am

My family is reaching out it seems, in their recent decisions to treat my son as a human being.  Since they all find it too difficult apparently, to dial 906-291-1376, the fact that they’re spending time with Josh is a joy.  It is the only joy yet of our reconciliation, but soon they’ll all join me for dinner at my new condo in Toronto.  I’ll make lots of things with no vegetables so my sister can eat too.

10:32 am

What I’ve done is astonishing.  It’s flattering that people who know me best are not astonished, but there are others who have watched astonishing things and have not noticed.  (Perhaps they are missing much more?)  My dad spread the word.  He said that when I ran for Congress I was ‘acting out’.  (That’s a highly-educated term for a lowly-educated man.)  I had no desire to display myself, in fact that was the hardest part.  Nevertheless, I DID RUN FOR CONGRESS.  A number of citizens found me credible enough to endorse my efforts.  Actually, the finest people I ever knew supported me.  I am honored to have known such principled and motivated light-workers.  If I had not ‘acted out’ I wouldn’t have met them.  Principled people don’t hang out at the Baptist church and that fact alone should have alerted me to my father’s duplicity; after all, he signs their checks.

Leaving Robert-World was the best thing that ever happened for my spiritual advancement…but also for my always-wavering faith in humanity.  The Baptists teach that every human is bad.  The Baptists teach that Baptist people have been made good.  (They also mention the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus often, but they always denigrate those similarly-blood-washed/and/bought masses who attend funerals at different franchises.)  I am so grateful that God permitted/required me to see the snakes’nest that is American government.  I am so grateful that he introduced me to kindred spirits who love truth and are not afraid to let their voices be heard.

 I am so grateful that soon we will all be productive light-workers, and there will be no enemy in the camp.  There may be ‘dirty libs’ around, but we’ll all be pretty liberal. Temperance is a personal issue with congregational consequences.   Marriage will be an affair of the hearts-involved, and none other.  “Really-Fun-Productivity” will replace “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” and cable will be free.  The open-pollinated pastures will feed us all.  “Seeking a friend for the end of the world.”  (And also for the beginning of a far better one.)

“Dear Lord, tell me what to believe.  Under every circumstances, enable me to follow you.”

My gmail address line said “CA”.  That’s Canada, right?


Something WONDERFUL could happen to me today!

8:43 am

Josh didn’t come home for dinner last night, and I was in bed by the time he got here.  Apparently he dined with his grandparents, my sister and a cousin.  That’s nice for him.  And he went shooting with my brother the day before.  That’s nice too.


7:49 am

George grew the best marijuana I’ve seen, before or since.  He enjoyed growing  it more than anything I’ve seen, before or since, and he was the best.  (‘The Shit That Killed Elvis’ is a legend.)  He changed nutrients at specific times; he tested ph and carbon dioxide.  He kept meticulous records.  In a free world, he could grow as much as he wanted and sell it to whomever he chose and it wouldn’t matter that his state job no longer provides retirement benefits.  (He still has never used marijuana, to my knowledge.  He’d bring a bud cupped in his hand and rhapsodize about its fragrance.)  There’s no such thing as a free market when it comes to our health decisions.  My grandma had cancer and wanted laetrile but it was illegal.  I think she nibbled on apricot pits and hoped for the best.  Oxygen therapies were in common use a hundred years ago, I saw an add for ozone treatment in a local newspaper reprint, but we’re told to fear ozone although entire cities use it to disinfect drinking water.  Didn’t Royal Rife tell us how to cure nearly anything at all?  And the ‘blue-bloods’ have known about antibacterial properties of silver since they started dropping do-dads in their milk vessels.  (It turned them blue but the milk didn’t sour.)  So strong is the Rothschild-AMA-pharmaceutical lobby, we’re not even permitted to KNOW ABOUT alternative therapies.  We’re ridiculous to keep buying poisons from those who won’t permit us anything else!


7:28 am

When I first became involved with marijuana again, when I became a Republican, after decades of abstinence, I had no idea how normal cannabis use had become.  A liberal friend predicted the easy passage of the pitiful Michigan medical cannabis law, but I was a bit surprised.  Several years ago, my organic-farmer-purebred girlfriend was busted, with her small children held on the porch, for selling cannabis baked goods to elderly people with legitimate ailments.  Agents raided her farm with black helicopters and dark suv’s.  Now isn’t that stupid and a vile waste of resources?  One signature later, and it’s perfectly legal to administer her superior assistance.  Cannabis components KILL CANCER CELLS and provide tremendous relief of seizures and CP symptoms and they make people focus better and communicate more easily.  Patents have been filed for cannabis products, so they can’t tell us it has ‘no medicinal value’ and should be a Schedule 1- controlled substance on par with heroin.  But, we wouldn’t buy as much Prozac if the truth got out.


7:08 am

Maybe in order to survive the apocalypse, we all must be taken to the point where we have nothing to depend on. No love.  Maybe that’s the only point where God’s absolute sufficiency can be studied.  I hope that’s not the case; I hope that my loveless experience may educate others absolving their need to suffer.  It is suffering, to live without human love.  It is also blissful at times,  but I’m looking forward to reentering the land of the living.  My dad will open the way.  I think I trust him again.  God must be giving me more love.  I came from the store yesterday and told Josh, “I think those girls like me.  They hug me and call me pet names.  I think EVERYBODY likes me who my dad didn’t tell I was crazy.”  He said, “That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you.  And there’s a GREAT BIG WORLD full of people who never talked to your dad.”  How do I get there?


6:57 am

I think at this point it might be in order to mong a little fear.  Normally, causing people to fear is not Godly…but the Watchman on the Wall is a pertinent Biblical figure.  Dear not-insignificant-others, the forces of darkness are closing in.  Is there a real man among you?  Somebody should tell me what to do.

6:53 am

The U.S. Is Experiencing An Unprecedented Movement Of Troops And Material, White Transport Vehicles Entering USA Ports and Strip Mall Conversions to FEMA Camps Spells Trouble

And the largest owners of malls in North America have struck a deal with DHS to allow their facilities to be used as FEMA camp detention facilities.

Please allow me to remind you that DHS has contracted with every major league sports franchise to use their stadiums and arenas for impromptu FEMA camps.

In the drill, children were taken,  from Denver elementary schools, during school hours without the permission of their parents.


Just a thought:  You mentioned about 80% of the public goes to Walmart.  With the towers and doorway facial recognition system in place, maybe one day you go shopping, but never come out again.  Under the NDAA, you just disappear, or are “mugged” in the parking lot at night, etc.  Maybe they haul your car off…maybe not.  The towers might have the camera systems, initially, to locate people of interest to DHS.  Later they could be used as you indicated.

Read more at http://investmentwatchblog.com/the-u-s-is-experiencing-an-unprecedented-movement-of-troops-and-material-white-transport-vehicles-entering-usa-ports-and-strip-mall-conversions-to-fema-camps-spells-trouble/#rUvox3fgPWjCwPPs.99

Located near Tacoma, WA.

6:21 am

Update on my sister’s kick-backs from drug companies:


5606 SW Lee Blvd
Lawton, OK 73505-9688
Allopathic & Osteopathic Physicians/Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Disease

Summary Information for Program Year 2014

Change Program Year:
Total General Payments

5:40 am

The individual vs. collective mind control

When I’ve presented these figures to mainstream reporters, doctors, scientists, some independent reporters, the response is:


Whether I’ve communicated through writing or in person, it’s as if I haven’t said anything at all.

There is a blank space, a hiatus, a fracture in time.

A single disruptive intrusion. A fact that shakes the whole structure in the mind, like an earthquake.

Alarms go off. “Reject that fact! Reject it! It’s false! It has to be false! Maintain stability!”

“Stability being restored. The structure is intact. Standards are being rebooted. Normality is being reasserted. Resume standard operations.”

The big truth is neutralized.

But the worst outcome of all is: the individual cannot even conceive of his own life and future in large terms. The individual responds to tighter and control with a shrug, as if to say, “What difference does it make?”

Read more at:   https://jonrappoport.wordpress.com/2015/06/28/the-individual-vs-collective-mind-control/

4:58 am

“HONOR KILLING”:  A family MURDERS a member if she’s raped.

Jimmy Carter: Why I believe the mistreatment of women is the number one human rights abuse

4:13 am

I need to know a lot of things for my spiritual progress.  For instance, I need to know about why I am not as tortured as before.  Is it because 1) somebody turned down the temperature, 2) I just do everything they want anyway so I don’t get negatively-reinforced, or 3) I have advanced spiritually so that I can discharge the effects before they get too far into my body.  This answer would help me research electronic weaponry too.  It would also demonstrate how much money the goons owe me for experimenting on my mind.

4:02 am

Perhaps I am not alone,  but you couldn’t tell by my metadata.  I’d really like to talk to somebody who gives a shit. People, dearest brethren:  Please see me.  Please see yourselves.  Please consider the scriptures and the alternative news sites. I had a dream where I was blind and I drove my WHOLE FAMILY to safety –OUT of the ‘church’ as it exploded behind us.  I was completely blinded:  I gave the wheel to Jesus.  Please indulge my reflection that the past few years have seen me driving blind…and followed closely by the whole fam-damily. Please consider my recognition, that the ‘church’ will explode…because it is fraudulent…and the NSA abolished lying.  Please accept my invitation to the right side of history.  Please assist my attempts to release mind-controlled captives.  Please assist other tortured individuals.
I have been fighting for Josh since the moment the rapes stopped.  There’s another good question…


4:40 pm

I think my dad should not just give me the money he owes me; I think he should give me all of his money. Lots of reasons; here’s one:  I will never waste money on  JUNK FOOD.  My father has paid the Belgian national debt in fees for junk food.  I am a wise investor; and I do not shirk hard work to make up for what we lack during the time a long-term investment  requires to become relevant.  My dad is SO STUPID for not recognizing the gem he had in his lackluster nest, in his lackluster brood, in his lackluster  me.  Hamburger gravy tonight, just like Grandma made.  But better.  Baked beans, lemon meringue pie, nothing special.  I’m trying out my new sourdough starter; I used rye instead of whole wheat.  It was ugly for a while and it’s still irreverently young, however  I think it’s up to the task. Don’t underestimate youth.  I know I never do.

4:29 pm


This man is a genius.  Wet yourself .

(And of course.  It’s an allegory.)

The Music Man — Trouble with Matthew Broderick

2:12 pm

I loved being a red-head but my dad didn’t seem to notice.  I sang, I danced and I told snappy stories, but he didn’t give a rip.  What’s a girl gotta do to get some attention?   My young friend asked if I’d rather hear music, or make music.  I answered right away, “I’d rather HEAR music because there are so many different kinds, and I can hear it with others…”  Then I remembered playing in a band, and  playing for a choir, and I reconsidered. Making music with other people is way better.  You’re in the music together.  The hive-mind is not always a bad thing.  I’m really lonely.  You know, sometimes I find it difficult to stay focused sixteen hours a day, seven days a week.  Josh says he gets so bored at work that his blood pressure drops.  I told him I’m getting us a better life and we’ll have it soon.


2:02 pm


I Want to Be Happy (Dance) – ‘No, No, Nanette’

1:50 pm

When deciding how to respond to the imminent destruction of the planet, we should bear in mind the fact that living here and now is a decidedly great blessing.  Somehow, we chose and/or were chosen to participate in the most pivotal time in human history.  This is the big finish and we may perform miracles and create a new world.  The Church fathers LONGED to see what we shall see, and they will.  The Founding Fathers will watch too.  Our ancestors will be interested in how their progeny takes part in events, and we will take part.  George Bush sounded deranged when he declared war on a TACTIC,  and smirked that “those who are not for us, are for our enemies.”   But, that’s actual reality, in a spiritual sense, and in this physical time.  Should we ignore influences  until mind-control-morons destroy our own,  we will  ‘ere the day we said, “No.  Linda is wrong.  I refuse to examine her evidence.”          “No.  My father may be a psychopathic liar bent on destroying his own family, but I WILL NOT INTERVENE.”       “No.  The world may be going to hell in a handbasket… but at least I will not journey alone.”      “No. No. A thousand times ‘no’.  I’d rather die than say ‘yes’.”

10:52 am

July 4: Land of the free, home of the brave? Ok; are you free and brave enough to demand arrests of US .01% War Criminals?

Those of you who consider yourselves responsible and educated citizens, do you respect the sacrifices of all our families through two world wars to uphold the Emperor’s New Clothes simple treaties that make current US wars Orwellian unlawful? I mean, really: can you tell us any more important law for citizens to understand than when armed attack is and is not lawful?

See more:   http://www.washingtonsblog.com/2015/06/july-4-land-of-the-free-home-of-the-brave-ok-are-you-free-and-brave-enough-to-demand-arrests-of-us-01-war-criminals.html

9:46 am


Just because I like it.  (Did you know directed energy could make birds sing in harmony?)

9:19 am

What would it be like to grow up just naturally progressing into the family business?  What is it like to know the corporation always has your back, and that freebies will become more frequent as you become more ‘successful’?  George comments on the gilded lives enjoyed by the sons of the men of means.  I have too.  It’s an unfair bigotry, initiated at girl-birth and it charges the rules unfairly, and distributes goods inefficiently.  It is untrue that boys are better at business, or more worthy beneficiaries of parental bounty, especially after a few years on the gravy-train.  It is unjust prejudice that encouraged my brother’s children to view Grandpa’s property as their own while my sons may not borrow tools and are  not invited to family events.  The last shall be first and the unjust will be rectified.  I can’t imagine how that’s gonna shake out.


8:40 am

My dad could have been a writer.  He used to leave these improv phone messages that ran a couple minutes without a breath.  Colorful and clever, poignant and pointed, they were poetry; we’ve still got one around on a cassette tape.  A psychopath sees many of the same things observed by the extremely empathetic.  It’s like they choose the dark side of the force.  Observations of human behavior are finely skilled, in the successful psychopath.  To maintain cover, he learns to mimic what he observes, a different skit for varying situations. They assume they are under observation, because that’s what THEY do all the time.  They look in your eyes very directly and they do not flinch.  I’ve learned a lot about psychopaths over the past two years.  (Of course lots of it was built on unidentified prior experience.)
I’m grateful for everything it took to get me to where I am, spiritually and mentally.  I recognize that God’s plan for my life required preparation, and I’m grateful that torture and ostracism have  prepared me perfectly.   I am grateful for each betrayal and falsehood spread against me.   I’m grateful that soon I’ll work with others who recognize the dire situation at hand, and dare to help.  I’m grateful for my dad.  I’m grateful for George.  I’ll be more grateful when they get real and pull their weight.  There are tangible benefits to being on the right side of history.  Even for the genuinely uncaring.  Psychopaths do what’s in their best personal interest and sometimes it overlaps with what is actually RIGHT.

7:50 am

I bet this site is the most frequently updated single-person, non-automated site in the world!  (Actually it’s two people.  Or a person and a bunch of algorithms.  Or a person and another person’s interns and some algorithms.  Actually, I’ll be glad to find out.)  We’ve posted 20,291 news stories!

7:42 am

PSYWAR — A Must See Documentary

This film explores the evolution of propaganda and public relations in the United States, with an emphasis on the “elitist theory of democracy” and the relationship between war, propaganda and class.

7:35 am

26 Bible Verses about Conspiracies — Evil people conspire; that’s what they do!

Psalms 83:5

For they have conspired together with one mind; Against You they make a covenant:

Jeremiah 11:9

Then the LORD said to me, “A conspiracy has been found among the men of Judah and among the inhabitants of Jerusalem.

See more at:   https://tobefree.wordpress.com/2015/06/29/26-bible-verses-about-conspiracies-evil-people-conspire-thats-what-they-do/


7:29 am

Bids for the Most Immoral Job Description
Perception-manager, creating PR  for war
Abortionist support staff
TV  News-reader
Pharmaceutical rep
Pre-school teacher who preaches  government
Lukewarm Christian
Crisis actor
Clergy Response Team member
(Send me any more ideas.  It might turn into a weekly column.)

6:25 am

My parents will just come through and do right by me.  I’m believing that I won’t have to file any lawsuit or camp out on their lawn. ( I’ve tried everything else.)   Now they recognize how ridiculous this has all been.  My father has to make some sort of contribution to truth, that’s obvious.  The required currency is necessarily some overdue self-debasement.  My work is done here and I’m so antsy I can hardly stand it.  Something WONDERFUL is going to happen and free me from my long years of imprisonment and torment.  TRUTH will be honored and so will I.  My family will follow Jesus into the Kingdom and we will love each other very much.


6:04 am

Do you have any idea how many THOUSANDS of hours I’ve prayed?  Many thousands.  I prayed about the very things happening now, and I prayed that I would be spared when great darkness covered the earth, and that I would not be deceived.  Much time with God’s Spirit is the Biblical ‘oil’ in the parable of ten virgins.  They were all waiting for the bridegroom.  They are us,   who would survive the darkness to see the great light.  The wise virgins spent much time with the Holy Spirit and the foolish ones did not.  (Oil speaks of the anointing, the Spirit.)  When the call went out, and it was time to leave, the lanterns of the foolish virgins went dark.   Out of gas.  They didn’t want to miss the party and begged for oil  from the wise virgins but it was impossible.  There is no way whatsover that a person can give their spiritual history to a person  who has none.  In the time remaining, we should all spend as much time as possible in the presence of God.  If you’ve never even been there, good luck.

5:39 am

Why won’t the veterans defend our rights?  Didn’t they take an oath?  George wears camo almost every day and my dad gets teary-eyed when he meets an old Korean in an elevator.  Their military service was honorable, and instructive… and they’ve left it far behind.  Our country is under attack, from within and without.  Our freedoms are GONE.  Our freedoms are GONE and next they’re coming for our very thoughts.  Will  WWIII begin at the Texas coast with Russian troops on the ‘homeland’?  Why did they begin calling America by the same nickname as Nazi Germany?  How long must Germany pay for America’s prior crimes?  America, the Beautiful, has bloody hands and hearts and we’ve got some serious stuff coming down.  Geo-engineering is DESTROYING THE REAL HOMELAND, our biological necessity!  A band of insurgents… that WE ELECTED… has taken over the control center and they are pushing buttons willy-nilly. The ENTIRE WORLD has rejected the US dollar and we’re still flashing our Michigan bankroll and feeling really safe.  WAKE UP VETERANS!  GROW A PAIR AND HELP US!


5:09 am

Jade Helm 15! Russia to aid Texas in seceding from the union?!

Oh wow.

Read more at http://investmentwatchblog.com/jade-helm-15-russia-to-aid-texas-in-seceding-from-the-union/#3HeWkyzkvIKGUmRT.99

4:56 am

Do Greeks on austerity commit suicide because they’re starving?  Or because they can’t get new stuff?  Just think of the questions we can answer when we have access to the mind-control-machine.  We can change the world for better in many ways.  First we scan the scientists, and dump textbooks accordingly.  Lying has been the problem of every discipline on the planet.  All that experimentation has been a waste if we can’t trust the carbon-unit that records the data.  For the honest ones, we could do some kind of hive-mind-Craigslist, and people could easily locate others studying similar concepts and align with those benefactors of like mind.  NO GRANTS.  Everybody innocent gets out of prison immediately.  No brainer.  Much better than tricks like dropping lampreys in a corn field, we’ll use energy ‘weapons’ to make people vibrate on “happy and thoughtful.”  We’ll fix their bodies so they can concentrate on their minds.  We will relieve pain and create opportunities for creativity and everybody will be productive.  This is gonna be really good.


4:40 am

It’s hard to get too worked up anymore, about the disasters and bloodshed, and I never thought I’d say that.  When I began the blog I was still unable to read very much without physical response.  BUT, and yesterday my Christian friends felt the same, the news is encouraging; we’re entering the Kingdom.  They all knew about Jade Helm, although a couple are not online.  I made one of the contacts I needed for my trip East.  So Masonic.  I asked about any refuges prepared and they didn’t say.  Maybe in person they’ll tell me more about Christian preparations.  I don’t care what I say on the phone anymore, it’s pointless.

4:31 am

Josh gets it.  He recognizes the implications of AI military control and a history that is disappearing before our eyes, as the hologram is adjusted.  He gets the radiation.  He tried really hard to reject it all, and he was very honest.  He said, “If I believe these things, there’s no answer.  The only POSSIBLE answer is to believe in your God and I don’t.”   I asked, “If I ACTUALLY knew Jesus to be real and I didn’t warn you about these things…wouldn’t I be a completely evil person?”  


7:47 pm

I got a little sunburn today, that’s nice.  My young friend said she’d never seen a five-leaf clover so I went out and picked her one, just like that.  David invited Josh to go shooting.  Good night.


6:19 pm

I got in touch with a few Spirit-led Christians today; it’s been too long.  I became annoyed at a redundant lesson, and asked what Jesus had said to him this morning.  He didn’t get it.  We don’t have to teach one another anymore, we’ll just know.  I hope those guys will find something to do.  (It’s scripture.)  My son is becoming my father, we need a different time-line.  He’s selling vaginal-rocks, dildos really, and he and his business partner cuddle and discuss the openness that sex oughta have.  He’s in her pants if he’s in her mind like that.  Just like Dad.  Ivana Trump Junior wears her Isaac-stone to meetings.  I suppose that’s pretty hot.


3:35 pm

Text to David, Dad and Mom:

Every second people are being tortured and I could help them.  Do the right thing.  Please?

Text to David, forwarded to Mom and Dad:

Please grow up.  My nieces need you to protect them.

Text to DAVID AND DAD and Mom:

You KNOW I am a champion.  Get over it and treat me normally.  I’ll treat you better than normal.

12:02 pm

Text to my Mom, my Brother, and my Father:

I am a champion.  You should replace my home.  Or not.  I’d still invite you to my better home.  You’re always welcome because I love you.


11:52 am


So nice.

Queen – We Are The Champions

11:47 am

Text to my BROTHER, and forwarded to my Mom and my Dad:

If you will not stand up for your sister, will you at least stand up for your mom?

11:41 am

My dad has always abused my mother.  He is uneducated and he tormented her for learning things he does not know.  Her launch was not easy, and as she accrued honors, he attempted… every time… to diminish her accomplishments.  She was tormented with his claims of membership in “Alpha-Phalpha-Moo” when she attained some initials.  He’s basically a pig.  Mom is not.  But she’s stuck.

11:33 am

I sent a text to my mom, and forwarded it to my brother and abusive father:

‘Belittling sarcasm, male privilege, verbal abuse disguised as a joke and played to an audience.’ Sound familiar?  I pray for you.

11:19 am

Real Life Examples of Verbal Abuse

“…countering is the dominant response of some verbal abusers.  He sees his partner as an adversary.  How dare she have a different view from his?  If she sees things differently, he may feel he is losing control and dominance of her.”

1. Belittling sarcasm, male privilege, verbal abuse disguised as a joke and played to an audience

Read more at:   http://cryingoutforjustice.com/2015/06/29/real-life-examples-of-verbal-abuse/

11:10 am

I ran into an older professional woman I haven’t seen for years.  She’s widowed now, and we’ll have lunch after the fourth.  Questions used to be hard, when I tried to support the false reputation of the Goldthorpe family, but now I just tell the truth:
Q)  I thought your dad would  like the idea of you having a seat in Congress…
A) “No…he doesn’t like my politics and initiated a smear campaign…etc.”
Q) Your mom is so brilliant…yada…your boys were homeschooled…she must think…
A) “No.  My mother is a fraud…”
(The woman believes in freedom too.  It was nice to talk to her.)

9:35 am

I have a friend who is also targeted but doesn’t know it.  He’s not dumb.  He thinks Rachel Maddow wants to have his baby and  I’m sure he could show me communications to that effect.  How many people are being jerked around and don’t know it?  I could help them.

9:12 am

For George:

Dear George, Three years ago I filed for divorce because I wished to minimize your contact with our children, and to provide them an alternative.  You’re still here.  Our sons WILL value truth, even if you do not.  They will recognize evil that you have indulged.  They will, God willing, REJECT LYING.   My life and theirs are stunted by your unwillingness to value truth.  (I don’t understand that.  Maybe you’re under a spell.)  PLEASE EITHER LEAVE OR DO SOME RESEARCH.  As it stands, you’re helping nobody.  Least of all yourself.

8:43 am

Witchcraft is societally feminine.  Wicca exalts the feminine, and the “Spirit of Jezebel” is a female moniker.  However,  WITCHCRAFT is not a strictly feminine pursuit.  WITCHCRAFT is demonstrated by any entity that seeks to control another.  Many men are witches.  “DEAR GOD, I stand under the cover of your shed blood and within your perfect plan, in opposition to the SPIRIT OF WITCHCRAFT.  I was raised in witchcraft and I have shed blood in its propagation over America.  I STAND in DEFIANCE of my earthly FATHER and his ASSOCIATES who would seek to EXTINGUISH  free will.  I stand in defiance of my father, and I do so under the covering of your shed blood.   I STAND in defiance to any mortal soul who seeks fulfillment by controlling others.  I declare destruction to those who will not permit others to live.  I STAND AGAINST murderers, and whoremongers, and MY FATHER. He’s a witch and we should not suffer a witch to live.  Nevertheless, please do not take his life.   Amen.”

8:29 am


Dedicated to TRUTH and FREEDOM!

Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead

“This is a day of independence for all the Munchkins and their descendants…”

8:23 am


Don’t go to hell over me.  Your buddies laugh at you already.

8:15 am

Question for my goon/angel:

Did you veer a timeline for me?  Is that what happened?  Teach me how!

8:10 am

And I returned just in time to toot triumphantly at my dad who was putting garbage in his dumpster.  I’ve always wanted to spike the ball.  I put chopsticks in Josh’s lunch, he loves that.  He needs a larger life and soon he’ll have it.

7:59 am

I went out to the Bear’s Den and Mike asked if I’ve been on vacation.  (I hadn’t been in there for a couple months.)  I said, “No.  I just don’t have to drink so much beer because I got my dad’s attention.”  I asked if he believes in God and he said yes.  Then I said, “God is so good.  My father is a lying psychopath and even tried to murder me…and there was nothing I could do.  But God took care of it.  Pretty soon I’ll be rich!”  He lost some weight since I’ve seen him.  He also lost FIVE FILLINGS.  He’s changing dentists.  We had a nice chat.


6:48 am

AI Strikes Back! Artificial Intelligence Machine Gets Testy with Its Programmer

“The machine says, ‘I don’t have ethics.'”

6:38 am


It’s over.  If you make me sue you I will cry crocodile tears for any newspaper that is interested in a scandal involving a rich self-righteous family and a former federal candidate.  What else do I have to do?  Also, I have incredible evidence so it would be fun for me.

6:19 am


“…released just before his  smash hit … L O W D O W N…”

It’s Over

6:14 am

Text to DAVID, Mom and DAD:

Do the right thing or you will suffer far longer than I have.

6:00 am

My mom confessed, didn’t she?  She acknowledged my violations and stated ADAMANTLY that Dad was not responsible. Why would she say that ‘somebody else’ was responsible WITHOUT TALKING TO ME ABOUT IT EVEN ONE TIME?   Under usual circumstances, a mother who KNOWS HER DAUGHTER WAS RAPED would most certainly want to see her daughter become well, and to assist her, but that’s not the case.  She KNOWS what happened to me.  She KNOWS things she will not say.  She ABANDONED me and my children years ago because she was defending lies.  This is over isn’t it?  God said so, but it’s been hard to feel that way.  It’s only a matter of time and that is running out.

I hope Dad isn’t too hard on her for spilling the beans.  “Lord, have mercy.”

5:51 am

* One will not forsake “another” in their divinely ordained relationships unless they have first forsaken Me [My Word – Will] to some degree.

(Do you suppose having a girl baby you didn’t want might be ‘divinely ordained’?  Do you suppose arranging for her to be raped and nearly murdered is to ‘forsake’ her?)

….”Let your love be sincere, a real thing; hate what is evil, loathe all ungodliness, turn in horror from wickedness, but hold fast to that which is good. Love one another with brotherly affection as members of one family, giving precedence and showing honour to one another. Never lag in zeal and in earnest endeavour; be aglow and burning with the Spirit”…. Romans 12:9-11 Amplified Translation

Read more at:   http://jtlmin.com/DAILY%20FBN%202015/06%20June%202015/WPFBN0629.pdf


5:44 pm

OK Hacker-gods, it’s apparent that my father who has resources that could assist the momentum of TRUTH… will not step up to the plate.  Could you do me a favor?  Give him an orgasm from outer space.  (OK, maybe that wouldn’t work for a guy his age.  I’ll think of something else.)  Anyway, he MUST be awakened.  (You can do that too.)  He’s a hard worker and when he gets his priorities out of the gutter, he could help us.  Really. (I know it sounds far-fetched but he could.)

5:38 pm


What in the WORLD are you waiting for?  Tomorrow maybe, or certainly next month, your life WILL be very different.  You could prepare for that now, by recognizing that lying has been abolished.  THEY KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU.   You WILL go to hell if the world continues as it is,  and you continue as you do.  I do not want you to go to hell.  I don’t want that even more than I don’t want Isaac to be abducted by Jade Helm crisis-actors who figure it’s all a game as long as the check clears.  You DO NOT RECOGNIZE REALITY AND YOU DO NOT LOVE THOSE YOU SHOULD.  Tough.  I can deal with that. But, can you?  I love you.

5:17 pm

If appearance is all we’re betting on…and it seems to be so, we’ve short-changed humanity tremendously.  I want technology that photographs a person’s soul.  Despite all the selfies produced and promoted, we live in a world that makes is supremely hard to see anybody’s self.  Maybe ‘because of’?


5:01 pm

Prayer.  I’m pooped.

“Lord, as you know, sometimes I feel as if I can’t take any more.  Please change me quicker.  I have been ostracized and denigrated by such fake people!  It’s very hard to take, but I guess you know that too.  Please change my heart; fill me with SO MUCH LOVE that my family regrets losing me.  Please make me be like you, so they will see miracles instead of just GOING SHOPPING AGAIN.  Please, as I reject resentment, remove it from me.  Their eternal souls are worth some pain.  Please enable me to bear it.  Stop the lies please?  STOP the lying people’s lying mouths and lying checkbooks.  Enable us to view one another’s REAL CHARACTERISTICS rather than fraudulent reputations.  Reveal my father’s heart to the world.  So far he doesn’t even seem to see it himself.  Amen.”


4:35 pm

Buying lingerie for a woman implies a number of things.  For one thing, it definitively demonstrates that you noticed her lady-parts… and that you think about them.  Those thoughts create new neural pathways of a sexual nature.  Also, when she gets the grundies, she will know that you do so think, creating new neural pathways in her head as well.  She may be flattered or disgusted but nevertheless, she’ll look at you differently.  Dad knows that.  My father has corralled whole stables of lady-friends with ‘Panty-of-the-Month-Club.’  He would wink at my girlfriend when her husband wasn’t looking.  Such fun to get into their panties without ever having to put out.  (That’s probably a good thing at my dad’s age.)  But, his daughter was never enrolled for monthly pretties; maybe he knew that’s not OK .  HE SHOULD ALSO VIEW MY BROTHER’S WIFE AS A DAUGHTER AND NOT A SEX OBJECT.  Just sayin’.

4:02 pm

Goldhorpes WILL be truthful helpful people.  (Failing that, we will disappear.)  We’ll start with one another.  How about we get together and all pretend that the others are not ‘loved ones’ but business prospects?  That should be good for a start.


3:36 pm


Hey, EASY!  Just think about it.  Giving a gift is intended to make somebody’s life more pleasant.  If a gift is given that is OBVIOUSLY not intended to make somebody’s life more pleasant, it is given to make a point. (Like that one time Mom made me a birthday cake.  Dad put smoked provolone between the layers.)  What point is to be garnered when an old man gives lingerie to his son’s wife?  Alpha-male.  Am I wrong?  Might you get more respect at home if Dad respected you?  I know I would.


2:22 pm

TEXT TO DAD and forwarded to Mom and David:
“You like it when you feel powerful.  It helps if you shrivel David’s dick a bit.”

2:01 pm

TEXT TO DAD, forwarded to David and Mom:
Do you even know how inappropriate it is for you to give your daughter-in-law sexy brassieres as gifts?  You’re embarrassing!  If my brother were a man, you’d have been dethroned before now.

1:29 pm

I want to escape.  I want to be a waitress someplace warm where everybody calls me Brandi.  (Or some other name ending in ‘i’.)  I want to ignore the fate in store for those I love; I want to be happy and free.  I WILL NOT DIE so why should I care that others will?  MUSIC BREAK:  No Bandwidth:  Dylan:  ‘Death Is Not The End.”

1:19 pm

I missed my opportunity  to burn the first gift my father gave George in ages.  The “American Patriot” jacket and hat are nowhere to be found.  Perhaps George clutches them to his bosom as he lies in his bed at night all alone. My father’s gift was demonstrative, rather than heartfelt, but George doesn’t recognize 1) sarcasm, 2) love, or 3) THE HANDWRITING ON THE WALL.  “Dear George, my father does not love you.  He has  NEVER helped us!  HE WON’T EVEN LEND US TOOLS!  Please wake up!  The world is changing, as we (I, and I thought, you…) expected.  MY DAD IS NOT ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF HISTORY. This is not rocket-science.  He hasn’t talked to his own daughter for six years!  PLEASE, do not love the lie just because it’s easier!  Please, love TRUTH!” “Lord, you said in your word that you would never lose one of your own.  You also told me in 2007 that George belongs to you.  May I please be excused now?  If not, will you please LIGHT A FIRE UNDER GEORGE’S ASS.  Thank you.  Amen.”  “He washed some dishes.  Thank you.  But I’d prefer if he’d think.”

12:56 pm

What a waste my recent marriage has been.  For decades I did as I said, and I was consistently responsible for many things.  All it took was one interjection by a VERY TROUBLED LYING HUMAN, and all that honesty and dependability was for naught.  I am trustworthy but I am not trusted.  A psychopath took my place in the affections of a simple man. What a waste.  I maybe could have been honest and dependable on behalf of a cause that valued truth. Obviously, my marriage did not.  I’m glad it’s over.  I’d like to move on.  (But God wastes nothing and I am his.)  Anyway, being alone with the Truth is better than a party with a bunch of lie-lovers.


12:49 pm

When God gives me fresh topics  to think about, I’m OK with George’s presence.  Other times I get antsy and feel deprived of fresh manna.  Then George drags me down.  His concerns are mundane, and his perceptions limit my own.  He’s not stupid; but he’s not at all interested.  He refuses to evolve, and I’m prohibited from evolving,  and we live together.  Can you think of a worse combination?  He had five days off in a row.  Today should be better.

11:02 am


Dear George, I know you never had a dad and you can’t believe that my dad is not what you always thought a dad should be.  (I’m in the same situation.)  Please note, he lied and I did not.  Dad and I made a bet and he lost because he’s a pathological liar.  If you do not believe the circumstances you may call any of my family members and ask if 1) Dad has ever lied to him/her, and 2) has Linda.  If you do not research, you do not love truth and that makes me sad because Truth is Jesus so you obviously don’t love him.   My dad is not the man he markets. Do not believe lies, please.  The conflicting reality you’re creating affects others too.  Do not choose sides if you are not even willing to become informed.   Thank you.


10:48 am

“Until they become conscious, they will never rebel, and until after they have rebelled, they cannot become conscious.”— George Orwell

– See more at: http://www.thedailysheeple.com/slave-or-rebel-ten-principles-for-escaping-the-matrix-and-standing-up-to-tyranny_062015#sthash.MUQstWow.dpuf

10:40 am

I waved to my dad when he drove by in the Sunday School bus.  I wonder if they’ll say something today in Sunday School that he hasn’t heard a thousand times before?  Stop.  WAIT.  (That’s a given.)  I wonder if they’ll say something his body has heard a thousand times but his hardened-heart rejected.  “Please Lord, let it be so.”  “No more ‘deal’-bullshit.  Just truth. First me, then George.”   “Amen.”


10:22 am

Peaceful People Are Really Creepy People
A local arts group created “Peaceful People.”  They’re basically a scarecrow dressed in last year’s duds.  The movement populated two counties with these dummies a couple years ago, and now my dad has a fresh set at his place.  (Josh and I snatched a Gorbeshev t-shirt from one of the old ones when we were doing some yard work.)  “Peaceful People” are not real people, and you can tell by looking at them.   They watch over driveways and activities.  But, peaceful people are prideful and don’t care what happens to the rest of us.    Peaceful people are not compassionate; no matter what crimes they observe…they’ll never stand up for you.  Peaceful people are quiet, but they murmur among themselves.  Peaceful people are stalwart and steadfast and good for nothing.  Peaceful people are FAKE people after all.

10:08 am

Did you ever meet somebody and know that your life would be forever different?  Afterwards, all memories and intents are circuited through another  junction box.  The implications glitter differently when displayed against a different cloth.  Everything that ever happened now makes sense. What if we viewed all of our lives’ elements similarly, as merely preparational?  What if we decided to believe what we know, and to behave as though no consequences could harm us and therefore allowed no threat to distract us?  What if we didn’t fear death? What if we recognized that human consciousness, individually, cannot be exterminated.  (Could God ever die?  I breathe his breath.)  What if we each decided that since our own lives will continue forever and nothing can threaten that, how about we make another’s life more bearable for this short episode called ‘time’?   Conversely, what if we KNEW things and CHOSE not to believe them?  What if death would not, could not, and never can… dissever us from the future we create by refusing to believe?  What if we spend ETERNITY hearing a disembodied voice whisper:  “I told you so.”  (?)  That’s hell.

9:46 am

By changing our emotions artificially, the PTB are actually changing our ‘material’ reality, through vibrational alteration.  This is a really big deal.  Propaganda also sets us at a frequency to manifest events according to a plan.  The plan is for zombie wars to eliminate the useless thinkers. Why in the world do we still indulge the left-right paradigm, or elections at all!  Humanity itself is threatened!   Yesterday Earth recorded, at Fukushima,  the highest radiation reading in history by many becquerels.  Geo-engineering and GMO’s have initiated irreversible pandemic destruction of our food supply and biological support.  Mass murders are instigated when the headlines wax truthful, utilizing mind-altering pharmaceuticals and mind-raping technology.  HATRED IS CATALYZED.  WE MUST HATE OR WE DON’T FIT IN.  They don’t care much about the object of our hatred;  it is sufficient that we hate.  Hatred vibrates at a frequency conducive to a timeline with very negative consequences for the common man.  We change the world by changing ourselves and standing firm on commitment to truth and brotherly love.  We change the world by changing the vibration of reality, and we do that by raising our personal vibration.  In every circumstance.  That will become easier as more people follow suit.


8:18 am

satan george bush

7:29 am

It’s a fact of life that people have a short window of time in which they are naturally inclined to seek a liberation of heart and mind. It happens as what passes for a rite of passage in these times. Then the world moves in and the window closes and the louvers go up and you’re on rails for what remains of this material dream.

That one legitimate choice is to surrender to the divine imperative or to rebel against it. That is ALL that we have here and no matter how varied the examples of us might be here, they are ALL about one or the other. Every life situation is about this.

(Les Visible)

6:38 am

I’m thinking of including a contact form on the site.  Everybody who knows my dad has some story about him.  All the family recounts his  psychopathic expectations and offense.  Maybe I’ll start a new page with stories about “The Time Robert Screwed Me.”  I won’t use names because Dad will know anyway.


6:30 am


No deals.  Here’s what you say:  “Linda, you have been right all along.  You have important work to do.  Here is the money I owe you.”  You could also say:  “I recognize that you have always loved me and although you are very weird I will endeavor to love you too.”  (But only if you want to.)

6:03 am

MUSIC BREAK, Family Anthem…

Money (That’s What I Want) (Live) [HD]

5:51 am


We’ve got to be honest with Dad, that’s obvious, but we also must build him up.  He’s shattered.  He thought I’d be long gone; we must have pity.  He has MANY GOOD QUALITIES and we must encourage him to finesse those…but we must NEVER TOLERATE HIS LIES.  We should observe his activities, and read his brain waves until we’re certain they coincide in a statistically moral fashion.  We should do him kindnesses, and provide assistance when he (eventually…) confesses need of us.  We will FORCE him to love us; it can be done.


5:37 am

I chuckle at my dad, I always have.  He’s the only one in the family with half a sense of humor.  Now he wants to deal.  Did I nurture the heart of a mercenary, I would call my accountant.  However, I fight for principles of eternal merit, I fight for Truth.  I haven’t heard Dad laugh for years.  He smirks, and sometimes a small sound escapes his throat.  God, he was so much fun.  He woke me up early one Sunday morning when I was pimpled and belligerent and we flew to Mackinac Island where we took a horse-drawn buggy downtown and bought fudge for Mom which was delivered in time to get to church.  He was the MOST FUN!  He remembers that day too; he told me yesterday.  I miss him a lot but I expect he misses himself much more.


5:19 am

Jade Helm is an exercise of AI military command.  (Guess that’s why Obama has FIRED TONS OF MILITARY OFFICERS.)  It is a pre-‘crime’ predictor of reactions and responses and immediately determines an individual’s behavior possibilities.  “The system removes the administrative delay in the ‘kill-chain’.  It has no no moral compass, empathy or regrets.”   Now that they’ve automated war, what do they need us grunts for?   I guess they don’t.   (Maybe AI will get real smart and figure out who are the REAL CRIMINALS.)
Spirit-led people will quite possibly be the only ones who can survive AI governance.  Pre-crime cognition is old news; Jade Helm evaluates INTENT and I submit that the only people on the planet who can complete an action without first forming an intent, are Spirit-led people, who do as instructed without conscious choice.  Individuals who are led by other spirits will also behave in unpredictable ways.  With fewer parties to the conflict, resolution will be quicker and more definitive.
We could save a lot of headaches and money with our many wars, and also speed up the resolution of all conflict, if we just eliminated the medical concerns.  Injuries get ignored.  Faster attrition is  OBVIOUSLY economical and prudent.  A new motto:  “If you get shot, you get left.”  I think if we just let them die we can get this conflict down to many fewer people and eventually the victor will just be obvious.  (Why save a carbon-unit anyway?  They just hold us back from the intention of the ‘elite’  to eventually destroy all Earthly life that breathes the breath of God.)

“D.J.” is saying and updating everything that I’ve been writing about, since the late 1990s and none of this is confabulation, whatsoever; it’s all actually kind of old news, mixed with new news about emerging technologies and the interrelated policies, which have been “fast tracked”, lately (aka “Jade Helm,” the TPP, the TPIP, all data everywhere being crunched by a massive artificial intelligence program, an attempt at total control of the Internet, the economy etc.) – little glimpses, to which regular readers of FKTV have been witness, especially if they are Gmail users.”

“This woman’s ability to put it all together, to explain where we are, with regards to technology and the halls of power and to tie it up so neatly in only 3 hours, that’s what’s so brilliant.”

Hagmann & Hagmann With Whistleblower Exposes the Real Jade Helm Mind Control Objectives.


8:02 pm

I want to see big turtles like the prophet sees.  He used to sit on the roof of a cabin at the shore of a very deep marsh.  Not a lake really, but an endlessly deep sponge.  He’d watch prehistoric turtles come to the surface,as big as a VW, and oval-shaped.  I’d love to see those big turtles.  He has a scar on his face from a cougar and one time he saved his uncle and a floosey from a real lion with only a sheet of paneling between him and the enormous head against which his pistol was engaged.  He didn’t have to shoot.  He knows animals.  I hope God sends me a friend pretty soon; I’m thinking about the prophet a lot.  Josh and George and some young people are down by the lake, at a bonfire.  George is doing that thing where Connie jumps into his arms and growls ferociously. He thinks it’s pretty funny.  I think it’s a lawsuit waiting to happen.  I’d like to be free pretty soon.  I guess God knows what I need better than I.  What I like has not been what I got but what I got was way better than what I thought I wanted.  God will do the negotiations for me.  I’m glad it’s finally Summer.  Synchronicities abound.

7:38 pm

I can’t stand it; doesn’t ANYBODY ELSE see what I see?  We are being exterminated and people think I should speak politely!  I can’t wait for my dad to LISTEN to me; I’ve been waiting forever!  He’ll ask me questions and he’ll listen.  “Thank you, Lord, for my dad and thank you that there IS A CURE FOR STUPID.”  “And thank you for the keys to the condo in Toronto, so that we may go there if Jade Helm goes live.  Thank you.”


6:44 pm

I told George about my dad’s offer of a ‘deal’.  I said I will settle for nothing less than absolute truth about our family.  I said, “Our family was a unique God-fearing family until my dad started slandering us.”  He said, “I don’t know that, Linda.”  I said, “I wish you’d leave.  If you’re not part of the solution you’re part of the problem and my sons will hear truth about their  family that trusted Jesus.”  “Utterly complete vindication” must necessarily include:  1) vindication with George, 2) vindication FOR George, and his person, and 3) vindication for GEORGE, for his observation, so he can trust Jesus again.  He will see me vindicated and he’ll know how seriously I took my vows, and how I fought for this family.  I am going to be very happy when he trusts me instead of Dad.  I will be happy when he trusts me again.


6:22 pm

Dad will say:  “You have been right all along.  You have important work to do.  Please take your money.”


6:09 pm

I love being impervious, I knew I would.  I’m joining HONEST PEOPLE who do not behave as my religious family does.  I’m going where the air is clean and the internet is free.  (Or the other way around.)   I’m going to that Big Boy in the sky, where burgers are on the house… and where one’s FATHER WHO SMEARED ONE does not ignore the scent on the breeze, and  (yeah, I know it’s funny…) try to make a deal.  That  lying old pervert will miss me when I’m gone, but I will always answer his calls.  (Or instruct my assistant to do so.)  One does not put up with SO MUCH SHIT for SO LONG because she thought God wanted her to…without A GREAT BIG PAYDAY.  Could I be happier?  I suppose I could.  I’ll let you know.

( I would have cried for a week after talking to Dad.  All my life.  God is good and  I wish blessings on the little people who have made this moment possible.)

5:55 pm

My dad drove by my perch, down to the cottage.  I scooped up some slices of applesauce cake like his mother made with lemon glaze, and walked on down to put it into his car.  It was still warm.  He was wearing a loud shirt and louder hat, with fake hair on the top.  (He came out just as I was getting to his car.)  Apparently there was an ANT HATCH in the cottage and the tenants are moving next door.  Dad said, “You know, you want to go to New York and all that?     I’ll make you a deal…”
I laughed in his face and turned my back.  I said, ‘You owe me so much.  No deal.”   Then he left.  He brought it up.  He will beg me to take his money to save the world he’s abused.  I’m very patient.

12:41 pm

This time they’re pretend-nuking Michigan.  How many chances do we get to take notice?

Michigan Nuclear Explosion Drill: Full-Scale National Guard ‘Northern Exposure’ Exercise

Read more at http://investmentwatchblog.com/michigan-nuclear-explosion-drill-full-scale-national-guard-northern-exposure-exercise/#kxghtooRrDlQSFM4.99

12:33 pm

I told George I’d make some stir-fry.  I better hop to it.  Maybe he’ll  trust me again if I keep my word… just one more time.  What do you think?

12:30 pm

It’s easier to tolerate knowing you’re not gonna live forever, if you plan ahead and accumulate a bunch of junk to leave behind you when you leave.  When you pray to hear voices in your head it’s not particularly surprising to hear them there.  Some things are self-evident.  I poured out my heart to George, I read four or five paragraphs.  He said, “That’s a lot to ponder Linda.”  I said, “I’ve been doing it for six years so I’ve had a head-start.”  Then he started talking about money.  He’s still making payments on old debts.  He should not have been put into that position.  Gang-stalkers destroy ENTIRE FAMILIES and we pay them to do so.

12:19 pm

Angel question:

How is it that I know things I do not know?  Would you please step it up a notch?

12:14 pm


Guess which  country I’m worshiping?

“Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is FREEDOM!”

My Country ‘Tis Of Thee

12:00 pm

Nothing makes you be a better person than being trusted.  When you have difficulty trusting even yourself, being trusted is like a psychic cheerleader.  Trust makes you a god on the playing field.  But when somebody refuses to trust, and is determined to think evil of you, there’s no point in even trying.  It’s learned helplessness in the spiritual sense.   Trust requires the body;  it longs for communion.  Trust is determining to serve somebody at all cost…if only to get more of that lusty trust.  Trust is addicting and  trust is beneficial to the individual and all alignments of common pursuit.  Trust is a necessary component of love, and I’m not trusting my father anymore.  Do I then not love him?
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It’s easier to tolerate knowing you’re not gonna live forever, if you plan ahead and accumulate a bunch of junk to leave behind you when you leave.

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General Lee Removed from HAZARD CAR BEFORE SHOOTING!

(God SAID we’d see astonishing things.  Fasten your seatbelts!)  (This has been a public service announcement and no tax dollars were spent in its creation.)  (What did we think ‘end of time’ was gonna  mean?)  (How do I shift this trolley over to the timeline where I’m a really attractive non-smoker from Toronto?)

“[T] his was preplanned for sure, why else would you randomly removing [sic] the flag???”

(Or is this another example of alteration to the holographic matrix we presume to be substance?  What if we’re now on a timeline where the Civil War never even happened?  What if ‘Daisy-Dukes’ are now what we call a ‘burka’?)

Read more at http://investmentwatchblog.com/general-lee-removed-from-hazard-car-before-shooting/#b3x6dzo2x60W6GK7.99

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FEMA Underground Network / UN Bunkers Must See

Underground road system, semi-trucks going cross-country.

Read more at http://investmentwatchblog.com/fema-underground-network-un-bunkers-must-see/#7Vx76Af7LTDWfsqa.99

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My mother is textbook.  She’s an abused abuser-facilitator. She’s scared to death of Dad, so she lies for him.  She refuses to recognize abuse of the family scape-goat-target, because she’s abused herself, and acknowledging that fact would require conflict and hard decisions.  She joins the abuser in denigrating the target and perpetuates the fiction that the VICTIM is responsible for the strained relationship.  She sent me a book once, when I was safely coccooned far away from them.  It portended to instruct how to get along with your ‘Irregular Person’.  I felt as though I’d been raped; it was one of the worst days ever.  I have done NOTHING but try to love the man who has stood in my way every day of my life shouting insults.  I washed his feet with lavender water and wore make-up just for him.  My poor mother is a victim of domestic Stockholm Syndrome and I pray for her deliverance.


8:50 am

FAMILY, of my forced isolation:
You all kicked me out of my own family without a hearing, which I’m still denied.  I understand why Dad had to pariah me; he couldn’t risk y’all learning that not only was I supremely sane…but I also have his number. However, what is strategically understandable is not morally defensible. Are you OK with a patriarch who destroys the reputation and relationships of one among you? Would he not sacrifice another, to cover other lies?  Would you continue under his treacherous leadership? Would you risk your children to family betrayal that would change their hearts forever and perhaps destroy them?  Would you take those kids to church again, knowing that their idea of a Christian is forever sullied by the ‘Priest of the Family’?
How long will my ostracism persist?  How long will your ignorance and denial?   Not forever.  I hope nobody dies before we find out.

7:55 am

Things I Miss Most, Since Becoming a Pariah
I miss being teased.  Without family, nobody teases you.  Once you’ve been called mentally-deficient, people are overly sensitive of your feelings.  Even when you have responded for many months in a predictable, cheerful manner, nobody is comfortable.  I am never touched, and haven’t been touched regularly since Isaac left last summer.  I hug long-time acquaintances when I see them, but that’s just a form of greeting.  I miss seeing my siblings and their children, and so do my own kids.  I miss surprises, and I miss fun.  Ostracism makes one even hesitant to contact old friends because of the necessity to fill in the blanks of intervening time;  that’s an unpleasant effort.  I miss approaching my father’s acquaintances comfortably.  He’s told at least one employee that I am deficient and that he wishes I’d be “independent.”  (He said that after he’d failed to have me incarcerated, and was encouraging me to go on SSI.  I expect no consistency from him anymore.)  I really miss praying with other people, George and I prayed together every day practically.  I miss arguing, I wouldn’t dare.  I miss expecting my observations and research to be accepted; I miss credibility.  I miss being invited to breakfast and I miss hearing people sing.

6:54 am

Ten years ago Canada legalized same sex marriage and the results are not pleasant.

Now Comes the Real Attack On Religion

See more at:   http://beforeitsnews.com/tea-party/2015/06/now-comes-the-real-attack-on-religion-2555494.html

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Highest Radiation in recorded history –1,000,000 Bq/m3 of Sr-90 detected in seawater of Fukushima plant port

The previous highest readings were lower than 700,000 Bq/m3.

Tepco has not made any announcement on this rapid increase.

Read more at http://investmentwatchblog.com/1000000-bqm3-of-sr-90-detected-in-seawater-of-fukushima-plant-port-highest-in-recorded-history/#Amrf7iZmTR4QiYzt.99

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100 Groups From Around the World to UN: Demand Accountability for CIA Torture

This Friday, the world will mark International Day in Support of Victims of Torture. This day is commemorated every year to reaffirm the universal commitment to the total eradication of torture, which is categorically prohibited under international law.

Read more: whatreallyhappened.com http://whatreallyhappened.com/#ixzz3eDvB5ZCr

Read more: whatreallyhappened.com http://whatreallyhappened.com/#ixzz3eDvMGcvN


9:31 pm

I didn’t know too much yet about my dad, when I contacted the Michigan support group for targeted individuals.  I told a bit of my story and the voice on the phone went very soft.  The counselor asked, “Your own father?”  I defended him; I said he just arranged for surveillance, he didn’t know about the torture.  She said, “They ALWAYS know.”

9:26 pm

I felt so bad after dinner that Josh hugged me.  He also said he loves me.  When we got home I remembered that I asked God the other day, for a hug from Josh.   It was worth that bad experience.
I knew when I ran for office that I was giving up my privacy.  Dad’s always denigrated me, but how could I have imagined that he would choose that same time to pick up his game?    Also, I was soundly betrayed quite universally.  This is the standard narrative for targeted individuals.  Gangstalking is astonishingly well organized, because the same series of catastrophes topples the lives of everybody!  They lose their income.   They lose their family and all support.  They’re slandered and some seek treatment.  Some commit suicide.  Some are waiting for me to get my INCREDIBLY well-documented story to somebody who will use it to put an end to covert harassment, torture and rape.   If I had not relinquished my privacy, I would not know what I do, nor be prepared to do what I will.  That was worth it too.  God said I’ll have my modesty back and I don’t see that happening unless he’s running the show.  Thankfully, I know he is.

8:59 pm

Josh and I went out to a local place for an olive burger and I cried when we left.  At a nearby table was a man who used to work for Dad, and his wife.  It was nice to see them.  However, just like always, they started talking about my parents.  Mom did this, Mom does that.  Finally I said, “I don’t have a clue what she does because they kicked me out of the family six years ago because I ran for Congress.”  The man serving burgers knew my name, “Hello, Linda.”  “Thank you, Linda.”  Strangers still sometimes say they voted for me.  I don’t know who knows me or what my dad may have said to them.  Enough of his slander has been reported to make Luce county uncomfortable.  I should be freed to either 1) reed an ad in the Newberry News announcing my sanity, or 2) get out of Dodge.  My father has the keys to MULTIPLE doors for me.  He also locked all those same doors.  He could set me free any time he wished.  Guess he hasn’t wanted to yet.  I would deem it a tremendous blessing if he’s just fix my life so I could be myself.

5:37 pm

Email to Mom:

You sound heartless and stupid.  Do you want thousands of my readers to know you don’t care that your own daughter was violated?  God is listening too.

5:27 pm

He wasn’t ever my husband, was he?  He was an upright roommate and obviously a great sperm-doner.  He doesn’t think our son should wash clothes, or shovel snow, or do dishes, or mow grass. He’s a poor father, but he’s very kind, so nobody knows it.  He won’t stick up FOR his family and he won’t stick up TO his family.  He baby-talks to the dog.  I’d like to be gone.  I am ABSOLUTELY done with bullshit.  I will not permit a person to say he is one thing and be another.  I have nothing and nobody.  What do I have to lose by being and demanding that others be honest?  And maybe a little courageous?  I’m a chickenshit yet my puny courage has been almost all I ever saw.  THE HUMAN RACE IS FINISHED and people wanna ignore reality.  I’ve ignored a lot of truth, in my contrived subservience to stupid men.  We’re burning daylight.  THE WORLD IS NOT AS WE THINK AND IT’S GETTING WORSE AND SOME PEOPLE KNOW ABOUT THESE THINGS.  Presumably, that includes some MEN.

5:13 pm

George said Connie was really happy to see the guy who  has repeatedly offended the boys and myself with his UBIQUITOUS penis.  He got Connie’s love and didn’t pay what he owes us, again.  Go, George.

4:58 pm

George drove 160 miles to take the title of my old car to the man who I kicked out of this house because he lounged naked (and joined me in my own bed, naked), creating an uncomfortable situation for  George’s sons and his ex-wife, repeatedly.  The man only paid half of what he has owed Josh for a year, and George took him out for Chinese lunch.  I swear, if this family that NEVER RIPS OFF ANYBODY ELSE were ever run by a real man, we’d be a force to contend with.

4:45 pm

Fatherly Love.  My dad’s a wimp too.

4:43 pm

One more text to the fam:   JOSHUA 24:15


4:35 pm

So I am to understand, if HER HUSBAND is not personally responsible for violating innocent women, my mom doesn’t give a shit when others do?  Even when the victim is her own daughter?  How can this woman EVER sing a solo in a “Christian” church?  She hopes she’ll die before the truth hits the fan.  That’s not a very Christian attitude either.

4:30 pm

I guess Mom knows about psychotronic weapons.  That’s progress, anyway.

4:25 pm

I sent a text to my mom, my brother and my dad:

My family will have justice.  We walked the walk.

4:20 pm

I sent a text to my dad:

Mom doesn’t have to go down with you.  Have a heart.

4:14 pm

I responded, no reply yet:   “I pray for you.”  And also:  “Also you don’t care.”

4:03 pm


If you were raped, as you said you were, your father had absolutely nothing to do with it.  Maybe somebody else.


I responded:

Wow!  Thanks!  But don’t you even care that somebody did?  You said many months ago that you didn’t pay to have me raped.  Who did?  How’d you know?  Who did?

3:57 pm

(I forwarded the text to my mom and dad too.  They know also.  They also pretend to be Christian.)

3:47 pm


I was raped.  I cannot find justice.  You know about it.  You’re a Christian.  What’s wrong with this picture?


3:40 pm


Dear David,
You knew I was raped; you knew it four years ago.   Remember?  That was the last time you came to my home.   You never told me how you knew I was being raped and shortly afterward  you stopped talking to me.  When I was at the ‘Covert Harassment Conference’ in Belgium, I met lots of other women who were being electronically raped.  I would like to help them make disappear the  HORROR OF THEIR EVERYDAY LIVES.  I think if you told me what you know about my assaults, I could maybe assist them.  They are being RAPED FROM OUTER-SPACE, and they don’t like it.  I didn’t like it either and I’m grateful that I am no longer made to VOMIT, or to PASS OUT, or to SPONTANEOUSLY HAVE AN ORGASM WHILST SEEING PICTURES THAT DO NOT AROUSE ME, from outer space.  Please tell me what you know.

3:08 pm

Text to MOM, David, and Dad:

I only want what I’m owed.  Start packing.  (I’ll be nicer when you are poor than you ever were.)


2:59 pm

Text to DAD

 (And email to the witnesses.)

Linda Goldthorpe <goldthorpelinda@gmail.com>

2:59 PM (0 minutes ago)

“I only want what I’m owed.  Start packing.”

2:47 pm

I didn’t lie.  I didn’t put this on the website before I sent it, but IT’S SO BALLSY!  I can’t believe I sound like that.  I can’t believe the man who made me afraid of EVERYTHING is such a putz.  Here’s what I said:

Asia.  $.  (I didn’t put this on my HUGELY POPULAR WEBSITE)

Do you think he’ll call me?  I’m making applesauce cake just like his mom did.

2:23 pm

Dear God, please bless my father with long life.”  Here’s how that might go down:  Status-quo-ad-ifinitum:  Drewbie blows up a post office, because they won’t hire him because he was related to war-criminals back in 2015.  (They were ‘extracted’ and are presumed dead.)  The violent behavior is not Drewbie’s fault though, because he is mind-controlled by satanic-CIA gamers, and strung out on pharmaceuticals from his aunt who believed lies.  Ever since Lauren was a ten-year-old-Cameron Diaz-lookalike, she’s been targeted.  Her government paid universities to be ‘tolerant’… so she was nurtured by lesbians for many years.  She earned her ‘scholarship’ the hard way and now she’s in pain and we don’t talk about it.  Stacey is a spy; we know it; every family’s got one. My father is all alone, all alone when his family disappears, or dies, or can’t get a visa to visit him… from the lower peninsula.  So old he can remember central heat.  He thinks it must have been a lot nicer to be alone and old in the day… before AI TOOK OVER THE WORLD BECAUSE HUMANS WERE TOO DUMB TO STOP IT.  My father’s empire, built on sweat and lies, lies now under conscription.  We honor our military every day, at “the five-minute-hate”.  (Is that what Orwell called it?)   Also we feed them and permit them to smoke in our formerly for-profit lodgings.  Only an old man can recognize the extent of our decrepitude, and universal loss.  Only an old man is responsible.


1:59 pm

Man, if any white-hat goon could convince my father that you guys run the world, and that Clapper and Rogers are at your mercy, I’d be forever grateful.  I don’t know if he’s online ever, but you know how to find him.

1:50 pm

Another day, another batch of incendiary emails to which nobody will respond.  My phone doesn’t ring sometimes for a month at a time.  Such a gregarious girl as I?

I’m going to call you up individually. I WILL BE A PEST UNTIL THE TORTURE STOPS.


Linda Goldthorpe <goldthorpelinda@gmail.com>

1:46 PM (2 minutes ago)

to Margaret, David, christine.ratt., Kevin, jim, Tom, Eric, Alfred, ANDREA, Josiah, Steve, Joshua, George, Isaac
 TEXT TO DAVID GOLDTHORPE (906-235-1102) and my MOTHER (906-298-0082) and forwarded to my FATHER (906-235-11020:  

George Bush’s government rapes innocent housewives and when Dad tells the truth I can prove it.  Guess you know that.  Will you PLEASE be the person you claim to be?”

Linda Goldthorpe <goldthorpelinda@gmail.com>

1:48 PM (0 minutes ago)

to Margaret, David, christine.ratt., Kevin, jim, Tom, Eric, Alfred, ANDREA, Josiah, Steve, Joshua, George, Isaac

*Dad’s number does not contain an additional digit, although I suppose he’d probably get off on a thing like that.

Robert Goldthorpe:  906-291-1102
I don’t know his numbers in Asia but I will before too long.  I wonder if he’s thought about that?

1:41 pm

TEXT TO DAVID GOLDTHORPE (906-235-1102) and my MOTHER (906-298-0082) and forwarded to my FATHER (906-235-11020:  

George Bush’s government rapes innocent housewives and when Dad tells the truth I can prove it.  Guess you know that.  Will you PLEASE be the person you claim to be?”

1:32 pm

My government rapes people ALL THE TIME.  Iraqis and Afghanis and INNOCENT AMERICAN HOUSEWIVES.  ‘Remote Neural’ RAPE  is what your taxes pay for and if DAD GAVE ME A SINGLE PHONE NUMBER, I could prove it.

‘Eight years later and I am still terrified': Sexual assault victims share shocking details of their experiences to demonstrate the long-lasting impacts of rape and abuse

  • Victims are submitting their personal stories to a Tumblr blog titled Lasting Impact 
  • The blog was started by a woman known only as Alyson, who was also a victim of sexual assault
  • The goal of the Tumblr is to provide strength and a sense of community for other survivors 

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-3139368/Eight-years-later-terrified-Sexual-assault-victims-share-shocking-details-experiences-demonstrate-long-lasting-impacts-rape-abuse.html#ixzz3eBryAP37
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The Eight Steps Leading to the Coming American Holocaust

(My own family is so mind-controlled they do the ‘us-and-them’ within their own family!  I can hardly imagine my government’s gratitude…)

Stage One: Classification

image: http://www.thecommonsenseshow.com/siteupload/2013/05/us-vs-them.jpg

us vs themStanton asserts that all cultures categorize people into “us and them” groups. The divisions are often made by using the variables of ethnicity, race, religion and nationality. Examples from history include Germans and Jews, Hutu’s and Tutsi’s. Bifurcated societies which lack mixed categories, such as Rwanda and Burundi, are the most prone to having genocide.

America is in the process of giving back the progress made by such pioneers as Martin Luther King. Blacks, whites, Hispanics, Asians and Native Americans are increasingly polarizing away from the common theme that we are all God’s children in which most of us share our unique American heritage.

Stage Three: Dehumanization

“Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists”

George W. Bush

Who will ever forget this insane statement by one the most intellectually deprived persons to ever serve in the White House?

Read more at http://investmentwatchblog.com/the-eight-steps-leading-to-the-coming-american-holocaust/#DU7mQgazYrxEitQm.99

Read more at http://investmentwatchblog.com/the-eight-steps-leading-to-the-coming-american-holocaust/#sxEpvzwdvcB516gF.99

7:51 am


6:03 am

The Economic Collapse Blog Has Issued A RED ALERT For The Last Six Months Of 2015

I have never done anything like this before.  Ever since I started The Economic Collapse Blog in late 2009, I have never issued any kind of “red alert” for any specific period of time.  As an attorney, I was trained to be level-headed and to only come to conclusions that were warranted by the evidence.  So this is not something that I am doing lightly.  Based on information that I have received, things that I have been told, and thousands of hours of research that have gone into the publication of more than 1,300 articles about our ongoing economic collapse, I have come to the conclusion that a major financial collapse is imminent.  Therefore, I am issuing a RED ALERT for the last six months of 2015.

Most of the time, when I use the term “economic collapse” what most people are actually thinking of is a “financial collapse”.  And we will talk about the imminent “financial collapse” later on in this article. 

In fact, if you want to listen for just one word on the news that will let you know that things have started to really unravel, just listen for the word “derivatives”.  This form of legalized gambling is going to crush “too big to fail” banks all over the planet during the next major financial downturn.  The “too big to fail” banks in the U.S. alone have 278 trillion dollars of total exposure to derivatives, but they only have 9.8 trillion dollars in total assets.  To say that they are being “reckless” is a massive understatement.

Read more at http://investmentwatchblog.com/the-economic-collapse-blog-has-issued-a-red-alert-for-the-last-six-months-of-2015/#4vgSTafl8pipeXVZ.99

Read more at http://investmentwatchblog.com/the-economic-collapse-blog-has-issued-a-red-alert-for-the-last-six-months-of-2015/#4vgSTafl8pipeXVZ.99

Read more at http://investmentwatchblog.com/the-economic-collapse-blog-has-issued-a-red-alert-for-the-last-six-months-of-2015/#4vgSTafl8pipeXVZ.99

5:41 am

This is a real Bonsai tree.  Imprisoned and stunted but it still bears fruit.

bonsai apple tree

5:24 am

This guy is OUTSTANDING and he really knows his history.  He even preaches Jesus!

Every American Citizen in this Country Should Listen to this Backwoods Redneck

“I’m about tired of you Americans not thinking and just reacting…”

“Are we separatists.  Yes. You’re goddamn right.  They stole the Constitution…what part of history have you not learned?”

“Lincoln didn’t even care about the black man…read some of his speeches…”

“We’re tired of demonization of our culture.”

“When did churches stop helping people?  I don’t remember a verse in the Bible where Jesus sat down and put his feet up.  He was always doing something.”

Read more at http://investmentwatchblog.com/every-american-citizen-in-this-country-should-listen-to-this-backwoods-redneck/#qMFl4BvyZd4JwvRS.99


7:03 pm

The Greek government, to the surprise and consternation of every other European government, has called a referendum for the Greek people to decide the fate of Greece. For resorting to democracy, the Greek government has been universally denounced in the Western World. So much for Western democracy.

If the Greeks vote for their oppressors and against their own government, democracy in the EU will cease to exist.


Read more here:   http://kingworldnews.com/paul-craig-roberts-the-fate-of-the-entire-world-is-about-to-be-decided/

Shocking: New Findings Reveal the IRS Absolutely Destroyed Evidence Even When Ordered By Congress Not To

In the video below, Fox News informs us they got their hands on an internal government document that freely admitted the I.R.S. targeted Obama’s political opposition, and the document also quotes a Chief Technical Officer who said he was “blown away” that the I.R.S. deleted ALL the backups AFTER they were specifically ordered by Congress to preserve them. They didn’t just delete them either. They deleted them, AND they ran the backups through some type of magnetic field to ensure nothing could be recovered.


Read more at http://investmentwatchblog.com/shocking-new-findings-reveal-the-irs-absolutely-destroyed-evidence-even-when-ordered-by-congress-not-to/#hUhEWbUyGHWEu2tG.99

Florida Man Accused of ‘Terrorism’ Based On Book Collection

Originally posted on Aletho News:

Counter Current News | July 2, 2015

Imagine being falsely accused of terrorism for nothing more than the books you have read. Well that’s exactly what has happened to a Florida man named Marcus Dwayne Robertson.

The U.S. government composed “snippets of information from various sources, out of context, to weave together a narrative of terrorist ideation,” according to a Florida judge.

That judge just ordered the release of Robertson, also known as “Abu Taubah,” an Orlando, Florida resident and Islamic scholar. Abu Taubah was accused of “supporting terrorism,” but the “evidence” against him amounted to nothing more than the books on his bookshelf.

Robertson, also known as “Abu Taubah,” was incarcerated from 2011. The charges he faced, however, were tax fraud and illegal gun possession. Not exactly “terrorism.”

But following his arrest and conviction stemming from these charges, prosecutors added what they termed “terrorism enhancement” to the sentence.


View original 531 more words

TThe 2014 Sundarbans Oil Spill in Bangladesh You Never Heard Of

The Sundarbans oil spill occurred on December 9, 2014 on the Shela River in Sundarbans, Bangladesh which is a UNESCO World Heritage site (think Great Barrier Reef). The spill occurred when an oil-tanker carrying 92,000 gallons of furnace oil somehow collided with a cargo vessel and sank in the river. By December 20, the oil had spread over to at least a 140 square mile area conservatively. The oil spread to a second river and a network of canals in Sundarbans, which blackened the shoreline. The Sundarbans oil spill occurred at a protected mangrove area and threatens trees, plankton, and vast populations of small fish, dolphins, birds, crustaceans and various amphibians.


Read more here:   http://alexanderhiggins.com/the-2014-sundarbans-oil-spill-in-bangladesh/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+AlexanderHigginsBlog+%28Alexander+Higgins+Blog%29

The Pentagon’s 2015 Military Strategy: Old Cold War Foes, New Hypocrisies

The new US National Military Strategy was released on Wednesday, and highlights a strategic shift to the Pacific region. It also reinforces a number of antiquated ideas about an imaginary Russian “threat” to world peace, leaving out – of course – Washington’s own provocative saber-rattling.

“The United States is the world’s strongest nation, enjoying unique advantages in technology, energy, alliances and partnerships, and demographics,” the document reads. “However, these advantages are being challenged.”

Read more: http://sputniknews.com/us/20150702/1024103599.html#ixzz3eoxx7ig9

Read more: http://sputniknews.com/us/20150702/1024103599.html#ixzz3eoxtMb3d

HHS pays $1.3 billion in ‘secret settlements’

The payments, which were quietly announced on June 1 by CMS, totaled $1.3 billion and involved 1,900 hospitals and 300,000 claims that had been already denied by CMS auditors on two different levels as medically unnecessary.


The Department of Health and Human Services Office of Medicare Hearings and Appeals settled hundreds of thousands of appeals for 68 cents on the dollar. The money used to cover the claims will be taken from the Medicare Trust Fund. The hospitals that received the settlements were also not announced by CMS.

Read more at:   http://patriotrising.com/2015/07/02/hhs-pays-1-3-billion-in-secret-settlements/